Friends: Deleted Scenes - A Bachelorette's Send-off
(MF, MMF, M+F, hand, oral, inc, anal, f-mast, voy, f-gang, orgy, bukkake)
by Dudeman

A gentle rap on the door came as Monica clasped her bra. She padded over and
opened it, letting Rachel inside.

"Everyone's here," her roommate informed her then asked with concern, "you
sure you're ready for this?"

Monica thought for a moment, as she released a slightly shaky exhale. More
confidently, she said, "Yeah. Yeah, I think I am. Honestly, Rachel, I really
do want to do this." Her wide smile confirmed her words.

"Okay, then. Well, I'll go out and get everybody drinks, and you finish
getting dressed." Rachel's lighthearted tone helped to ease the nervousness
in what could have been an uneasy moment.

She turned to go, but before she could open the door, Monica stopped her
with a hand on her arm. "Rach... um... thank you for, for this, and for

The blonde returned Monica's grateful smile. "My pleasure, Mon... or should
I say, it'll be YOUR pleasure tonight."

The two shared a knowing look, along with Rachel's wink. Then Monica's best
friend went out to play the hostess.

Miss Geller stood alone, and looked over at the stunning bridal gown that
hung in the corner of the room. This was her last night as a free woman.
Tomorrow would be her wedding day.

She pondered this as a dab of perfume was traced with a fingertip along each
side of her neck, and between her breasts. Then she finished dressing. She
stood, looking at herself in the mirror. The beautiful bride-to-be primped
the long black tresses that draped over her shoulders, and then applied a
coat of red lipstick. Her palms smoothed out the fabric of her blouse and
skirt, and she stepped into a pair of high heels. Monica looked at the
engagement ring that adorned her hand. With a little smile, she resolutely
removed it and placed it on the dresser.

Her heels clicked on the hardwood floor as she crossed to the door. She
paused, took a deep breath, and opened it to walk out into the living room.

Her guests for the evening were milling about, and she saw that Rachel had
indeed served drinks all around. Monica had easily remembered each of their
favorite libations, and the mood in the room was quite jovial, if somewhat

"Hi everyone," she said to the group and all eyes turned to her, as she
strode to the center of the living room. "I guess, um, I guess you're
probably wondering why I invited all of you here tonight." The men settled
in as she spoke, some sitting around the living room. Monica nervously
played with her fingertips and occasionally gestured as she went on.

"As you all know, tomorrow, I'm getting married. And..." She struggled
to find a way to segue into her explanation, fighting to control her
nervousness. "...and I was thinking a few weeks ago about how after
tomorrow, I'll be giving myself to just one man, Chandler... for the rest
of my life."

"So, where is Chandler?" Pete Becker asked.

Ross answered for Monica. "Oh, he's staying over at my place for the night."

Monica went on. "Yes, well, anyway... I was thinking about, um, about all of
you... And I decided that I wanted just... one... last... chance with you.
Sooo... Rachel helped me put all this together."

The light was beginning to go on in some of the eyes. "You mean..." Richard
Burke asked the unasked question.

"Yes," Monica affirmed. "Rachel asked me what kind of bachelorette party I
wanted, and... this is what I said I wanted. To, um, to have sex, one more
time, with my past boyfriends, and well... and lovers." The eyes of the each
man immediately went from Monica to Ross.

"You?... and Monica?" Richard asked him.

"What?" Ross laughed self-consciously. "Like, if any of you had, had a hot
little sister like um, like Monica... you wouldn't... wouldn't want to do
her? At, at some point?"

The explanation, so brief, yet so obvious, seemed to satisfy all. Monica
smiled, looking at the men from her sexual past, at least these who weren't
just one-night-stands. Her eyes went from Ross, to Richard, then to Pete,
and Joey, and Fun Bobby, and then to...

"Gunther?" she said, surprised. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh. I heard there was a gangbang tonight. So... it's not Rachel?" he
asked, gesturing to the object of his unrequited love.

Monica answered, still trying to process the fact of Gunther's presence. "No,
it's not Rachel. It's me. She's just the fluffer tonight."

"Oh, okay. Well, I'll stay anyway," he replied, matter-of-factly, his
bleached pate nodding and an optimistic look showing on his face.

Before Monica could object, Richard spoke up again. "You'll have to forgive
me for not being up on all the group sex terminology. But what exactly is 'a

Rachel fielded that one. "Well," she cleared her throat, and spoke with
feigned experience. "My job is to keep you all... 'ready'... for Monica."

"Yeah, it's not like I can take you all at the same time," the brunette
explained further.

"Well, Mon, you could probably take a bunch of us at once," Joey offered, as
he counted off on his fingers. "Pussy, ass, mouth, tits, two hands... Hey,
that's six!"

"Please tell me that's not how you learned math," Ross said.

Joey chuckled. "No, but I bet I would have done a lot better on tests if the
questions were like that."

Monica couldn't help but smile. "As tempting as that is... I don't think I
could do that the whole time tonight, Joey."

"Could if ya wanted to," he muttered under his breath, as Monica went on.

"Now I know this all may seem weird to you, so if anyone wants to leave now,
that's all right. But if you stay, just know that no one leaves without
'bangin' the bride'." She paused with a little smile to let the words sink
in, then began passing out condoms. "This is your ticket to ride the Monica
Geller Bachelorette Express. You can fuck me any way you want. You can do
it, ya know, like we used to do it... or you can do it like you always wanted
to do it. Oh... but my only stipulation is that by the end of my bachelorette
party, I want to be COVERED in your cum. Got it? From ALLLL of you. So these
are just for 'accident' protection, k?"

Some of the men seemed dumbfounded by the surreal event, while others looked
like they had just won the lottery.

"So, if everyone's on board with this..." She paused for objections, and as
expected, none came. "...all right then. WELL, since every bachelor or
bachelorette party needs a stripper..."

On cue, Rachel pressed the play button on the remote control, and the stereo
behind Monica began pumping out an erotic beat. The bachelorette began
dancing for the men, grinding her hips in a slow circle. She watched as
quite soon, the men one by one began discretely to touch their groins;
tugging at their pants to make room for and adjust their growing members.

Rachel quietly stepped between Gunther and Joey, who were standing behind the
couch. She reached over to Gunther and caressed the bulge in his pants. He
acted almost startled and shot a look to her. She returned a knowing little
smile, as she unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. She began stroking
him, then with a simple look and turn of the head, she directed his eyes back
to Monica.

The sexy brunette's hands slipped to her torso, running flat across her body
just under her breasts, gently pulling the fabric of her blouse to accentuate
them. One foot stepped to the side, spreading her legs.

Monica brought her grind to a stop, drawing her watchers' attention to a
singular motion, that of her hands sliding downward. The heavy cloth of her
snug black skirt now was noticeably stretched between her thighs. All eyes
were fixed on her hands, as they traveled down her thighs, then moved around
to the side, and coursed back up her hips; the friction tugging slightly on
the hem of her skirt. As they reached her waist, her fingertips lightly ran
up her belly, while her hips resumed their seductive grind. She looked over
into the corner of the room, pretending to ignore the men who were so
obviously focused on her.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the back of Rachel's head at
crotch-level in front of Joey. It moved forward and back as she sucked him
off, kneeling between him and the couch.

Onward and upward, Monica briefly cupped her tits, then softly dragged the
backs of her fingernails along her neck and up through her hair. Her eyes
closed as she did this. The pads of her fingertips came back down, caressing
her high model-like cheekbones, and her lips parted in a barely audible moan
that was heard like a scream by all in the room. The tip of her pinky finger
slipped briefly inside her open mouth, seeming to point to the place where
she wanted a cock.

As she caressed her breasts and body, her hands conveyed a message of utter,
consuming arousal. She opened her eyes and saw that Rachel was servicing
another of Monica's guests, as she reached over the back of the couch to
masturbate Richard.

With the music continuing to seed the air with lust, Monica's hips swayed
from side to side, mesmerizing the men. Then, the dark-haired seductress
strutted around behind the couch. Heads and bodies turned; even the three on
the couch craned their necks to follow her. Monica stood in front of Joey.
She glanced down at her shirt and simply said, "Just one."

The impression was one of a mother telling a boy that he could have only one
cookie, but the understanding shared was far more prurient.

As she stared at him, Joey reached up and undid the top button of her blouse.
Monica took hold of the lapels and pulled them out slightly, looking demurely
downward giving him a chance to steal a peek down her top.

Then she moved to Gunther. She offered to him only one button, and with it,
a view of a little more of her chest. As she turned, her hand brushed
against and momentarily gripped the cock that Rachel had stroked to hardness
just a few minutes before. In her peripheral vision, she saw Gunther's
nervous, yet expectant look.

At this, the little cocktease went to the seated men. She leaned over Ross,
who sat to the far left on the couch, placing each hand against the back of
the furniture, on either side of his shoulders. He looked up at his sister's
face, and she looked down her nose at him, smiling; playfully trying to be

"One button," Monica purred.

Ross nervously cleared his throat, then reached up and unbuttoned a little
more of his sister's blouse. He stared at her breasts hanging before him,
slung in her lace bra. Slowly his hand, as if with a mind of its own, moved
toward those beautiful, beckoning tits. Monica watched its measured motion,
then when Ross was almost touching her, she suddenly pulled away and stood
up. Wagging a finger at him, with a feigned scolding look, she clucked her
tongue, "Can't touch, Ross... not yet."

Stealing a look back at her brother, gauging the level of his interrupted
desire, Monica moved to Richard and then on to Fun Bobby. She gave each one
the chance to unbutton "just one" button of her shirt. Each step unveiling
for the man a little more of her black lace bra and her lovely skin. Each
step making the others jealous that they didn't get to see more of her when
it was their turn.

With Fun Bobby's button, her blouse was hanging open; black lace and
porcelain skin teased from within. As she passed Pete, sitting in the big
chair, she grazed her fingertips across his cheek. Her look seemed both to
apologize that there was no button for him, and to mock that he wasn't
getting a chance to undress her, even just the little bit that the other men

Back in her position on the other side of the coffee table, Monica resumed
her slow grinding dance as the tails of her blouse were pulled out of her
snug black skirt. One by one, she locked each man's eyes in her overpowering
gaze. Monica knew that each man, even Gunther, wasn't going to be satisfied
with just getting a look at her cleavage. A little smile crept across her
lips as she recognized and relished how she was enticing them; stoking their
lust and turning them into a pack of salivating dogs.

As Monica allowed her blouse to slip off her shoulders, she watched Rachel
move around the couch, kneel in front of Fun Bobby. As the shirt slipped
down her slim arms, she saw the blonde unzip his pants and take out his cock.
And before the garment dropped to the floor, her fluffer's head was in his
lap, sucking his cock to full erection.

The sexy musical throb persisted as the brunette stepped back to Pete.
"Since you didn't get a button..." she said in a faux-sympathetic way, then
turned around and leaned slightly forward, offering him her skirt. Pete
reached up and unclasped the back of the waistband, then slowly pulled down
the zipper. As he did this, he was treated first to the sight on Monica's
wide satin garter belt, then to tantalizingly little of the thong nestled
between her ass cheeks, then hints of the stocking tops beneath. The zipper
bottomed out and Monica strutted away from him.

Her burlesque continued, bumping and grinding, letting her skirt move and
seem almost to fall. But it never quite let go.

As Rachel gave her oral services to Pete, Monica's hands moved to the loose
waist of her skirt. She turned away from the group, and with her hips
swaying, she eased the piece of clothing over them.

The quiet hypnotism in the room quickly became a chorus of friendly, lusty
whistles and catcalls the moment her fingertips released and the skirt landed
in a heap on the floor. Her hands glided up the backs of her thighs and over
her ass. Her thumbs slipped into the waist of the thong, and she felt the
satin garter belt rub against them. Her hands traveled around to the sides,
and she playfully pulled on the band and repeatedly dipped each side in turn,
as her body, feet and knees together, slowly squatted down and back up. A
little wiggle showed off her firm, tight ass.

Monica turned back to face the men, her feet apart, teasing them with her
thong and making them want to see what was inside. She watched as 'her
fluffer' left Pete and crawled back around the coffee table to resume
servicing Richard. She rubbed his big dick up and down before placing her
mouth over it. Rachel reached out and stroked both Ross and Fun Bobby as she
gave head to Doctor Burke.

