Friends: Deleted Scenes - It Started With Eyedrops
(FF,MF,MFF,F-mast,oral,light bd)
by Dudeman ([email protected])

Rachel and Monica had been to the eye doctor earlier in the day, where Rachel
got some drops for her eye. She was freaked out about anything going near her
eyes, so Monica offered to help her. As Rachel slouched with her head resting
on the back of the couch, Monica sat beside her with the medicine. She
suggested doing a practice run, however Rachel knew her roommate was lying.
She moved her head, just as Monica squeezed the dropper, getting fluid on her

"All right, come here!" Monica said, getting up and pulling Rachel off the
couch by her legs.

"What are you? Monica!! Stop it!! Oh my god! Stop it!" Rachel protested as
she was dragged onto the floor and rolled onto her back.

"I am going. I'm going--Turn over!" Monica scolded as Rachel tried to wriggle
away, "I'm. I am going to get these drops in your eyes."

Monica was straddling the woman's body. She put the bottle in her mouth, so
she could hold Rachel's arms.

"Oh my god! You really are freakishly strong!" Rachel exclaimed, as she was
easily overpowered by her roommate.

Monica started biting on the plastic bottle, trying to squirt drops into
Rachel's eye.

"Monica! Stop it!" Rachel protested, in vain.

She thrashed her head back and forth. Because of this, Monica missed her eyes
completely, and ended up spraying the liquid all over Rachel's face and the
carpet around her head.

Finally, the stronger woman spit out the bottle onto the floor. "Damn! It's

As Monica restrained Rachel, her struggling eventually abated. The girls held
their positions, each trying to figure out what to do next.

Rachel spoke first, realizing how Monica was on top of her, holding her down.

"Wow, y'know if Joey and Chandler walked in right now, we could make a

They looked into each other's eyes. Moments passed; although to them, time
had stopped. They hadn't been with each other since Chandler and Monica had
gotten together. All three had felt that the couple needed some exclusive
time to grow their relationship. Yet at that moment, each woman knew what
the other was thinking.

"Are you as turned on as I am?" Rachel asked.

"Hell, yeah!" Monica replied.

Without a second thought, she pounced on Rachel's mouth. Months of pent
up passion exploded. Monica's body pressed down into her roommate, as she
straddled her waist and hips. Neither girl seemed to notice how tightly
Monica continued to hold Rachel's arms to the floor. Their mutual desire
was all they knew.

Monica released her right arm, but only to grope Rachel's breast through her
grey tank-top. Rachel took the opportunity to wrap her fingers around the
back of Monica's head and hold it as they french-kissed passionately.

Monica sat up and pulled her light green V-neck shirt over her head. Then she
reached around back and quickly removed her black bra.

"I need you to suck my tits, Rach," she announced with resolve.

Monica scooted back onto Rachel's thighs and, grabbing her wrists, pulled her
up to a sitting position. Rachel caressed the smooth skin of Monica's back as
she licked and sucked her best friend's breasts.

"Oh god, Rach... I've missed feeling you suck them. Oh, I need this."

"I need it too, Mon. I need you to make me cum."

Monica tugged at Rachel's shirt, pulling it off her body. As Rachel kept
licking her breasts, Monica unsnapped her partner's bra and helped her out of
it. Hard nipples pushed into Monica's stomach.

"Move to the couch," she said softly.

It was clear that Monica wanted to be the aggressor right then, and that was
just fine with Rachel. Both girls quickly crawled over. Rachel sat up on the
cushions, and Monica knelt between her legs. They embraced, kissing.

"Oh, Monica, I'd forgotten how good it is to feel your breasts on mine."

"I hadn't," was Monica's lustful reply as she initiated another long
impassioned kiss.

Their hands roamed each other's torsos, touching skin and fondling flesh.
Monica held Rachel's breasts as she took one in her mouth and gently sucked

"Oh Mon! Yes!"

Monica ran her tongue all over Rachel's breasts, paying special attention to
her sensitive nipples. She gently nibbled on one, eliciting a moaned "omigod"
from her roommate.

