Frasier: Better Together Part 2 (MF,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Roz Doyle looked at Frasier Crane as he lay on her queen-sized bedroom. She
smiled at him. Frasier Crane and Roz Doyle had known each other for a long
time. He was the Harvard-educated Psychiatrist who was the star of an
Award-winning radio show on Seattle City's KACL. They had worked side by side
for a long time. At first, they were just friends. After ten years of working
together, they finally crossed the line and became more than friends. They
had been secretly dating for a few months now.

Roz Doyle and Frasier Crane were in love but they didn't want anyone to know.
There were too many naysayers around the office where they worked. People
like the annoying "Bull Dog" and so on. They didn't want their relationship
to become public knowledge. At least not yet. They had been secretly meeting
for romantic dinners, quick getaways and passionate lovemaking for a few
months now. Frasier had recently gone to Boston to meet with some of his old
buddies from Cheers. He had spent two weeks there. Two weeks without his
beloved Roz. He had been celibate the whole time he was away. There were many
women in Boston who were interested in someone with the wealth and status of
Dr. Frasier Crane but there was only one woman whom Frasier wanted. Roz
Doyle, the woman who had been his best friend and confidante for over ten

While Frasier was away, Roz was quite bored. She had the time off from work
but she was bored. Seattle wasn't interesting without Frasier on it. So, she
spent some time shopping. Once, she went into a porn video store and checked
out some videos. She bought something unusual. A video featuring role
reversal scenes. Roz Doyle had never heard of anything like that so she was
curious. She took the video home and popped it into her VCR. It was quite
unusual, and more than a little exciting. She watched the first scene. The
first scene featured a tall, handsome man with dark hair and olive skin. He
wore a hospital gown. Roz got hot just by looking at him. He was a Latin
hunk. The Latin hunk sat on a bed in an ordinary-looking white room. He was
later joined by a sexy blonde woman in a nurse uniform. The nurse kissed the
hunk, who was obviously a patient at the hospital. They made out and quickly
got naked. Then, they started having sex. The sexy nurse was on all fours
and the Latin stud was fucking her from behind. Doggy-style. Roz watched the
scene. It was sizzling hot but not very original. The Latin stud fucked the
sexy nurse for some time, and then they lay on the bed, after passionate

Roz was about to fast forward the scene when things got interesting. The sexy
nurse took something out of her bag. A strange sex toy. A strap-on dildo. She
put it on and the Latin hunk smiled at her. He then got on all fours and she
positioned herself behind him. She took some KY Jelly and lubricated the
dildo, before applying some on the Latin hunk's ass. She then slowly
penetrated the man's ass with the dildo. She started fucking him. This went
on for awhile. The man screamed in pleasure. So did the woman who was fucking
him with the strap-on. Finally, she pulled out of him and he lay on his back,
his erect cock ready to cum. The woman removed the strap-on and took the
man's cock in her mouth. He came, and she drank his seed. After this, the
couple embraced and smiled at the camera. It was over.

After watching the scene, Roz Doyle was a bit shaken. Wow! This was
something. An idea formed inside her head. She went to the video store,
bought herself a strap-on dildo and took pictures of herself with it.
Pictures she sent to Frasier while he in Boston. He actually liked them!
Even better, he told her that he wanted to try something kinky with her.
That was great because she wanted to try something kinky with him! He
took the first plane from Boston to Seattle the next day. Now, here they

Roz Doyle slowly put the harness of the strap-on dildo into place. It was
firmly strapped around her waist. She looked at the plastic cock that jutted
in front of her, and smiled. Frasier smiled at her. She walked toward him.
"Assume the position, lover boy," she said with a grin.

"Yes, milady," Frasier said. He lay flat on his back. Roz came and knelt
before him. She raised his legs in the air so that they rested on her
shoulders. She caressed his butt. She took some of the lubricant she had
bought specially for this occasion and applied some on the dildo, before
putting some on his ass. She took the dildo, and pressed its rounded head
against Frasier Crane's back door.