Richard's focus was divided between the two women. His eyes kept drifting
back to the one with the dirty blonde hair, blowing on his cock. He took it
out of her mouth and holding her chin gently, he caressed the soft skin of
her cheeks, lips, and chin with it, before replacing it for her to suck.
Monica smiled as she watched this, giving him a little wink when he looked
back up. He was the one she worried most about his willingness to get
involved in her party. Now, she was pleased that any reservations were gone.

The bride-to-be's sexy dance continued, and as she toyed with her thong, she
gave them ever more revealing peeks at 'the good stuff,' as Joey always put
it. Her lingerie was strategically donned according to her preplanned
striptease, with her thong on the outside of her garter belt. First, she
revealed just a bit of the dark swathe of hair, then as the thong began to
slide down, she showed more of her perfectly groomed strip. It traveled
down, little by little, finally revealing a smooth pussy below, to the loud
encouragement of her men.

Rachel was now sucking and jacking her old boyfriend, Ross, as the other men
stroked their dicks, captivated by Monica's performance.

The thong slowly lowered over the garter straps, down Monica's stockinged
legs, and came to rest around her ankles. She stepped out of it, and kicked
it upward. The guys on the couch reached for it, as if trying to catch a
home run ball at a Mets game. But it flew over their fingers, and hit
squarely on Gunther's chest, then dropped onto his hand gripping his cock.
He smiled shyly at Monica amid the friendly comments of jealousy from the
other guys. She saw that, once Gunther thought no one was looking, he
furtively took in the scent of the lingerie that only moments before had been
nestled against her pussy.

Now bottomless, Monica turned around and again put her ass on display,
caressing it as she moved. The seams of her black stockings ran the full
length of her legs, giving a guide for all eyes up and down from her high
heels to the wide opaque bands just below her butt. With her feet apart she
bent over slightly, giving them a teasing glimpse of her pussy lips and clit.
Then she slipped her hand through her legs to rub herself. Another swell of
catcalls came from behind her and spurred her to slip her middle finger

As she slowly masturbated for the group, she heard Joey mutter loudly, "The
hell with waitin'!"

Monica glanced over her shoulder to see him come around the couch. As if in
slow motion, she watched his hard cock bounce with each stride as he
approached her. Though she was a bit disappointed that she wasn't going to
be finishing her striptease, she smiled that her work was so effective. She
turned and looked up into Joey's lust-filled eyes as his hands silently
pushed her to her knees and he put his cock in her mouth.

"Awwww yeah," he groaned, as his best friend's fianc‚e began sucking.

Joey's actions broke the watershed of barely controlled testosterone in the
room. Within seconds, Monica found herself surrounded by cocks. Cocks to
the left, cocks to the right, cocks all around; each one demanding her
attention. She grabbed onto two at random, jacking them as her head bobbed
on Joey's dick.

"Take her bra off," someone said, she thought it was Pete. A set of fingers
slid behind the elastic band. Her breasts were gently squeezed against her
body as the clasp was undone, then released as the lingerie was separated
from 'the girls' and was pushed off her shoulders. It hung between her
elbows as a seeming myriad of hands groped and fondled her breasts. Her
nipples hardened. Monica felt like her wedding was years away instead of
just hours away.

A penis came in from the right, prodding her cheek like a dog's nose when it
wants attention. She abandoned Joey and turned her head, capturing the new
cock with her lips and tongue. From just the feel of it in her mouth, the
way her lips seated into the ridge around the head, she recognized it as Fun
Bobby's. Her head bobbed on Bobby, as she still tried to masturbate as many
dicks as her hands could find.

Flustered but certainly not frustrated by the forest of male legs and
members, she poked her head around Joey's leg. "Uh, a little help here,

Her former roommate was lounging on the couch, legs crossed with her foot
bouncing lazily. Rachel looked up from the magazine she was flipping
through. "Yeah, no, looks like you're doing fine by yourself." Her eyes
went back to the page, which she flipped, and she punctuated her comment
with, "Juust fiiine."

"Rachel!" Monica protested with a bit of a whine, then her tone became more
stern. "You're supposed to be the fluffer here!"

"Oh, all right... ya big baby!" The magazine was slammed shut and tossed on
the side table. "Geez, I bet even pornstars get a union break when they're
working," Rachel grumbled, getting up from the couch. "All right, boys,
let's get some of you over here," she said with a wave of her hand.

Rachel was back on her knees by the time Richard, Pete, and of course,
Gunther split off from Monica. This left the brunette with just Joey, Fun
Bobby, and her brother. She switched among the three, sucking each as she
masturbated the other two, enjoying the feeling of them touching her hair,
her shoulders, her breasts.

"Sit in the chair, Mon," Joey said. "I wanna lick ya."

She followed his direction and sat down. Joey knelt in front of her and
grabbed her hips to pull her forward. Then he lifted each leg to drape over
the arms of the chair, causing her to lay back. It was quite an immodest
position, especially for an almost-married woman. But the exhibitionist in
her loved being put on display. She looked through her spread legs at Joey
kneeling in front of her. His fingertips glided along her thighs, the nylon
barrier seeming to intensify his touch. His fingers traveled down to where
her legs met, and they slowly petted her moistening pussy. She took a sharp
breath each time a fingertip grazed across her clit.

"Eat me," she whispered lustfully, feeling like a queen with an obedient
servant. Joey bent down and his tongue took over where his fingertip left
off. "Ohhhh..." Monica moaned, her eyes rolling to the back of her head.
"Oh yeahh... Now THAT'S the good stuff."

With Joey's head out of the way, Monica looked over and saw Rachel
masterfully handling her three charges. Richard's cock was in her mouth,
Gunther's in her moving hand, and Pete was behind her, slowly thrusting into
her as she knelt. Her short skirt was pushed up around her waist and, Monica
could see that her thong was pulled to the side, held out of the way by her
ass cheek.

"Uh, Pete... I don't think you're supposed to fuck the fluffer," Monica
joked. "You're supposed to save that for me."

"What?" he said innocently. "I thought she was supposed to keep us ready for
you. And she sure isn't complaining." Rachel's agreement came with a shake
of the head and a muffled "Hm mm."

"Oh all right," she replied in mock concession. "Go ahead, do 'er all ya
want. Just remember, I'm the one you really came to fuck."

Joey's tongue was working its practiced magic. He lapped at the smooth skin
offered between Monica's upraised thighs, licking her pussy, making her moan.
He traced up and down the folds of flesh with the tip, probing for the most
sensitive places; the triggers that would make her gasp or moan or roll her
eyes back. His tongue was slowly and steadily pushing her upward. She
closed her eyes, focusing on the sensations in her crotch. His tongue
licking; his hands caressing her legs. When she opened her eyes, she saw
that both Ross and Fun Bobby were disrobing.

"My, my... anxious little boys, aren't we?" she teased, her hand reaching up
to touch her brother's thigh as he moved around to her right.

"Oh, just... shut up and suck me, Mon," Ross shot back with good-natured
ribbing. He placed his hand on the back of her head, guiding his younger
sister to lean toward him and take his cock into her waiting mouth. Monica
lip-jacked her brother, relishing her task of readying him to fuck her.

The soon-to-be bride moaned assent as a digit was slipped deep inside her.
She glanced out of the corner of her twinkling eye toward her future
husband's best friend, as he masturbated her with his tongue and finger. "Oh
gawd, Joehy, yepfhh," she moaned with filled mouth. She closed her eyes in
bliss and her own sucking was imbued with new vigor.

"Omigod, Monica," Ross groaned, just as Monica felt her hand being taken and
her fingers wrapped around a long fleshy shaft. She didn't have to look to
know it was Fun Bobby's hand that was using hers to masturbate.

She felt her orgasm growing closer. Her arousal was fueled by the knowledge
that she was pleasuring three men, just hours before she would hear one of
them speak the words, "You may now kiss the bride."

Joey's hand was a blur as he vigorously masturbated her. His mouth devoured
her pussy, clearly intending to leave Monica no option but to climax. It
grew closer and closer, stealing Monica's focus and leaving her unable to
continue fellating her big brother. Ross quickly remedied this by reaching
down to slip his palm under her chin and the other over the crown of her
head. Holding it in place, he pumped in and out of his sister's mouth.

Her toned stomach muscles undulated with each breath that came loudly through
her nostrils. As she writhed in the chair, her legs began slipping off the
arms. Joey's finger quickly left her; his hands holding her legs in place.
But just his tongue was enough to push her onward.

Monica felt her orgasm swelling as a tongue and two dicks fucked her pussy,
mouth, and fist. A muffled whining whimper came out of her over and over,
growing in volume with each utterance. Her back arched, pulling her little
ass up off the cushion. Her eyes were scrunched shut. Her body temperature
shot up as beads of sweat formed on her chest and the tanned skin flushed
pink. Tension gripped and held her frame as her mind begged the orgasm to

All of a sudden, her body mercifully relented and released as her climax hit.
She dropped back into the chair. Waves of pleasure swept over her as she
groaned deeply around her brother's pistoning cock. Joey's tongue kept
going, prolonging her ecstasy, then gently and slowly bringing her back down.

Monica lay there for a moment, breathing hard. She turned her head and
pulled off and away from Ross' dick. Fun Bobby even stopped his action, as
all eyes were turned to her.

"Omigod, that was amazing," she smiled, out-of-breath. Then she looked up at
her big brother and patted his leg. "Ok, suit up, Geller. You're on. You
don't mind, do you, Joe? If Ross goes first?"

"But," he gestured at his mouth and her pussy, "this doesn't count as my
turn, does it?"

"Not a chance, Tribbiani," she grinned, with a drunken look.

"Then no problem."

"You, you sure you don't want to rest a bit?" Ross asked.

"Are you kidding?" she scoffed. "Monica Geller can take on all you guys
without breaking a sweat." Then she looked down at her glistening torso.
"Ok, maybe that last part's not true. But I can still outfuck anyone here."

"Ohh-kay," he said with a little chuckle. Ross unrolled the condom onto his
dick, as Monica put her feet on the floor, and he then knelt between her
spread knees. She sat upright and moved to the edge of the chair, wrapping
her arms around his neck. They shared a gentle kiss as Ross entered her.
Their tongues intertwined as their bodies joined.

Brother fucked sister slowly and lovingly. Monica held the back of his head
in her hand as she kissed him passionately. She broke their kiss and placed
her chin on his shoulder, whispering in his ear. "Thank you for this, Ross.
I love you so much."

"You're welcome, Mon. I love you too," he answered without a moment's pause
in screwing her.

Monica looked over her brother's shoulder and a little smile crept across her
lips. From behind, Pete was still nailing Rachel hard on her knees to her
insistent grunts. "God DAMN it, PETE... FUCK it, fuck IT... fuck my GODamm

Her face displayed a lustful, pressing look; eyes closed, lips pursed but
open, showing her teeth as her breaths chugged with the thrusts. Gunther had
her blouse open and was kneeling in front of her sucking her pert tits, as
Richard stood to the side, jacking his big cock and watching the show.
Suddenly, her eyes shot open; Pete clearly had hit a good spot and she
screamed, "FUCK!"

As Monica watched her friends having hot meaningless sex, she basked in the
exact opposite situation for her and Ross. His cock moving inside her. The
hair on his chest tickling and tingling her nipples. His lips and tongue
covering her shoulder and the side of her neck with kisses. Her stockinged
knees gripped his waist, her calves holding his hips.

Across the room, Pete unexpectedly pulled out of Rachel, saving his cum for
Monica, yet depriving the blonde of stimulation. "Godammit, somebody fuck
me!" she demanded. It was clear that it didn't matter to Rachel whose cock
was in her, as long as one was.

Fun Bobby moved toward her, but Gunther blocked him. "Back of the line,
buddy," the coffeeshop boy said as he moved around behind her. Richard
stepped in front and put his thick cock between her lips. He held her head
in both hands. Her small mouth stretched around it as he did her, pushing to
the back of her throat with each push.

