Alone, in a strange yet familiar world, Mei Wong, the China Doll, finds
herself hunted by the army of an evil god and a reluctant half witch/half
demoness, white haired lesbian bounty hunter. Can she find her own allies in
a drunken immortal, a beautiful kick ass orphan girl, and a silent monk?

Special note: Unlike the boy in the movie, Mei is Chinese and is fluent in
both Cantonese and Mandarin. Since most of the dialogue would be in Mandarin,
conversation in that will be written as normal. If Mei speaks in Cantonese it
will be put in ( ) parenthesizes, and if she speaks English in [ ]

Some chapters rated NC-17 for F/F sex. This chapter PG-13.

Forbidden Kingdom: China Doll And The Forbidden Kingdom Part 2
by Tyval ([email protected])

Mei woke up with a splitting headache. She could feel a cold cloth on her
forehead and smell the unpleasant odor of a common Chinese healing herb, wood
smoke, and some background farm smells. She opened her eyes to see a late
middle age Chinese couple dressed poorly, like peasants of another age.

"[Where am I?]" Mei asked in English then switched to Cantonese, "(I'm sorry,
where am I?)"

The old lady said something that Mei didn't understand. She handed Mei the
medicine. Her smile revealed half toothless black teeth.

"I'm sorry, I didn't get that," Mei said switching to Mandarin as she sat up.

Mei tried for several minutes, but whatever dialect these people spoke it
wasn't one she knew. All she could catch was 'great lady' and 'pretty'. A
quick check showed she still had the ear-ring darts, knives, and shuriken.
The gold colored staff was propped up by the door. She was still dressed the
same, but it felt different.

Physically Mei felt fine, great even. Mei smiled and politely refused the
medicine. She somehow knew the $500 in the wallet in her back pocket was
nothing more than paper here. Mei smiled as she stood up, took out her
ear-rings, took the darts off and bowing gave the gold jewelry to the woman.

"I thank you for your kindness, but I must go," Mei said with another polite

The people were saying something, Mei didn't understand. Taking up the staff
she walked out into the open and a sight she hadn't seen in 7 years. Rice
paddles, working oxen, people scurrying as they worked the land in a tiny
village, maybe 10 huts, narrow dirt road leading who knew where.

Actually, it was more like another century. Even the Lung Ki of her childhood
had electricity, fans, tv's, a couple of cars and other 20th century machines.

'Is it possible I'm dead, or asleep,' Mei thought and pinched herself, 'No,
very much alive and awake. Time travel? Not without a time machine and only 3
people have those. Okay, so G.O.L.D. is one of those 3. Doesn't explain

Mei started walking down the road, she drew a few stares, but mostly the
'peasants' ignored her.

'Try to find a computer, phone, even a city,' Mei thought, 'If such things
even exist here. Wherever here is.'

Mei was on alert, hearing them before she saw them. She dove for cover in
some tall grass. Horsemen, armored horsemen, about 50 in number in a slow
gallop. Mei didn't recognize the armor, pre 'Three Kingdom's' era though she
guessed. One thing was sure, they were well armed and as few as 5 of them
could easily take the village.

Fighting a dozen street thugs was one thing, 50 well armed, well trained,
armored soldiers was about the limit of what Mei thought she could handle if
it came down to it. She had a bad feeling it would.

'Well, I can forget about the phone and the plane ride back to L.A.,' Mei

Mei tried to hold back, back the soldiers began ransacking the village, two
young women were thrown into a slave cart that followed the horsemen. They
were rather plain, but the pervert soldiers were just looking for bodies. Mei
was a knockout by anyone's standards, but didn't think about it.

'Oh no, do NOT do that,' Mei thought as the soldiers brutally stole her gift
to the older woman who had nursed her.

The soldiers did not know what hit them as a woman in scarlet suddenly came
from nowhere and charged them with a cudgel in hand. Mei didn't see a man
slumped backwards on a horse coming down the road.

Sweep. Strike. Kick. Strike. Spin. Strike. Plant staff and vault, two more
fall. Ten soldiers were down before the men knew what hit them. Another 5
before the surprise was gone. Block. Strike. Block. Block. Sweep. Kick. Mei
retreated several steps for position. The newcomer, drunk perhaps, had fallen
off his horse.

"It's her! She's the one we've been looking for!" an officer shouted, "Get

'Okay, so I can understand these guys,' Mei thought.

