Friends: Deleted Scenes - Cookies And Porn (MF,FF,MFF,F-mast,oral,hand)
by Dudeman ([email protected])

Joey was enjoying his and Chandler's "new" apartment, having won a bet for
Monica and Rachel's place. Ross and Phoebe were with him and Rachel was
raving about some guy she met named Joshua. As she paused, Phoebe noticed a
scent wafting in from the hall.

"Ooh, what do I smell?"

"I don't know," Joey replied, "it smells good."

Joey walked over to the door and opened it to investigate the yummy smell.
Monica was standing in the doorway of their apartment with a plate of fresh
cookies in her hand. She was holding a small fan and blowing the aroma across
the hall. She quickly put the fan down, when she saw Joey and the others.

"Fresh cookies! Hot from the oven!" she smiled. "Please, have some!" Monica
encouraged as they walked in the door.

"Oh, yumm!" Ross said, with the avid agreement of the others.

"Yeah, I've just been fiddling around in here making delicious treats for

Joey went to the kitchen counter, cookie in hand. "Wow! The new Playboy!" he

"Yeah, it's just something I picked up," Monica said, acting like it was no
big deal.

"Cookies and porn, you're the best mom ever!!" Ross teased his sister. She
laughed. He grabbed a couple more cookies and started for the door. "Well,
I'll see you all later."

"Wait! Wait! This isn't take-out!" Monica protested.

"But I've got to go pick up Ben. And the whole idea of looking at porn with
my little sister... not so hot," he said as he left.

"It could be, ya know," Monica said, dejectedly to herself.

Phoebe got up to leave too. "Well, I hate to eat and run, but."

Monica quickly stopped her. "No, wait, please don't go!" Her look brightened.
"I've got porn for you too!"

"Really?" Phoebe asked, intrigued.

"Sure, sure, it's over there on the coffee table."

Phoebe and Rachel sat down on the couch. Joey was already sitting in the
chair, thumbing through the Playboy. The girls looked at a small stack of
magazines. The new Playgirl was on top.

"Ooo, yummy," Phoebe commented as she opened the pages.

"WOW! Look at the muscles on that guy," Rachel said.

"Um, HELLO!? You're looking at his muscles. Just look at the size of his

"Mmm, yeah...," Rachel relished, "I bet Joshua is that big."

Rachel had been lusting all day about a guy that became a customer of hers in
Personal Shopping at Bloomingdales. She would have fucked him right there in
the changing room, if she could have gotten away with it.

Monica stood in the kitchen smiling. She enjoying having people in their
apartment, and being the hostess. She looked around the room at her friends,
enjoying her cookies and porn.

"No need to stay in the kitchen," she said quietly, as she closed the
apartment door.

Monica walked into the living room and knelt next to Joey's knees. She
dangled her arm across his lap. As he held the magazine, she pushed it to
the side, so she could look at it with him.

"Wow, Monica, I didn't know you like Playboy," Joey smiled.

Monica felt a bit embarrassed. "Well, it's not like I read it ALL the time.
But the women in here are really pretty." She turned to a pictorial. "Wow,
like her! DAMN!"

"Yeah, she is," Joey agreed. He flipped the page.

"I have some lingerie like that," Monica said, then caught herself,
remembering that she was talking with Joey, and not Rachel.

"Oh yeah?" he smiled at the thought.

"Um, well... yeah... but I sure don't look like THAT in it," she said
gesturing to the magazine.

"Oh, Mon, you could totally pose for Playboy."

"Really?" she asked, shyly.

"Hell, yeah! With your body? I'd look at ya!"

Monica smiled and thanked him, knowing that this really meant that Joey would
gladly jack off to pictures of her. But she certainly wasn't offended at his
complement. In fact, she was a little turned on that she could be a lust
object for him.

As they looked at the models, Monica made several comments that were quite
teasing to Joey.

"Oh, I love her hair..." and... "Nice tits. I bet she gets a lot of
action..." and... "Is that a wedding ring? Now THAT'S hot!"

Monica noticed Joey's crotch swelling. She discretely placed her hand on it,
pretending not to notice the bump, or Joey's look of surprise.

When she knew he was looking at the magazine again, Monica began rubbing his
bulge, almost imperceptibly. Her motions gradually became more obvious, and
they made eye-contact for a moment. She flipped to yet another beautiful

"Just look at the ass on her," Monica said, drawing his eyes back to the

Joey couldn't believe it. He'd never imagined that he and Monica would be
looking at porn together, much less that she would be touching him like this.

Within moments, Joey felt his zipper going down. Still looking at the
magazine, Monica was undoing his jeans!

"Omigod..." he thought, finding himself uncertain of what to do.

Her fingers pulled down his waistband, and hooked under his cock, bringing
it upright. Monica slowly stroked him as he found the feature pictorial. The
playmate was a blonde bombshell with long shapely legs in black stockings.

