This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Friends: Chasing The Big Ones (MF,MMF,MMMF,inter,cons,oral,anal)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

Rachel Green was in relationship bliss. Currently she was working on the
sixth month of her relationship with Ritchie Andrews who was the lead editor
for a book publishing company. Her pay at Central Perk in no way competed
with that of Ritchie's, but Rachel knew what she loved him and he loved her.
They were even talking about taking a trip together to an exotic island.
Nothing firm had been set, but Rachel was looking forward to the trip none
the less.

The day's business had been good and the service had been better. Rachel was
cute, charming, and outgoing and when need be she used these traits to suck
tips out of her customers, though for the most part she was naturally all of
these things. So even on slow days, she always made a fairly decent amount of
tip money and always got more than anyone else at Central Perk.

It was Friday night and Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe finally made plans to have
a girls' night out. Time slowly passed by and Rachel waited for her shift to
end. Her on again/off again relationship with Ross that lead her to date
Ritchie was frustrating to say the least and at the request of Phoebe the
three women had all agreed to go out for a night of drinking, carousing, and
debauchery. When her shift finally ended Rachel stashed her tip money in her
purse. That would be the majority of her funds for the night's upcoming fun.
She gathered up her things and as she started to head out Ritchie walked
inside the coffee shop.

"Hey Ritchie. What're you doing here?" Rachel asked pleasantly surprised by
his unexpected appearance.

"Rachel we need to talk." He replied with a serious tone in his voice and
look on his face.

"What's wrong Ritchie?"

"I'm not quite sure how to say this so I'm just going to come right out and
say it."

"Say what?"

"I'm sorry I didn't let you in on this earlier that I was thinking about it,
but this was something I thought I had to figure out on my own. I love you
Rachel, I really do, but something's come up. I think it started when I
received a manuscript for a book about a real life woman who was an
ex-stripper on welfare trying to raise to kids. For some reason it suddenly
hit me and I started to think about my life and where it was going and what
I valued most."

"And that means?" Rachel asked with a confused caution.

"I've quit my job and have decided to become a priest."

"You did what?"

"I've found God thanks to the book about this woman's life and I've decided
I want to do his work."

"Oh... Ok..."

"I apologize if I've upset you, but this is something I have to do. I really
do still love you Rachel. Take care of yourself ok?" Ritchie said kissing
Rachel on the cheek.

"Ok," Rachel mumbled still confused and a bit shocked. Ritchie didn't cheat
on her, he wasn't married, and he didn't have any major personality issues
for Rachel to contend with. He just wanted to carry on God's work and this
was the first time Rachel had been dumped for God and she didn't quite know
how to react to it. As Ritchie exited Central Perk Rachel noticed Phoebe
standing near the doorway. "Hey Phebes what're you doing here?"

"I was just dropping by to let you know that Monica had to drop Ross and
Joey off at the mechanic and was going to be a little late getting to my
apartment. Are you still up to going out tonight?"

"Yeah sure. Why do you ask?"

"Because Ritchie just dumped you, and I know how much you two loved each

"Normally I wouldn't go, but I'm not quite sure how to react to his reason
for breaking up."

"Well good then, because you, me, and Monica are going to have so much fun
tonight! We're going to drink a lot, and cuss at each other, and flash our
breasts to complete strangers!"

"Well I'm going to have to drink a lot of booze then if I'm going to be
flashing my boobs," Rachel laughed. "I'm going to shower and I'll meet you
and Monica at your place in a little while ok?"

"Ok Rachel, I'll see you then. Just remember, lots of booze and lots of fun!"

"I'm looking forward to it," Rachel said with a smile at Phoebe's eagerness.

* * *

As Rachel reached for the doorbell she could hear music blasting inside
Phoebe's apartment. Inside Phoebe and Monica danced the night away, drinking
beer, and blasting the radio loud.

Monica walked into the bathroom to pee and Phoebe threw away two empty beer
bottles before grabbing two new ones from the fridge. As she opened up the
bottles she could barely make out the doorbell above the music and answered

"Hey Rach, come on in! Want a beer?" Phoebe greeted Rachel.

"Uh, sure," Rachel replied taking the beer and taking a few swallows. "Isn't
the music kind of loud though?"

"Yeah probably, but we won't be here long."

"Where's Monica?"

"She's in the bathroom peeing. She takes a lot of potty breaks once she
starts drinking."

