The following is a sexually explicit FICTIONAL story centering on characters
from the hit television series "Frasier"

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Frasier: Frasier Crane; At Your Service Part 3 - Frasier Returns The Favor
by Martin4Life ([email protected]) (MF,mc)

"Good morning Daphne, slept well?" Frasier asked as Daphne came into the
living room the next morning.

"Why do you ask Dr. Crane?" Daphne said with a strange expression on her

"I just mean that you look like you had a hard night, did I wake you when I
came home last night, if I did I'm really sorry but time just flew and"
Frasier said.

"Oh, oh okay. No Dr. Crane you did not wake me, but I did have a wonderful
dream" Daphne said and then started to make breakfast.

"Great, she's not in love with me and she believes that last night was just a
dream, a wonderful dream but a dream none the less" Frasier said as he put on
his coat. "Daphne I'm leaving, can I get you anything?" Frasier said.

"Oh no thank you Dr. Crane I have had all I need" Daphne said while she
thought, "If he ever gets to know that I had a sexual dream about him, he'll
never let me forget it."

* * *

"I better explain what happened to Niles and find some way to make it up to
him. Oh I know just what he would want" Frasier thought and then hailed a

Frasier first mad a stop at the radio station where he only stopped long
enough to look for Roz and then talk to Apu, he then went to his brothers
office to explain.

"Hi Niles, I just dropped by to explain something to you" Frasier said as he
opened the door to Dr. Niles Crane's office.

"Get out you dirty..." Niles quickly said and stood up.

"Slow down Niles, I have something too tell you" Frasier said and sat down.

"What, more lies. Maybe you found some magic pixie dust and you flew here, is
that it 'dear' brother" Niles said with ice in his voice.

"No, Niles not at all" Frasier said, "You better sit down."

"Alright, this better be dam good" Niles said and sat down.

"You gave some of that aphrodisiac to Daphne last night, but it did not work
did it?" Frasier asked.

"Of course it didn't it made her sick" Niles said surprised by Frasier's
knowledge of yesterday's actions.

"Well, em no it didn't, when I came home again I found Daphne and she was
horny as hell" Frasier quickly said.

"It really did work, but she said she was sick" Niles said.

"She only said it to get you to go, she was horny for me and I was all she
wanted" Frasier said.

"But I was the only one there, it was supposed to be the first person she
sees" Niles quickly said.

"Well maybe she looked at my picture. I don't know why but she wanted me, and
then she ripped of her clothes and well to make a long story short, we had
sex" Frasier said apologetically.

"You what, how could you Judas" Niles yelled out.

"You don't understand, I had to make sure she did not swallow my semen or
she'd be in love with me forever and the only way to ensure this was to have
sex with her instead of fellatio. She believes that it was a dream and I'm
just Dr. Crane to her as always," Frasier said quickly.

"Oh, weeeeeeeelllll I guess that's alright then, you really did not have a
choice. I'm glad that you prevented her enchantment of you" Niles said with
relief and sat down.

"Thank you, Niles. What I'm here to talk to you about is that I want to make
this up to you. I have another dose of the aphrodisiac for you to use on
Daphne" Frasier said and produced a vial of the black liquid.

"Oh Frasier, you are great but how do we prevent a repeat of what happened
last time" Niles said.

"We need to ensure that YOU are the first one she sees after she takes the
potion, but how?" Frasier said as he thought over the situation."Oh I know,
we have to ensure that I'm the first person she sees" Niles said and stood

"Well yes but" Frasier said but Niles put up his hand to stop him.

"And ensure that she does not even look at a picture of another person first,
right?" Niles asked as he started to pace the floor.

"Yes again, what are you thinking of?" Frasier asked as he saw that Niles had
something in mind.

"I know what to do. You and Daphne will come over to dinner tonight at my
place, which means no pictures of you or anybody else. Then you get beeped
and have to leave which leaves Daphne alone in my apartment with me, she
can't possibly see anybody else than me and we are home free." Niles said
with a smile on his face.

"That's a great idea Niles. And it will leave you alone to get her to swallow
your semen" Frasier said.