"Mmm, wouldn't ya like to have HER legs wrapped around you?" Monica said.
Then seeing Joey's shocked look, she said quickly, "I mean, wrapped around
you, Joey... not me."

Monica wasn't ready yet for him to know that she sometimes had sex with
women. Yet, as he looked back at the model, Monica cleared her throat and
said under her breath, "But maybe me..."

Rachel and Phoebe's attention was solely on the magazine in front of them.
They had overheard Monica and Joey talking, but neither had noticed what she
was doing to him. A page turned and the new guy was particularly enticing to

"Oh wow!' she smiled as she pulled the magazine off the stack toward her.

This revealed the next magazine in the short stack of porn. It was the new
issue of Hustler.

"Now, that's what I'm talkin' about," Phoebe commented, as she opened it.

Rachel was preoccupied with the pictures of the naked man in Playgirl.
She was caressing her calf, while she imagined him doing it, gliding her
fingertips over her knee, and partway up the inside of her thigh. She felt
the softness of her nylons, and knew she was getting wet. Rachel debated
whether she should go quietly to her room and masturbate, but then she saw
that Monica was giving Joey a full-on hand job. And Rachel saw that Phoebe
wasn't holding back from doing what she wanted either.

"Well, I guess everyone stays," she thought, smiling and looking back at her

As they looked at the beautiful women in the magazine, Monica glanced over at
the dick in her hand. A small wet spot had oozed out of the little slit. She
quickly leaned in and licked it off with the tip of her tongue.

Joey's focus was immediately drawn away from the pictures. He had almost a
frightened look on his face. He looked over at Phoebe and Rachel, wondering
if they saw that. Thankfully, both were "busy" with their porn.

Rachel was sitting with her knees slightly apart, unknowingly giving Joey a
glimpse up her skirt. He couldn't see very much though, since a shadow was
hiding "the good stuff." But she was gently sucking on her finger as she
enjoyed her lustful thoughts. "Mmm, sexy," he thought.

Phoebe was much further along, as she read her dirty magazine on the couch
beside Rachel. Her loose black pants were already down below her knees. She
had pulled her panties to the side and was rubbing her clit.

His gaze lingered on Phoebe for a moment, then he slowly looked back at
Monica. As her lips floated close to his cock, her eyes looked up at him. She
looked down, almost shyly, as her mouth covered his head.

Monica slowly dragged her lips over his flesh... and off, as she finished
with a kiss. Then without looking at him a second time, she opened her mouth
and took in much more of him.

Slowly and quietly, she slid her lips up and down his shaft, glancing up a
couple times to see if he was enjoying it. His look said it all. Her eyes
smiled at him as she gave Joey's cock a couple more good sucks.

Monica draped herself across his lap, stroking his dick. She brought her face
as close to his as she could, but bashfully looked at his chest.

"Cookies, porn, and oral sex... Think you wanna hang out more at Monica's?"
she asked.

"Hell, yeah!"

She smiled, and crawled around his leg, kneeling upright between his knees.
Monica peeked over at Phoebe and Rachel. Left to their own devices, they
certainly weren't watching her and Joey. She looked down at the floor,
wondering how far to take this. Then with a look of decision, she began
pulling up her shirt.

Monica was wearing a long-sleeve medium brown top with an embroidered tan
pattern across the front. It was tight fitting, as most of her clothes were
those days, and it hugged her full breasts and her slim torso and arms.

She eased it farther up her stomach. With crossed arms, Monica slightly
stretched it out to take it past her tits, and then over her head.

As her arms raised up, Joey saw the wonderful lift to her breasts. She
brought her arms down, and pulled the sleeves off, hands out in front of her.
He saw how her breasts pushed together, enhancing her cleavage.

Monica saw him gawking and she smiled. She ran her fingers through her
cropped black hair to straighten it, then reached around back to the clasp on
her brown bra. Joey watched intently as his friend bared her breasts, just
for him.

"Way better than a Playboy," he muttered, abandoning the magazine to the

Monica laughed as she dropped her bra on the floor.

"You can touch 'em, if ya want," she said demurely.

Joey reached out and cupped one, then leaning forward, he took the other. As
Monica watched his hands, Joey gently massaged her breasts.

"Mmm, yeah, Joey," she whispered.

He rubbed his thumb across her nipple, bringing it to a peak.

"Way better than a Playboy," he whispered again.

With determination, Monica pushed him back into the chair. She leaned in and
held Joey's dick straight up, in both hands.

Looking at him, she ran the flat of her tongue all the way up from the base
of his shaft, then brought her mouth over the top and lustily sucked. Soon,
she was panting heavily through her nose.

"Ohhh, Mon," he groaned.

Monica pushed her lips back down his cock, as far as her full mouth would
allow. With a long... hard... suck, she pulled her lips slowly up his shaft
and off the top with a pop. As she caught her breath, Monica watched her hand
jack him rapidly.

"Hey, Monica, how come Joey gets to have all the fun? A good hostess
shouldn't ignore her other guests, y'know," Phoebe said loudly.

