Fraiser: Roz And Daphne (FF)
by Bishop832 ([email protected])

As the sun set upon Seattle on Friday evening, Daphne Moon strolled into the
Cafe Nervousa. She wore a pretty blue sun dress and casual shoes. She was
alone. She sat down at her usual table and signaled for a waiter.

A man in his twenties, obviously a college student, walked over. Daphne
ordered a double espresso macchiato drink. The waiter walked away. Daphne
sighed. A moment later, Roz Doyle walks in. She was wearing her business
suit from work. It was clear that she hadn't gone home from work. She
looked around for a table.

"Roz," Daphne called out. Roz turned around to see Daphne sitting alone. She
walked over and sat down.

"So, where's your other half?" Roz asked. A pause. Roz quickly jumped to a
conclusion. "Oh no, you have a fight, didn't you?"

"No, Roz. We didn't have a fight. Niles, Frasier and Martin are at home...
having a bachelor party."

"What?" Roz asked, almost in disbelief.

"Well, I said that he could have a party if he promised not to get too out of

"I can't believe you let him have one," Roz said.

"Well, I figured it would be okay if Martin was there."

"That's like pouring sugar on an ant-hill to get rid of them," said Roz.

"Oh dear," Daphne said. The waiter returned with her drink.

"I'll never understand why men need to celebrate their last night of freedom
by ogling jiggling boobs?" Roz said.

"My sentiments exactly," replied Daphne.

"So, now what? Wanna go back to my place, crack a bottle of wine and watch a
tear jerker?"

"Why not?" Daphne said as she downed the drink. She got up, walked over to
the counter and paid for her drink. The two ladies left the cafe.

* * *

A short time later, Roz and Daphne entered into Roz's apartment. Daphne sat
down on the couch and took a deep breath. Roz walked over to the answering
machine. The light was blinking. She pressed the button.

"Hey Roz, It's Rick. Just wanted to check on you and Alice. Hope you're both
well. Also, I got my Masters in French. I'm going to be lecturing at Seattle
University next month and I hope we can get together. Love ya, Bye." BEEP.
Roz looked at the machine for a minute; she then looked back at Daphne.

"He sounds nice," Daphne said as she looked back.

"He's very sweet. His parents said that he wanted nothing to do with Alice,
but he calls twice a month."

"So, you gonna see him?" Daphne inquired.

"I'll consider it," Roz replied. Daphne leaned forward to the coffee table.
She grabbed the T.V. remote.

"So, where's Alice?" Daphne asked.

"Oh, she's at my mother's for a week."

"Oh, so we have the whole place to ourselves?"


Daphne turned on the television. She began flipping through the channels, at
the speed of light, looking for something of interest. Nothing.

"Say, you want some wine?" Roz asked from the kitchen.

"Sure," Daphne returned. Roz popped a cork and began pouring out to glasses
of red wine. She walked over and placed the wine on the table. She then took
hers and sipped a little.

"Anything worth watching?" Roz asked.

"No... 246 channels and nothing good on," Daphne replied.

"Wanna watch a DVD?" Roz questioned.

"Like what?"

"I got some in my room," said Roz. Daphne got up from the couch. She followed
Roz into the bedroom.

* * *

There was a rack of DVD movies in the bedroom. Daphne began scrolling through
them. Roz looked over.

"Do you mind if I hop in the shower quickly?" Roz asked.

"Go for it," Daphne responded. Roz began undressing. she took off her suit,
leaving herself in a pair of panties and a bra. Daphne turned and looked at
her delicate form. Roz glanced back. She smiled.

"Like you haven't seen it all before," she said.

I just didn't think you'd change in front of me," Daphne replied.

"I was behind you," Roz retorted.

"That sounds even worse," Daphne said. She continued scrolling the titles.
She came across one that she had never seen. It was something entitled "Mr.
Big Girth". "What do we have here?" Daphne asked. Roz walked over.

