Friends: Deleted Scenes - Just One More Time (MF,F-mast,oral,hand,inc)
by Dudeman ([email protected])

Ross and Rachel cuddled on the couch, one late evening, watching the last
part of a classic movie. The door to Monica's bedroom opened and she walked
through the otherwise empty apartment, to the bathroom.

"Getting ready for bed, Mon?" Rachel asked.

"Yeah, I'm gonna take a nice hot shower. Y'know, work out the kinks of the
day," she said.

Ross' eyes followed her, and saw that she was wearing a silk robe. It was
red, with black satin lapels, and matching black trim on the breast and
hip pockets. It looked very much like a long feminine version of a smoking
jacket. Ross assessed that much in the first two seconds. The rest of the
time that he watched her walk, he secretly tried to decide if she was
wearing a bra and panties under it, or if she was nude.

Rachel noticed him looking, and smiled to herself, almost reading his mind.
Since the impromptu sex party a few weeks before, she had discreetly
encouraged both brother and sister to do it again with each other. But they
both held to their agreement that it would remain a one-time happening.
Rachel thought that now might be the opportunity that both siblings were
secretly wanting.

"Know what I've been thinking about lately, honey?" she purred sweetly as
she snuggled against him.

"Uh, what's that, Rach?"

"That little 'party' we all had a while ago... that was pretty hot, huh?"

"Ummm... uh, yeah," he laughed nervously, "It, uh, it sure was."

She ran her hand along his thigh. "Yeah, it was pretty damn hot... know what
the best part was? It was watching you and Mon."

Ross cleared his throat, obviously uncomfortable with the direction of the
conversation. "It, uh, it was, huh?"

"Oh yeah," she said with subtle enthusiasm, "you two were incredible
together... it was so erotic... watching you both... Mon was... wow, stunning
in that business suit... and then in just her lingerie... She has such great
legs. I like it when she wears stockings," she said, trying to sound casual.

"Um, sorry, what?" Ross replied, startled out of his thoughts about his
sister on that night.

Rachel looked at him, giving him a little smile. "I said, do you like
Monica's legs in stockings? Come on... you can tell me..."

"Well, I've only seen them that, that one time... but, uh, well, yeah," he
said self-consciously.

Rachel put her head back down on his shoulder. "Yeah, I figured you do, too.
She is so beautiful."

They heard the shower turn on. Ross looked over his shoulder at the bathroom
door, knowing that regardless of what Monica was wearing under her robe, now
she certainly had to be in the buff. He imagined the water running down her
naked body, recalling that sight from the shower surprise that she and Rachel
gave him a couple months back. He thought about Monica rubbing her body as
she lathered up, and rinsed off. Touching her perfect breasts. Rubbing
between her legs. Caressing her small butt. Feeling her slim thighs and
calves. That face... those eyes... that mouth.

Rachel caressed his leg, and slowly moved her hand to the bulge in his pants.
They both pretended to watch the movie as she rubbed him, knowing what he was

Without looking at him, Rachel barely whispered, "It's too bad you two
haven't done it since then..."

"Uh huh," he said quietly, lost in thought.

The movie ended, and Rachel slowly reached for the remote, not wanting to
disturb Ross' erotic thoughts.

The shower turned off. Rachel stood, glanced in the direction of the
bathroom, and then kissed Ross.

"I think I'm gonna read in bed a while. Y'know... you don't HAVE to come to
bed... not right away..."

Leaving him with a passionate kiss, Rachel strolled into her bedroom and shut
the door.

Ross sat there, wondering if Rachel really meant what he THOUGHT she meant.
"No," he mumbled to himself, wanting to shake off the feelings. But quickly
the word, "maybe" entered his mind. He looked back at the bathroom door,
thinking about the sexy woman who was drying herself off on the other side.

Ross stood up, and took a couple steps. He hesitated, and looked at Rachel's
bedroom door.

"Would she really be okay with this?" he mumbled. Then he replayed her every
word again. "She had to have meant this..."

With summoned resolve, Ross walked to the bathroom door, and paused before

"Come in," Monica's voice beckoned. He poked his head in, and saw that she
was wearing only a bath towel, wrapped around her body and tucked in at her
chest. "What's up, Ross?" she asked.