Panicked, Monica quickly looked at her, then Joey. She wondered if he had
understood Phoebe's meaning. Monica enjoyed being with both her girlfriends,
but none of the guys knew about them. She wondered if they were ready to
know, and if Joey was really the best one to find out first.

"He's gonna find out eventually," Rachel added.

"You're right," Monica said softly, then repeated it more firmly, "you're

She got up and walked the short distance around the coffee table to stand
in front of Phoebe. Monica reached out and held Phoebe's cheek in her hand.
Then, resting her knee on the cushion between the blonde's thighs, Monica
leaned down and kissed her.

"Omigod!" Joey said, pointing to them.

"Wait, Rach," Phoebe began as her friend got up from the couch.

Monica interrupted her. "Pheebs, I can have her whenever I want... but you're
not here that often... not for THAT, at least," she smiled.

"Yeah, she's right," Rachel agreed, offhandedly. She walked sultrily over to
Joey. "Besides, I've had a hankerin' all day for a nice piece of man-meat."

"OMIGOD!" Joey exclaimed again as he saw Monica and Phoebe start making out.

"It's not a big deal, Joey," Rachel said, leaning over, placing her fingers
on the side of his chin and turning his gaze to her own. He nodded,
captivated by her sexy smile.

"I see Monica's got you ready for me," she teased, "but maybe we should start
slow. I want you to enjoy me, too."

Monica knelt on the couch between Phoebe's open legs. The girls were necking
wildly. Phoebe was caressing Monica's bare breasts. She grabbed Monica's back
and, pulling her raven-haired partner toward her, she took a breast in her

"Oh, Pheebs," Monica encouraged softly.

Phoebe gently suckled her nipple. Monica ran her hands through long blonde
hair, enjoying her friend's lips and tongue. She wished they had done this
when they were roommates.

Phoebe licked all around the firm pink disk, feeling Monica's soft skin on
her tongue. Then Phoebe's head moved and gave similar attention to its twin.

She barely noticed Phoebe's hand caressing her butt. Monica's attention was
fixed on Phoebe's mouth. She loved watching a woman, usually Rachel, lick her

"Do, do you want me to do that for you?' Monica asked quietly.

"That... and more," her friend smiled.

"Then let's get you undressed," Monica said, with an aroused seriousness.

She unbuttoned Phoebe's flowing shirt and helped her off with it. The bra was
soon gone too, and was replaced by Monica's hands. Still kneeling close to
Phoebe, she hunched down and began licking the valley between her tits. Her
tongue trailed to one, and danced circles around her nipple.

"Do you lick Rachel's tits a lot?" Phoebe asked, enticingly.

Monica grinned to herself. "Some nights, we get together. Either my room or

Phoebe looked over at their friend whispering something to Joey. Her cute
round bottom looked perfect in her short skirt.

"Ooo, I'd sure like to lick her ass," Phoebe commented.

Monica glanced over her shoulder at her roommate, then smiled back at Phoebe.

"Yeah? You wanna go do that now?"

"No... but sometime... For now, how about you show me how a good hostess
serves her guests?"

"How 'bout I just do that?" Monica answered as she pulled down Phoebe's


As Rachel stood in front of him, leaning forward, Joey's eyes drifted from her face to take a peek down her shirt.

"Like what you see?' she asked, smiling.

"Uhh," Joey responded, with a feeling of being caught.

"Well, let's just make sure you get a good look at the whole package. And, um, why don't you show me... how much you like what you see..."

To emphasize this, Rachel tugged at his pants, and they both pulled them down to his feet.

Rachel stood confidently in front of him, hands on her hips, her feet shoulder-width apart. She was wearing a white long sleeve shirt with thin blue pinstripes. It was quite snug across her chest. Her nipples raise the surface of the cloth.

Her small breasts filled and strained against the fabric, making horizontal creases between them. This was accentuated by the fact that the button between her breasts was the highest one done.

Joey's gaze wandered lower.

Rachel's tight-fitting black skirt had a high waist, though it barely came to the middle of her thighs. Her legs were wrapped in jet-black nylons. Three and a half-inch heels gave them a stunning curve. Very professional, very sexy, and very erotic.

"I saw you trying to look up my skirt," she said, mischievously. "Did you see anything?"

"No... well, not enough," Joey replied, trying to act nonchalant.

"So you don't know what I'm wearing under here," she taunted, as she took his hand and ran his fingers up and down the center panel of her skirt. He felt the fabric give, as he pressed toward the open space between her thighs.

"Am I wearing pantyhose? Thigh-highs? Stockings and a garter belt? Panties... or not?"

"I don't know, but I sure want to find out!" he said, now barely able to contain his excitement. He stroked himself vigorously as he looked Rachel up and down.

"Oh ya do, do ya?" she smiled. "So you want me to lift up my tight... skirt?"

Rachel eased the fabric up her graceful hips as she spoke. Joey followed the hem with his eyes, as Rachel revealed more of her sexy legs to him. The skirt crept upward.

