Friends: Deleted Scenes - Moving Day (MMF, F-mast, oral, hand, grope)
by Dudeman ([email protected])

A gloomy haze hung within the purple walls of Rachel and Monica's apartment.
They had lost a rash betting contest to the guys, and now they found
themselves forced to pack and move to a smaller, dingier place.

Monica was in the living room trying to lift a heavy box, when Rachel walked
in from Chandler's new bedroom.

"Hey, Rach, can you give me a hand with this box?" she asked.

"No! Put that box down!" Rachel demanded. "We are not going anywhere! This
is my apartment and I like it! This is a girl's apartment! That is a boy's
apartment, it's dirty and it smells."

Condemnation filled those words. Phoebe and Monica watched as she flitted
around the room, desperate to show why they shouldn't be moving.

"This is pretty. It's- it's so pretty! And look, and it's- it's purple!"

Rachel approached her roommate, with a determined look.

"And I'm telling you, you with the steady hand, I am not moving! And now I
have got the steady hand."

In spite of her words and her demeanor, Rachel's hand shook uncontrollably as
she held out. Monica realized that Rachel would not accept their situation

"I'll take care of it," she replied with somberness, and turned to go across
the hall.

Rachel called out after her, on the verse of breaking into tears. "That's
right! You do what the hand says!"

Monica entered the other apartment, where Chandler and Joey were happily
packing boxes.

"Um, guys... Rachel's really upset about having to move," she began.

"Well, tough noogies," Chandler shot back, sassily, "You lost the bet."

Monica controlled a flare of anger. "Okay. First of all... 'tough noogies'?
Who says that?" she replied sarcastically. "And second, I'm not asking you to
give us back the apartment. I'm just asking for another bet. Just one final
bet. Anything. You pick it, and I'll... I'll bet on it."

Joey and Chandler stared at her, sizing up the situation. Then they turned to
confer, as Monica tried to listen in on their deliberations.

"Okay," Joey suggested. "How about one of us does it with her, and the first
one to cum wins."

Somehow, Chandler knew that any idea from Joey would involve sex.

"Hmmm... I like where you're going with this... and let's face it, of the
two of us, I think I would have the advantage of speed." They both nodded in
acknowledgement. Chandler considered it for a moment longer, then a thought
hit him. "Wait a minute. She could just fake it, and we'd never know if we
really won."

"But I won't. I won't!" Monica blurted out. Realizing that she had exposed
her eavesdropping, she looked to the side sheepishly.

Chandler pointed at her. "Yeah, well, we don't trust you, little Miss
Winning-Is-More-Important-Than-Anything. All right," he went on, as he
strolled toward her, his arms crossed. "All right. You wanna bet? Here's
the bet. Non-negotiable. Joey does you, while you blow me. If either him
or I cum first, you girls can have your apartment back. But if you cum
before either one of us... we get the apartment... AND your mattresses."

Joey excitedly gestured his approval. "Ooo, ooo, that's good. Their beds
are soft... and they smell good, too... like Rach and Monica's perfume and

"DEAL!" Monica voiced her enthusiastic agreement, then jabbed her finger
alternately at the two. "You are SO gonna lose this bet. I RULE at giving
blowjobs! In fact, I'm the Blowjob Queen."

"Interesting," Chandler deadpanned. "I thought that my father was awarded
that title. Fortunately, I was never invited to the coronation..."

"Okay, I'll go get a condom," Joey said, heading toward his room.

"Oh no, you don't, mister," Monica objected. "I know what condoms do for

He stopped, uncertain of her meaning, and offered, "They... keep us from
getting women pregnant?"

"Well, that too," she conceded. "But when you're wearing a condom, you don't
FEEL as much, so you don't CUM as fast. No siree. No condom. I'll go put in
my diaphragm." She turned to leave. "You guys may as well start unpacking."

Joey laughed derisively. "In your dreams, Monica. I'm gonna keep packin' my
boxes, just as soon as I'm done packin' YOUR box!"

"Good one, my man," Chandler said. They smiled and nodded, giving a
wiggle-finger handshake, as Monica shot Joey a disgusted look before leaving.

"This is so cool. We're gonna get to double-team Monica!" Joey excitedly
proclaimed. "I've been waiting for this for, like, my whole life."