Monica found her way back to her friend's mouth. She probed it lavishly with
her tongue, before pushing her back into the pillows of the couch. As Monica
sat back on her heels, she unbuttoned Rachel's dark blue jeans. They locked
eyes as she pulled the zipper down.

"Yes," Rachel whispered with a look of anticipation.

Monica pulled the jeans off her partner's body, removing her shoes at the
same time. Rachel's white thong was quickly tossed aside. And last, Monica
took off her little white socks. She wanted her girl to be as naked as the
day she was born.

With a look of serious, determined lust, Monica slid her hands under Rachel's
ass, leaned in, and lifted her hips off the couch. She was indeed "freakishly
strong" and she showed this as she brought a pussy to her mouth, resting her
elbows on the edge of the furniture. Both women were well beyond the need for
more foreplay, and Monica dove in with abandon. She hadn't had a pussy in
months, and Rachel's was her favorite.

With Monica holding her hips up, Rachel's hands were under her, balancing her
body as she rested her shoulders against the back cushions. Her toes brushed
on the floor. Rachel was focused on her roommate. Brilliant blue eyes looked
back as her cunt was serviced.

She whimpered as Monica sucked on her clit. She moaned as Monica licked every
fold of her labia. She gasped as Monica plunged her tongue deep inside her,
wagging it up and down. She threw her head over the back of the couch,
groaning, "god, yes, Mon... oh my god... that feels incredible..." Monica
knew exactly what her roommate loved, and she did exactly those things.

This erotic scene was interrupted by an opening door. Monica dropped Rachel's
hips to the couch and stood up, forgetting that she was topless.

"Chandler!" she said in surprise, then brought her arms up to hide her

Rachel stood and grabbed the throw blanket, trying to cover herself.

"What? What's going on here? You two promised..."

"I know, I know, Chandler, I'm so sorry," Monica pleaded. She gestured,
not realizing that she was revealing her chest again. "Please don't be mad.
Rachel and I... I don't know... I'm sorry, it just happened..."

Rachel continued, "Please don't be mad at her, Chandler. It was my fault. I
started it."

"Look, Mon, you know I don't mind AT ALL that you and Rachel... did stuff...
together. It's just that I thought you and I needed some time, y'know, for
ourselves..." he started to say.

Monica stopped him, "We'll make it up to you. Honest, we will."

"How?" he challenged.

The girls glanced at each other. Rachel's look said everything Monica needed
to know.

"We'll do this with you..." she said, gesturing to herself, Rachel, and the
couch, "and we promise it'll be better than any sex you've ever had." Rachel
stepped over and whispered in Monica's ear. "Really?" was her quiet reply,
"Are you up for that?"

"Well, yeah... are you?"

Monica gave her a sneaky little grin, "Yeah, it sounds like it could be hot."

"What? What could be hot?" Chandler asked frantically.

Monica and Rachel moved to stand on either side of him. Rachel discretely
opened her covering.

"Well, if you want to find out," Monica said seductively, "you need to come
with us to the bedroom."

He looked down at their beautiful bare breasts.

"Do you want to find out?" Rachel asked, taking his hand and placing it on
her breast. Chandler gave a panicked looked to his new girlfriend, like he
was going to get in trouble.

Monica smiled, taking his other hand and placing it on her own tit. Answering
his unspoken question, she said, "It's okay, sweetie. I want you to touch

They went to Monica's bedroom, where Rachel threw off the blanket. She went
to her roommate's lingerie drawer and began throwing all the garments on the

Monica quickly stripped out of her black pants and black tennis shoes. Her
thong went to the floor, and she was as naked as her roomie. Then she helped
Chandler out of his clothes. She gave him little suggestive pecks on his
neck and chest, but found that he was somewhat distracted by Rachel's naked
body... her pert breasts, slim frame, sexy legs, and small round ass. Monica
quietly laughed at him.

"Thinkin' about what you want to do to her, big guy?" Chandler stammered a
denial, still uncertain of what was happening. She smiled. "Well, you better.
Like I said, we're BOTH going to make it up to you."

She kissed him passionately, and he tasted Rachel in his girlfriend's mouth.

"I know you like your women in lingerie," Monica said. "So how about you pick
out some things for me and Rach to wear for you?"

Chandler smiled, "Really? All right."

