New author and story: A FRIENDS parody.

FRIENDS: Changing Attitudes - PART I (M/F, inc, celeb)
by StoryTeller56


MY VIEW: Inspired by Val White's exotic parody of "FRIENDS", amongst
others (the creative writings of Wonder Mike comes to mind),
I have written my very first, and quite lengthy, erotic TV

BE WARNED that with the exception of torture, snuff and very
extreme pedo, this story and future stories has no bounds.

Nothing in this story has, or ever will happen (?), nor do I
in any way condone any such practices. It is just my own
perverted fantasy version of what I'd like to see happen...
just once!

COMMENT: As my first attempt a writing a story, your comments, either
good or bad would be appreciated.

PART I - CHAPTER 1: The Challenge

Monica and Ross were visiting their new "FRIENDS" Danny, and his
knockout of a sister, Marie.

Marie was staying with her brother for a while until she could find a
place of her own.

She usually dresses in her shorty-kimono (as her brother calls it)
whenever the guys come over for a chit-chat session, which is one of
the reasons Ross likes to visit Danny. These chat sessions almost
always wind up with talks about sex!

Danny was dating Rachel at the moment. He liked her (with that body,
what's NOT to like?) but thought her snobbish and self-involved.

She was always making snide remarks like "Danny, shouldn't your sister
put something a little more decent, on? I don't think it's normal for
brother and sister to horse around like you guys do?".

Marie would say to her "Siblings are always fooling around like that
Rachel! There's nothing wrong with that. Ask Monica and Ross?".

In truth, Rachel kinda enjoyed their little antics. This "forbidden"
taboo aroused her!

DANNY: Guys, anybody else a little annoyed by Rachel's snobbishness?

They all shake their heads in agreement.

DANNY: I've go a deviously wicked plan, maybe you would like to help?

All ears perk up. They know Danny's plans are always quite creative
and they agree.

DANNY: Well, it's going to involve the both of you and some pretty
kinky stuff. Think you can handle it?

ROSS: I'm in!

Monica, never one to refuse a challenge, shakes her pretty head in a
slightly unsure agreement. She knows Danny's a little flaky at times.

MONICA: OK. Me too!

Danny explains the plan to them.

PART I - CHAPTER 2: The Tease

The next day in Danny's apartment, Danny, Rachel and Marie are sitting
on the couch together; with Danny in the middle.

Marie is going to make dinner for the three of them.

Marie's wearing her usual kimono with the added touch of shear nylon
stockings. The top of her robe is also open a little more than usual
too, showing some nice cleavage!

Rachel has her favorite black pleated mini-dress on with bare legs, a
plain white silk blouse with her trademark nipples poking prominently
from her chest.

MARIE: I better let you check out the gravy before I heat it up Danny.
You know how picky you are and I can only add flour when it's
still cold.

With that, Marie gets up and heads for the counter to get the small
bowl of gravy.

She picks it up, walks back to the couch for her brother's approval
and trips on the scatter-rug, causing the gravy to splash all over

Making sure Rachel's watching, she looks down at her brother's crouch
which is now soaked with gravy.

MARIE: We better get that out or it will make a permanent stain.

Marie walks over to the sink and grabs a moistened dish-rag then
returns to couch next to her brother.

Holding the rag, she starts to rub Danny's crotch.

Watching Danny's sister groping her brother's cock, she notices some
twitching through his pants but his sister doesn't seem to care and
continues her little circles on her brother's dick.

Rachel can't believe what she's seeing and, worse, she's feeling
aroused at the sight of this incestuous stroking.

"Is this a NORMAL brother-sister thing?" wonders Rachel.

MARIE: I think it's CUMMING out Danny!

DANNY: Thanks sis. Looks like you got some of that gravy on your leg

Marie gets up from the couch and blatantly places her foot righ on top
of her brother's swollen cock and moves it back and forth, as if to
find a comfortable position. She rests her knee towards his face.

Easily seeing the bottoms of Marie's panties, Rachel wonders "What's
this? He's staring right at his SISTER's pussy!".

MARIE: Here's the rag Danny. See if you can get it out please?

Danny takes the rag and, beginning at her calf, starts gently rubbing
while working his way up her leg to her knee then her outer thigh,
making little circles, removing the gravy stains just as she did on
his crotch moments ago.