"Well, um," he laughed uneasily as he stepped inside, and closed the door,
"Rachel and I were just talking on the couch, and um... she seems to think
that we're pretty stupid for not... you know... uh, since then." He laughed
again, trying to seem nonchalant.

"Well," Monica replied, trying to control her own nerves, "what do YOU think
about us, um, doing it... I mean... hypothetically."

"I think, uh... I think it would be pretty, um, pretty damn good," he said
with added commitment.

"You do?" Monica sought confirmation of her own desires.

"Well, yes... yes, Monica, I do. I want... I want to do it again... I want
to do it again with you, right now. Just, just one more time," Ross said with
surprising firmness.

With obvious relief, Monica sighed, "Oh good. I want to do it once more, too.
I've been wanting that since... well, since the next day."

She smiled shyly. Ross' tension melted away.

"Well, all right, then... we, um, we both want to do it... so how..."

"First things first," Monica confidently answered his unasked question as
she strode to him, and unbuckled his pants. His dick was already hard from
Rachel's subtle attention. Monica now held it in her hand, and slowly stroked
him. "I've been wanting THIS prick in MY mouth for like, a month!"

She sat down on the edge of the tub, and pulled him over by the dick. She
held onto his shaft, her big blue eyes looking up at him. A sweet smile
caused her face to nearly glow.

"You sure you want to do this?" she asked, checking one last time.

"More than anything," he reassured her. What else was he going to say?
A beautiful woman was holding his hard dick close to her face, asking
permission to give him blowjob. Any man would have said yes.

Ross watched as the head of his cock disappeared inside Monica's mouth. Warm,
gentle sucking coaxed a moan from his throat.

"Ohhh, you are so good at that."

Monica looked up at him, with his dick still in her mouth, and managed a
smile. Emptying her mouth with a kiss to the head, she said, "Let me show you
just how good I am..."

Then her mouth covered his cock again, and he felt her tongue running over
all sides of his head.

"Why don't you take your shirt off?" she suggested. With his head back in her
mouth, Ross pulled off his long-sleeve shirt.

Monica's hands ran up his chest and circled his nipples. They trailed back
down and rested flat, making a diamond shape on his abdomen. Her head dove
forward, taking half his dick, then she slowly pulled back, then she dove
forward again... and slowly back. Soon her head settled into a steady rhythm
that brought moaning pleasure to Ross. He listened to her pant through her
nose and give muffled sounds of enjoyment.

He left her mouth as she recovered a deep breath. "You like that?" she asked,
taking his dick back in her hands. As she listened to his answer, she ran her
pursed lips up and down the side of his shaft. "Yeah, I knew you would," she
smiled and licked. "But there's more..."

Monica immediately pushed his dick against his stomach, holding it there
with both hands, and began licking the underside. The flat of her tongue ran
hungrily from bottom to top, and quickly repeated the motion. Then, as she
rapidly jacked him, Monica licked Ross' ball-sack, and gently suckled the
jewels held within the now-tight skin.

"OHHH, Monica," Ross groaned as he ran hid fingers through her wet hair, and
caressed her soft shoulders.

Monica's tongue ran up his cock, and her mouth traveled over the top of his
cock. With her lips clamped around his dick, holding it straight out, Monica
pulled his jeans and boxers down to expose his buttocks. She caressed it with
one hand, while the nails of the other gently scratched along the bottom of
his sack, causing his dick to twitch in her mouth. As she did this, she
alternated between gentle sucking of his head, and lusty swallowing of his

Then, Monica reached around with both hands and grabbed his ass, pulling
him forward, and shoving his dick further in her mouth. Her fingers
released their pressure, and Ross' hips move backward. She pulled him in
again, filling her mouth. Ross backed away a bit, as soon as her grip

Rather than get irritated that her brother wasn't taking her hint, Monica
let go of him and said seductively, "I want you to take charge, Ross. I need
you to show me how much you want this."