"Thigh-highs," she said, as if to confirm his sight of the lace top ringing each leg.

A few moments later, Joey was treated to the sight of Rachel's trimmed light brown snatch.

"Hmm," she said innocently, "now where did my underwear go?"

Joey's eyebrows raised and Rachel knew she'd hooked him. "Now to reel him in," she thought.

"I remember I was wearing panties when I went to work this morning... oh, that's right... after Joshua left, I was sooo horny..."

Rachel moved closer to him.

"...that I sneaked into one of the change rooms at Bloomingdales..."

She straddled him in the chair, skirt bunched up around her waist.

"...and I took off my panties..."

Rachel looked into his eyes and continued, though whispering now.

"...and I sat down... and I started touching myself... thinking about Joshua..."

She settled her wet cunt against the bottom of his shaft, pushing his dick into his abdomen.

"People walked by a couple times. But, but I didn't care..."

Rachel began rocking her hips forward and back, rubbing herself against him. Her pussy was so hot.

"...I just needed to cum... I tell ya, Joey... if you had been there? I would have let you fuck me... right then and there... Would you have done that for me, Joey? If I asked you real nice? Would you have fucked me and made me cum?"

"Hell, yeah!" he groaned, caressing Rachel's ass, thighs and calves. He grabbed the heels of her shoes, and pulled her knees to the back of the chair, bringing her pussy lips tighter against him.

"Will you do that now? Will you let me fuck you? Will you let me screw myself on your big thick cock? While I fantasize about Joshua?"

Her lips were brushing against his, and she was teasing him with near-kisses. He had never been used like this before, but the thought of it was incredibly hot.

"Tell ya what, don't think of it as me and you having sex. Think of it as... me masturbating you with my pussy. Just two friends... getting each other off... that's all. And if you'd like... you can watch Monica and Phoebe while we do it."

She turned his head to face the others. As she spoke, she breathed barely a whisper into his ear, while he took in the sight of Monica licking Phoebe's breasts.

"What could be better than that, Joe? Getting fucked by a sexy... desirable... woman... while you watch live girl-on-girl porn? It's your fantasy come true, Joey... isn't it?"

"Well, one of them," he admitted as she finally kissed him.


By now, black pants were laying across the arm of the couch. And with Phoebe's panties still hanging from her fingers, Monica knelt on the floor.

Phoebe scooted her butt forward, and leaned back into the couch, giving Monica easier access to her pussy. She caressed Monica's face as fingertips glided back and forth inside her thighs. Monica's hand moved up to Phoebe's breast, gently squeezing it. Then it went further up, to slide across her lower lip, as though Monica were touching a rare jewel.

Phoebe opened the front of Monica's pants. She slid Monica's fingers down inside her own thong. She squirmed around a bit, to make room for her hand in her jeans.

She easily found her wet spot, and pulsed her digit against her clit. Monica took in a quick, soft breath as she touched herself.

Phoebe smiled and kissed her. As she did this, she pushed her middle finger into her own box.

"Push it in," she said softly.

Monica followed her lead, and moaned quietly as they both masturbated, looking into each other's eyes.

"You're so beautiful, Monica," Phoebe whispered.

Monica smiled, "Thank you. I think you're beautiful, too. I want to do all this for you, Phoebe."

Phoebe smiled back. Then she pulled her finger out, and placed the wet digit at her partner's lips. Monica licked and sucked it, getting a taste of her friend, as Phoebe stared at her.

Monica pulled her hand out of her pants, and put her own wet finger in Phoebe's mouth.

"Mmmm," Phoebe said as she licked off Monica's juice, "I hope I get more later."

"I hope you do too, Pheebs. But first, I think I need to be a good hostess."

She bent forward and brought her lips to Phoebe's, giving the bare pussy a few gentle kisses. Then Monica settled the flat of her tongue over Phoebe's slit and licked its full length.

"Ooo, yeah," Phoebe said lustfully, with a cute crinkled nose. "That's good."

Monica put her lips over Phoebe's clit and gently sucked it like a nipple. Her hand went up, and massaged Phoebe's breast as she sucked on her.

"Mmm, yeah," Phoebe encouraged.

Then Monica pulled the hood back slightly, and alternated between sucking on it and flicked her tongue across the sensitive flesh. Phoebe took in a loud breath through pursed lips.

"Ooo, you can be nasty too. I like that in a lover."

"Well, a good hostess should ALWAYS make her guests feel wel-CUM," she smiled.

Then Monica slid her finger into Phoebe, and slowly frigged her as she licked her clit.


Rachel was kneeling above Joey's cock as he sat in the chair. Her hands were between her legs, and she was rubbing the head of his cock on her clit. She exuded soft moans at the sensations.

Joey was groping and squeezing her breasts, feeling her erect nipples with his fingers. He unbuttoned her shirt to the skirt's waistline, and caressed her smooth skin before unclasping the front of her bra. Rachel's breasts hung free inside her shirt and were quickly attended by Joey's mouth.

