The following is a sexually explicit FICTIONAL story centering on characters
from the hit television series "Frasier".

If you are under 18 do not read any further.

Keep in mind that my native language is not English when you read this story.
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Fraiser: Frasier Crane; At Your Service Part 2 - Room Service (MF,F-mast,mc)
by Martin4Life

"So Frasier, why do you look so blue" Niles asked. Frasier had come to see
Niles after the incident with Roz, he was confused as what to do so he told
Niles an edited version of the incident.

"An Indian aphrodisiac you say?" Niles said while contemplating a plan, "and
if she swallows then it's forever."

"Well yes, she did and now she'll love me forever, what should I do Niles?"
Frasier asked in agony.

"Well that depends on how you feel for Roz" Niles asked.

"I believe that I could grow to love her, I mean I loved what she did and we
didn't go all the way" Frasier said.

"Well then you are lucky, you have a sexual dynamo who's in love with you and
you might reciprocate the feeling, what else do you need to know" Niles said.

"I guess you are right" Frasier said and realized that Niles was right.

"Who did Bulldog say he got it from?" Niles asked.

"Apu from the coffee stand, but why did you want to know" Frasier asked.

"Can't tell you now, I'll have to run. See you later Ciao" Niles said and ran

* * *

Frasier entered his apartment and saw Daphne, "Hello Daphne, where's dad" he

"Oh he left to spent the week end with a friend, oh and he took Eddie" Daphne

"Alright a week end without that flea bag," Frasier said.

"That's no way to talk about Eddie" Daphne said while she cleaned up the
coffee table.

"I wasn't talking about Eddie" Frasier said and went into his bedroom.

"Oh what a day, Roz and me, who would have thought?" Frasier thought as he
changed his suit to a turtleneck and went back into the living room.

"Daphne, did anybody call today" Frasier asked full of hope, he was concerned
because he had not seen Roz since she gave him that blowjob.

"No not really. Well there was one call but when I said my name she hung up"
Daphne answered.

"How in the world could you tell that it was a woman?" Frasier said.

"Oh a woman can tell" Daphne said.

Frasier just shook his head, then the bell rung, "Daphne find out who it is
please" Frasier asked.

"Who is it" Daphne called out.

"It's Niles Crane," The voice said outside the door.

"Oh no, I don't want to talk to him, Daphne I'll hide in my bedroom distract
him and I'll leave Okay" Frasier pleaded.

"Can do Mister Crane" Daphne said and opened the door as Frasier went to his

"Hello Dr. Crane, come on in. I'm afraid that Dr. Crane is out" Daphne said
as she took Niles' coat.

"Oh that's alright, I just wanted to celebrate with some one and you'll do,
unless you are busy?" Niles said.

"No that's fine, let's go into the kitchen and pour us a drink" Daphne said.

"That's a good idea, I have a new drink I want to try" Niles said and went
into the kitchen. Niles poured two vodkas and Orange juices then he poured
something from a bag in his pocket. "Here you are Daphne, a Crane special."
Niles said and handed the spiked drink to Daphne. "Well cheers" Niles said
and they drank.

"Bloody hell, this is awful" Daphne said and the spilled some of her drink on
the floor.

"I'll clean it up, don't worry Daphne" Niles said and went into the kitchen.

"Daphne" Frasier whispered "I'm leaving, so goodbye" he whispered as Daphne
turned to wave Frasier off.

"Here we are Daphne, I'll just get this cleaned up and then we can continue
to celebrate" Niles said with a hopeful voice.

"So Daphne how do you feel?" Niles asked with trepidation.

"I feel awful, what did you put in that drink" Daphne said and then sat down.

"Daphne, What's wrong" Niles said in horror.

"I guess I'm just a little queasy, I just need some rest. I'm sorry Dr. Crane
I'm not in a celebratory mood tonight, I hope you understand." Daphne said.

"Oh no Daphne I understand, I'll leave you alone Alright?" Niles said while
he thought "That bastard Frasier set me up, Love potion ridiculous, and now
she's sick, oh Christ" And then he left.

"Pew I thought he'd never leave" Daphne said and walked into her bedroom "Why
am I horny as a toad". Then she dropped her skirt to the floor and lay down
on the bed. "Man I need relief now," Daphne thought as she started to caress
her tits through the sweater. Then she pulled the sweater off and the quickly
removed her bra also and started to pinch her nipples, "Oh yes, Oh yes" she

She slipped the fingers of her right hand into her mouth and started to lick
her fingers, after a minute she slipped her moist fingers down to her soaked
silk panties and ran her hand over the cunt.