He picked through the garments and handed Monica a black satin bustier.

"Let's see you need some of these," he said, fishing out a pair of black
sheer-top stockings. "Oh, and high heels from your closet."

"What? No panties?" she gently needled him.

Chandler returned her teasing. "Why bother? They wouldn't be on you for very

Monica smiled at him and began putting on the strapless lingerie.

"What about me, Chandler? Everything that Monica has should fit me, too,"
Rachel said, snuggling into his side, and provocatively sliding her hand down
his chest to his cock.

"Hmmm... let's see... for you..." He found a white silk slip. "...this.
Oh, can't forget these," he said handing her a pair of white lace-top

She seductively wagged her head. "Oh no... can't forget those. Um, lemme
guess... no panties for me either?" she asked with a knowing smile.

"Do I even need to answer that?" he replied.

"How about heels?" she asked.

He thought a moment. "No, let's not. This will make you seem more...

She smiled. It was anything but a naive smile. She cupped his balls in her
hand, and gently massaged them. His mostly hard dick, slowly came to full

"Well, I think you're gonna find out just how innocent I'm NOT."

Monica was nearly dressed, and she fastened her stockings to the garter
straps of the bustier. When she finished, she turned, and asked in a sultry
voice, "Are my seams straight, Chandler?"

She ran her fingers up the back of her thigh and caressed her cheek. Chandler
ogled her legs and bare ass. His eyes traced the line all the way up from her
3" stiletto heel.

"DAMN!" he stammered, as she smiled at him over her bare shoulder. He wanted
to stick his dick in her right then, but he told himself that even better
things would happen if he waited.

Chandler looked to Rachel. She was straightening the shoulder strap, having
donned her required garb. The lingerie came down just past her ass, and the
stockings' white lace bands peeked out below the bottom of Monica's sexy
slip. Rachel's breasts filled the top quite nicely, and her erect nipples
created two soft vertical creases down the front of the fabric.

Monica let down her hair as she strutted toward her boyfriend.

"So I bet you want to just throw us on the bed and fuck us. Am I right,

"Well, that's the general idea," he laughed softly. Then a look of
uncertainty came on his face. "That IS the idea, right?"

Rachel answered from her new place, kneeling in the middle of the bed.

"Well... that's the eventual idea... but we thought about some OTHER things
to do first. C'mere, Mon."

Monica gave Chandler a sexy smile as she joined Rachel. Her roommate pushed
garments out of the way to make a space for her on the bed, then casually dug
through the lingerie scattered around them.

Rachel secretly applauded Monica's ability to control her obsessive neatness
amid the messy pile of clothes. She'd have to tell her that, later.

"Gee, Monica, you missed a pair of stockings," she said nonchalantly. "Here.
Let me help you put them on."

The roommates knelt facing each other. Chandler watched as his girlfriend
gave him a knowing glance, then held out her hands. Rachel flashed her own
mischievous look at him, as she took a black stocking and began tying it
around Monica's wrists.

With the soft restraint in place, Monica turned to face Chandler. Rachel
moved behind her, playing with her black hair and caressing her shoulders.

"Do you think this is too kinky, Chandler?" Monica asked seductively, "That
we would want to try a little light bondage?"

"No, no, not at all," he stammered in disbelief, wondering if he was going to
awake any moment from this steamy dream.

"Good," Rachel smiled as her hands glided under Monica's arms. "'Cuz we were
thinking that maybe I could tie Monica up... and then maybe you could tie me
up... and then..."

Chandler finished her words in his mind, imagining what he would do with
Monica and Rachel in that situation.

He watched as Rachel's hands slid behind the cups of Monica's strapless

"Ooo, her nipples are hard," Rachel reported, as she gently massaged her
friend's tits. "I think she's really getting into this."

Chandler began stroking his dick as he watched Monica. Her eyes were closed,
enjoying the touch of Rachel's hands, and the soft nibbles of Rachel's mouth
on her neck and ear.

"Wanna see?" Rachel asked, coyly.

He nodded. Rachel slowly pulled down the bodice of Monica's black bustier,
folding it back on itself to expose her full breasts.

