Friends: Deleted Scenes - After the Wedding Day (MF,reluc)
by Dudeman ([email protected])

It was the day after Monica and Chandler's wedding. Monica sat alone in
their apartment, surrounded by wedding gifts. Even though she had promised
otherwise, she had opened some without Chandler.

Joey came in. "Ooh-ooh-ooh! Are we opening presents?" he said excitedly.

Monica was distraught. "No! No! I shouldn't have even opened these! I mean
I..." She became more animated. "Joey, I am out of control!! Joey, you have
to do me a favor," she pleaded. "No matter what I say... no matter what I
do... please do not let me open another present! Okay?"

"Okay," he agreed.

She paused for a moment, but she couldn't control herself. "Give me one
more," she whined.

"Okay," Joey said, handing her a box.

Monica quickly set the gift down. "No, no, no, you HAVE to help me stop. You
have to help me get my mind off these."

Monica's frantic emotion had caused erect nipples to poke through her top.
Joey got a sly look on his face. "Well, I know ONE thing that will get your
mind off the presents."

"What is it? Anything," she asked, desperately.

"Well, I'm just saying that yesterday, during the reception, in my hotel
room... you probably weren't thinking about presents."

"You... you think we should have sex again, so I won't open any more gifts?
You think we should cheat on my new husband, so he doesn't get mad about me
opening all our presents without him?" She clearly had a change of heart
from the day before.

"Monica, I kind of think we already cheated yesterday, and even though you
were a little drunk, it didn't bother ya too much then. Look, Chandler's my
best friend, and I don't want him to know about yesterday either. But if
we're both gonna make sure he doesn't find out..."

As he was speaking, Joey unzipped his pants and took out his rod. He slowly
jacked it as he walked over to Monica, who was kneeling on the floor among
the wrapped boxes.

"...what's the harm in doing it again? Ya know, just to keep you from opening
the presents... "

He stood right beside her, stroking her head, and holding his dick straight
out. Monica looked over at it, eye level. It was big and thick and hard. She
really did want it, as much as she said she shouldn't.

Monica hesitantly faced him, still on her knees. She caressed the side of
Joey's cock with her cheek. Her eyes were closed and she nervously wetted her
lips, as she summoned the will to do what she really wanted.

Her face turned inward and she brushed her lips against his shaft, slowly
moving them from side to side. Joey couldn't believe how seductive this was,
though he was certain that wasn't why Monica was doing it. Tentatively, she
kissed it, just a little peck on the pecker.

Then she faced forward, once again wanting to feel the soft skin of his penis
on her silky cheek. Monica's lip quivered slightly. She swallowed hard.

Monica never looked up at Joey. She was trying to tell herself that this
was Chandler's member that she was desiring. But she quickly gave up these
thoughts. Knowing that it was Joey, that one thing was overpowering her.

Taking it a step further, she gave the side an open-mouth kiss, gliding the
tip of her tongue on his skin. With each of these steps, her desire was

She took his cock from his hand and slowly rubbed the full length. To Monica,
his cock looked so huge in her hand. To Joey, her hand looked so small
holding his cock.

The long sleeves of her gauze top were bunched around her wrists. Monica
pulled the white fabric down, so it fully covered her hand, then resumed
rubbing Joey's rod. The softness of the gauze felt good on his dick.

"Oooh, Mon..." was all he could say.

She smiled slightly, looking up at him for the first time. " I... I thought
you might like that."

Holding his cock, and slowly stroking it, Monica moved to place her lips on
the large head, then after hesitating a moment, she pushed it into her mouth.

Joey groaned at the warm wet mouth that he had felt the day before.

"Suck it, Monica... you can do it," he encouraged, quietly.

This spurred her on. Pulling her sleeve back up to her wrist, Monica
masturbated him with both hands as she sucked, wanting some part of her to
touch every part of his cock. She even attempting to deep-throat him, though
she found she wasn't relaxed enough to take all of him.

Her oral sex seemed to be... not out of passion for Joey, though it
certainly was hot. But rather it flowed out of her own necessity. Her own
need, whatever that may have been.

"See, Mon? I bet you aren't even thinking about opening any presents."

Monica paused. "Yeah, but I can still see them," she whined. "I think we need
to go to the bedroom."

Joey followed her and closed the door behind them. Monica stood a few feet
away, looking at him with uncertainty.

"Look, Monica... if you don't want to..."

She ended his sentence with, "Shut up, Joey," as she quickly closed the
distance between them.