"I have to get off right now" Daphne thought and tore her panties apart to
slip her fingers inside her pussy. She proceeded to finger fuck herself with
vicious strokes in her cunt and used her other hand to pinch her nipples.

She started to squirm on the bed as she got into the action, she licked the
fingers on her other hand and then slid them into her pussy as well. She
worked herself into a frenzy now using booth hands. "Damn, it's not working,
I have to do something else if I'm gonna come on my own" Daphne thought as
she felt that her fingers were not enough.

"Umm that looks good," Daphne said as she eyed the bedpost, It was
approximately a foot longer than her bed and it was round and smooth "It'll
do" she thought. Daphne stood up and then placed her pussy right over the
top of the bedpost, "If this doesn't do it, nothing short of a real cock will
do" Daphne thought as she gingerly slid down onto the bed post. Her pussy
juices lubricated the bedpost after a few strokes up and down and Daphne
found the sensation incredible.

"It will certainly not be the last time I do this" she though as she felt the
bedpost reach the bottom of her pussy, she started to finger her clit in
conjunction with the humping of the bedpost finally started to induce the
feeling she desired.

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh fuck yes" Daphne screamed out as she started to feel an
orgasm coming on. "OOOOOOHHH yes fuck me Frasier" she screamed as she had a
huge orgasm. As she bucked on the bedpost she finally achieved the orgasm she
wanted and then she slid down to the bed.

"Oh my god, I screamed Frasier's name, why the hell did I do that" she
thought as she lay back on the bed "Oh my, I think I want to fuck his brains
out. Yes I want Frasier; I really want to fuck him. I cant wait till he comes
home then I'll let him replace the bedpost" Daphne thought as she started to
stroke her self again.

"Oh no, save some for Frasier" Daphne thought and then stood up and went into
the bathroom.

* * *

"I hope that Niles is gone," Frasier said as he entered his apartment for the
second time that evening. Frasier was worried about Roz, he had gone to her
apartment but there was nobody there and he could not find her in any of her
usual spots.

Frasier found Daphne in the living room in a dark red bathrobe watching
Television, "Oh hi Daphne has Niles left, what did he want?" Frasier asked.

"Yes he's gone" Daphne said and stood up "He had something to celebrate and
then he gave me some god awful drink. I had to pretend to be sick to get him
to go."

"Oh well as long as he's gone, I need to be alone tonight" Frasier said and
slumped down onto the couch, "Thank god dad and Eddie are gone for the week

"Yes, I'm glad they're all gone too" Daphne said and then opened her bathrobe
to reveal her completely naked body.

"What the" Frasier thought but could not say anything as Daphne dropped her
robe and revealed her wonderful body with her slightly drooping but full
breasts and her auburn cunt already glistening.

"I want you now Frasier" Daphne said and then put her hand on Frasier's
starting bulge "Oh that feels good, but it'll feel even better inside my
pussy" Daphne said and pulled Frasier's pants off.

"My god, I think that Niles gave her that aphrodisiac, but why is she horny
for me? I better be careful that she does not swallow my come. I guess it
can't hurt to giver her what she wants, it might hurt her is I do not fuck
her" Frasier thought and found himself reaching for Daphne's wonderful tits.

"Oh I se you want me too" Daphne said and kissed him deeply, Frasier
immediately responded by putting his tongue into her mouth.

"Oh god, I have fantasized about this, I have even masturbated to it but this
is even better" Frasier thought as his hands reached out and cupped her
breasts. Daphne immediately showed her right nipple into Frasier's mouth and
he eagerly tastes it. Frasier could feel Daphne's nipple getting hard in his
mouth and he started to suck harder on it.

"OOOHHHH Frasier" Daphne moaned and then ripped Frasier's shirt open and ran
her fingers through his chest hair.

"I want you to tongue fuck me, please Frasier" Daphne begged and Frasier
responded by saying "Oh hell yes" and then put her on the couch. She spread
her legs and let Frasier put his tongue on her exposed clit, "Oh yes suck
it" Daphne screamed out and pulled Frasier's head deeper into her wet pussy.

"Oh suck me, Suck me, suck me" Daphne moaned as her hips began to buck onto
Frasier's face, He felt the pressure and tasted her wonderful pussy juices on
his tongue.

"Now let me get you ready to fuck" Daphne said and quickly swooped down and
took Frasier's cock in her mouth.

