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Forever Knight: Erotic Holiday Stories (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Toronto, Canada.
December 2005.

Natalie Lambert sat in her apartment, looking out the window, her eyes fixed
on the landscape of the city of Toronto. Outside, it was Christmas. Across
the world, people would be celebrating the holiday with their loved ones.
Husbands and wives would gather around their living rooms with their sons and
daughters. Gay and lesbian couples would share the holiday with their special
someone. Everyone would be seeking to come home and be welcomed by someone
they loved and share that special moment with them. Natalie Lambert envied
those people, for she did not number among them.

It was in times like these that Natalie tried not to think of her one true
love, but failed. She tried not to think of Nicolas Knight, the seductive
vampire who stole her heart not long ago. He simply walked into her life,
and changed everything. He introduced her to a world she never would have
imagined existed. The secret world of the vampires. A world unlike anything
she had ever imagined in her wildest dreams. The world of the immortals.

The vampire community of Toronto was ruled by Lucien Lacroix, Nicolas
Knight's father figure. Lacroix was a two-thousand-year-old vampire overlord
respected and feared by the members of the undead community. Nicolas Knight
respected Lacroix, his sire, but they weren't exactly friends. Nicolas Knight
had grown tired of eternity as one of the undead. He wanted to be human
again. Unfortunately, Lacroix wouldn't permit it. Centuries ago, back when
Nicolas De Brabant was a young French nobleman, it was Lacroix who turned
him into a vampire. In the entire world, there was no vampire like Lacroix.
He was intelligent, charismatic and seductive. He turned Nicolas into a
vampire because Nicolas reminded him of the son he had who died, thousands
of years ago, back when Lucien was a Senator in ancient Rome. When he made
Nicolas, Lacroix created a vampire of great power. All vampires had certain
things in common. They had superhuman strength and speed, plus the ability
to regenerate. That's where all similarities ended.

Lacroix was one of the Ancient Ones. A long time ago, there was a race of
vampires known as the Wamphyrs. They were huge, bat-like creatures. They
drank the blood of other creatures. They had the ability to shapeshift at
will and possessed extreme longevity. The Wamphyrs preyed on the early
ancestors of humanity, but eventually humanity wiped them out. The race of
modern vampires was descended from the Wamphyrs. Lacroix had been made into
a vampire by a female vampire who herself had been sired by one of the last
surviving Wamphyrs. Since he came from such great vampiric lineage, Lacroix
had powers ordinary vampires would envy. He could fly, for one thing.
Ordinary vampires could leap incredible heights and were particularly
resilient but Lacroix could truly fly and he seemed indestructible at times.
He passed his abilities onto his favorite son, Nicolas Knight.

Nicolas Knight came to Toronto and decided to become a police officer. He
attended college at night, taking Criminal Justice classes at the local
community college and then transferring to a state school. Once he had his
Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, he applied to the Police Academy. He
was accepted and trained as an officer. With his natural intelligence and
preternatural abilities, he quickly rose in rank and joined the Detectives's
Bureau at the Toronto City Police Department. That's where he got partnered
up with the wild and unusual detective Schanke and that's where he met
doctor Natalie Lambert. The young female doctor who would fall in love with
him and the only mortal privy to his secret: the fact that he was a vampire.

Natalie smiled. She missed Nicolas Knight quite badly. She remembered the
first time she really found out some of his secrets. During his long life,
the handsome vampire known as Nicolas Knight had taken many lovers, both
male and female. He was not known for his stability. He'd had a relationship
with a female vampire named Janette Ducharme once. They were still friends.
Of course, Nicolas regularly hung out with his male lover, the vampire
Vachon. Natalie had been surprised at that but she hadn't minded. If
anything, the fact that he was bisexual made her want him more. She wasn't
afraid of competing against a man or a woman for the affections of the man
she truly loved. She recalled once putting the moves on him, and winced at
the memory. It hadn't gone well. It was three years ago, when the vampire
community was endangered by the presence of a band of Slayers, a cult of
people who traveled from place to place, hunting vampires for sport. Nicolas
Knight had been trying to protect Adam Stephens, a former police officer he
knew. Adam had been turned into a vampire by none other than Lacroix himself.
The Master of all vampires had abandoned the fledgling vampire, letting him
fend for himself.

Nicolas Knight had gone alone to face the Slayers in an attempt to rescue
Adam Stephens. The young vampire had foolishly allowed himself to be lured
into a trap by Rachel Munroe, the deadly and seductive woman who led the
Slayers. Natalie Lambert didn't know much about Slayers but she feared for
Nick's life. She had come to his office, as he prepared to go hunting for
Slayers. "Please, don't go," she said.

"Why not?" Nick had said. "Adam is my responsibility. I must save him."
Natalie had begged him not to go. He hadn't listened. "It is never prudent
for a mortal to get involved with one of us and vice versa. Never."

Natalie had winced. She wanted to tell him the truth. She wanted him to know
how she felt. "Nick, don't you know how I feel about you?" She told him.

"Don't you know that I would do anything for you? I accept you just the way
you are." Nicolas had gazed at her with a strange look in his face. "Do you
know what I am?" He asked.

