New author and story: A FRIENDS parody.

FRIENDS: Changing Attitudes - PART III (M/F/m, inc, celeb)
by StoryTeller56


MY VIEW: Inspired by Val White's exotic parody of "FRIENDS", amongst
others (the creative writings of Wonder Mike comes to mind),
I have written my very first, and quite lengthy, erotic TV

BE WARNED that with the exception of torture, snuff and very
extreme pedo, this story and future stories has no bounds.

Nothing in this story has, or ever will happen (?), nor do I
in any way condone any such practices. It is just my own
perverted fantasy version of what I'd like to see happen...
just once!

COMMENT: As my first attempt a writing a story, your comments, either
good or bad would be appreciated.

PART III - CHAPTER 1: The News is Good

As the guys opened the door to leave they run into a boy, maybe 13 or
14 years old, about to knock on the door.

CHANDLER: Can we help you?

THE BOY: Yes sir. I'm the paper boy here to collect.

CHANDLER: Monica, the paper boy is here.

Chandler and Joey leave.

MONICA: I'll be right with you Jerry!

Monica heads for her bedroom to get her purse.

Phoebe's thinking "Oh, he's cute!".

While in the bedroom, some of the "Rachel" exhibitionism takes over!

"God!" she thinks with a smile, "I'm turning into Rachel the slut!".

She'd always thought Jerry as a polite, handsome and shy boy.

Whenever it was Rachel's turn to pay him, she would get him all
flustered by teasing him. She would do little things like bending way
down to get money from her purse, showing the lad her terrific ass
stretching the fabric of her skirts.

Monica reaches under her skirt and removes her cum soaked panties, as
they were irritating her now, and gives her pussy a quick swipe and
heads out.

Phoebe, not wanting her friend to get embarrassed, whispers "You know
you still have that see-thru outfit on Monica?".

MONICA: I know! (with a squeal)

PHOEBE: Kinky!

Monica continues to the door with a big smile, knowing the boy can see
right through her skirt. Her tits bouncing wildly under her lacy,
almost see-thru, blouse with only her nipples covered!

The power excites her.

She wonders "Must be why Rachel does this all the time?".

Jerry's eyes are wide open. While he always though her very pretty,
he USED to look forward to the months when it was her room-mates turn
to pay. She always got his cock hard.

JERRY: Hi Ms. Geller.

It thrilled her to watch him staring at her body. His eyes bouncing
from her tits to down to her legs and nearly exposed crotch.

MONICA: Hi Jerry! Please, call me Monica, Ms. Geller makes me feel
old. You don't think I'm old and ugly, do you Jerry?

Jerry is barely able to talk, but manages to stutter.

JERRY: Oh NO Ms. Gel... I mean Monica! I think your beautiful.

Monica give an approving smile at the boy then decides to tease a him
a little more (Rachelitis again?).

She places her hand on her blouse, over her breasts and pulls on the
blouse, as if she was adjusting it. This causes her nipple to move
from behind the modesty patch, poking through the clear lacy fabric.

MONICA: Damn this fucking blouse, it's making me itchy!

She looks at Jerry for his reaction!

Looking down to his crotch, she can tell he likes this little show.

Seems he couldn't take his eyes off her, playing with her tits right
in front of him.

He tries to hide his hard-on by placing the clipboard over his crotch.

JERRY: That will be $14.99 Ms. Geller err... Monica.

Monica continues her tease. She's enjoying this, as is Phoebe.

She lifts her knee up as far as she can, pulling on her knee-hi socks.

This pulls her skirt up to where Jerry can clearly see her hairless
pussy. He's staring intently, pulling the clipboard closer to his
raging hard-on!

Monica puts her leg down, hearing a pant from Jerry.

Reaching Down to his clipboard, she grabs it from his hands, peering
down to his crotch.

MONICA: Let me sign this for you... why Jerry, what have we here? Why
what could possibly have caused THAT?

Reaching down, Monica places her hand directly over the boys cock,
giving it a little squeeze.

JERRY: I'm sorry Ms. Geller. Ittttt's just... I can see right through
your dress, and it exxxcited me!

She was still rubbing his cock as the his eyes wander over in Phoebe's

Phoebe has one leg up on the arm of the chair, torn panties still on,
fingering her bare pussy to the boys stare.

MONICA: You like what you see Jerry... you naughty boy.

She glances down the hallway, making sure nobody's coming, pulls her
blouse up, exposing one of her tits to the excited boy and starts
rubbing and pinching them.