Any thoughts of necessity in Monica's mind were now replaced by complete
desire. She pressed her small frame into him as they kissed.

He played with her dangling necklace and his fingertips glided across the
skin above her shirt's scooping low neckline. She breathed heavily. Joey
cupped her breast and felt a nipple that he had seen poking forward. He
thought, "god, it's so hard!"

His dick was still out, and Monica stroked him fast. She broke their kiss and
rested her forehead on his chest.

"I want this, Joey... make me think only about this," she implored.

This was not the smoldering passion they had the day before. It was a raging
desire for nothing but sex.

Monica fell to her knees and devoured his cock in a way he'd never felt from
her before. Her long hair swayed with the rapid bobbing of her head. She ran
her mouth and tongue up and down both sides of Joey's shaft, pausing at the
top for a couple quick sucks. Her constant soft moans during this time were
both clear and muffled, depending upon whether her mouth was full at that
moment. Her uncontrollable lust made Monica even hotter than she usually was.

She sucked one of his balls, pulling it into her mouth as she masturbated his
long rod. Monica let it audibly pop out of her mouth, and immediately licked
his cock from sack to head. Then more of her fast, lusty sucking as both
hands pressed into his body at the very base of his shaft, pulling the skin
tight against his rod.

He knew she was good at giving head, but this was incredible. Joey couldn't
help but think how lucky Chandler was to have such a sexy wife.

Suddenly she stood. "Take me, Joey." Her eyes begged, matching the tone of
her voice.

Joey grabbed her upper arms, just roughly enough to entice her, and pulled
her to himself. He gave her one long, erotic kiss.

Monica felt so controlled. She wanted him to do anything to her... anything
he wanted.

Joey pushed her, gently but firmly, against the door. He stood behind her and
moved locks of hair to expose the nape of her neck. Monica shivered, not a
cold shiver, but one created by his warm breath on her skin.

He grabbed her ass. She had filled out a bit recently. By no one's view, was
she fat. But he could tell that her ass was now a little more full and round
like Rachel's.

His hands roamed her thighs. Monica felt her lower body sandwiched between
his hips and his hands. She whispered a little "oh" at the feel of his body
against hers.

Joey's hands moved upward. Under her tight see-through shirt. Beneath her
white tank undershirt. Grabbing her breasts through a thin cotton sports bra.

He pushed it up and Monica felt his hands holding her bare breasts. His lips
on the side of her neck. His hips and hard rod putting pressure on her ass
and the small of her back. Her body being groped - that's what she wanted.

Monica felt the fabric of her shirt tickle her nipples as Joey abandoned
them. His fingers undid her tan pants. She stood there, allowing him her

"Anything you want," she whispered, almost to herself.

He pushed the tight pants over her hips and crouched behind her to pull them
to her ankles. Her thong joined them.

Joey kissed and licked Monica's ass cheeks as he ran his hands all over
her thighs, brushing his fingers against her already wet pussy. She gave a
trembling exhaled "ohhh."

As if reading her mind, Joey slid one finger straight up into Monica. She
closed her eyes as he slowly began drawing it in and out of her. She spread
her feet, giving him open access to her cunt.

"Anything you want," she whispered again, though her permission already was
obvious to both.

Her mouth hung open, enjoying the sensations Joey was giving her. Monica
softly whimpered, "Oh... oh... oh... oh..."

Soon, Joey sensed she was ready for something more. He scooted back slightly,
and took her hips, pulling her bare ass back toward him.

She took this guided step backward, and leaned forward. Her hands were
pressed against the door, beside her face. They were shaking.

Monica knew her most intimate parts were exposed to a man that was not her
husband. But that thought was quickly pushed from her mind, as Joey's tongue
met her pussy.

"Yes," she whined as she bent slightly further, presenting more of herself to

"YES!" she moaned, as his tongue went up into her.

He licked her wet lips, holding her ass in both hands.

"Oh, yes," Monica moaned, "oh god, yes!"

Joey's tongue settled into the rhythm of a cock going in and out. He wanted
to build the desire in Monica to have something larger take the place of his

She whimpered. She whined. She moaned.

After a couple minutes, his intention came to fruition as she moaned more
deeply, "please go in me... please..."

Joey stood and placed his cock at Monica's entrance.

"No, wait," she panted, "I don't have my diaphragm in. You, you have to use
a condom. They're in... in the nightstand by the bed."

