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Flintstones: Part 2 (MF)
by Spyder

Bedrock a sleepy stone-age town of few people, as it is two weeks since
Barney got his opportunity to fuck not only his wife Betty, but also Wilma
Flintstone his best friend's hot wife. As he lie on the sofa napping the
morning away, he wonders if he will have that chance one on one in the
future. The house is quiet, Betty has gone shopping with Wilma and his son
Bam Bam is now in class at the university. Barney takes the time to remove
his clothes and dream of Wilma and another threesome, maybe with Fred joining
in from the ass while he is given head from her hot lips.

Falling off to sleep, Barney mumbles in his sleep about having the house
cleaner give his head and is awaken by a gentle touch. Slowly he lifts his
dreary eyelids as the soft hands belong to a young female. Clearing the
sleep from his eyes, he is startled to see Pebbles stroking his rod and she
looks towards his face to see if he has fully awaked.

Barney clears his throat and says, "Shouldn't you be in school young lady."

"Yes Mr. Rubble, but I will never learn this from a stuffy old teacher with a
withered old pussy."

"Okay Pebbles, but I am not certain if you can handle the size in your tight
holes." Says Barney with such joy and pleasure.

"We shall see Mr. Rubble, I know that I have wanted to suck your dick for
awhile as I have seen you skinny dip late at night in the pool." Pebbles
states with a smirk that could light up the darkest cave.

Pebbles continues to stroke the already hardened manhood of Barney as he lies
there smiling and wondering about the pussy hidden under the outfit that she
now wears. Barney slides inside the upper portion of Pebbles dress and
squeezes the huge breasts of this hot young woman. Pebbles let out a mild
purr as she prepares to suck the cock of her father's best friend. Barney
now works his hand down to the lower part of the mini that adorns his son's
girlfriend, finds that she wears no underwear and slips his forefinger inside
her virgin pussy.

"Barney, Oooooh fuck that feels soooo good, but alas I am still a virgin and
am not certain about having you pop my cherry before Bam bam." Pebbles states
while her moans become long and loud.

"Not to worry Pebbles I will strive to e gentle as I take your cherry. Now
let's get your dress off." says Barney.

Pebbles who has given head to Bam Bam, moves her lips to kiss the dick of
the senior Rubble and licks the balls and ass crack as she drives him
insane with her gentle touch. Pebbles devours his hard cock as she deep
throats it many times before a load of cum shoots on her nose, lips and
chin. Going back for more, Barney lifts Pebbles over his body to eat
pussy as she sucks his cock longer. Moans from both emanate throughout
the dwelling while Barney fingers her ass and pussy, creating deeper and
longer gurgles of pleasure from the young honey.

Pebbles release her grip of Barney's cock, while he moves between the thighs
of the hot cave woman to continue to eat her hot dripping twat. Bringing
Pebbles to cum once more, Barney lines up her open honey pot to enter his
massive dick into her caldron of love. Pebbles wants him to stop, but is so
horny that she helps him inside with her hands. Entering slowly Barney builds
up his motions until his entire cock has penetrated Pebbles, she screams as
his piston thrusts bring tears to her eyes. She grabs his ass cheeks while he
pounds deeper until a full load shoots all over her thighs upon his exit.
Barney turns her on all fours in hopes of fucking her tender and tight ass.

Bringing her close to his body, Barney enters her ass hole, which has
been fucked by Bam Bam on a few occasions.

"Damn it Pebbles, I had no idea you have had your ass fucked already. I
expected that you were a complete virgin." Says Barney.

"Owww, it still hurts, depending on the size of the cock. Yes, Bam Bam has
had me and I let a police officer ass fuck me to get out of a ticket for
speeding. So you can see I am not that tight in that region". Pebbles tell

Pebbles backs up her statement by backing into Barney with her ass as he
pounds deeper. Finally, another load exits the massive cock of her lover as
he re-enters the dripping cunt of Pebbles. Every thrust brings more yelps of
extreme pleasure to Pebbles as she now is no longer a virgin and hopes to
have Bam Bam and his father double team her soon. Barney rears back with one
more thrust until her unloads on her butt and legs, Pebbles kneels down as
she licks the jism from her lovers dick. They lie on the floor well spent as
she kisses Barney before getting dressed to leave.

The End


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