She groaned deeply as a new cock penetrated her. Rachel's lips left
Richard's dick and she looked over her shoulder. Gunther had a look of
excitement mixed with apprehension as he began doing the lust of his life.

"Here's your chance, Gunther," she prodded. "You've wanted to do me for
years... now do it hard, dammit." The uncertainty quickly left his face and
he obediently rammed his cock up into Rachel, pushing her body up and
forward, and eliciting from her a loud grunted "Oh god!"

Then she went back to sucking Richard, with the coffee-boy continuing his
upward thrusts.

As her brother fucked her, Monica watched her roomie across the living room.
The honey-blonde giving great head, getting fucked hard, moaning. As soon as
Rachel felt Gunther slow down a bit and knowing that his fantasy-come-true
was exciting him more than expected, Rachel quickly emptied her mouth and
called out to her fucker, "You better not cum in me, Gunther."

A look of panic crossed Gunther's face, as if he had been chastised, and he
pulled right out of her. Seconds later, long enough for Gunther's excitement
to ease back from the edge, Rachel, still stroking Richard's cock, looked
back. Her words and voice dripped with seduction.

"Come on, baby... go back in me... that's it... do me nice and slow... mmm,
do me deep..." Rachel then turned back to attending Richard's cock, stopping
only to tell Gunther what she wanted. Gunther exactly followed her directions
for a while, then his breathing and sounds betrayed him. "Don't cum in me...
don't do it," Rachel said sternly, causing him to pull out again until his
near orgasm passed. Then, she changed to a pleading tone, "Please Gunther,
please fuck me... god, I need it so bad..."

Between bouts of sucking cock, Rachel went on like this, alternately teasing
and scolding; toying with Gunther; being the bitch and playing his lust like
a fine instrument. The two women made eye contact and Rachel gave Monica a
mischievous smile and wink. Monica couldn't help but smile, both from what
she was seeing and what she was feeling.

At the big chair, the incestuous activity went on. With a slight moan,
Monica murmured in her brother's ear, her breath blowing across it. "Ffffuck
me, Ross... do it... do it... god, I love your cock in me... is that
wrong?... is that dirty?..." To emphasize her words, her lips wrapped around
his earlobe and she bit down gently, sucking on it, before pulling off with a
slight smooch. "...forget that I'm your sister and fuck me hard... mmm,
better yet... remember that I'm your sister and fuck me even harder..."

Almost instantly, Ross pushed back on Monica's shoulders and they dropped
with a bounce onto the stuffed chair. He pushed her legs farther apart and
rammed deeper into her. "Yeah, that's it," she said through clenched teeth,
"Fuck your little sister."

He nailed her hard and fast, his eyes locked on her full breasts that bounced
each time their thighs met. Monica's long black hair partly covered them,
but stopped short of her hard nipples. Her brother reached up and fondled
her tit as he fucked her. Monica moaned her encouragement. She heard her
best friend screaming in orgasm from across the room as Gunther evidently
followed her directions to the letter.

Moments later, Ross pulled out. "Are ya done?" Monica asked, panting. She
felt an overwhelming desire to quickly move to the next guy if Ross was done
with her. But in answer, he grabbed her left leg, brought it up and over his
head, and in so doing, rolled her onto her side in the chair. He put his
hand under her thighs bringing them up. With his palm resting on the cushion
under her legs and his forearm holding his sister's knees against the front
of the chair arm, Ross guided his cockhead to her pussy lips. Then he
slammed back into her; his hips banging her ass and thighs.

"OH GOD!" she squealed in delight. The next hard thrust pushed a loud lusty
grunt out of her. She turned her head, looking up at her brother and half-
whispered the words, "Do it!"

As if reading her mind, Ross placed his hand on her shoulder and pressed her
into the cushion, trapping her in the big chair as he resumed his rapid
driving fuck-pace. Monica's eyes rolled back and she uttered a long moan,
punctuated with a series of UHNs by the fast rhythm of her brother's body
meeting her own. Her fingertips dug into the padding of the chair.

She closed her eyes, reveling in the sensations. Being curled into the
chair... held there... fucked. Her black garter straps stretched tightly
against her firm ass, digging gently into the flesh. The rubbing on the side
of her breast and nipple from the soft cushion as her tits moved in response
to her partner's demanding thrusts. Strands of her long hair falling lower,
little by little, across her cheek. Then someone brushing them aside to see
her impassioned face. The quiet rustling of her nylon stockings against the
fabric of the chair. The soft rhythmic clopping of her high-heeled shoes
against each other as her legs stayed together, keeping her pussy tight
around the cock. Her brother's cock.

Monica felt as if this moment was the only moment she had ever lived. All
her sexual frustrations as an overweight girl growing up were but a surreal
dream. The thrill of her engagement, the excitement of her upcoming wedding,
the anticipation of her future marriage; none of that seemed real. The only
reality she knew at that moment was the good hard fuck her brother was giving

With shut eyes, Monica enjoyed a greater awareness of the erotic sounds in
the apartment. Her maid of honor's moans and grunts coming from across the
room; muffled, then becoming instantly clearer. Richard's voice saying, "Do
her mouth. She's really good at it." Then those feminine sounds becoming
covered again as someone... Monica didn't know or even care who it was...
someone was filling Rachel's mouth with cock. All Monica needed or wanted to
know was that Rachel was keeping another someone hard for her.

Her body began a slow surge toward climax. Her arms curled in, as she
clasped her hands underneath her chin. "Oh god... oh god..." she whimpered,
as her sibling's tense grunts matched his pounding dick. "Please, Ross,
please... make me cum..." Her tense frame permitted just a bare whisper,
which stopped none of Monica's pleading. "...fuck me... fuck me, Ross...
make me cum... please make me cum... oh god, make me cum..."

As Monica quietly begged her brother for an orgasm, her words melted into a
low groan and her voice began a gradual slide upward. A scream of pleasure
came flying out of her. Her body writhed as best it could, restrained as she
was by the chair and her brother's hands.

Suddenly, the cock left her. That wonderful pounding cock abandoned her
body. But before she had a chance to question, the hands released and a
tongue started to frantically lap at her pussy. She instinctively spread her
legs a bit, and the tongue and lips began devouring her clit. A wave shot
through her, and she squealed and squirmed in response. She opened her eyes
and saw Ross at her cunt, licking and sucking and prolonging her orgasm.

As the rush began to subside, she put her hand on his head, and said, out of
breath, "That's enough... that's... I... I can't take any more..." He
straightened up and gently caressed her stockinged calf. "Did you cum?" she
asked, trying to regain her composure.

"No," he replied. "Almost, that's why I had to, um, pull out...of, of you."
Even after this intimate act, Ross still seemed boyishly shy at what he'd
done for her.

"Good. 'Cuz you're gonna do more later." Then she took on a loving tone.
"Thanks, big brother."

He chuckled softly. "No problem, little sister," he replied, standing.

"Yeah, yeah, enough of this emotional crap," Fun Bobby broke in. "We got a
whole lotta gangbangin' to do." With this, he went to his knees and slipped
into Monica. She laughed, but soon was enjoying the different qualities of
this new cock. "Oh yeah," he groaned, "it's been a hell of a long time since
I felt this pussy."

"Oh, but you don't want to do me like this, do you?" she asked, giving him a
knowing smirk and a wink, as he continued sliding in and out of her.

"Ya know, I don't," he said, pulling out. But rather than hear him suggest
the position they used to prefer, Monica saw him stop, motionless, as if
listening to something off in the distance. "Do you hear that?"

She paused to identify some strange sound, then replied. "I don't hear

"No, I'm sure I hear something," he feigned. "Yes, yes... I hear it... It's
the battlecry..."

Then it clicked for her. She giggled, "No... don't start."

Her mind flashed years back, to when they were dating. Bobby had often
teased her that her clit looked like a little tongue, sticking barely out
from her pussy lips. He claimed that whenever he went down on Monica, her
pussy french-kissed him back. This razzing always elicited a laugh, a
denial, and a kittenish slap on the arm.

One afternoon, she semi-playfully goaded Bobby into a game of thumbwrestling,
in which Monica came out the winner, after an eventual best-five-out-of-nine
series. Later that day, they arrived back at her apartment, and as soon as
Bobby realized that Phoebe was gone, he threw Monica over his shoulder and
carried her to her room. Her soft blows to his back and firm spanking of his
denim-covered butt were her only mild objections to his obvious intent.

Once there, he tossed her onto the bed, and pounced on her. A soft staccato
sounded, as he ripped open her button-fly jeans. With only cursory
struggling from Monica, Bobby wrestled her over onto her stomach. As she
tried to crawl across the bed and achieve a better position for mounting her
counter assault, Bobby grabbed her legs, pulled her back to him, and jerked
the pants off her squirming body. By this point, the beautiful, laughing
woman had rolled over, and was trying to get up off the bed. Fun Bobby
pushed her back down, and went for her panties, easily stripped them from her
hips and down off her legs. Monica lay there, bottomless; her swelling clit
beginning to protrude from her bald pussy. The scrappy brunette's laughter
had turned to panting giggles, as their tussle seemed to be at an end, and
more direct foreplay was expected to begin.

Instead, Bobby placed his hands on her knees, and with a loud declaration of
"hostilities," he yanked Monica's legs apart, dropped to the floor in front
of her, and launched an assault, "lingua a lingua." The goal of their
prurient battle quickly became clear: could Monica hold off cumming until
Bobby became fatigued, or overly aroused, and give up his oral offensive.
She pitched and writhed, trying to keep her sensitive clit away from his
licking, kissing, sucking mouth. Though Bobby soon claimed victory in their
battle of the tongues, Monica's strong orgasm was a satisfactory consolation

And now several years later looking up him, she knew what was coming next.
Yet this time, she fully intended to let him win.

"One, two, three, four... I declare a TONGUE WAR!!" Bobby proclaimed. With
that, he flipping Monica onto her back in the chair, threw her legs open, and
dove in for a lingual attack on her clit. Monica screamed and laughed,
grabbing onto his head. Her body wriggled in a attempt to wrestle her clit
against Bobby's tongue, lips and face. His tongue jousted with her pussy for
a few minutes, then he pulled back to regroup for another move. Looking
around, he called out, "god, would somebody hold her down, already?"

Two or three pairs of hands descended upon Monica; she couldn't tell at first
how many. "That's not fair! NO FAIR!" she squealed, struggling against the
strong male fetters that firmly gripped her arms and legs. They held her
mostly naked body almost motionless in the chair, keeping her nylon-covered
knees up and apart. "No fair," she uttered one weak final protest to Bobby,
a pouty smirk on her face.

"Hey, when it's war, you gotta look for all the allies you can get," he
answered, moving in for a more leisurely licking of the restrained bride's

The tip of Bobby's tongue slowly traced up and down the glistening crease.
Monica felt it weaving in and out of the folds, dipping inside her
occasionally, moving up to her clit, gently licking it up and down. His
tongue flicked across it again and again, gently lashing it. Shivers
caressed Monica's spine. Her sensitive skin reacting to the soft glancing
blows from his tongue. It almost tickled, the way it skimmed across her
clit. But soon, the delicate fondling of his mouth became more determined.

Already in a state of heightened arousal from Joey's and her brother's
licking and dicking, Monica's body began to stiffen against the hands that
held her in place. Panting and quiet moans came from her. Her mind
whispered, "oh god, oh god... please don't stop..." but she had no idea
whether her begging passed from her mouth.

Bobby's tongue was joined by his lips, as each lick melded into a sucking
kiss on his opponent's little lower tongue. Each of them brought a scarcely
perceptible, though clearly hindered, bucking of her hips.

Then she felt his tongue slip inside her. Her erotic groans and grunts
filled the room, as she responded to the repeated thrusts of this fleshy
little invader; her pussy allowing it entry. She saw the toes of her black
stilettos swing upward toward the ceiling, then back down out of sight, as
her body involuntarily tried to flex, then contract. With the only motion
allowed to her, her lovely head swept from side to side. This normally
negative gesture was overridden by her groans of "yes... yes..."