"Or for the three years that you've known her," came Chandler's sarcastic

"Well, yeah... but it seems like I've known her my whole life," Joey tried to
give an air of charm to his lust. Chandler just shook his head, then noticed
that Joey was unzipping his jeans.

"Whoa, whoa, wait a minute there, Quick Draw. Whatcha doin'?" he said,
looking away.

"What? I'm getting ready for Monica," replied Joey, matter-of-factly.

"Okay. You will never take that out, when it's just you and me," Chandler

"Oh. Right," his roommate said with new understanding. "Sorry. It's just that
I'm so excited."

"And you will never say those words, when you and I are alone."

As the guys were discussing their upcoming strategy to win, Monica walked
hurriedly though her and Rachel's apartment.

"Didja do it? Didja get it back?" Rachel asked as Monica passed behind the
couch where she sat with a magazine in her lap.

"No, not yet. We're still in negotiations," was the fast reply. The door to
the bedroom closed, leaving Rachel and Phoebe outside, with wondering looks.

Monica pulled off her blue jeans and "old lady underpants," as Joey had
called them that morning. After inserting her diaphragm, she dug through the
basket of fresh laundry, and pulled out a clean white thong.

"Joey's an ass-man," she said to herself, approvingly. The garment slid up
her slim legs. Monica stuck out her ass and wiggled her hips to work the
strap in between her butt-cheeks. Turning to the mirror, she quickly touched
up her makeup, mascara, and lipstick, to give Chandler a little visual help.
Monica watched herself slowly run her tongue around her lips, practicing some
erotic looks for him. She knew that she'd have to use every trick in the
book, and she was more than willing to do it.

She thought about changing her clothes, but decided that it would draw too
much attention from Rachel and Phoebe. So, her jeans and black and white
sneakers went back on. Monica opened the door and walked across the living
room and through the kitchen.

"Waddaya mean, negotiations?" Rachel asked.

Monica turned to address her, though never slowing her pace. "I got them to
do one more bet with me. And don't worry. There's no WAY I can lose this

"Monica, did you redo your make-?" Rachel's question was cut short by the
closing door.

In the hallway, Monica paused with her hand on the doorknob. She composed
herself with a sultry look, then turned the knob and walked in.

"Hello, gentlemen," she said with a low, seductive voice, as she leaned
against the closed door. "Are you ready to fuck me?" Both men mumbled
incoherently, taken aback by Monica's new persona. They moved together,
instinctively thinking that they would be somehow safer. She strutted
toward them. "How do you want to do me- I mean, do this?"

"Uh, uh," Joey stammered, "how about, um, Chandler sits on the stool, and
you go in front of him, and I'll go behind you."

"Go behind me... go in me... either one's fine by me," she quipped, running
her fingertips down his chest. "But maybe I should get naked first."

"I, um, I thought we could do this with our clothes on," Joey said softly.

"Oh. Well, we COULD," Monica said. "I just figured that it's be easier for
you to make me cum... if I was naked. And I will do ANYTHING for you guys...
um, I mean, anything to help you win the bet."

Chandler cleared his throat nervously. "If, if that's what you want..."

Without a word, Monica kicked off her shoes and stood in her bare feet. She
began to slowly unbutton her red plaid shirt. It looked slightly too big for
her, as the long sleeves covered all but her fingers. That, in and of itself,
was sexy to the guys, right then.

One by one, the buttons released, revealing her white lace bra. Pinkish brown
nipples peeked through the lace. She watched their reactions as she lowered
her arms behind her and the shirt slipped off, to fall on the floor. She
closed her eyes, head slightly down, as her hands glided up her hips, across
her flat stomach, momentarily cupped her breasts, then ran through her short
hair, and stretched upward. Their eyes were riveted on her as that simple
motion replayed in their minds. Both were unaware that they were groping
themselves through their pants.

Monica reached to her crotch, and opened the flap of her jeans, then pulled
down the zipper. She undid the silver button, and the halves opened.

"You can undo your jeans, too," Monica teased them. "It looks like you need
to release some pressure, maybe more than me."

Both men followed her, their briefs displaying long hard bulges within open
pants. Monica smiled to herself and gradually eased the tight blue denim down
her legs, and slipped them off her feet. As she straightened up, she made
sure that the guys got a full view of the front of her underwear. The side
straps of Monica's thong arced high over her slim hips. The small piece of
fabric fully covered her crotch... but just barely.