Rachel can hear what can be construed as soft moans of ecstasy coming
from Marie. "She's enjoying this!".

DANNY: You managed to get it all the way up you leg sis... Hope I can
get it all off.

Danny continues his soft stroking off his sister's nyloned thigh.

"God, she's so soft, this is one of my better ideas!" the now horny
brother thinks to himself.

He has now worked his way to her inner thigh, very close to her panty
covered pussy. He continues his circular stroking where every now and
then his outstretched middle finger ACCIDENTLY makes contact with his
beautiful sister's pussy. He can hear a little moaning from her.

Rachel is mesmerized. Her pussy is moist and her nipples are hard as
a rock making themselves obvious through her blouse.

MARIE: Oh my God! I'm so clumsy Rachel! I've got some of it on your
beautiful blouse too.

RACHEL: Oh that's OK Marie...

MARIE: We have to get to get it out right away or it will ruin it!

Much to her brother's dismay, Marie lowers her leg and walks over to
the sink, wets the dish-rag then returns to Rachel's side of the couch
and begins rubbing Rachel's breasts through her blouse with the wet

She thinks "Wow, that's some pair of tits on her. And these nipples!
No wonder my brother's dating her!".

Continuing her wet assault on Rachel's tits causes her blouse to
become semi-transparent revealing her lacy bra with holes cut out so
her hard dark brown double nipples stand out prominently to Marie's

This site, of course, didn't go unnoticed by Danny who now sprouted a
full hard-on at this lezbo tit-rubbing between his sister and his
super-sexy girlfriend continue.

MARIE: WOW! That's one sexy bra Rachel. No wonder your nipples are
always noticeable through you blouses. You done good Danny!

RACHEL: Err thanks. I think I better go and change now.

With that Rachel get up, a little wobbly, and leaves. Marie's action
definitely had an effect on her.

Remembering how she once tried, in an equally excited state, to have a
little fun with Monica but was rejected. "Her roommate and friend was
always a bit of a prude!" she thought.

PART I - CHAPTER 3: Challenge Met

Monica had changed into a sensible mid-thigh skirt and a silk blouse
with black stockings.

She didn't want this plan to be too obvious, after all, while a bit
thick at times, Rachel wasn't stupid!

Her brother and she was standing in the living room.

ROSS: I don't know Monica, you think you'll be able to go through with
Danny scheme? It's kind of kinky and I wouldn't blame you if
you feel you're not up for the challenge! Maybe a little

Monica gives her brother the evil stare. How dare he think that she's
afraid of anything. No, she'd go through with this, even though she
didn't like to deceive her friend.

MONICA: Don't you worry Ross. You just hold up your end of the deal.
In fact, come here big brother. I'll show you who's afraid!

Monica raps her arms around Ross' waist and grabs both cheeks of his
ass and gives them a little squeeze pressing her body tightly against
his with a slight grind.

He can feel Monica's ample boobs pressing into his chest, her 'hump'
slightly rubbing his crotch.

"Geez, I can't believe my baby sister's feeling my ass and rubbing up
against me!" worries Ross

He could feel his cock swelling at the mere though of this kinky/taboo
scheme he agreed to do with his very sexy sister.

What Ross didn't know was his 'baby' sister always had a thing for her
older brother. Many times, when they were alone, she'd deliberately
undo a few buttons on her blouse and bend way down allowing him a good
view of some heavy cleavage. Sometimes she would sit opposite him
and, knowing he's a leg man, cross and uncross her legs to where he
could see right up to her stocking tops. There was a few times when
she could swear she saw a bulge in his crotch due to her actions!

ROSS: I guess you're OK with this then.

Just then the door bursts open and in walks Rachel. Her arms crossed
over her chest, shaken up.

MONICA: Hi Rach. What's the matter?

Monica and Ross can hardly stop from grinning. They knew full well
the little stunt Danny and his sister just played on their friend.

RACHEL: Oh good, the guys aren't here. Boy, I'd never heard the end
of it if I came in like this around them.

Rachel was of course referring to Chandler and Joey, long-time friends
from who had an apartment right across the hall from their apartment.

The 'guys' were always trying to cop a feel or sneak a peek and the
girls. Surprisingly, the usual uninhibited Rachel didn't like it for
some reason she couldn't figure out.