A small orgasm sent a shudder through her frame, a precursor to a bigger
sensation, like a tremor before an earthquake. But before that could happen,
Bobby stopped licking and pronounced his victory. The hands let go of her
and she felt Bobby pull her up and out of the chair. She was somewhat
disoriented by the sudden change as he quickly brought her around to the

"Bend over the chair," he ordered, and Monica mounted the overstuffed back.
Her trim belly against the fabric. Left knee up on the arm, and her hands
together on the opposite one. One heeled foot on the floor. Presenting like
a tigress in heat.

Something was tied around her eyes as a blindfold. She caught a glimpse of
it, before things went dark. It was her red silk scarf, folded several times
into a band. At some point, Bobby must have retrieved it from her bedroom.
Though she didn't know how the evening would progress, she knew that Bobby
liked things a little bit kinky, and this was some of what she expected from

A hand grasped her waist, and Monica felt Bobby's cock slide into her. The
second hand also wrapped around her body, holding her as he slowly began
fucking her, bringing the deprived orgasm ever closer. Monica moaned her
gratitude. Her nipples gently brushed against the fabric, tingling them with
every push. But just as she was beginning to swell, he pulled out.

"Okay, to the victor go the spoils!" she heard, and felt a firm slap on her
butt. "Who wants a piece of this fine pussy?"

Voices shouted for priority, followed by Bobby's instruction, "You can fuck
her, just don't let her cum." And then she felt someone's dick inside her,
sliding in and out. Monica couldn't help herself; she found herself trying
to figure out who was using her. She focused on the size and searched for
tell-tale movements. She listened for any sound, any soft grunt or breath of
air that might identify him.

This cock didn't go exceptionally deep. But it was thick, stretching her to
satisfaction. It slid into her at an upward angle, hitting the back of her
vagina. She tried to recall who it was that felt like that, distracted
though she was by her body's reaction to the probing. Palms landed just
above her ass, pushing her down and keeping her from moving forward as the
cock began ramming into her.

"Joey... it has to be Joey," her mind interjected in the fog of her arousal.
She felt her partner's leg join her own on the chair arm. The change of
position brought his cock into her at a new angle, and seemed to confirm one
of the ways that Joey preferred to fuck. But before she could whisper his
name as ask him to keep going, "Joey's" cock went away, obeying Bobby's
previous direction.

Monica fought against the easing of her sexual tension, waiting for the next
inevitable dick to bring her pleasure. She didn't have to wait long.

It entered her, moving downward from above. Its head pressed against the
sensitive front of her cunt, rubbing her G-spot as it as it slid in, and
causing a momentary rush of ecstasy. It just kept on coming, deeper and
deeper. More and more of it. Filling her, and then some. "Oh god, this has
to be Richard," her mind screamed. She always loved having his cock in her;
and the way its size caused her pussy to tightly grip its hard flesh.

"Oh god, Richard," she moaned into her darkness. Seemingly as a prize for a
correct guess, her hips were lifted slightly off the chair, and the large
cock started screwing her.

She heard her own moans mixing with the men's sounds coming from across the
room, along with Rachel's sexy grunts and occasional filthy words. "Fuck me,
you fucking bastards... fuck me like a dirty fucking whore..." Then more
grunting and sucking; sounds of insistence.

Pete's voice challenged Rachel in kind, "That's it... suck me you little
slut... yeah, suck my cock... you... you beautiful little cocksucking
fucker... god, Rachel, you're such a dirty little slut..."

Monica heard more sloppy slurping sounds and a loud pop, Rachel shot back
"You want me to suck it? Huh?" "Yeah," Pete demanded. "You want me to suck
it more?" came her former roommate's retort. "Yeah," another demand.

"Then make me," Rachel's voice taunted. "Make me suck it." Some muffled moans
from Rachel followed, then more goading. "Come on, Pete... Make me your
little cocksuck-mmph."

Amid this prurient antiphony, Monica found herself drawn back to the
sensations created by the long slow strokes of the good doctor's dick. With
each near-withdrawal, her pussy gave up the warm, wet sheath around his
shaft. Then with the head barely still inside her, she moaned at the feeling
of being filled again; again and again. She gasped when it occasionally
rubbed on just the right spot.

The growing intensity of her moans must have betrayed her nearing climax.
Unexpectedly, the long cock withdrew and this time failed to re-enter her,
quickly stalling Monica's steady sexual climb. Her hips were lowered down to
the chair back. She pleaded in frustration that turned to a whisper, "god,
nooo.... no..."

This time, the new penis was not immediately given. As she felt her orgasm
slipping beyond reach, and with her body draped over the chair, her hips
pumped, trying to get her clit to rub on the fabric. Unable to make proper
contact, unable to bring herself, she heard her own voice panting,
"somebody... please... someone fuck me... please..."

Just as the last word came out, a fresh hard bare cock came into her mouth,
followed quickly by a new condomed cock pushing into her cunt. Hands wrapped
around her head and her hips, and two dicks fucked both ends of her body.
The moans created by one were muffled by the other, in a lurid tag team
event. She guessed that Ross was back in her, and Fun Bobby was having her
mouth. But the erotic thoughts of being used by an old boyfriend and her
brother in such a way overwhelmed any remnant of desire to know who was using
her body for his pleasure.

The mouth-cock pushed to the back, but not too far, then fucked her lips.
She rubbed her tongue on the bottom as much as she could The other dick
moved slightly forward and back at the entrance to her cunt, then suddenly
dove all the way in, making her grunt loudly. It then pulled out enough to
repeat the cycle; tease her lips, then ram into her, causing another grunt of
pleasure; tease her lips, then ram in. As best she could with a full mouth,
she encouraged them to keep going, hoping that whoever was fucking her would
ignore Fun Bobby's rules of the game and make her cum. She knew it would be a
huge orgasm whenever she could have it.

But once again, her moans and panting signaled her oncoming cumming. Her
pussy was emptied, just as before, but this time her protests stayed muffled
by the fleshy gag. The grip around her head made sure that she couldn't pull
away and demand her climax. "Alright, guys. That's enough," Monica heard
Bobby ending the pussy-teasing and declaring his intent to have pity on her
and finally let her cum. A faint smile crossed her lips as she realized how
much she really did enjoy the game and how good the ending would be.

One last condomed dick of the game entered her pussy. This one she knew was
attached to Fun Bobby. He started screwing Monica at a languid pace,
caressing her ass.

Bobby always was a butt-man. In fact, he was the first one who had her ass.
He had convinced her to try anal sex with his patented teasing and slightly
whiny, "Come on, it'll be fun..." That first tentative experiment eventually
turned into a common form of sex for them. It was Fun Bobby who taught the
one-time anal virgin all the varied ways she could let her ass be fucked. And
Monica soon had learned how to make it enjoyable for herself; how good it
could feel; how amazing her orgasms could be.

She should have seen it coming; but with all the activity of the impromptu
guess-the-dick game, Monica forgot to expect the gentle drizzle of lubricant
between her cheeks. With her position mounting the chair, her cheeks were
spread and her pussy and butt-button were openly exposed and offered for
Bobby's choice. The dribble of lube slowly ran down between her cheeks. She
gave a soft chuckle and turned her head to speak over her shoulder; her sight
still darkened by the scarf. "That's what you like, isn't it, Bobby? You like
to do me in the ass, huh?"

Without a word of an answer, Bobby's cock left her cunt. She felt it slipping
up and down between her ass cheeks, spreading the lubricant. The head settled
at her little asshole, then with a firm push, the crown popped in. She
giggled slightly, then heard both Bobby's and her own voice moan, "Oh
yeah..." as his cock slowly pushed a bit deeper. Bobby's dick was a normal
length, even a bit shorter. Some men might want a longer cock, but for Bobby,
this allowed him to fuck her ass, balls-deep; something some of her other
lovers couldn't do without hurting her.

Bobby started off by pushing in a little, and sliding out, then in a bit
more; over and over until she comfortably took all of him. Monica felt him
pause, and she said with a smile, "Do it."

He began fucking her, slowly at first, then picking up speed and depth and
she felt her ass accommodating him more easily. She felt that shot of
adrenalin rush through her frame, causing her body to shake slightly. What
some would have considered a violation, Monica considered a kinky pleasure,
though she would have never admitted it outside her close circle of friends.
As Bobby's dick moved inside her, the swell of lust seemed to pour from her
chest down to her pussy and then to the muscles gripping his shaft. "Fuck my
ass," Monica hissed, seeing nothing, hearing only prurient sounds, and
feeling only the cock drilling her asshole.

In response to her, the dick within her slowed to a leisurely pace, and then
nearly withdrew, the head held just inside her.

"Oh... this ass?" Bobby teased with a soft smack on her behind.

"Yes!" Monica ordered. Bobby laughed, then taunted Monica again.

"This cock?" he inquired as he slowly plunged it all the way in.

"Fuck yes!" she groaned.

Bobby pulled back again, keeping the crown barely in her. The few seconds
that he held still seemed like long minutes to the dark haired lovely,
heightening her anticipation and raw desire. Bobby toyed with the bride on
the end of his cock. "I don't know, Monica... I might need a little

Monica had had enough of all Bobby's games and pussy teasing. "You want
inspiration?" she questioned, with frustration and a bit of anger dripping
from her words. "How's this for inspiration... You better fuck me now, 'cuz
you're never getting my ass again."

An evil chuckle came from behind, which was quickly followed by her own lips
screaming "FUCK!" as Bobby's cock was rammed good and hard into her. He
quickly settled into a rhythm that perfectly matched Monica's desire. She
reveled in the dirty, erotic feeling of having her ass fucked. Each thrust
pleasured what some would consider the wrong hole. Each thrust ended with
his body meeting hers. Each thrust gave her a little tingling shot as
Bobby's balls not-so-gently smacked against her pussy lips.

She felt Bobby's hands wrap around her hips and pull her back toward him,
putting her at a better angle for his use. Then the anal fucking resumed,
harder and faster than before. Bobby grabbed onto the back of Monica's
garter belt and used it to control her body as he rode her; pulling her back
to him as he rammed in and letting her hips settle back as he pulled out.
Monica quickly found that the way Bobby had her, caused her clit to rub
against the fabric every time his dick moved in her. "Oh god," she whispered
frantically to herself, realizing that her orgasm would come even quicker
than she thought. "Oh god, oh god, oh god..." Her words grew in volume and
intensity each time they left her lips. She grabbed onto the chair with both
hands, trying to steady her already throbbing body, She put her head down,
hugging the padded backrest, as Bobby's cock pounded her ass and he chuffed
with the effort. Her words turned to mere whimpers as her climax began to
grow. But with all of the foreplay and fucking of Bobby's game, the slow
start was replaced by an almost immediate peak. She screamed into the
upholstery as it hit. Her head snapped upward with another scream. To her
pleasure, the cock didn't stop and wave after wave washed over her. With
each utterance of ecstasy, she pounded her forehead into the padded chair
that she straddled.

Her head's motions displaced her blindfold slightly from one eye. She saw a
man's bare legs, and as her head came up, her view was immediately filled by
a hard cock coming at her and being pushed into her mouth. She willingly
received it, though with her orgasm seizing her focus, Monica would have been
unable to refuse. She tried to wrap her lips around the shaft and suck. But
her escaping moans, which had now taken on a pleading tone, prevented her
from closing her mouth around it.

That didn't stop the man, whoever he was, from threading his fingers though
the hair at the back, and holding her head up to fuck her mouth. Her body
lay draped across the chair and impaled at both ends. Bobby's continued
ramming of her ass pushed her forward, and occasionally caused the other cock
to slip into her throat. The first couple times, she gagged slightly, but as
she came down from her high, she relaxed and opened her throat to allow as
much of the cock as he wanted to give. The growing clarity in her mind
allowed her to think and recognize the size and feeling of the familiar dick
between her lips. A dick she had deep-throated many times before.

Fun Bobby suddenly stopped fucking her ass, and she heard him exhale through
clenched teeth. His words confirmed her assessment. "Whew, I just about
came. Damn, Monica, your ass is as firm and tight as it ever was," he
complemented with a light slap on her butt cheek. Monica mumbled her thanks
around the now motionless cock, and it's immediate removal allowed her to say
a proper "Thank you." Richard, the man attached to her mouth's most recent
companion, squatted down in front of her, and gently kissed her forehead.
She was panting and she felt the hot coolness of the just-fucked perspiration
all over her body. A bead of sweat slowly tricked down her temple, gathering
moisture, before letting go and running down her cheek to the side of her

"You okay?" Richard asked gently and received only a smiling nod as an
answer. "You ready to go again?"