"I better not come in her mouth, but it feels so good let her do it for
just a minute" Frasier thought as he felt Daphne's tongue running over his
glistening cock head and the took him deep into her mouth.

After a short while Frasier said "Daphne I want to fuck your tight cunt, I
want it now" It was the only way he could stop her from giving him a blowjob
until he came.

"Oh yes Frasier, I want to feel you inside me" she said as she climbed onto
Frasier and the sat down on his cock.

"OOOOH you're big" Daphne cried out as she slid down his hard dick, "And you
are incredibly tight" Frasier whispered to her.

Frasier could not believe how tight Daphne was as he feels every centimeter
of her cunt.

"I do pelvic exercises, they help a lot. Roz taught me" Daphne moaned out.

"If Roz is as tight as this then I'm in heaven" Frasier thought and started
to move his hips up the catch Daphne on the way down.

her brains our. Frasier grabbed hold of her wonderful hips and started to
force her down onto his throbbing dick and the he took her right tit in his

"Take me, Take me from behind Frasier" Daphne said and lay down on the coffee
table, the sight of Daphne laying spread eagle on the coffee table with her
beautiful ass towards him was the most incredible sight Frasier had ever seen
and he quickly bent overt and inserted his rod into her cunt. Quickly the
motions began to speed up and the content of the coffee table was knocked off
it as Frasier took Daphne harder and harder.

"Oh Daphne you are the best, I want to come inside you so much" Frasier said,
he knew that she could not swallow his come if he shot it off inside her

"Oh yes Frasier Shoot inside me, Do it, do it." Daphne moaned and thrust hard
against his pelvis.

Frasier suddenly thought that he would not want to come yet as it felt so
great, so he started to think of something else than Daphne's sweat
glistening body on the table in front of him.

It worked and Frasier felt the climax move further away, he said "Let's move
to the floor" and then lifted her up and put her on the plush carpet.

"Oh Frasier, take me hard," Daphne said and spread her legs to let Frasier
back inside her. His cock started to slide all the way in, as Frasier was at
the base of his cock he suddenly pulled back and then slammed into her with

"Oh my god Frasier you're the best fuck I have ever had" she screamed out
when he plunged into her with such a force that it slid her a couple of
inches across the carpet.

Frasier put her legs on his shoulders and then bent over and stood on his
hands and dove deep inside her, he started to bounce as he bent her legs
back. When her knees reached her shoulders her ass lifted completely from
the floor and Frasier fucked her with a vicious passion."

"OH Frasier, deeper, faster fuck my cunt, no wait I have a better idea.
Fuck me in the ass, Please I have not had a cock up my ass since I came to
America. Frasier immediately took to the idea and let Daphne turn over, he
started to rub her own cunt juices into her asshole and slid two fingers in
up to the knuckles.

"Oh that feels incredible, but give me you dick instead" Daphne pleaded.

"Hey I'm Frasier Crane; at your service" Frasier said and then plugged her
ass with his cock.

"Oh yes take me up the ass, faster, faster" Daphne moaned as she really got
into the motion of Frasier's cock.

his load up her ass, "OOOHHH ROZ!" He cried out as he slumped over Daphne's
body. The feel of his hot jiz up her ass was too much and her pent up orgasm
rolled over her body, with one replacing the other until she could take no
more and then let her self fall to the floor. They lay on top of each other,
Frasier still with his cock up her ass, panting and feeling the heat from
each other's bodies.

"I screamed out Roz's name, I hope she did not hear it" Frasier thought. "My
god almighty, I have never had it so good before" Daphne said, she had not
heard that Frasier had called out Roz's name.

Suddenly the effect of the potion wore off and the feel of Frasier's body
surprised Daphne.

"Oh I hope it's a dream" Daphne said out loud, Frasier quickly got up and
then he said "Yes Daphne, it is a dream and you are sleep walking, go back
into you bedroom and go to bed."

"Oh great for a moment I thought I fucked Frasier I mean Dr. Crane" Daphne
said and then went into the bedroom and got in bed.

"Phew, that was close. She did take the potion but why did Niles not have sex
with her?" Frasier thought as he got ready for a bath.

"I'm glad I remembered not to let her swallow my come, Roz is enough I don't
need Daphne chasing me, although she's a great fuck."

Frasier got in the shower and started to wash of the juices of their act of
passion, "I have to find Roz and tell her how I feel about her. But how do I
really feel about her?" Frasier thought as he started to wash his hair.


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