"You seem a little more perky than usual. How many have you two had to drink
so far?" Rachel asked taking another big swallow.

"A few. We only started drinking half an hour ago I think. That was fast
would you like another one?" Phoebe asked as Rachel downed the last bit of
her beer.


"Rachel good you're here!" Monica shouted across the room over the radio. She
turned the radio off as Phoebe handed Rachel another beer. "So what happened
with Ritchie? I thought you two had something going?"

"We did, until he got a copy of some woman's book and found God in it. One
of the more unusual reasons I've been dumped. As neurotic as Ross can be at
times, I'm starting to think that maybe we were meant to be together. Things
keep happening in our relationships with other people and we keep coming back
to each other for comfort."

"Well forget about all that," Phoebe said taking back the beer from Rachel.
"Let's hit the bars and clubs and meet some cute guys and have a good time."

"Exactly, Phoebe's got the right idea," Monica agreed. "This is time for us
girls to spend together."

"Right, Ritchie means nothing to me right now, so let's go out and get really
really inebriated or something. Phoebe really wants to show someone her
tits," Rachel replied.

"Here Rachel take this back," Phoebe said handing her the beer, "Chug it down
and get loose before we hit the town."

"How many has she had to drink?" Rachel asked Monica before taking the first

"I've only had two!" Phoebe giggled.

"I don't know, I found four empty bottles when I got here and she's had three
since then. I've only had two."

"Well the night might not last too long at the rate she's going," Rachel said
after downing the beer in a series of swallows in which her lips never left
the bottle. "So where are off to?"

The three friends hit the streets of New York in a blistering fashion hopping
from bar to bar drinking, cussing, and in Phoebe and Monica's case flashing
their breasts to strangers during the taxi ride from one place to the next.

Rachel hardly ever drank excessively and tonight was no different. It was
nearly two in the morning and over the six hours of barhopping she, Monica,
and Phoebe had done she was the only one who still had her bearings and
could get out of the cab without stumbling. Phoebe and Monica were getting
worse with each cab ride.

As the taxi pulled up to it's next destination, a little bar and grill about
half an hour from her apartment called The Insider, Rachel recognized a man
named Russ outside by himself smoking. It wasn't that she was racist, but
Russ was one of the few black men Rachel knew outside of patrons at work and
was good friends with.

Rachel looked over at Monica and Phoebe who were all over each other playing
simple games like pattycake and incessantly giggling and made a decision.

"Monica, Phoebe, it's almost two in the morning and both of your are
completely trashed. I'm getting out here to meet some cute guys and bring
them back to Phebes' apartment. You two go back and get ready, ok?"

"Mmmmmmmm... What do you say Monica?" Phoebe said not able to control her
laughter anymore.

"Sure thing, but make sure they're really, really, really, cute and bring
like four or five of them just in case some of them get tired real fast ok

"Sure thing Monica, lots and lots of cute guys for you."

"Me too!"

"Yes you too Phoebe," Rachel said smiling at the condition her friends were
in. She gave the taxi driver the address to Phoebe's apartment then got out
and walked over to Russ.

"Hey Rachel! What're you doing up this late at night?" Russ greeted
immediately recognizing his former co-worker.

"I was just out with Monica and Phoebe having a girls night out and they've
drank plenty tonight."

"Ah I see, I can smell a little bit on your breath."

"What about you? What're you still doing up?"

"The same thing. I'm supposed to be picking a friend of mine up, but it
appears he's already gone. I hoped he called a cab. I was fixing to go back
home, but since we're both up do you want to get something to drink or grab
a bite to eat?"

"Uh, sure," Rachel agreed walking into the bar and grill with Russ. They
found an empty table in the corner of the restaurant and ordered some drinks.
Rachel ordered a Long Island Tea and Russ ordered a Bud Light.

"I'm not trying to hit on you or anything and if this is out of line say so,
but are seeing anyone? When I left Central Perk you were dating a guy named
Ritchie, but I haven't heard anything since."

As Rachel sipped on her drink she started to take notice of what Russ had to
offer. They had worked together for about five months before he quit and he
always came off as nice and personable, and a few times after work Rachel had
shared drinks and laughs with him.

"Rachel? Rachel?"

"Huh? Oh sorry about that I got lost in my thoughts."

"That's ok. I just asked if you were seeing anyone. You don't have to answer,
I was just curious."