Monica, hand rapped around his cock through his pants, pulls the boy
into the apartment.

MONICA: You better come in Jerry. You can't roam around the building
looking like that! Why, somebody might think I seduced you?

They enter the apartment and close the door, Monica dragging him by
his cock, where she unzips his pants then pulls them down along with
his underwear.

His cock jumps to attention as Monica starts playing with his balls.

MONICA: You wanna see some more Jerry. Maybe you can help me out?

Jerry nods his head, he was so hot he'd do anything she asks.

Monica jumps up and squats on the island counter, her pussy level with
his mouth, brazenly fingering her pussy as he stares on.

MONICA: Would you like a taste of Monica's nice juicy cunt Jerry?

JERRY: Bbbbut I don't know what to do!

Monica grabs his head and mashes into her snatch.

Phoebe moves between the counter and Jerry and sucks his cock into her
mouth, swirling her tongue around it's head.

She reaches a hand around and inserts a finger into his ass, furiously
pumping her own snatch with her other hand.

Rachel never did THIS for you!

Jerry had no idea who Rachel was but, between the blow job Phoebe was
giving him and the taste of this hot woman's cunt, he could care less!

The door swings open and in walks Ross. His eyes go wide!

He's staring at the scene in front of him in disbelief.

ROSS: Holy shit, you guys are insatiable! And Monica, my SISTER, you
are turning into a sex fiend!

Jerry hears a man's voice yelling "SISTER" and gets real scared.

He pulls his head from Monica's pussy and quickly stands up, ready to
grab his pants and run.

His cock, gone soft from fear, pops out of Phoebe's mouth.

MONICA: Relax Jerry. He's not going to hurt you. Right BIG brother?

Jerry calms, not sure what to do. He just knows his raging teenage
hormones are in over-drive!

Monica winks to Phoebe.

Phoebe crawls over to Ross and grabs his zipper.

Cupping his balls through his pants, she pulls the zipper down,
reaches in and takes his cock out.

She puts her lips to Ross' cock head and looks up to him.

PHOEBE: Can you blame us Ross, he's really cute!

Jerry's chest heaves with pride.

She opens her mouth and engulfs his cock in her mouth, slobbering all
it's length with saliva while reaching to grab Jerry's cock, stroking
it back to rigidity again (ah... youth!).

Ross moans "What an incredible cock sucker she is!".

Abruptly, Phoebe removes her mouth from Ross' cock and moves back to
Jerry's. He becomes rock-hard in a flash as she slaps it on her
cheeks then sucks it back in.

While mouthing Jerry's cock, she grabs Ross' again, dragging him down
by the cock head.

PHOEBE: Lay down on the floor Ross!

Monica is fingering her pussy as Jerry jerks on his prick, alternating
stares between Phoebe, Ross and Monica.

Ross lays down, hard cock pointing straight up, not knowing what to
expect from Phoebe.

Phoebe pulls her blouse from her skirt, pulls it over her head then
removes her bra and skirt. She decides to leave her tattered and torn
panties on... it makes her feel dirty.

Jerry is taking it all in, stroking his cock.

Monica lowers herself from the counter and fondles Phoebes ass.

Phoebe straddles Ross's then slams her pussy down on his cock, taking
it's full length in one shot, and fucks him.

PHOEBE: Fuck me Ross! Jerry, get over her, I still have a free hole!

Phoebe bends forward, placing her hands on Ross' shoulders, ass high
in the air.

Jerry looks confused, not knowing what to do as he watches Ross' cock
disappear into her pussy.

Monica, feeling sorry for the boy, walks over to Phoebe and pulls
her ass cheeks apart.

She spits on her finger's then reams Phoebe's hole with them.

MONICA: She wants it here!

Jerry, never having had sex of any kind before, was eager to learn.

He moves behind Phoebe, and with Monica's help, starts sawing his cock
in and out of Phoebe's ass. He can't believe the incredible feeling.

Ross continued pumping Phoebe's cunt as he watched the boy plummeting
her ass. "Ohhhhh GOD!" he moans loudly.

Monica, feeling left out, straddles Ross' head.

MONICA: Would you like a taste of your sister's cunt big brother?

Not waiting for an answer, Monica squats, mashing her pussy on his
mouth. He starts licking.

Phoebe stretches her head and takes Monica's nipple into her mouth.

JERRY: WOW! She's letting her BROTHER eat her pussy!

All you could hear was moans, groans and grunts.

Monica whispers in Phoebe's ear, Ross can't hear because his sister's
legs are rapped around his head, "Switch with me Phoebes?".