"Watching is sooo sexy, isn't it, Chandler?" the dirty blonde asked, as
resumed fondling Monica's breasts. He agreed, wholeheartedly.

"Well," she continued, "they say that the imagination is the MOST erotic
thing. They say it can be far more of a turn-on... than what you actually
see. So how about... for the next little while... we let Monica try to
imagine what's happening?"

At this, Rachel took the mate to the silk hose holding Monica's wrists, and
brought it over her head to her eyes. She snugly tied it as a blindfold for
her roomie. A slight smile crossed Monica's lips.

"Omigod," Chandler mumbled. He had never realized that it could be so
arousing to see his girlfriend being tied up like this.

Rachel held out her hand to him. He came to the bed and took it. She guided
him up and joined him in front of his beautiful girlfriend. Rachel kissed
him, then whispered in his ear, "lick her tits with me."

Chandler and Rachel both bent down and began licking. They tried not to touch
Monica with anything but their mouths. She moaned, imagining what they looked
like, and trying to determine who was at which breast.

"Oh you guys," she whispered, "oh, wow."

Rachel's hand gently grabbed onto the breast that Chandler was licking,
letting her manicured nails press into it, and hoping it would throw a little
curve at Monica. They lovingly bathed her breasts with their tongues, as
Monica giggled and swam in her erotically dark world.

Chandler left her chest, but Rachel continued licking. He took Monica's
hands, and then ran his fingers up her arms, and back down to the stocking
at her wrists.

"Do you really like this, Mon?" he asked, wanting to make sure that she
wasn't uncomfortable with something so unusual for them.

A broad smile shone on her face. "Oh Chandler, please don't think I'm...
sick... or anything... but... yes! I like this... a lot!"

"You are so sexy," he smiled at her, though he knew that she couldn't see
him. He leaned in and kissed her. At first she jumped slightly, not knowing
he was so close, but then her lips searched the air to find him.

"Why don't you move up?" he suggested, lovingly.

Chandler and Rachel helped her crawl to the head of the bed, and Monica
curled up amid the pillows. They looked at her. So erotic. High heels, black
stockings, sexy legs demurely together, wrists tied, blindfolded. Almost
looking like a dirty pinup from the 1940's.

"So what are you going to do with me?" Rachel asked him, luridly.

Monica felt them crawl off the bed. "Guys, where are you going?"

"Don't worry, Mon. We're still here."

"Well, um, tell me... things... okay?" she said with a shy grin.

"Let's see," Rachel began to narrate, "he's picking out some stockings...
they're your tan ones." Monica heard Rachel's voice move from the side to
the end of the bed. She could tell that her roommate was facing away. "And
now Chandler's put my hands on the footboard of the bed..." A nasty smile
entered her voice, "mmm, and he's tying me to it. Ooo, yeah... you can go
tighter, baby."

Chandler cinched the knot around her small wrist, then tied the loose end of
the fabric to the wood. "Like that?" he taunted.

"Mmm, yeah, Chandler, just like that. Oh god, this is so kinky," Rachel
groaned, obviously pleased with things.

Monica was rubbing her nipple. "Tell me..." she whispered.

Chandler spoke up. "She feels so good, Monica. I can't believe you're letting
me do this. Sexy slim legs... soft breasts... she feels good wearing your
stockings and slip."

Rachel took over from him.

"He's got my wrists tied to the footboard. He's caressing my body... oh, this
silk feels nice... Do it, Chandler, do it... Now he's grabbing my breasts...
mmm, yeah, he's rubbing my tits. Is this your fantasy, Chandler? To have your
way with a beautiful woman? To grope her body? While she can't... do... a
thing... about it?"

Rachel stared alluringly at him. Chandler answered her by lowering the straps
of her slip, and letting them fall to her elbows. The garment peeled away
from her chest. Her long hair came nearly to her nipples.

Chandler slid his hands inside her locks and held her head as he kissed her
passionately, probing with his tongue. Their soft moans of passion resounded
in each other's mouth. Monica caressed her breasts as she listened to the
erotic sounds.

"Mmm, yes, my neck," she heard. Then a little while later, "Oh Chandler, yes,
your tongue... oh yes, feel how hard my nipples are... Oh, suck them... oh
yeah, suck on them..."