"Oh Frasier you think I want her to fall in love with me, no it's just sex"
Niles said with a blank look on his face.

"Come on Niles don't give me that, it's Frasier remember I know how you love
her and you wish she feels the same way about you" Frasier said.

"Okay Frasier you're right, but you'll still help me right" Niles said.

"Certainly Niles" Frasier said and then left for the radio station.

* * *

When Frasier arrived at the radio station he first called Daphne and told her
about the plans for the evening. Frasier was disappointed not finding Roz in
the studio but instead found a replacement that said that Roz had called in
sick. Frasier spent the whole show worrying about Roz and not really paying
attention to his callers and there was no call from Roz or Randy that night.

After the show Bulldog came into the studio to set up for his show Frasier
had to ask him about the aphrodisiac and Bulldog responded "Well, it only
let's somebody fall in love with you if there is some attraction to begin
with otherwise it just makes them horny. That's why I treat my women
terribly, that means that se can swallow it and not fall in love with me."

"Hmm, I hope Daphne has some attraction to Niles or he'll just get laid
tonight, although he would not mind that. I better keep my mouth shut about
it or he'll be too nervous tonight. What a second, that means that Roz is
attracted to me in some way. This is great, I guess I felt guilty for forcing
Roz to love me, but that is not right, yes, yes, yes."

Frasier left the studio and then went looking for Roz, after an hour of
looking he had to get home and get ready for the evening. Frasier and
Daphne arrived at Niles' place at seven ready for dinner, Frasier's pager
"unfortunately" went off at seven thirty just as planned and Frasier left
Daphne and Niles alone as he just had to pop out for half an hour.

"So Niles how are you coping with the singles life?" Daphne asked.

"Well, it's alright although I get a little lonely at times" Niles said and
then went to the drinks cabinet.

"Oh I'm sorry to hear that" Daphne said with genuine feelings.

"So Daphne how about a Bacardi and Coke before dinner?" Niles asked

"Alright, but just a little one you don't want to get me drunk do you?"
Daphne says with a smile.

"Certainly not, I'm not that kind of man" Niles said as he slipped the potion
into her drink.

"No you're no. You are an honorable man Niles Crane unlike most the men I
meet" Daphne said and sighed.

"I'm really sorry to hear that, do you want to talk about it?" Niles said
momentarily forgetting about the drinks.

"Well, I wish that I could meet a man with taste and sophistication like...
well like you" Daphne said and looked away.

"Why look any further Daphne, I'm here and I'm single" Niles said as he sat
down besides him.

"Thank you Dr. Crane" Daphne said and took his hands "But I don't know if I
really should..."

"Daphne I I I" Niles stuttered.

"Yes Niles" Daphne said and looked into his eyes.

"Daphne I love you" Niles blurted out.

"Oh Niles I had no idea that you feel this way, I'm really flattered and I
guess I'm attracted to you too" Daphne quickly said and kissed him softly on
the mouth.

"Oh Daphne you have no idea how I have dreamed of this day" Niles said and
kissed her back. Niles got up and went over to the drinks "I think these can
wait" he said and poured them out.

"And I think dinner can wait too, I want you Niles" Daphne said and stood up.

"Oh boy" Niles said softly and then Daphne pulled him into his own bedroom
"This is even better since her feelings are genuine" Niles thought as they
entered the bedroom.

Daphne kissed Niles deeply and he found her hands moving to his small but
tight ass and grabbed it, "Take me Niles, I want you" she said and the pulled
his tie off.

Niles' hands started to explore Daphne's wonderful body with both his hands
as Daphne slipped Niles' jacket off, their lips met in a deep kiss again and
Niles pushed his tongue into her mouth and their probing tongues were all
over the place soon after. Niles hands reached the zipper on the back of
Daphne's dress and Daphne whispered "Yes take it off, I want you to see my
naked body". Niles quickly unzipped the dress and it fell to the floor he
than took a step back to get a good look at Daphne's semi-undressed body.

"Oh wow, you have an incredible body Daphne, I want to kiss it all over"
Niles said as he looked at her body, the red underwear she wore showed off
her curves the hips were rounded and the bra pushed her breasts together and
produced a mouth watering cleavage.

