Friday: Getting Bi In The Hood Part 2 (MF,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Smokey and Craig had been on the porch of Craig's Los Angeles house all day.
They'd been fucking each other's brains out all day too. Just two bisexual
black studs in the hood. Felisha had joined them for some time, then they
threw her out. Yet they were still horny. Smokey went home to get some weed.
Craig Jones was sitting on his front porch when this gal Joann came to visit.
He didn't really like her but he was horny and wanted to have some fun. He'd
been smoking all day and felt horny as hell. Joann was the neighborhood ho
and basically a slave to her instincts. So, they went inside to do the nasty.

Craig and Joann undressed, and started to go at it. Joann knelt before Craig
and took his big cock in her mouth. She began sucking on it. While sucking
his cock, she stroked his balls. When he finally came, she drank his seed.
Craig looked at Joann as she sucked him off. Yeah, the big girl really knew
her stuff. What he really wanted was a shot at that plump ass of hers.
Naturally, Joann was down for whatever. Craig asked her to assume the
position. Joann got on all fours and Craig positioned himself behind her.
He spread her plump butt cheeks wide open and pressed his cock against her
asshole. With a swift thrust, he penetrated her. Joanna screamed as Craig
began pumping that big cock of his into her asshole. He held her by the hips
and fucked her like there was no tomorrow.

At some point, Craig flipped Joann on her back and raised her thick legs in
the air. In this position, he could stick his cock deeper into her ass and
also Look into her eyes as he sodomized her. Man, he was seriously loving
the feeling of a womanly asshole around his cock. He was in heaven, fucking
the hell out of Joann's asshole. The big woman screamed her lungs out. He
could tell that she liked it. The feel of a hard cock up her buns was
something this woman enjoyed. Yeah, it felt really good. Craig continued to
fuck the hell out of her ass until he came, filling her asshole with his
seed. Yeah, this was the bomb!

Joann lay there, sated. Craig's cum was leaking out of the big black woman's
dilated asshole. Craig had another game in mind. Joann was down for whatever,
as usual. They wrestled on the floor, and continued their sex games. Joanna
went to the kitchen and grabbed a cucumber, which she showed into Craig's
asshole, fucking him with it. Craig grimaced as the large, cock-like object
went up his buns. Joann sucked his cock as she fucked him with her makeshift
dildo. Craig screamed as he got fucked.

Joann fucked him with the cucumber, loving the sound of his joyful screams.
Yeah, he liked it. He was a bisexual stud after all. She got a delightfully
kinky idea. She took the cucumber out of his ass and buried it into her
asshole, and placed the other end back into her ass. This way, they could
fuck each others assholes at the same time. Yeah, this was so much fun.
Joann screamed as the cucumber filled her asshole. Her screams echoed
Craig's. The cucumber fucked his ass as well. Butt to butt, they rubbed and
fucked and screamed until they came.

They fucked and sucked all afternoon. Craig went to Joann's house, and the
big woman gave him a special treat. He licked her pussy and then she greased
up his anus and fucked him with her big strap on. Craig lay on his back as
Joann banged his butt. Then, he did her. First, he tied up her hands behind
her back and bound her feet. He bent the big woman over, spread her plump
ass cheeks and buried his cock deep into her asshole. He shoved his cock as
deep as it would go into that tight ass of hers. Joann screamed loud enough
to wake the dead as she got fucked in the ass. It was a hot night in the
hood. When it ended, they had used up more lube than most porn studios did
in one week.

Craig went back home, he had a good night. Later, he found out that Smokey
was passed out from smoking too damn much. Oh, well. To each his own. Craig
was a young bisexual black man expanding his horizons. He was a lover of
the butt. An anal master. The thing is that he didn't care whom a sexy ass
belonged to. He would take whatever he wanted, from whoever he wanted. Sex
was just sex. That's the beauty of bisexuality. This is his true story of
getting by in the hood.

The End


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