Ross looked down at her, knowing now that nothing he would do would be off
limits to her. He caressed her cheek with the back of his fingers, then
gently took her chin in his hand. With the other, he grabbed his hard cock,
and pushed it into his gorgeous sister's mouth. Ross slowly began
face-fucking Monica, still a bit amazed that his controlling sister was
allowing him to do such a thing to her.

He couldn't help but notice how she was sitting. Her legs were together,
white towel wrapped tightly around her, with her arms across her waist and
chest, seemingly to hold it in place. Demure... sexy... erotic... In fact,
NOT seeing her naked body right now made him want it even more.

Monica spurred him on with her little sounds. Letting him know that she was
enjoying this as much as he was.

He held her head in his hands, rocking his hips forward and back. She gagged
slightly when he poked a bit too far.

"Oops, sorry," he said, trying to laugh it off. Her eyes smiled back, telling
him to keep going.

Ross used Monica's mouth for his pleasure a little while longer, then pulled
out and caressed her cheek with his dick. She closed her eyes, and moaned
softly as he rubbed his cock all over her face.

Then he went back in, face-fucking her more rapidly. Monica hoped he wouldn't
cum. She wanted so much more than just giving him oral sex. But it was all up
to her brother. She'd do whatever he led her to do.

Ross took his cock out of Monica's mouth and knelt in front of her. "I want
to touch you," he simply said.

With minimal effort, he pushed her knees apart. His hands slowly ran up the
insides of Monica's thighs, and within the veil of her towel. Her look was
permissive and desirous. She gasped slightly, as he found that she was
already quite wet.

Ross pushed her legs apart even more, bringing her pussy into view. The same
trimmed tight cunt that he had masturbated over while he watched Monica and
Rachel shower, weeks before. He gently rubbed his fingertips along her smooth

"Oh Ross," she whispered.

He bent down and traced the tip of his tongue slowly up her inner thigh,
along the tendons brought taut by her widely spread legs, and right to her
waiting pussy. She watched him, expectantly, and uttered a slight "oh!" as
his tongue finally touched her pussy.

He tentatively licked at her lips. "Mmmm," she moaned in response, biting her
lower lip.

Ross' licking became more confident, as he induced pleasurable moans in her.
Monica watched him intently, still clutching the towel around her body, as if
exposing her breasts would be going too far.

"Oh Ross, yes," she moaned.

His open mouth seated around her pretty little pussy. He wagged his tongue
up and down in her wet slit. Monica threw her head back and groaned, her
hand instinctively seizing the top of his head. Ross loved hearing these
sounds from his sister.

"Damn! She's a loud one," he thought, finding Monica's voice to be more
erotic than he'd ever imagined. He kept licking away, making her moan over
and over.

As he pleasured her, he wanted to put his cock where his tongue was. He
wanted to stick it in her, just at that moment. He wanted to get up and push
it in and start pumping Monica's body.

But that wouldn't be steamy enough. No, he wanted to do it right. Actually,
he wanted to do HER right. He wanted to do Monica in a way that would be so
hot, so sensual, so erotic, that neither of them would ever forget.

His oral pleasures stopped, and he stood, taking her hand. She panted,
seeming a bit disoriented.

Ross led Monica to the pedestal sink and put her hands on the rim of the

Her bath towel was still wrapped around her body, and he grabbed it from
between her shoulder blades. It easily unfurled, and in one motion, Ross
stripped his little sister.

She gasped in surprise, then giggled, "Ross!"

He took her hips and maneuvered them back toward him, making her bend over
slightly. He ogled his naked sister, admiring her body. Lusting after her
petite form. Monica didn't have to look in the mirror to know that he was
looking her up and down. Then, she heard him remove his jeans.

"You said you wanted me to take charge," he replied as he ran his hands along
her cute ass.

"That's right, I did." Monica smiled seductively at him in the mirror.

She closed her eyes, and gave contented purrs as she enjoyed her brother's
roaming hands. Up her back... across her shoulders... then back down...
under her arms around front to her breasts. He spent several moments
touching and feeling his gorgeous sister's breasts as they hung above the
sink. He snuggled his body against hers. Then his hands moved lower, down
her stomach. Her flat toned midriff jittered, and she flinched at the
slight tickle. They shared a little laugh, but soon Ross' fingertips glided
down between Monica's legs. She could feel his bare body against her thighs,
and his hard cock pressed along the crevice between her cheeks. His fingers
found her clit, and he gently rubbed the soft flesh.

