Deleted Scenes - Monica's New Vibrator/Getting Over Ethan Part 1 (FF,oral)
by Dudeman ([email protected])

Rachel walked in the door having finished her shift at Central Perk. The
living room was empty. She noticed a sink full of soap suds, and decided to
help Monica with the house work. Her friend had broken it off with Ethan that
day, after finding out the night before that he was only seventeen. So Rachel
thought she might do something to help cheer up Monica.

"Ya want me to finish the dishes, Mon?" she called out as she stuck her hands
in the water. Monica came rushing out of her bedroom.

"No, no, that's alright. I'll do it."

Just as she said the words, Rachel felt a long tube and pulled it out of the
suds. She held a soapy, silver vibrator.

She got a little smile on her face, and asked teasingly, "What's this, Mon?"
Monica was a bit embarrassed.

"You know what it is. It's a vibrator."

Rachel washed off the soap and dried it with a towel. She made a circle with
her thumb and finger and playfully slid the toy back and forth through her
hand. "And you wash your vibrator in the kitchen sink?" She was certainly
enjoying seeing her roommate squirm.

"Well, I just got it, and I wanted to wash it. Those stores aren't the
cleanest places, you know."

"Oooh, I see," Rachel said as she pulled some batteries out of the drawer and
put them in the vibrator, "you haven't used this before. So... some might say
you're a 'vibrator virgin'."

Monica stood there with her arms crossed, giving Rachel an unimpressed look.

"OK, you've had your fun. Now give it to me."

She reached for the toy. Rachel shifted it to her other hand to evade
Monica's grasp. Monica grabbed again, and Rachel lifted it above her head.
Monica stepped forward and stretched up to get her vibrator. Just as both
girls had a grip on the prize, they became aware of their close proximity.
Their attention slowly shifted from looking up at the metal rod to looking
into each other's eyes. They realized that only a couple layers of clothing
prevented the skin-on-skin feeling that they enjoyed before. They lowered
their arms and both held the toy between them. The moment was tense, but
not uncomfortable.

Rachel broke the tension by kissing her friend. Monica returned the kiss with
passion, recalling their evening, a few weeks before. Her fingers were no
longer grappling for the vibrator, but were gently caressing Rachel's hands.

"So you want to try this thing out?" Rachel asked. Monica nodded. "Turn
around," Rachel suggested.

"What? Here? In the kitchen?" Monica questioned.

"Yeah," her roommate smiled, "Might be kind of exciting to play out here for
a while."

Monica placed her hands on the counter. Rachel turned the vibrator on. The
humming made Monica smile, wondering what she'd be feeling. Rachel lifted the
hem of Monica's short grey dress.

"Bend over a bit, sweetie," she said.

Rachel placed the tip of the vibrator gently against Monica's crotch. The
vibrations shot through the fabric and sent chills up Monica's back.

"Oooh," she said giggling.

Rachel moved the tip to Monica's sensitive clit.

"Oh wow! I like that," her roomie smiled.

After a few minutes of this Rachel asked, "Are you wet enough? Do you want me
to put it in you?"

"Oh yeah," Monica replied.

Rachel pulled aside Monica's panties and slid the vibrator up into her
beautiful roommate.

"Oh, that's incredible!" Monica gasped.

Rachel gently worked the vibrator deeper into Monica's cunt as she leaned
against the kitchen counter.

Just then the door opened. Rachel spun around and Monica stood straight up.
They tried to act natural.

"Hey. Whatcha doin?" Chandler asked. Rachel answered for both girls.

"Oh nothing. Just cleaning the kitchen, doing dishes, that kind of boring

"Yeah," he chuckled, "Sounds exciting."

Monica was trying to figure out what to do about the vibrator that was still
inside her. Her short dress barely hid the end that stuck out of her pussy.
Her panties held it in place.

"I can't take it out now," she thought, "but what if it falls out?"

So she discretely crossed her legs as she leaned back against the counter.
That only served to intensify the sensations and a soft "OH!" burst out of

"You okay there, Mon?" Chandler asked.

"Um, yeah. Fine. I'm just trying to stretch my back." She stood more upright.
"It's been a little sore lately. That's all..." She trailed off distractedly.

Rachel interrupted to change the subject. "So, did you need something,

"Oh, yeah. Have you seen Joey?" he asked.

"Um, no," Rachel replied, "He's not in your apartment?"

"No, I was just there."

"Oh, well, he might be down at the coffee shop. You should check at the
coffee shop."

"Good idea." Chandler started to go, then stopped abruptly. "Do you guys hear
that? What's that buzzing sound?"

"Oh, um, it's the refrigerator," Monica said, her voice cracking slightly.
"It's been doing that all day."

"You should have the super look at it." Chandler said as he left. "And have
an exciting time with your cleaning."

Both girls laughed after the door shut. "Do you think he suspected anything?"
Monica asked.

"No," Rachel answered, "sometimes he can be as oblivious as Joey. But maybe
we should go to the bedroom now."

Monica agreed as she retrieved the vibrator from between her legs and turned
it off.

The girls went to Monica's bedroom and shut the door.

"So what to you want to do?" Rachel giggled as she asked.

"Well one thing's for sure. It's gonna involve this little guy," Monica said
as she waved the toy. "How about you? After all, you started this."

Rachel ran her hands across Monica's chest and played with the lapels of her

"Remember what you did a few weeks ago, when I was wearing those black

"No, Rach. I'm not really sure," Monica teased her, wanting her to say the
words. Rachel smiled, knowing that this was because of her own teasing.

