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Frasier: Roz's Confidence Boost (FF-best,mc,toys,oral)
by Anonymous

Current - Friday Night

Daphne was sitting in the living room feeling incredibly sexy and horny. She
wasn't sure why but she was dressed in a very fine purple lingerie top with
lacy purple pants to match the design of her top. Her straight long red hair
with blonde streaks hung loosely on shoulders and hid the straps of her top.
As she sat in the chair, she admired her long legs, stroking her thighs, then
her calves all the way to her black strap high heels. She was sitting in
front of a video camera she had set up on the table, but she was waiting for
someone to join her before she did anything else. She didn't know who though.
The flat was empty as usual on a Friday night and Daphne usually took
advantage by settling by the TV to watch a DVD.

Suddenly, the door bell went. Daphne knew she had to answer. She got up and
went to answer the door without putting even a gown over her fine lingerie.
She opened the door slowly anticipating it to be someone she knew. It was
Roz. Roz was stood wearing a long trench coat. She was soaked. Her long
brunette hair was sticking to the shoulders of the coat. All Daphne could
make out was she was wearing gold strappy high heels on her feet.

"Oh look at you. Come in" said Daphne, ignoring the fact that Roz would
clearly need in to dry off anyway. Roz entered and Daphne closed the door
behind her.

"Oh look at you!" Roz replied when she got in. At the same as saying it, she
dropped her soaking trench coat from her shoulders to reveal that she too was
wearing lingerie underneath. Her outfit was all black. It was a silk negligee
which came down to the top of her thighs with lace trim at the bottom. The
top half of the negligee accentuated her huge cleavage whilst the bottom
displayed her sexy legs.

Daphne only paused briefly. She went over to Roz and started to kiss her
passionately. It was now clear who she had been waiting for and what she had
to do.

Earlier - Friday Morning

Frasier and Roz were sitting in their office at the station. They had spent
most of the day going over ideas for the show. Roz had been a little off her
game all day so Frasier decided to enquire if anything was on her mind.

"Well" she started "I wasn't sure if I was going to say to you just now but
I've been offered an interview for a big TV station and if I get it I might
take the job. Nothing is official yet so I didn't want to upset you
unnecessarily but I'm really excited by the opportunity."

Frasier smiled and looked at her. "Hmm I can't say I'm happy to lose you but
I'm thrilled that you are moving up in the world. You're a great friend." His
fa‡ade covered his shock well.

"Aww. Thanks Frasier" she said as she gave him a hug. "I really am upset that
I'll be leaving you."

"It's not like we don't still have some time together. When's the interview?"

"It's next week and to be honest, I'm very nervous. I haven't done an
interview in years."

"Well I can help with that" exclaimed Frasier. "I am a psychiatrist after
all. We could try mind focus techniques or mock interviews to build up your

"Wow thanks Frasier. It sounds like a good idea but I don't know if I have
the time or the patience to try something like that. We'd need something

"Hmmm" pondered Frasier. "We could try hypnosis. It would help you quickly
and is very effective"

"That might work. I think I'll give it a shot."

"Excellent. We could go just now" he said as reached into his pocket for his
trusty watch. Roz relaxed back into her seat in acceptance of the plan. "I
need you to relax Roz. You need to focus on the watch and my voice. Just
focus on the watch swing and my voice and as you do, you feel yourself become
more and more relaxed. Back and forth and relax. All you can see is the watch
and hear is my voice. You're becoming more and more relaxed with each passing

Frasier could see that Roz was now slipping into a trance state. He kept
swinging the watch slowly and speaking in soft tones until Roz was completely
under. As he was putting his watch down an idea struck. He didn't want to
lose Roz at all. He could sabotage her chances by making her worse. But that
wouldn't work. She'd know. He'd have to do it some other way. He could ruin
her reputation. The executives would have to know what she was really like.
Roz was a slut but she wasn't careless.