With that she unfolds her arms. Ross goes bugger-eyed at the sight.

Her nipples are rock-hard, poking through her soaked see-thru blouse.
The holes in her bra, of course, accentuating them even more.

ROSS: Uhh... I'm still here you know Rachel?

RACHEL: You don't count Ross. You've already seen my boobs. Anyway,
I have to ask you guys something? I hope it doesn't upset

MONICA: No problem Rach. Ask away...

Rachel sits down in the chair opposite Ross and Monica, nipples still
fully exposed through the blouse, props her legs up on the coffee
table which causes her pleated skirt to ride up, exposing her legs
almost to her butt.

This sight has not gone un-noticed by Ross, nor Monica. Rachel's
built like a brick shit-house and knows how much of turn-on her legs
and ass are. Ross feels the stirrings in his prick.

MONICA: Err... Rach, your kinda sitting un-lady-like there?

RACHEL: God damn it Monica, stop being such a fucking prude! I'm the
one with the problem here. YOU WANNA SEE UN-LADY-LIKE? HOW'S

With that, Rachel raises both legs in the air and spreads them wide,
affording all a great view of her white silk panties, now so moist you
can count the hairs on her pussy.

RACHEL: How's THAT for lady-like? Does that DO anything for ya Ross?

Ross' eyes almost popped out of their sockets! He was at full
erection now and was absent-mindedly rubbing his cock through his

Rachel knew, as his ex-girlfriend, how turned-on he got when she acted
slutty and teased him with her beautiful leg displays.

Monica was taken aback by her friends sudden outburst!

Not so much by her friend displaying her charms, hell Rachel's always
been an exhibitionest. Just last month, while walking together down
the street, a boy of about 14, let out a whistle and yells out "Will
ya look at the asses on them?". Rachel turns her head to the boy and
pulls the hem of her skirt up, exposing her panty-hose clad ass to the
boys gaze, bends a little and spreads her ass cheeks apart exposing
her puckered anus. Rachel wore no underwear that day! "Think you can
handle this BOY?" yells Rachel. She then reaches out and grabs a hold
of Monica's ass, giving it a squeeze, and says to the boy "OR THIS?".

The boy, eyes wide open, becomes afraid and runs off.

She also knows Rachel is, for the most part, un-inhibited about sex.

She could feel her own juices start flowing. This is exciting, her
handsome brother jerking off to her best friends body. She always
thought Rachel had one hot body!

MONICA: Calm down Rachel. We'll help you the best we can.

RACHEL: I'm sorry guys. I don't know what's got in to me.

Rachel lowers her legs back on the coffee table, but her legs are
still splayed since she's still turned-on by what her body is doing to
her friends.

Ross' reaction is obvious and she's sure she can see Monica's huge
breasts heaving under that blouse!

RACHEL: I'm sorry Mon. It's just so frustrating sometimes.

Rachel was blushing, not knowing how her friends were going to take
her question. But ask she will.

Boy was she in for the shock of her life! The plan was working.

Ross calmed down a bit now that Rachel ended her display; he knew what
was coming, according to Danny's plan.

He removes his hand from his crotch and deftly places it around
Monica's shoulder, pulling her closer to him and waits for a
reaction... none!

He drops it onto her breast and non-chalantly gives it a little

His sister just gives him a loving smile and starts caressing Ross'
thigh in return, very close to his bulging crotch!

Ross is both delighted and supprised by his sister!

"I can't believe I'm feeling my SISTER's tit and she's rubbing my leg,
this is getting VERY interesting!" thinks Ross.

RACHEL: Ya see, that's what I mean. You're his SISTER for God's sake
and you don't seem to mind him squeezing your breasts! And
what's with the leg thing. You might as well jerk him off!

ROSS: Oh, this doesn't mean nothing Rach. You know how close we are.
Just a little brother/sister comforting, that's all.

Monica nods her head in agreement. She's got her hand real close to
her brother's hardening cock-head and Ross is amazed at the depravity
his sister will stoop to for a challenge! If he only knew?

RACHEL: Okay, a little petting maybe! But you guys don't fool around,
ya know, touch each other in a way that would seem, ah,

Ross and Monica looked at each other. Danny's plan was working out as
if scripted. Amazing!

By now, Ross was so worked up with Monica rubbing his thigh, his usual
subdued composure was thrown out the window.