"Yeah, lick my tits," she hissed.

Both of her hands were wrapped around his member and she was working him vigorously in her crease, masturbating herself with this living dildo.

"Are you ready? she whispered, "Are you ready for me to get you off with my pussy?"

"Oh, yeah," he said, sitting back.

Rachel closed her eyes and worked the head of Joey's cock just past her pussy lips. She felt the crown spread her. Rachel eased her ass down to his lap, and let out a slow groan as she filled herself.

"Ohhhhhh, Joshuuaaa!"

"Oh, Rach," Joey replied in pleasure.

Rachel opened her eyes and put her fingers on his mouth. "Shh... don't say anything... please?"

Her eyes begged her request. Joey smiled his assent to letting Rachel have her little fantasy.

She closed her eyes and slowly began sliding up and down Joey's long thick shaft. She placed her forehead on his. His face was covered by her long brown hair. He inhaled in its wonderful scent. He felt her soft breath on his face.

Rachel kissed Joey, imagining she was kissing her fantasy man from that morning. Dreaming that she was with him, right there, in her apartment. Beginning to believe that it was Joshua's cock filling her.


Phoebe was starting to breath hard as Monica finger-banged her and licked her.

"Do you want me to go get a dildo?" her hostess asked, anxious to please, as her finger kept moving. "Or maybe a vibrator? I have a really nice vibrator..."

"No, Mon. You're doing good... REALLY good! Just keep doing that. But... can I keep looking at the porn? Do you mind?"

Monica smiled, "No, not at all. That's why I bought it."

She put her head down and continued servicing her friend, as Phoebe flipped through, finding an explicit pictorial of two beautiful lesbians, in elegant lingerie. One was sitting back in a chair, and the other was on her knees, licking down below.

Monica's finger and tongue brought her farther along. As Phoebe looked at each picture, she envisioned her and Monica doing it in that position.

Both girls standing. Phoebe behind Monica, holding her leg up, with her arm wrapped around and her finger deep inside her lover.

Then Monica bent over, with Phoebe crouched behind her, licking.

Then Phoebe standing again and holding Monica's kneeling face firmly in her crotch.

"Mmmm, maybe a 69," she thought.

She became wrapped up in the pictures, and even read the flimsy storyline that accompanied them. Without thinking, Phoebe pulled the magazine over and rested it on Monica's head.

"Hey! Phoebe!" Monica objected.

"Oh, sorry," Phoebe said moving it. "But you said I could look at porn."

"Yeah," she replied indignant, "But it's kinda rude to balance it on my head!"

Phoebe giggled, "Oh yeah, sorry. Ooo, but let's do this." She pointed to the magazine, selecting a position that even she had never done before. "You be her, Monica."

Monica raised up and looked. "That, that does look... wow! But how do we..."

"Oh, I know," Phoebe said, beginning to give her partner directions.

* * *

Joey was enjoying the nice slow fuck that Rachel was giving him... or giving
herself... well, it didn't really matter which.

Rachel sat straight up, resting her hands on Joey's shoulders, and tilted her
head back. Her face held a look of ecstasy as she basked in her fantasy.

Joey looked over at his other friends. Monica's head was down between
Phoebe's legs.

"Damn," he thought, "I never knew Monica was a lesbian. Well, and Phoebe
too... and I guess Rachel..."

He looked up at the beautiful woman fucking him. His thoughts rambled on.

"But Rach is doing me... and Mon gave me a pretty hot blowjob... so maybe
they're not lesbos... maybe they're all just bi... NIIICE!"

Joey then went through several lustful scenarios where he could get it on
with his friends. First, with Phoebe and Monica... then with Phoebe and
Rachel... then him and Rachel and Monica... then all four of them in a hot

He looked over again at the girls. They were talking softly, and Phoebe was
pointing at a magazine. Monica stood up, and Phoebe started to ease her tight
grey-green jeans over her hips.

"Nice ass!" Joey thought. Then as Monica's skin was revealed, and a thong
exposed, "REALLY nice ass!"

Monica placed her hand on Phoebe's shoulder for balance as she lifted each
foot for Phoebe to pull her pants off. Phoebe looked up at her, smiling, as
she took down her thong.

"Damn, I wanna nail that body," Joey thought in admiration of his dark-haired

Phoebe said something to Monica, who started to walk away.

"Where ya going, Mon?" the voice in his head asked.

Phoebe sat up and slid back. As Monica walked around behind the couch, she
glanced over at Joey. Their eyes met. Hers held a look of excitement and a
little uncertainty. She gave him a little nervous smile, as she realized
they were being watched. But, part of her actually liked knowing they were
giving him a show.

She bent over the back of the couch, her hip touching Phoebe's shoulder.
Grabbing the front of the couch, Monica eased herself forward so her thighs
were resting on top, feet off the ground. With Phoebe's help, they turned her
body over, her leg arcing over Phoebe's head.

