Forever Knight: Semper Bi (MM,MF,oral,voy,cons,ncons)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Lucien Lacroix was a rather strange and unique individual. He was born
around 100 B.C. He was turned into a vampire while in his early forties.
Lucien Lacroix had once been a Roman General. He wielded a lot of power
and had control over the armies of the greatest empire in the world.

Lucien was a man who had been defined by his life experiences. He was a
tough and resilient man. He remained tough, resilient and charismatic when
he became a vampire. He became the leader of a rather large band of vampires.
All of them called him Master. Master Lacroix was the immortal lord of the
night. He was used to getting what he wanted. Lacroix feared no man or woman.
Mortal or otherwise.

In all his years of living ( more than two thousand years that is) he had
loved exactly one person. A young man named Nicolas De Brabant. Lacroix
turned Nicolas into a vampire. Nicolas became a ruthless vampire and one of
Lacroix's minions. Yet, a spark of humanity remained inside Nicolas. Nicolas
wanted to be human again. He met many people and had many disappointments but
he still aspired to be human. He had come very close to being human since he
became a policeman with the Toronto city police force.

He met a young woman named Natalie Lambert. She was a real sweet lady doctor
who believed that through science, she could restore Nick's humanity. Natalie
Lambert had been in love with Nicolas since she first met him and wanted him
for herself. Nicolas Knight had grown to trust her. They were friends, in
spite of the fact that even a fool could see that she was truly in love with

Nicolas would not allow himself to get involved romantically with a mortal
woman. Vampire rules decreed that if a vampire is involved with a mortal and
the mortal knows about the vampire community, then the mortal must either die
or be transformed into one of the undead as well.

Lucien Lacroix did not want to lose the man he had loved for centuries to a
mortal woman. He needed a plan. He called Nicolas and beckoned him to come
to his aid. This was very uncharacteristic of Lacroix so in spite of their
differences, Nicolas De Brabant came to his old Master's aid. Lacroix was a
vampire who had been alive for centuries and wielded a lot of power. If he
needed help or was in distress, Nicolas would come. Obligations and all that.

So, Nick Knight came to Lacroix's mansion. It had rained that day and Nicolas
had come the usual vampire way. He leapt into the air and flew, the way only
vampires could. This was one of the many perks of being one of the undead.
Vampires were stronger than humans, they healed faster and they did not grow
old or get sick. On top of that, they could fly under their own power.
Nicolas came into Lucien Lacroix's home, fearing something had happened to
his master.

He found Lucien Lacroix just standing there. The Master was apparently alive
and well. "Hello, Nicolas." he said calmly. "I had been waiting for you."

Nick glared at him. "What's the big emergency?" he asked.

Lucien smiled. "Nothing." he shrugged. "I just wanted to see you, handsome."

Nick could not believe his ears. He turned to leave but Lacroix stopped him.
Nick had been alive for more than eight hundred years but Lacroix was far,
far older. He was infinitely more powerful than Nick Knight. He grabbed Nick
and for all his superhuman strength and powers, Nick could not move.

"You won't get away from me, Nick." Lacroix said. "Not tonight."

Nick kissed Lucien. Lucien returned his kiss with all the passion he could
muster. Lucien's hands started undressing Nick Knight with a frenetic frenzy.
Nick was not inactive. He was almost overtaken by lust for his master. Pretty
soon, both of them stood naked facing each other. Lucien smiled when he
beheld Nick's naked body for the first time in centuries. He pulled Nick into
his arms and kissed him. Nick kissed him back and let himself go in Lucien's
masculine embrace. He felt Lucien's skilled hands caressing his body and a
terrible lust almost overcame him as Lucien drew him to bed. He felt Lucien
kissing his neck and throat. Lucien kissed his chest and caressed his belly
before getting near his groin. Lucien's hot breath on his cock almost drove
Nick crazy. He grabbed ahold of Lucien's neck and shoved his cock into
Lucien's open mouth. Lucien sucked Nick's cock and Nick closed his eyes.
Lucien Lacroix licked the head of Nick's cock. Nick was a rather unique
specimen of the male gender. He was born in the distant past so his cock was
uncircumsized. This made it all the more sensitive to Lucien's mouth and
tongue. Lucien licked and sucked Nick's cock until Nick came. Lucien drank
his seed.