He took the initiative...

ROSS: Don't know what do you mean by "inappropriate" Rachel? I mean
we could never fornicate! Could we Mon?

His question goes unanswered. "Interesting" his over-stimulated mind
thinks, causing a spurt of boldness to take over.

He places his hand on Monica's top-most crossed leg and strokes her
black nylon covered knee. "God, nylon on a beautiful women's legs...
what an incredible feeling!" and lacking any protest from his sister,
he moves his hand up, mid-thigh, to the bottom hem of her skirt.

Monica is just staring between her brother's hands, the one still
squeezing her tit and the other working it's way up her leg, and the
starry-eye Rachel watching this unusual brother/sister horseplay.

Ross, feeling bold now, slides his shaking hand even farther up his
sister's thigh, pushing her skirt up at the same time. He feels
Monica tremble. Not sure if this is a good sign, he decides to test a
little more.

Rachel is staring in disbelief, but unconsciously start rubbing her
own thigh.

Ross continues pushing Monica's skirt up her legs until it's up as far
as it can go, exposing a lovely span of black nylon on white thigh,
with garter belts no less!

Still no protest from Monica... her eyes closed and her breathing

"Damn, she's enjoying this as much as me!" ponders Ross.

Monica places both her hands over her brother's other hand, still busy
playing with her breasts. She presses tightly, to were her blouse and
bra are straining to contain her her heaving breasts.

Feeling encouraged, he places his open hand around her bare thigh,
right next to her panty line, and restarts his little circular action.
Then he slides his hand around to her inner thigh, between her legs,
and rubs some more. He stretches his fingers to were they just graze
her pussy lips, through her thin panties. Feeling the heat and damp,
he knows he's doing good!

Monica lets out and audible moan. She's pleased.

In the meantime, Rachel is taking this all in and is absent-mindly
rubbing her tits with one hand while stroking her thigh with the
other. Ross was feeling up his sister, for God's sake, and she
doesn't seem to mind. "Maybe I was wrong, this is a normal thing in
families! Hmmm, then maybe I wasn't such a naughty girl after all?"
recalling her over-sexed teenage years ...

She always though her father a handsome and sexy man. She
definitely had the "hots" for him. She took every risky chance
she got to steal a glimpse of her father's cock.

Being a very determined thirteen year old girl, she made a plan.

She would 'accidentally' pop into the bathroom while her father
was showering.

She had her baby-doll pajamas on (even at that early age she knew
she had a knock-out body) and waiting for the shower water to stop,
entered the bathroom where she very nonchalantly removed her
panties, raised her baby-dolls and squatted over the toilet then

Her father heard the gurgle and pulls the shower curtain aside,
astounded Rachel has her legs wide open and was patting her pussy
dry, one hand drying and the other spreading her lips wide open,
exposing her girlish charms for her daddy's pleasure.

Rachel stares in awe at her daddy's, now semi-hard, throbbing
cock! She can't take her eyes off it.

She's rubbing her pussy, far beyond what's needed to dry it off.

Her well tanned leg muscles were bulging, try to balance herself
over the toilet. His cock gives another jump.

"Such a beautiful sight!" he finds himself thinking.

"Rachel, what are you doing here?" asks her dad, who's eyes are
glued to his daughter's vulgarly displayed twat!

She answers, with her best little girl voice "I'm sorry daddy, I
didn't know anyone was in here and I had to use the toilet real
bad!" making no attempt to cover up her cunt but continues with her
sorbid 'drying' action.

She's looking directly at her daddy's now hard cock!

"OK sweetie!" with that her father leaves the bathroom naked and
returns to his bedroom.

Rachel finishes, pulls her panties back up a retrieves to her
bedroom were she finger-fucks herself thinking of her daddy's

After satifying her burning impulses, Rachel felt ashamed of
what she did to her own father!

He never brings it up again, but has a totally different outlook
on his beautiful and sexy daughter.

Monica uncrosses her legs, allowing easy access to her pussy.

Ross, quite unexpectedly, removes his hand from her leg. Fingers ever
so damp! This is as far as he dares take it or Monica might have a

ROSS: See Rach, families do this kind of thing all the time. No harm
done. Nothing sexual about it at all. That's why monkeys do

He can't help let out a giggle at the absurdity of his statement.

Rachel comes out of her daze but continues rubbing her thigh.