Monica came to rest nearly upside down, with her shoulders on Phoebe's
thighs, and her head back between her knees. Monica's legs, on either side
of Phoebe's head, dangled in the air behind the couch. Her partner held her
hips, and her pussy was right up at Phoebe's mouth. They smiled at each
other, delighted with the surprising gracefulness of the strange maneuver.

Then without waiting, Phoebe began licking the hot slash at her mouth. Joey
heard Monica's moan over Rachel's quiet whimpers. Monica grabbed Phoebe's ass
to keep herself from sliding away.

This was the best thing that Joey had ever seen. He had a great view of
Phoebe's tongue gliding up and down in Monica's labia.

Monica was unable to do anything but be pleasured. Her chin was pressed into
her chest as she tried to watch what Phoebe was doing to her. Phoebe stared
into her eyes, as if to say, "You're going to cum, my beautiful lover. I

Joey lusted after Monica's petite body as Rachel continued using his cock as
her personal toy. His partner had taken herself much higher by now. But with
well-developed stamina, Joey was able to hold himself back, hoping he could
fuck Monica or Phoebe, if he didn't cum with Rachel.

"Ohhh... oooo... yeah..." Rachel moaned.

She ground her pussy into Joey, thinking about all the ways she would fuck
Joshua if she could only get him alone at her apartment, or even in a
changing room at work.

"Mmmm, do me, Joshua... put that big thick cock in my pretty pussy... mmm,
let me fuck you..."

She was sliding up and down him at a faster pace. Joey ran his hands along
her stockinged legs and caressed her bare ass.

"Mm, yeah... touch me, Joshua... oh, you're gonna make me cum... you're gonna
make me cum... " she panted.

Rachel was fucking herself for all she was worth.

"Oh... I'm so close... so close... just a little more..."

Then her orgasm hit her. She gave a guttural groan.

"Ohhh... fuuuuck... meeee... Joshhhhuuuuaaaa..."

Her body seized up from the climax, and Joey immediately began thrusting into

"UH! UH! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," she chanted.

Joey stopped his motions as Rachel began slowly screwing his dick again.

"Oh! Oh wow!" she said, out of breath.

For the first time, Rachel opened her eyes and looked at Joey.

"Thank you," she smiled, kissing him. "But you didn't cum... did you? I was
kinda off in my own little world there," she giggled.

"No, I was sorta hopin' to..."

She interrupted him as she saw Phoebe and her roommate.

"Oh, now THAT'S interesting. Do you want to do it with them?" she asked.

"Well, uh..."

"It's okay, Joey. I got mine," she said with a satisfied smile.

Joey got up and Rachel took his place. She curled up in the chair, clothes
still disheveled, and eased a finger between her thighs as she watched.

Joey pulled the pants and underwear off his feet and took off his flannel
shirt and t-shirt. Naked, he walked over to the couch. Phoebe saw him coming
and winked at him as she continued licking the little black-haired woman.

Monica's eyes were closed and her mouth was open as she whimpered and panted
at Phoebe's licks. He brushed his fingers along her stomach. She flinched
slightly in surprise, not knowing anyone was there. Monica looked up at him.

"Are you guys finished?" she asked softly.

"Yeah," he chuckled, looking over at Rachel, "Rach is pretty much done with

Rachel blew him a kiss and slid the middle finger into her mouth, before
returning it between her legs, winking.

"Can I... can I have that?" Monica asked, scarcely managing an impassioned
smile as she looked at his still-hard cock. Joey knelt beside her and kissed

"Mon, you can have anything."

He then leaned over and sucked on Monica's breast, something he'd wanted to
do ever since she'd shown them to him earlier.

"Mmm, yes, Joey," she moaned, enjoying both Joey and Phoebe's oral attention.
She really wanted to have her roommate sucking on her other tit. But now that
Joey knew about them, maybe that could happen another time.

Joey straddled Phoebe's legs and Monica's head. He pushed his dick down into
her waiting mouth. His legs flexed as he slowly fucked Monica's mouth. Phoebe
saw this and stuck her tongue into her friend. Monica's eyes rolled back at
all the sensations.

Rachel opened her legs and penetrated herself, admiring Joey's masculine
body, and the way his dick hung between his legs and fucked her beautiful
roommate's face.

Joey put his hands beside Phoebe's shoulders and leaned forward. They kissed
momentarily, then both turned their attention to Monica's privates.

Two tongues devoured her, Joey's licking across her clit and Phoebe's dipping
in and out of her cunt. Loud, though muffled, moans came from down below.

In her limited position, Monica couldn't do much of the usual stuff she did
for a blow job. But she tried her best to relay her arousal by licking and
sucking as much cock as she could reach. If she could make it happen, she
wanted it to cum right in her mouth like that.

"Put your finger in her," Phoebe whispered.