Breathlessly, Monica replied, "Give me just a minute." Out of the corner of
her eye, she saw Rachel sitting in the middle of the coffee table, feet up,
knees spread. She was masturbating for the guys, who were sitting and
standing around the couch. Each of them in turn was watching her and
stroking off with her, as if following the motions and words of their
conductress like a silent prurient ensemble. "Why don't you watch Rach for a

Monica saw that Bobby had by now joined the group, and she felt Richard's
touch on her shoulder as she slowly dismounted the chair. Her head spun and
she was a bit shaky standing on her high heels. Soon she regained her
footing, and the swirling left her brain. With a limp sweeping motion,
Monica pushed the makeshift blindfold off her head and dropped it on the
floor. The beautiful fianc‚e feebly tousled her hair, as if a reflex, to
primp it back into place. But she realized it was pointless. The various
fuckings so far had mussed it beyond fixing.

"Okay, I'm ready, Richard," Monica said somewhat weakly, feeling the parched
quality to her tongue and lips. "Just let me get a drink first." The couple
moved to the kitchen, where Richard poured Monica a glass of red wine. She
sipped it, set it down, then immediately dropped to her knees to "serve" (or
is it "service") her guest. She had barely gotten Richard's cock in her
mouth and gave it a couple sucks and mouth-strokes, when he brought her to
her feet. The quizzical look she gave him was answered, "Believe me, you've
already sucked me," referring to the blindfolded use of her mouth, "plus
Rachel's doing a great job of keeping us all... 'primed'." The couple
laughed at Richard's choice of words. "So I want to do it for you."

With that, the tall, handsome doctor took Monica to the counter, and placing
his hands around her trim waist, lifted her onto it. Monica stared into his
eyes for a moment. Her heart fluttered at the thought of feeling again what
Richard had given her many times in the short months they dated. They were
always great lovers. His experience. Her willing mind and body. The
combination created some very erotic, very romantic, and occasionally very
dirty encounters.

Richard went down on one naked knee, bringing his face level with Monica's
waiting cunt. She could see the light glistening off the wetness of her
skin. Her thoughts flashed back to the first time he'd gone down on her.
She came unbelievably hard, finally finding a man who really knew how to eat
a pussy.

And now, she again watched him lean his face into her. He started out slow,
gently licking her clit and the flesh, and it didn't take long for Monica to
want more. "Oh god, don't go so slow," she said, half-ordering and half-
begging. To this, Richard grabbed her hips. The muscles of his strong arms
became prominent as they pulled her to him. Her little butt slipped across
the countertop until it was barely hanging off the edge. She leaned back
onto the light blue frame of upper cabinets and was immediately treated to
Richard's lavish cunnilingus.

"Oh my god!" she moaned as she ran her fingers through her hair. Her pussy,
already sensitive and tingling from her workouts so far, responded to
Richard's tongue by giving Monica wonderful warm sensations that washed up
her body. She bit her lower lip, and exhaled one fast, breathy, impassioned
word, "Fuck!" as Richard gave her clit a quick, hard suck and a loud kiss.
She rubbed her tits and pinched her nipples, further stimulating her already
heightened body.

Monica brought up her feet and rested her heels on his back so she could
spread her knees wider and let him have more of her. She licked her lips as
the licking of her other lips continued. Richard's tongue repeatedly flicked
across her clit; the tip giving gentle slaps of flesh on flesh. Her body
arched, either tried to get more or trying to get away from the overpowering
sensation. Her heels dug into his back. He kept on licking, burrowing his
tongue in the folds of her cunt. Exploring. Probing. Licking and sucking.
Driving her on toward another inevitable climax.

"No... no," she begged for a slight reprieve. "Just go in me." The tongue
stopped, and as Richard stood, Monica repeated softly, "Just fuck me."

As soon as he was within range, the sexy and sexed-up brunette grabbed his
muscular body and pulled him in for a series of passionate lustful kisses.
She broke them just enough to tell him again to fuck her, then moaned in his
mouth as he fulfilled her request, pushing deep within her. He began fucking
her. Slow and deep. Filling her completely each time. Slow fucking with a
passion that could only come from total lust mixed with remembered affection.

"Do it harder," Monica said. "Fuck me harder."

Richard seemed to disregard her request, as he slowly slipped into her again.
But at the last moment, his hips bucked forward, slamming his dick home.
"UNH!" Monica nearly screamed at the force of his body nearly lifting her off
the counter.

As he slowly pulled back almost all the way out, he asked in the calmly
dominant way that Monica always loved, "Do you want it again?"

"Yes," she hissed with desire, her blue eyes staring deeply into his eyes.

He repeated the motion, sliding in most of the way, building anticipation as
Monica's heart fluttered, then pounding the last couple inches. "UHN!" was
rammed out of her again. Once more, she felt the head of his cock move deep
within her, the smooth caress of his shaft between her pussy lips, and then
the tingling shock as his abdomen bumped hard against her clit. As he slowly
fucked her like this, Monica's head fell back, resting against a couple
cereal boxes on the shelf. Somewhere in the distance, she actually heard the
quiet rustle of Corn Flakes as each hard thrust slightly lifted her petite
frame and pushed her head against the boxes. Soon even that close shuffling
sound was masked by their own erotic grunts every time Richard stuffed his
cock inside her.

She leaned forward to hold him. Even then, his dick lifted her off the
counter, over and over. Monica felt the hair on his chest brush against her
sensitive nipples, formed into hard quarter-sized disks by her arousal. It
sent a shiver up her spine, it felt so good. Her arms wrapped around him,
and she rested her head on his shoulder. Her lips touched his neck and
involuntarily kissed. Then her tongue slipped out and gently down his neck
to his shoulder, in one slow lick. Once there, the familiar feeling of
Richard's big hard dick overwhelmed her with lust and she found herself
biting him, none too gently. She kissed and licked around the barely
noticeable teeth marks, then reached up to hold his head and whispered in his
ear, "Sorry. Couldn't help it." No explicit words of forgiveness came,
though Richard's continued fucking told of his implicit acceptance. The
beautiful bride and her illicit paramour held each other in tight arms.
Their bodies as close as possible to becoming one.

Monica looked across the kitchen and saw Rachel still sitting on the big
coffee table; feet up, knees apart, skirt around her waist. Her clothes were
mostly on, though her panties and shoes were gone and her blouse and bra were
open to display her pert tits and nipples. She was still jilling off, still
teasing the guys with her words and actions. They variously stood and sat
around her watching intently and each one masturbating in his own favorite

"Stroke those big cocks for me... yeah... that's it... make me want them...
make me want them in my mouth and pussy and ass..." Rachel's masturbation
continued for them and clearly for herself. "You like watching don't you?
You like watching me rub my pussy... rub it and finger fuck it, huh? You
dirty fuckers..."

The teasing suddenly ended as Pete got up from the couch, stepped toward her,
took her arm and pulled her off the table. She gave a good natured squeal as
she was propelled to the couch, to kneel on the cushions and bend over the
sofa's back. Before she could even look over her shoulder, Pete had shoved
his cock into her cunt and started pumping. As Monica was being fucked on
the counter, she looked across to her maid of honor getting fucked on the
couch. The women watched each other for a few moments, each giving a little
grin at their mutual good-gangbang-fortune. Rachel gave a knowing laugh,
"Yeah I always knew you liked it nasty Pete. I bet Monica kept you good and
satisfied, huh? She was a slut, wasn't she? Your very own little slut.
Show me what you'd do to her, Pete. Come on... fuck mphhh..."

Her sexy taunting was cut off as Fun Bobby moved around the couch and put his
cock in her mouth. Monica couldn't see, but she heard Rachel's sloppy
mmmph'd sucking sounds, and saw Gunther move to the couch and fondle the
blonde's breasts, before disappearing underneath, obviously to suck them.
She was so glad that Rachel was willing to help her put this evening
together. It would have never happened without her, and even though Monica
was the reason for the party, she was glad that her friend could join in the

Just then, the gradual softening of Richard's pounding actions brought her
attention fully back to him. He held her more lovingly now with his
continued screwing of tomorrow's bride. Richard's hand glided up Monica's
stockinged calf and thigh to the place where the dark band met creamy flesh,
then went back down her leg. Stockings always made Monica feel sexy,
especially when they formed some small amount of gossamery barrier between
the skin of her legs and her partner's flesh.

"I always loved you in things like this," Richard spoke softly. "So
beautiful... so feminine... so perfect... I always loved you. I..." Then
came a pause in words, though no pause in actions. "I love you, Monica.
I've always loved you."

Monica's breath nearly caught in her throat and her heart missed a beat.
"I..." she managed to get out. "I..."

Her mind raced. What should she say? Did she still love him? Here she was
fucking him. But did she still love him? What about Chandler? She was
getting married tomorrow, and she loved Chandler with all her heart. But did
her heart still hold Richard, even a little bit? An emotional swell of
confusion raged in her mind. What should she say?

It seemed that Richard read her mind. "Do you still love me, Monica? We
were always great together. We both know that. Don't do this tomorrow.
Don't marry Chandler. Be with me instead."

As if trying to prove his love, Richard's attention became more passionate.
He caressed her and held her close.

"Stop." She closed her eyes and said breathlessly, "Please don't say that."

"How do you feel about me, Monica?" he murmured.

"I... I love having you fuck me... GOD, I love having you fuck me... and I
know I could love you again... but... but I can't let myself. I love
Chandler too much to leave him."

The silence between them did nothing to diminish the passion. Neither of the
two pointed out the irony of Monica proclaiming her love for her soon-to-be
husband, while being fucked by another man. Monica tried not to look into
his eyes, choosing instead to close her eyes, put her chin on his shoulder,
and focus on the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of her. Moments
later she heard his request. "Then, just say that we can have this after
you're married."

Monica realized that Richard was asking her to cheat on her husband. This
party was one thing; she was still a single woman and could still rationalize
her one last fling. But here she was being asked to promise to become an
adulteress; to pledge to be unfaithful even before saying her vows of
fidelity. She pondered all this meant, even as she savored the way Richard
fucked her; the way his cock filled her; the way he held her; the way he
licked her; the way he made her kneel and suck him; the way he drew out of
her a passion she hadn't felt before or since him.

"Hey, Richard. I have an idea," Ross yelled across the room with a smile in
his voice, walking toward them. She thought this interruption might rescue
her from her decision, but quickly she heard Richard's voice again.

"Promise me, Monica," he said softly, holding the back of her head in one
hand and whispering; his lips to her ear. "Say it."

Her desire for passion was more than she could control. She shakily
answered, "Yes... I will..." Her uncertainty melted away as her future
infidelity became a fait accompli.

"God, Monica, I love you," he answered her promise. Their moment was broken
once again by her brother's voice.

"Bring her over here." Ross stood, as naked as the other men, between the
kitchen table and couch. "And um, and stay in her, too."

Monica gave her sibling a quizzical look, as Richard lifted her off the
counter. Her arms wrapped around his neck, and her legs around his waist.
He turned around, and she tried to look back at Ross as Richard carried her
petite body, still on his dick, across the kitchen.

"Ready Mon?" Ross asked.

"Ready for what?" she replied. To answer her, he simply stepped in against
her as Richard lifted her slightly. She felt her body being lowered onto
another hard cock, as Ross' slid up into her ass. "Oh, fuck!" she groaned
and her eyes rolled back in her head. Monica instinctively grabbed tighter
around Richard's neck, leaning into him, resting her chin on his shoulder and
pushing her ass slightly farther out to allow her brother's further
penetration. Richard's arms wrapped around her waist and back, holding her
tightly and, with her legs gripping his waist, keeping her close to him.

She felt Ross' hands coming to rest on her cute little ass, helping to
support her, but also spreading her cheeks a bit more to allow him to go
deeper within her. Slowly and gently, her brother's cock entered her all the
way. Monica closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of being impaled on two
cocks; her sweaty, glistening body suspended between two men. They held that
position for a few moments, giving Monica a chance to get used to the feeling
of the dual penetration. A lover in her cunt and her brother in her ass.

