Friends: Deleted Scenes - Monica Gets A Letter (F-mast)
by Dudeman ([email protected])

Rachel entered the apartment, and greeted her friends watching the football
game. Joey and Monica were sitting at the kitchen table, and as Rachel sorted
through the day's mail, she handed some to her roommate.

"Here ya go, Mon. I picked up the mail."

"Thanks," she replied, opening the envelopes. As she started to read a
letter, a smile formed. Ross noticed her from his seat on the couch.

"Whatcha smiling about there, Mon?"

"Oh, nothing," she said as she folded the pages. She was answered by various
calls of "Come on... Tell us..." coming from around the room.

"It's a letter, ok?" she said, trying to pass it off as nothing.

"What's it say?" Rachel pushed, "Must be something nice, to make you all
smiley like that."

"Okay. I'll read you the first little bit," Monica said to placate them, "'I
see you around the neighborhood and I can't help but notice how beautiful you
are.' There, satisfied?"

"Monica's got a boy-friend," Rachel sang, with the lilt of school-yard

"I didn't know you were dating anyone," Ross commented, "Who's the letter
from?" Monica looked at the pages and envelope.

"Well... there's no name on it, and no return address. But the zip code is
the same as ours."

"You... you don't know who it is? Monica, it could be a stalker!" Ross said.

Phoebe chimed it, "I had a stalker once. Well, not me, but Ursula. It was
pretty fun." This elicited a dirty look from Ross.

"No... I had a stalker," Joey said, "And I'll tell ya... one letter does not
a stalker make."

Everyone looked at him in disbelief.

"Pretty fancy words there, Joe," Chandler mocked as he sat in the big chair.

"Yeah, I'm auditioning for this Shakespeare part. And I guess the fancy talk
just fits me. Don't thou think... eth?"

"OK, you've all pretty much ruined this. So I'm just going to read this
later," Monica said as she put the letter in her back pocket. Everyone
apologized and went back to what they were doing.

A few minutes later, Monica subtly went into her room, hoping that no one
would notice she'd left. She pulled out the letter and sat on the bed to read

"I see you around the neighborhood and I can't help but notice how beautiful
you are. Everything about you enthralls me. Your perfect face. Black hair.
Stunning blue eyes. And a smile that would melt anyone."

Monica was smiling even bigger than before, as she read on.

"Your petite body is incredible. I especially love seeing you in a dress
and high heels. And I think, 'She is so feminine... and so doable.' It may
surprise you to read that. But I have to admit that I undress you with my
eyes. I imagine that you are wearing stockings and elegant lingerie under
your clothes. Pert breasts in a satin bustier. Shapely legs in silk. And I
wish, every time, that I could undress you in person."

Monica didn't know whether to feel uncomfortable or complemented. But she
actually enjoyed what she was reading. She wondered what that would be like,
if this secret admirer did undress her.

"Even if you're surprised to read that you're totally fuckable, I know that
you enjoy hearing it. I can tell that you are a very sexual woman. You have
a great facade of being 'a good girl,' but it's obvious to me that you enjoy
sex. You enjoy everything about sex. The closeness to another person. The
feeling of touching skin. Knowing that you are pleasuring someone. And your
orgasm. You love to cum, don't you, Monica?"

Monica was starting to get aroused by what she was reading. She quietly
locked the door and undressed. Climbing into bed, she continued reading.

"Are you fucking any of the guys you hang out with? I know you're not doing
the tall one. I think he's your brother, and you're kinky, but not a pervert.
What about the other two, Monica? Have you ever fucked either one? Do you
still let them bang you, once in a while? If they ask... really nice? Just
thinking about it right now gets you hot, doesn't it? Your nipples are hard
and your pussy's getting wet. Do you think about one of them when you

She had been caressing her breasts, and knew that they were quite alert.
Monica slid a hand under the covers and between her legs, and found that she
was indeed very wet. She thought about the dildos in her dresser, but decided
not to get one.

"How about that blonde... your roommate? Rachel. I think that's her name.
She has such a great body, doesn't she? Not as good as yours, but still
very enticing. Do you fantasize about her? Do you imagine what it's like
to caress her skin? Suckle her breasts? Lap at her pussy? Or maybe it's
not just fantasy. Maybe you two have done it. Have you? Have you fucked
her, Monica? Are you bisexual? Please tell me that's so."

Monica was rubbing her pussy, thinking about the times she and Rachel had
made love.

"Yes, I do fuck Rachel. I... I am bisexual," Monica whispered to herself.

She was drawn to continue reading. Drawn to continue masturbating.

"In my mind, I can see you two in the shower. Warm water running over your
naked bodies. Rubbing your tits against each other. Licking. Fingering.