"Tho-, those aren't your old lady underpants," Joey stuttered.

"Hmmm... no... I guess they aren't," Monica said indifferently, as she turned
to show them the thong back.

"Omigod," Joey whimpered.

Monica caressed her perfect ass, slowly moving her hands around her hips,
up her stomach, and then around back again. Both mouths hung open, as they
independently decided that Monica's simple show was better than any strip
club they had gone to.

Their conclusion was confirmed as Monica glanced back, made sure that they
were staring at her ass, then slowly bent over, pulling her thong down. Her
face nearly touched her shins, and her hairless slit pushed out from between
her thighs.

"Well, you certainly are limber," Chandler heard himself say, apprehensively.

Monica moved her hips in a tiny circle.

"Yeah, I do a lot of stretching when I run. I find that when I'm all hot and
sweaty, I need to keep my body loose." She straightened up, still facing
away, so that each man would think she was addressing him. "Maybe someday you
can find out just how limber I am."

Both Chandler and Joey nearly fainted, thinking about the possibilities.
Monica turned back to them, and sauntered over to Chandler. The whole time,
she saw that their gazes were fixed on her trimmed pussy.

"But I still have a hard time reaching my bra. Could you help me with that,
Chandler?" Monica said innocently as she offered her back to him. Monica
smirked, somehow knowing the look of fear that flashed from Chandler to Joey.

Joey knew that his roommate couldn't work bras. So he gave him a quiet
gesture of encouragement.

Chandler reached up and slipped his fingers under the stretchy band,
feeling Monica's soft skin. "Okay," he thought, "It's simple... just push
it together, and unhook... Together, and unhook." If there was ever a bra
he wanted off, it was this one. Though his hands shook slightly, he managed
to undo the clasp.

"Mmm, thank you," Monica said provocatively, as she looked over her shoulder.
The bra was tossed on the pile of clothes a few feet away. Turning to face
them, she tried her best to mimic Phoebe's porn star voice, "I'm ready."

"Well, okay then," Chandler began.

But he was cut off by Joey's "Oh no, no, no" as Monica reached out and
grabbed each man's bulge.

"No touching. Not until we get started, at least," Joey demanded, fearful
that she might get them to burst before any of the good stuff.

"Oh, all right. I would never want to break the rules," she replied with a
chaste tone that really said she was willing to break any rule to win. Then
she addressed Chandler. "Can we at least take your shirt off? And maybe you
too, Joey?"

The guys couldn't have said no, even if they wanted to. With Monica's "help"
each man stripped to the waist. In spite of the rules, neither one objected
as her hands ran over their torsos.

First with Chandler, then Joey, she dipped into their briefs to retrieve
their hard cocks, hooking each waistband under their balls.

"See. I didn't even stroke you," Monica feigning fair-play. But just hearing
the words, "stroke you" come from Monica's mouth was enticing enough.

"You sure you're, um, ya know, 'ready'?" Joey asked. He didn't want to hurt
his friend by banging her hard right at the start.

"Oh, you're probably right. I guess I need to get a little wwwet," she
answered, with a salacious look in her eye.

Joey soon regretted his question, as Monica inserted her first and middle
fingers into her mouth. She slowly worked them in and out, looking at
Chandler, as if to say, "This is what I'm going to do to you."

Then her hand went between her legs, and her damp fingers moved back and
forth on her pussy. She peeped a little "oh!" as she pushed up inside
herself, then a slow contented "Mmmmm..." as a finger moved up and down,
drawing her wetness to her lips. This wasn't enough to get her overly
aroused, but certainly enough to play to the lust of a man.

She pulled her digit out, and threaded it into Chandler's open mouth. She
knew that he would cum before Joey, and so her attentions were focused on
him. Without thinking, his lips closed around it, tasting his friend.

She pulled back her hand, and put her finger in her own mouth, letting them
watch as she licked it. Her other hand slid between her thighs and rubbed,
first the insides of her thighs, then up to her pussy, moistening her digits.
She offered them to Joey, as she said with a partly-filled mouth, "Can't
leave you out."

He couldn't believe how hot Monica could be. His tongue gratefully licked her
fingers, as Monica giggled at him.

"Now... I'm ready," she pronounced, removing fingers from mouths.

Chandler went to lean against the green, padded bar stool. Monica crouched to
help him push his tan dockers down to his feet, "accidentally" brushing her
cheek against his cock as she did so.