Joey retrieved one, and as he sheathed himself, he looked at Monica. What a

Naked from the waist down. Pants around her spread feet. Shapely ass sticking
out at him. Long black hair draped across her back. Hands and head against
the door. Waiting for him. Not even caressing her breast, or rubbing her
clit, or doing anything to keep herself aroused. She was far beyond needing
that. She was just... waiting for him.

Monica felt his hands on her hips. Then a light pressure on her pussy lips.

"Do it, Joey," she said softly.

She threw her head back and groaned as Joey's thick cock slowly filled her
small tight pussy. He had dropped his pants to his knees, and she felt his
skin against her ass when he was all the way in her. He settled into a strong
slow rhythm.

The door's wood was cold on her cheek. Joey's wood was warm in her cunt. The
ribbed condom, the kind that she liked Chandler to use, stimulated her lips
as Joey repeatedly thrust into her.

She looked back over her shoulder. Joey's look of lust and determination made
her want this even more. "Fuck me," she mouthed.

Joey ran his hands under her top, caressing her back. He drew them out, and
trailed his fingers through her hair, admiring her beauty as he nailed her

He caressed her cheek. His fingers came so close to Monica's lips that she
took one in. She licked and sucked it, like a little cock.

Monica tasted herself, just like the times she finished Chandler off with a
blow job after he fucked her. Part of her wanted her husband there, just so
she could have a cock in her mouth. But that could never happen... or could
it? Her thoughts played in her mind, wondering if someday Chandler might...

Joey removed his finger from her mouth. His hands roamed her arms, back and
ass. Monica was panting and moaning.

"Mmmm.... mmmm... yes... oh yes... do me, Joey... please... please don't

Her forehead was resting on the door as she swam in her senses. Monica
pushed her ass against his hips, moving it in a tight circle and feeling his
cock probing deep inside her. He stopped his action to allow Monica to fuck
herself on him. Then she pulled off slightly.

"More," she moaned.

Monica wanted to be fucked. She didn't want to do the fucking. She wanted to
be desired and fucked.

Joey had been squatting slightly, so his dick could go straight into Monica's
pussy. But his legs were getting tired. He stood, bringing her body up on his
hard rod. This pushed his cock into her G-spot, rubbing it tightly.

She stood on her tip-toes, as her friend resumed fucking her.

"Oh god... oh god... YES! FUCK ME, JOE... YES!!"

Her voice reached a fevered pitch and she pounded her fist on the door.


Joey held her hips to steady Monica as he rammed into her. Her body was tense
and trembling. She was groaning one word, over and over.


She felt herself so close to orgasm.

"I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna CUUUUUUUU...." The word evaporated into a long

Joey had been holding out as long as he could. But hearing Monica climax was
more than he could handle. He released and filled the condom.

"OH, MAAAAAHHNNN!!" he groaned. For a moment, Monica missed the sensation of
hot jizz shooting into her.

They heard the front door open. Both froze with frightened looks, thinking
they had been caught.

Phoebe called out, "Mon, you home?"

Joey pulled out of Monica and they hurriedly pulled their pants up.

"Uh... yeah... I'm in the bedroom... I'll be right out," she answered, trying
to control her panting.

She was reaching under her shirt, pulling her sports bra back into place, and
trying to think of their next move.

"What do we do? What do we do?" Joey whispered.

"Okay, don't panic," she whispered back. "I'll get her to leave for a
minute, then you run to the bathroom. When she comes back, you come out of
the bathroom, like you were always there."

"OK!" he replied in a hushed tone.

"And don't act guilty," she instructed, "no one's gonna find out about this,

"Okay," he said, firmly.

Monica stood by the door.

"Um, Phoebe? I think we may have some more presents over at Joey's place.
Could you go over and get them for me? Like... um, now? I, uh... want them
all here when Chandler gets back."

"Yeah, sure," was the reply. They heard the front door open and close.

"Okay, go!" Monica said, opening the bedroom door. But then she stopped him
with a hand on his arm. "Thanks, Joey."

He returned her smile and they shared a brief kiss.

"Now, go... GO!"

When Phoebe returned, Monica walked out into the living room. "I didn't see
any over there."

"Oh, well maybe... they're all here!"

Joey came out of the bathroom. "What, the presents? Um, yeah, I brought the
rest over here earlier."

"Well, I'm very proud of you Monica," Phoebe said. "You haven't opened any
more gifts without Chandler."

She didn't notice the eye contact between the two. Monica tried to hide a
little smile as she looked at her partner-in-crime.

"Yeah, well... I just had to get my mind off them for a while."


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