Will the Jade Warlord force her to fight, or does the white haired witch dare
betray him to help those she truly wants to be with?

This chapter rated NC-17 for F/F/F sex, some kink

Forbidden Kingdom: China Doll And the Forbidden Kingdom Part 4
by Tyval ([email protected])

The Jade Warlords palace; 24 hours earlier:

"Where did you find her?" Jade Warlord asked the kneeling officer.

"Where we usually do milord," the officer said, "The teahouse in Peking where
pretty young women go to meet pretty young women."

"Did she give you any trouble?" Jade Warlord asked.

"No milord, she was in chains with 2 princesses, uh, punishing her," the
officer said, "We had to gag her, she's been begging us not to bring her to
you nonstop since we found her."

"Send her in, ungagged," Jade Warlord ordered.

"Milord, she is still naked," the officer said, "Do you want her dressed?"

"No, naked is best," Jade Warlord smiled, "She is good to look at and because
she is a man-hating lesbian, threats of gangrape are more, effective."

Two men dragged the reluctant nude witch into the chamber. She was beautiful
with pale skin, long white hair just below her ass. She had good sized
breasts, a hairless pussy with an inch long clit, her nails were painted
white, she had an athletic martial arts build like Mei and Sparrow. Her
breasts, buttocks, and womanhood was slightly pink, showing she had been
sexually whipped.

She was also terrified. Her eyes wide with fear. Ni Chang knew how sadistic
and evil he was. What was worse was his sexual deviancy. Ni Chang had watched
helplessly as Jade Warlord inflicted terrible torture on concubines for the
slightest of reasons.

"No, no, no, no, no," Ni Chang begged as she was brought before him.

They pushed her down at his feet. Ni Chang immediately began kowtowing, tears
flowed freely.

"Mercy, mercy, milord," Ni begged, "Please! How have I offended you milord?
Please! Mercy! Mercy!"

"You disgust me," Jade Warlord started, "You won't burn villages, you won't
kill innocents, you even try to bring killers in alive for trial."

"Please master please," Ni begged, "I want to be good. Please don't hurt me."

"Hurt you," the Warlord roared causing her to whimper, "I should turn you
over to my officers for rape meat!"

"Nooooooooo!" Ni screamed, "No, no, no, no, no, no! Please! Not that! I hate
men! I hate men! Please! Anything! I'll do anything you want! Please!"

"Or maybe this," Jade Warlord made a motion.

Some soldier's wheeled in what looked like a giant drinking glass, 7' tall,
3' around. Ni didn't know what it was for, but was sure she wasn't going to
like it. A mask that covered a face with a long breathing tube was inside.

"Please, please," Ni cried helplessly.

"Perhaps I should have you bound hand and foot, have you lowered into it, put
that mask on you, and have my 100,000 men piss into until it's full," Jade
Warlord sadistically smiled," Leave you in there for years until your skin
and hair turn yellow forever. Oh yes, I can make sure you live through it

"Noooooooo!," Ni wailed," Mercy! Mercy! Please! Anything you want! Please!"

"You fear death, you fear old age, but you fear being touched by men even
more," Jade Warlord evilly said," No matter if I have you tortured, raped, or
humiliated first you will still do anything I want."

"Oh master," Ni wailed, tears falling freely, "Please! Don't! Please! I beg

"But perhaps I could be merciful," Jade Warlord said, "I have a task, one
where you wouldn't even have to hurt anyone. And in return I would be
extremely generous."

"I wouldn't have to hurt anyone?" Ni sniffed.

"It is possible," the Warlord said, knowing he had her, "The Seeker has
finally appeared, and to everyone's surprise she is a beautiful young woman.
Also she travels with Sparrow. You know how pretty she is?"

"Y-yes master," Ni said, hope beginning to form.

"It will not be easy, Lu Yan is also with her, and reports are that the
Seeker herself has excellent kung fu," the Warlord continued, "But still, all
I want is the staff, no one needs to get hurt. If you succeed your reward
will be great. I will give you both the Seeker and Sparrow AND, a cup full of
the Elixir of Immortality!"

"Yes master!" Ni cried out, "I accept! Thank you master! Thank you!"

"Get her out of my sight," Jade Warlord said to his guards, "She can pick up
supplies and co-ordinate her plans with my staff."

"Thank you master," the grateful Ni said bowing as she as led out, "Thank you
master! Thank you master!"

The Jade Warlord had set aside quarters for her in the past. Ni Chang quickly
got dressed in one of her 'fighting dresses' with slits up the sides so that
she could freely kick. She attached a bullwhip, her best weapon to her belt.

Ni Chang was still shivering in fear. She was smart, she knew that the Jade
Warlord was not big on keeping his word and had no intention of rewarding
her. No, if she brought him the staff there would be no stopping him, ever.
Ni Chang also knew that the Jade Warlord didn't make threats, but he was bad
about tipping his hand. No matter what she did he was going to give her to
his men for rape and then put her in that glass.