"How did this get here?" Roz asked. Daphne looked at the cover art. It was
clearly a porno.

"Roz, you watch porn?" Daphne said almost with a chuckle.

"Oh, and you don't?" Roz said matter of frankly.

"No, I've never seen one," Daphne replied.

"Well, you aren't seeing one tonight," Roz said.

"Come on, it'll be fun," Daphne replied.

"Alright, but this stays between us." Daphne went out into the living room.
She put the disc (which had rather perverse art) into the player. She closed
the player.

* * *

In the bathroom, Roz stripped off her undies and bra. She stepped into the
shower and began rinsing off.

* * *

Daphne watched as the title screen came on. She fiddled around with the
options. She selected sensor-sound and then viewed the trailer. She was
cracking up at it. Roz walked out, dressed in a pink nylon robe. She sat
down next to Daphne. She took the drink and began sipping again.

"Hey Daph, have you ever played 'shots'? She asked.

"Shots? No, I haven't."

"What we do is we pick a word and every time the word is said, we drink," Roz

"Okay, what word she all we go with?" Daphne asked.

"You pick," Roz said.

"Um, how about cock?" Daphne said.

"Sounds good," Roz replied. They started the movie. The first shot had a man
in his twenties, well built and slim, ringing the doorbell of a house. A
housewife opened up and greeted him.

"You must be the repair man I called," the woman said.

"Yes, I am. I'm Jeff," the man said.

"Well, I'm Marla," the woman replied. They walked into the house. The woman
led him into the bedroom.

"So, Marla, what seems to be the problem?"

"I've just been so horny. My mouth has been so empty since my husband died,
Marla needs some attention."

"Excuse me?" Jeff asked.

"Let me suck that cock into my throat," Marla said. Daphne and Roz took gulps
of wine.

As the woman performed fellatio on the man, he muttered, "Oh, you are such a
great cocksucking whore, that's right, lick my cock." The two women drank
again, twice.

As the movie continued, the two ladies got rather drunk. By half and hour,
they had consumed a bottle and a half of wine. Daphne was rather intoxicated.
On the screen, there were two women having lesbian sex with a dildo as a man
pounded one of them in the ass.

"Is it me or the wine?" Daphne asked.

"What?" Roz inquired.

"That actually looks like fun," Daphne said.

"What, the cock in the ass?" Roz asked. Daphne drank to cock.

"No, the lezzie sex. That looks fun," Daphne said.

"What are you suggesting?" Roz (who was equally intoxicated) asked. Daphne
looked at her, and then lunged at her. They kissed, passionately. Daphne then
fell back and looked at Roz. She hadn't minded.

"Wow, we have had a lot to drink," Roz said.

"Why do you say that?" Daphne asked, slurring her speech.

"Because you just kissed me,"

"Sorry," Daphne said.

"I didn't mind... I actually kind of liked it," Roz said, being as honest as
she could.

"Wanna continue in the bedroom?" Daphne asked.

"Sure," Roz said, curious to see how far this went.

* * *

They both leaped onto the bed and embraced in kisses. They began feeling each
other and licking each other. Daphne opened Roz's robe. She got a full and
spectacular view of Roz's naked body. She leaned down and proceeded to suck
on Roz's nipples. Roz cried out as her erect nipples were carressed by
Daphne's tongue.

Daphne gradually made her way south, licking Roz's tender flesh. Finally,
she made her way down to Roz's crotch. Roz was completely shaven, her sexual
folds openly exposed to the cool air. Daphne admired her beautiful flower
for a moment. She used two fingers to pry the folds open, exposing the pink

Daphne leaned in and began licking Roz's delicate pussy. She traced the edges
of the folds with the tip of her tongue, then she plunged her mouth around
the tiny erect clitorus. Roz began breathing with a new intensity and she
released seveal whimpers. Daphne looked up at her new lover.

"Oh, do we like that?" Daphne asked. Roz looked back at her.

"Yeah, very much so," she replied.