Then came the motion. For a split second, she couldn't tell which one it
was, but then her focus went to her ass. The motion of that cock in her ass.
First, slowly pulling out and pushing back in. Then picking up a little
speed, yet still going so deep inside her that she could feel Ross' hips
touching her.

It didn't take long before she felt the cock in her cunt join in the fucking.
Barely moving at first, mostly pushing in, though pulling out slightly each
time. And soon with two sets of hands holding her up, both cocks began
fucking her, each one's action following the other. Alternating inside her
ass and pussy.

The sensations Monica was feeling caused her mouth to pour out a litany of
filthy, enjoyable talk. "FUCK!... fuck me... shit... fuck me, you dirty
fucking bastards... oh fuck... dammit, yes... fuck it Ross, fuck my ass...
fuckit, fuckit..." For a few moments, her focus went to her other partner.
"Oh god, Richard... oh fuck... godammit, Richard... come on, baby, do my
pussy... do it good... yeah, that's it... fuck me..."

Her grip around Richard's neck loosened and body arched in complete trust
that her men wouldn't let her fall. Ross cradled her against his body,
limiting his motion inside her yet allowing Richard to be the one to screw
her with long, deep strokes. Monica rested the back of her head against her
brother's shoulder. She was moaning over and over, "Oh god, oh god, oh god."

The brunette's eyes trailed down her own body. The body she worked hard to
keep in shape. Pert breasts and hard nipples; some of her long hair stuck to
them with a little sweat. Firm stomach; she could see her muscles tightening
and flexing as her body responded to the fucking. Slim hips with a black
garterbelt crossing and framing them. Trimmed pussy, being filled and
stroked by a big hard cock. Stocking tops and nylon encased thighs held
between a man's forearms, and in turn, gripping that man's hips. She caught
an occasional view of her black high heels as her legs bounced with the

Richard's fucking became hard and fast. "SHIT!" she cursed. "FUCK!
fucfucfucfucFUCK!... "

She felt the heels slipping off her feet and heard them, first one then the
other, clatter to the floor. She stared Richard down, with intense lust.
"Fuuuck me," she said with a whispered demand. Her grunts matched the
doctor's as he rammed hard into her, now taking his time between thrusts.
Monica felt her body pushing against her brother's each time; aware of,
though clearly not focused on his cock in her ass.

A final burst of fast hard fucking and Dr. Burke pulled quickly out of her.
"God dammit, I want to cum on you so badly," he said in frustration.

"God dammit, I want that too," she answered bluntly.

Richard eased her down to let her feet touch the floor, but she was
immediately pushed past him, a step forward, and was bent over the kitchen
table. Her legs extended behind her; her toes barely rested on the floor.
Ross' dick was still in her ass, and he obviously wanted to take advantage of
the situation and her position. "Shit, yes," she hissed, loving that she was
being man-handled.

Face down, she could feel her hot breath on her cheek as it steamed up the
cool hard kitchen table. Her body heat had by now warmed up the tabletop
where she lay. The squawk of a chair was heard as it was dragged a short
distance on the floor. She turned her head, resting her cheek on the wood,
and saw that Ross had positioned a chair so he could raise up and drill down
into her ass from a better angle. And a better angle it was.

She closed her eyes and gave a little smile as that familiar cock pushed
steadily into her ass. The sound of another chair squeaking hit her ears and
she opened her eyes to see a naked Joey sitting beside them. He was stroking
his very erect cock, and had a dirty smile on his face. "Yeeeah, ba-by," he
said in his lecherous Joey way. "You like getting your ass fucked, dontcha

"Mmmm, what do YOU think, Joe?" she purred.

"I think it's pretty damn hot watching Ross butt-fuck ya, Mon. Go for it,
dude. Give it to her good and hard."

As if Ross needed any encouragement, he was soon doing Monica "good and hard"
as Joey suggested. He leaned forward and his body covered hers as he rested
his forearms on the table, surrounding her. Neither sibling said a word as
he humped her ass, good and fast and hard. All Monica heard was her
brother's and her own grunts, the occasional sound of the table sliding on
the floor, and the rough slaps of Joey beating off.

Monica reached out, stretching as far as she could, trying and failing to
reach Joey's penis. "Save that for me," she admonished, realizing that he
could very well stroke himself to climax.

"Oh, don't you worry, Mon," he replied with a cocky tone and pointing at his
cock. "I got all you want right here." He slowly stroked it, giving her a

Monica knew that for that evening, she had all she wanted right there in her
and Chandler's apartment. Multiple cocks, multiple positions, multiple

Moments later, Ross pulled out. Sweating from his anal workout with his
sister, he panted, "My god, my little sister is hot! So yeah, I guess you're
up, Pete."

Fully aroused and needing another climax, Monica smiled as she was lifted up
from the table. She glanced over at Rachel, whose mouth was already filled
with Dr. Burke's now un-condomed cock. The brunette's stocking feet could
barely keep up as she was pulled by the hand over to the window and pushed
against the cold glass. Pete kissed her roughly, then spun her around to
face the city.

Pete had always liked it daring. While they were a couple, they discovered,
and fulfilled, many of each other's fantasies and fetishes. For Pete, he
liked sex in public places. Something about his millionaire fame, he liked
taking chances that they would be caught and that, even in a city of eight
million people, he would be recognized.

And as Monica looked out at the apartment building across the street, she
recalled the times when they would be at some ritzy party or charity fete.
He, dressed in a smart suit or tux. She, in a cocktail dress or elegant
gown. Monica would lean into him and whisper dirty, slutty things. "I SO
want to drop to my knees right here and blow you in front of all these
people." Pete would get a smile that matched the mischievous one on Monica's
lips. "I'm not wearing anything under my dress... wanna fuck me?" Then they
would sneak off to find an empty office or coat closet where Pete basically
would fuck her brains out. He liked being in control, and for all of
Monica's neurotic control-freakiness, she actually liked being ordered to do
things for him and to him, calling herself his "slut," his "bitch," his
"little cocksucker," and other fun dirty things.

She was snapped back to the present by the sound of her own grunt, as a cock
was pushed into her very wet cunt. Without her heels, Monica had to lift up
on tip-toes to give Pete the best angle into her pussy. He soon began
fucking her up against the window for all the world to see. Monica found
herself torn between the emotion of being once again under her wealthy
paramour's control, and the possibility of someone actually seeing them,
recognizing her, and telling Chandler. As her arousal grew to the point that
she didn't care about the latter, she saw a man standing in his window across
the street. He reached over and turned out the light, leaving his faint
silhouette against the darkness as the only thing to betray his masturbation.

"Watch me," she whispered to him. "You want me, don't you? You want to fuck
me... and lick me... make me suck you..." she quietly pretended to tease her

Pete's cock slipped out as he held her by the hips. It left her body for
moments, then gratefully returned to delve deep and fill her. Deep within...
then completely out. Monica felt instants of cool air touch her wet pussy,
between the moments of being plugged.

Then he pulled back, not out all the way, but just enough that his head was
barely inside her. Pete fucked just her pussy lips, sending wonderful
tingling from the sensitive flesh all the way up to her neck. He knew what
she liked. They all knew what she liked. Each one fulfilling her desires in
his own way.

Pete reached around Monica's hip and began rubbing her tender clit. A breath
sharply filled her lungs. His fingertips massaged it, bringing a jolt of
pleasure and a grunt, moan, gasp or flinching in her body each time they
rubbed across it.

A hand came up to grope her breast. Grabbing, squeezing. Her nipple caught
at the crook of two fingers.

Monica's hand snapped to her other breast. Though not matching Pete's
motions, she joined him in groping her body. Her breast was the perfect size
for her own hand. Her hard, erect nipple begging for attention, just as it
did when she masturbated. Both male and female hands attacking Monica's
tits, making her moan and writhe and hiss.

Soon a light flicked on in the opposite building and a couple came into view.
Monica saw them catch sight of her and Pete. Soon, they were caressing each
other, clearly aroused by what they were watching. The woman dropped to her
knees, took him out of his pants, and filled her mouth with cock. Monica
licked her lips, seeing what the other woman was enjoying. While his partner
gave him head, the man was riveted on the show that Monica and Pete were
giving. Occasionally, the woman would turn her head to catch glimpses of
them, as much as she could while still sucking cock.

Pete's body hunched over Monica's back; his breath landing on her ear and the
side of her neck. Except for her ass and mouth, every part of her was being
stimulated; pussy, clit, both tits, feeling skin on skin on her back, the
closeness of a man's breath on her neck.

"What do you want, Monica?" he questioned. She remembered that when they
were dating, she sometimes loved it just a little rough, and Pete was always
willing to oblige. As if in response to her thoughts, Pete's cock-emotions
turned into a hard ramming. His first drive pushed out of Monica a loud,
squealing, screaming grunt. "Do it!" came from her with the second ram. She
felt her fucker's hand leave her clitoris and take hold of a fistful of her
long black locks. Pete abruptly pulled her head back, as he continued
fucking her and fondling her tit.

One by one, other windows were filled with figures, seemingly in response to
Monica's loud vocalizations of pleasure. Singles and couples watching them.
Slowly many of them began indulging in their own sexual displays;
masturbating, fucking, sucking, and licking.

Monica's voyeuristic and exhibitionist tendencies melted together in one
prurient activity. Being put on display and watching others get off on it.

Both of Pete's hands moved to her shoulders. He held her, keeping her body
from moving away as he repeatedly pounded her cunt. "Fuckin', make me your
whore," Monica yelled in the midst of the wonderful assault. "SHIT! FUCK!"

In answer, the panting millionaire grabbed onto Monica's elbows and pulled
them back toward him. "Is this want you want, bitch?" he taunted. "Yeah,"
she replied through clenched teeth. "Make me your little fuck-bitch."

Monica watched as one of the watching men released; jacking and ejaculating
onto the glass. About the same time, a female voyeur climaxed, writhing on
her fingers; one hand pressed against the pane to support herself. A couple
who had been fucking suddenly stopped. Monica watched the woman go to her
knees and the man jack off, splattering her face with his cum. They both
watched Monica and Pete as they did so, as if to show them and share the
experience with the illicit couple in the window of apartment #20.

She let out a low guttural laugh, seeing how the effect they were having on
the others. But her laughter quickly turned into a run of staccato grunts as
Pete rapidly fucked her cunt, slamming his hips against her ass. She could
feel his tight ballsack slapping against her clit.

In the dim reflection on the window pane, Monica saw her maid of honor up
against the sideboard, gripping the TV for all she was worth. Richard was
drilling her from behind, much the way Monica herself was getting fucked.
The blonde's body seemed even more petite with the tall masculine Doctor in
such close proximity. "God, Dr. Burke... fuck me... oh god, fuck me,
please," was all she could manage; a look of pure pleading passion held
Rachel's face. Monica knew that cock, and every other cock Rachel
experienced that night. She knew how Rachel must be feeling right then with
Richard's big dick stuffed in her pussy.

Suddenly, Pete grabbed onto Monica's elbows, pulling them back. Her chest
arched outward, as her body was pleasurably contorted for her partner's
desires. "God, yes, treat me like a fucking whore..." she groaned. And like
he would with a whore, Pete used Monica's body for his pleasure, and driving
her closer to orgasm as he did.

She felt it building, though she didn't have much time before her climax
slammed into her. Her body bucked, pulling against his firm grip. Pete
continued riding her through this, each pounding thrust keeping her orgasm
flowing. "Ahh, AHH, AHHHHHH!" she screamed. Onward, she grunted, moaned,
groaned; unable to form words; uttering only primal sounds. Monica's
forehead came to rest on the frozen glass, and her taut legs gave way,
dropping her from tip-toes to heels. This caused the head of Pete's cock to
rub full against her G-spot, sending a hard shiver through her body and a
gasp from her lungs. "Oh god, please..." And please her he did; rubbing
back and forth on that rough, sensitive place. "Oh god, oh god," Monica
groaned. She slowly went limp in Pete's grip. "God, yes," she moaned

Pete soon stopped his orgasmic attack. He pulled his still-hard cock out of
her, and put her on her knees. She languidly went down, eye level with his
rod. "Now take this thing off me and suck, you little slut," Pete said,
continuing their sexplay. Monica obeyed, rolling the latex off his dick.
Without a care to the littering action, she dropped it on the floor. Monica
paused for just a split-second, eye to eye with the cock, before leaning
forward and devouring it. She bobbed on it, voraciously licking all that she
could. And though she was still hungry for cock, Pete soon separated from
her and brought her to her stockinged feet. "That's enough, Mon," he said,
his dominant tone all but gone. "Any more and I'll cum right in your mouth.
Besides, I think there's one guy left for you."