It was still 32 to 1 as Mei was surrounded and in a defensive position. The
soldiers were obviously not used to resistance. Like a cobra Mei stuck, 2
more fell to cudgel strikes, before she again went into a defensive posture.

" 'mon boys," Mei said, still in Mandarin, "Let's rock!"

"Rock?" one soldier said surprised.

The cudgel smacked him right between the eyes. He went down as the possible
drunk man stumbled into one of them. Enraged, the man slashed with his sword.
He cut nothing but air. Slashing again, he missed again, then again. On the
next attempt the drunk knocked him cold.

'Eight Drunken Fists style,' Mei thought, 'He's not drunk!'

The fight became very one sided at that point. One sided against the
soldiers! They went down like wheat between Mei and the stranger. Mei smashed
the slave cart door setting the 2 girls free with the staff. She then calmed
what looked like the best horse. Leading it she walked up to the pretend
drunk giving a polite bow.

"Good sir, can you understand my words?" Mei asked, "No one else seems to."

"Then you must learn to listen," he said in flawless Mandarin.

"I guess I deserved that," Mei said, "My names Mei Wong, some people call me
China Doll. I live in Los Angeles, but I was born in Lung Ki," Mei saw
confusion in his face, "Well, I guess neither exist yet."

"Lu Yan," Lu said, "Wandering scholar. Come with me."

"That name is familiar," Mei mused aloud, Lu had a northern accent, "Who are
these guys?"

"I believe you are woman of the south," Lu said correctly telling her accent,
"Talk even more than north women."

"Hey," Mei said, but shut up, mounting her horse.

Lu Yan's eyes grew wide as he got his first good look at the cudgel. He
mounted and rode in front. Mei didn't know where or when she was. She tried
to check her watch and was not surprised to find it wasn't there. She was
pretty sure none of the villager's had taken it or it would have been shown
off or taken by the soldiers.

Mei was also sure that her clothes were just well made cloth as well.
Anything 21st century had converted to the technology of the day. Just to
confirm it she checked 1 of her ankle knives. 'Made in the U.S.A.' was no
longer stamped on it. That was okay, Mei could tell time by the sun. By that
she reasoned it was mid morning.

As Lu Yan studied her, Mei studied him. Mid-40's maybe, in pretty good shape,
his hair was long and somewhat matted, his clothes poor but serviceable, good
for fighting in. He was even handsome in a grimy, fatherly kind of way. His
possessions were few, in a small bag he wore and another on his horse. There
were also 4 liquid containers, water or wine, she didn't know.

They rode in silence for several hours, switching roads several times. Mei
reasoned it was about 2 when the roads became wider. Due to the warmness and
vegetation she guessed it was mid spring here. About 4 the road they were on
became stone, a city just ahead.

'This is really pissing me off,' Mei thought as she found herself unable to
read any of the signs.

At least she could understand what people were talking about here. She
reasoned, {correctly}, that the villagers had spoke in a different dialect.
Lu Yan led her through the streets into the upper class section of town.
There he made a beeline to a very upscale restaurant.

"Excuse me Mr Lu," Mei smiled, "But do you actually HAVE any money. Because I

"What about your necklace?" Lu asked.

"Yes, it's gold and might buy us 1 meal," Mei said, "But what we need is some
way to buy many. Aha!

On the second floor Mei saw a very attractive girl playing a stringed Chinese
instrument. She couldn't believe she didn't know what it was called. Mei's
father had always been frustrated that Mei had never been able to play any
Chinese musical instruments.

Years later Questar had taught her how to play a guitar in an hour. Mei also
had an excellent singing voice, but in 'Rock music and ballads' only. She
could sing as good as the Wilson sister's, Britney, Mariah, Beyonce, any good
or great female rocker. But anytime she tried to sing anything but 'Rock or
Rock related' she was horrible.

The girl upstairs had given her an idea. She spotted a nearby shop where
instruments were being made. That was all she needed.

"Follow me," Mei smiled.

Lu Yan didn't know what she was up to, but so far she seemed like a capable
young woman. Walking inside the craftsman greeted them, politely bowing.

"Good sir, I have a special request," Mei said, "A special instrument I need
made. May I have a pen and paper."

Mei carefully drew out the makings of an acoustic guitar.

"Can you make this?" Mei asked.