"No, no I'm not. I did date Ritchie for awhile, but we broke up and I'm
running single right now. What about you?"

"Nothing too serious. I've had my relationships here and there, but nothing
ever worked out."

"Oh, I see..." Rachel mumbled staring at Russ. Perhaps it was the alcohol,
perhaps it was the strange abrupt end to her relationship with Ritchie, but
Rachel found herself quickly wondering if the myth about black men and the
size of their penis' was true. Rachel and Russ talked and drank for another
hour and before either knew it the time was almost 3:30 a.m.

"I'd offer to drive you home," Russ slurred with a happy smile, "but I'm a
tad bit drunk right now."

"Me too," Rachel smiled raising her leg under the table and rubbing her foot
in Russ's crotch. "So tell me Russ, is it true?"

"Is what true?" He asked knowing full well what she meant.

"Are black men well hung?"

"Some more so than others."

"And you?"

"Rachel are you trying to say you want to find out?"

"Maybe. Would you be willing to let me?"

"You know we've both been drinking tonight," Russ replied smiling.

"I know, but I've still got all of my motor skills functioning and I'm
feeling just fine."

"Let's go to your place then. There's no sense in both of us having to leave
in the morning."

"Sounds good, I'll call the cab."

* * *

Rachel stumbled into her bedroom with Russ as they hurriedly ripped the
clothes from their bodies. Sitting back on her bed Rachel slinked of her only
remaining clothes; her panties and bra. As she sat nude on her bed Rachel's
pussy tingled as she waited for the half-naked Russ to remove his underwear.
Rachel had never seen Russ in form fitting or athletic clothing so she was
pleasantly surprised and moisture formed on her pussy lips when he revealed
his trim buff body.

"God damn Russ, what were you ever doing working at Central Perk with a body
like that? You could be playing sports."

"It was just money I needed immediately for some bills and other things. So
tell me, what do you think?" Rachel temporarily froze in awe as Russ's
underwear dropped the floor exposing his cock.

"Holy shit... So the stereotype is true about black men. That thing's is
what, almost a foot long?"

"Close enough, but it's actually only ten inches long. Like I said earlier
some guys are more blessed than others. It's not a black or white or Asian
thing, although for some reason white women have a thing for big black dick."

"I've never understood it myself until now. Bring that thing here," Rachel

Rachel's eyes lit up and her smile widened as Russ walked towards her his
large dick swinging between his legs. He stopped in front of her who sat on
the end of the bed and he picked up his manhood in his right hand. Slowly
Russ began to jerk himself back and forth and Rachel nearly started to
salivate as the penis in front of her face ballooned up in size.

Alcohol or not Rachel was impressed with Russ' size. He was so much bigger
than Ross and probably was a lot more confident too. Rachel anxiously
knocked Russ's hand out of the way and took the large shaft into her own
hands stroking it back and forth. Rachel kept watching as the bulbous dick
kept growing with each of her passing strokes. Then when it seemed to expand
to its maximum size Rachel began to lick at Russ cockhead amateurishly.

It was like Rachel was back in high school discovering sex all over again.
This time she had a new sextoy that just happened to be attached to the one
group of men she never dated on a regular basis. Russ had been with plenty
of white women in his time, but Rachel was something else. She was one of
those girls that while she wasn't racist she just never dated outside of her
own. Naive and curious. That and she was just the hottest thing he had ever
seen and the short while he was working with her she was dating Ritchie.

Now as her lips glided back and forth over the large dark shaft and her
tongue slithered around the overgrown dick as best it could, Rachel realized
what she had been missing in her sexlife. Perhaps if she could remember when
she woke up she'd tell Monica and Phoebe. With a loud pop Russ' cock slipped
out of Rachel's mouth.

"Lay back," Russ said as he lifted up Rachel and scooted her back a foot on
the bed. Rachel laid down like she was asked and positioning his crotch into
her face Russ eagerly went to work on the wet white pussy in front of him.
"Now that's what I like," he said as his tongue passed through Rachel's slit.

With the large dick Russ had Rachel didn't have to do much work to get it
back into her mouth as it was nearly poking her in the face to began with.
Rachel moaned with every charge Russ' tongue made into her cunt as she
continued to suck on his rod getting only six inches into her mouth before
it started to press into the back of her throat and gag her.