"You are bad, bad woman," Chandler complained, recognizing that she was
bending the rules as far as she could.

Monica simply smiled, and stood. Then she bent over, bringing her face within
inches of his crotch.

Chandler looked down, seeing her lovely face and his hard cock in one view.
He couldn't believe this was about to happen.

"Can I touch now?" Monica knew that even the simple act of asking permission
would be erotic.

"Ye-, yes," Chandler responded, uncertainly. "But don't rub anything."

Monica's hand wrapped around the base of his cock and pointed it at her
mouth. Joey stood behind her, jeans around his knees. He rested one hand on
her ass, and with the other, held his hard dick at her entrance.

"Ready..." Joey said.

Monica's eyes locked onto Chandler. She moved her lips so they almost touched
his head. As if mesmerized, Chandler had no choice but to stare at her.


With a seductive, yet determined motion, she opened her mouth. It hovered
above his throbbing rod.

"GO!" Joey nearly shouted.

He plunged into Monica as her mouth fell on Chandler.

"NGAAAHHH!" Chandler groaned, as the warm wet feeling enveloped his cockhead.

Monica's head bobbed up and down rapidly, expecting that a fast, wet blowjob
would be the key. But she soon realized that, even with Chandler, it would
take more than just a cock-bob to get him off.

Joey slid his dick in and out of Monica at a moderate pace. Within a few
strokes, her pussy was sopping wet, and his shaft glistened each time he

Monica emptied her mouth, and licked the underside of his shaft as she
supported the front with her fingers. She began moaning her feigned delight,
and licked it like a long thick piece of candy.

"Joey," Chandler said with a panicked look, "she's making the sounds. SHE'S

Just as Monica suspected, Chandler had a weak spot for erotic noises. If she
played her cards right, she could get them both to cum first, and maybe force
them to get rid of the chick and duck. So she redoubled her moans as she
continued licking and sucking.

"MMmmmm.... mmm... mmaaaaahhh... ahhh.... aaaahhhmmmm... mmm...." Then she
encouraged him as she stroked his cock. "Oh yeah... mmm... that's it... oh,
it's so BIG!"

She rubbed it all over her face, trying to show Chandler how much she wanted

"Mmmm, this feels so goood," she went on, as if talking to herself.
"Getting fucked by two studs... one cock in my pussy and the other cock in
my mouth..." It went back in to illustrate her words.

"Just don't listen to her," Joey said. "Try to ignore her."

"Pretty damn hard, Joe! She's suckin' on my dick."

"I know, I know," he agreed, as he fucked Monica. "But we have to win this.
Whatta you complainin' about anyway? I'm the one who has to make her cum. You
just have to play defense. So, YOU PLAY DEFENSE, MISTER!"

With this, Joey reached forward and gave a hard flick to Chandler's nipple.

"OW!! Right! Right!" Chandler said, the pain helping him to regain some
composure. He held it fairly well, even as he looked back down at Monica.

"Awww," she said sweetly. "Did Joey hurt you? How about you let Monica kiss
your boo-boo?"

She raised up slightly, and leaned in. Her lips gently kissed the offended
nipple as she stroked Chandler's cock. Her soft kiss turned into seductive
licking. Chandler found it surprisingly pleasurable, having a sexy woman
licking him like that.

"Wha- whatcha doin'?" he asked nervously.

"Just licking your nipple... I like licking nipples..." she smiled.

"Oh sweet mother..." he mumbled, clearly understanding Monica's implication,
but uncertain if she was just taunting him or if she secretly did like women.
"How can you ignore that, Joe?" he demanded.

"Dude, just don't think about it," Joey asserted. "There's no reason to think
about Monica licking Rachel's tits."

"Who said anything about Rachel?" Chandler retorted. "You're not helping!!"

Monica giggled slightly, knowing that her words were having the intended

"And she's not denying it, Joe. SHE'S NOT DENYING IT!!" Chandler knew that
thoughts of lesbian love between the two roommates could easily be his

For just a moment, Monica felt guilty about bringing her best friend into
this, without her consent. But she quickly rationalized that both guys had
to have lusted after Rachel anyway, so what was the harm in using her for
some thought-stimulation. "Besides," she said to herself, "I'm the one
who's doing them to get our place back."