It was too horrible to contemplate! Maybe he'd get bored and put her in a
giant glass full of semen! To her that was almost worse! The tortures would
be extreme, but Jade Warlord wouldn't let her die. Jade Warlord loved hearing
women scream and beg. None of the concubines ever died, if he went too far
and disfigured them he simply used magic to restore their beauty.

This was what Jade Warlord knew that many despots and torturers didn't, as
long as a woman still had her beauty she had hope. Hope that could be crushed
again and again not to mention that it was more fun to torture a beauty, than
one who gives up hope because she is disfigured.

Tears began forming again. A sense of hopelessness swept through her.

'It's not fair!' Ni thought sobbing, 'I want to be good! My mothers are
burning in hell because they were evil. All I want is love, and I want to
love girls! So pretty, so soft, so sensual.'

Then a plan began to form. Did she dare defy and betray the Jade Warlord?
What if she helped the Seeker? The only one capable of actually defeating the
Jade Warlord was Sun Wukong! To free him the Seeker had to return his cudgel.
Ni Chang knew she couldn't do it alone even if she got the staff away from
the Seeker.

She knew the punishment for failure. But her fate would be no better if she
obeyed. The Warlords army was scattered all over China, they would still have
to mobilize to block the Seeker's path. Striding into the Jade Warlord's,
displaying a whole lot more confidence that she felt, Ni Chang politely bowed
to the officers in attendance.

Ni Chang was silent, the generals were not there yet. Messengers could be
sent via portals, but the armies still had to march into positions. China was
a big country. Ni Chang looked at the newest maps showing where the Warlord's
units were, where pockets of resistance still existed, where the Seeker had
been spotted, and the most likely routes she would have to take to get to
Five Elements Mountain.

"Do you mind if I take this?" Ni asked the captain in charge.

"Go ahead," the captain said, lust in his eyes, "We have plenty and the
master said to assist you."

The Jade Warlord had the advantage in that they had to come to him. As such,
he could sit back and move the pieces. He knew where they would end up. Ni
Chang looked for a way to crack his defense. There! A weakness. Only 1
garrison and that could be neutralized by Shatter and his men. So, If she
helped the Seeker, could convince her to take a certain route, then there was
only a few small raiding parties between them and the entrance to Five
Elements Mountain.

Ni Chang was the best for a reason. She could think like those she hunted. As
she poured over the map, Ni Chang started from the restaurant/inn where the
Seeker had been spotted then thought, if I was running from the Jade Warlord
where would I go? Most bounty hunters would choose wrong.

Lu Yan was cleaver, he would choose the twisting foothills then the
grasslands. Game and water was plentiful that way and an army could walk
right by you and not see you. Nine out of 10 bounty hunters would choose
the roads, or the trails.

Yes, the grasslands would be slower, but safer. Ni Chang was called a witch,
but really she could do very few things magical. A little bit of floating,
speaking to animal's, her trademark long white hair, and some other minor
things was about the extent of her abilities.

Ni Chang could only portal to the garrison at the city where they had
encountered the Seeker. Once there she commandeered the fastest horse she
could find. She was many hours behind them. As she thought, the soldier's
were patrolling the roads and the trails. Ni Chang had an idea of which way
they had actually gone, talking to the birds confirmed it, once she promised
them she meant no harm.

It was still almost luck, and a shortcut the birds told her about, that she
caught up with them. Bird's had small brains and short memories, a couple of
hours later and they wouldn't even remember seeing the fugitives. Ni Chang
and her horse were exhausted as they came to the grasslands. The wild
chickens narced on Mei and Sparrow just before they forget about them.

Ni was about to drop when she caught the end of Mei and Sparrow in a 69.
Ni was instantly aroused. They were both so beautiful. It was obvious that
the Seeker was very experienced in the art of female love.

'Oh my!' Ni thought, 'So beautiful. I'm in love.'

They were speaking Cantonese, which Ni Chang didn't understand as well, but
good enough. She had instinctively unhooked her whip as she stepped into the

"How touching," Ni Chang laughed, whip in hand.

"The white haired witch!" Sparrow shouted, jumping to her feet, "Get her!"

"No! Wait," Ni Chang's eyes grew wide, she threw her whip down, fell to her
knees, hands in front begging, "Please! Please don't beat me up! I want to

"Oh, really," Mei snatched up the whip, "Take off your clothes!"

Ni Chang quickly stripped until she stood naked in front of them, shyly
looking away. Mei could tell she was a lesbian and a submissive by the
hardness of her nipples and obvious moistness of her pussy.

"Look how hard her nipples are darling," Mei smiled running her hand over
Ni's excited breasts, "I'll bet she's dripping wet."

