Focus: Jess Is A Dominatrix (MF,inter,oral,anal,F-dom,toys)
by The Fan

The things I do for love, veteran trickster and all-around master thief and conman Nicky Spurgeon thought to himself as he looked at the statuesque, fit and sexy blonde-haired beauty standing before him. Grinning maliciously, Jess Barrett looked Nicky up and down, and nodded her approval. The sight of the tall, muscular and drop-dead gorgeous African-American stud lying on her bed thrilled the blonde kleptomaniac to no end.

After ages of going back and forth in their topsy-turvy romance, Jess Barrett, the most beautiful and successful thief in the world, decided to steal one last jewel. A priceless artifact. The heart of Nicky Spurgeon, the man who taught her everything she knew. The man Jess Barrett loved with every fiber of her being. The one and only Nicky Spurgeon.

"Admit it, big man, I'm your dream woman and you know it," Jess Barrett said, and in spite of himself, Nicky Spurgeon found himself nodding in agreement. Damn it, the sexy blonde had him right where she wanted him, and they both knew it. Moving with deliberate slowness, Jess walked up to Nicky, like a panther ready to pounce on her prey.

"I knew you were trouble from the moment I saw you in that bar," Nicky Spurgeon said, and Jess Barrett smiled. Nicky watched her as she came to him, her sexy hips moving with a loveliness and innate sensuality that set his every nerve on edge. Nicky Spurgeon felt a stir deep within, and licked his lips.

"And yet you can't help yourself," Jess Barrett said, and she stood at the foot of the bed, hands on her hips. The blonde-haired and blue-eyed beauty, clad in a black bra and ebony panties looked mesmerizing and damn well knew it. Nicky Spurgeon knew he couldn't resist her. Hell, he didn't know why he ever bothered to try.

At first, when Nicky Spurgeon saw Jess Barrett in that swanky Miami nightclub, he felt that the cute blonde would be a good roll in the hay. Hell, Jess Barrett was a dead ringer for his favorite porn starlet, Angel Allwood, a cute blonde with a serious fondness for the chocolate. Um, not the kind you eat. Later, as he got to know her, Nicky Spurgeon became fascinated by the gorgeous, fearless woman that Jess Barrett was becoming.

"Temptation thy name is definitely Jess," Nicky Spurgeon said, and sighed deeply. Grinning, Jess Barrett took off her bra and panties with deliberate slowness, and leapt on the bed, into Nicky Spurgeon's waiting arms. The two of them passionately embraced, and shared a deep, meaningful kiss.

"I almost lost you back in Buenos Aires," Jess Barrett said, and she took Nicky Spurgeon's face into her hands. The tall, dark and handsome stud smiled, and for a moment, his trademark cockiness vanished, and Jess Barrett glimpsed the vulnerable soul within the man whom she fell in love with.

"Saw my life flash before my eyes when my own father shot my ass," Nicky Spurgeon said, sighing deeply and shaking his head. Jess Barrett looked into Nicky's soulful brown eyes and smiled, and gently kissed him on the lips. Gently Jess Barrett rested her lovely blonde head on Nicky's chest, and listened to his rhythmic heartbeat, which was strong and steady.

"If I'd lost you, I don't know what I'd do," Jess said, and Nicky smiled and gently kissed her forehead. The master thief and legendary conman found his heart melting when Jess Barrett looked up at him, a sweet smile on her lovely face. For a long moment, the two of simply stared into each other's eyes without saying anything.

"Tell you what I want to do right about now," Nicky Spurgeon said, and he gave her cute, thick white ass a firm slap. Jess Barrett laughed, and pressed her sexy, nubile body against Nicky's. Laughing, Nicky took Jess's breasts in his hands and gently caressed them. Jess Barrett licked her lips, and kissed Nicky on the lips, and then licked a path from his lips to his throat, and finally his chest.

"Before I bring you sweet delight I want to make you suffer," Jess Barrett said, laughing wickedly as she tugged on Nicky Spurgeon's chest hairs. Nicky winced in pain, and Jess grinned and stuck her tongue out, teasing the hell out of him. Before Nicky could say anything, Jess Barrett brought her face close to his groin, and the stud held his breath.

"Oh my," Nicky Spurgeon said, and Jess Barrett winked at him, and then took his manhood in her hands. Jess Barrett smiled as she held Nicky's long and thick, dark member in her hands. Slowly Jess pumped her hand up and down his shaft. Nicky licked his lips, and Jess slowly worked her hand up and down his dick, which hardened under her touch.

"You haven't seen anything yet," Jess Barrett said, and then she took Nicky Spurgeon's dick into her mouth. A happy sigh escaped Nicky Spurgeon's lips as he watched Jess Barrett's pretty blonde head bob up and down in his lap as she sucked his dick. In no time, Jess Barrett had Nicky Spurgeon harder than a rock, and then, abruptly, she stopped what she was doing.