RACHEL: HUH? Oh, I see what you mean.

Monica knows this scheme has gotten out of control, but her brother
has her so hot, she doesn't care. Monica looks over to Ross' lap and
sees he's sporting quite the boner.

She elects to continue this scheme.

MONICA: Yeah, this is standard practice between brothers and sisters
and sometimes fathers and daughters too!

She couldn't believe she just said that. Remembering how Rachel once
told her "How handsome and sexy" she though her father was, she just
had to throw that in.

Monica's curiosity gets the better of her. Looking at the huge boner
her brother had, she knew she just had to touch it. She places the
palm of her hand directly over her brother's cock and starts rubbing.

Ross panics, knowing that it wouldn't take much for him to cum. Would
she get mad if he does?

MONICA: Ya' know Rachel, sometimes you just gotta relieve the tension.
Just like you're relieving some of your tension now!

With a smirk on her face thinking of the double meaning that just came
from her mouth and watching her friend caressing her thigh, she
continues rubbing Ross' cock through his pants.

RACHEL: I guess you just gotta do what's good for the family.

She speeds up her rubbing pace on her brother's cock, occasionally
dipping her fingers down to grab his balls. She feels the pulse and,
not wanting to waste the moment, unzips her brother's pants and
reaches in.

ROSS: Uh Mon, I don't think you should be...

Monica cuts him off...

MONICA: Shut up Ross! You don't mind do you Rach? I know you've seen
Ross' penis before so it shouldn't shock you.

She giggles to herself "PENIS, this is a cock!"

RACHEL: No, ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right?

Rachel is busy rubbing her cunt now, turned-on by the incestuous sight
before her. Her usually demure girlfriend, so turned on she's playing
with her brother's cock. And her ex-boyfriend, normally protective of
his baby sister, was blatantly stoking her body! Neither have never
displayed these actions in front of her before. Something was most
definitely up ("Besides Ross' cock!" she giggles).

Monica pulls her brother's prick out and her eyes go big. She
examines his cock, moving it side to side and pinching the big purple
head. She reaches further down his pants and pulls out his balls then
proceeds to massage them.

Ross thinks "Oh fuck, I can't believe this, MY SISTER is playing with
my cock?".

MONICA: Damn Rachel, how can you let something like this go. My BIG
brother has one fine cock! An huge balls. Must be on fine
fuck too.

Ross lets out a big shit eating grin yet is totally suprised by the
foul words coming out of his sister's mouth.

ROSS: Thanks sis?

Rachel is still out of it, engrossed in her own satisfaction.

But Monica, still being a neat freak, lets go of his balls then gets
up from the couch and walks over to the counter.

Both Ross and Rachel stare at her in disappointment!

MONICA: Wait Ross? Let me get you a tissue. I don't want stains on
my couch!

They can't believe after all this, Monica was still a 'Neat-Freak'.

Ross and Rachel were watching Monica. Her skirt was still pulled up
to her waist, displaying a lucious set of nyloned covered legs with
garter belts and her panty covered ass!

RACHEL: Now YOU are the one who's dressed un-ladylike Monica!

Monica looks down to see what Rachel's talking about. She decides to
leave it be. It excites her to know all eyes are on her body!

MONICA: Fuck it! Nothing EVERYBODY in this room hasn't seen before.

Ross panics "She knows I've been looking at her legs before?".

ROSS: Hurry Mon, I don't think I can hold out much longer!

Monica walks back to Ross' side and hands him the tissue. He's
staring at her panty cover pussy stroking his cock for all it's worth.

"Damn, I finally got my brother so hot he doesn't even care I'm his
sister." she muses.

MONICA: Damn, these panties, always slipping down! Better fix them
before they fall off!

With that she spreads her legs, grabs the waistband and yanks them up
until the crotch disappears into her pussy lips. Ross, being so close
can see she has shaved her pussy. "Damn!" he thinks and continues
with pumping his cock in earnest.

Rachel gets an equally nice rear view since Monica pulled so hard, her
panties fell into the crack of her ass. She was really enjoying this
little exhibition and spreads her legs wide then starts diddling her
ass-hole! "Damn, for a girl who was disgusted by my advances, she
sure has changed... for the better" smirks Rachel.