Joey rested with one hand on the back of the couch as he slowly pushed his
middle finger into Monica. She groaned, having something of a man inside her
pussy for the first time in weeks. Joey slid it in and out of her, as Phoebe
licked all round it.

"Mmmmhhh... mmmmph... uhmmm..." Monica moaned as her tongue lapped on Joey's

"Now put two in," Phoebe said.

Joey gently worked a second digit into Monica, spreading her hole even more.

"MMuuuuhhnnn... mm hmmm... mm hmmm..." she begged.

Her fingers dug into Phoebe's ass as her whole body tensed.

"MMMM... MMMM..." she moaned with deep breaths.

Monica knew she couldn't say much with her mouth full, though her mind
screamed, "DO IT! DO IT! FUCK ME! FINGER MY FUCKIN" PUSSY!" But she wanted
her loud noises to encourage both her partners to give her an orgasm.

Rachel sat across the room, her legs open as she curled in the chair. She was
fingering her pussy and caressing her stockinged thigh, imagining what Monica
was feeling right then. Rachel loved seeing her friend like this.

"Make her cum," she said to herself. "Let me watch her cum."

Phoebe pushed the tip of her tongue in beside Joey's fingers. As he rubbed
them against Monica's walls, Phoebe licked the inside of her labia.

Monica's body was shaking, and her oral services became more sporadic as she
danced on the edge of an orgasm. Her muffled high pitched squeals filled the
room as she tried to scream, "YES! YES!"

Phoebe moved her chin out of the way so Joey could give Monica a hard, fast
finger-bang. At the same time, he resumed slowly fucking her mouth with his
cock. Everything was more than she could take.

"MMMUUUHHHHHHH!!!" she groaned, with his cock still hanging in her open
mouth. "Ahhhh... ahhhhhh... aaaAAAHHHH!!!"

She blacked out for a moment, as the blood rushed to her head. But soon
enough, she was back, moaning and sucking.

"AHHH.... UMMMMM... MMMM.. MMMMmmm... mmmm..."

Joey pulled out of her mouth and settled in beside Phoebe, as he slowed his
finger movements and then withdrew them. Phoebe kissed and gently licked
Monica's snatch as she recovered from her climax, gasping for air. Joey
lifted Monica off Phoebe and she curled up in his lap, glowing.

Rachel slowed her masturbation, knowing there must be more.

"Say Mon, I don't think Phoebe has cum yet, and not Joey either," she said.

"Oh, you're right," her roommate said. Monica reached out and caressed the
blonde's breast, looking at both her friends. "So can I do anything more for
my guests?" she asked, knowing the answer.

Phoebe simply moved into the corner of the couch, one foot up on the cushions
and the other on the floor. Monica held Joey's cheek in her hand as she
kissed him.

"Do you want to do me a little later, just us two? Or do you want to do it
while I lick her?"

"Well, you just get busy, Mon," he grinned lustfully.

She knelt on the floor and buried her face once again in Phoebe's pussy,
feeling the fabric of the couch on her naked breasts. Joey moved in and
entered her from behind. Monica grunted as her pussy stretched to take his

Rachel ran to her room and returned with her dildo. She mirrored Phoebe, at
the other end of the couch, wanting a good clear view of the action.

Monica dove in with zeal, shoving her tongue deep inside Phoebe and licking
everything she could find. Her beautiful blue eyes looked up, to make sure
Phoebe was liking it. The woman's look was one of complete bliss. And very
soon, Phoebe's body was trembling.

"Ohhh, Monica!" she moaned.

Joey's hips gradually sped up, as he slid his hard cock in and out of his
friend. "Can you cum, Monica? Again?"

Her mouth left Phoebe for a moment, and she said over her shoulder, "That's
okay, sweetie. You just do what you need."

Relieved that he didn't have to think of bringing a girl to orgasm first,
Joey began fucking Monica in earnest, enjoying the feeling of her tight

"Mm hmmm," she encouraged him, with her mouth back at the cunt.

Rachel was working the dildo in herself, as she watched her friends. She
realized she was the only clothed one in the room, and it gave her a strange
sense of power. Like she was a nasty queen, with three naked sex slaves
fucking for her entertainment. Her fingers found her clit. She sensed that
both Phoebe and Joey were close and she wanted to cum with them.

"Fuck that little slut," she whispered. "She wants to make you cum."

Monica licked and sucked Phoebe, making loud grunting and slurping sounds as
her own pussy was being stimulated. Her tongue would dive into Phoebe, then
be drawn out into a lick and a healthy suck on her clit.

"Oh, Mon, yes! Lick me, lick me... You're gonna make me cum, Monica... Oh,
yeah, you're gonna do it..."

She looked over at Rachel, masturbating at the other end of the sofa. She
was running her leg up and down Joey's back and butt, just wanting to feel
someone's body. Phoebe watched what she was doing with the dildo and her
fingers. She took in Rachel's look of lust.

"I want to fuck you," she mouthed when she caught Rachel's eyes.

Rachel nodded and smiled nastily. "Later," she mouthed back, then soon saw
Phoebe's face transform.

