What if Mei Wong, the best female martial artist on Earth had been the one to
get the Monkey Kings staff? What if Ni Chang, the white haired half
witch/half demoness didn't really want to be evil? What if Golden Sparrow
made for a love triangle?

Some chapters rated NC-17 for F/F and F/F/F sex, some kink

Forbidden Kingdom: China Doll And the Forbidden Kingdom Part 1
by Tyval ([email protected])

Mei Wong had to admit that she was becoming 'Americanized'. She rarely spoke
Chinese anymore. She had once been a pretty good cook, but almost never ate
Chinese food anymore, much less cook it herself. Perhaps that was why she
decided to start spending more time in L. A.'s 'Chinatown'.

As exercise, Mei rode a bike the 15 miles from the hidden G.O.L.D. HQ to the
area where she was quickly making friends among people who really didn't know
who she was. G.O.L.D. saved the entire universe just as often as any super
hero group, but didn't get the press the others did. Of course, Californian's
were so kooky that all of G.O.L.D. could walk down the streets in broad
daylight in full uniform and no one would even notice them.

Mei was lost in thought as she peddled. Seven years previously she had been
an almost ordinary 18 year old girl in Lung Ki, China, except for being a
martial arts prodigy. Mei lived with her father and older sister, working
part time in her father's restaurant. That was a cover as her father was
actually Lung Ki's best secret agent. As such he was a prime target when Lung
Ki was invaded by the mercenary army of a crime lord named Sakuro.

Mei's father died in her arms. She had fought back, becoming something of a
heroine even before G.O.L.D. Now, at only 25, she had been all over the
world, been to 12 other planets, been to Asgard and Olympus and met gods of 6
Pantheon's, traveled through time, fought and defeated wacky super-beings ,
made love to numerous superwomen. Her life could never be the same.

Mei was becoming something of a regular to a few shops including 'Mr. Hop's
Pawn Shop'. Mr. Hop was a very elderly man, in his 80's, but he always had
the best selection of martial arts movies. Mei loved kung fu movies even
though she was a better fighter than any 10 of them. Mr. Hop was also a good
story teller and Mei had become quite fond of him.

"Hello Mr. Hop," Mei said with a respectful bow.

"Ah, Miss Wong," Mr. Hop said, rising from his chair, "So nice to see you.
Most young people these days, no respect. You give me hope. Ah, new shipment,
just put out."

"Thank you Mr. Hop," Mei smiled at him, "Any new 'Shaw Brother's'? Oh, 'Bride
With White Hair', Cantonese, no subtitles. Classic, I need this one. I can't
believe I speak more Japanese than my native tongue these days. Oh, here's
one, not only a Bruce Lee imitator, but a Jackie Chan imitator too."

"Kung phooey, always kung phooey, "Mr. Hop's rich laugh was that of a man 50
years younger.

"I know, but I actually learned a flip from a film once," Mei grinned,"
Trust me, no one can make a standing 20' leap. Well, no one human."

"How you know?," Mr. Hop asked.

"Because I can't," Mei laughed, if only Mr. Hop knew that Mei was not only a
master, but was considered THE best female fighter on the entire Earth.

There was a loud clang in the back. Curious, Mei slowly walked towards the
open door to the storeroom. On the floor was an ornate gold colored staff.
She did a smooth foot flip, kicking it up to her hands. The staff was light,
yet heavy, and at the same time felt like it fit her hand. The bo was not
Mei's best weapon, but she definitely knew how to use one.

"This is real," Mei said in awe, "Northern Temple style cudgel! Tang dynasty
maybe. I can tell fakes and replicas. It's worth a fortune!"

"Nothing back here, storage only," Mr. Hop said gently taking it from Mei's
hand and putting it up high in it's holder.

"Seriously Mr. Hop," Mei said, "I could get you 10 million for that staff."

"Too old to be jet setter," Mr. Hop smiled, "Besides, already bought."

"By who?" Mei asked, "Please, tell me."

"It bought when my grandfather first open this shop, 100 years ago," Mr. Hop
said, "He wait for man to come back and pick up, but he never did. Then my
father wait, now me."

"Mr Hop, it's not very likely that person is ever going to show up," Mei
said, "And how would you tell if he did?"

