Frida: The First Time (FF)
by Morgana ([email protected])

Frida got into the elevator, waving to her husband.

"See you tomorrow, darling!"

Benny was going on an overnight trip with some friends. They were on tour in
California and the guys had decided to go back to Vegas to gamble.

Arriving on the 10th floor, she walked to her suite. On the way she heard
soft crying from a room. Her heart sank. It sounded like her friend. She
knocked on the door.

"Agnetha, it's me."

It took a few moments and the key turned. She looked a mess. Her beautiful
hair all sweaty, eyes swollen and running nose.

Frida entered. "What's happened?" she asked.

"He's flying his fucking girlfriend over. How dare he?" Agnetha ranted,
making fists at her sides and breaking into new tears.

"He has needs," Frida said calmly, "you wouldn't want him to... you know...
come to you for them, would you?"

Agnetha just opened her mouth, staring at her friend. "I'd rather become a
lesbian than sleep with him ever again!"

Frida giggled. "THAT, I'd love to see. You are crazy for guys..always have
been. You're a walking flirting machine, darling!"

Now Agnetha had to giggle too. "You are right, thanks for setting me
straight. Wanna get drunk?"

"Need you ask? Do we have champagne?"

Agnetha reached for the phone.

Frida switched the TV on, finding a soppy romance movie. It was about a woman
and a man, loosing each other in the 2nd world war and their time apart, then
their reunion by pure chance in a street café in Paris.

Both were really loaded when the credits came on.

"I'm going to sleep now," Agnetha announced, then sipping out the last drop
from her bottle.

"Yeah, let's!"

Frida just dropped beside Agnetha on the bed and they passed out instantly.

Agnetha felt cosy warmth when she woke up. Then she noticed two arms around
her, which were clearly not male. After some moments of confusion she
remembered Frida visiting yesterday evening. She smiled. It had been awfully
nice, without any stupid guys.

Frida moved, made a little purring sound and put both her hands over
Agnetha's breasts.

"Frida?" Agnetha inquired.

Her friend jerked up, snatching her hands back. "Oh my god, I'm was
an accident," she stammered, covering her face as Agnetha turned to her.

"I know it was an accident," she said softly, " didn't hurt me
or something, okay? Honey, look at me!"

Frida peeked at her between her fingers. Her face was flushed and Agnetha

"I've never seen you get red," she stated.

"Yeah. Swear to me that you'll never tell a soul!"

"Could you relax now? Whom would I tell this?"

"Good, thank you." Frida flipped on her back, breathing out.

"But have done this before...touched a woman that way..."

Agnetha's eyes were fixed on her friend. Frida nodded.

"Was she someone I know?"

"No, it was a woman I met when I had separated from my first husband. We were
together for a few months. Then I met Benny."

"You really loved to have sex with her?"

"Agnetha, where is this conversation leading?"

"I'm curious..."

Frida sat up, giving Agnetha a daring, almost menacing look. "Wanna try?"

When the young blonde woman simply inclined her head, she was shocked.


"Show me!"

"Do you want me to kiss you?"

Agnetha sighed. "Yes..."

Frida leaned over her. "Are you absolutely sure?"

Agnetha stroked Frida's cheek.

Frida put all her tenderness in this first kiss. She wanted Agnetha to feel
wonderful. Agnetha didn't take long to return the favour. Being a rather
passionate person, her tongue slipped into Frida's mouth, making her friend
moan with delight. This was really nice.

"Touch my breasts again," Agnetha whispered. Frida obliged.

"Mmmm," Frida murmured.

Agnetha took a little space, which made Frida hold her breath. Had she
overdone it? Scared her friend? No, Agnetha simply got rid of her tracksuit.
Now she lay back, the only clothing on her was a modest white cotton panty.
Frida wanted to eat her whole.

Agnetha guided Frida's hands over to her breasts. Frida could feel how her
most feminine place began to swell and throb. Lost in that sudden rush of
desire, she began using her mouth on Agnetha.