Monica moaned and whispered, "yes..."

"Was this what you wanted, Monica? When you told me to take charge? Did you
want me to take your body in my hands? Touch you? Caress you? Fondle you?"

"YES!" Monica whined.

"Or was this what you wanted?"

Ross stepped back and caressed her ass with one hand, as he inserted one
finger of the other hand into her.

"Oh! Oh!" Monica whimpered as she felt his long thick finger slowly penetrate
her. Her whimpers continued as she looked back over her shoulder at him. He
was staring at his digit sliding in and out of her cunt.

She caught his eye, and their gaze locked. Hers was one of passionate
pleading. His, held a look of erotic control.

Ross continued fingerbanging his sister. She ran her hand through her hair
and moaned her delight.

"Oh god, yes... finger me, Ross, finger me."

He felt the soft velvet of Monica's pussy as he frigged her. Her eyes glanced
alternately between his face and what she could see of his hand. She gave him
little whining moans.

His free hand caressed her back, her shoulder, and then her cheek. Monica's
tongue barely left her mouth, but it was enough to show her desire. Ross
brought his fingers to her lips, and she began sucking the middle one... the
one who's twin was inside her.

"Oh Ross," she moaned between sloppy sounding licks, "I want your dick back
in my mouth. Can I suck on you while you finger me?"

"Sorry, Mon," he said resisting the urge to push his sister to the floor and
nail her beautiful face. "I want my dick somewhere else."

With that, his hand left her mouth and Ross guided his hard cock to rest at
Monica's pussy. He held her ass, one cheek in each hand, and gently pushed
them upward as he entered her. The feeling of her brother's dick once more
inside her made her groan deeply. She raised up on her tiptoes to make it
easier for him to fuck her, standing.

She opened her eyes, and saw her own aroused look in the mirror. The thought
of seeing herself enjoy sex was enticing to Monica. As she uttered little
moans and peeps, her eyes roamed her face, finally settling to fix her gaze
deep within herself. Monica wanted Ross to know how much she was wanting

"Yes, Ross... fuck your baby sister..."

She heard her voice say the words. She watched her lips form them. Her eyes
were riveted on her double's mouth as she spoke.

"...that's it... yeah... slide your dick in your little sister's pussy... oh
yeah... fuck me... fuck... me..."

Those filthy words.

"...fuck me, big brother... Oh Ross, I love it... I love you!" She turned her
torso, and ran her hand along his chest, to emphasize her words.

"I love you too, Monica," he moaned back to her.

She smiled in her passion, then turned back to face the mirror. "Oh Ross, do
it... do me... yeah, baby, do me."

Monica was panting deeply and licking her lips as they were repeatedly dried
from her breaths.

Outside, Rachel trod lightly to the kitchen for a glass of water. From the
bathroom, she clearly heard Monica's moans, then her exclamation, "Oh god,
yes, fuck me, Ross."

Rachel smiled and walked over to listen at the door. She heard both siblings
grunting in time with the soft slap of flesh against flesh.

"Hmm, it doesn't sound like he's on top..." Rachel thought. She imagined
various positions that would allow their bodies to smack together. "Maybe
Mon's on top and Ross is laying down. I know she likes to do it that way..."

Her hand massaged her breast through her robe. It trailed down, and spread
the bottom. Rachel gently rubbed her clit, dwelling on the images of her
boyfriend screwing his delicate sister.

"Does it... feel good? Fucking me?" she heard Monica ask.

"Uh huh," Ross panted his agreement.

"Oh god, Ross, it feels so good. Having you in me again. Mmmm... ohhh. Do
you, do you like doing me from behind? Fucking me like a little bitch?"

"Oh, wow!" Rachel thought. "Maybe he's banging her in the shower? Oh, wait a
minute... 'fucking like a little bitch'."

A dirty smile was on Rachel's face. "No, I bet he's doin' her doggy-style on
the floor," her smutty mind suggested. "Ooo, yeah, doin' her like a nasty
little bitch. You dirty little bitch, Monica."

