Friday: Getting Bi In the Hood Part 1 (MMF,slash,drugs)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Craig Jones sat on the front porch of his Los Angeles area house on a Friday
afternoon, smoking and drinking with his best friend Smokey. They were two
young black men with nothing to do. At least, until they started doping up on
the weed, which released their inhibitions.

Craig and Smokey were smoking their blunts when Craig started checking Smokey
out. The slim young black man was rather good-looking. Craig smiled. His best
friend was sexy. Normally, hed be shocked at himself for even thinking these
words but today, with the weed kicking in, he didn't care.

Craig's weed-laced cigarette fell on the ground and he bent down to pick it
up. Smokey checked out his best friend's fine ass as the big man bent over.
Yeah, Craig had a fine ass. Smokey was feeling horny all of a sudden. The two
young men looked at each other, and an understanding passed between them.
They went inside.

Craig and Smokey went into the Jones household. The two young black studs
were quite horny, and undressed quickly. They admired each other's bodies.
Craig liked the look of Smokey's sexy, slim and dark masculine form. He also
liked the big dick which swung between Smokey's legs. Smokey smiled. He could
tell that his buddy wanted him. Craig bent down and took Smokey's cock in his
hand. He began to stroke his best buddy's dick and then took him into his
mouth. Smokey thrust his big cock into Craig's mouth and stroked his buddy's
head as he sucked his cock.

Smokey was in heaven as Craig sucked his dick. He held his weed in the other
hand, smoking it. Damn, the combination of sex and weed was driving this sexy
black stud into overdrive. Smokey soon came, and Craig drank up all of his
seed. Smokey grinned as his best friend sucked him off. The two studs were
interrupted by a knock on the door. Before either of them could react, their
noisy neighbor Felisha walked in uninvited. The tall, light-skinned
neighborhood crack-ho walked in, wanting to score some weed. Instead, what
she saw amazed her.

Smokey and Craig were doing the nasty! Felisha gasped. Smokey stared at her,
and so did Craig. Smokey angrily called her a bitch and told her to leave.
Craig didn't say anything. Felisha looked at the scene. Two black males
engaging in sexual congress with each other. It was enough to make her pussy
sweat. She smiled, and told them that she'd like to watch. Smokey threatened
to give her a serious ass whupping. Felisha told him that all she wanted was
some action. After a brief hesitation, Smokey nodded.

Craig resumed sucking Smokey's dick and Felisha watched, fingering her
pussy as the two black studs did their thing. She watched for some time,
then decided to join in. She knelt beside Craig and took Smokey's cock in
her mouth. Together, they sucked him off. Smokey came again, and both
Felisha and Craig drank his cum. Next, Smokey put on a condom and propped
Craig on all fours. He spread the big man's butt cheeks wide open and
thrust into him. Craig gasped as Smokey's huge cock went up his ass.
Felisha watched, masturbating as Smokey began to fuck Craig like there
was no tomorrow.

Felisha noticed that Craig had a big dick which seemed to grow bigger as
Smokey fucked him in the ass. She came and sucked on Craig's cock as he got
fucked by Smokey. Smokey gripped Craig by the hips and slammed his huge cock
up the big man's ass. Craig screamed as Smokey fucked him. Felisha sucked
his cock and stroked his balls as the big man was in the throes of pleasure
and pain. When Craig came, Felisha drank his seed. Craig lay there, breathing
heavily as Smokey pulled out of him.

Felisha sucked both of their dicks at the same time. The neighborhood crack
ho was greedy for their hot cum. Smokey and Craig both came all over her face
and she drank them dry. The two studs took a moment to recover, then they
were hard again. This time, it was Felisha's turn to get fucked. Craig spread
the light-skinned black whore's ass cheeks wide open and pressed his cock
against her asshole. Holding her by the hips, he thrust into her. Felisha
screamed as the big man's cock went up her ass. Smokey watched as Craig
fucked Felisha, stroking his big cock.

Craig began to fuck the shit out of Felisha's asshole. He loved the feeling
of a tight ass around his cock and didn't matter if it belonged to a male or
a female. Felisha howled as the bisexual black man shoved his cock deep into
her asshole. She had never been fucked in the ass before. Evidently, Craig
loved it. He fucked her harder, and she found that she was starting to like
it. It kind of felt good to have a big old cock up her ass. Her ass squeezed
Craig's cock and it wasn't long before he came, filling her ass with his cum.

Smokey watched as the cum from Craig's cock leaked out of Felisha's asshole.
Damn, he wanted some of that. Smokey came and licked Craig's cock, then he
propped Felisha on all fours and stuffed his cock into her ass. He looked at
Craig, and winked at him. Craig knew just what to do. He slid his cock into
Smokey's asshole, and the fun began all over again. Felisha screamed as
Smokey buried his thick cock into her asshole. He was even bigger than Craig!
Smokey grimaced, loving the feel of a woman's tight asshole around his cock.
He couldn't make up his mind whose asshole he liked best, a man or a woman.
One thing for sure, he was definitely loving the feel of Craig's cock up his

The big man held Smokey by the hips and thrust his cock deeply into his ass.
Smokey drove his cock even deeper into Felisha's ass and the slim junkie
screamed as her ass got fucked for the second time that day. Craig slammed
his cock deeper into Smokey and the pot-smoking bisexual black stud finally
screamed. Yeah, he was loving the feel of a man's hard cock up his ass while
his own cock was buried deep into a woman's ass. What could be better?
Apparently nothing for he came, blasting his hot cum deep inside Felisha.
The woman screamed loud enough to wake the dead. At the same time, Craig
shot his load inside Smokey, and the young stud howled in both pain and
pleasure. All three of them lay on the floor, panting.

A short while later, Craig and Smokey threw Felisha out on her fanny. The two
sexy black studs went back to the house, where they continued their afternoon
of nonstop sex and smoking and drinking. What else is there to do in the hood
when you got no job?


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