Perhaps she had become used to the same old sex she had been having during
her life, but even the simple act of Russ lapping his tongue deep into her
loves folds while plunging his prick into her throat, only about half of
which would fit inside, had turned Rachel on immensely and again it felt to
her like she was back in school discovering sex. Russ could feel Rachel's
lips squeezed down hard on his shaft at each pass that it made. The sweet
scent of her twat as it continued to wet more and more excited Russ and
urged him on to treat her even better. Then suddenly his dick popped from
Rachel's mouth again as she came. Russ eagerly tongued Rachel's cunt as her
body rocked with orgasm and she ejaculated harder and messier than she ever
had before.

Russ did the best he could licking Rachel's cootch clean, but it was still
very sticky and wet when he was done. He got off the bed still very much
erect and turned to face Rachel. She was very horny and wanting more and
Russ could see it in her eyes.

"You ready for more?" He teased.

"You fucking bet! Stick that big black dick of yours into my pussy! Stick it
in all the way!" Rachel anxiously answered.

"You're still plenty wet. You can more than handle me I bet," Russ replied
flipping Rachel's legs onto his shoulders slowing guiding his dick toward her

"Oh shit! That's still fucking big!" Rachel gasped as she felt Russ push his
way inside.

She had only been able to get six of his inches into her mouth and down her
throat, but Rachel knew she could get all off Russ into her pussy. It hurt
a bit the first time as her cunt had to stretch and adjust to the girth
entering it, but soon it slid in all the way and Rachel was a bit relieved
when she felt his balls slap against her ass the first time. All ten inches
were inside of her and she felt like she had just been stuffed, but Rachel
was high on excitement.

She moaned softly as Russ pulled out and her vaginal walls shrunk back down
to their normal size. They wouldn't remain that way for long though as Russ
stuffed his prick back into her filling her up nicely. Rachel's cunt
stretched and inflated with each thrust and with time she got comfortable
with Russ pumping all ten inches of himself into her. Her moans became louder
and Russ' thrusting became more intense. With each thrust into her pussy
Rachel's body bucked harder. Russ' balls were slapping against her ass and
her clit was swelling.

"Oh god Russ... My pussy... I'm gonna cum again..." Rachel softly cried.

"Do it Rachel! Do it!" Russ urged waiting to orgasm himself.

"Oh god! Oh god! Come on my face!" Rachel screamed as her body was rocked
with another orgasm covering Russ' dick with her ejaculate.

Still ramming Rachel's cunt hard Russ could feel it clamp down on his dick
as she came and covered his cock in her fluid. The girl had come twice
tonight already and Russ wanted to show her his appreciation for a good time.
Rachel barely had time to breathe after she calmed down as Russ withdrew from
her privates and stood over her on the bed with his dick pointed straight at
her face as he started jerking off. Rachel opened her mouth wide and little
of the white cream got into her mouth as it instead decided to splash down
all over her face and hair. Russ drained every last bit of cum from his dick
and when he finished he squatted down so Rachel could take him into her mouth
again and lick him clean. Rachel got off the bed and headed for the bathroom
when she finished cleaning Russ' dick.

"So how was it?" Russ asked.

"How was what?" Rachel replied turning with a smile.

"Your first time with a black man. Did it live up to everything you heard

"It was alright," Rachel giggled before walking into the bathroom and closing
the door behind her.

* * *

"Which floor is Rachel on?" Phoebe asked as she and Monica stepped onto the
elevator. Rachel had just moved into a new apartment and Phoebe couldn't
remember which floor she lived on. The only reason Monica still remembered
was because she helped Rachel move. Phoebe was out of town visiting her
parents when it happened.

"12," Monica replied. "Rachel didn't answer you either, huh?"

"I didn't even get through, I got a busy signal."

"Oh well I'm sure there's a reason for it. You can ask her if she has your
wallet the next time you see her if she's not here."

Monica and Phoebe stepped off the elevator the twelth floor where Rachel
lived. As they neared the door to the apartment Monica began to pull out her
keys that also contained a spare to Rachel's place. Monica started to reach
for the doorknob when the door suddenly swung open and a handsome buff black
man left Rachel's apartment.

"I've seen you before somewhere haven't I?" Monica asked him.

"Yeah at the coffee shop. You two are Phoebe and Monica right?"