"Then I gather you'll love this," Daphne said. She leaned down and licked Roz
entire pussy in one long slow stroke. Roz cried out. Daphne then performed a
new move. She spread Roz as wide as she possibly could, and then pushed her
tongue in as far as it would go. Once inside, Daphne began tracing the inner
walls of Roz's sexual passage.

Roz was in a state of euphoria. She closed her eyes and whimpered as Daphne
brought her closer to orgasm with every lick. Finally, Roz felt that her
orgasm was imminent.

"Oh Daph, I'm gonna cum," she managed to cry out. Daphne pulled her tongue
from deep inside. She then stuck it out, folded at Roz's hole. A hot stream
of sexual juice exploded out. Roz grabbed the bedsheets, her eyes tightly
shut. She cried out a line of random words, mostly made up of, "oh yeah, that
so fuckin' great, oh." She was breathing rather hard as her orgasm subsided.

Daphne, still dressed, rolled over by Roz. They looked at each other.
Whatever they had just done, they enjoyed it. They shared a kiss. Once
parted, Roz looked at Daphne.

"Take off your clothes," Roz said. Daphne stripped naked. She pulled the
dress up over her head, revealing her bra and panties. She then unhooked her
bra and slipped off her panties. The two women were now completely naked (but
for Roz's robe). They kissed a long passionate kiss, their hands holding and
carressing each other's bodies. As they parted, Roz got up off the bed. She
dropped her robe off and walked over to a dresser. She opened a drawer and
pulled out several items.

"Whatcha got there?" Daphne inquired. Roz spun around to show off several
rubber cocks and two vibrators. The returned to the bed and placed the sex
toys on the covers.

"Every have a DP?" Roz asked.

"DP?" Daphne returned, unsure.

"Yes, double penetration?"

"No, Roz, have you?" Daphne asked.

"In college, all the time, but not recently. Here, roll onto you stomach,"
Roz said. Daphne did as she was told. Roz sat next to her, touching her
bottom. She eased Daphne's buttcheeks apart, then she slide a vibrator into
the english woman's anal flower. Daphne didn't expect that. She cried out
as she was filled.

"Ouch, take it out," she cried. Roz turned the device on, sending electric
pulses through Daphne's body. The new sensation calmed her down. She loosened
up as the cock gently pulsed in her butt.

Roz then handed a second vibrator to Daphne. She then stretched out on the
bed, face down, and looked at Daphne. "Now, you put that cock up my butt and
turn it on," Roz pleaded. Daphne climbed behind Roz, spread her cheeks and
eased the cock into her butt. She then turned it on. Roz whimpered as the
device gently hummed. The two women then looked at each other.

"Now what," Daphne proposed.

"Now, we have sex," Roz said as she presented a double ended dildo. "Lay
back," Roz ordered. Daphne did as she was told. "Spread your legs," Roz
ordered again. Again, Daphne did as she was told. Roz then climbed between
her legs and took hold of the double ended cock. She eased it into Daphne's
pussy, causing the english woman to whimper. Roz then guided the sextoy into
her own tight snatch. The two women began pressing their bodies closer, until
they were locked in a hug.

Their hips seemed to move involuntarily as they thrust together. They took
hold of each other's breasts, cupping them, squeezing them, kissing them, and
licking them.

Roz could feel the vibrator in her bottom stimulating her sphincter muscle.
She looked down at Daphne. Perspiration ran streaming down their faces, over
their bodies and dripped to the bed. They continued to rock together, their
pelvic bones bumping. Daphne ran her fingers through her shoulder-length
brown hair. She cried out, "Oh, Roz, I'm going to cum, hold me."

Roz pinned Daphne down on the bed as she began shaking and rocking. She
screeched out as her orgasm exploded. Sweat ran down her forehead and she
stuck her tongue out. Roz looked down at the tongue. She leaned down and
engulfed it in her mouth. The two women continued fucking and kissing as
Daphne's massive orgasm subsided. They parted lips and looked at each other.
Daphne seemed to become lost in Roz's hazel/brown eyes.