"Listen to me Roz, you will obey my commands and my commands only. Will you

"Yes" answered the blank Roz.

"Good" smiled Frasier. He now had a plan. "I want you to head over to my flat
tonight wearing your sexiest outfit. You'll feel incredibly horny. You'll be
craving a good fucking. Do you understand?"

"Yes" said Roz again.

"When you get to the flat, someone will be waiting for you. You'll have the
hottest sex you've ever had with anyone. You'll want to put on a real show so
nothing is off limits. You only want to have sex. When it is over, you will
remember a fun evening."

"Yes" replied Roz.

"Now when I snap my fingers you will wake up but remember nothing of my
instructions apart from to follow them. You will believe you are now more
confident about your interview. You will go about the rest of your day as
normal. If you hear me say `confidence boost' you will fall straight back
into this trance. Do you understand?"

"Yes" said Roz for the fourth time.

Frasier snapped his fingers. Roz awoke slowly and smiled. "Wow. That really
worked. I already feel better about this interview. Thanks again Frasier."

"My pleasure" smiled Frasier.

Earlier - Friday Evening

Daphne and Frasier were sitting at dinner. Martin was away fishing with
his buddy and Niles had a conference out of town. Daphne was just sitting
thinking how nice it was to catch up with Frasier alone for a change.

"Homesick remedy" blurted Frasier in the middle of conversation. He wasn't
sure what time Roz was coming over so he needed to be fast. Thankfully he'd
hypnotized Daphne years ago when she was still acclimatizing to her move from
Manchester. Her head dropped instantly.

"Daphne, can you hear me?"

"Yes" she said, emotionless.

"Good. Roz is coming over. You want to satisfy her sexually. You are feeling
very horny and a good lesbian fuck with Roz will satisfy you. In this
session, you will do anything that takes your fancy which includes recording
the experience on camcorder. Make it hot and sweaty. I want you to put on
something sexy before she arrives. Do you understand?"

"Yes" replied Daphne.

"When I snap my fingers you will go and set everything up. You will not
remember me telling you to do this but you will remember the instructions.
When it is all over you will remember a fun evening with Roz."

Frasier snapped his fingers. Daphne awoke with a startle. A sexy smile came
across her face as she started to clear away the half eaten meal from the
table. "Dr Crane, where do we keep the video camera?" she said as she made
her way to the kitchen.

Current - Friday Night

Daphne's hands started to roam Roz's curvy body. She ran her hands from Roz's
perfect ass up her back to her neck. Daphne broke the kiss to lead her over
to the couch where the video camera was pointed. "Ooohh recording this. I
love that. We can watch it later" purred an excited Roz. She removed her top
which meant she was now completely naked. Her big breasts hung magnificently
in place despite the support being removed. Daphne pulled Roz down on to the
couch while they both looked longingly at the camera. Daphne then pushed Roz
back and nuzzled her head in Roz's cleavage.

"MMmmmph" moaned Roz. "I'm so horny right now." Daphne was expertly sucking
at Roz's tits now. Her tongue was exploring the rock hard nipple while her
hands squeezed at the fleshy mounds. "Oooohhh!"

Daphne was loving this. She had always wanted bigger jugs of her own but
playing with Roz's was making up for her longing. She kept squeezing at the
Roz's tits as she started to trace her tongue down Roz's stomach and around
her belly button. She continued on this path down to Roz's cleanly shaven

"AHHHH! Daphne! I never knew you could do this. It feels so wonderful." Roz
squeezed a cushion as the pleasure took hold of her body. Daphne continued
to work Roz's clit with her tongue. It was driving Roz wild. Suddenly the
pleasure increased as Daphne drove her tongue into Roz's pussy. Daphne
started to lick furiously. Roz couldn't help but thrust her hips on to
Daphne's face.

"AAHHHH I'M GOING TO CUM!!!!!" An orgasm ripped through her body, starting
with her pussy. It was amazingly intense. "YES! YEEESSSS!" she screamed.