"I will know," Mr. Hop said, "Staff must go back to rightful owner. You not
right, but you make good guess."

"If I told you what my day job is you wouldn't believe me," Mei laughed.

Mei bought 5 DVD's, kissed Mr. Hop on the forehead and left the shop. She was
only a couple of blocks away when she saw some girls she knew from an all
girl club. Teresa was a tall brunette with large breasts, Sandy was a shorter
blonde girl, nice size fake boobs, Darla was a petite brunette, only slightly
taller than Mei.

"Hi sweetie, what are you up to?" Teresa asked.

"About 5'2"," Mei grinned.

"Uh oh," Darla said, "Disgusting coming."

"Talk about gross," Sandy added.

Six punks, members of the 'Jackals' gang and their leader Vinny were walking
their way. All of them thought they were ladies men. Vinny and a couple of
them were fairly good looking, but with their attitudes the only way any of
them could get a woman was by force.

"Well, well, look what we have here boys," Vinny said with a sneer, "Some
chicks that need a real man bad. Oh, and we got the hot little slant that's
been slumming around here lately."

"Leave us alone Vinny," Teresa said, "We're not impressed."

"What's the matter, dyke got your tongue," Vinny taunted, then grabbed the
bag with Mei's DVD's, "What's this?"

"Just some bootlegs, nothing you need to bother with," Mei said, sizing them

"Oooooo, look at these boys," Vinny kept on, "You some kind of karate kid?
You think you're some kind of kung fu girly?"

"Give 'em back to her Vinny," Sandy said.

"Why doesn't she make me?" Vinny sneered, "Maybe we could make a deal if
she's willing to do it with all of us. Old Hop's place. You tight with old

"Trust me, you BOYS do not want to do this," Mei said getting off her bike.

It was a lucky shot, one that even Mei was not prepared for, combined with
her wearing a middle-length skirt and not really being dressed for fighting.
Vinny side kicked her, sending her back into a fence.

"You back talking me you slant eyed bitch!" Vinny yelled in rage," You think
you're gold, you think IT'S gold! You're nothing! You're a slant whore who
should be grateful to be raped!"

Darla and Sandy moved to help Mei. Vinny grabbed Darla's hair and slapped
her, knocking her down, then backhanded Sandy knocking her down as well. The
6 thugs were clapping and whooping with rude remarks. Mei ripped the sides of
her skirt then stood up. She was going to enjoy this.

"What, you want some more cunt?" Vinny demanded, "Or have you learned your
fucking lesson?"

"Why don't you teach me?" Mei smiled.

Vinny stupidly tried the same sidekick. Mei caught his foot and kicked him in
the balls 3 times before he ever saw the first one. Vinny writhed on the
ground screaming for several minutes while Mei helped Darla and Sandy up.
Ignoring him, Mei stood her bike up and started to leave.

"Let's go ladies," Mei smiled.

"Losers," Teresa said with an 'L' gesture on her forehead.

The women turned their backs on them and started walking away, Mei pushing
her bike. They took 3 steps.

"What the fuck are you dipshits waiting for!" Vinny screamed, his voice 3
octaves higher than before, "Get that slant eyed whore!"

That was an even bigger mistake. Mei spun and knocked the first one out with
her right leg, still spinning took out the second man with her left leg, the
third man went down from a chop to the side of the neck, the fourth from a
backfist, and a split kick knocked out the last 2. All 6 were unconscious
before the first one hit the ground. She didn't know that Old Hop clicked a
stop watch and had seen the whole thing.

"Six men in 3.2 seconds," Mr. Hop mumbled to himself sounding pleased,
thought it would be some young man who didn't know anything. China Doll."

Meanwhile, Vinny was running away hunched over, holding his groin, as fast as
he could. The girls laughed and high-fived.

"Forget something Vinny?" Sandy called out pointing to the downed Jackals.

"Jackals? I think they're ferrets," Teresa added.

"Vinny has a black belt," Darla said, being serious, "But you took him easy.

"He must have got it from a 'Crackerjack' box," Mei joked, "But seriously,
where I'm from, little kids can handle guys like Vinny."

* * *

Two hours later Vinny, still sore, managed to regroup the 'Jackals'.