Monica pictured Chandler suckling Rachel's tit, and she longed for her mouth
to be attached to the other. She licked her lips.

Chandler reached around and caressed Rachel's ass, then slid his hand under
the front of the slip and gently rubbed her clit. She opened her legs,
allowing him further in.

"Mmmm, rub my pussy. Mmmm.. oh FUCK, Chandler, I wish you'd do this more
often... I bet Monica would let you... I bet Mon would let you take me...
and fuck me... whenever you want... How does that sound to you, Mon?"

Monica's hands had found their way between her legs. She was slowly rubbing

"Tell me more," she purred.

"He pulled down my top and now he's sucking on my tits. Mmm... now his hands
are caressing by bare shoulders and... oh my, Chandler. You dirty boy!" she
mockingly scolded. "I guess he wants me on my knees, Mon. Is there something
you want, Chandler? With me, like th- mmmm!"

Monica heard her word cut off as her mouth was filled. She smiled, imagining
her beautiful roommate on her knees... tied hands by her shoulders... with
Chandler's hard dick in her mouth. Monica's fingers were rapidly rubbing
across her clit.

"Keep going," she panted. "Keep talking."

"I've got her on her knees. And I'm holding her head and sliding my cock in
her mouth. That's it, Rach, suck it good."

His eyes went from his sex-partner to his girlfriend.

"Oh yeah, Mon," he groaned. "Do that... touch yourself... rub your clit for

"I hate... I hate to break it to you... honey, but... I'm not doing it for
you," she panted with a smile.

He got a little grin. "All right, Monica? I'm standing here, getting my dick
sucked by Rachel. I don't think it really matters who you're doing it for...
as long as you just keep doing it!"

"You got it, big guy," Monica giggled, as she stretched her legs out and
opened them a bit, hoping she was giving him a better view.

She listened to the sloppy sucking sounds that her roommate was making as
Chandler fucked her mouth. Occasionally, he would pull out, and Monica would
hear a wet pop, then Rachel's lewd encouragement.

"That's it, Chandler... stroke your nice hard cock... ooo yeah... it's so
big... and hard... oh, Chandler... put it back in my mouth... give it to me,
give it to me... let me suck on it again... mm hmm, mm hmm... MMMMmmm."

More sucking sounds, as Rachel passionately blew his dick, then another pop.

"Mmm, yeah... I love sucking cock... yeah, baby... let me watch you jerk
off... ooo yeah, do it, Chandler... let me see you stroke it... oh god, I
wish I could touch my pussy right now..."

Sexual frustration oozed from her voice.

"Oh, so your pussy needs some lovin' huh?" Chandler teased.

"You know it does, baby," Rachel erotically replied. "Will you fuck me now?"

Her beautiful eyes looked up at him. He knew he could go on like this if he
wanted to. He could keep fucking her mouth until he shot his load into it...
and Rachel wouldn't object at all. But her lascivious invitation was more
than he could resist.

"Well, since you asked..." he quipped, as he brought her to her feet.
Chandler untied the stockings from the bed.

"So how do you want me now?" Rachel asked.

"What's happening? Tell me," Monica almost demanded, in her arousal.

"He's turning me around... hmmm, well, well, Mon... so that's what Chandler
was watching," she said approvingly.

Monica was alternating between rubbing her clit and shoving a finger in her
pussy. She had tried to do both at once, but her sexy restraint wouldn't
allow that. Her mouth hung open and her breasts were heaving as she panted
deeply, masturbating.

"I'm being tied to the bed again," she went on with obvious delight.

"How?" Monica asked, between shaky breaths.

Rachel described her position.

"My arms are tied to opposite sides of the bed... Chandler's got me bent over

"Spread your feet, Rach," he softly interrupted her. As she did this, she
kept talking to her blindfolded roommate.

"...and he's standing behind me. I can feel his stomach against my ass, and
his body is covering my back. He's reaching down and caressing my legs...
running his fingers up the insides of my thighs... oh, so close to my
pussy... and now he's feeling my breasts again... Mmm, his dick is between
my thighs, and the shaft is rubbing against my lips."

"Go in her, Chandler," Monica said lustfully. "I want to listen to you both
do it."