"Oh! OH! OHHH!" Phoebe groaned as her climax began to swell.

Her hands grabbed onto Monica's head and pulled her in, tight to her pussy.
Monica managed to slide her tongue in as Phoebe did this.

Joey's vigorous thrusting was transferred through Monica to Phoebe, as her
petite body was pushed forward again and again.

"Fuck her, Joey!" Phoebe called out. "Fuck her into me!"

Monica's tongue-fucking continued as he drove himself on to his own climax.
Phoebe's head fell back and twisted from side to side.

"Fuck her... fuck 'er, fuck 'er, fuck 'er...OH MONICA!!! OH! OH! Oh! Oh...
mmmm... oh... yeah... ooo... mmm... "

As Phoebe came back to earth, she released her lover's head. Almost
immediately, Joey sat back on his heels, pulling Monica with him. Her legs
wrapped outside of his. As he held her hips, he drove upward into her.

She grabbed onto the couch cushion and coffee table for support as she
quickly matched his rhythm. Her small ass pounded back onto his thighs,
thrust for thrust, as he came closer to climax.

Suddenly he pushed her off him. She leaned forward onto the couch. With a
couple strokes, Joey began shooting his load all over Monica's back and ass.

"Cum on me, Joey," Monica said as she looked back at him. "That's it. Do it.
Cum on my body. Ooo, yeah... cum on my ass."

With Joey finally spent, Rachel felt she could put in her own request.

"M, Monica," she stuttered.

Monica looked back at her roommate, realizing for the first time that she was
on the couch. Rachel's body was writhing as she pleasured herself intensely.
She was close to climax, and clearly wanted some help.

"Hell, why not," Monica thought smiling. "It's not like Joey will be
surprised at anything, anymore."

She quickly got up on the couch and knelt between her roommate's spread legs.
Monica took the dildo from Rachel's hand and put her own fingers on her clit.
She leaned in close as Rachel took Monica's head in her hands.

Rachel was allowing her roommate to do anything she wanted to make her cum.
She just needed to cum. Monica spoke to her as she masturbated her.

"Can you cum, Rach? Are you close?"

Rachel whimpered a yes.

"I want you to cum, honey... I love seeing you cum... You are so beautiful...
I love everything about you... I love kissing you... I love your breasts... I
love your ass... I love your legs... I love sucking and licking your
breasts... I love touching you... like this... I love licking your pussy... I
love you, Rach."

"I, I love... love you... Mon... i-ca," she gasped, nearly hyperventilating.

"Cum for me, sweetie... cum for Monica... does it feel good? My fingers
rubbing your little clit? The way I'm fucking you with your dildo?"

Rachel could only nod, she was so close.

Then her fingers gripped her roommate's head and she pulled Monica's lips to
hers, kissing per passionately as she came hard. Their tongues intertwined
and explored each other's mouths as Monica kept fucking her and Rachel kept
cumming. With each breath, Rachel was making passionate grunting noises in
her roommate's mouth.

As their kissed died down into soft pecks, Rachel ran her hands through
Monica's hair and down her back. She smeared Joey's sticky cum all over her

"I think I need a shower," Monica smiled.

"Oh, but don't leave yet," Rachel whined.

Monica snuggled in beside her roommate, and saw that Joey was holding Phoebe
as well.

"Joey, now that you know about us," Monica began, "you can't tell the guys."
He started to protest.

"Joey, if you keep our secret, then we'll do stuff like this with you too,"
Rachel offered.

"Oh... well, I like that," he said, smiling greedily.

"Okay, Joe, but you better get back to your apartment now. We don't want
Chandler coming over here when he gets home... not all of with us like this,"
Monica said.

So, not wanting to do anything to upset the girls and jeopardize his new
"friend-fuck privileges", Joey quickly dressed and left.

Monica got up from the couch. "Well, I better take a shower and wash off."

"All right," Phoebe said, pulling Rachel up from the sofa. "But if you want
to join us... we'll be in Rach's room."

As Rachel turned, Phoebe gave her a firm smack on her bare ass.

"Hey! Phoebe, don't do that!" Rachel scolded, leniently.

Phoebe snuggled her thighs against Rachel's soft butt. Her hands felt the
nylon covering Rachel's thighs.

"You don't like that? Well then, maybe the rich woman wants to make me her
little bitch?" she asked in her porn star voice.

Rachel spun around and kissed Phoebe in a very seductive and controlling way.

"And maybe I'll share my little bitch with my roommate," she said, looking
over at Monica's naked body walking to the bathroom.

"Don't be long," Rachel called out to Monica, as she led Phoebe by the hand
into her bedroom.

Monica glanced back and winked at Rachel, before closing the bathroom door.

She showered, pleased that her cookies and porn plan worked on Joey, Phoebe,
and Rachel. Monica smiled as she recalled the evening. And she began planning
ways to convince Chandler and Ross too, that she was the hostess with the


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