Deleted Scenes - Monica's New Vibrator/Getting Over Ethan Part 2 (FF,oral)
by Dudeman ([email protected])

Monica and Rachel switched places, and Monica knelt between her legs.

She leaned in and sucked on Rachel's earlobe before whispering, "Remember
what Chandler did to you?"

She got a shaky "Yeah?" in return.

Without a word, Monica crouched down and began kissing the inside of
Rachel's leg, just above her knee. As Rachel watched Monica move her way up
with kisses and licks, she knew what would be happening. Monica pushed up
Rachel's skirt and continued kissing. When she reached her goal, she

Her eyes were closed as she summoned the nerve to go further with her
fantasy. Rachel felt warm breath on her wet cunt.

"You don't have to, you know," she whispered.

Monica opened her eyes. Both girls saw each other's nervous look.

"No, I want to do this. I've just never done it before," Monica said.

"Me neither," Rachel replied, brushing her dark hair, "But we've done a lot
of 'firsts' together. Maybe this can be one too."

That was all it took. Monica smiled and then planted a gentle kiss. She
remembered the taste she'd had a bit of, weeks before. That spurred her on.

She didn't really know what to do, so she began french-kissing Rachel's lower
lips. Rachel wished her pussy could kiss back. She put her hands behind her
and slid her hips forward, offering more of herself to her best friend.

"Kiss me, Monica. Lick me. Oh, yes. Like that."

A few weeks before, Rachel had watched one of her guy friends service her
cunt, and now she was watching her best girl friend do the same. She tried
not to compare, but Monica was so much better, even with no experience.

Monica paused. "I want you to cum, and I want you to scream all you want."

Rachel smiled, "Any more of that and I know I will."

Monica resumed kissing and licking. She watched her friend's reactions to
find out what she especially liked.

Seeing only Monica's eyes, Rachel was captivated by them.

"You have such stunning blue eyes, Mon. I've never noticed that before."

The complement made Monica want to pleasure her even more. She dove in and
did everything to her friend that she could think of. Licking, kissing,
sucking, fingering, rubbing. When she hit on something that Rachel really
liked, she'd keep at it until she was moaning loudly.

"Oh, Monica... yes... right there... right there... omigod, omigod...
mmmmmmmm, FUCK!"

Monica was smiling to herself, that she could create such sensations for her

"Oh, Mon... Oh, Mon... don't stop... please don't stop..." Rachel panted.

There was no way she was going to stop before she brought Rachel to orgasm.
Even if someone walked in, she told herself, she'd keep licking.

Rachel's body was tense as she tried to keep her orgasm just a few more
seconds away. Monica was making her feel things she never had before and she
didn't want it to end. But she couldn't hold it off any longer.


Then she collapsed, as all her strength had gone into her climax.

Monica crawled up onto the bed and laid down beside her friend.

"And that was MY fantasy," Monica said, smiling. Rachel panted as she tried
to catch her breath.

"Well... I'm glad I could help," she laughed. She reached out and grabbed the
vibrator laying on the bed.

"Hey, you didn't get a chance to try out your new 'pussy buddy'."

"Think we could do that now?" Monica asked with a mischievous look.

"After what you did for me, I will do anything you want."

"Ok," Monica said getting off the bed, "take off your clothes."

Rachel removed her sleeveless blue top as she watched Monica slowly
unbuttoning her dress. Even in a simple dress, she looked so elegant, and
more so in just a bra and thigh-highs.

Rachel finished undressing and knelt on the bed naked. Monica stepped forward
and started to remove her bra, but Rachel stopped her. She cupped Monica's
breasts and gently squeezed them through the fabric.

"Come here and lie down." Monica did so.

She pulled down Monica's bra and hooked it under her tits, making them
even more pert. Rachel showered her face, neck, shoulders, and breasts with
kisses. Each time she tasted Monica's mouth, she got a hint of herself. It
raised in her the curiosity of what Monica tasted like.

Rachel worked her way down her friend, pausing to lick and kiss around her
cute belly button. Monica watched, her excitement building.

Rachel knelt between her open legs. She reached under Monica's thighs and
pulled her knees up, feet flat on the bed.

Rachel laid down in front of her roommate. Her legs hung off the end of the
mattress. She swallowed and cleared her throat nervously.

"Trust me, Rach. You'll like it."

Monica tried to settle her friend's nerves, hoping that she wouldn't notice
how her own body was trembling.

"I know how good it felt," she answered, "and I want you to feel the same

She knew that was more for her own resolve. She was about to do something she
thought only lesbians did. But if Monica would do it for her, she certainly
wanted to return the favor.

With no more hesitation, she licked Monica's pussy with raw sexual hunger.
Rachel tried to remember all the things Monica did for her, and tried to come
up with some new ones.

Monica seemed lost in her own little world, and Rachel took that as a good
sign. She loved hearing her roommate moan. Monica's eyes were closed and she
was caressing her breasts. She was mumbling softly.

"Yes... oh, yes... I love that... lick it there... lick my pussy... mmm...
oh, Ethan..."

As soon as she said the name, she panicked. Monica closed her legs and Rachel
sat up.

"Oh god, Rachel, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean..."

Rachel interrupted her. "Monica, it's alright. I'm not going to get pissed
off because you said a man's name. I'm not a guy, you know."

"I can't even remember who I'm having sex with. Omigod, I'm a slut!" Monica
was upset with realization.

Rachel giggled. "Let's see, sex with a 17 year old boy last night, and now
with your roommate tonight. Yeah, you just might be a slut," she teased.
"But, I like you a little slutty," she said kissing her to put her at ease.
"Say... I know one way you won't think you're with Ethan. Ever do a 69?"

"Yeah, a couple times."

"Well, I just bet that if you're licking me, you won't be thinking about

Monica laughed, "I guess so."

Rachel swung a leg over, straddling her roommate's chest. She hooked her feet
underneath Monica's arms and scooted back. Monica propped her head up with
some pillows, so she'd be at just the right angle.

As Rachel leaned forward, Monica's stockinged legs opened like a butterfly's
wings. Both girls licked each other in earnest.

Monica's new vibrator slid it into it's owner's wet pussy. Rachel fucked her
with it for a couple minutes. The light danced on the glistening wet silver.

Then she turned it on high. Monica groaned into Rachel's cunt and then licked
ever more passionately.

Rachel pleasured her best friend with the toy, while trying to lick and
suck on her clit. Rachel could tell from her moans that Monica was close to
cumming. She worked the vibrator around in her, listening for the changes in
her roommate's moaning to tell her what she liked. It was so arousing to hear
Monica's muffled moans, and know that it was her cunt that was hushing them.

Monica came, digging her fingers into Rachel's ass and pulling her pussy even
more firmly against her face. She tried to continue licking as she climaxed
and groaned.


Her stomach was heaving against Rachel's breasts. The harder she came, the
more she wanted to lick Rachel.

As Monica's climax passed, Rachel pulled the vibrator out, turned it off, and
lovingly kissed and licked the pussy below her.

Monica's head fell back. "Oh, Rach!"

Rachel crawled off her roomie, and laid down beside her, stroking her body.
Both women had that just-fucked-look, with the addition of smeared lipstick
and pussy juice on their mouths and chins.

"Thank you," Monica said.

"No, thank YOU," Rachel countered.

Monica explained, "I mean about Ethan. This really helped me get over him.
Thank you for understanding... and for doing this with me."

Rachel laughed, "Well, sweetie, what are friends for?"


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