Natalie shrugged. "You're a vampire? That's okay with me! You're bisexual?
I don't care!"

He had looked at her then, and gently touched her. "You're a unique woman,"
he said. "If I were mortal, I would...." he didn't finish. He had looked at
the window. She tried to prevent him from leaving into the night. He moved
faster than she could see and then he was gone.

Natalie didn't see him for three weeks after that. Those three weeks had
been an agony for her. Not knowing whether the man she loved was alive or
dead. Through Janette Ducharme, the female vampire, she learned what
happened. Nicolas Knight had gone to face the Slayers. He'd rescued Adam
from their clutches but he'd been shot, a silver bullet to the chest. It
had barely missed his heart. He had almost died. Lucien Lacroix had come
to the Slayers's lair. The Master of all vampires had killed them all. His
fury had been savage. He would not tolerate the existence of any mortals
who threatened the life of his favorite son. Lucien Lacroix had saved
Nicolas Knight and Adam Stephens that night. Both vampires had needed time
to recover. They'd been riddled with silver bullets by the Slayers. Being
vampires, they would heal, but since they were allergic to silver, healing
would take a few weeks instead of a few minutes.

Natalie had been surprised when he simply showed up at her office. There he
was. Nicolas Knight. Six feet two inches tall, black-haired, green-eyed,
devilishly handsome. He wore a black leather jacket over a red silk shirt,
black jeans and boots. "Hello, Natalie," he said.

Natalie froze. She couldn't believe he was just standing there. A well of
emotion rose in her chest. "Nick." She said.

He looked at her then, his face was full of love for her. All of her worries
melted away. All of her fears. He was safe. And he had come to her! She went
to him, and he pulled her into his arms. "Don't ever leave me again, Nick!"
She said.

Nick smiled and embraced her. "Never, Natalie."

They had kissed in front of everyone and walked out of the office, hand in
hand. They headed to her apartment.

They went inside. It was dark, so Nick could move more freely. Natalie
couldn't wait to get him inside. She wanted him quite badly. As soon as they
were in, her barely contained passion let itself out. She kissed him full and
deep. He kissed her, and they hurriedly undressed each other. They didn't
even make it to her bedroom. They fell into her living room, two half-naked
people lusting after each other. He removed his last bit of clothing and
stood naked before her. She licked her lips while looking at him. Nicolas
Knight was a beautiful man. He could have posed for Michelangelo, back in the
day. She slowly got undressed. She was less classical in her beauty than he
was in his but her curvy, voluptuous form had been known to make men's heads
turn. He admired her. He ran his hands over her pretty face, her shoulders
and belly, before finally cupping her buttocks. She gently touched him,
running her hands all over him, before stroking his face. He licked her
fingers. She looked him up and down. He was beautiful to look at. He smiled
at her and she could tell that he liked what he saw. Emboldened, she reached
between his legs.

Natalie held Nick's cock in her hand and gently stroked it. He smiled at
her. His hands slid between her legs and his fingers slipped inside her.
His knowing touch deeply aroused her. She stroked his cock and caressed
his balls, feeling his manhood grow hard and stiff in her hand. She looked
at his cock again. It was thick and long. She licked her lips. Looked at
him. He smiled at her. She went down on her knees and took him in her mouth.
She sucked his cock, and he groaned when he felt her warm mouth around his
manhood. She licked his balls and continued to suck him off. He was growing
more excited by the minute, and then he came in her mouth. She tasted his
manly essence. It was different from any other man she had ever tasted.
Better. She licked every drop. When she was done, she looked up at him.

Nick pulled her into his arms and, moving faster than she could fully
appreciate, he took her to bed. Natalie found herself lying on her bed,
looking at him. He kissed her on the lips, then he kissed a path from her
neck to her chest, licking her tits, and then he brought his face between
her legs. His mouth found her pussy, and he began licking her. Natalie
felt Nick Knight's tongue dart into her pussy, probing her. Her eyes
widened. His fingers followed suit, and he was licking her clit and gently
probing her pussy. He continued what he was doing, licking and fingering
her, for a long time, bringing her up and down on the roller coaster of
pleasure. Finally, she came. Her deafening scream filled the apartment.

Nick Knight and Natalie Lambert lay side by side on her bed. She looked at
him. He was still hard as a rock. A deliciously naughty idea entered her
mind. She climbed on top of him, and lowered herself down onto his member,
impaling herself. She felt his hard cock slide deep into her pussy. He
looked at her. She smiled at him and placed his hands on her hips. She
placed her hands on his shoulders for support and began to ride him for
all she was worth. He thrust into her, slamming his cock deep inside her.
They went at it like this for a long time. At times, it was tender
lovemaking, others, it was hard fucking. Finally, he exploded inside her,
filling her with his seed. Natalie screamed in pleasure, her scream closely
followed by Nick's. She rolled off him, and snuggled closer to him on their
bed. He looked at her, his expression wild.

"Merry Christmas, my love," Natalie said.

Nicolas Knight smiled. "Merry Christmas, Nat."

The End


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