The following is a sexually explicit FICTIONAL story centering on characters
from the hit television series "Frasier"

If you are under 18 do not read any further.

Keep in mind that my native language is not English when you read this story.
I would appreciate any constructive feed back or suggestions.

Frasier: Frasier Crane; At Your Service Part 4 - Now What (MF,mc)
by Martin4Life

"Hurry up dam it" Frasier yelled at the cab drive as they raced towards the
train station, "I hope I'm in time" he thought.'

The cab screeched to a halt in front of the station threw a hundred-dollar
bill to the cabby and ran inside. "Where does the train to New York leave
from" Frasier asked at the information counter, "Platform 11" the woman
replied and Frasier ran towards platform 11.

"There it is, I'm gonna make it" Frasier thought but then the train started
to move "Oh Shit" Frasier thought as he increased his speed. "Yes, thank you
lord" Frasier thought as he jumped onboard the last wagon just before it left
he station.

Frasier lay on the floor catching his wind while he celebrated his small
victory "I'm here and now I'll just have to find Roz" Frasier thought and
stood up. Frasier had searched more than half the train when he finally saw
Roz; she was alone in her compartment "Yes, yes, yes" Frasier thought "We
will not be interrupted by other passengers it's perfect."

Frasier opened the door and Roz cried out "Frasier" as she looked at him with
shock, "Roz I have to tell you something, just hear me out before you say
anything okay" Frasier quickly said and Roz just nodded.

"Roz I don't want you to leave, please don't leave Seattle I'll be so lonely
without you" Frasier said as he sat down in front of her.

"I talked to the woman, who lives across from you, she said that you could
not face me after what you had done. But Roz I loved what you did for me it
just caught me a little by surprise, no a lot. I realized that I do have very
strong feelings for you as well, Roz I want to return the favor, please"
Frasier said and the put his hands on her thighs.

"Oh Frasier, you have no idea" she said but was stopped by a kiss from
Frasier, "Don't talk" He said and then slid his hands up under her skirt.
"Oh Frasier" she said again and then she kissed him, Frasier's hands took
hold of her panties and pulled them aside to expose Roz's shaven pussy.
"Oh yes, now let me do for you what you did for me" Frasier said and put
his head in between her legs.

Frasier put his tongue on her hairless cunt and started to lick it, "Oh my
god, he's really doing it. He must feel strongly for me." Roz thought as
she leaned back and enjoyed Frasier's probing tongue in her pussy.

"She tastes great," Frasier thought as he started to taste her pussy juice,
he then started to lick her clit and the juices flowed even more freely.
Frasier took hold of her panties and pulled it tight so it slid up her pussy
and then moved it up and down. "OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Roz moaned out
not caring if the other passengers could hear her, she had finally gotten
what she wanted.

Frasier took two fingers and started to slide them up Roz's wet cunt, "Wow
you are really tight," Frasier said, as he had to force his fingers in up to
the knuckle. "OHYESOHYES" Roz moaned and started to move her hips to meet
Frasier's fingers, "give me all four fingers Frasier, please" Roz demanded
and Frasier complied. Frasier now had all four fingers up her tight cunt
while his thumb moved over her clit, "oh your pussy tastes go great, I want
you to come please come with my fingers inside you" Frasier whispered to

Roz's entire body was moving up and down on Frasier's hand and Roz had
slipped a hand inside her shirt to grasp her breasts.

"Oh yes Frasier I'm CCCCCCUUUUUUUUMMMINNNG" Roz yelled out as the orgasm
ravaged her body. She bucked wildly on the seat while Frasier finished the
finger fucking.

"Frasier I really love you and I have for a long time" Roz said and then she
licked her own juices of Frasier's hand, "MMMMMMMMM I taste great" Roz said.
"Yes you do" Frasier said as he kissed her, he could taste her pussy juices
on her lips as their tongues started to probe each other's mouths.

"Roz I just realized that I love you too, you have been my best friend for a
long time but I think it's time that it changes. Please come back to Seattle
with me, don't move to New York" Frasier said and hugged her tightly.

"No that I know how you feel I don't want to move, I never wanted to move
but" Roz said.
"That's all behind us now, we have found each other that's all that count"
Frasier said and nuzzled her ear.

"Tickets please" The conductor, said as he opened the door.

"Here Roz" said as she handed her ticket to him. "Eh I'm sorry but I was in
a rush and I had no chance to buy a ticket" Frasier said apologetically.

"You can buy a ticket from me, how far do you whish to go" he asked Frasier.

"All the way" Frasier said as he looked deep into Roz's eyes.

"Alright, one ticket to New York" the conductor said and handed the ticket
to Frasier, Frasier paid and then the conductor left.

"Why don't we just get of at the next station and turn around?" Roz asked.

"We need a little time together without anybody else" Frasier said.

"Frasier don't take this the wrong way, but I'm still horny your fingers were
great but not enough" Roz said and grabbed him on his cock.

"Hey remember I'm Frasier Crane; At your Service" Frasier said and put his
hands on her tits.

"Not tonight we are at each other's service, I want to pleasure you too," Roz
said as her hands massaged his starting bulge.

The train stopped but they did not notice it, they were only interrupted when
a new passenger entered the compartment.

