A Silent Monk appears. Is he friend or foe? And love continues to grow
between 3 hot women.

Some chapters rated NC-17 for F/F/F sex, this chapter PG-13

Forbidden Kingdom: China Doll And The Forbidden Kingdom Part 5
by Tyval ([email protected])

They ate well on chicken that night. Mei was lost in thought as she thought
of her past working in her father's restaurant. She had gotten many
compliments on her culinary skills in those days. China Dragon and Questar
had gotten many laughs comparing how good a cook she was compared to Princess
Tara, who still couldn't boil water.

"What are you thinking of?" Sparrow asked joining her.

"Just thinking of some herbs and spices I used to use when I'd cook chicken,"
Mei smiled, "I could have shown the Colonel a few things. Don't ask. And so
many ways, sweet and sour, broccoli, Thai style, BBQ."

"Maybe you should have cooked instead of Mr. Lu," Ni said also joining them,
"I had to clean them."

"You used magic," Sparrow stuck out her tongue, "Took you a minute."

"I know better places for that tongue," Ni smiled at her.

The three women huddled in a blanket together by the fire when Lu Yan
returned from taking his bath.

"What are you doing?" Lu asked.

"It's still cold at night," Mei answered, "We're only helpless girls trying
to stay warm."

"Helpless? Ha!" Lu said, "Any one of you is worth at least a score of men!"

With that he had a drink, curled up in his own blankets and was soon fast
asleep. Mei looked up, the stars were really out. It had been so long since
she had really just looked at the stars. Somehow, being to some of them had
taken away some of the magic. Mei thought maybe she should share her
knowledge with her new lovers.

"Do you see those 4 stars over there?" Mei asked pointing.

"Yes," Ni and Sparrow both answered.

"I've been there," Mei smiled, "Really, I'm not kidding, I'm not lying. There
are 5 inhabitable planets there; Altair 5, Wor 6, Gelatia, Torion, and
Rondar. All of them are inhabited only by women."

"Only women?" Ni asked, not believing a word.

"Yes, really," Mei smiled, "And over there, that's Stalerion, they are
addicted to Earth culture in my time. And that star over there is home to
Mechas 4. Robots and humans live together in peace there."

"What's a robot," Sparrow asked.

"You'll find out if we live through this and I get to keep you 2," Mei
smiled, "Now over there is a new planet that we've named 'New Terra'. Tina
and I are going there soon. Or we were."

"Tina?" Sparrow asked with a jealous pout, "Who's she?"

"Tina Sanlemoto, she's from Japan," Mei giggled, "You'll love her. So don't
be jealous."

The 3 women snuggled up and went to sleep in each others arms.

* * *

Mei spent the next 2 days hacking at the tall grass as part of her
'training'. Lu Yan was laying on his stomach as Ni Chang walked barefoot on
his back massaging him and Sparrow played music beside him pouring him wine.

"Swing soft, cut hard," Lu Yan ordered all day.

As the second day was coming to a close Mei had finally had enough.

"You know, I'm a hell of a lot advanced for 'wax on, wax off' you know," Mei
said, "And how come they aren't training?"

"Sparrow's music is good for my ears," Lu smiled, "And as usual I have no
idea what you are talking about."

"What if I beat both of them?" Mei asked, "Would that convince you just how
good my kung fu is?"

"We'll see," Lu smiled.

Sparrow and Ni did their best, but Mei was sitting on them both in less than
3 minutes.

"She gives up," Sparrow gasped on the bottom, "Get off me, please!"

"Me too," Ni groaned in the middle.

"Now, what about my kung fu?" Mei asked smugly.

"Your kung fu is terrible," Lu said, "The worst I've ever seen."

"I just took 2 excellent fighter's and you still say my kung fu is terrible?"
Mei said, "What movie are you watching?"

"Movie?" Lu asked.

"Never mind," Mei threw up her hands, "If you're really immortal you'll
find out in a couple thousand years."

"We're almost out of chickens," Lu said, "We'll push on tomorrow. We have a
long way to go."

* * *

Night fell. Mei had watered the horses, Sparrow had gathered firewood, and Ni
had cooked. Sparrow and Ni Chang had left to wash up. Mei was returning to
the camp where Lu had built a good fire. He offered Mei a cup.

"Thank you Master Lu," Mei respectfully bowed.

Lu began filling it with wine, and beyond when it overflowed.