"Yeah we are," Phoebe replied looking in the apartment at Rachel who only
smiled and gave a slight wave. "You're Russ right?"

"Yeah I am. I've got an appointment to make so I've got to go. It was nice
seeing you two again. Take care."

"Bye," Monica called back before she and Phoebe rushed into Rachel's
apartment slamming the door behind them.

"Since you weren't answering your phone I had to get Monica to come over to
help me see if my wallet was here, because you still haven't gotten me a key
to this place like you said you would. However," Phoebe said.

"However we're more curious about Russ leaving here so late in the morning.
It's almost eleven. Can I ask what happened last night?" Monica finished.

"You and Phoebe were really drunk so I had the taxi take you two back to
Phoebe's place. As for Phoebe's wallet I saw it on the ground after you had
left so I picked it up.

"Yes we figured that out, but Russ? I thought you didn't date black guys?"
Phoebe replied.

"Like you two have any room to talk. After I sent you two home I ran into him
at the last bar I stopped at. We had a few drinks, and ended up back here.
Yes he did stay the night."

"We kind of figured that out," Monica said, "So did you two have sex or at
least did you see his thing?"

"That's none of your business," Rachel replied scratching her ear.

"They had sex!" Phoebe joyously announced.

"And how do you know that?" Rachel asked.

"Because everytime you're nervous or want to avoid a subject you always
scratch your ear."

"Tell us! How big was he?" Monica asked excitedly.

"Why? What difference does it make?"

"Because I want to know if they really are that well hung."

"He said it was ten inches. All I know is that it was pretty damn big."

"So how was the sex?" Phoebe asked.

"It's kind of weird and awkward the first time you do anything with something
that big, but once you get used to it, you start to love it because it fills
you up so good and feels nice and tight inside of you."

"God damn I knew it was true!" Phoebe said excitedly. "I've got to try some
of that!"

"Jeez Phebes, when did you turn into such a pervert?" Monica asked surprised
at Phoebes sexual eagerness.

"Oh, come on Monica. You and Rachel can sleep around, but I can't?"

"Hey you try dating Ross and staying sane!" Rachel shouted.

"Ok yeah, my brother is a bit neurotic, but don't try and blame this on him!
It's a bit strange that you're dating a guy named Russ whose name becomes
Ross when you change one letter!"

"Yeah so what's your excuse Monica? Why can't you find one man?" Rachel said.

"Monica before you answer that I need to get my wallet. Rachel where is it?"

"It's in my bedroom."

As Monica and Rachel continued to bicker over who had the more screwed up
social life Phoebe ran into Rachel's room looking for more than her wallet,
which was sitting on the dresser. She looked on Rachel's desk and in the
drawers, but didn't find it. She looked on the floor and even rummaged
through Rachel's purse, but still no luck. Then in the corner of her eye
Phoebe spotted what she was looking for near the lamp on the nightstand.
She took a pen and old receipt from her wallet and copied down the phone
number Rachel had written on a piece of paper next to Russ' name. Phoebe
returned to the living room and found Rachel and Monica sitting at opposite
ends of the couch pouting.

"You find it?" Rachel asked.

"Yeah I did. Monica let's go I've got something I need you to do for me,"
Phoebe replied.

"Sounds good, let's go Phebes," Monica said lurching from the couch and
stomping her way to the bedroom door. As she turned the knob and opened it
Rachel leapt from the couch.

"Hey Monica, look I'm sorry about what I just said. It's Phoebe's fault if
you think about it. She did indirectly call us sluts."

"She did didn't she? I'm sorry too Rachel."

"Hey! I didn't call either of you sluts. I just said if you can sleep around
then so can I without having to listen to you ask questions. Now Monica let's
go, I've got something I need to do."

"Alright alright we're going. Call me tonight will you?" Monica asked Rachel

"Ok I will. And Phoebe whatever it is you're up to please behave."

"Oh god Rachel! What's that supposed to mean?" Phoebe asked rolling her eyes
as she shut the door behind her.

"So what's your hurry? What do you need me to do for you?" Monica asked as
she and Phoebe stepped onto the elevator and headed towards the ground floor.

"What did you think about what Rachel had to say? You want to try it? Get
some black guys and see if they're as good as she says?"

"You're funny Phoebe," Monica said smirking.

"What are you talking about? Do you or don't do you?"