Nick had never felt as much pleasure as what Lacroix could bring him. He
found himself drawn into Lacroix's arms once more. He felt Lacroix's hard
cock press against him. Lacroix pushed Nick back against the bed. Lacroix
was a true vampire. He did not ask for what he wanted, he just took. Like
a true predator. He wanted Nick Knight and would have him and that was the
end of it. His hands gripped Nick's waist and his cock pressed against
Nick's butt. Nick grunted when he felt Lacroix's cock press against his
asshole. Lacroix pushed. His cock slid inside Nick's ass. He started to
thrust in and out of Nick's butt. Nick grunted and bit his lip. Lacroix's
cock was huge and filled up his ass. Lacroix went in and out, shoving his
cock deep inside Nick's ass. Nick finally screamed and that seemed to
encourage Lacroix to thrust deeper and harder inside him. Nick felt like
he was being split in two.

Finally, Lacroix came. His hot seed filled Nick's ass. His cock remained
inside Nick even after he had cum. Slowly, he eased his cock out of Nick's
ass. Nick lay there, gasping for breath. Lucien lay next to him and looked
at him with a vampire's hooded, hungry eyes.

"This is passion, Nicolas." Lacroix said. "This is what we are."

Nick looked at Lacroix. He felt ashamed. He felt strange. He had always been
attracted to Lacroix both sexually and emotionally. He couldn't help it. He
had always been drawn to men and women throughout his lifetime. He just
didn't know how to deal with Lacroix. Lacroix had a psycho-sexual energy that
both men and women were attracted to. He indulged himself all the time. Nick
got up and put his clothes back on under Lacroix's disapproving stare. The
Master grimaced.

"You feel ashamed of what you really are. You want to return to your mortal
friend Natalie for comfort. You are a vampire, not a human being, Nicolas.
Get over it." Lacroix said. Nick winced. Lacroix went on. "You are queer, not

Nick glared at Lacroix and growled. He launched himself at Lacroix. Lacroix
moved as fast as lightning and grabbed Nicolas. He threw the younger vampire
against the wall with all his strength. Nicolas screamed in pain. Lacroix
stood over him.

"You are a filthy freak and in denial about your true nature." he spat. "Get
out of my house!"

Lacroix grabbed Nicolas De Brabant and threw the younger vampire out of the
front door with all his strength. Nick went crashing forty feet from the
front door of Lacroix's mansion. By the time he got up, Lacroix was on him.
With a bunch of violent kicks and punches, each capable of tearing through
steel, the vampire master beat the crap out of his pupil. The physical
battering took its toll on Nick and he lay there, bruised, broken and

"Just GET THE FUCK OUT!!!" The old Master shouted. Lacroix spat on Nick
Knight and went back inside, closing the doors behind him.

Nicolas just lay there. He was hurt so bad. He had to summon all his strength
just to walk. He could feel the sun coming. He was exposed and the light of
day would kill him. Nick felt real fear inside himself for the first time in

He went inside an abandoned building. His wounds were too severe. Lacroix
had the strength of about twenty men and had given Nick the beating of a
lifetime. Nick Knight knew that he was in need of help. He had to call
someone. His cellphone was miraculously unharmed. Unlike his body. He
thought about calling Javier Vachon or Janet Ducharme but they might not
care to help him. They were Lacroix's pupils, after all. He would call the
one person who had stood by him no matter what. He called Natalie Lambert.


Natalie Lambert woke up. It was her day off. She was a young woman in her
early thirties with long dark brown hair and pale green eyes. She was cute,
if a bit average-looking. She was a professional in the big city. A forensic
analyst who found a job at the Toronto police department's crime lab. Her
job was to figure out the hows and whys.

She was an ordinary woman until Nick Knight walked into her life. Nick Knight
was a tall and handsome man. He was also a vampire. He was an immortal and
would always be one. One of the members of the elite in Toronto's vampire
community. They became friends after she discovered his secret. Nick Knight
was a detective in the city's police department. Natalie Lambert had fallen
in love with Nick but he did not seem interested in her that way. She still
nursed hope in her heart that someday he might notice her, though. She was
a good friend to him. She smiled to herself when she thought about him. God,
she ached to touch him and be with him. She even kissed her pillow sometimes
and pretended it was him.

She was very surprised when she heard the phone ring and it was him.

"Natalie, is that you?" he asked.

"Yeah, Nick." she said. "What's up?"

Nick sounded in distress and told her that something had happened to him and
that he was exposed to daylight. She winced. He told her where he was and she
said she'd come to get him. She went to her car, making sure to bring some
sheets with her and drove to the address Nick had provided. There she went.
She drove as fast as legally possible. She didn't know what happened to Nick
but he must really be in trouble for him to call her. An old brownstone
building. Abandoned by the looks of it. It was also pitch dark inside. She
couldn't see anything at all.

"Nick, are you in there?"

A faint voice came back. "Yeah, come here, Natalie."