She fought the temptation to quietly open the door and take a peek. But
finally, she decided to let them have this time alone. She'd coax details out
of them later, but for now, Rachel just masturbated, picturing her roommate
on all fours, getting fucked from behind.

Inside the bathroom, the couple stood in front of the sink.

"Yes," Ross moaned, "I love caressing your tight little ass, Mon."

"And sliding your long... hard... thick... cock in my tight... wet... little

"Oh god, yes!"

Rachel's finger was dipping into her wet cunt. Her idle hand untangled the
sash of her robe, and began caressing and squeezing her breasts and nipples.
With the belt draping to her calves, her robe hung open, and she leaned back
against the wall next to the door. Rachel closed her eyes and masturbated as
she listened to the lewd sounds and words coming from her friends inside.

Monica was finding it quite hard to keep her composure. She wanted to talk
dirty to her brother, but was interrupted by her own uncontrollable moans.

"Do you like... ohh... do you like banging your little sister? Huh? Oh god,
mmm... Do you... like taking my body, and having... OH!... having it for your
own? OH fuck!... uhhmmm... I'm all yours, Ross... I'm all yours right, right
now... you can... UHN!... you can do anything you want with me... oh shit oh
shit... anything, Ross, anything..."

"Do her, Ross," Rachel whispered softly, "do her... oh god, she's so
beautiful... fuck her... fuck her good..."

Ross sped up, and gave her a bit more force.

"Faster... faster," Monica panted, then whined, "ohhhh, pleeaasse!" then back
to panting, "harder...harder...harder...harder."

Ross was ramming into her by this time, surprised that his little sister
liked it so rough. He thought she was close, and he was trying not to cum
before she did.

Rachel's finger was moving franticly inside her pussy, as her other hand
barraged her clit with vigorous rubbing. Her mouth hung open, and she took
stuttered, panting breaths. She was trying not to make a sound, and let them
know she was there.

Monica's legs were shaking and finally gave way as she dropped down to the
flats of her bare feet. This pushed the head of his dick right against her
G-spot, and immediately took her over the edge.

"UHHHHNNNNN... UHHHNNN... FUUUCK!" she groaned in pleasure.

Ross didn't ease up on her when she came. In fact, he pounded her harder,
wanting Monica's orgasm to ravage her senses. Her upper body collapsed onto
the sink. She felt the cold porcelain against her nipples. She heard her
moans reverberate around the hard basin. Ross grabbed onto her shoulders,
pulling her straight back onto his cock as he thrust into her, trying to
make her climb still higher. Even if she wanted to mimic him, her weak body
would allow her to do nothing but swim in her ecstasy.

The smallest whimper passed Rachel's lips as she came. It overtook her very
soon after she heard her roommate's loud orgasm begin.

"BANG ME... BANG ME... BANG ME..." Monica screamed into the sink. "OH ROSS!

Rachel's chest heaved with quiet gasping breaths. It took all her will not
to make more noise, and truthfully, the couple wouldn't have heard her over
Monica anyway. But actually, Rachel didn't want her own sounds to be in the
way of what she was hearing from the bathroom.

Amid Monica's wailing climax, Rachel could clearly make out Ross' grunts
and the slapping of flesh, even more intense than before. Her ecstasy was
heightened by knowing that her boyfriend was nailing his sister hard and

Rachel had wanted that from him. A few times, she had wanted him just to
take her and fuck her. Not make love to her. She wanted Ross to simply fuck
her. Hard, fast, rough.

And as her orgasm of forced silence subsided, a smile came to Rachel's face,
knowing that Ross was indeed capable of that level of passion, of intensity,
of raw lust.

"...OH ROSS... YES!... FUCK!... YES!... UHNnnn... ohhh Ross... OHHHhhh....
ohhhh... Mmmm..."

She heard Monica's moans die down, and realized that they would be coming out
soon. Rachel quickly and quietly ran across the living room, and crawled into
bed to wait for her lover.

"Mmmm... yes... oh yes... oh... no, wait," Monica said, quite out of breath,
"wait... don't cum yet... wait... don't cum..."