"We're going to get that slant eyed slut, but she can wait," Vinny said,
"She's tight with Old Hop, so we can hurt her, get some guns, and lots of
cash if we hit him tonight. It's first of the month, he should be loaded."

"When do we go boss?" his second, Frank, asked.

"Tonight, midnight," Vinny said.

* * *

For her part Mei had returned to what she called home these days. Used to the
countryside as a girl, reinforced titanium steel would never be comfortable,
but the Oriental garden courtyard was stunning. She could spend hours walking
through it or meditating. She was also wishing that Tina was there with her.

`Wonder what some of these movies would make of me and Tina and our,
relationship,' Mei thought with a laugh, 'All these movies with Japanese as
the bad guys and here I am, and my BGF is Japanese.'

Of all the G.O.L.D. girls Mei was closest to Tina Sanlemoto a.k.a. Kamikaze.
Going to her quarters, (which was actually larger than her childhood house
had been), Mei changed into a workout uniform before going down to the
G.O.L.D. version of a 'Danger Room'.

An hour of 'Danger Room' was followed by an hour of martial arts practice.
Mei didn't know why she decided to work on her staff techniques.

'Maybe I'm thinking of that cudgel in Mr. Hop's shop,' Mei thought.

Mei was really wishing Tina was there during her shower. In fact, there were
only some reserves she barely knew in the building. Flopping down on her bed
she looked through the movies she had bought.

"Hey!" Mei shouted, sitting upright, "Monkey Goes West! I didn't know I
bought that! One of my favorites. Wonder which version this is?"

Most commonly known as Sun Wukong, Monkey King, or just Monkey, he was to
China what Superman was to America. Mei had met Superman, briefly, and
wondered if, since he was real if maybe Sun Wukong was or had been. A catchy
song about him was one of her favorites.

The version she watched wasn't bad, not the best she had seen. The actor was
a good enough acrobat, but his martial arts skill was flawed. Then again,
monkey style wasn't her best either.

'What is it with today?' Mei thought, 'I keep finding my own flaws. First the
bo, now monkey style.'

As soon as the film ended Mei threw on a fresh practice uniform and practiced
monkey style for an hour. She was a little tired when she finished and took
another shower. She fell asleep, her dreams were of Sun Wukong. She smiled at
his antics.

* * *

Mei woke up, instantly alert. After 2 nice dreams she had a nightmare of
kindly Mr. Hop being murdered. She looked at the clock, 11:30. Mei didn't
know why, she had never felt this way before, that Mr. Hop was in danger. She
quickly dressed in a red shirt and pant outfit, one of her many 'fighting
outfits'. It was as light as silk, but with a special underlay Tina's genius
brother Shiro had invented that was twice as tough as kevlar.

Mei had her choice of weapons, but little time. She put 2 ear-rings with
spear darts on along with a necklace that had a shuriken. All her outfits had
sheaths on the ankles so Mei grabbed a pair of 8" knives. On her way out the
door she grabbed a tonfa and stuck it in the back of her belt.

Mei ran down 3 flights of stairs to the G.O.L.D. garage. She picked out a
'stealth' motorcycle, donned a hi-tech 'night helmet' and took off. She had
know if Mr. Hop was okay, even if just for her own peace of mind.

Vinny had chosen to take 12 of the 'Jackals' with him. A new gang with a
total strength of 30 they didn't have the massive arsenals other L.A. gangs
did. In fact, only Vinny and 2 others even had guns. They had just taken
positions when Mei pulled up.

'What the fuck is SHE doing here,' Vinny thought as Mei took her helmet off
and ran to the door, 'I didn't even hear that thing!'

"Mr. Hop, Mr. Hop," Mei shouted, pounding on the door.

Mei breathed a sigh of relief when she heard Mr. Hop's sleepy voice call out
that he was coming. Under normal circumstances Mei would have sensed Vinny
his boys, but she was so concerned about Mr. Hop she was careless. Despite
age Mei heard no bumps, fumbling, or crashes.

"What you want kung phooey girl?" Mr. Hop asked, the door partly opened to
chain lock, "Closed, very late."

"This is going to sound so strange Mr. Hop, but...," Mei tried to explain,
but was cut off as Vinny's arm was around her throat, a pistol to her temple.