Natalie followed the voice and turned on her flashlight. She went and

Nick Knight was lying on the cold hard floor in a pool of his own blood. He
could not move. Her heart leapt in her chest. Who had done this to him? "Oh,
my God." she said. "What happened to you, Nick?"

He looked at her and had a feeble look on his face. "I ran into something."
he said. "Very old, very powerful."

She held his head as he talked. His body was hurt in so many places that it
hurt to look at him. "I'm gonna get you to safety." she said.

Nick was about to say something but he closed his eyes and passed out. He
just lay there, helpless.

"Nick !" she exclaimed. "Nick!" She knew that he was still alike because when
his kind died, they turned into dust immediately. She tried not to panic even
though someone had almost killed the man she loved more than anything else in
the world.

Natalie Lambert was not exactly strong in the physical sense. She had to try
real hard to drag Nick and be real careful not to hurt him as she did. She
was a petite five foot six, he was easily six foot two. She managed to wrap
him in sheets to protect him from the sunlight and put him back into her car.
Natalie found herself sitting in the front seat with Nick's head in her lap.
While the car drove through the streets to her home. She gently stroked his
hair as she drove. She had never seen Nick like this. As a vampire, he had
the strength of ten men, he healed so fast that it was eerie and he could
move at dazzling speeds. Also, he could fly. She did not think he could get
beat up just like any ordinary man. He was immortal, for crying out loud.
Nicolas Knight was sound asleep. But he responded to her touch by moving
closer to her. Natalie sighed. Something REALLY bad most have happened.

It was hard as hell to get him inside but somehow, she found the strength
somewhere. They made their way to her apartment. She put him in the tub
and let medium hot water fall. The water soon filled the tub and Nicolas
continued to sleep. He just lay in there. Natalie went to her medicine
cabinet and took some alcohol and bandages. She wanted to take care of him.
Nick Knight just lay there, looking so vulnerable. His wounds still looked
as bad as before. She wondered why. She had seen him walk unscathed from
bombings, a haze of bullets and even an electrical storm. She didn't think
anything could hurt Nick.

She took something to dry his wounds with. He moaned in his sleep as she
touched him. Natalie looked at Nick Knight. His sleeping body looked so good,
in spite of the wounds. She applied the bandages, hoping that her intensive
care and his immortal vampire's blood would heal him. There was not much she
could do besides hoping. He slept even as she dried him up and put him to

Nick Knight was put to bed and she moved to drape some sheets over his
naked body. He looked so damn good. Natalie hesitated. He was so gorgeous.
Physically perfect. Like most vampires. He had a nice, well trained chest
and a six pack to go with it. By no means over done. But it looked nice and
firm. Natalie let her hands run over his chest. Yes indeed nice and firm.
Oddly, and even though Nick only saw her as a friend, Natalie found herself
getting turned on by this. Her eyes traveled down to his groin area and she
saw that even in his sleep, his cock was still erect. She gasped when she
saw it. It was both long and thick. Damn. She felt a wetness begin between
her legs and slipped her hand between her thighs. She just had to touch it.
Nick was asleep and didn't look like he was gonna wake up anytime soon. She
knew what she wanted to do was wrong. She knew that she might be violating
someone. Against their will. And yet, she couldn't help doing it. She reached
tentatively with her hand and grabbed ahold of Nick Knight's cock. She held
it in her hand.

It felt so wonderfully thick and long. She ran her hand up and down on it.
She just had to taste it. Just one lick. He wouldn't know. Just one nibble...
she put the head of his cock into her mouth and began sucking it. She licked
it and caressed the length of his cock with her tongue. She licked underneath
his balls. He sighed in his sleep. She froze with his cock in her mouth. She
watched in horror as his eyes began to open. Natalie found herself staring
into Nick's slowly opening eyes. The situation would have been comical, if it
had happened to someone else.

His eyes closed again. She thanked her lucky stars and resumed what she was
doing. She sucked his cock and licked and caressed his balls. He did not wake
up...even through all that. His cock seemed to have a life of its own. The
rest of his body was inert but the cock was alive. She hungrily sucked it and
was even more surprised when it blasted hot cum all over her face. She licked
his cock and cleaned him up. She placed the sheets over him once more and
closed the door behind herself.

She went to the bathroom and looked at herself. She could not believe what
she had done. She had just performed a sex act on a sleeping person. She felt
like a depraved sicko. Like a real pervert. Still, she had just tasted Nick.
She had longed for him for so long. Her desires as a woman battled with her
ethics as a doctor and as a friend. What she had done was wrong. She was just
like those people who sexually abused others out there. Yet some part of her
refused to feel bad. Her ethics won out.