Ross slowly stopped his motions, requiring all his self-control, since he was
so close to cumming. "What? What is it, Mon?"

"I want.... I want to ride you... Let me ride you, Ross."

Ross withdrew his cock, leaving Monica with the feeling of wanting it again.
He closed the lid to the commode, and sat down on it. Monica stepped over to
him, on shaky legs. She straddled him and sat onto his lap, trapping his cock
against her clit.

"Are you sure you're ready, Mon?" Ross gave a little laugh. "That took a lot
out of you."

"Ohhh, yeah," she smiled, her breath returning, "I'm ready for this. Just sit
back and let me do everything for you."

Ross put his hands on her waist and waited for her to begin.

Monica wrapped her arms around his neck and started rocking her hips back and
forth, grinding her wet cunt lips against the underside of his shaft.

"Does that feel good? Huh? Would it feel better, back inside me? Say it,
Ross. Tell me you want it in me."

"Oh god, Monica, I want my cock inside you again."

She gave him a satisfied smile, then raised up and guided his head to the
folds of her lips. Slowly, Monica slid down on her brother's rod; both
Geller's moans filling the room. She paused there for a moment, enjoying
the sensation of her pussy being filled once more. She also didn't want
him to cum right away, and she was sure he'd need to ease back down from
where he was before.

She rested her head against his, her damp tresses moistening his face. She
kissed him on the forehead, then clasped his head against her chest. Face
turned to the side, Ross' lips rested against his sister's breast. He gently
kissed it, then licked the very tip of her nipple.

"I love having my nipples licked," Monica whispered

Then she slowly began rocking her hips forward and back, feeling his hard
dick moving inside her, and his tongue caressing her nipple. She released
her embrace and looked deep into Ross' eyes.

"I'm going to make this so good for you, sweetie," she smiled.

"It already is, little sister," he replied.

Hearing him call her that was extremely erotic to Monica. Her lips fell on
his mouth, and she kissed him with raw animal passion. Her pussy ground
against his pelvis, feeling his pubic hair, rough on her clit. Monica moaned
in her brother's mouth.

"Fuck yes," she mumbled between gasping kisses, her hips never stopping their
slow assault on Ross' cock. "Ready to find out how dirty your little sister
can be?" she taunted.

"Uh," Ross hesitated, but then she interrupted him.

"Do you like fucking me, Ross? Do you like me trying to please you? Huh? Do
you like what I'm doing? Grinding my pussy against you, while your dick fills
me up?"

Ross dove into her breasts in response, licking and sucking as Monica went on
enticing him.

"Ooo, yeah, lick my tits, big brother. Yeah... Do you like knowing that
we're doing something... taboo? Something forbidden? Mom and Dad would be so
pissed if they walked in on us right now. If they saw their baby girl fucking
her brother."

That thought aroused Monica, and she was willing to bet that it was equally
arousing to Ross.

"Oh yeah, fuck me, Mon," Ross moaned with a mouthful of her breast.

He felt her body pause and move away, as she placed her hands on his knees
and leaned back.

"Look at your dick in me," she purred, nastily. "See how thick it is? See how
far it is in me? It feels SO big... I don't think I could take any more. You
fill my little pussy just right, Ross. It's like we were made to fuck."

Monica reached between her legs and touched the exposed base of Ross' cock,
teasing it in the fork of her fingers. Then she moved, and rubbed her swollen

"MMMmmm..." she moaned with lips sealed tight.

Ross' eyes were riveted on her fingers as Monica rubbed both her clit and
part of his cock. "Do you like watching me touch myself?"

"Uh huh," Ross said, as if in a trance.

"Did Carol ever let you watch her?"

"Nuh uh," he mumbled, still staring at his sister's fingers.

"Ohhh," she said with mock sympathy. "All those years... I guess you were
just fucking the wrong woman."

He thought back to all the times over the last couple years that they could
have done it, if only he had realized...

"Do you like knowing that you can touch me, Ross? You can touch me anywhere?
I'll let you do it... any time you want. You can grab my ass..."

Monica's fingers left his view, and he felt them slide his hand off her hip
and back to her ass. He caressed her tight butt.