"Okay... " She leaned in so her lips were almost touching her partner's.
"Monica, I want to hump your leg like a little bitch in heat." Monica laughed
and Rachel continued. "I want to feel the fabric covering your legs as it
rubs on my clit. I want to make your leg wet as my pussy lips slide up and
down your thigh. I want to masturbate on you until I cum."

Monica was a bit surprised by her roommate's unfettered sexuality. But she
loved it.

"I already took off my pantyhose, but how about if I put a pair of stockings
on for you?"

"Mmmm, perfect," Rachel replied.

Rachel started undressing as Monica tossed the vibrator onto her bed and took
a pair of thigh-highs from her lingerie drawer.

"No, don't undress yet," Monica stopped her, "Might be more erotic if we
leave our clothes on. You know, like we might get caught doing something we

Rachel laughed, "You mean like what happened out there?"

Her roomie smiled. "Exactly."

Rachel removed her hose and panties as she watched jet black stockings glide
over Monica's legs. "Monica has such beautiful legs," she thought.

Monica walked toward her and they embraced. Rachel lifted the back of her
dress, caressing her butt through her panties.

"You probably won't be needing these either."

Monica smiled and went bottomless to please her friend.

Monica sat on the very edge of her bed. Her legs were slightly spread and
Rachel could see her black snatch peeking out from her short dress. Monica
held her arms out.

"C'mere, sweetie," she said, smiling.

Rachel went to her and was happily met by a hand sliding under her skirt.
Monica didn't yet want to see what was under there; she wanted to feel
whatever her hand could find. They looked into each other's eyes as Monica
caressed Rachel's ass... hip... thigh... abdomen. Then, she brushed her
fingertips through a trimmed bush. Palm up, her hand rubbed across Rachel's
pussy. A little moist, but not quite wet yet. Moving it back and forth,
Monica worked a digit into the folds of skin. Rachel's look pleaded for
more, and Monica granted it. Her juices began to flow, and Monica made
sure to draw them out to lubricate Rachel's outer lips.

Rachel moved to squat above Monica's thigh. As she sat, Monica arched her
foot, bringing her leg barely into contact with her friend. She moved it
slightly from side to side to gently brush Rachel's pussy. The silk of
Monica's stockings tingled Rachel's sensitive skin. She lowered her leg
and Rachel followed, wanting more. Rachel took Monica's face in her hands
and kissed her. They knew Rachel was about to use her as a sex object, and
that thought aroused both girls.

"Don't get shy now," Monica encouraged. "I want you to do this. Trust me, it
feels so good."

Rachel began to rock her hips forward and back.

"Oh my god, that does feel good."

"So this is your fantasy?" Monica asked.

"Not anymore. It's only a fantasy if it doesn't come true," Rachel replied.

"What did you fantasize about?" Monica pursued. Without slowing her pace,
Rachel answered.

"Mmmm... well, I didn't know what this would feel like. But every time I saw
you wearing a short skirt... just looking at your legs... I would start to
get wet... mmm.... they are so beautiful... especially when you wear black
hose... I could imagine myself walking over to you in the coffee shop and
riding you like this."

Just talking about it was getting Rachel more aroused, which is exactly what
Monica wanted. Monica was getting hot herself.

"Close your eyes and imagine we're at Central Perk right now. Tell me what's

"You're sitting on the couch. There's no one around... I'm getting things
ready to close and leave. I see your legs in black stockings, and you're
wearing a short dress."

"Just like now.. this grey one," Monica whispered.

She had started masturbating her exposed pussy. Rachel continued.

" I walk... I walk over to you and take my panties off... mmm... I
straddle your leg and start rubbing my pussy against you... mmm... it feels
so good..."

This went on, with Rachel describing the scene in her mind and masturbating
herself closer to orgasm. Rachel was really working it now, and Monica's
stocking had started inching it's way down her thigh with Rachel's movements.
She grabbed the top and pulled it tight to give her partner better contact
with the silk.

"I'm so close," Rachel whispered. She was leaning forward, resting her head
on Monica's shoulder.

They heard the front door open. A voice called out, "Hey, Rach?" Rachel sat
straight up and froze.

"It's Joey," she said.

"Don't stop," Monica whispered.

"But what if he walks in?"

"Then just stand up. This is why we left our clothes on. He'll never realize.
Just keep going."

Rachel resumed. Joey called out again, "Monica, you here?"

"We're in here," she yelled to Joey.

"What are you doing?" Rachel asked, panicked. Monica gave Rachel a nasty

"A little incentive. Maybe you should cum before he opens the door."

Rachel was too close to climax to argue. She was trying to be quiet, but was
making soft whimpers as the sensations ran from her pussy through her body.
Monica put her hand over Rachel's mouth.

"Shhh. You can't make any sound, Rach," she whispered.

Joey heard the muffled sounds through the door. "What's going on?"

"Oh, Rachel's just waxing my legs," she said, smiling at her friend, "Just
one of those girl-things."

"Niiice," he said to himself, smiling. He had no idea that the picture in
his mind was nothing compared to what the girls were really doing. "Anyway...
have you seen Chandler?"

"Yeah, he's looking for you down at the coffee shop."

"Okay. Thanks."

As they heard him walking toward the front door, Rachel climaxed. She was
breathing hard through an open mouth, trying not to make any noises. The door

Rachel scolded Monica. "That was a dirty trick."

"Payback for what you did earlier," Monica laughed. "But it was pretty hot,

"OOoh, yeah," Rachel smiled. "But you're still a bitch."

"Well, how about I make it up to you and show you what I've been fantasizing
about. Sit here."

(Continued in Part 2)


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