Frasier: Anal King (MF,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Bebe Glazer sat behind her desk inside the large corporate office overlooking
Seattle. She was a curvy woman with dark hair and eyes. Although she had
average looks, she was a woman of a sharp intellect. Also, she was ruthless
and quite manipulative. There was nothing Bebe Glazer wouldn't do to get what
she wanted. She had been that way ever since she was little. Her mother died
giving birth to her. Her father, Benton Glazer, raised his only daughter to
be a tough tomboy. The things he taught her stayed with her during the rest
of her life. She was smart, determined, and utterly ruthless.

Right now, Bebe Glazer was contemplating her next scheme. She had her sights
set on Frasier Crane. Frasier Crane, a tall, handsome man in his mid-forties.
A popular radio personality and author. He was a graduate of Harvard and
Oxford. He was a prominent psychiatrist. He was also a gifted, cultured,
delightful man. Bebe Glazer had fallen in love with him. Unfortunately,
Frasier proved to be hard to snag. He liked Bebe, but strictly as friends.
Bebe Glazer wanted to be more than friends with doctor Crane.

That's one of the reasons why she invited him to her house last night. For a
quiet little dinner. Frasier was a rather uptight guy most of the time, but
once she got a few drinks in him, he loosened up pretty quickly. It was
pretty easy for her to get him to sit on the couch, where she snuggled up to
him. He sat there, with his eyes closed, looking so damn handsome. Bebe
Glazer was curious. She wanted to see more of Frasier. He was a very handsome
man who kept himself physically fit. She hadn't had any in awhile. Her last
boyfriend, a guy named Thomas had run off with some male model. They'd moved
to San Francisco together. How cute! Bebe Glazer began to fondle doctor
Frasier Crane while he slept. She unbuttoned his shirt, and unzipped his
pants. She stripped him naked, and looked at his nude body. The guy was in
excellent shape! She gasped when she saw his penis. Frasier Crane was
well-endowed. She held his cock in her hand. At least eight inches long and
quite thick. Hmm. Bebe Glazer looked at it wickedly. She wanted some of that.

Bebe knelt before the sleeping psychiatrist, and took his cock into her
mouth. She sucked his dick and licked at his balls. Frasier sat there, with
his eyes closed, unaware of what was being done to him. Bebe sucked his cock.
She'd sucked a few cocks in her day. Frasier's cock and balls were delicious.
He was also uncircumsized, also a plus with her. She'd gone to Africa once
and gotten a taste for well-endowed men with uncircumsized members. She
watched Frasier's face as she sucked him off. His dick got hard. Even while
he was sleeping. She continued to scuk his cock, marveling at the fact that
he hadn't woken up yet. She looked at him, and her heart skipped a beat when
she saw his eyes open.


Bebe Glazer froze. It was comical. A pretty mature woman kneeling in front of
a dignified older man and sucking his cock. Frasier looked at her, shocked.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

Bebe took his cock out of her mouth. "I'm sorry, Frasier. I shouldn't have
done that. It's just that you look so damn good when you fell asleep..." Her
voice trailed off. Bebe's heart beat quickly. She wasn't sorry about sucking
his cock, only at having been caught by him. What was he gonna do? Was this
the end of their friendship?

Frasier appeared to be considering it. He smiled. Bebe grinned. "May I
continue ?" She asked. Frasier Crane nodded. "You may."

Frasier Crane sat back and relaxed while Bebe Glazer sucked his cock. She
soon got him hard as rock. When he came, she drank his cum, licking his cock
and balls clean. Without spilling a single drop. Bebe wiped her mouth with
the back of her hand, then she looked up at him.

"Get on all fours, woman!" He said.

Bebe Glazer smiled and eagerly complied. Frasier Crane stood behind her. He
looked at her. Bebe Glazer was no great beauty but she had a spectacular ass.
The kind of ass that was rare among white women. Frasier wanted some of that.
He smacked her ass. "Ouch !" said Bebe, faking protest. Frasier grabbed one
of her sexy butt cheeks, and squeezed it.

"Do you know what I'm going to do to you?" He asked.

Bebe Glazer shook her head. "I'm gonna tap that ass!" With that, he took his
cock in his hand and rubbed it against Bebe's butt cheeks. Bebe spread her
butt cheeks wide open, exposing her pink little hole. Frasier looked at
Bebe's asshole. He rubbed his cock against it. Since Lilith, Frasier had only
fucked one other woman up the ass. A black woman named Tashandra Brown. He
loved anal sex. He couldn't wait to fuck the hell out of Bebe.

Frasier Crane thrust his cock into Bebe Glazer's poop chute, sliding his cock
up her ass. Bebe Glazer almost screamed when she felt Frasier's cock enter
her ass. She'd been fucked in the ass before but never by such a big cock.
Frasier slowly entered her ass, sliding his cock into her forbidden depths
inch by inch. Bebe Glazer gritted her teeth. He pushed inside her until he
was finally balls deep. She felt his balls hit the back of her ass. He began
to fuck her.

"Fuck my ass, Frasier!" She said.

Frasier Crane obliged, fucking her, hard and fast. He grabbed her ample hips
and thrust deeper inside her. He slammed his cock into her ass, feeling her
anal walls stretch to accomodate his girth. He plunged into her hershey
highway. Bebe Glazer felt her ass being stretched by Frasier's big cock. It
felt so damn good. He slammed into her. She clenched her ass around his cock,
and Frasier almost screamed. The sensation of a warm, tight ass embracing his
manhood was so damn good ! He came inside her, then. His cock spat its venom,
sending its seed deep into her bowels. Frasier screamed victoriously. Bebe
Glazer whimpered. There was nothing quite as good as a great ass-fucking!

Later, Bebe Glazer and Frasier Crane took a shower and continued their
activities in the bedroom. This was the start of a great fuck buddy
relationship for the two of them. Both of them were hard-working
professionals who needed sex and had no time for romance's uncertain waters.
This arrangement would work perfectly.

The End


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