"Sure I'd love too, especially if they're as big as they're supposed to be,
but come on look at us. When's the last time any of us hung out with black
men? The only reason Rachel did last night is because she happened to run
into Russ who she used to work with."

"I hope your mouth sucks as much as your attitude does Monica. This is New
York City. We're not in a tv show about a bunch of white people who live in
apartments they can't afford in real life because they're either unemployed
or the job they have doesn't pay jack."

"What? What the hell does that mean?"

"I don't know, but look I've got something that'll help us."

"What's that?"

"Russ' phone number. I found it in Rachel's room while I was looking for my
wallet. I guess she's going back for seconds."

"Good work Phoebe! But what's the plan. We can't just call Russ and ask for

"Why not? How many guys do you know that'll say no? Besides Russ is out of
the question. If he and Rachel start dating then I don't want to deprive her
of that. Even if he doesn't have any brothers we can get with some of his
friends I'm sure."

"Damn Phoebe, if we'd known you were like this, then three of us could have
had some good times together," Monica laughed as the elevator came to a stop
and the two of them stepped off.

"Me and you still can tonight. Just get ready to have a really good time."

* * *

Russ sat in his living room watching a baseball game on tv. He shared a house
with his brother, but he was gone for the afternoon. The game broke to a
commercial break and he got up to get a beer from the fridge. He had a date
with Rachel later in the night and was looking forward to it. Hopefully they
could get some talking and getting to know each other done before they
started drinking again. As he sat down popping open his bottle of brewski the
phone rang. He picked up the cordless off the floor next to the chair he was
sitting in and answered it.


"Is this Russ?"

"Maybe. Can I ask who is speaking?"

"It's Phoebe, Rachel's friend. We met this morning at Rachel's apartment."

"I remember you. What can I do for you?"

"I've got a pretty good idea of how this is going to sound, but do you have
a brother or a friend or two who can show Monica and I a good time?"

"You talked to Rachel about last night didn't you?"

"Not really. She refused to say anything specific."

"It doesn't matter. I've got a date with her later tonight and I can easily
find out then if I wanted, but I don't care either way. I do have a brother
though and getting a few of his friends to come over too shouldn't be much
of a problem especially since there are two white girls eager to find out if
the myth is true."

"And that's not part of the reason you slept with Rachel last night?"

"No it wasn't. Chalk last night up to booze and having a good time."

"Oh... Well anyway my reasons for wanting to sleep with a black man are less
noble than that, and Monica's just too shy to bring it up or try it."

"That's not true!" Russ could hear Monica shout in the background.

"It's not a problem Phoebe, don't worry about it. I'm just giving you shit.
Look since I'll be on a date with Rachel you, Monica, my brother, and whoever
he brings can have the house tonight. His name is Steve and I have no idea
who he's bringing. Speaking of which how many people do you want him to

"I want five altogether, I have something planned for Monica and myself,"
Phoebe whispered into the phone."

"Not a problem. I'll have him be here at eight. That ok?"

"Yeah eight's fine. Thanks Russ. Monica says thanks too."

"Yeah well you're welcome and have a good time tonight. Before I forget let
me give you directions here."

As soon as Russ was done giving Phoebe directions he got off the phone and
immediately called Rachel.


"Hey Rachel it's Russ. Phoebe just called like you thought."

"Not that I expected her to, but she certainly didn't waste any time. How
many guys did she ask for?"


"Five? God damn, I didn't expect this out of her. We'll see how she's doing
in the morning then. You're still picking me up at eight right?"

"Yeah at eight. I'm looking forward to tonight."

"I'm sure you are. Let's try and keep sober tonight so we'll remember it a
bit better tomorrow morning."

* * *

As Phoebe pulled up to Russ' house the car came to a stop in the street next
to the curb.

"So are you ready?" Phoebe asked removing the keys from the ignition.

"I'm fine, let's go," Monica said getting out of the car.

"You aren't nervous are you?"

"Nervous about what? I'm fine."

"Good, because I got you two guys."

"Two guys?" Monica asked stopping in her tracks.

"Well yeah, I didn't want you to beat my three guys."

"Three guys? Are you sure you can handle that many cocks that big?"

"Of course, I'll be fine."

Monica and Phoebe walked up to the door of the house and rang the doorbell.
As they waited for someone to answer they could hear music blaring inside.
After several minutes Monica rang the doorbell again.

"Are you sure this is the right address?"