"Well, it's a little unusual, but I don't think it would take too long to
make, just modify some parts I already have on hand," the man said intrigued.

Me took off the throwing star and handed him the gold chain. She would never
know that this man was a true craftsman and would have done it for free just
for the challenge. Mei watched him, Lu watched her, thinking maybe she was
crazy. Then again, there had to be a reason why the staff had chosen her. Lu
also had to admit she was very easy to look at.

It only took an hour and a half to make the serviceable guitar. He spent
another half hour to spruce it up a bit. Mei made a few practice strums, it
would do. She bowed and thanked the man.

"Okay, you think you can play that?" Lu asked, "And how will it get us some

"Let's find a rich corner," Mei smiled, "There, that looks good, it's getting
late, people going home, lots of traffic. Now, my style of music is going to
sound, pretty strange, but I'm willing to bet the young people, the teens and
20's, will really dig it."

"Dig? We don't have shovels," Lu said confused.

Mei just smiled and tuned the instrument. When she was satisfied she started
to riff 'Johnny B. Good'. Lu jumped in surprise. He wasn't the only one as
many eyes came Mei's way as she duck walked and played. By the time she got
to the first 'Go Johnny go' she could already see some younger people bobbing
their heads and some moving to the music.

After passing the plate Mei changed gears for a 'Heart' ballad. When that was
over she gave them a 'Buddy Holly', followed by 'Avril's' 'I'm With You'. Mei
sang for over an hour, sweat beading on her forehead, surprising Lu with how
much money they were getting. As Mei had guessed, the young people, who had
never heard that kind of music were the most generous. Mei also got 3
proposals for marriage.

"Well, I'm hungry, how about you?" Mei smiled at him.

"I see you have some surprises," Lu said, "I never hear music like that. It's

Mei laughed. The food was good as was to be expected. Mei kept looking over
at the girl she had saw earlier. She was very pretty, 18 to 19 years old, Mei
guessed, though there was a sadness to her and to her playing. She was also
dressed poorly, a contrast to most of the patrons. She asked the waiter if
the girl had eaten. He answered that she hadn't yet, she played for her

'I'll just bet, probably only gets leftover scraps,' Mei thought her heart
going out to her.

"So, how good is your kung fu?" Lu asked her.

"Now Mr. Lu," Mei smiled, folding her hands in front, "That's a trick
question. He who speaks doesn't know, he who knows doesn't speak."

"Very good," Lu nodded, "You passed the first test."

"My turn," Mei said, "Just who were those turkeys, and why, come to think of
it, did they seem to want me?"

"Turkeys?," Lu asked.

"Sorry, I've been, um, living in another country the last 7 years," Mei
said, "What I really wish this place had is cheese burgers, fries, and a
chocolate shake. It takes me an hour to work that back off of my ass, but
it's worth it."

"You are one strange girl," Lu shook his head," I have no idea what you were
just talking about. I do know young ladies not supposed to use bad words."

"What should I have said?" Mei coyly asked.

"Young ladies should say nothing, but if asked maybe say bottom, or rear," Lu

"How about this then," Mei smiled wickedly, then yelled, "FUCK!! FUCK! Fuck,
fuck, fuck!"

The pretty player couldn't suppress a smile then a giggle! Mei thought she
was even prettier. Poor Lu Yan had turned 3 shades of red. A whole lot of
patrons were outraged. Mei was laughing her ass off. The manager ran up, but
Mei flipped him a coin, he bowed and started to leave.

"Wait a minute," Mei said, grabbing his arm and giving him another coin, "Get
that poor girl over there whatever she wants to eat."

"You just gave him more than what our bill is going to be," Lu said.

"Good point," Mei said, "I don't know what things cost here. This may sound
crazy to you, but I'm not from this time. I was born in China, lived my first
18 years in China, I can't read anything, I'm still missing a word or 2 when
people speak. You'd better handle the money."

Mei glanced back over to the girl who gave her a nod and a slight smile of
thanks as the manager left her. If she only knew that she would be safer with
sharks in a bloody pool than Mei....

"Well that is very strange," Lu said as 3 containers of wine were brought to
him, "There is much about you that is strange."

"I would still like to know who those soldiers are and why they seem to want
me?" Mei asked.

"Not you, what you carry," Lu said, "They were expecting a monk. So was I."