Ross can't hold back any longer and shoots his load into the tissue.
The tissue wasn't large enough to hold it all so some spilled onto his

MONICA: Whoops! Needed a bigger tissue!

She dips her fingers into his lap and picks up a wad of her brother's
cum. Turning so everybody can see, she places her cum soaked fingers
into her mouth and starts licking them.

Wanting to "play" too, Rachel decides to join in.

RACHEL: Your right Monica, my panties are bugging me too! And this
bra is annoying the FUCK out of me!

Saying that, Rachel rises from the chair, slowly unbutton her blouse
and shucks it off. Then reaches around, unclasps her bra and yanks it
off. She give a shake as if to loosen herself up, boobs bouncing.

RACHEL: Ahhh, that feels much better. Now these darn panties.

Continuing, she decides to do as Monica did (THAT turned HER on) and
pulls her white panties up as hard as she could. Of course, just as
it did with Monica, they got sucked up into the crack of her ass and
the folds of her cunt!

Quite a sight!

Ross feels a another twitching in his groin. This was too much!

PART I - CHAPTER 4: Stretching Always Helps

RACHEL: I feel so tense, I think I need some stretching. Maybe you
can use a bit of stretching too Mon?

With a wink from Rachel, Monica new the plan was discovered. "What
the hell" she says to herself, "may as well enjoy what's left of it!".

She moves past Ross to Rachel's side, wiggling her ass as she does.
She can feel Ross' eyes on her as she moves still having her skirt up
and panties bunched up her ass. It felt good!

MONICA: Good idea Rach.

Both girls start stretching and swaying back and forth making Rachel's
tits bounce. She hears more moans and notices Monica eyeing her tits
and licking her lips.

RACHEL: Wait Monica, isn't that blouse confining? Let me help you
with it? And that skirt has got to be annoying you, bunched
up like that.

MONICA: You're right Rach. I can use some help, if you don't mind.

Mind, Rachel's been trying to GET her friend to loosen up for some

Standing in front of her friend, with her taut ass now in Ross' view,
Rachel unbuttons Monica's blouse. She pulls it around her shoulders
then off.

Ross is ogling the most incredible ass he's ever seen. He starts to
pump his cock again. He sees his sister's blouse come off but can't
really see anything with Rachel blocking his view. He leans forward,
on the couch, to get a better view.

Rachel places her hands on her friend's bra covered breasts, giving
them a light squeeze. Then she reaches around, pressing her super
hard nipples against Monica's, and unsnaps her bra, removing it with
one quick toss to Ross.

There they were, two drop-dead gorgeous women standing there in front
of him with only panties (still sunk into their cracks) and nylons.

That one of them was his sister made the scene even hotter!

Rachel continued to control the game.

RACHEL: Ross, my hands are slippery, maybe you could remove Monica's

Ross, still thinking he was fooling Rachel, likes that idea.

ROSS: Can I... I mean sure! Glad to be of help.

Ross gets up from the couch. He tries to put his inflated cock back
in his trousers as he's walking over to the girls, but is having

MONICA: That's all right Ross. Just leave it out. We wouldn't want
you to injure yourself.

He hobbles over and bends down in front of his sister, his head inches
from her pussy, and start easing her bunched up skirt down her legs,
making sure he gets a good feel of her nyloned legs.

Rachel is standing behind Ross, resting her hands on his back. She's
liking this little game.

Ross has Monica's skirt down to her ankles now. He looks up at her
sweet face to tell her to step out when Rachel 'accidentally' gives a
push on his back. That sends Ross' mouth forward right into Monica's
panty clad pussy. The aroma is overpowering. He can't help but take
a sniff and a quick lick.

Monica is speechless, except for her moans of pleasure!

"We should have done this years ago!" she's thinking.

RACHEL: ROSS... you really should quit tasting your sister's pussy!

Rachel and Ross stand up, cock level with his sister's pussy

As Monica steps out of her skirt, kicking it off to the side, Rachel
chuckles and gives another playful shove, wedging the head of Ross'
rock-hard cock into the gap between Monica's thighs.

His ever so horny sister clamps her legs around his cock and sways
back and forth, loving the feeling of her brother's shaft against her
pussy lips.

The feeling from his baby sister's snatch was so intense, he shoot his
second wad over her legs.

Ross and Monica both let out a gasp of pleasure as he quickly pulls
back, thinking it an accident.