Monica's middle finger was diving in and out of her pussy. She was panting
as her mouth hung open.

"I'm jealous of her, Monica. I want to be the one licking you. I want to see
the look of ecstasy on your face while I tongue your pussy. While I suck on
your swollen clit. But that's not all I do to you. I move up and straddle
your chest, so my dick is pointing right at your mouth.

Monica jumped out of bed and ran to her lingerie drawer. Digging to the
bottom, she looked through her selection of toys, and selected a rubber
dildo, shaped like a penis. She climbed back into bed, and laid back.
Holding the letter in one hand and her dildo in the other, she knew she
couldn't finger herself. But that would make it more real, as if she
really was giving head like the letter described.

"I push into your mouth. But I'm not forcing you. You open your lips and
willingly take my dick. I slowly do your mouth, Monica."

She was giving herself a mouth-fuck with the faux penis. It was still a
little cold. It didn't feel warm, like a real one... yet. She knew that it
soon would reach her body temperature.

"But your eyes beg for more. You take over and begin giving me the most
amazing blowjob. I can tell you've sucked a lot of cock in your life. You
probably started when you were in high school.

Monica closed her eyes and couldn't help but recall some of her experiences.
Richard, the man for whom she was the "twinkie in the city." Paul, the
amazing one night stand. She loved sucking on HIS hanger. Even young Ethan.
She could have taught him a lot more about sex, if they'd had more than just
one night. She remembered what each of them liked while she gave them head.
And she re-enacted these things on the penis in her mouth.

Opening her eyes, she continued reading.

"But I can't take much more of this. I want you, Monica. I want to pleasure
you. So, I cover you with my body. I look into your eyes, as you hold my hard
cock and rub it on your pussy lips. Then..."

Monica was following every direction.

"Then I enter you, Monica..."

She pushed the rubber cock into her cunt, gasping at the feeling that filled

"I slowly fuck you, like I know you enjoy. I feel your breath on my neck.
You wrap your legs around me, silently directing me to go deeper into you."

"Deeper," she moaned quietly. She wanted that closeness. Feeling the weight
of a man's body pushing her into the mattress.

"I bring you nearly to orgasm. But it's not time for you to cum yet. So I
pull out of you."

Indeed, Monica was right there, but as her secret lover would want, she
pulled out the dildo. Complete sexual desire, and frustration, and lust came
over her.

"I want to do you from behind. So you turn over."

Laying the pages side by side, she knelt on all fours above a large pillow.

She could hear her friends talking in the kitchen and living room. Monica
knew she still had to be quiet. By now they probably figured out where she
was, but she didn't want them to know what she was doing. Thankfully, the
TV was making noise.

She went back to reading and it was easy to block out the sounds from the
other side of the door.

"I grab your hips, and slide back into you. I hear you moan."

Monica was trying hard to control herself, but she certainly could hear
herself moaning in her head. She didn't care anymore whether the penis in
her was rubber or flesh. She just wanted an orgasm.

"I fuck you fast... slow... deep... whatever it takes to keep you right on
the edge of your climax. And you know during those moments that you are mine.
I control your body. I control when you cum."

Monica was so aroused that this man could have her wanting to be dominated,
and he wasn't even there. She did the things he would need to do to keep her
hovering right at ecstasy.

She found herself whispering, "Please let me cum."

"Then it's time. I pump you hard and fast, and take us both over the edge."

Monica buried her face in the pillow as she came, hoping it would quiet the
moans she could no longer control. It was the best orgasm she'd ever had
alone. As she regained some composure, she finished the letter.

"You feel my hot cum shooting in you. We collapse on the bed. I fuck you more
slowly, trying to prolong your sensations. Then I pull out of you. I caress
and kiss you. I want to show you how much it means to me, to be able to do
this with you.

"Monica, I don't know if we'll ever meet. Or if we'll ever be able to make
love like this. But I'm hoping..."

The letter was signed, "With love and lust, Your Secret Admirer."

Monica got dressed and quietly slipped out into the living room. She didn't
think anyone noticed her. Most were still watching the game in the living
room. Chandler was in the kitchen, making a snack, and Monica joined him.

"Thank you for my letter," she whispered, without looking at him.

"You liked it? And you don't think that part about Rachel was a little over
the top? Or, maybe the 'Secret Admirer' thing was too cheesy?"

"Not at all," she smiled, trying not to look excited or draw attention to
their hushed conversation. "It was perfect. I just hope no one heard me in

"Well, I sat in the chair, so I heard a little bit... which, by the way, was
really hot! But I tried to keep the rest of them on the other side of the

"Good! Thank you," she said, relieved. "And you should be getting your letter


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