"You heard the lady," Rachel purred as she looked over her shoulder.

Chandler straightened up and lifted the hem of the slip, fully exposing
Rachel's bare ass. He held his dick right at the entrance to her pussy.

"You ready, Rach?" he asked.

"Ooo, yeah, go in me, Chandler."

Rachel groaned as Chandler's long hard cock slid into her.

"Yes," Monica whined. She shifted around, and spread her legs, knees up
and high heels flat on the bed. Her bound hands were between her stockinged
thighs, and she slowly rubbed tiny circles on her hard clit.

"Look at her, Chandler," Rachel said softly. "You're the luckiest man alive,
you know."

"Mmm, I do know," he agreed.

Monica returned the smile she heard in his voice.

"Oh god, I want that pussy," Rachel moaned, as she watched Monica.

"All in due time, Rach," Chandler answered with his dick inside her. He
waited a few moments, caressing her ass and enjoying the feeling of being in
Rachel. "But first you need to get fucked good."

"Yeah, fuck me good, baby," she echoed.

Chandler and Rachel's groans joined together as he slowly fucked her. Her
pussy was wet and tight, and fit his cock like a glove. His hands traveled
Rachel's body, admiring how toned and sexy it was.

Hearing them moan each other's names was surprisingly arousing to Monica. Her
petite body writhed in the pillows as she frantically masturbated, adding her
own erotic sounds to the mix.

"Fuck her... fuck her..." she moaned.

Soon, Rachel begged to be done harder, and Chandler was only too happy to
oblige. He put his hands on her slim hips and jammed his dick into her; fast
and hard, burying it to the hilt. Rachel screamed in surprise and pleasure.

"YES!" she screamed again with the second hard thrust. "Do it, Chandler. I
know you want to fuck me hard," she said with clenched teeth.

He started to take the next thrust a bit easier, slowly pushing in, but then
halfway through the motion he rammed her hard. He gradually withdrew this
dick, and did it again; slowly in, then nailing Rachel to the hilt. Her head
snapped back and she groaned in pleasure.

"FUCK, Chandler... mmmm... FUCK!... Yeah, do it again. Bang me like that.

Monica tried to imagine what was happening, but soon she could tell her
boyfriend and her best friend had settled into a fast steady rhythm, as they
grunted together with each thrust.

Rachel's wrists strained against the soft bonds. The silk trailed through her
hands and was held in a white-knuckle grip, as her pussy sustained his fleshy

"Fuck me, Chandler, fuck me... oh shit, fuck me... ohhhh... ohhh...."

Rachel's moans were soon drowned out by sound of Monica's orgasm. She threw
her head back into the pillows as two finger dove rapidly in and out of her

"OH CHANDLER!" she groaned, "omigod, omigod, omigod, UUUHHNNN....

Her head thrashed from side to side, unaware and uncaring that she was giving
her friends such an erotic show.

Rachel heard a whisper in her ear. "Do you want her pussy?"

"Yes... please!" she moaned back, begging to have her roommate.

"Let's get you on the bed then," he said as slipped the straps back onto her
shoulders and then untied her.

They quickly moved to the bed, where Chandler directed her to lay on her back
between the widely spread heels. Monica's orgasm was just passing, and she
was barely aware that they had joined her.

Chandler pushed Rachel's feet up near her butt, and tied the silk stocking of
each wrist to her ankle. She looked at him with a dirty smile. Chandler was
usually fairly reserved, and she liked the fact that he was willing to let
out his kinky side. He ran his hands all over her body, as he looked at her,
pleased with his risque handiwork.

"Guys?" Monica asked, trying to catch her breath. "What's going on? Did you
cum, Rach? I didn't hear you cum."

Chandler moved past Rachel, and bent over to kiss his blindfolded girlfriend.

"Just getting ready to do some things for you," he told her, lovingly.

"Ooo, I like the sound of that," she smiled.

Acting on impulse, Chandler did the single obvious thing in his mind.

Monica flinched in surprise, then giggled as a hard cock was pushed into her
mouth. Monica lustily took it, tasting her roommate all over it.

"Oh yeah, baby... I love watching you suck dick."