"Yes I'm sure. This is the address Russ gave me and someone's inside playing

When several more minutes went by Monica and Rachel were fixing to turn
around and go home when the door opened. Answering it was tall rugged nicely
built black man who looked very much like Russ.

"Hi, you two must be Phoebe and Monica."

"You must be Steve," Phoebe replied.

"That I am. Sorry for making you two wait, but as you can hear the music is
rather loud and we just didn't hear it. So you two want to find out if all
black guys have big dicks huh?"

"This is more Phoebe's idea, but that's one way of putting it," Monica

"I hate to burst your bubble girls, but some black guys have average sized
dicks too. Not everyone here tonight is super hung. Mike's the smallest at
seven inches, so is there any preference with size?"

"Give Monica the two smallest. I want the large ones," Phoebe cheerfully

"We're going to have a talk when we get home," Monica said still able to be
shocked at Phoebe's behavior.

"Well then Monica you get Mike and Jonesy. Like I said Mike sits at seven
inches and Jonsey sits at eight inches. And for you my black cock loving
Phoebe," Steve said turning his attention to Phoebe fondling her breasts
through her shirt, "You get myself, Roger, and Max. Twelve, thirteen, and
fourteen respectively."

"Holy shit," Phoebe mumbled at the size of the cocks she would be taking on.

"You'll be screaming something altogether different at the end of the night,"
Steve replied smiling letting the two in. He shut the door behind them and
three of them walked into the living room where he shut off the stereo. In
the living room one guy sat on the recliner and the other three on the sofa.
"Hey guys, these are the girls Russ told me about. Mike and Jonesy you're
with Monica. Take her to the guestroom. Roger and Max we get Phoebe and we're
using my room. Let's show these ladies a good time and have some fun."

With a lot of hooting and hollering the five black men divided up and took
their woman to their respective rooms. Not completely humongous Monica still
took her time as she and Mike and Jonesy stripped off their clothing. Seven
and eight inches wasn't super large, but they were the biggest dicks Monica
had ever seen.

Phoebe was more than ready to go taking Roger and Steve's dicks in her hands
and jacking them off as she wrapped her lips around one cockhead eagerly
sucking on the man meat then switching to the other dick. She sat on the edge
of the bed as she did this and Max was on the floor slithering his tongue in
and out of her pussy.

Monica was on her hands and knees sucking Mike's dick sliding her tongue up
and down his dark shaft as Jonesy spread her cuntal lips wide and dipped his
tongue into her honey pot. She had never dealt with dicks this big, but
Monica felt like she was holding her own nearly able to deep throat all seven
inches of Mike. Jonesy was a bit of another story as the two men switched
places. Monica was easily able to learn to deep throat nearly seven and half
inches, but whenever Jonesy pushed that last half an inch or so into her
mouth she nearly gagged. That experience was nothing though as Mike barely
touched Monica's pussy with his mouth before plunging his seven-inch rod deep
into her cunt.

For a fan of white chick/black dick movies Phoebe's room was definitely the
place to be. Max was laying on the bed and Phoebe was sitting on top of his
fourteen-inch dick as it plunged in and out of her twat. Closer and closer it
got to completely going in and with each thrust Phoebe could feel her insides
stretch to accompany the large monster. As she was being rammed in the puss
by Max she was bent over his body as Steve face fucked her. Phoebe's lips and
mouth were hurting as she quickly learned to deep throat all twelve inches.
Literally behind Phoebe was Roger who was splitting her ass wide open with
his huge dick. Phoebe's body was a vessel of pain and ecstasy as every hole
was filled to the brink and it was learning to take in more than it was used.

Monica too was on the receiving end of having her ass cracked open by an
overly large appendage. She was on top of Mike riding his prick as Jonesy
furiously pumped deep into her anus. The night was easily far exceeding
Monica's expectations and with each plunge the two black men made into her
body her moans got louder and her body ached with passion. Then suddenly
her orifices were empty and she was being flipped onto her back. Monica
smiled and groaned as she felt Mike's raging dick enter her backside as she
was lowered onto him. She could see Jonesy standing off a bit stroking his
manhood watching as Mike was slowly able to bottom out all seven inches
into Monica's ass. Then with a wide grin Jonesy slowly walked towards Monica
still stroking himself. Monica's eyes bulged and she grunted half in pain
half in pleasure as eight more inches of cock pushed into her ass.