She kissed, she suckled, she licked. Agnetha's body was a shiny rose now. She
had her eyes closed and her fingers absently caressed Frida where she could
reach her. Too much was going on inside of her. At one moment she wanted to
come, please now!!! And on the other side, she wished that Frida would never


"Yes?" Frida was delighted with the far away lust filled tone in her friends

"What do you want me to do, darling? Would you let me give you that really
special licking or do you need 2 of my fingers?"

Agnetha moaned, rubbing herself against the sheets.

"Your slip is soaked," Frida continued, softly touching the still covered V.
Agnetha jerked up and threw herself over her astonished friend.

"Fuck me, just fuck me," she answered and bit Frida's neck.

It was a sight alright. Agnetha, her knees pulled up to her breasts, shaking
from head to toe, got the whole service. Frida's long, graceful fingers were
buried in her friends wet, slippery sheath, slowly moving in and out, while
her tongue and lips teased the blood filled love bud.

"I'm dying", Agnetha stated barely audible, her head turning from left to
right and back on the pillow in the same rhythm as Frida was fucking her.

Little cries mixed with deep moaning announced her nearing climax. Frida
pushed harder and found Agnetha's G-spot. Agnetha gave one single shout and

Frida waited for her to regain consciousness and couldn't stop grinning. When
Agnetha opened her eyes, she couldn't help but blushing.

"Sorry," she mumbled.

"For what?" Frida asked. "You were delightful, honey."

"I feel took my virginity..."

Frida broke into uncontrollable giggles and Agnetha got infected with it.
They held one another for minutes until they'd calmed down.

"We have to get up," Frida said, casting a look at the alarm clock.

"And you?"

"What and me?"

Agnetha's smile was smug. "Thinking you could escape my returnings?"

" you really want to?"

"How could you ask?"

Frida stood from the bed. "I wasn't sure."

"Last time I checked, my hands, mouth and tongue were in perfect health and

Agnetha enjoyed the red flush creeping up over Frida's ears.

"Come on, we'll take a shower together...I want to see you naked too,"
Agnetha further suggested.

Under Agnetha's tender look, Frida took her pyjama's off. Together they
stepped into the stall, starting the water and kissed again.

Agnetha's hands were everywhere and soon her lips began to explore. She was
fascinated to have a woman's breasts in her mouth, to feel the hard swelling
and hear Frida whimper.

"It doesn't hurt, does it?" she asked.

"No...uh...maybe a bit...but it's nice too," Frida replied, stroking
Agnetha's head.

"Sit down your legs for me," Agnetha ordered her softly and then
knelt between her thighs. She leaned forward and kissed Frida on the mouth.
"You're so beautiful," she said.

Frida's heart was thudding madly. She shouldn't be feeling what she felt now.
Only it was impossible when Agnetha caressed and loved her tenderly like
this. More kisses followed, as Agnetha explored Frida's girl place. Agnetha
giggled a bit, as the clit jumped at her touch. But the giggling subsided, as
her finger entered Frida. She was creamy and hot. Agnetha looked at Frida's
face. Frida had her lips pressed together, eyes tightly shut. Her whole body
was one taut string. Agnetha moved back and forth, making Frida moan.

Agnetha, without thinking, replaced her fingers with her tongue now. She
needed to taste Frida, lick out her slippery slit and suck on that little
quivering knob. The water drowned Frida's screams. Agnetha was squeezing
her breasts as rhythmically as she was eating her, muttering to herself,
commenting on Frida's behaviour.

"Let me come, please, let me come now, Neta...ooooooooh...ooooooooooooooooh!"
Frida scratched Agnetha's back, while orgasm hit her like a giant wave.

"Frida?" Agnetha embraced her, while wrapping a towel around her.

"Hmhm?" She lay her head on Agnetha's shoulder.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Whatever you want, love..."

"Could we...I mean, I don't want you to misunderstand this...but could we do
it again, sometimes, when you...have time...and I do too?"

Frida looked up, into her friends bright blue eyes. "If you want to..." she
answered, kissing Agnetha's hand.


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