Knowing that the guys were fighting the image of her and Rachel together,
Monica addressed Chandler, then behind herself to Joey. "Sweetheart, you can
imagine me doing anything you want."

"Devil-woman," Joey muttered, as he looked at her smiling face. Her tiny body
rocked slightly with his thrusts. Then he looked at his friend. "Chandler,
you just hold out, man. I know I can make her cum. You just gotta buy me some

"You got it, man!" Chandler replied, firmly.

His gaze wandered the room, as he tried not to envision Monica licking a
beautiful woman's breasts. He especially tried not to picture Rachel as that
woman. "Don't think about it, don't think about it," he forced the words into
his mind.

Soon Monica's tongue left his nipples, and he was able to finally push the
thought away. But his respite was short-lived.

Chandler felt Monica's mouth wrap around his cockhead once again, and heard
her soft sexy grunts, timed to Joey's fucking.

He couldn't help himself. He couldn't NOT look at her.

She had turned her face up to him. The head of his dick was just halfway
inside her mouth. Her eyes bored into him, as she gently sucked. It was as
if she was posing just for his visual pleasure. And indeed she was.

Her ploy worked. Chandler closed his eyes, tightly shut, trying to eliminate
the sight of his cock in his gorgeous friend's mouth. But nothing worked. It
was the most erotic thing he had ever seen, and it was now seared into his
mind's eye.

Monica smiled to herself as she coated the flesh with open-mouth kisses.

"What's the matter, Chandler? Don't I look good with your long... hard...
cock... in my mouth? Sucking... licking... waiting for your cum..."

Joey drew back, so his cockhead was just inside Monica's cunt. He fucked with
short fast strokes, wanting to deliver the most stimulation to her pussy lips
and clit. Monica gave a little gasp as the ridge of his head rubbed rapidly
on the sensitive flesh. But soon, she was able to control her reactions, and
she went on, taunting Chandler.

"So do I look like I belong in one of your porno magazines?" she asked
between licks.

"How, how do you know about those?" Chandler asked, nervously.

Monica replied, giggling, as her tongue continued its barrage. "Rachel and I
found them when we were looking for something in your room. Hope you don't
mind... we borrowed one. It gets us both really HOT!"

Chandler suppressed the urge to ask for more details. "Later... you can ask
her later," he thought to himself.

But Monica wasn't about to let it go with just a hint. After a long slow
slide up and down his shaft, she went on, licking each time her words paused.

"But I think Rachel REALLY liked it... She snuck it into her room that
night... I was laying in bed... wearing my little black nightie... mmm, your
dick tastes so good Chandler..."

She looked up at him, and saw the fearful look she'd hoped for.

"...Anyway... I heard these little moans coming through the wall..."

After a couple sucks, Monica continued, all the while trying to ignore her
own awakening, pushed onward by Joey's thrusts.

"... At first, I just laughed... but then Rachel's moans got louder... and
louder... mmmm... I could tell she was... 'pleasuring' herself.... mmmm...
What do you think she was wearing in there, Chandler?"

"I don't know! I don't know!" he said panicked, looking up at the ceiling and
trying to push from his mind the image of Rachel masturbating.

"She usually wears a little white T-shirt... and a pair of panties..."

Monica paused and sucked a bit, letting the guys wonder how she knew what
Rachel wore to bed.

"Ok, calm down, Monica," she told herself, trying to force herself away from
climax, "just calm down... caaalm dowwnn..."

She knew it was risky bringing Rachel into this. The guys didn't know
about their "close" friendship. And just talking like this about her
sometime-lover, got her more aroused than she expected. But if she could
just keep Chandler a little bit ahead of her, he'd cum first, and she
would win their apartment back. Risky, but it was a risk she was willing
to take.

"I could hear her moaning," she went on enticingly, between sucks and licks.
"...moaning loud... Tell me, Chandler... do you think she had her hand...
inside her panties? Just in case she got caught... she could... pull it out
real quick?"

Chandler stammered something incomprehensible.

"Or maybe... mmm... maybe she pushed them down to her thighs..." Nasty
slurping sounds punctuated her lewd descriptions. " such a hurry to
touch herself... that they didn't... mmm... get much farther than that..."

"How should... how should I know?" he replied with as much composure as he
could muster. Still Monica's licking and sucking and moaning and talking went

"I'm just... wondering what... you think," Monica said, with a tease in her
voice. "Do you think Rachel... had her panties... around her knees... as she
fingered... her wet... slit?"