Phoebe grins wickedly at her friend. This is wild, even for her!

She quickly stands, dislodging two cocks with a loud pop.

Ross tries to see what's going on but his sister's powerful legs have
him pinned to the floor.

Just as quickly, Monica jumps up, turns and drops down, feeling her
brother's cock pulsing in her cunt.

The incestuous "taboo" feeling has her hotter than she's ever felt
before! She's jumping up and down like a jumping jack with Ross
matching her rhythm!

ROSS: Monica, I'm your brother!

MONICA: FUCK ME BROTHER! How does feel to have your cock in your
sister's cunt?

ROSS: Well if you wan...

Phoebe shuts him up by mashing her pussy on his mouth, just as Monica
did moments ago. And like Phoebe, Monica leans forward and nibbles
her friends hard nipples.

JERRY: WOW! Is he really fucking his sister?

PHOEBE: OH YEAH! KEWL! Now go fill that other hole there boy!

Jerry now knew what to do. He spits on his fingers then inserts them
into the beckoning ass, rotating them.

Grabbing his prick, he aims and shoves it in to the hilt!

Monica lets out a scream since, unlike Phoebe, she's not used to
having her ass fucked.

Jerry pulls out, afraid he's hurting her.

PHOEBE: That's okay Jerry, your not hurting her. Stick it back in,
she's loving the double fuck!

He quickly sticks his cock back in Monica's ass, pushing as she raises
from her brother's cock then pulling out as he fucks her.

He learns quickly!

Phoebe unloads first.

Shaking, she squirts her juices all over Ross' face and he laps it up
like a cat sipping milk.

The other two soon follow.

As Jerry has his cock all the way in her ass, Ross suddenly pushes his
cock up. Both can feel their cocks meeting and so can Monica.

They all let out a scream.

Jerry pulls out first, leaving Ross' cock buried deep in his sister's

Ross reaches out and massages Monica's tits.

ROSS: That's got to be the best fuck I've ever had, and it was with my
little SISTER! Thanks sis.

She bends and give him a kiss.

MONICA: Your welcome BIG brother.

She pulls her pussy from her brother's cock then bends and takes it in
her mouth to suck it clean.

Jerry gathers his clothes and puts them on.

JERRY: Thank you!

He then turns and walks, a bit shaky, out the door, unconcerned about
not having collected his newspaper money.

PHOEBE: KEWL! Who's up for pizza?

PART III - CHAPTER 2: Love Ya Daddy

Rachel's father was a well-to-do doctor still living in her childhood
home above the skyscrapers of Manhattan, just a few minutes away from
his practice.

Having just separated, her Mom allowed him to keep living there for
the convenience, while she moved to their winter home in Florida.

Rachel, still in her slinky work dress... damp panties and all, rings
the doorbell.

Waiting for an answer, she give her prominent nipples a quick pinch,
making them more pronounced.

She wants her daddy to be pleased with his NEW daughter.

Greene opens the door and, always pleased to see his daughter, turns
his gaze from her pretty face, down her luscious body, stopping his
eyes at her pointy breasts and a sexy leg peeking out from the slit in
her dress.

"My little girl has grown into one voluptuous hot babe!" he proudly
smiles to himself.

GREENE: Hi sweetie! What brings you here?

All this gawking didn't go un-noticed by Rachel. She even pushed her
chest out a little as she watched her father staring at them.

Thinking her father has been alone for a while now, and was probably
pretty horny, she figured she couldn't have timed her plan better.

RACHEL: Hi Daddy! Just figured you were lonely and can use a little

GREENE: Come in honey and have a seat. So, come to help out your
lonely "Old Dad"?

Pondering that question "HELP OUT INDEED!", she giggles.

As she's walking in, she deliberately tears her nylons just inside her
lower thigh with her long nails.

Rachel sits in the easy chair opposite her father, sitting sideways so
he can get a good glimpse of shapely thigh.

And glimpsing he was! He couldn't takes his eyes off his daughter's
exposed legs (though he did manage to sneak a peek at her incredible
tits too). "My God, does she know what she's doing to me?" thinks
Greene as he feels a stirring in his groin.

They continue with some idle chit-chat as Rachel keeps swinging her
legs, allowing the slit in her dress to work it's way open, showing a
bit more leg each swing.

"Yep! I got his attention!" she smiles to herself, "Plan B".

She can see him trying his best to hide his crotch knowing, after her
dealing's with Danny/Marie and Ross/Monica, she would change that

Looking down to her lap at the deliberately made run in her stocking,
she places her hand over the hole.