ROSS: I'm so sorry sis. Rachel caught me off balance! I'll get a
tissue and clean up.

MONICA: That's okay Ross! Just leave it.

She reaches down to her leg a smears some of her brother's cum onto
her pussy!

Rachel is pleased how she's turned this little game they were playing.

"So much for NEAT-FREAK Monica! Yeah, who's IN CHARGE now?" she coyly
asks herself!

She returns to her friends side with a whicked grin on her lips.

"I bet we can get him hard again?" she whisper's to Monica.

RACHEL: You have some really nice boobs Monica. They could be used as

Monica reaches across and grabs one of Rachel's tits then gives it a
squeeze. Then she bends over and takes her friends nipple in her
mouth and give it a good sucking and a lick of of her tongue.

Ross is thinking "What now, my sister has gone lesbian on me too...
hmmm I LIKE it!".

MONICA: I think yours are better Rach. They're so firm, and those
damn nipples would cut glass! Tastes real good too!

RACHEL: Which do you prefer Ross, pillows or glass cutters?

Both girls play the game and present their tits for Ross' examination.

Ross happily complies. He places a one hand on each girls tits then
begins to squeeze. He pinches each nipple in secession.

ROSS: Both feel mighty good, I have to try a taste test.

He turns to Rachel's first and shoves as much of his ex-girlfriends
very large tit in his mouth as he can then starts sucking on them.

He then turns to his sister and starts nibbling her nipples.

"Geezes, I'm standing here sucking on my sister's tits, and she's not
whacking me in the head for it? Am I lucky or what?" smiles Ross.

Monica, watching her brother play with her tits, reaches down with her
hand, grabs his cock and start stroking and squeezing it.

RACHEL: Hey, not fair Monica! That's bribing the judge!

MONICA: Sorry Rach. So which one of us has the better tits?

ROSS: Well, there both spectacular!

RACHEL: Chicken! Go sit down now Ross. We'll take it from here.

He returns to the couch and sits back down.

RACHEL: Isn't this better Mon? Now we can do some proper stretching
to relieve the tension. We need some music.

She walks over to the stereo, wiggling her ass all the way, and turns
on some dancing music.

Moving to the open area of the room, she calls for her friend to join

They start out by doing jumping jacks, tits bouncing everywhere then
turn around, bend over, and touch the floor. Ross watches as their
panties bunch up in the crack of their asses.

RACHEL: Next up... squats... good for the back!

To Ross' delight, both lower themselves towards the floor, spreading
their legs farther and farther apart with each little bounce.

Two beautiful women, with their pussies barely covered, are displaying
themselves for his pleasure. Heaven, pure heaven!

MONICA: You know, I think it's really helps the tension HERE too...

His sister places her hand on her pussy and fiddles with the bunched
up panties, pulling them out slightly.

Ross' is intently watching his lewd sister play with her panties.

Both girls plop down on the floor.

MONICA: Time for leg raises Rach. Stiffens up the tummy, amongst
OTHER things!

Both girls giggle at that then simultaneously lay on their backs, legs
together. Rachel's are bare while Monica still has her garter belt on
with her legs encased in black nylons.

Monica jumps up and holds her hand out to assist her friend. She
grabs hold of her panties while looking at Rachel and her brother.

MONICA: Ya know, these damn things are annoying me!

RACHEL: Yeah! Maybe we should get rid of them!

Rachel unceremoniously grabs the waistband of her panties and just
pulls them down, stepping out of them. She picks them up and tosses
them over to Ross. He puts them to his nose and gives the a sniff!

Monica walks over to the coffee table, placing her leg on top of it
which in turn, causes her panties to pull up even farther into her
hairless snatch.

Ross is watching intently. He can see his sister's cunt lip standing
proud of her panties.

She un-snaps the string from her nylons and start rolling them down!

ROSS: No don't! You could leave the stockings on?

MONICA: Sorry. Forgot what big brother likes!

Rachel's shaking her head in agreement. Ross never let her remove her
nylons when they were fucking. He loved running his dick along their

Monica removes her garter belt, but tosses that on the empty chair.

Then she pulls her panties down, which pops as it yanks itself from
her snatch.

She plops herself down on the coffee table, facing her hard panting
brother. Leaning back on one hand, she raises one leg into the air,
with panties dangling from her toes, then kicks her damp panties into
the air, landing on Ross' face.

