Fraiser: In Spokan (MF)
by Bishop832 ([email protected])

Roz Doyle and Frasier Crane had just aired their show from Spokan as part of
an expansion deal through KACL. After the show, which had started badly but
soon gained the confidenece of the audience, Roz and Frasier went out for a
drink at a local bar. They sat together, in a dark corner of the bar,
chatting. After finishing their drinks, they retired to their hotel.

Once back in their separate rooms at the sharidan, Frasier planned to slip
into the tub and then retire to bed. Roz, however, had other plans. She took
a quick shower, washed her hair and then dried off. She then put on a nighty,
a pair of panties and a robe. She walked over to Frasier's room. She tapped
lightly on the door. A few moments passed before Frasier opened the door.

"Roz... is something wrong?" he asked, conern in his voice.

"Yeah... can we talk?" she asked.

"Come on in." Roz sauntered in and sat on the sofa. She bit her lower lip,
then looked into her friend's eyes.

"Can you just be a friend for a few minutes. Divorce yourself from our
professional relationship and talk about a personal matter?" Frasier knew
where this was heading.

"You want to talk about Roger?" he asked. Roz couldn't hold the tears back.
She began sobbing. She rubbed her eyes.

"I... I just need to discuss this with a friend."

"Of course. What happened?"

"He said that the flame was gone between us." Roz started.

"Do you love him?" Frasier asked.

"I... I think so... but..."

"But that scares you?" Frasier asked. Roz just nodded.

"It's my first meaningful relationship in a number of years. Usually, its
just about a quick thrill and I'll never see them again."

"We've all had our torrid affairs and one-night stands."

"Yes... but I enjoy them... maybe even depend on them. I'm addicted to sex."

"Well... I can definitely recommend a ther..."

"No... no shrinks. I'm not in the mood to blurt all of my problems out to
a guy who sits in his chair scribbling notes on a pad of paper and says
'interesting'," Roz said as she looked up at Frasier. "I just think I need
to release all of my emotions in one wild night of passionate love making."

"And this will help how?" Frasier asked.

"Well, it will help me feel secure in my own womanhood. I won't feel that
Roger dumped me because I wasn't good enough. I feel like a piece of trash
that Roger has discarded."

"Roz... I think I know where this is leading and..."

"... and what? You're afraid of what will happen to our professional
relationship? Imagine what could happen if we don't. I'll be an emotional
train wreck until I get laid again."

"Well, maybe you should just..."

"Just what? Go pick up some guy at a laundry mat and bang the hell out of

"No... of course not. Maybe you should get back on the horse and start dating

"You haven't heard a word I've said... have you? I don't want to date. I just
need some rough and tumble sex. A quick, non romantic fling with a person I

"Did you try Kenny?"

"No... he's married. Besides, I now have very high standards. Look, I just
want you... as a friend... as my lover... as someone who I trust and someone
who will respect me and my needs for validation as a woman." Roz stood up and
walked over to Frasier, who was seated in a chair. She walked behind him and
stroked her fingers through his hair. She then leaned down and whispered in
his ear. "Your mind may say no... but your body screams yes. I can feel it. I
know you need my passion and I want yours. One time and we'll never mention
it again. Just help me out."

Frasier thought this over for about two minutes. He weighed all of the
potential consequences and all of the benefits. He then turned to Roz and
looks her in the hazel green eyes.

"Roz... I'm your friend and I can't bare to see you suffer. So... if this is
what it takes... this is what it takes. Let's make love." Roz smiled. Frasier
stood up and disrobed. He's wore only a pair of boxer shorts. Roz glanced at
him and then walked over to the door. She locked it shut and then turned her
back to Frasier. She slipped the shoulder straps off, allowing the nighty to
crumple to the ground. She glanced back to Frasier and smiled. She stood in
the room, wearing only her pink thong-like panties.

"I had no idea you were so exquizate... you're like a Goddess."

"Thank you... I needed that," Roz said. Frasier then removed his boxers,
presenting himself to Roz. She slipped off her panties and turned to face
Frasier. Her figure was near perfect. Her pubic region is shaved short and
her large soft breasts hung firm to her figure. She certianly was well
proportioned. Frasier quickly recalled the many times he had wondered about
her breast size. He was pleasantly surprised to learn that they were bigger
than he expected.

"I haven't made love in a while," Frasier said as he approached Roz.

"I understand... so we'll take this slowly," Roz replied. "Frasier... I want
you to touch me." Frasier placed his slightly sweaty palms on Roz's hips. He
then leaned in gave her a kiss on the lips. Roz returned the kiss. They soon
parted lips. Frasier looked into Roz's eyes.

"This is going to change everything. It's very rare for two people to see
their lives change and be able to make these choices knowing the outcome."

"We have no idea of the outcome. All of life is uncertianty and change. Only
three things are going to happen. Birth... Death and taxation," Roz replied,
with a charm Frasier had never seen. Usually, Roz was just a wild and
fun-lovin' woman. Here, as they began to make love, she became confident and
insightful. She bore more than one side that Frasier had never seen in their
eight-year friendship.

"Shall we move to the bed?" Frasier asked. Roz took his hand and they walked
over to the bed. They both climbed on and sat on their knees.

"Let me explore your body, Frasier," Roz asked. Frasied laid back and Roz
looked over him. He was a strapping man, with a well defined body and a
strong jaw line that made Roz slightly moist. She leaned over him and kissed
him on the right cheek. She then kissed his neck and began working her way

When she reached his belly, she glanced down at his penis, which was gaining
an erection rather steadily. She watched it for just a minute, then she
wrapped her right hand around and it and began to gently stroke it. Frasier
moaned as he felt her touching him.

