Forever Knight : Haitian Voodoo Magic (MF,inter)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Nicolas Knight. He was one of a kind. He was born in France in 1200. In 1228,
he ran into Lucien Lacroix, a rather infamous and seductive vampire. Lucien
Lacroix had walked the earth since early Roman times. Around 100 B.C. He was
a senator in Imperial Rome.

Lacroix was a flamboyant and eccentric, darkly compelling character. He
became a vampire thanks to his adopted daughter who had been made into one
by one of the Old Ones. For over two thousand years, Lacroix walked the
earth. He had been the seducer, killer and lover of countless women and men.
But in his life the only person he ever loved was Nicolas de Brabant. He met
the young man in France in 1228. Nicolas was a young nobleman. Lacroix was
quite taken with him and would turn him into a vampire.

Nicolas became a ruthless and evil vampire. One of the worst. He reveled in
being a vampire. When he became one of the undead, he gained the strength
of ten men, the ability to regenerate and the power of flight. He also had
heightened senses. Nicolas became one of the Clan of Lucius. Along with
Javier Vachon and Janette Ducharme, they were quite formidable under
Lacroix's irresistible leadership. They roamed the world for centuries. It
was an endless party and an orgy of destruction just like always.

One day, Nicolas would change. He would grow tired of the carnage around him
and feel tired of it. He wanted to stop being a vampire. He wanted to lead a
normal life, be able to marry and have children and die like an ordinary
human being. He ceased to be part of Lacroix's band. He began to seek out
alchemists and scientists and men of knowledge who could take away his
immortality by making him into a human being once more. He had come to regret
what he did. No human could stop a vampire. Nothing mattered in the world
when you were invincible and knew that you would never grow old or die.
Things like love and friendship became expendable. You lived for the thrill.
Vampires led lonely lives. Most vampires were loners. They lived alone. Some
lived in small clans of three to ten. Hiding from the light by day and
hunting by night. Nicolas shunned other vampires and sought the men and women
who could help him.

He eventually came to Toronto, Canada where he met detective Schanke and
befriended him. He became a cop. He also befriended fellow detective Tracy
Vedder. The most important human in his life was his best friend Natalie
Lambert, a charming and beautiful woman he revealed himself to. He wanted
to become human. He remembered one of his past loves. One of the first
humans he revealed himself to.

Saint Domingue, 1767.

Nicolas de Brabant had come to the new world. He had come by boat to the
island of Saint Domingue. The island was ruled by the French. They shared it
with the Spanish in the East. The French colonists lived in their tropical
paradise and were served by hundreds of thousands of slaves imported from

Currently, Nicolas was masquerading as a nobleman from France. He had a lot
of gold and silver with him and used it to purchase a plantation near Le Cap,
a big city in the North of Saint Domingue. He hired a manager named Jerome
Gustamar to run things for him. He had spent three years in the island and
had come because of the presence of the French there. They were his people,
after all. He sat down in the large library, reading a book called Les Contes
Des Milles Et Une Nuits (Thousand and One Nights). It was quite possibly his
favorite book in the world.

He sat there, reading when someone came by. He looked up. It was Aria, one of
the slave girls. She was tall girl with chocolate skin, long black hair and a
full and beautiful body. She was curvy, clad in a white dress.

"Master Brabant, do you wish for a drink ?" she asked.

Nicolas Knight looked at her. "No," he said. The slave girl was visibly
disappointed. "I would however like your company," he said. Aria looked at
him. He invited to sit close to him. From outside came a faint noise.
Nicolas' super ears recognized it as a beating of drums. "What is that?"
he asked.

"The practitioners of Voodoo are in the mountains," she said.

Nicolas cocked an eyebrow. "Voodoo?"

Aria proceeded to explain how many of the slaves did not believe in the God
of the Christians but rather prayed to the ancient gods of their homelands.
She explained this with passion in her heart.

"I see you know a lot about this topic," Nicolas said slyly.

Aria gasped. She had given herself away. O bondye, neg blan sa konnen mwen
nan vodou, oh papa kisa mwen pral fe? (Oh, my God, this white guy knows I'm
into Voodoo, oh what am i going to do?).

Nicolas looked at her.

"Oh, my God, I am not into that stuff, sir. Honest. I am not."

Nicolas shrugged. He didn't care what she believed. He had seen many cults
and religions during his long life and they were all pretty much bogus. He
saw her panicking and wanted to reassure her. He was very surprised when she
threw herself into his arms.

"Oh, please don't tell on me, sir. I'll do anything."

Nicolas felt her hot young body close to him. His sharp senses detected her
faint yet powerful aroma. Her hot scent. He could feel her hot breath on his
neck. He felt a strange need rise in him. He didn't stop her when she started
kissing him or when she unbuttoned his chemise (shirt) and undid his pants.
He watched her hot nubile body as she undressed and came over to him. He
kissed her full and deep and felt her tongue darting inside his mouth. He
returned her kiss and, picking her up in his arms he carried her over to the
table where he put her. He fondled her tits and licked her all over. Then,
he couldn't resist anymore. "Do you accept me ?" he said, looking directly
into Aria's eyes.