RACHEL: Damn! I've ruined my favorite pair of stockings.

Pulling her dress up to her lap, Rachel raises her leg in the air and
slowly starts rolling her stocking down her leg, watching her father's
pants jump!

He can see all the way to his daughter's butt with a bit of pink panty
flashing at him.

GREENE: Ah honey, should you be doing that in front of your daddy?

Of course, he really DIDN'T want her to stop.

She continues rolling it down her curvaceous leg until it's dangling
from her toes.

RACHEL: Oh daddy! It's no big deal. Just legs! Everybody's got
legs. You're so uptight, just relax?

Peeking up to make sure her father's watching (and he was), she rests
her foot on the knee of her other leg, her legs spread to where her
daddy can see the damp crotch of her pink panties. If he looks hard
(and he did) he could see the hair of her pussy showing through the
semi-transparent garment!

She repeats the action with the other leg, spreading her legs a little
farther. She puts the stockings into her purse.

That brings back some fond memories for Greene. He's now rubbing
his crotch... absent-mindedly.

RACHEL: It's so darn hot in here daddy! When you going to get some
Air Conditioning?

Reaching to the top button of her dress, she snaps the top four open
exposing cleavage to the bottom of her nipples.

She rubs her hand in the exposed cleavage, as if to wipe the sweat off
her chest, causing her tits to jiggle.

Her father crosses his legs to try and hide his raging hard-on from
his daughter's eyes.

Rachel rises from the couch (much to Greene's disappointment).

RACHEL: This damn dress is to hot. You've got anything else I could
put on daddy?

GREENE: The only clothes of yours still here Rachel are those pajama
thingys you had when you were young! They're in my dresser;
but might be a little small for you now!

Rachel couldn't believe her father saved THEM. "Hmmm!" she thinks "my
daddy's a little pervert after-all!".

While slowly heading to her fathers room, she loosens the belt around
her waist and starts unbuttoning the rest of her dress, exposing more
and more flesh to her daddy's stare!

Having it undone to her navel, pulls the dress off her shoulders,
showing a substantial amount of tit just shy of her nipples.

"Careful Daddy" she giggles to herself "Your eyes might pop out of
your head!".

RACHEL: That'll do just fine Daddy!

Rachel enters her father's room then slides her dress off.

Standing in her father's room, naked except for her panties and high
heels, Rachel looks through her father's dresser in search of her old

More devious thoughts enters her kinky mind.

She goes into the bathroom, removes her panties and soaks them in the
sink. After wringing them out well, she holds them up to the light.
Just as she suspected, the've become practicaly transparent.

She smiles to herself "I'm a BAD girl!" as she puts them back on.

RACHEL: Daddy, I can't find them! Could you come in here and help me?

GREENE: Okay honey. I'll be right in.

"As soon as I can get this boner down!" he mumbles.

GREENE: Are you decent?

Rachel smirks to herself "NO FUCKING WAY!".

RACHEL: Oh come in daddy. You used to change my diapers, remember?

"I'd LIKE to do that now!" he mumbles again.

When Greene opens the door, there standing before him is a drop
dead gorgeous creature, arms folded over her ample chest, sheer pink
panties (cause they're wet) and long muscular legs. High heels to
boot! Enough to make a blind man blink!

His cock jumps uncontrollably, causing his pants to bulge. He is so
stunned by this vision, he doesn't even think to hide it!

He walks to the dresser and pulls her baby-dolls out, remembering that
glorious sight many years ago to which he's since, with no women
available, spent many-a-night with it wrapped around his cock.

He hands it to her as she, reaching for the baby-dolls, reveals the
bottom swells of her breasts.

Greene grunts. As he's eyeing her, he can't help revealing his
feelings toward her...

GREENE: You've grown into a VERY beautiful woman sweetheart.

RACHEL: Thank you Daddy! I can SEE you like what you've created!

He looks down to where she's staring, and turns beet red but doesn't
bother to conceal it as he retreats back to the living room.

Rachel puts the baby-dolls on. It just barely covers her crotch and
the top is so tight, her nipples might actually tear the fabric if she
gets too excited.

She's pleased with herself and walks back to the living room to join
her daddy.

Her father didn't think it could get any better than this!

RACHEL: Still fits pretty good daddy! A little tight around my rump
though! See...

Rachel turns slightly, bending over causing her baby-dolls to ride up
her cute ass. She pulls on one cheek a little, revealing her panties
bunched up into her ass.