Phoebe was screaming loudly as Max and Roger stretched her twat to the
limits as they dp'ed her. Having a twenty-seven combined inches of black
cock jamming into her pussy was a bit more than Phoebe had anticipated, but
she was loving the challenge. As she took both men in her reddening twat
Steve had grabbed the back of Phoebe's head and was furiously face fucking
her. Phoebe's cunt got some relief when Roger pulled out then shoved himself
into her anus. Her body was aching bad for orgasm and it was helped along as
Steve's prick blew open and fired his creamy hot cum down Phoebe's throat.
Steve started to pull out as he finished, but Phoebe refused wanting to lick
all of his cum off of his shaft and leave it clean.

Monica's hands clenched the bed sheets tightly as Jonesy and Mike continued
to furiously fuck her asshole. Screaming and thrashing with her eyes closed,
Monica became lost in her orgasm and didn't notice when Jonesy pulled out of
her butt and climbed onto the bed with his dick aimed right at her face.
Monica didn't know he was there until her face was struck by spurt after
spurt of his semen. She smiled at the good time she was having tonight and
what was still to come as Mike continued to ride her in the ass.

A shrill piercing scream leapt from Phoebe's mouth as she was rocked by
orgasm. Her pussy and anus clamped down on hard on the dark rods that filled
them. Roger was the first to lose his battle as he exploded and shot his
white bullets into Phoebe's bowels. His load was large and as his dick left
her sphincter a string of cum connected his cockhead and her ass together.
Very horny and excited by the night Phoebe rode her last cock hard trying to
milk it for all it was worth. Max fought his orgasm and Phoebe all the way.
The tighter Phoebe's pussy got, the harder he fucked her. She was going to
orgasm again before he did for the first time. Phoebe and Max furiously
slammed and ground their privates together heading for a draw when a loud
shriek rocked the house.

Mike continued to pummel Monica's butt grunts and groans escaping from both
mouths. Jonesy was the first and Monica knew she was the second. She dug
her fingers into her cunt and her thumb rubbed over her clit as she pushed
herself towards orgasm. Suddenly Mike reached up from below Monica and
pinched her nipples. Monica screamed like there was no tomorrow as her body
flew into the throws of orgasm. Her body shook with fervor and her pussy
burned as it dribbled out her girl cum. Mike was happy and smiling that he
got Monica to come, but even if he hadn't been too proud of himself he still
wouldn't have seen Monica's cum trickle it's way down her side toward her
ass. Nor would he have seen how it drip onto the tip of his sensitive penis
sending it into overdrive as it plummeted into her rear one last time before
opening up. Panting heavily Monica was able to lift her exhausted body off
of Mike with Jonesy's help. Jonesy and Mike laughed as Monica's asshole
opened up spitting some of Mike's cum out.

As Monica's scream filtered through the house Phoebe and Max gave in at the
same time. The raging fourteen-inch dick in her twat opened up and sprayed
the inside of Phoebe like a waterhose. Phoebe definitely wasn't ready for a
load this big and her cunt didn't have the capacity. Max's cum trickled back
out over his dick as fast as he shot it into Phoebe. Phoebe's own cum was
helping to moisten and make sticky her whole underside as she orgasmed for a
second time. Sticky and wet Phoebe rolled off of Max smiling rubbing her hand
between her legs and licking the white goo off of it.

* * *

Rachel was wakened by the incessant ringing of her phone. Grumbling and
cursing she rolled over in bed to the nightstand and picked it up.


"Hey Rachel it's Russ. How're you feeling?"

"I told you we should have avoided the alcohol. I've got a slight headache,
but I'll be fine in a little bit. Thanks for whatever happened last night."

"No problem, though I don't remember too much of it either. The reason I'm
calling is to let you know Phoebe, Monica, and the guys were still fucking
this morning at four when I got home and that the two of them have crashed
here for the night."

"Yeah ok thanks," Rachel laughed. "What're you doing up it's only ten?"

"Six hours is enough for me, besides I thought you'd like to know. Maybe come
over and give them shit for it especially Phoebe. Not that I knew any of you
real well, but she seems like the last person to come off as a pervert."

"She kinda caught me and Monica by surprise with it too, though it may only
come into play when talking about black men. I'll be over in a bit so keep
quiet and try not to wake them."

"Will do. See you in a bit then Rachel."


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