"Lady, you're killing me," Nicky Spurgeon said, laughing, and Jess Barrett looked at him hungrily. Without another word, Jess climbed on top of Nicky, whose hands automatically went up to her hips. Grinning, Jess straddled Nicky and slowly began impaling her pussy on his hard dick. Bucking his hips, Nicky thrust into her, and Jess gasped loudly.

"Nicky, shut up and fuck me," Jess Barrett whispered, and she rested her hands on Nicky's strong, broad shoulders. Nicky Spurgeon was happy to oblige his lady love's request, and began fucking her with deep, powerful strokes. Jess squealed in delight as Nicky slammed his dick into her, fucking her roughly, just the way she liked it.

"Hmmm, I want that ass of yours," Nicky said, and Jess laughed, and rolled off of him. A stunned Nicky gasped as Jess Barrett got on all fours, and shook her thick white ass at him. Black man's Kryptonite, Nicky thought, and he gently caressed Jess Barrett's ass, and then pressed his hard dick against it.

"Then take it if you dare," Jess Barrett said in a provocative tone, and she pressed her big butt against Nicky Spurgeon's groin. As if entranced, Nicky gripped Jess's big butt with a dreamy look on his handsome face. With a swift thrust he pushed his dick into Jess's pussy, and just like that, they resumed making love. Passionately the two of them went at it, until Nicky came.

"That was fun," Nicky Spurgeon said, and Jess Barrett smiled and nodded, but said nothing. The two of them had been going at it for hours and while Jess was quite pleased with Nicky's ardor, she still wasn't sated. Indeed, the cute blonde had major plans for the deliciously enticing body of her African-American stud muffin, especially his cute butt.

"Yeah, but I want more," Jess Barrett said, and she got up and walked out of the bedroom. Nicky Spurgeon looked at her, watching Jess Barrett's big white booty sashaying from side to side as she waltzed out of the bedroom. What a woman. Nicky was still musing on Jess's booty when she came out of the room, a maniacal gleam in her eyes.

"What the fuck is that?" Nicky Spurgeon asked nervously as Jess Barrett smiled maliciously at him. In her hands she held a dark, phallic object held together by a leather harness. Upon realizing what the unusual object was, Nicky Spurgeon suddenly looked pale. Jess Barrett donned the strap-on dildo, and winked at Nicky.

"Face down and ass up, Nicky, I am Mistress Jess and your ass belongs to me," Jess Barrett said with a wicked smile. Nicky Spurgeon looked at the sexy blonde woman wearing the strap-on dildo, and felt both nervous and turned on. In spite of himself, Nicky was impressed. This woman was full of surprises, and he loved her for it.

"Yes ma'am," Nicky Spurgeon said, and assumed the position. Smiling, Jess Barrett grabbed a bottle of lubricant, and positioned herself behind Nicky. Hastily Jess lubricated the dildo, and spread his cute butt cheeks wide open. Jess slid a finger into Nicky's asshole and fingered him, and then asked him if he was ready to get fucked. Nicky nodded, but said nothing.

"I'm going to fuck your sweet ass," Jess Barrett said, and then she pushed the dildo into Nicky Spurgeon's ass. Groaning sharply, Nicky tried to stay calm as Jess Barrett, the woman he loved, began fucking him with the strap-on dildo. Jess Barrett reached underneath Nicky and grabbed his dick, and began stroking it. That's when Nicky just about lost it.

"Fuck me," Nicky pleaded, and Jess Barrett laughed, and began fucking Nicky's sweet ass with her strap-on dildo. Laughing, she thrust the dildo deep into him and Nicky screamed. Face down and ass up, Jess took Nicky to the edge. The cute blonde chick turned into the dominatrix from hell, slapping Nicky's ass, berating him and fucking him real good, and Nicky absolutely loved it.

"That was awesome," Jess Barrett whispered, an hour later, as she lay in Nicky Spurgeon's arms. The two lovebirds were sweaty and tired but happy as can be. Nicky smiled and kissed Jess Barrett on the lips. Cradling his sweetie protectively in his arms, Nicky looked at Jess, who was the picture of innocence and sweetness. Hard to believe she was the same strap-on wielding dominatrix who wrecked his ass earlier.

"Yeah, that was fun, but let's not do that too often," Nicky Spurgeon said, laughing nervously. Jess Barrett smiled up at him, and then gently kissed him on the lips. Nicky kissed her back passionately, and then pulled the covers over their bodies. Just like that, the two lovebirds went to sleep. Well, Nicky Spurgeon went to sleep anyways.

Jess Barrett lay in bed next to Nicky Spurgeon, her mind racing. Ever since they returned from Buenos Aires, a few weeks ago, Jess Barrett had been keeping a secret from Nicky Spurgeon. Deep within her, something was growing. The fruit of their passionate love. The game changer. Could a man like Nicky Spurgeon and a woman like her raise a family ? Jess Barrett was scared to tell Nicky. In time, she would tell him. For now, Jess Barrett would keep her secret to herself.


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