"Master Lu," Mei said, "Stop, the cup is full."

"Exactly," Lu said stopping, "Now, empty your cup."

"Ah Master Lu, another test," Mei smiled and drank the wine.

"So, you do understand what I have been teaching you," Lu smiled, "I have
never seen anyone with skill in kung fu greater than you. I wonder if I
actually could teach you anything skill wise. But you lack both focus and
patience. This is not a game we are playing."

"I am no stranger to war Master," Mei said, "I fought to keep Lung Ki free, I
fought on Mechas 4, I..."

"Yes, you know battle," Lu interrupted, "I will grant that you know war, but
you seem to think that this is a dream, that you will wake up and everything
will be the way you left it. If we don't win, you will have nothing to go
back to. You will die here, your future will not exist."

"So why me?" Mei asked, "I don't have any powers. Why not Questar, or Lady
Blue? Why not China Dragon? No one can beat him."

"You were born in China, this is your home, you are part of this land," Lu
said, "Despite his name I suspect this China Dragon you speak of is not. As
for your lack of powers, I suspect you were chosen because of that reason.
You have a humanity that they lack. There is little, if any kung fu I can
teach you, perhaps at best I can shape up some of your weaker styles, but I
can teach you how to win this war."

"Thank you Master Lu," Mei politely bowed.

They rode for all of the next day, the grasslands thinned. Following Ni
Chang's map, they turned north early the next day into a smaller bamboo
forest where they made camp.

"We must be cautious," Ni Chang said, "A trail runs through here. We could
encounter bounty hunters or one of the Jade Warlord's patrols."

"We don't have much choice," Lu said, "The river and the falls are just
beyond. That will be our last chance to fill up on water before we hit the
wasteland, then the desert."

"The horses will not make it across," Sparrow said, "We will have to cross on
foot. If we are lucky, 2 days for the barren, a week on the desert."

"Hmmmm, they should have chosen Willow and Star," Mei smiled.

"More girls you know?" Sparrow pouted.

"Uh huh," Mei nodded, "Willow Twoswords and Star Bearclaw. They are Native
American's, and I will have to apologize to them for thinking a stereotype.
They are very spiritual people, one with the Earth, with many beautiful
rituals and dances. I fear I was just guilty of racism as I pictured them
doing a 'rain dance'."

"You have many friends," Ni said, "I envy you. Because of, well, what my
mother's were, I was shunned by so many."

"She was always on the move," Sparrow said, "She would learn what she could
then move on. An orphan beggar girl."

"Well, we have each other now," Mei smiled.

"Oh, I should be tied up," Ni nervously said, "If we come across a patrol
they will report back to the Jade Warlord my betrayal."

"That's a good point," Mei said, "As long as the Jade Warlord thinks you are
doing his bidding there might come a point where that works to our advantage.
Say that you show up with me as a prisoner or something. A single moment of
his guard being down could make all the difference."

"I think some techniques on teamwork should be in order," Lu said.

"Now that is a good idea," Mei agreed, "We have several things we work on in
G.O.L.D. When it's group against group you have to keep track of your team
and try to help if one of them gets in trouble or is about to get blindsided.
And then if it's a dog pile on 1 really tough opponent you have to do things
different, hold back to keep from getting in each other's way. Pick your

"She thinks this could go either way," Sparrow said, "Depends on how many we
will face when we get there."

They turned in for the night. Mei woke at first light. There was a very thick
fog. Mei didn't like it. Lu Yan didn't either as he was coming to wake her
then saw she was awake. Lu Yan gave her a shhhh motion to let Ni and Sparrow
sleep a little longer.

"What's going on," Mei whispered.

"There's someone out there," Lu whispered back, "I don't know who. Could be
soldier's, could just be a farmer. I'm going to check it out."

"Should I wake them up?" Mei asked.

"No, let them sleep a bit longer," Lu whispered, "We have a long day ahead
and it could be nothing. Keep your eyes open though."

Mei could feel it herself as Lu Yan led his horse out of camp. She still had
her knives and the single shuriken on her. The staff was wrapped up and tied
on the horse.

'Going against a mad god with an army of thousands,' Mei thought, 'Well, no
one ever told me this would be easy. I do wish Tina was here though.'

She looked at the 2 sleeping women. Mei wanted to protect them, bring them
back with her. Considering the odds she knew that was unlikely. Chances were
they would all die. Then she heard it! Hooves. A single horse, coming in
hard. A shadowy figure could now be seen. Barely.