Daphne's mouth filled with the sweet taste of pussy juice. She looked up from
between Roz's legs to see her smiling at her. She then stood up and turned to
the camera to show it her wet face. She was smiling.

Daphne reached for her top to remove it but was interrupted by the sound of
feet. Eddie ran past her feet. "Hey there little guy. Say Roz I have a great

"I want it too Daphne" she said as she got up to fetch Eddie from the hall.
Daphne couldn't help but be impressed as Roz's boobs jiggled as she stuttered
after Eddie in her sexy stiletto heels. As she left view, Daphne slowly
slipped off her lingerie for the camera and settled back onto the couch. She
opened her long legs and began to masturbate in front of the camera. She was
looking hungrily at it as if it were her lover. It was definitely turning her
on. Her hand rubbed furiously at her pussy as she waited for Roz to return.

Her mini session was interrupted by Roz's heels clicking back down the
corridor. Daphne turned round to see Roz holding Eddie under one arm. Her
free hand was jerking quickly underneath the dog. "You should see this
Daphne. He's huge! And he's only getting bigger." Roz was enjoying wanking
off the dog. He was now at about 14 inches and she wished she was going to
receive the cock. "I don't know what I love more. Pussy or cock."

Daphne lay back onto the couch and spread her long legs. Frasier wouldn't
like her high heels on the couch but he wasn't going to find out was he?
"Stick it in Roz. This is so hot."

Roz settled Eddie in between Daphne's spread legs and let him put his paws on
her belly. She then continued to jerk off the dog as she slid his cock into
her waiting pussy. Eddie was excited by his hand job and started to pump
Daphne hard. "MMMMmmmm fuuuuccckkkk!!!" moaned Daphne. She started to thrust
her pussy on to the dogs cock. "YEEESSS YESSS!" she girated.

Roz moved up the couch and began to kiss Daphne whilst working on Daphne's
small pert breasts with her hand. Daphne was dizzy with pleasure. She
couldn't tell what she enjoyed more. Everywhere was being stimulated. Eddie
was pounding fast and hard into her. Her pussy muscles were twitching. Her
orgasm came. She locked onto Roz's mouth for the most sensational feeling
she'd ever experienced. Her body was numb with pleasure. Her muscles didn't
feel like her own. She was in heaven.

As the orgasm subsided, she stopped kissing Roz. "I want to taste his cum.
The camera will love it," she smiled at Roz as she sat up. Eddie had no
choice but to stop humping Daphne.

"Sure, I'll make that happen" smiled Roz as she lay down where Daphne had
just been. She pulled Eddie by the collar up to her chest. She then grabbed
his cock and put it between her big tits. She then grabbed her tits and
squeezed them around Eddie's penis. Eddie started to hump the fleshy mounds
with the same vigor as he had done earlier with Daphne.

"MMMmmm a titty fuck" approved Daphne. "You are a very naughty girl. I think
I know how to reward you." She moved over to the table where she'd put all
her dildos for some reason which had now become clear. She took the double
ended 18 inch dildo. It wobbled as she carried it over to Roz on the couch.
Roz was enjoying the tit fucking she was getting too much to notice Daphne
lining up the dildo end with her pussy.

"OOOooo" she breathed as she felt it slide in to her pussy. Daphne then
climbed on to end of the couch putting her high heels either side of Roz's
head. Her head was likewise next to Roz's stiletto heels. Thankfully she
could still see the camera though which had been a concern. She wanted it to
see her face. As she slid the other end into her pussy, she began to grind
back and forth. She found it easy to get a rhythm as Roz was working on Eddie
and not putting in much effort of her own.

"Aaahhhh!! AAhhhh Yes! Yes!!" squealed Daphne as she rode Roz hard.