Monica looked across the room. Rachel was now completely naked and on the
coffee table, her cheek on the surface right at the edge and her cute ass up
in the air as far as she could push it. Fun Bobby was smiling broadly and
screwing her, and moments later, Ross put his cock in her mouth. Right next
to the threesome, Monica saw the bleached blonde man, standing naked,
stroking off as he watched Rachel.

Monica occasionally thought of Gunther as cute, in a geeky sort of way. And
since he was there and ready, the insatiable bride decided she should do him
too. She walked to him, weak-kneed and panting, and almost surprised him by
putting her arms around his neck. She smiled at his seeming nervousness.
"Last up, Gunther. Let's do this thing. How do you want it?"

Without a moment's hesitation, he said, "I want to DP you."

"DP?" Monica asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah, 'dual penetration'." he said matter-of-factly, with all the studied
expertise of a porn connoisseur. "It's what you did with Ross and that tall
moustache guy."

"I call ass!" Joey said excitedly, and lay down on the coffee table next to
the other threesome. He spat in his hand and lubricated the condom, as
Gunther opened his own and put it on.

"Okay," she allowed, going to Joey and sliding gently down his dick. When
she was on him, she lay back and Gunther entered her. He slowly began
fucking Monica, all the while, trying to steal secret glances at the woman he
really came to do.

"Come on, coffee-boy. Do it like you mean it," Monica teased, smiling. "You
had your fun with Rachel, now it's time to fuck me."

At first, Gunther looked a little startled and afraid. Then he paused and
grabbed Monica's ankles, pulling her legs up to his head, and tipping her
back further onto Joey. Monica's final fucker licked her ankles, moving his
way along her feet to her toes. As he screwed her, he sucked on them.
Licking each one in turn, through the nylon that covered them. Soon he was
fucking her in earnest. His thrusts rocking her body and enhancing Joey's
motions in her ass.

Gunther held her legs tightly together as he slid in and out of her. To
Monica, it felt like his cock was as big as any she'd had in her, though she
knew part of that feeling could have come from having a cock up her ass at
the same time. She felt his tongue trace the sexy stocking seam from the
middle of her calf, past her ankle to her heel. She watched as the he
caressed her feet with his cheek, worshiping them with his mouth. Monica
realized that with Rachel's interest in having her toes sucked, and Gunther's
obvious fetish, they might not be as mismatched a couple as one would think.

Monica felt Joey's hands lift her hips off his body, and then he began
fucking her for real. None of this keeping his dick inside while another guy
had all the fun. Her shoulders rested on his chest, and she felt the huffing
of his breath on her neck and across her ear. This brought a swell of lust.
"Fuck my ass, Joey... Mmm, yeah... do it... do it," she groaned through
clenched teeth.

Two cocks moved inside her. "Oh god, do me... do me as hard as you can," she
commanded. Gunther put everything into it, ramming his body into hers, as
Joey shoved his dick up into her. "FUUUCK!" she moaned, loudly. Her pussy,
clit and ass all sent erotic jolts through her.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god," the cheating bride chanted. "Fuck me, oh god, fuck
me..." She closed her eyes, swimming in the sensations her body was giving
her. The moment she opened them, she saw all the other men standing around
the threesome, masturbating as they watched. She saw the gears turning
inside Bobby's head.

"Ya know, Joey had a pretty good idea. Let's see how this six-on-one would
work," he said. The next thing she knew, Fun Bobby was on the table,
straddling her and looking down with a smirk. He squatted down, placed his
hard dick between her breasts, and holding them together, began tit-fucking
the bride.

"Now wait a minute," she began to protest, but immediately felt her head was
tipped back and Pete's cock was inserted in her mouth. Moments later, her
hands were taken hold of, and wrapped around the last two hard cocks.

She sucked as Pete slowly fucked her mouth, and at the same time tried
jacking off Richard and her brother. The other men had to take care of
themselves, since she was in no position to do the fucking for Joey, Gunther,
and Fun Bobby.

A rush of exhilaration flowed through her mind and body. If ever there was a
definition of a gangbang, this was it. Pussy, ass, tits, mouth and hands.
Every available part of her body was being used for a man's pleasure. This
was so kinky and so dirty. It made her feel like a complete slut... and she
realized that this was the feeling she wanted out of the evening. Using all
her past lovers for her pleasure, and experiencing how each and all of them
would use her. Pure, dirty sex was all she wanted before her nuptials.

"I'm gonna cum, guys," she heard Gunther's voice warn. He pulled out, and
the other men quickly abandoned her body. She lifted off Joey and then took
his place, lying on her back on the coffee table. Her temporary lovers
gathered around her, each one jacking off.

Gunther stood in front of her and she smiled up at him. "Show me whatcha
got, Coffee-boy," Monica dared. He took hold of her ankles and brought her
feet to either side of his cock. He slipped his hard dick between the soft
stockinged soles, fucking them slowly. It didn't take much of this before
the blonde barista started to cum. One heavy grunt and streams of jizz shot
from between her feet and landed on her breasts and stomach. "Yeah, baby,
give it to me," she said sexily. More cum landed on her stomach, creating
dots around her cute belly-button. The last few weak spurts ran down her
nylon-covered leg and dribbled onto her trimmed pussy.

Monica smiled broadly at Gunther, giving approval. He shyly looked down at
his handiwork, and released Monica's ankles with a furtive glance toward

"Ok, that's a good start," the bride said, looking up at the circle of
masturbating men. "Now who's..."

Before she could ask, Fun Bobby stepped forward and with a loud moan, fired a
bullet of jizz that splatted hard against her cheek. With a squealing
giggle, she winced and prepared herself for more to come. As that first
salvo dripped down toward her neck, it was quickly followed with four others,
each one seemingly forced out by a loud "UHN!" One landed on her cheek near
the first; then a second dropped onto her lips and smiling teeth; a third
tracing across her chin and down her jawline, and finally, the last one
draped over the bridge of her nose.

"Is that all you got?" Monica teased. In answer, the smiling Bobby leaned
over her, and milked out the last drop, smearing it on her forehead. "THAT'S
all I got," he countered, pushing the head into her mouth for a quick
suck-off. A loud pop accompanied its withdrawal.

Monica looked around expectantly. The four remaining jackers raced to the
end. "Come on people... bride needing cum here."

Her eyes fell on Ross, who was frantically masturbating. She was amazed that
he had been able to control his orgasm for this long. "Come on, Geller...
time to step up." Monica knew he was close, from the look on his face. "Mmm
yeah... can you do it for me? Can you cum on me? Can you cum on your little
sister? Yeah, you can do it. Cum for me, big brother... cum for your little

Ross climbed up onto the table to kneel beside her. He quickly replaced his
own palm with hers. She jacked him off while he thrust his hips into her
hand over and over.

"Yeah, come on, Ross... do it," she said in a slow half-whisper. "Just think
about how I'll look tomorrow... your little sister in her wedding dress...
You've seen my dress... sleek, elegant... close fitting... a little low
cut... just a little teasing... and I'm gonna wear white stockings and a
satin bustier underneath... When I'm walking down the aisle, just think
about that... what I'm wearing under my pure white wedding dress... And
you'll think about how you fucked your little sister the night before her
wedding... and how I let you cum aallll over me..."

Ross was now kneeling upright beside her. His cock protruded straight out,
wrapped in her rapidly pumping fist. She could see his body tensing. "Do
you want that, Ross? Do you want to cum on me? I know you do... Come on,
big brother... gimme your cum..."

A strained, whining groan came from her brother as he released. A long thick
rope of cum came out like a firehose. It shot across her body and landed in
a trail from one breast to the other. She directed his cock downward as she
continued jacking him off. A second smaller stream sprayed onto her nipples
and chest. A few more pumps and a few more streams, and finally Monica had
finished off his balls. She looked down her body and was pleased to see her
brother's cum scattered all over her chest, breasts, nipples and stomach.
She lifted her head and pulled his dick into her mouth to suck out the last
drops, before running her tongue in circles around the head.

Her attention was drawn away from Ross by a hand on the top of her head,
turning her face to the opposite side of the table. She let go of her
brother's cock, as she came eye to eye with Joey's. "Well hello there,
Tribbiani," Monica said, trying to mimic Phoebe's porn-star voice. "Or
should I say Reverend Tribbiani..." recalling that, within hours, he would be
performing their nuptial ceremony. With this, she began flicking her tongue
on the tip of his dick while he vigorously stroked off.

"Omigod, I've never felt so dirty during sex," he said happily. "I'm
Reverend Joey!"

"You're doing a bride on the night before her wedding, and being called a
man-of-the-cloth is the part that makes you feel dirty?" Richard inquired,

"Well, yeah. I've never been a reverend before... ya know, not during sex.
A cowboy, a cop, a pirate... but not a reverend... and this one's for real!"
he said as his hand kept moving, as if having a mind of its own.

Monica bit down gently on his cock, to bring his attention back to her.
"He-LLO! Um, remember? This night is about me?"

"Oops, yeah sorry, Mon," he apologized, sheepishly, then got a how-you-doin'
look on his face. "How's about you give your minister a little sucky-sucky?"

Joey pushed past her lips into her waiting mouth. Her tongue wagged back and
forth on the underside of the shaft. Her neck muscles tensed as her head
bobbed above the table, jacking the cock with her lips and matching the
strokes of Joey's hand.

"Ye-aah baby, that's it," he encouraged. He took hold of her head and
supported it, suspended in air, as he fucked her mouth with a pace that
matched her previous lip-action. Sliding in and out. Past her sucking lips.
Slipping along her soft wet tongue.

"Mm hmmm... mm hmmm," Monica's muffled assent came as she looked up at him.
She could tell he was close. The chuffing of his breath showed that he was
doing his best to hold off his orgasm for just a little longer.

Soon, he let go of her head and resumed stroking himself. It seemed that
Monica could read his mind, and kept her lips tight around the head. His
knuckle tapped lightly and repeatedly on her chin.

"Cum, Joey! Cum for me!" her mind screamed. Monica immediately felt a large
squirt of jizz fill her mouth as a deep groan came from above. She pulled
off and just as she was closing her lips, another spurt came straight in and
onto her tongue. The bride seductively spit out the cum and it rolled over
her bottom lip and onto her chin. More came out, landing and making a short
trail along the side of her nose, and a longer one across her lips from nose
to chin. His cock jumped a couple more times, but the cum came out more
languidly. Monica moved her lips up to his cockhead, rubbing them on it as
the last of the milky-white liquid came out.

"Ohmigod, that was hot!" Joey commented, to Monica's proud smile and
beautiful, decorated face. "Yeah, baby," Monica mimicked Joey. But her
basking in the glory of it all didn't last long as Richard stepped up, dick
in his hand, and asked, "My turn now, Mon?"

"I'm all yours," she replied. Then she remembered how large Richard's load
always were. King-sized, to match his body and cock.

"All right, I want you to cum when I do, Mon," the doctor stated his
well-thought-out directions. "BUT..." he interjected as she smiled and began
reaching for her pussy. "I don't want you to touch yourself. I want someone
else to masturbate you until we cum."

"I'll do it," Joey jumped up, always willing to "help" when sex and a woman
are involved. He knelt on the floor between Monica's calves, and began
gently rubbing her. Monica laid back onto the table and a small "mmm" came
past her closed lips. Her eyes shut as she felt a finger slide up and down
her wet slit before it entered her. She felt it glide in to the second
joint, then out to the fingertip. In to the joint, and out to the tip. Then
a bit deeper, and a little deeper. Soon, she was enjoying a full-on
fingerbanging, as Joey's digit probed her as deep as it would go.