"The staff?" Mei asked, "In my time it has value as a historical artifact,
here, there's probably hundreds just like it."

"No, there is nothing like that particular staff," Lu Yan said, as he was now
dead serious, "That staff belongs to the Monkey King, and it must be returned
to him."

"That's the staff of Sun Wukong?" Mei asked, "No way!"

"Way," Lu said, "And you are the Seeker of the legend. The proof is that you
are here, this is not a dream."

"I'm guessing that, if this is true, you weren't expecting a woman," Mei

"No we were not," Lu said, "Those soldiers were part of the Jade Warlord's

"So this whole thing does have something to do with Sun Wukong?" Mei asked,
"Born from a stone egg on a mountain!"

Lu Yan nodded in approval, then began his tale. Mei knew most of the story in
folk tales and legends, tales of Monkey had been her favorite and one of the
reasons she had learned martial arts. But Lu Yan seemed to know some things
between the lines. About Sun Wukong and his battles with the Jade Warlord,
how Monkey defeated all who challenged him.

Then came the part where the Jade Emperor left for his 500 year meditation
leaving the Jade Warlord in charge. Jade Warlord challenged the Monkey King
to a duel. Monkey pretty much mopped the floor with him until the Jade
Warlord tricked Monkey by daring him to fight with fists and feet only.

Monkey set aside his magical staff only to fall prey to the Jade Warlord's
dark magic. With his last act before he returned to stone, Sun Wukong sent
his staff away to find the Seeker who would free him and break the Jade
Warlord's reign of tyranny over the land and heavens.

"For nearly 500 years, terror and massacre have been a way of life," Lu Yan
finished, "The heavens cry while the land bleeds."

"So, this is before he teams with Pigsy and Friar Sand and goes to India,"
Mei said, "Jade Warlord can't win because I know Monkey escapes and gains
even greater fame. Legend or not to me this is history."

"No," Lu said," Jade Warlord can win. If he gets the staff, your history,
your world, everything you know will be gone. Replaced by what Jade Warlord

"But history can't be changed," Mei said, "Questar tried to save Lincoln,
Dragon roamed the American west trying to help people, we've tried, we

"I don't know of the things you mentioned, but this is magic we're talking
about," Lu said, "Anything is possible with magic. The normal rules don't
apply. And we talking about powerful magic, dark magic backed by all the
power of the 'Five Elements Mountain'."

"Eeep," Mei gasped, this was bad, real bad; Thanos with the Cosmic Cube

"So, you do know," Lu noted.

"Yes," Mei nodded, "If the Jade Warlord gets the staff he can keep the Jade
Emperor from returning. Monkey stays a prisoner and doesn't go west. If
Monkey doesn't go west, the teachings don't come to China. Just for starters,
no Shaolin Temple, no Lung Ki, no Khan, no Marco Polo, no age of exploration,
no America. It won't just affect China, but the whole world will be stuck in
a never-ending dark age of terror!"

"Now you see why there are those of us who have been seeking the Seeker, the
one who will free Sun Wukong from his prison of stone and restore the Jade
Emperor," Lu said," Perhaps you can be taught."

Into the restaurant burst dozens of soldiers in the same armor as those they
had fought before. The army of the Jade Warlord! Mei almost smiled. Now that
she knew the score she was hoping to crack some heads. Patron's scattered,
some were rudely shoved. Stealing a glance Mei was glad the girl had fled.
Mei didn't want her in the crossfire.

"You just had to wear red," Lu said standing up.

"This doesn't concern you," the officer ordered Lu, shoving him back, "We
only want her. You, hand over the staff and come with us or die."

"Why, what could a little girl like me do against all of you big, strong,
soldiers," Mei cooed in her best 'bimbo' voice," Except for the fact that
I've seen scarier teddy bears!"

"Teddy bears?" the officer asked confused.

'Oh brother,' Lu thought, half hiding his face, 'Another of her strange

Mei spun the staff so that it clocked the officer hard across the forehead.
Before anyone else could react, she re-grabbed, spun, taking 3 more out of
the fight. She flipped her long hair back, wishing she was wearing braids as
she usually was.

A soldier drew his sword and swung at Lu Yan who easily dodged, his counter
punch sent the man back into several of his fellows. He kicked another man
who was charging up the stairs who also flew back into a number of the
Warlord's men. Mei flipped completely over one soldier's head kicking him out
as she landed. Lu Yan, flipped back onto the table as 2 swords missed him, he
kicked both out, rolled off, pushed the table into a mass of men backing them
up. One fell backwards over the rail.