She hesitated for a second. "Yes," she said.

He took his cock and positioned himself at the entrance of her sopping wet
pussy. He went in and out, beginning a slow and steady fuck. At the same
time, he licked her tits and caressed her neck and back. He kept plowing
into her. Hard and fast. Underneath him, the young black woman was writhing
and undulating, gyrating her nubile body to give him even greater access.
He soon came in her, sending his cum in long spurts deep inside her pussy.
They lay like this in a tight embrace, looking into each other's eyes. Both
master and slave had crossed a line tonight.

That night, he and Aria became lovers. As a slave owner and planter, he could
do many things for her. He gave her something precious, her freedom. Heck,
he freed all the slaves of his plantation and made it official before the
Governor of Saint Domingue himself. He was labeled a "slave lover" by the
remainder of the caucasian population of Saint Domingue. While the former
slaves left, Aria remained by his side. They lived together. It was
unprecedented. A white man in love with a black slave girl. He learned that
he was one of the Priestesses of Houngan, one of the Voodoo spirits. He would
reveal himself to her. He was a vampire. She knew what he was and she knew
of his kind. The white people were not superstitious but the slaves were.
They knew of the supernatural world. She was very accepting of him. She was
curious of the world in which he lived.

Curious enough to wander what it was like. He offered her the gift of
immortality. She refused. She loved him but did not want to be one of his
undying brethren. She was devoted to her gods and wanted to live a long life
in their service. She saw immortality as a gift of the gods and not something
a mere mortal woman like herself deserved. He tried to convince her but her
mind would not be changed.

They continued to live together. The situation in the island changed. There
was trouble in France. The colony of Saint Domingue no longer received
support from the French government. The slaves were threatening with revolt
in Saint Domingue. Through all this, Aria and Nicolas stayed together. They
saw the rise of the slaves. The apparition of rebel leaders such as Boukman
of Bois Cayman and Jean Jacques Dessalines, Alexandre Petion and the
remarkable Toussaint Louverture. Nicolas saw the revolted slaves destroying
the once flourishing colony. City by city. Town by town. Thousands of
colonists died. Many fled to France. Nicolas de Brabant saw the Fall of Saint
Domingue and saw the creation of the Republic of Haiti. A new nation. A brave
new world.

He remained with Aria as long as she lived. When he left, it was in 1804,
mere days after the proclamation of the Independence of the New Republic of
Haiti. Aria was dead. She was only fifty five years old and had died when
some slaves or former slaves raided the plantation. She stood by Nicolas when
they came to take him, supposedly because he was a white man and they hated
white people since they had been slaves of whites. A strike from a sword
struck Aria down. Nicolas saw his beloved fall, and howled like one of the
damned. He hunted down the former slaves who killed his beloved and killed
them all. Then, he went back to Aria's side. She was lying down in a pool of
her own blood.

"How are you, my darling?" she asked. He looked at her. Even when stricken,
she still worried only about him.

"I am well," he said. He looked at her frail and rapidly dying body and
wanted at once to turn her into a vampire to save her life. She refused. She
told him that she was proud of being human and her only regret is that he
was not human so she could not bear his children. She told him how much she
wanted to be with him and how she wished she could have had children by him.
Nicolas smiled sadly. He too wished he could have children with her, but he
could not. He saw that she was fading fast.

"Promise me you will one day have a love of your own," she said.

Nicolas hesitated. "A love of my own?" he asked.

"Yes," said Aria.

He promised. She smiled, looked up into his face then the light went out
from her eyes. He held her limp body in his arms, and wept.

Nicolas made it out of Saint Domingue. He left on a boat and came to the
United States.

Present Day...

Nicolas Knight snapped out of his reverie. It had been awhile since he
thought of Aria, the beautiful Haitian slave girl he fell in love with so
long ago. She taught him so much. He hadn't met a woman like her since...

He suddenly froze. He did know a woman like that. Natalie Lambert. The
doctor who was treating him. She was the woman who offered to use science
and medicine to help him become human again. They had been best friends
for years. He suspected Natalie liked him and he had feelings for her but...
he just couldn't be sure. His life was complicated enough as it is. Still,
he couldn't forget the promise he made to the lovely Aria centuries ago. To
find a love of his own. He picked up a nearby phone and called Natalie.

"Hi, Nat speaking," came a feminine voice.

"Hi, Nat. It's Nick. I need to talk to you."

There was a pause on the other line. "What about, Nick ?"

He hesitated. "I'll tell you. Can I come over?" he asked.

"Sure," she said.