"Defense, dude," Joey chided, though it was just as much for himself as
Chandler. His hips continued rocking and bumping against Monica's thighs.
"You just hold on."

Joey's hands roamed Monica's back, hoping that touch was her trigger. He saw
a little shiver go down her spine, and he smiled.

She tried to ignore the sensations of his fingers, focusing her attention on

"How do you imagine her, Chandler? mmm... fingering her pussy... mmm, yeah...
her other hand... up inside her shirt... squeezing her breast... gently
pinching... her hard nipple..." Monica's arousal was beginning to show in her
voice and on her face. "...I think... I think Rachel's panties were... mmm...
down around her ankles... know why, Chandler?"

Joey dragged his hands up her thighs. His fingertips pressed into her firm
flesh. Goosebumps raised on her legs and ass.

"There we go," he said. "Monica likes to be touched. Don't you, Mon?"

She went on talking to Chandler, trying not to think about the hands and
fingers on her body; trying not to think about the whole erotic situation.

"Yeah you know why... so Rachel could... she could spread her legs... nice
and wide... mmm... yeahhh... so she could shove her fingers... in her nasty
wet pussy... while she looked at... at your porn magazine, Chandler..."

Her adversary's hands moved along her soft skin. Caressing, touching,
feeling. Her stomach fluttered as Joey rubbed across it. He pressed his
middle finger into her little belly button and gently made circular
motions, while his dick pistoned in and out of her pussy. By this time,
her juices had run down the inside of her legs and had matted the hair
on his sack. Monica wanted to tell him to stop, but she knew that would
only show weakness.

"Can you see the look on her face? ohh... mmm... Swimming in... in ecstasy...
Oh! Ohhh..."

Joey's hands moved up her body to her swaying breasts. His fingertips brushed
her pert nipples for a few moments, before his hands began groping and gently
squeezing them.

"You're so beautiful, Monica," Joey tenderly whispered, just loud enough for
her to hear. "Everything about you... I can't believe I get to make love to

He knew it was hardly "making love." But he thought he'd try a little of the
"Romantic Joey." He rested the side of his head between her shoulder blades
and wrapped his arms tightly around her waist. His thrusting took on a slow
deep motion.

Monica's cocksucking was imbued with desperate energy. She no longer looked
enticingly at Chandler. Her eyes were closed, and her face held a mixture of
passion and dismay.

"Can you hear her moan, Chandler? mmmm... mmmm..." Monica's mouth was all
over his cock. Licking, sucking. Her hand jacked him rapidly each time she
paused her blowjob to talk. "She groans so loud... I can hear her through
the wall... uhnnnn... Do you want to fuck her, Chandler... huh? mmm... cum
now, and I can get her to fuck you... cum now, and I'll let you fuck me,

Joey turned his head and kissed over and over, across her back. An arm left
her body. Fingers ran firmly and erotically through her short black hair,
petting and massaging her head. His dick sped up.

"Cum, Monica... cum for me," he said lovingly. "It'll feel so good when you

He then renewed his grasp of Monica's petite torso, seeming to hang on for
dear life as he drove harder into her.

"Hurry, Joey, hurry," Chandler pleaded. His breath huffed as he tried to keep
from cumming.

"Dude, just hold on.... think about something else... think about Ross."

Hearing this, Monica screamed out, "RACHEL IN STOCKINGS AND HIGH HEELS!!"

Her last-ditch effort to put an erotic image in Chandler's mind backfired.
Suddenly, she found her own thoughts flooded with pictures of a threesome
with her roommate and Ross. Both her and Rachel in sexy lingerie, stockings,
and heels. The girls passing his cock between their mouths. Holding Rachel
as Ross fucked her. Her body cumming in Monica's arms. Then laying on top
of her roomie, enjoying their kisses. Feeling their breasts against each
other. A man's body lowering onto her back. Ross' hard penis sliding in, as
her brother screwed her from behind.

"DAMN IT! NO!" her mind implored, to no avail.

Monica's head bobbed up and down as fast as she could go, trying to get the
cock to explode. Neither man could tell if her grunts were just that, or if
she was groaning, "NO! NO! NO!"