Niles' mouth quickly found her cleavage and his hands cupped her breasts,
while Niles was busy with her tits Daphne reached up and ripped Niles' shirt
from his body and Niles quickly pulled his pants and socks off.

"I want to taste you breasts" Niles said Daphne responded by unhooking her
bra and reveals her big tits and Niles immediately took her right nipple in
his mouth.

"Oh yes" Daphne moaned as Niles felt her nipple harden in his mouth, "she's
really into it, oh how I want her" He thought and sucked harder on her
nipple. Niles' hands slid down her back and then he grabbed her peach round
ass and started to fondle it.

"Oh Niles, I love the feel of your fingers on my body, don't stop" Daphne
moaned and Niles slid his hands down her stoking covered legs. Daphne fell
back onto the bed and Niles hands started to explore her long legs, Niles
saw that she was so wet that her red silk panties was soaked through.

Niles started to kiss the inside of her legs and soon moved closer to her wet
crotch, "Niles your tongue feels wonderful, I want to feel it on my pussy"
Daphne said. Niles was turned on by Daphne's dirty words and he reached
inside her waistband and then started to tug on her panties. She lifted her
ass slightly and Niles quickly slid her soaked panties down her legs and then
threw them over his shoulder. Niles saw that her pussy hair was a redder
shade than the hair on her head and he also saw that the hairs were trimmed
carefully into a small triangle barely covering her pussy.

"Oh yes, lick me. Lick me Niles" Daphne moaned and then pulled his head
closer to her pussy.

Niles started to lick Daphne's cunt and tasted her juices; he moved his
tongue to her clit and started to slowly lick it.

"OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH yes, that's wonderful" Daphne moaned and pressed
his head deeper into her wet snach, Niles stuck his tongue up her slit and
started to lick her insides with a flurry of tongue movement, Daphne's hips
began to move with the motion of Niles' tongue.

Suddenly Niles started to lick her ass hole, this turned Daphne on even more
as she had always enjoyed a rim-job and she pressed her legs around his head.


"I want to taste your cock Niles, let me suck it" Daphne said and then
dropped in front of Niles. She reached inside his boxers and pulled out a
seven-inch boner; "Oh you are well developed for a skinny guy" Daphne said
and pulled his boxers to the floor.

Daphne then put her tongue on the head of his cock and tasted his pre-cum,
she licked the underside of his shaft and then she started to kiss his balls.
Nobody had ever sucked on his balls and he found that her mouth felt great on
his balls.

"Suck it, take me all the way" Niles pleaded as Daphne stroked his cock,
Daphne soon complied and his cock slid through her lips seconds later.

"WWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW" was all Niles could think as Daphne took
him deep throat, Daphne felt the ripples of joy rushing through Niles body
and found that she wanted him in her pussy right now.

"Take me Niles, fuck my brains out" Daphne said "Oh yes Daphne right now"
Niles said as he pulled Daphne to her feet and then got behind her. As she
bent over she felt the head of his cock at the mouth of her pussy, Niles slid
his lubricated cock into her pussy and then he started to take her faster and
faster from behind.

"Oh his dick is just right, not so big it hurts and not so small that it can
not satisfy me," Daphne thought as his cock slid in to the base.

"Oh you are really tight," Niles said, fucking Maris had been like throwing
a hotdog down a corridor but Daphne was amazing. Niles' hips clashed with
Daphne's ass as they moved faster and faster. Niles sat down on the bed and
then Daphne climbed on top of him and sat down on his cock, as she started
to bounce up and down, Niles took a grip of her round hips and sucked on her
swaying breasts.

"Oh Niles you are wonderful, I should have done this a long time ago" Daphne
moaned as she slid down his cock. Niles said nothing, as he was too busy with
licking her nipples and holding Daphne on top of him. Suddenly Daphne fell
sideways onto the bed but Niles managed to keep his dick in her cunt and the
motion of his hips continued as he now took her sideways on the bed.

"Lie back, I want to ride you" Daphne whispered as she pushed him back onto
the bed and then she sat on the prone Niles.