Her gently moans and whimpers turned into a sharp gasp as his finger withdrew
and rubbed against her very sensitive clit. And as soon as she recovered
from the jolt, Joey's finger was back inside her, fucking her slowly.

She opened her eyes, and saw Richard standing over her, stroking his cock.
"My god, Monica, you're so beautiful," he murmured. But any possible "thank
you" was ripped away from her lips by another sudden gasp, when the finger
brushed her clit again.

"Cum with me Richard," she begged, knowing that she herself was oh so close.
He didn't respond, but only stared lustily at her, as he jacked with rapid,
heavy strokes.

"Please, Richard, I'm so close," she whispered, trying to hold off her
orgasm, though at the same time finding her feel coming up to rest on the
edge of the table, letting her fianc‚'s old roommate masturbate her more

"Sit up, Monica," he ordered abruptly. Monica sat up part way, hands behind
her supporting her. Her knees up. Cute little bum and stockinged feet
resting on the table as she waited for the expected shower of cum.

"Now, Joey. Give it to her," Richard directed.

But before she could really prepare herself, a huge load of jizz ripped out
of Richard's cock and splatted against her cheek... the opposite cheek from
Fun Bobby's contribution.

To follow Richard's command, Joey's fucking finger was joined by his other
hand, the fingers of which started rubbing quickly against her clit.

"Oh GAAWWWDDD!!!" she screamed as her body was sent to climax. Her torso
undulated and writhed. Her chest heaved with hard deep breaths. Her
thoughts shattered as she came as hard as anything she'd experienced that
night... or ever.

As she began to regain her senses, Monica realized that the whole time,
Richard's dick had kept firing, shot after powerful shot, as he masturbated
onto her. Her own orgasm had caused her head to sweep from side to side,
every moment presenting a new target for each volley from Dr. Burke's cock.
And now she felt the jizz dripping down three or four new places on her face.
Out of the corner of her eye, she could see it lacing through her long black

A shiver ran up her spine, as Joey continued rubbing her tender clit. "I...
I think you can stop now, Joey..." she panted.

"Ooooh no," Pete interjected. "I still get my turn. And I remember how you
used to beg for my cum when YOU were cumming..."

"No, Pete, I can't... I... I just don't think I can," she said, slowly
shaking her head. Her lips bore a little contented grin.

"Oh trust me," he countered. "I think you've got one more in you."

Just then, Rachel appeared, obviously returning from Monica's bedroom. "Use
this," she said with a little smile. Her hand held a long slim bullet-shaped
object. Light glinted off the silver surface.

"Now that's what I'm talking about," Joey said enthusiastically as he took
the toy from Rachel.

He began to slide it into Monica when she protested. "Shit, that thing's
cold. Warm it up at least. Put it in your mouth or something."

Joey eyed the rod, then demurred, "I'm not sucking on anything that looks
anything like a dick."

"Oh give it here, you baby," Rachel said disgustedly as she took it from her
friend. Moments later, it passed between her teeth. She slowly slid it in
about out of her pursed lips, warming and lubricating it at the same time.
Monica looked around, and most jaws were gaping, especially Gunther's, at the
sight of Rachel sucking on a sex toy that was going to be, and at some past
point, had been inside Monica's pussy. It left the blonde's mouth, and a
thin string of spit draped from the tip to her lip. "Now move... I'll show
you how a woman likes it."

A naked Rachel knelt in front of a mostly naked Monica. The blonde smiled as
she touched metal to flesh. "Better?" she asked.

"Mmm... much better," Monica replied, closing her eyes.

"Lay back, Mon," Pete said. She obeyed. She knew he had to be stroking
himself above her, but her total focus was on the sensations at her pussy.
The rod slipped into her, and slowly fucked her a few times. Then Rachel
engaged a soft vibration. The bride's lips parted and she inhaled, followed
by a soft, slow, exhaled "oh god, yesssss..."

Her bottom lip curled up and was trapped between her teeth. She gently
chewed on it as the vibrations moved through her frame. Softly....
buzzing... slowly... fucking...

"That's it, Monica," Pete's voice hummed in her ear, as he now knelt by her
head. "Let her make you cum... and when you do... I'll be right here to cum

"Yes," she whispered, focusing more intently on her pussy. The vibrator
slipped out of her and glided up across her clit. Her lungs took in a deep
stuttered breath. Rachel gently worked it up and down Monica's clit, giving
delicious tingles to her already sex-fatigued body.

Monica gasped as Rachel turned up the toy. Those gentle tingles instantly
gave way to sharp pleasurable jolts. Her eyes shot open. She instinctively
reached down and grabbed Rachel's wrist, though uncertain whether to pull the
vibrator off or hold it tighter against her clit. Rachel firmly unwrapped
Monica's fingers from her arm and pushed her hand away with a mischievous
smirk. The bride grabbed onto her own thigh. She wanted so much to
masturbate at that moment, and she barely controlled her desire to take over
from her best friend.

"Let it cum, Monica... let it cum..." the millionaire said softly. Though
she couldn't see it, his voice betrayed to Monica his vigorous jacking.
"God, Mon, you're so incredible."

Monica didn't respond. She couldn't respond. All she could do was moan; she
was so fixated on the vibration on her clit.

Suddenly, the buzzing vibrator was shoved in her cunt, and set on high. "Oh
gaaawwd," she moaned loudly, her back arching as her shoulders pressed into
the table. Her hands slapped to the edges, purchasing a white-knuckle grip.
The vibrator slid in and out of her well-lubricated pussy, stimulating
different areas with each motion. "Ohgod, ohgod, ohgod, ohgod," she intoned
as her body trembled. The buzzing inside of her drove her onward toward her

"You've got me so close, Monica," Pete murmured, then taunted quietly. "Do
you want it? Do you want me to cum?"

"Yes," she whimpered. "Please cum... please cum on me..."

He knelt upright next to her head. "Then tell me how much you want it."

"Please... I want it... make me your cumslut... cum all over me... like a
whore... make me your whore..." she whined. For one last time, she could be
her millionaire's sex partner, playing the game they both loved.

"Louder," he ordered.

"Oh god, Pete, make me your whore," she groaned. Her oncoming climax made
her louder with each phrase. "Oh god, do it. Cum on me. Cum on me... cum
on me."

With a deep lusty grunt, Pete let go. Jizz flew over her head, landing
between her breasts and leaving a trail up her neck to her chin.

"Yes... Do it Pete!" she nearly screamed, begging for his cum. "Cum baby...
all over me... cum on your slut."

The next weaker shot arced up and came down into her open mouth. She
swallowed and went on imploring. "Gimme more, gimme more, give me all of

"Yeah. Scream, Monica. Scream while you cum!" Pete barked, his voice
accenting the loud buzz from between her legs.

And scream, Monica did. At that instant her orgasm hit. Her body thrashed,
her torso undulated, her legs spasmed, and her chest heaved. For a split
second, everything went black; but just as quickly, she was back among the
Land of the Cumming.

Monica's voice took on a pleading lilt, "Oh god... oh god... more... god,
please more..." No one knew, least of all Monica herself, whether she was
begging for Pete's cum or Rachel's expert toying. She vaguely felt the drops
of jizz drip onto her face and forehead.

It was only as her climax faded away that she realized that Pete was spent.
Rachel turned down the vibrator, reaching the off position, and slowly fucked
Monica with it for a few more seconds before withdrawing it.

"And THAT'S how it's done," she said smugly, handing the toy back to a
slack-jawed Joey.

"OH MY GOD," he said, clearly in awe of Rachel's handiwork.

Monica wiped along her forehead and found beads of sweat grouped together
just below her hairline, which was every so slightly dampened from the
evening's exercise. She looked down her frame. The cum of six men added to
the perspiration that gave her body a glistening sheen.

"Whew," she said, shaking the haze from her mind and catching her breath.

"Rach, you should totally lick the cum off Monica," Joey suggested with an
excited, boyish demeanor.

"Oh, I don't know," she said, hesitantly, to which six men soon joined in a
chorus of "Ra-chel! Ra-chel! Ra-chel!"

"Well, all right," she agreed, abandoning her feigned uncertainty. Monica
looked up at all of them, and a broad smile came on her face.

Rachel knelt next to her and traced her finger through the cum. She brought
it to her lips and sucked the jizz from her fingertip.

The sexy Chef held her tits, offering them to Rachel's mouth, serving up
Glazed Breast of Monica, with Creme d'Homme as a white sauce drizzled over
the succulent dish. A tongue twirled sexily around the still-erect nipples.
First one, then the other. Slowly, cum was licked from Monica's breasts to
the pleasure of all in the room.

The blonde moved up her friend's body, along her neck to her chin. Rachel
lustily licked jizz from Monica's chin and cheeks, before engaging her in a
passionate kiss, sharing the harvested treat. The erotic exchange ended with
the dirty blonde's tongue circling a path around the bride's lips, both
women's lipstick all but gone from an evening of sucking cock.

"Aw hell, Rachel, why don't you go ahead and lick her other lips, too... ya
know, it sure seems you enjoy using that tongue of yours." Rachel glanced up
at Fun Bobby with a glint in her eyes.

"Sure," Richard added. "You may as well. Everyone else here has had a
chance with her."

Monica's demure smile returned, as she looked at her former roommate,
catching her eye. "You up for that?"

Rachel looked around at the guys. "Yeah, I guess so."

Soon, her tongue trailed down between Monica's tits, across her toned belly,
and within inches of her trimmed pussy. It gathered the remaining drops of
Ross and Gunther's jizz as it went along. Then she crawled around the table
to where she had so expertly used the vibrator. Monica watched as she leaned
forward and her tongue disappeared from view. A gentle caress crossed
Monica's pussy lips.

"Mmmm, Rachel," she purred. The men all shifted positions to get a better
view of the show. Monica felt her best friend's tongue gradually glide up
and down her crease, flicking along her clit at the top, and moving a little
deeper into her lips at the bottom.

"Oh god, Rach," Monica moaned. With the foreplay of having her breasts
licked, her body bathed, and sharing a cummy kiss, she wouldn't be far from
climaxing again.

"Oh, Rachel," she groaned, as that talented tongue delved deeper and deeper.
"Rachel, Rachel..." Her friend began tongue-fucking her, pushing it in and
out, then driving it all the way in, wagging it up and down, and then taking
it away before fucking her more with it.

"Rachel! Yes, Rachel!" She sat up, reaching through her thighs and grabbed
onto her best friend's head, holding it at her cunt. That wonderful tongue
kept on licking and fucking her. Her lips wrapped around Monica's clit and
she began sucking hard.

"Rachel! RACHEL!!"

Suddenly, Monica awoke.

She looked around her darkened bedroom, disoriented and panting. Her hard
nipples protruded through her tight lavender top. Perspiration ran down her
temples and chest. Part of the top had been turned a deeper purple from the
moisture. Her loose pajama bottoms clung to her hips and crotch, damp from a
combination of sweat and her own pussy's wetness.

Her eyes landed on her wedding dress, as it hung in the corner of the room.
Reality started creeping back to her. "Gunther?" she said to herself,
confused and somewhat shocked that he would be in her dream.

But the contemplation was interrupted by a knock at the door was followed by
a soft, "Monica?"

"Yeah," she called out, hoarsely. "Um, yeah."

Her maid of honor opened the door and poked her sleepy head in. "You alright
in here? I heard you calling me."

"Um... I, um... I don't... know... I, I think it was just a dream," she said,
as much as an explanation for herself than for Rachel. "I just.. um, just,
you can go, uh, go back to sleep, Rach."

Rachel grunted agreement, and her tired eyes closed half-way as her head
disappeared. The door latched.

Monica listened with a held breath as the door to the guest-room, what used
to be Rachel's room, opened and closed. Soft creaks of the bed came through
the wall, and Monica exhaled quietly.

In the darkness, Monica lay back against the pillows. She laid there for a
few minutes, unable to calm herself and go to sleep. Then her hand slid into
her pajama bottoms, against her naked pussy. She had no idea how many times
her body had climaxed during her erotic dream. But she was certain that if
she was ever to get back to sleep, she needed release... just once more.


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