Normally, she would be loving the feeling of an impending orgasm. But this
time, the thought of losing again to the guys was bigger than her sexual
gratification. She tried with all her might to push away at her orgasm.

Her fate was sealed as one arm released her waist and a hand glided down
between her legs. A shock tore through her body as he began gently rubbing
her swollen clit. She futilely tried to move away from it. As Monica squirmed
in Joey's grasp, her sweaty little body writhed against his. This feeling of
being restrained and controlled only served to excite her more.

Mouth full of Chandler's cock, her head shook from side to side, as she
protested to herself, "Mm-mmm... mm-mmm... mm-mmm..."

Suddenly, Monica's head pitched back as her body succumbed and her climax

"MMMmmaaaahhhhh.... aaAAAHHH.... AAHHHHH.... AAAHHH...."

Her hand kept a tight grip on Chandler's shaft, although all her attentions
turned inward to her own pleasure. The nails of her other hand dug into his
thigh. Seeing their victory, Chandler wrapped his fingers around Monica's,
and used her small hand to jack himself off.

A couple strokes later, he groaned with the first shot, as it laced across
Monica's cheek, ending in her mouth. A second spurt landed on her lower lip,
and dribbled down her chin.

Monica was too lost in her orgasm to realize that she was getting painted.
"UHHHHH.... UHHHhnnnn..." she moaned deeply.

Chandler leaned forward and rested the crown of this cock in her mouth.
Stream after stream came, and white liquid soon covered her tongue. Her moans
went on, sustained by Joey's thrusting cock, as her orgasm slowly crested.

Moments later, as she was coming back to earth, Joey plunged into her pussy
one last time. Monica felt his hot jizz flowing into her.

He released her waist and stood. Grabbing her hips, Joey banged her hard,
groaning his approval, as he planted his seed deep inside her.

The three friends were silent for a few seconds. Panting and heaving breaths
were the only sounds in the room. Joey caressed her ass, once again allowing
himself to truly admire her body. Monica swallowed. Without realizing it, she
quietly smacked her lips.

"And that's the way it's done!" Joey said loudly, giving Chandler a

"Okay," Monica admitted, "okay. You won. AGAIN! Damn it."

Her head was still foggy, and she slowly brushed her lip, realizing for the
first time that cum was there. She looked down at her fingers, then wiped it
on Chandler's thigh, still dazed and trying to figure out how her oral skills
had failed.

Joey and Chandler left her with her hands resting on the bar stool. They
pulled up their pants and put on their shirts. Their glee was obvious as they
began packing again.

Monica slowly grabbed a few tissues from the box on the counter and wiped
the mingled cum from the insides of her thighs. In spite of her blistering
orgasm, she could only think about the lost bet. As she pulled on her thong,
Joey caught the irritated look that she threw his way.

"Oh, hey Mon," he said in a conciliatory way, "tough break, with you losing
and all."

"Yeah, right. I'm sure you're really unhappy about it," she shot back, as she
fastened her bra, and adjusted the straps.

"Well, no, we're not," Chandler explained, "but still, we don't want you to
feel TOO bad about it."

"Hey, and at least you got to cum," Joey offered. "And from what I could
tell... it was a pretty good one for ya."

"This isn't the end, you know," she vowed, zipping up her jeans and grabbing
her plaid shirt. "We will get our apartment back."

"No, you see, it is." Chandler said, with a bit of condescension. "It very
much IS the end."

"No... it's not," she retorted, buttoning her shirt. "I will... I will figure
something out. You WILL bet again."

"Well, okay," Joey accepted. "But you're gonna lose again." The guys smiled
and nodded their heads, with shared camaraderie.

At that moment, Monica couldn't have been more beautiful. Mussed hair.
That just-fucked look. Unaware of the cum still on her face. Icy blue eyes,
dazzling in her anger.

The door slammed behind her. "Yeah, she'll be okay," Joey said, to Chandler's

Monica walked back into their soon-to-be former apartment, with a dejected
and furious look.

Rachel was sprawled on the couch, a hot towel on her forehead and eyes,
obviously trying to relieve a tension headache. She sat up and removed the

"How did it go?" she asked.

From her place in the big chair, Phoebe looked up and noticed a shiny white
trail on Monica's cheek, and a similar spot on her chin. The obvious question
came, "Is that cum?"

As she strode to her room, Monica ignored Phoebe, and simply replied to her

"I lost our mattresses."


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