" can feel my tits...."

Her small hand guided his around front and up, to cover her breast. He gently
squeezed and she giggled.

"You can reach between my legs... and touch my clit and pussy... I don't let
just anyone touch me here..."

She settled his palm on her abdomen, and pressed his thumb against her clit.
He looked up into her eyes.

"Rub me," she whispered, with a seductive look.

In these moments, it was like he had never done this with Monica before. His
mind kept telling him that this their first time, and his beautiful sister
had successfully seduced him. He liked that fantasy.

Ross gently rubbed Monica's clit with his thumb as she moved her hips in a
small circle, wagging his dick inside her box. She moaned at his touch.

"Mmmyeah, rub my little clit, Ross. Ooo, that feels so good."

Monica watched her brother masturbate her, as she almost imperceptible fucked
his rod. He was amazed at what a nasty little slut Monica was, beneath that
good-girl exterior.

"Do you want me to fuck you more now?" she whispered.

"Oh hell, yeah, Monica. Fuck me 'til I cum," he nearly begged.

She gave him a sultry look. "Well, of course I'm gonna fuck you," she purred
as her fingers traced down his chest, "but just don't cum in me, k? I've got
something else planned that you might like."

"Okay," he agreed, wondering what it could be.

Monica put both hands on his knees again, and flexed her slim legs, pulling
her body off Ross' cock. It came out of her until the head was just barely
parting her lips. His dick wanted to spring back to his body, but her pussy
trapped just enough to keep it where she wanted it.

"Watch it go in me," she said, looking down.

Ross' eyes fixed with Monica's on their genitals. She slowly slid onto it.

"Watch it go in my pussy, Ross... Slowly, so slowly... do you feel it? Do
you feel it filling me? Do you feel me stretch to take you? Oh, god... all
of you?"

"Yes, do it, Monica... fuck it."

They watched, with erotic fascination, as Monica slowly fucked herself on her
brother's cock. Seeing it slide in and out of her.

Monica whimpered at the kinky, erotic feelings, as Ross encouraged her on.
"Do it, Mon, do it. That's it... fuck my dick."

She was trying to control her shallow breathing, as she asked, "Do you... do
you want it faster? I want it faster."

Without waiting for his response, Monica leaned forward and whispered in his
ear, "I'm gonna ride you, Ross."

His hands wrapped around her waist as Monica slowly began pumping her small
frame on his dick.

"Oh yeah, that's it," she hummed, as she planted a passionate kiss on his
lips. Staring into his eyes, she resumed her aural enticement.

"God, Ross, I love fucking a cock... sliding up and down on it... feeling
like a horny little slut... and especially knowing that my big brother wants
to give it to me... Don't ya Ross? You like this too, huh?"

"Fuck, yeah," he mumbled, totally taken in by her spell.

"Yeah? You like stickin' it in me and fuckin' me good... Remember a few
weeks ago... after the party... when I did you like this on the couch? And,
and remember how we did it on the floor?"

Her tone had completely changed from nasty to virginal, as she described
their past encounter.

"First... mmm... first, I rode you... and then... and then, you cradled me
while we did it. Oh Ross," she kissed his as she went on, "I felt so...
safe... so protected... so loved... MMMmmm... that wasn't sex, Ross... you
made LOVE to me."

"I love you, Monica," he said softly.

"And then just, oh god... just now... when you did me from behind..."

Monica became more passionate in her descriptions. Her voice regained it's
sluttly sound.

"... banging me... hard and rough..."

She wrapped her arms around his neck and began licking and sucking his ear.

"...making me feel sooo.... sexy... so... hot... so... fuckable... I like
that best, Ross... when you FUCK me HARD..."

She accentuated her words by pounding her body down onto his cock.

She continued screwing him slowly, not wanting him to cum quite yet.

"Omigod, Monica," he groaned.

"Are you gonna cum?" she asked.

"Soon," he moaned.

"Remember when Rachel and I took that shower? When we let you watch?"

"Totally," he panted, though, he couldn't help but be disappointed as she
pulled off him and sat straddling his legs. Monica reached down and took his
wet dick in her hands and began playing with him.