Nicolas Knight flew across the city from the station to Natalie's place. He
deliberately took his time, making it a half hour trip as opposed to the ten
minutes it usually took him. He went to Natalie's door. She was waiting for

"Hi, Nick." she said.

He looked at her. She was a not-so tall, cute yet almost homely woman with
dark hair and really expressive eyes. She was in her early thirties. She
looked beautiful, zero makeup. "Hello, Natalie," he said.

She let him in.

"What's wrong, Nick?" she asked. She looked him up and down, looking very

"Nothing is wrong," he said. "I just needed to talk."

She led him to her modest living room and sat him down on the couch. "What
do we need to talk about?" she asked.

Nicolas Knight looked into her eyes, and Natalie's heart skipped a beat.
"About us," he said. He could hear Natalie's hear beating faster and faster.
He took both of her small hands into his and said what he had in mind. He
told her of his past romance with Aria. Natalie felt a pang of jealousy.
Nick's lovers were exotic women of great talent and character, unlike her.
She was rather ordinary. Heck, she hadn't begun to live, not really live
until he came into her life. To hear him speak of his past loves was both
fascinating and painful for her. She loved this man but contented herself
with being the best friend she could. Romances between humans and vampires
seldom ended well for those involved. "I've come to realize something," he

Natalie braced herself for what was coming.

"I need you in my life, Nat."

Natalie smiled. She mattered to Nick!!! This warmed her heart. "I'm there
for ya, Nick. We'll always be friends," she said quietly.

"I need you, as more than a friend," he said.

Natalie gasped. Had she heard right? Nick wanted to be more than friends.
He was looking at her expectantly. She came close to him and buried herself
in his arms, hugging him tightly. Nicolas kissed her and she kissed him back.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked, reading the desire in her eyes.

"Yeah," she said.

The two best friends looked into each other's eyes tenderly as they undressed
each other. Nick leans back from their embrace and carries Natalie to the
sofa holding her on his lap, all the time apologizing for tonight. Stopping
him Natalie kisses him tenderly once more and tell him he is very special to
her, that she loves being with him and that she wants to be with him tonight.
He looks in her eyes, soul-searching and his kisses get more frantic, more
intense, his passion exploding. He picks her up and lays her on the bed and
begins to lovingly undress her.

Once she is naked, she parts her legs and he comes between them, to pleasure
her. Nick licks her pussy, then begins to probe it with his fingers and
tongue. Her heart is racing, her hands grasping the sheets, then reaching for
his head as his tongue expertly works her clit fluttering, licking, sucking
her clit into his mouth as he lightly nibbles on her pearl of love. He licks
her clit, and eats her out, sticking his tongue as far as he can inside her
while his fingers toyed with her ass. He continues until a shaking overcomes
her entire body and she cums, her wet pleasure filling his face. Natalie
grounds his head into her as she cums and screams in delight.

Opening her eyes she sees Nick, his mouth moving up her soft belly as he
murmurs words of love and she just want to make him happy. Natalie tells him
it's his turn and start to unbutton his shirt but he pulls back and she sees
the look in his eyes. She wants to make him feel pleasure and he is holding
back. She comes and takes his erect manhood in her hand. He gasps. She smiles
and, lowering her head takes him into her mouth. She sucks him off, caressing
his cock and licking his balls. Nick is in heaven. He cums into her mouth,
twice. She licks him dry then straddles him. His cock is buried deep inside
of her. Nick stop hers, holding her still, his cock throbbing inside of her
as he looks deep into her eyes and see the tears running down her cheeks
along with his. They make love like this, with him thrusting inside her with
both strength and care, fucking her slowly and steadily, thinking not just of
his pleasure but hers as well. Natalie looks into Nick's face, smiles and
begins to gyrate while on top of him, grinding herself onto him which causes
his hard cock to go deeper into her. He fucks her, hard like this for several
minutes, his rough hands caressing her body's most sensitive spots before he
cums deep inside her. His hot cum flooding inside her triggers a massive
orgasm inside Natalie and she screams as her body, taken by an uncontrollable
feeling falls forward, into Nick's waiting arms.

They lie in each other's arms. Nick is looking at the ceiling. Nat's head
rests on his head and she is looking at his face. What is he thinking? She
caresses the small hairs on his chest and her light touch brings him back
to earth. "What?" he asks.

Natalie just smiled. "Oh, nothing. All's perfect." She planted a kiss on
Nick's lips and, resting her head on his chest comfortably, she was soon

Nicolas Knight did not sleep. He was thinking about how much he cared for
Natalie and how their lives would be changed by what took place tonight.
They were lovers now, not just friends. He cared for this woman a lot.
More than he did about himself sometimes. Maybe that's what frightened him.
He closed his eyes. His mind drifted through the fogs of memory, back to a
very different place and time, to an island in the Caribbean where, one hot
summer night, a master fell in love with a slave girl.....and she loved him
back, reinforcing his faith in humanity and love for an eternity.

The End


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