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Friends: Carol And Susan's Lessons (FFFFF, Oral, Anal w/dildo)
by Chaos

The three friends girls played with Ben, Ross's son in Monica's apartment.
Ross's ex-wife, Carol, was a lesbian and looked after Ben with her
'life-partner', Susan. Ross hadn't been around and so Carol and Susan had
asked Rachel, Monica and Phoebe to baby-sit.

"Wow. I so want a baby of my own!" Said Monica.

"Ick. Monica you'll have to wait." Replied Rachel.

"But I want one NOW!"

"Wouldn't it be, like, funny if tomorrow Monica gave birth?" Said Phoebe.
Monica and Rachel looked at her.

"That would be strange, yes." Said Monica. There was a knock on the door.
"It's open!" Carol and Susan walked in.

"OK Ben. It's time to go home!" Said Carol.

"Oh thank you so much for looking after him! He wasn't any trouble was he?"
Said Susan

"NO! He was no trouble!" Said Monica.

"Hey we're a bit broke at the moment so we can't afford to pay you."

"Oh we don't need paying."

"No. I insist, err, come to our house tomorrow and we'll make you dinner."

"Oh we couldn't possibly!"

"Oh come on, it'll be fun, just us five girls."

"Oh OK then."

* * *

The three girls arrived at Carol and Susan's apartment. They rung the
doorbell. Carol opened the door with a wide smile.

"Come in!" She said. As the girls walked in see took a quick look at their
tight arses and licked her lips. The dinner was orderly. Wine was served and
everyone was a bit tipsy although nobody was totally drunk. Susan slipped her
hand under the table. It came to rest on Rachel's leg. She squeezed. Rachel
looked at her. In her past Rachel had made-out with a woman but she was
unsure about this. Susan smiled. Rachel pretended it hadn't happened. Later
on the 5 girls started to talk and the subject soon turned to sex.

"So what's it like? With a women?" Asked Monica.

"It's totally different to when you're with a man. Women know what women
want, what provides pleasure, what makes us cum." Replied Carol.

"Sounds nice."

"It is."

"Maybe I should try it sometime."

"Maybe you could try it now." Monica spat her wine onto the floor. Carol
moved over to her and kissed her softly. They embraced and began to kiss
more frantically.

"You know Rachel. I've always fancied you." Said Susan. Rachel looked stunned
as Susan walked over and began to grope her. Her soft fingers ran across
Rachel's clothing feeling her magnificent tits. Susan looked over to Carol
and Monica, they were now both naked. Monica was a 34B, Carol a 36C. Monica
had her legs wrapped around Carol's head and Carol was lapping expertly at
Monica's swollen clit. She rolled around the floor screaming in absolute
pleasure, calling out her ex-sister-in-law's name. Rachel was moaning. She,
Susan and Phoebe were also naked. Susan was a 36B, Rachel a 34D and Phoebe a
32C. Currently Susan and Phoebe were licking and sucking Rachel's large

"Susan, I want you to lick me. Phoebe I want to lick you!" She moaned. She
lay down on the floor and Susan went down on her shaven cunt. Phoebe spread
her legs and lowered herself upon Rachel's face. As the three licked and
came Monica was currently tongue fucking Carol's arse. Carol screamed as
her most private area was violated but she started to come and her screams
turned to screams of ecstasy. Monica moved over to Rachel and embraced her
in a long kiss.

"Rachel, since we showered together in high school I've wanted this to
happen." They continued to kiss but then broke the kiss and Monica moved
down Rachel's body kissing her body. She turned Rachel around and encouraged
her to bend over leaning onto the table, Monica's tongue flicked into
Rachel's arse. Rachel screamed in pain and pleasure. Her arse unclenched and
Monica's tongue drove deeper and deeper into Rachel's sacred place until she
came with wave upon wave of pleasure. Meanwhile Carol and Susan were
pleasuring Phoebe. Carol had her fingers in Phoebe's cunt and Phoebe was
pushing herself into them while Susan sucked on Phoebe's nipples. Phoebe lay
on the floor gently moaning her chest heaving in and out as she breathed in
and out deeply. She began to come and arched her back in pleasure. As she
screamed Carol and Susan's names she came to full ecstasy and exploded upon
the floor. She looked over to Monica and Rachel who had intertwined their
bodies together and quickly rubbing their wet cunts together. Their cum
mixed together and dripped into each other's cunts while their tits squeezed
against each other. Phoebe was learning the subtleties of eating a woman out
as she and Susan nibbled on Carol's cunt. Susan would pleasure Carol and
then Phoebe would mimic her action. Soon Carol exploded. Susan was next and
two girls placed their fingers in each other making her cum quick and hard.
Carol moved over to Rachel and lay her down on the floor, slowly she began
to kiss Rachel all over paying extra attention to Rachel's full breasts. Her
hands roamed all over Rachel's body but then she stood up. She walked over
to a draw and picked out a double-headed dildo. She encouraged Rachel to
open her legs wide and strapped on the dildo so it entered her own cunt in
one end and stuck out at Rachel. She then plunged the huge cock into Rachel.
Rachel moaned and Carol began to gyrate the fake cock into Rachel moving in
and out faster and faster. The action also stimulated Carol and her own
moans began. The two's breathing began to synchronise and they both came to
climax. They held each other for a while and looked over to Phoebe, Susan
and Monica who were currently in a tri-69. The three were in a triangle with
each girl having one girls cunt in front of their face. They all lapped away
at each other's cunts. Susan was the most skilled and as she licked Monica's
cunt Monica started to spasm her whole body cumming at once and a full body
orgasm flowed through her. Phoebe was next to cum as Monica's licking became
more frantic as she approached orgasm. Her own licking became more frantic
and lastly Susan cummed.

"Wow." Said Rachel. "I think everyone's fucked everyone."

"Not quite." Said Carol. She still had the dildo on and she pointed it
towards Phoebe. "You, I have yet to fuck."

"Me?" Asked Phoebe, she tried to get up but she was exhausted.

"Yes you. Get on your hands and knees." Phoebe did so accordingly. She felt
fumbling near her arse, a thumb entered and then some fingers, Phoebe felt
them exploring her arse and they withdrew. Then a tongue licked around. And
then her arse was held open with two hands. Then the dildo rammed into her
arse. It took it's time, and it hurt Phoebe but the dildo quickly made it's
way into Phoebe and it began to gyrate in and out. Phoebe soon began to moan
as did Carol accordingly. Soon they both exploded. And the five girls lay
together confident their lives would never be the same again.


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