Their hands flew from each other's bodies and they tried not to show their

"We can't do it in here but I want you now" Frasier whispered into Roz's ear.

"Just follow me I have an idea" Roz whispered back and then they left the

There were no empty compartments anywhere and Frasier was beginning to fear
the worst but Roz just said, "Don't look so glum, I think I know where we can
be alone" and then pulled him along by his hand.

She stopped outside the door to one of the bathrooms "Oh Roz, this I great"
Frasier said and then they went inside. Frasier slammed the door shut and
locked it, as soon as he was done Roz ripped his pants down and took his hard
cock in her ands and began to massage it.

"I want to taste it again" She said and put her tongue on the tip of his dick
and the quickly swallowed it completely.

"OOOOHHH Roz, you are great," Frasier said as he felt Roz taking her deep
throat and his hands soot started to tear at the fabric of her shirt trying
to get to her tits. Roz ripped her shirt open without taking her mouth from
his cock, Frasier's hands slid down and flipped her 36D breasts out of the
bra and cupped them.

"You're tits are bigger than I thought" Frasier said as he started to fondle
her nipples with both hands.

"You ain't seen nothing yes Roz said as she placed his hard throbbing cock
between her tits and squeezed them around his cock and started to tit fuck

"Oh Roz" was all Frasier could say as he felt her hot tits slide up and down
his rod licking the tip every time he slammed up between her tits.

Frasier's hips slammed into her tits as he fucked her tits harder and harder,
"Roz this is great but I want to fuck you right now" Frasier said and pulled
Roz to her feet. Roz pulled up her skirt and slid her soaked panties to the
floor, she then bent over and grabbed her ankles "come and get me" She said
as she shaked her ass in front of him.

Frasier put his hands on her hips and then caressed her perfectly shaped ass,
and then he put his cock at the entrance oh her cunt and then slid inside
her. "OOOOOHHH you are tight, I love it" Frasier said as he forced his cock
deeper inside her, then he reached the base of his cock and Roz moaned in

Then they started to move back and forth in unison with Frasier's cock
slamming into her as she moved her ass back; Frasier got a harder grip on
her hips and increased the speed.

"YESYESYESYESYESYES" Roz cried out as she felt Frasier's cock in her pussy
and Frasier slammed into her with greater force.

Frasier's hands moved forward and grabbed Roz's swaying breasts and kept up
the speed of his cock.

Roz stood up and pushed Frasier down on the toilet and then she spread her
legs and sat down on his cock, it quickly slid inside her and Roz soon
bounced up and down Frasier's slick cock.

Frasier pulled her skirt apart and threw it no the floor then he took of her
bra and then grabbed her free tits and started to lick them alternately. Roz
clenched her pelvic muscle and Frasier felt the result as his cock was
squeezed by Roz's wet cunt.

"OOOHHHHHHH god" Frasier thought and slammed into her with more and more
force almost throwing her of f as he bucked wildly. Frasier stood up still
holding Roz in his arms and as he held her tight he put her against the wall
and took her standing up. His cock slid up Roz's tight cunt as they fucked
wildly against the wall and Roz wrapped her legs around Frasier's back and
came with an explosive force. While her body shook with ecstasy Frasier kept
on fucking her tight cunt not wanting to stop for anything.

Frasier bent down and they started to fuck on the floor of the bathroom,
Roz did not care about the cold feeling of the floor she only cared about
Frasier's hard dick in her cunt.

"Come inside me Frasier, give it to me" Roz screamed out as Frasier dove
deeper inside her and then Frasier let his load spurt inside her.

He came for seconds with great spurts of spunk shooting against the walls of
her pussy and then sliding down her stocking clad legs.

Frasier and Roz met in a deep kiss as Roz came again, her body shaking from
the feeling of Frasier's hot come in her pussy and on her legs.

"How long is it to New York?" Frasier asked after a moment.

"At least 10 hours maybe more" Roz as she picked up her panties.

"Great that means we have time to do this again," Frasier said while stroking
Roz's ass.

"And again and again" Roz said to him and kissed him deeply.

They straightened their clothes and then went back to their compartment.

"Frasier, how will we ever be able to fuck in peace with your father and
Daphne in your apartment" Roz asked as they sad holding hands.

"Well I'm sure that I could persuade Niles to move in with dad and Daphne"
Frasier said.

"I bet he's had the hots for her for a long time, it's a god thing she's
attracted to him to" Roz said.

"What, how do you know how Daphne feels" Frasier asked in surprise.

"Oh a woman can tell how another woman feels" Roz said and kissed him deeply.

"Well Niles, it looks like you hit the jackpot, and so did I" Frasier thought
as he kissed Roz back and their tongues started to dace around again.

"Yes lets fuck again" Frasier thought as he put his hand inside her shirt.

* * *

Back in Seattle Niles and Daphne lay on Niles king-sized bed arm in arm.

"So Daphne how do we handle the situation with dad and Frasier?" Niles asked.

"Well I'm sure your dad is alright with this and maybe you could convince him
to let you take over his apartment if you agreed to have your dad living with
us everything should work out just right" Daphne said and kissed Niles.

"Well it looks like I hit the jackpot, and I hope Frasier found Roz" Niles
thought as he kissed Daphne back and their tongues started to dace around

"Yes lets fuck again" Niles thought as he put his hand on her tits.



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