Mei silently cursed herself. Any other day she would have taken him out
he got anywhere near her. She'd been off her game ever since she'd picked up
that staff.

"Surprise bitch," Vinny coldly laughed, "Open the fucking door old man or
you'll be wearing her slant eyes! Now!"

Mei knew 32 ways to take Vinny out from that position, but she didn't know
total number and weaponry of the opposition and so decided to wait for the
right moment. Also, she wanted to get Mr. Hop out of the way first. Mr. Hop
looked at her with a sad accusing look that broke her heart.

"Don't do it Mr. Hop!" Mei pleaded, "Slam the door and call the cops!"

"Shut up slant cunt," Vinny ordered, "We actually have you to thank for this.
No old man, she didn't really have anything to do with it except for the fact
she likes your wrinkled old ass. I hurt you, I hurt her."

"You've proved your point Vinny," Mei said, "Back off and don't do this and I
can guarantee you all the money you could ever want."

"I don't think so," Vinny sneered, "Now open the fucking door."

Mr. Hop reluctantly opened the door, Vinny's gun was now right at his head as
the other 2 gunmen covered Mei.

"Search her," Vinny ordered, "She's got a stick or 'chucks' or something.
Felt it against me."

"Used to stuff against you huh?" Mei taunted as she counted them as they
crowded in.

A baker's dozen, easy if she could get Mr. Hop out of the shop. To Mei that
wasn't even as hard as Lung Ki pattycake. Two goons smashed into the pistol
case, 2 others started laying out long guns. The second took Mei's tonfa, but
he was a perv and just grabbed her ass.

'Damn, I was hoping for a J'Lo or Kardashian,' he thought.

"Where's the money old man," Vinny ordered, "We know you don't trust banks."

"No money, IRS take it all," Mr. Hop lied.

"Don't fuck with me old man," Vinny cocked his pistol.

"Stop it!" Mei said, then lied," I know where he keeps it."

"Lie to me bitch and the old fart dies," Vinny said covering her.

Mei's plan was to distract them and separate them as she tried to lead them
into the back room. She saw her chance when Mr. Hop suddenly grabbed the
golden cudgel and whacked one of the goons.

"Noooooo!" Mei screamed kicking one thug, too late as Vinny shot Mr. Hop in
the chest.

Mei chopped one of the gunmen across the throat. He went down gasping for
breath. He wouldn't be getting up for at least an hour. The second came at
her from behind, Mei back kicked him right to the jaw. That was 3 that
weren't going anywhere anytime soon. She dodged as a bullet missed her, she
rolled and punched a goon right in the groin. She came up with the staff in
her hands.

The confined space was working against her as she kicked a fifth man out of
the fight. A sixth came at her from behind, Mei took him out with a back
forearm smash. She leaped and dove out of the way as 2 more shots whizzed by
her. Ducking from counter to counter, to other cover, the cudgel slowing her,
but for some reason she didn't even think of dropping it.

Spotting a door she dove through it as 2 more rang out. Those didn't even
come close as Vinny had lost sight of her. He stopped to reload. Three of the
remaining 6 had grabbed guns by this time. Only one had the intelligence to
actually load it.

"Get that slant eyed cunt!" Vinny ordered.

'If he calls me slant one more time I'm going to feed him his balls,' Mei
thought, 'Everyone I meet loves my sexy eyes.'

Mei ran up 2 flights of stairs, and out the roof door. She looked around for
some cover or a good position. The 'Jackal' that was smart enough to load his
gun was the first one out the door. Mei popped his hand with the staff,
disarming him, followed with a kick to the stomach and a chop to the back of
the neck that knocked him cold.

But Vinny, shooting wildly backed her away from the door. Mei flipped
backwards twice, then twirled the cudgel as Vinny and his remaining thugs
spread out. The roof was not overly large and Mei was close to the edge.
Three stories up, but Mei knew how to fall from higher and barely take a

"It's over bitch," Vinny laughed thinking he had won, "If you decide to
co-operate you might still get out of this alive."

"No thanks," Mei smiled," Going down."

Mei flipped as she fell, spotting where she should land, getting into the
perfect position. She wouldn't even skin her knee. Mei fell, and fell, and
fell, and fell!

'What's going on?,' Mei thought as she yelled a very American, "Oh

The End of Chapter 1:


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