"He's going to come" shouted Roz as the first the spurts of Eddie's jizz hit
her chest. She let go of her tits and grabbed Eddie's cock and started to
wank it all over her tits. Streak after streak landed each breast. "Oh yeah!
Good boy! Good dog!" she said as Eddie started to dry up. She then started to
lick his cum from the tip of his cock not wanting any to go to waste. "It
tastes amazing" she beamed at Daphne as Eddie ran off.

Daphne could feel herself getting even more aroused. Roz's cum covered tits
began to bounce around as she started to fuck Daphne with the dildo. Daphne
couldn't resist. She sat up and buried her head straight into Roz's
glistening tits. She started to lick all over, becoming aware of cum on her
cheeks as she was slapped by the Roz's melons. "MMmmm I'm all dirty" moaned
Roz still working the dildo with her hand.

"Ohhh yeah... tastes... so... good" said Daphne licking away. She barely even
noticed her next orgasm approaching. She felt it though as it did arrive.
Roz's good work with the dildo pushing her over the edge. "OH GOD! YES! YES!
FUCK YES!" she gasped at Roz who was starting to orgasm as well. Her muscles
tensed and she lost control of her movements as she was overcome with joy.

"YEAH!! DON'T STOP DAPHNE!!"" who had momentarily stopped licking Roz's cum
covered tits. The pleasure was so intense. She was having the hottest sex of
her life. She felt waves of ecstasy pulse through her body, reacting to every
slight touch of Daphne's tongue and body. It felt like it would never end.
Her hand continued to pump the dildo into hers and Daphne's pussy as she
climaxed. "FUCCCCKKKK!!!" she moaned as the orgasm began to die down.

The two women were now satisfied. Daphne kissed Roz quickly on the lips
before allowing her to sit up. Roz enjoyed the taste of the dogs cum once
more and decided to turn the camera off. As she wandered over to it, she gave
the camera a good view of her still cum covered tits, grabbing them from
below and shaking them at the lens. She then licked her lips saucily and shut
it down. She turned to Daphne who was standing holding some silk pajamas for
her. Once Roz had taken them from her, Daphne turned and headed to her
bedroom. Roz put on the pajama's and went to sleep on the couch.

Saturday Morning

Roz was awoken by the sound of a door opening. "Frasier!" she said, almost
surprised by finding herself in his apartment.

"Oh hi Roz, you two girls have a late night then?" said Frasier staring at
her pajamas.

"Yeah we did. It was fun" was all she could think to say. She knew she had an
amazing night with Daphne but wasn't quite sure what they'd done. But she
also felt like she wanted to do whatever it was again.

"Confidence boost" said Frasier as Roz fell into another trance state. "Are
you relaxed Roz?"

"Yes" she murmured.

"Good. I want you to take the tape you made last night. Make another 3 copies
of it. Send one to me, one to Daphne and keep one for yourself. The other you
are to send to the TV station you are applying for a job with. You will
believe it is a thoroughly professional audition tape, displaying the best of
you producer skills. If you see it, you will believe you are reading the news
in a totally normal way."

"I understand."

"Good. Now after you hear back from them, if you watch the tape you will see
the erotic content of the video. You will think that only you and Daphne have
copies. You will have feelings for Daphne. You will feel horny watching it
and will be desperate to be satisfied in the same way. When I snap my fingers
you will remember nothing except how to follow the instructions."

Frasier clicked his fingers. Roz couldn't understand where her clothes were
and why her favourite black negligee was on the floor next to some purple
lingerie. She looked at Frasier who handed her the trench coat she had worn
for getting here. As she put it on, she felt her tits were covered in some
sort of hard dry substance. It felt good though although in a rush to leave
she headed straight for the door.

"Roz?" queried Frasier.

"Oh my audition tape! Thanks Frasier. I think it's a good one." Roz then
stopped as she noticed the large dildo lying beside the camera. Again she
thought it was good but couldn't quite place why. She shrugged it off in a
hurry to get copies of her tape sent off. "Bye Frasier" she said as she left.

Frasier just smiled. He was looking forward to receiving his copy of the


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