Greene is staring intently at his daughter's ass. Being so close to
her, he could make out the beautiful rosebud peeking out next to her
panties. "I'd fuck that in a minute!" he quietly mumbles.

Leaning sideways, he can clearly see perfectly formed, dangling tits
bouncing through her baby-dolls.

He was playing with his cock through his pants, no longer caring his
daughter was watching him! In fact, it just makes it more exciting!

She straightens up, facing her daddy.

RACHEL: And a little snug on my cun... err... private parts!

Raising the front of the thin garment, she grabs the front waistband
of her panties and waits for his reaction.

Greene can see right through clear pink panties, the hairs on her
snatch fully defined.

Rachel could see a stain forming on her daddy's pants as he pumps his
meat to her teasings. Time for more!

Grabbing the front waistband of her panties, she pulls up hard, making
the crotch disappear up her snatch, remembering Ross' reaction when
Monica did that to him.

Her father gulps, thinking "OH! Please keep this up baby!".

RACHEL: You okay daddy?

GREENE: Ohhhh sweetie!!!!!

She takes that as a definite YES then sits on the chair again!

RACHEL: Remember the last time you saw me in this daddy!

With a gleam in his eyes...

GREENE: Err... yes I do honey!

RACHEL: I was sitting on the toilet, with my legs spread like this...

She pops her legs up on either side of the chair (ala Phoebe) watching
her dad rubbing his engorged cock furiously. She rubs her hand over
her puffy cunt folds.

RACHEL: Oh, I forgot! I didn't have ANY panties on, did I?

She stands back up and yanks her panties off then tosses them onto her
father's lap.

RACHEL: Use THESE daddy. Better take it out before you hurt yourself!

GREENE: You sure honey? It wouldn't upset you?

Not waiting for her answer, Greene pulls down his zipper and
frees his raging cock then raps his daughter's panties around the base
and strokes as he watches!

RACHEL: Ooooh! Nice, big hard cock! Just as I remember it!

She sits down again, legs over the chair arms as before, then rocks
back and with both hands, fingers spread wide, simultaneously pulls
the folds of her pussy wide open AND the cheeks of her ass with her
anus winking at her father!

Rachel was so excited by exhibiting herself to her father's stares,
she pretty much lost all control. She HAD to have some DADDY COCK!

RACHEL: Was I shitting or pissing daddy? Was you looking at your
daughter's pussy daddy? Watch this daddy...

She shoves her thumb into her snatch and her "stinky" finger up her
ass, frantically rocking them in and out.

GREENE: Ohhh baby, you're soooo beautiful!

Rachel's pleased with her father's words AND his pulsing cock!

She quickly gets up and bends to her father's lap and sucks his cock
into her mouth.

Greene can do nothing but groan and pat his daughter's head in
approval, pulling her mouth tighter onto his engorged cock.

Rachel can feel the cock pulse wildly in her mouth. She needs more
than that!

She takes her mouth from her daddy's cock and squeezes it real hard,
knowing it not only hurts, but will prevent his cumming too soon.

GREENE: What the...

RACHEL: Relax daddy. I'm not through with you yet!

She stands up, pulls the baby-dolls up and off then lifts her tits to
her mouth and licks her nipples.

RACHEL: Would you like to fuck you daughter's tits?

GREENE: WOULD I! Honey, are you all right with...

She cuts him off by bending and sticking a tit in his mouth.

RACHEL: What daddy?

He starts nibbling on the notorious diamond-hard nipples, mumbling
something, not wanting to take his mouth away.

But take it away she does as she swipes the magazines from the coffee
table then sprawls out on it, rubbing her tits together.

RACHEL: What are you waiting for daddy? Oooo, my daddy's cock is
going to feel real good between my tits!

Her father stands and quickly removes his trousers and underwear, his
big cock springing for attention.

He jumps up on the table, straddling his daughter's chest and places
his prick between her waiting breasts, sawing it back and forth with
the big purple head smacking his daughter's waiting, licking tongue!

He thinks "GOD! I've died and went to heaven!".


Again, as she feels the pulses, she pushes him off before he shoots
his load!

GREENE: Wha... what? Did I hurt you baby?

RACHEL: Hurt me... FUCK NO, but I've still got two holes for my daddy
to fill before you cum!

Saying that, Rachel turns over on the table and gets up on all fours
then wiggles her glorious ass at her father.

RACHEL: Remember how you used to say when I was little "My butt is so
big you could use it as another end-table."?