"Wanna change positions?" Roz asked.

"Okay," Daphne sputtered out. Roz pulled out and laid back on the bed. She
then looked over at Daphne.

"Daphne, roll over hands and knees," Roz muttered. Daphne climbed up on her
hands and knees. Roz got up on her knees and took hold of the rubber dildo.
She slowly pulled the vibrator out of Daphne butt. She placed it on the bed.
It was still clean. She eased the end of the rubber cock into Daphne now free
ass. She pulled the vibrator out of her own butt. It, too, was clean. She
placed it on the bed. She then guided the rubber cock into her fuckhole. She
took Daphne's hips and commenced fucking. Roz rammed the rubber sextoy as far
into Daphne as she could fit it.

"Oh fuckin' hell, That hurts," Daphne squealed.

"Yeah, that's right, you take it like a filthy little limey slut," Roz
returned, obviously caught up in the moment.

"Oh, so you want to be rough? Well, I can be rough too," Daphne quikcly
retorted. She rammed her hips back, pushing the rubber sex device deeper into

"You want a harsh spanking, don't you? You're a dirty fuck machine," Roz
cried out. She raised her hand and then slapped Daphne square on the bum.
Daphne cried out in a mix of pleasure and pain.

"Again?" Roz asked, half joking.

"Yes, again," Daphne said. Roz raised her hand high and brought it down
across her butt again. Once again, Daphne cried out. Roz then grabbed Daphne
bottom and held on to it as she felt the arrival of her second orgasm. In one
mighty burst of sexual strength, she came.

Sexual fluid gushed down her legs and slashed onto Daphne. Roz cried out as
she finished, then she fell to the bed, weak and tired. Daphne curled up next
to her and kissed her. Roz could barely move, let alone do anything else. She
was sore, exhausted and the effects of the boozes were wearing off. She
glanced over at Daphne and kissed her, on the lips.

"Sorry I can't get you off one more time," she apolgized.

Daphne smirked. "It's okay Roz, I think I'd have a heart attack if I came
again." The two woman curled up next to each other under the sheets and
exchanged a few more kisses. They soon drifted off to sleep.

* * *

Early the next moring, Roz woke up. She couldn't remember what had happened.
She had a vague memory of making love to Daphne Moon. Had it all been a
dream? Had she hallucinated the whole thing? That was when she heard the
shower running. She wasn't alone. The shower continued to run.

Roz walked into the steamy bathroom. Inside, she say a naked person. She
opened the door to find Daphne.

"Daphne? What are you doing here?" she said. Daphne just smiled.

"We had a pretty wild time last night, yes?" Daphne replied, smirking.

"What???" Roz asked. She suddenly realized what had happened.

"Well, Lover, you gonna join me in the shower?" Daphne asked.

"I'll pass," Roz said.


After Daphne finished showering, she got out, dried off and grabbed a pair
of sweats. She took a t-shirt and pulled it on. She then walked out into the
kitchen. She sat down at the table with Roz.

"Is something wrong?" Daphne asked.

"I'm just in shock about last night," Roz replied. "I mean, I'm not a

"Neither am I," Daphne replied.

"Well, you certianly didn't act like it last night... or just now in the
shower," Roz said, almost a tone of anger to her voice.

"Roz, please understand something... last night was the first time I have
ever truly felt satisfied during sex," Daphne started.

"You mean Niles doesn't get you off?" Roz asked.

"Yes, he does, but he sometimes takes too long. You got me off in good time
and you made me feel good. It wasn't about your selfish wants, but my needs.
And I felt it was about you, so I got you off twice. I just hope you had a
good time. I certianly did." Roz cheers up a little.

"Yeah, okay, I guess I can understand."

"One more time... for old times' sake?" Daphne asked. Roz looked up and

"No, I want you to marry Niles. Have a few children and let's just lock this
in the vault."



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