Rachel arched her back to catch a glimpse of Monica's blowjob, and to see a
bit of the pussy waiting for her. She breathed in her roomie's scent, just a
few inches from her face.

Chandler pulled out of Monica's mouth, though she gladly would have serviced
him more.

"Give me your hands, Mon." She blindly offered her tied hands to him.

He helped her to her knees, then slowly guided her forward to straddle
Rachel. Monica's knees bumped her friend's shoulders and she got the idea.

"Mmm, I like where this is going," she smiled.

She edged farther, her knees hugging Rachel's body. A tongue began lapping at
her wet pussy. Monica moaned her desire, "More, Rach."

Chandler knelt between Rachel's legs and eased back into her. A muffled "yes"
came from below Monica.

He started fucking again, as he watched his girlfriend's hands travel from
one of her roommate's breasts to the other. She caressed them through the
fabric. He reached forward and again pulled down Rachel's top, this time to
let Monica feel her bare tits.

"Mmmm, yes, lick me, Rach," she moaned. "Mmm, like that... just like that."

Rachel's tongue was slowly licking the full length of Monica's slit, over and

"Oh yeah... I love it when you do that... oh, touch me, Rach... touch me..."

Chandler answered for Rachel, with a mischievous tone. "She can't... she's
kinda... tied up right now."

Monica's fingers found their way to Rachel's arm, then leaning forward, she
traced it down. Her fingertips found soft nylon around her roommate's wrist.
Then she realized that it was tied to Rachel's ankle. Monica smirked. Her
hands moved across Rachel's abdomen to the other side, and found the same

"Chandler, you nasty man..." she said, with approval.

Monica's hands moved between Rachel's legs and cupped her roommate's mound
on either side of Chandler's thrusting pole. She felt him sliding through
her index fingers.

"Tying up Rachel and fucking her like this... I like your idea."

"Ya do, huh?" he teased.

"Oh yeah... I never realized you could be such an erotic lover."

Monica felt his cock slow its motions, and then stop, still in her roommate.

"Y'know, I've got another idea, Mon," he said, untying her wrists. "Turn

Still unable to see, Monica carefully turned to face the other way over
Rachel's face.

"Do you want to tie them behind my back?" she asked over her shoulder.

"You're reading my mind," he said, as he responded to her presented wrists.
"But let's see if you can read my mind on this one."

He reached down and untied the stockings at Rachel's legs. Then he brought
her arms up.

Monica felt his fingers... then Rachel's hands on her calves... and finally,
the feel of a soft bond wrapped around her own slim ankle.

"You like it when I tied her up..." He paused. ", do you like it when
she's tied to you?"

Monica smiled as she felt a second knot being cinched around her other leg.
"OH YES... I just, I just wish I could see all this."

"Nuh un," the response came from between her legs, "just enjoy how it feels.
Isn't this the kinkiest thing you've ever done, Mon? I'm so glad I'm doing
it with you guys."

"Enough talking... more sex," Chandler declared as he started pumping Rachel.

She obediently resumed licking, as her fingertips caressed the silk covering
Monica's legs. Her tongue slid through her roomie's folds, tasting her
arousal, and working to create more.

Monica never had felt more restrained, and more free, at the same time.
She'd always wanted to try light bondage, but never found someone she felt
comfortable with. But now, being tied to Rachel... with both of them as
Chandler's sex dolls in this kinky she knew... that it could be
better than she had ever imagined.

Chandler wanted to bring Rachel back to where she was when he did her at the
end of the bed. He wanted to hear her moaning his name. He gradually sped up
his fuck, gently rubbing her little clit as he did.

"Oh Chandler," she moaned around Monica's labia. "Mmmm... mmmm..."

"Oh god, Chandler... whatever you're doing to her... keep doing it," Monica
groaned, lowering onto Rachel's face.

Lips cupped her pussy, and a tongue pushed up into her.

"UHN! Oh, yes! Lick me, Rachel! Fuck me with your tongue!"

Chandler reached out and caressed Monica's ass. He saw Rachel's chin peeking
out from below, slowly pulsing as she worked Monica over.