GREENE: Yes I remember honey. And it's even MORE beautiful today,
rivaled only by your mother's.

RACHEL: Well I want you to stick your cock in it daddy! I want you to
FUCK your daughter up the ass!

GREENE: Be my pleasure baby. This might hurt a bit at first...

He spits into his hands and wipes some on his prick then spreads the
cum/spit mixture on her anus, reaming his fingers in her to help with
spreading the incestuous lubricant.

Pointing his cock at the rosebud, he slowly inserts it in.

Entering her ass, he meets little resistance.

"She's had it up the ass before!" he thinks "ROSS!".

With that, he slams his cock to the hilt until his balls are slapping
her cunt.

No stopping now, he's pounding her ass like a locomotive, grunting
real loud!

RACHEL: Ohhh daddy!!!! Don't stop! FUCK YOUR DAUGHTER IN THE ASS!


With one final shove, he shoots his load into his daughter's fine ass
and pulls out, cum oozing from her ass down to her cunt.

He's spent. He just falls down into his chair, exhausted.

He is unable to speak.

Rachel sits back up on the coffee table, facing her father with her
legs spread wide and rubbing her pussy.

RACHEL: That was GREAT daddy. Next time you feel lonely, give a call.
After all, I still have one hole that needs to be filled with

With that, Rachel gets up then goes to his room and to put her dress
back on and straightens up for the ride home.

As she goes back to the living room, she takes her torn stockings from
her purse and drops them on her father's lap.

RACHEL: Maybe these will hold you for awhile! Bye daddy?

She kisses him on the forehead and leaves and heads home.


Later that night when Chandler and Joey went to the girls apartment,
as they've been doing for a couple of years now, they were met with a
totally different sight.

Their three friends were all totally naked!

On the sofa was Monica, bent over the couch with Ross fucking her in
the ass!

Phoebe was behind him, fingers plummeting HIS ass while ramming her
free hand in and out of her cunt!

Both guys, being only human, got instant hard-ons and quickly dropped
their trousers and underwear.

JOEY: Look at that Chandler, Ross has his prick up his SISTER'S ass.
Man-O-Man this is going to be GREAT! I've been wanting to fuck
Monica for a long time.

CHANDLER: So I see Joey... so I see. WILD!

PHOEBE: HEY! What about me guys?

CHANDLER: You bet Phoebes. I'm in there!

He runs over to Phoebe and pushes her on the couch face down, then
shoves his cock up her ass, fucking it for all it's worth.

Joey's standing there beating his meat while waiting his turn, which
came sooner than expected as Ross began to buck wildly, yelling to his
ever horny sister "FUCK MY SISTER'S ASS!".

Ross pulled out and shot his spunk all over Monica's ass.

The insatiable Monica turns over, spreads her legs and yells "JOEY!".

Joey runs over and begins pumping the soggy sex fiends pussy as Phoebe
has her hands on Monica's tits, rubbing furiously.



The sight of his beautiful sister panting is so great, Ross could
actually feel his cock getting hard again. And Monica notices!

MONICA: Come her Ross! Let your baby sister help you with that!".

She turns her head sideways and opens her mouth wide as her brother
insert his semi-rigid member in her sucking mouth!

They're all so BUSY, they didn't hear the door open... it's Rachel.

Rachel watches for a few second, trying to absorb the lewd sex scene
taking place.

She stumbles backwards against the closed door then quickly rips her
dress off. She has no idea of the happenings since she went to work
this morning, but she wanted in!


They turn to see this gorgeous voluptuous creature standing there
rubbing her tits.

Ross starts heading towards her when Chandler intervenes.

CHANDLER: Ross, don't get mad, but I've been dying to have that ass
rapped around my cock for years... if that's okay with you

ROSS: Be my guest good buddy! I'll take over with Phoebe. Monica has
me hard as a rock again.

Rachel walks to the chair and bends over the arm then spreads her ass
cheeks wide, cramming three fingers in.


Chandler, unable to control himself, steps behind her and rams his
already lubricated cock as far as he can go. He's in heaven.


RACHEL: Enjoy it stud! Ross, did you fuck Monica yet?


Ross is behind Phoebe now, continuing what Chandler had begun.

MONICA: I LOVE you guys!

All grunt and nod.

MONICA: I've got some real kinky things planned. Gotta make up for my
lonely, chubby, sexless teen years!

Ross thinks "Oh my God, we've created a Monster!".

The "FRIENDS" have become even closer and the "Ugly Naked Guy" gets a
great new "Room with a View"!



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