"So, the great bounty hunter is a pervert girl," Sparrow grinned, "Are
you a pervert girl witch?"

"Y-yes mistress," Ni replied, "I-I am your slave, do with me as you will."

"Maybe we should tie her up and make her watch us," Mei wickedly said.

"Oh please, please let me touch you, lick you, kiss you," Ni Chang pleaded,
"I'll do anything you want, anything. I came to help you."

"Why should we believe you?," Sparrow asked.

"I brought a map showing where all the Jade Warlord's forces are," Ni said,
"And I can show you what happened when I was forcibly dragged before him."

"Okay, let's see it," Mei said, "No tricks or you get spanked, then whipped."

"But I like those things when girls do it to me," Ni pouted.

"You like being spanked and whipped?" Sparrow asked.

"Lesbian whip sex is great," Mei smiled, "Once you try it, it will become
your favorite."

Sparrow wasn't sure about that. She couldn't understand how pain could be
pleasurable, but if the witch and Mei both seemed to like it maybe she would
try it. Ni Chang spread her hands, sparks flew between them for a few seconds
before the images formed. Mei and Sparrow watched as they saw and heard the
Jade Warlord threaten her.

"You see what a meanie he is," Ni pouted.

"You're taking a terrible risk betraying him," Mei gently stroked her hair,
"My name is Mei Wong, some call me China Doll where I come from."

"Ni Chang," Ni said, still slightly pouting, "Everyone calls me a witch, but
I want to be good. I'll be very good to both of you. Please let me join in."

"Mei, in your country, can 3 girls marry?" Sparrow asked.

"And more," Mei said, "Do you think we should make her our wife?"

"Well, she's very beautiful, and she does want to help us," Sparrow said.

"Please," Ni begged, "I'll be a good slave wife. You can punish me all
you want."

"Kiss our feet," Mei ordered.

Ni Chang complied, kissing both of Mei's feet, then kissing both of Sparrow's
feet. The 3 women walked hand in hand in hand over to the blanket where they
knelt facing each other. Mei kissed Sparrow, then kissed Ni. Ni then kissed
Sparrow and the kissed Mei. Three way kissing then began

The more experienced Mei and Ni lay Sparrow on her back. Mei kissed Sparrow's
lips, their tongue's playing with each other. Ni was licking and sucking
Sparrows tits, going one to the other, then kneading and squeezing Sparrow's
tits. Mei kissed down Sparrow's neck, then joined Ni in licking and sucking
Sparrow's tits.

Mei took over on Sparrow's tits, Ni kissed the girl's excited clit before
sucking and licking her pussy. All Sparrow could do was moan and caress Mei's
hair. Mei moved into a semi 69 with Sparrow so that they could 69 each others

"You taste so good," Ni purred.

"Let's make a triangle," Mei smiled.

They took position, Mei licking Ni's pussy, Ni eating Sparrow's pussy, and
Sparrow sucking Mei's pussy. Sparrow was surprised when Ni licked down to her
asshole, but I felt so good. Ni licked all around her bottom flower before
probing inside.

"Ooooooo," Sparrow moaned," She didn't know that felt so good too."

"Oh yes, titties, pussy, asshole, feet, whipping, girls can cum from all of
them," Mei smiled," It tastes good too."

Mei now licked Ni Chang from clit to asshole while Ni did the same to
Sparrow. With another taboo broken Sparrow soon couldn't resist. Sparrow
joined in on the fun as she started licking Mei from clit to asshole.
Tongue's flashed faster, moans became louder, none of them could last long.
With a mutual cry of pleasure the 3 women came, greedily licking up each
others tasty pussy juice.

They all wanted more, but knew that Lu Yan would be back soon. A quick rinse
off they dressed and made their way back to their makeshift camp.

"What the hell is she doing here," Lu asked when he saw Ni and Sparrow
rebraiding Mei's hair.

"She's a friend, she wants to help us," Mei said.

"We'll, see about that," Lu Yan said," She can stay. Only because she's
always done the right thing. I know you want the elixir so I'll still keep an
eye on you."

Lu Yan had some plainer clothes for Mei, who thanked him and went into some
grass to change. She had to put her knives on her belt. She really hated to
burn the red outfit, but knew she had to. It was just too colorful for this

It was getting dark as they studied the map. Ni Chang pointed out the 1 force
they were not going to be able to get around.

"I'm hoping we can contact Shatter if we can make it across the desert," Ni
Chang said, "There's also a monastery at the base of Five Elements Mountain.
The monks there are no friends of the Jade Warlord. They may also help us."

"About time we have someone on our side," Lu said, "If we even get that far."

"Maybe, but we really don't have much choice," Mei said.

That was something everyone agreed on. They would either win or die.

End of Chapter 4:


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