Lu kicked the table up, caught it and brought it down on top of 4 soldiers
who slumped down unconscious. Mei kicked right and left downing 2 more,
rolling she swept a dozen men off their feet with the cudgel, spun back up,
and with quick strikes took 3 men. Lu ducked a sword and back kicked the man,
then took him out with a back fist follow.

"Duck!," Mei called out throwing her 2 darts.

Lu did as the darts got 2 men behind him.

"Thanks," Lu said.

Mei struck a man in front across the side to the head, then with a thrust,
got a trooper behind her in the groin. Two men with drawn swords charged at
her, she threw the cudgel right at them. They went down as Mei caught it on
the rebound. Her sidekick took out another.

Lu did a spin kick that caught 3 men. Their numbers were working against
them. A bearded soldier came from behind Mei. Lu kicked a mans sword away,
then kicked it into the would be killers back.

"Thank you," Mei smiled at him, then threw the staff to him as many came at
Lu, "Catch!"

Mei avoided a sword strike by doing a handstand on the railing. She flipped
up, avoiding a swipe at her arms, caught the man in a 'frankensteiner' move,
kipped up, and with a spin kick sent 2 more down. Catching the staff Lu
blocked a half dozen swords, spinning the staff he backed them up whacking 2
of them.

"Catch," Lu grinned, throwing the staff back to Mei, who neatly caught it.

The ranks of their opponent's were thinning. Lu didn't want to admit it, but
Mei's kung fu was damn good. He got a soldier with a back forearm smash,
barely paying attention to the man as he watched Mei easily take out 5 more
of the Warlords men.

'She's more than good,' Lu thought as Mei flipped 3 times and put 4 more

Mei's best style was a combination of crane, snake, and a Lung Ki style of
JKD, her best weapons were nunchaku and knives such as the ones in her ankle
sheaths. Speed, agility, and skill was her way. The cudgel was actually
slowing her down.

Mei spun, kicking out, and another man went down. A sword came at her arms,
she released the staff pulling her arms away, but was unable to regrasp it as
she was forced to flip backwards from another swing. Mei's hands closed
around something as she came up and clocked the man with her guitar. Mei was
really pissed as it shattered. Mei kicked the staff back up to her hands.
paused, and then noticed that she and Lu were the only ones standing.

Lu smiled at her, giving her a thumbs up. Mei was surprised he knew that
gesture, but returned the smile and the thumbs up. Victory was short lived as
scores more of the Jade Warlord's soldiers ran in from the doors or crashed
through the walls!

"Oh Shit," Lu said.

There was a third floor and a walkway to the Inn section of the building
there. Lu and Mei ran up the stairs and out onto the passage where they saw
more solders coming at them from that direction. They were hemmed in.

Cornered, but far from trapped. Roofs between the 2 buildings were just like
stairs. Lu jumped first, first to the right, run down 2 steps, jump down to
the left, run down 2 steps, jump to the ground. Mei right behind. They were
safely on the ground, but were vulnerable for just a moment. Two archers had
them cold.

The 2 blades came out of nowhere taking both archers in the throat. Mei
looked over, her eyes grew wide. It was the girl. She ran at 2 men,
somersaulted and kicked both men out.

"Quickly, the horses," the girl cried out.

"Who are you?" Lu asked swinging into the saddle.

"She is Golden Sparrow from the south," Sparrow explained.

"(Thank you sister)," Mei said, switching to Cantonese as a test.

Sparrow smiled at her, obviously understanding. Urging their horses forward
they soon discovered that they were surrounded by hundreds! Everywhere they
turned seemed filled with the Warlord's army.

"This way," Lu ordered, leading them right through the inn.

The trio crashed through a thin rice paper wall. Mei, in the rear, laughed
and gave the Warlord's men the bird. While they didn't know the gesture they
somehow knew it's meaning. Taken by surprise, slowed by their armor and their
own numbers they were soon far behind an quickly lost them in the dark and

Color drained from the Captain's face. The Jade Warlord was not fond of

End of Chapter 2:

Thunderstorms are cutting this chapter short. The seduction will really kick
in on Chapter 3. I've lost chapters before, not taking a chance.


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