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes" Daphne said as she moved up and down
on Niles hard dick, Niles was so mesmerized by the sight of her big tits
bouncing up and down that he saw noting else.

"Oh Niles I want to feel your cum inside me, squirt your hot juices inside my
hungry pussy" Daphne said as she massaged her breasts.

Niles could hold back no longer as he heard Daphne's words; he came in one
long orgasm, which sent sperm shooting up Daphne's tight cunt.

"OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH NNNNNNNILES" Daphne screamed out as she came in a raging
orgasm and then their bodied convulsed in unison. Shortly after Niles lay
with Daphne in his arms as they both tried to gather strength, then they
kissed deeply.

"Oh Daphne I wish I had know how you feel earlier" Niles whispered into
Daphne's ear.

"I'm not sure I felt like this earlier, I'm just now realizing my feelings
for you, I mean I've always liked you as a friend but now it's more than
that" Daphne said and hugged Niles tighter.

"Daphne I love you, it was not something I said to get you into bed" Niles

"Niles! I never thought that about you. Do you know want I really want to do
now?" Daphne said.

"I'm not sure, but what ever you want you got it, just say what it is" Niles
said with anticipation.

"I really love to be fucked up the ass, would you like to fuck me up the
ass Niles?" Daphne asked as her hand moved to his cock, which responded by
getting hard again.

"Oh yes Daphne I want to fuck you up the ass so badly, let's do it right now"
Niles said as his hands found her breasts.

Daphne turned to her stomach and then Niles bent down to lick her asshole in
preparation for his one again hard cock.

"Oh Niles do it" Daphne said as she moved her ass to meet Niles' face as he
licked her harder and harder.

"Now you're ready," Niles said as he got ready to ram her ass, he carefully
inserted his cock in her puckered ass.

"Oh do it hard" Daphne said as she slammed her ass against his hips, Niles
picked up the speed of his ass fucking.

He felt the walls of her ass pressing against his dick and it war better tan
anything he had ever felt before, it would certainly not be the last time he
fucked somebody up the ass he thought "I hope it's Daphne." Daphne enjoyed
his cock up her ass even more than she had imagined, the fact that it was
Niles that fucked her only seemed it increase the enjoyment.

Niles' cock slammed into her ass.

"I can't hold back for long Daphne, your ass is just to wonderful," Niles
said as he felt an orgasm coming on.

"Oh don't hold back, shoot it up the ass, we can do this again later and then
again and again I love it, oh fuck me Niles" Daphne said and then Niles shot
his load up her ass and then felt her body ripple with an orgasm of her own.

Niles lay on top of Daphne while they cached their breath, "You said we could
do this again later, does this mean?" Niles asked with baited breath.

"Yes Niles, I think you are a great fuck and I want you again and again. I
think I love you too" Daphne said and blushed.

"Are you serious, you can't believe how much I wanted to hear that" Niles
said and kissed her neck.

"I think I am, but maybe you should take me up the ass again just to make
sure" Daphne said as she spread her legs.

"Yes my love, and if that does not convince you I'll just have to fuck you
until you are sure" Niles said and started to kiss her down the back.

"Oh I think it might take all night to convince me, but I think you'll
convince me by tomorrow morning" Daphne said as she enjoyed Niles lips on her

* * *

"I hop everything is going Niles' way tonight, he deserves it after his
marriage to Maris" Frasier thought as he entered the building where Roz

Frasier had no idea how right he was because Niles took Daphne up the ass
for the second time that night and without the aphrodisiac.

Frasier knocked on Roz's door but there was no response, he tried for minutes
but there was nobody home.

"She's not home mister," a young woman said who came out of an apartment
across the hall.

"Do you know where she is? I have to find her" Frasier asked the young woman.

"She's leaving for New York today, she said she had to leave" She said.

"New York, but why and when" Frasier ask as his heart raced in his chest.

"She said she embarrassed herself in front a man she loved and she could not
stand to face him again. Oh and she's leaving at nine thirty." she answered
not knowing that Frasier was the man she was talking about.

"How?" was all he could say.

"She's taking the train, she could not get a plan at such a short notice" She

"Thanks" Frasier said and sprinted off.


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