"Remember at the end? When I licked Rachel? And she had you come over to the
shower so she could suck on you? We both got to do her at the same time...
remember? Me licking her pussy, and you fucking her mouth?"

"Oh, god yeah," he moaned.

"And, and remember when you came? Rach was jacking you so hard that you shot
past her face and it hit me. Remember that? Your cum landed right above my
lip. Remember? It landed so close to my mouth."

Monica stood up and bent at the waist, bringing her face close to his, as she
continued fondling him.

"And I licked it in... You saw that, didn't you? I tasted your cum, Ross...
and I wanted more. I played with myself in bed that night, listening to
you and Rachel through the wall. I imagined you were screwing me... and I
imagined that you were cumming all over my face... and in my mouth..."

"OH, MONICA," he moaned loudly.

"Will you let me do that right now? Jack you off until you cum on me? Do you
want that, Ross? Say it... tell me you want it."

"OH god, yes, god yes!" he groaned, feeling his orgasm grow ever closer, from
her voice and her slow stroking.

"Do you want it on my face, or in my mouth?" Monica taunted, knowing that he
wasn't going to hold out much longer.

"I... I..." he panted incoherently. Monica made the decision for him.

"Maybe a little of both, huh? On my face... for you... and in my mouth...
for me."

All he could do was nod, as his body tensed.

"Lay back, sweetie," she directed in her motherly tone. "let me do this for

Ross' butt slid to the front of the lid, and Monica quickly knelt between his

"Cum, Ross," she purred, "cum on your little sister.... it's dirty... it's
nasty... and you want it... Mmm, I want it too... I want you to cum on me,
like you cum on Rachel... cum on my face... cum on my lips... cum in my

Ross' eyes were clamped shut, listening to his sister's voice, but they shot
open as he felt her warm mouth engulf his cock. Her head bobbed up and down
as she rapidly jacked his shaft.

"Cum, Ross, cum," she intoned, then resumed her blow.

"So close, Mon... so close..." he grunted through clenched teeth.

"Mm hmm... Mm hmm..." she encouraged with a full mouth.

"So close... I'm gonna cum... I'm gonnUUUHHHHNNNNNN..."

Monica felt a strong spurt hit the back of her throat. She quickly pulled off
as she swallowed and licked her lips. Another spurt flew up into her black
hair and drizzled down her forehead.

Monica milked her brother's cock, watching each shot fly out toward her. She
opened her mouth, hoping to catch some more.

Cum landed just below her eye, and on her nose, then finally a good one into
her mouth, and dribbling onto her lower lip. She savored it, as more jizz
covered her cheek and chin.

"Yeah, Ross, cum on me... cum all over my face..."

Soon, she watched the rest ooze down her fingers and his dick, as her jacking

Monica gave him a little suck to finish him off, then licked the cum from her

"Omigod, that was incredible," Ross moaned, coming back down from his climax.
He caressed her breast, as she knelt there, slowly stroking him. "You are so
beautiful, Monica."

She smiled, "You're just saying that because I've got cum on my face. YOUR

Ross laughed, "Well that helps. But no... you really are a beautiful, sexy
woman, Mon."

"Aww, thank you," she said, then stood. "Well, I'd bet Rachel's waiting for
you, so we better wrap this up."

As she picked up his clothes off the floor, Ross noticed his sister wiping
the cum from her face, and licking it from her finger. He smiled at such an
erotic gesture.

As he dressed, and Monica wrapped her body in the silk robe, he hesitantly
broached the topic that both knew would come.

"Um, Mon... this..."

She gave him a disappointed smile. The same one he saw the last time they did

"I know, I know. But... let's not say anything more, okay?"

Somehow she knew that if they didn't say the words, then neither could make a
promise. A promise she hoped would someday be broken.

Minutes later, Ross climbed naked into bed with Rachel. She smiled at him,
nearly giggling at his look of total contentment.

"See... I have pretty good ideas, huh?" she said as she caressed his body,
finding his limp dick.

He nodded, "OH yeah."

"Well, you probably want to rest a bit, but... you got anything left in here
for me?" Rachel asked as she gently stroked his cock.

"I will pretty soon," he said, gently kissing her.


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