"Incoming!" Mei shouted, throwing her star.

The rider knocked it aside, Mei heard a thunk, meaning it was embedded in a
tree. Whoever he was, he was good. He didn't try to take Mei on, instead he
reined his horse in, the hooves forcing Mei back, wheeled his horse around,
grabbed the staff and rode off.

"Damnit! I wasn't expecting that," Mei cursed, "C'mon ladies, let's get after

Sparrow and Ni didn't hesitate. Despite the sudden wake up they were quick to
the saddle. The trio were hot on the thief's trail. Lu Yan had still been
close enough to hear the commotion and soon caught up with them.

"What's going on!" Lu yelled over the din of horses.

"Bastard stole the staff!," Mei yelled.

The thief had a fast horse that wasn't tired from many days of travel. He was
way ahead, but the sun was burning the fog off and they got a good look at
his horse. a white horse, easy to track.

"Pull up!" Lu ordered, "We're not going to catch him! We'll track him!"

They slowed to save their horses. Ni Chang whistled calling several birds of
different species to her. Mei was thinking that that would be a very useful
ability even in her time. The white haired witch spoke to them in chirps and
whistles for several minutes before they flew off.

"She is glad you are on our side," Sparrow smiled at her.

The smile and acceptance caused Ni Chang to tear up in happiness. No one had
ever loved her, and now for there to be two, it filled her with a joy she had
never known. They proceeded slower, the thief made no effort to hide his
tracks, unconcerned about pursuit. The foursome soon learned why.

At least a hundred of the Jade Warlord's men, and other armed men, bounty
hunters most likely, impaled on sprung trap, after sprung trap. Pits, bamboo
spears, sharpened stakes, and other guerilla tactics had wiped them out. The
bodies couldn't have been there more than a few days. The smell was bad, but
not overwhelming yet.

The horses balked at one point, the reason being numerous cobra's and vipers
slithering on dead soldiers, their venom most likely exhausted, but no one
was going to get closer to find out.

"Okay, she does have a weakness," Sparrow said nervously, "She doesn't like

"Join the club," Mei agreed.

"Don't look at me either," Ni said, "I can talk to them, but that doesn't
mean I want to."

"We just need to follow his tracks," Lu sighed, "If there was anything where
he rode it's been de-activated. He hasn't had time to set new ones."

It took a couple of hours, but they found a very old crumbling temple with
the white horse grazing outside. They dismounted and approached carefully,
mindful of possible traps. Peeking in they saw what looked like a monk in
meditation. The cudgel was in front of him. Mei started forward, but Lu
stopped her.

"I'm the Seeker," Mei softly said, "This is my job."

"I'm your master," Lu Yan smiled, "Let me do it."

Lu Yan tried to talk first, the monk was silent. Lu Yan tried again, the monk
didn't stir or speak.

"You know, that staff doesn't belong to you," Lu said taking a drink, "So
I'll just get it back where it belongs."

The fight was on. Mei had seen Lu Yan fight twice, knew she hadn't seen his
best, now she did. But the monk seemed equally skilled and matched him. They
fought to a standstill, each one landing a blow here and there, but they were
so evenly matched neither could gain the upper hand for more than a few

"This is like watching China Dragon fighting his clone," Mei said, "Don't

"Master Lu is really good," Ni said, "But the monk is matching him."

During the fight the cudgel got imbedded into a pillar. This caused a short
lull in the battle. The monk took a stance.

"Ah, preying mantis, very good," Lu said sarcastically," For catching bugs,
but not tigers!"

Lu launched a new offensive, a switch to crane that gave him a moments
advantage. That evened out causing him to revert back to tiger.

"She thinks this needs to stop," Sparrow said.

"I agree," Mei said, "Time for some girl power!"

A tug of war was now in progress for the staff. The stone pillar crumbled
sending the staff flying. Right into Mei's hands. Mei twirled and spun the
cudgel expertly as the monks eyes grew wide.

"Why did you steal the staff," Lu asked.

"I didn't," the monk finally spoke, "I was trying to return it to it's
rightful owner!"

"Well, you found her," Lu laughed pulling out a flask and taking a drink.

"The Heavens have a strange sense of humor," the monk joined him in a drink
and they both laughed.

End of Chapter 5:


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