She went to sleep on the couch. She knew that Nick Knight would discover what
she had done to him and would think that she was the lowest of the low. She
had sexually assaulted him in his sleep. This was wrong no matter what. She
wanted to confess to what she did. Yeah, being so desperate for sex that she
would suck off a man who didn't desire her in his waking hours and take
advantage of him in his sleep. What kind of scumbag was she? She felt tears
flow from her eyes. Yes, when he came to, she would confess to what she did
and face whatever punishment Nick or the law deemed right.

She watched some tv. She didn't want to think about her problems. She fell
asleep on the couch. She was very surprised when Nick Knight walked right out
of the room where she left him. He looked at her. "Natalie?" he said.

Her heart skipped a beat. "Nick?"

Nick Knight looked at her. His rescuer. Natalie came to him and forced a

"Nick, you're okay?" she said. She hugged him, without forgetting that he was

"What am I doing here?" he asked.

She explained to him how he called her after an encounter that went bad and
she took him home to take care of him.

He listened to her as she talked. "It would seem that I owe you my life." he

"It's nothing." she said. She looked into his handsome face, wanting to
tell him what she had to him but fearing it would cost her her job and most
importantly, him. Why would he want her in his life after what she had done?

He sniffed the air between them.

Natalie braced herself. Surely his keen vampire sense of smell would detect
what she had done to him.

"I think I should shower." he said with a smile.

Natalie smiled in relief. He didn't know! She watched him as he headed to
the bathroom. She watched his spectacular body as he went in. God, he was
fine! She went to her room and took one of the towels she reserved for her
exceedingly rare guests. She went into the bathroom and left the towel
there. She could see the outline of Nick's fine male body in there. "Here's
your towel." she said.

Nick looked at her as she handed him the towel. She looked so damn nice. And
she smelled so sweet. "Thank you." he said. "For everything."

She smiled. "You're welcome."

She was so lost into Nick's eyes that she tripped and fell on the tub.
Natalie cursed herself for her clumsiness. She found herself in Nick's arms.
She was in the shower. With Nick.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

She looked at his wet, naked body. "I'm fine." she told him. She leaned over
and kissed him.

Nick kissed her back. They stood, facing each other in the shower. Nick
looked at Natalie and Natalie looked at Nick. He wasn't a detective anymore
or a vampire in her eyes. He was a man. She was no longer the doctor or the
friend in his eyes. She was a woman. Slowly, he began to undress her. She
couldn't wait to touch him and kiss him.

She kissed him again and he knew the longing she felt for him. He caressed
her neck, her breasts and her face. She kissed his hairy chest and made her
way down to his belly. Nick grunted when he felt her hot lips around his
cock. She licked his cock and began to suck it. It felt even bigger in her
mouth now that Nick was wide-awake. He thrust his cock into her mouth and
she sucked it, caressing it and flicking her tongue over its most sensitive
spots. Nick moaned under her skilled sucking. Natalie looked up to see that
his eyes were closed and loved the effect she was having on him. She wanted
to bring him maximum pleasure. She felt his second volley of cum for the
day flood her mouth. She drank it without spilling a drop and licked him
until he was dry.

She was surprised when he pulled her into his arms and thrust his cock right
into her pussy. She gasped when his hard cock went inside her. He started to
fuck her, shoving his hard cock deep inside her. Natalie had dreamed of
having Nick inside her for a long time. She moaned as she was fucked. Nick
thrust deep into her, exploring regions inside her that she did not know
existed. He came again, filling her pussy with his hot cum. They screamed in
unison as their bodies orgasmed in tune. They held each other under the
showers. Nick kissed Natalie. She kissed him back.

"I love you, Nick." she whispered.

Smiling, Nick took her into his arms and carried her out of the shower and
ran straight into the bedroom. He climbed on top of her and they resumed
their activities. They laughed as they rolled around on the bed, jockeying
for position. A few moments later, moans and grunts of pleasure filled the

* * *

Lucien Lacroix stood atop the building across the street from Natalie's. His
keen eyes saw right into the apartment. He knew what had transpired. He had
beat Nicolas Knight in the hopes of getting some sense into him but Nick had
gone to this woman, Natalie Lambert for help. She put the moves on him and
Nick didn't seem to mind at all. He was a bisexual, after all. Lucien seethed
with rage. He scoffed at Nicolas Knight and Natalie Lambert, the human female
he seemed to care for. Nick was a vampire and a vampire had a need for sex
and violence. Sooner or later, his cravings would cause him to destroy his
human mate and he would revert to being a ruthless vampire like he was meant
to be. And when he did, Lacroix would be there to bring him back into the

The End


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