He just tilts his head and begins licking and tasting the crotch.

Rachel walks to the table, squatting between Monica and her brother.

RACHEL: MONICA! You shave you pussy... kinky!

Monica sits up straight, folds her legs "Indian Style", her naked cunt
oozing lubricating juices.

Reaching down with both hands, she grabs the folds of her cunt and
pulls them open. She rubs her pussy, slipping a finger into her love
tunnel and working it around, pulls it out and licks it clean.

MONICA: Yeah, it's cleaner that way. And guys like it! RIGHT Ross?

Ross is panting and stroking at the sight of his beautiful sister's
lewd display.

ROSS: Heehee! Yeah, but should you be doing that in front of...

Rachel interrupts him ...

RACHEL: And should YOU be doing THAT Ross?

Pointing to his crotch, where he's rapped Monica's panties around his
swollen cock and is absent-mindedly jacking off at the sight of his

Ross shuts up and just hangs his head, still looking at his sister's
hairless cunt.

RACHEL: Squish over here Mon.

Monica, with a smile, complies with her friends request.

Rachel then moves her hand over to Monica's pussy and begins stroking
it. She moves her hand down to Monica's asshole and deftly inserts
her finger, up to the second knuckle.

Monica is in heaven! She's rubbing her tits and pinching her swollen
nipple in complete rapture.

RACHEL: Aha, your sister's liking that Ross!

With finger still in Monica's ass, Rachel leans foward and starts
mouthing her friends cunt. Slurp, slurp, slurp were all the sounds
Ross could hear.

Ross, one hand still rubbing his panty covered cock, reaches around
and sticks two fingers into Rachel's ass and starts finger-fucking it.

This causes Rachel to push her tongue even farther into her friends
pussy, mashing her lips on Monica's folds.

Ross removes his fingers from his ex-girlfriend ass, much to Rachel's
disappointment, then places his thumb back in. With his free fingers
rapped around, he inserts all four into Rachel's pussy, fucking both
her ass AND pussy in a rocking motion.

Rachel yells out an "Oh Ross!" then reaches over and grabs his cock
with one hand and, pulling her finger out of Monica's ass, sticks her
free hand right up Monica's snatch and hand-fucks her.

All three are screaming out in pleasure.

Rachel cums all over Ross' hand, squeezing it hard with her pussy
muscles until he finally removes it.

Monica yells out, at the top of her lungs, "I'M CUMMING! KEEP IT UP

Rachel, feeling a pulse from Ross' cock, removes his sister's panties
and pulls him up by the cock-head then aims it at Monica's pussy.

Ross lets out a yell and shoots his rather sizable (considering this
is his third) load of cum all over his beautifull sister's body.

Rachel lets go of Ross' cock, dips her hand in the brother-cum and
smears it all over Monica's pussy, making sure she gets some INTO her
friends cunt and a bit in the ass too!

All three are spent.

Both girls get up and face Ross. Big smiles on their faces.

RACHEL: Well, I'm convinced, nothing wrong with a little bit of family
togetherness! Good night.

Saying that, Rachel picks up her clothes and goes off to her room as
if nothing happened.

MONICA: Good night Rachel. Well, it's time for me to hit the sack
too. Have a nice night big brother!

She gives him a peck on the cheek, gathers her clothing, and swaggers
off to her bedroom.

Ross, mouth agape, eyes his sister's cum soaked ass as she leaves.

"My CUM!" he smiles to himself.

He tilts his head up and shouts "THANK YOU DANNY!".

He shoves his deflated cock back in his trousers, zips up and walks
out the door heading back to his apartment.

PART I - CHAPTER 5: The Boys Next Door

As he closes the door, he runs into Chandler and Joey in the hallway.

They say "hi" and notice the stains on his pants but say nothing.

ROSS: Hi guys. Night guys... see you tomorrow.

Ross leaves with a big smile on his face.

JOEY: Did you see that, on his pants? What the hell is that about?

CHANDLER: I don't know bud. Gonna find out though! Maybe he's back
togehter with Rachel again?

JOEY: Isn't Monica still home? She wouldn't...

They look at one another and gasp in unison "NAW!...WOW!...NAW!".

They re-enter their apartment, curious as hell, and close the door.



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