Roz leaned down and engulfed his manhood in her mouth. She began to lick it
and suck on it ever so gently. Frasier cried out in French as she pleasured
him. After just a few minutes of this, Roz stopped she then laid back on the
bed and looked at Frasier.

"Frasier... will you pleasure me?" she asked, innocently. Frasier smiled at
this. He then rolled over and positioned himself between her legs. Sure
enough, she was rather wet as it was. She placed her fingers at her folds
and then gave him instructions. "Frasier... make me feel like a woman...
powerful, yet sensual." Frasier understood what she needed. He brought his
head down to her crotch and began licking her. He traced his tongue over her
soft sexual mound, making her cry and whimper in pleasure. He then slid a
single finger, his middle finger, into her moist sexual hole. He slowly
rotated it, making Roz wail in delight.

After a few moments of this, he repositioned himself over her soft breasts.
He took the right breast in his hands and brought his lips to the erect
nipple. He traced the tip of his tongue over it, lightly. This caused quite
the reaction from Roz. He then brought his teeth to the nipple and clamped
down upon it. With a flicking motion, he stimulated the nipple to the point
where Roz was flushed with redness. She was panting as he made her feel
soft and delicate, yet powerful and sensual. As he continued this sexual
exploration of her erogenus zones, he returned his hand to her shaved crotch.
He slid two fingers into her opening. With a few repeated thrusts, he got
her crying out for more.

"Oh... Frasier... I'm gonna cum... I'm gonna...". Before she could finish the
sentence, she climaxed in a flood of hot juice. She cried out, screeching,
shaking violently and grabbing the sheets as her orgasm completely overtook
her body. She then looked up at Frasier. Her hair was completely soaked in
sweat and she wore a smile of pure content. She had only once been more happy
than now.

"I guess we're done for the night?" Frasier asked, a slight tone of
diappointment in his voice.

"I'll get you off. Climb on."

Frasier mounted Roz and slid his penis into her vagina. As he began to slide
it into her, he looked into her eyes. "Do I need a rubber?" he asked.

"Usually, I would say yes... but no, not tonight. In fact, you can cum inside
me if you wish. I don't mind." With that said, Frasier began to thrust in
Roz's slightly swollen vagina. He started out slow, but soon brought himself
almost to full speed.

She wrapped her legs around him and he took hold of her hips. He then grasped
her left breast and began squeezing it. As he did this, he looked into her

"Have I ever told you how wonderful your tits are?" he asked.

"No... how wonderful are they?" Roz asked, not expecting an answer.

"They're absolutely perfect. A nice little perky nipple. A full, round
shape... and softer than pudding. Sweet as the richest chocolate in the
world." Roz laughed at this one.

"You can't be serious..." she said.

"Of course I am. I mean, during my first week at KACL, I stared at your
breasts... imaginging how good they would be to lick... to suckle from... the
thought got me so horny."

"Well, as long as were both being honest, I always wanted to climb under that
desk, pull out your dick and suck on it... while on air." The two of them
laughed at this proposition.

"Wanna change positions?" Frasier asked. Roz smiled and nodded.

"You ever done the reverse cowboy?" Roz asked.

"No... what is it?" he asked.

"Lay back and I'll show you." With that, Frasier pulled out and got on his
back. Roz mounted him. She put her butt toward his face, then slide herself
down onto his cock. He whimpered and cried out as she lowered herself onto
him. He then placed his hands on her bottom and let her thrust up and down
on him. As she thrust faster and faster, she grabbed her tits. She pinched
her nipples and cried out in delight. "Oh Frasier... I'm gonna cum... I can
feel it." A few seconds later, with a shake and an earth-shattering cry, Roz
exploded. Her juice trickled over Frasier's meaty love organ. In a matter
of seconds, he too could feel his orgasm approaching.

"Oh Roz... I'm gonna cum... I'm gonna cum..." Roz quickly dismounted.

"Where do you want to do it? In my ass? On my tits? Inside of me?" In a haze,
Frasier replied.

"On your tits sounds good," he cried out. Roz got on her knees and helped
frasier up onto his. He started stroking and she helped with her left hand.
The rhythmic slapping of his skin made her speed up. A few seconds later, a
mighty burst of hot seman exploded out of his tip and splashed across her
jiggling tits. A second shot hit her belly. Frasier collapsed on the bed,
completely worn out. Roz got off the bed and went into the bathroom. She
rinsed off quickly in the shower before returing to her lover's side. They
lay down on the bed together, naked. Frasier climbed under the sheets and
invited Roz to join him. Together, they snuggled close and kissed each
other. For a long time, they had both felt rather lonely. Now... tonight,
they were together. This was it. They knew from this day forward they never
wanted to be with anyone else. But neither of them wished to say it.

Early the next morning, Frasier opened his eyes to find Roz still curled up
by him. He kissed her and she opened her eyes. She rolled over and looked at
him. Neither of them had made a mistake.

"I feel worthy now," Roz said, with a smile.

"You were always worthy... but I'm glad I could help." With a gentle kiss to
his lips, Roz thanked him again. After that, she got dressed and returned to
her room. Frasier lay in bed, thinking. He smiled. He felt he had someone to
love... someone who loved him... something neither of them could every have
imagined... something neither of them wanted to live without.


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