Frasier looked at Roz as she slowly slid the dildo into his ass. He grimaced.
The thing felt huge, even with the lube. Frasier took his cock in hand and
jerked himself off as Roz pushed the dildo deeper into him. She began to fuck
him, slow and deep. Frasier was amazed at how hard his cock had gotten. Roz
smiled at him. "How does it feel ?" She asked.

"Hard," Frasier replied.

"Good," she said, and shoved it even harder into him. Roz held Frasier's legs
in the air and thrust into him. The strap-on dildo had a small device that
was rubbing against her clit, bringing her much pleasure. She continued to
fuck him. The dildo was ten inches long, though not very thick. This was a
first for both of them so she didn't want to risk him getting hurt. This was
about fun and sexual variety, not pain. Frasier felt the dildo sliding deeper
into his ass. At first, it felt a bit painful but with the lube, his butt
stretched nicely to accomodate the dildo's girth. As Roz fucked him with the
strap-on, he masturbated himself. After a few moments, he came, blasting his
hot cum all over the place.

Roz Doyle slowly pulled the dildo out of Frasier Crane's ass. His hot cum had
splattered all over her belly and chest. She leaned down and sucked his cock,
licking all of the cum away. When she was done, she looked at him. "Did you
like it?" She asked.

Frasier smiled. "Oh, yeah."

Roz grinned. She looked at his hard cock, all eight inches of it standing
harder and more erect than she had ever seen. She had to get some of that.
She threw the strap-on dildo into an open drawer, and grabbed the bottle of
lubricant. Frasier looked at her, and cocked an eyebrow. "My turn," Roz said
with a smile. She gestured for Frasier to follow her. He got up from the bed,
eager to try what she had suggested.

Roz Doyle slowly bent over, and Frasier Crane admired her sexy ass. Roz had
one of the best-looking butts Frasier had ever seen. She spread her sexy butt
cheeks wide open. It was pretty clear what she wanted. "I want it in my ass,"
Roz said.

Frasier grinned as she handed him the bottle of lubricant. He took some and
rubbed it on his cock, then applied some between Roz's spread butt cheeks.
He then took his dick and pressed it against Roz's tight-looking back door.
Slowly, he pushed. Roz felt Frasier's hard cock slide into her asshole. She
pushed back against him, and he went deeper inside her. Finally, his cock
was in her ass. "Fuck me hard!" she said.

"I'm gonna fuck that ass like there's no tomorrow," Frasier grinned.

He thrust into her, shoving his cock deep inside her ass. Her ass felt tight,
even with the lubricant. He put his hands on her hips and fucked her, hard
and fast. Roz felt his big cock move inside her, and her ass clenched around
it. He pushed deeper, and she felt her anal walls stretch to accomodate his
girth. The lube was a big help. He was really giving it to her, hard and
deep. He slammed his cock into her butthole, just as she had fucked his ass
with the dildo earlier. He enjoyed plunging his cock to the depths of her
tight back door. Roz fingered her pussy as Frasier fucked her ass. The
butt-fucking action she was getting was really turning her on. Her pussy
with oozing in its wetness. Finally, he came. Roz felt it coming. His cock
trembled slightly in her butt. He came, flooding her back door with his seed.
Almost at the same time, Roz's constant rubbing and fingering brought her an
intense orgasm. She screamed along with Frasier as an incredible orgasm
rocked both of their bodies.

Later, Frasier Crane and Roz Doyle lay in bed. Roz looked at him. "That was
awesome," she said. "Thank you."

Frasier grinned. "We're even." Roz playfully tapped his shoulder.

"I didn't realize that this was a contest, Fras."

Frasier grinned and kissed her. "Well, now you know. And by the way, I won."

Roz thought about it. She grinned. "Well, you cheated and I want a rematch."

Frasier Crane smiled. "Bring it on." He was still smiling when Roz pulled
him against her, wanting to feel him inside her once more. Frasier thanked
heavens for his luck. The woman was insatiable!

The End


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