He dropped his hand and fondled Rachel's breasts, flicking his thumb gently
across her pert nipple. His hand traveled down her stomach, and ran the
length of her leg, feeling the soft thigh-high encasing it. He brought her
foot up and over his shoulder and held it there as he watched his dick slide
in and out of her. Monica was rocking her hips forward and back, grinding her
cunt on Rachel's face. The sensual sounds of the women were intoxicating.

Chandler could tell that Rachel was getting closer and closer to orgasm.
The fabric of the slip fluttered ever so slightly as it draped across her
stomach. He thought he heard Rachel moan something like, "harder... harder."

In moments, he decided just how he wanted to make her cum. Quickly, he
grabbed her other leg, and threw it over his head to join its twin. He
wrapped his arm around her knees, clutching them tightly together. Her
hips rested between his thrusting thighs. Chandler fucking her as hard
and fast as before.

Rachel's pussy grabbed around his cock, and her moans took on a whining
sound as her climax washed over her. Her muffled moans still filled the
bedroom with a carnal din. Her fingernails pressed firmly into the flesh
of Monica's calves.

At that instant, Chandler reached out and took Monica's hands. He gently
pulled them back and up, making her lean forward and press her clit into
Rachel's devouring tongue.

Monica screamed at the repeated shots of pleasure as Rachel suckled.


As Rachel's orgasm passed, her furious sucking threatened to turn into just
lazy lip licking. Chandler knew that Monica needed more than that, if she was
going to cum.

He pulled out of Rachel, and crawled up her body to Monica. He quickly
untied her hands, and brought them around front, where he held them on the
headboard. Without a word, he entered her.

"Oh Chandler," she whined, "I'm so close... please bring me... please make me

"I want to fuck you, Monica," he panted, very much out of breath, yet very
much wanting to bang his beautiful girlfriend. "I want to hear you cum... I
want to hear you scream..."

Chandler slowly screwed Monica, not wanting to pop before her orgasm.
The couple felt Rachel's tongue lavishing both their genitals with sloppy
attention. She had perfect access to his balls and rod, her labia and clit.
Rachel generously licked everything she could reach.

"Oh... oh yeah... oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah," Monica whimpered, her
face contorted in ecstasy. "Oh yeah, oh yeaaaAAAAHHHH... OHHHHH.... OHHHHH...
UHHHNNN... MMMMMMmmm... OHHHHhhhh... Ohhh.... mmmm... yessss..."

He grabbed Monica's petite body, and pumped his stiff dick into her. Just a
couple hard thrusts and Monica felt a stream of hot jizz shooting inside her.

Chandler quickly pulled out, firing cum onto Monica's pussy as he moved back

Rachel squealed and giggled, when a shot of Chandler's cum landed on her
lips. He jacked himself hard and fast, scattering random cum-shots on
Monica's pussy and her helpless roommate's face.

"AWWW YEAH," he groaned, "That's the stuff!"

"Monica," Rachel feigned protest, "Your boyfriend just unloaded his cum on my

Trails of sperm slowly ran down her chin and cheeks, onto her neck and into
her hair.

"Well, I'd help ya out," Monica panted, with a smile, "but I'm kinda... tied

"Yeah, but-mmph," her retort was interrupted by a cock unexpectedly filling
her mouth, demanding to be sucked dry. She gladly obliged, feeling it jerk
slightly in her lips.

"So Chandler," Rachel questioned as he took his member back, "does this make
up for you catching me and Monica?"

"Ohhh, more than!"

"So can I take the blindfold off now?" Monica asked.

"Allow me," he said, reaching up and untying the stocking. Monica shook out
her long hair, and ran her fingers through it. She scooted back slightly, and
looked down at Rachel's cum-splattered face, smiling between her stockinged
thighs. Monica reached down and let Rachel suck her finger, then she wiped
the cum from her chin, and licked her digit clean.

Chandler embraced her, caressing her breast and legs. Monica surveyed just
how she and Rachel were bound together. She nodded approvingly.

"Very nice, Chandler. Something tells me we'll be doing this again. But next
time, do me like Rachel, k?"

"You got it, Mon. And next time, I want to see you tie her up. Is that
alright with you two?"

Rachel answered for both. "Chandler, after tonight, I think we'd be pretty
dumb to say 'no'."


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