Friends: Deleted Scenes - Phoebe's Bitches
by Dudeman ([email protected])

Monica and Rachel had been arguing over Rachel's date with Jean-Claude van
Damme. They had seen him on a movie set filming in New York. Monica wanted to
ask him out, but was too shy. When Rachel did the asking for her, Jean-Claude
ended up taking Rachel on a date, instead. Even though she gave her hesitant
consent, Monica felt betrayed. She now sat on the couch, and Rachel sat on
the opposite end of the coffee table. Both were stewing in their anger. Since
the roommates were getting nowhere, Phoebe decided to intervene.

"OK, Rachel, why don't you start talking first," Phoebe said.

"Alright," she began, still unwilling to face Monica. "I feel that this
is totally unjustified." Hearing this, Monica started making faces behind
Rachel's back. "She gave me the green light, I did nothing but... Do you
think I can't see you in the TV set?"

Phoebe intervened. "Alright Monica, if there is something that you would
like to share..."

"Ya know, you had no right to go out with him." The words burst out.

"That is the most ridiculous..." Rachel began to object.

"You sold me out," Monica went on.

"I did not sell you out," her roommate tried to explain.

Monica interrupted her. "Yes you did. Absolutely." By now, both girls were
standing, facing each other, once again arguing.

"Would you let me talk?!" Rachel said, and flicked Monica on the forehead
with her finger.

Monica tried to control her outrage. "Did you just flick me?"

Rachel started to calmly explain her behavior. "OK, well, you wouldn't let
me finish and I was jus-" Her words were cut off as Monica flicked her back.
"Ow. That hurt," she said, returning the pain.

At this point, both girls were using semi-painful flicks to emphasize their

"Quit FLICKING," Monica demanded.

"Ow! YOU stop flicking,"


They gave each other a couple more flicks, but quickly they were delivering
more-than-playful slaps to each other's arms and hips. Rachel tried to get
away, but Monica caught her on the couch and pulled her down to the floor.
Standing over her, she yanked off Rachel's white sock and began flailing her
with it. Seeing the minimal effect, Monica dropped onto the cute brunette
and the two began to wrestle. Rachel wrapped her legs around her roommate's
waist, as Monica lay on top of her. Monica was clearly the stronger of the
two girls, though Rachel pushed back; however neither girl was doing much
other than grabbing and struggling.

The whole time Phoebe was trying to calm them, shouting "Happy thoughts!
Happy thoughts!" But eventually, she became fed up with the fighting.

"OK, now I'm gonna kick some ass," she yelled.

She reached down to the wrestling bodies and caught each woman by an ear.
"Ow. Ow. Ow," they said, nearly in unison, as Phoebe forcefully separated
them. One girl knelt on either side of her, as she stood above them.

"Alright, now, I will let go if you both stop," she scolded.

Rachel asked her roommate. "Oh, what do you... you want me to stop seeing
him, is that what you want?"

"Uh-huh," Monica replied, trying not to focus on the pain in her earlobe.

"You want me to just call him up and tell him that you're seeing him instead?
That's what you want?"


"Oh, that's what you want," Rachel said, venomously.

"Yes," was the firm reply.

"Fine," Rachel agreed, sounding very much like a sore loser.

"Fine," Monica snapped back.

"There we go," Phoebe smiled as she released the girls' ears, and caressed
their heads. "You know what? If we were in prison, you guys would be, like,
my bitches."

Rachel and Monica gave her questioning and somewhat resentful looks as they
each rubbed their sore ear.

"Hey! Ooo, ooo, yeah," Phoebe said excitedly, "you guys should SO be my

"What!?!" Rachel replied, not even trying to hide her irritation.

"No, like, we pretend like we're in prison and you, well, you just do
whatever I say. Ooo, yeah, it'll be fun!! Yeah, haven't you ever wanted to,
like, be with a woman, and all?"

"NO!" Monica scoffed, a little too adamantly to be believable, especially
when she added, "Never! It... it hasn't even entered my mind..."

Rachel cleared her throat. "Um, yeah, Pheebs, I don't think I could really
get into..."

Phoebe towered over her, as Rachel knelt on the floor. She interrupted her.
"That's a nice shirt, you have there."

Rachel looked down at her white cotton T-shirt. It had very short sleeves,
a wide feminine neck-line, and in the middle, there was a design of a royal
crown. "Oh, well, I got it at..." she began cheerfully, before Phoebe cut
her off again.

"I didn't ask where you got it... BITCH!" Rachel looked at her, shocked,
mouth wide open, as Phoebe continued her tirade. "I bet with that crown on
your shirt, you think you're a little princess, huh?"

Rachel tried to stammer a reply. Phoebe bent over and directed Rachel's face
upward to meet her gaze.

"Well, you're not! You're just a little whore bitch. You're MY little whore

Rachel had tears in her eyes as she looked over at her roommate for help.
Monica simply knelt there, not wanting to draw attention to herself, and
wondering if Phoebe had finally lost her mind.

Suddenly Phoebe changed her tone, "I'm just playing, Rach. I don't mean any
of that."

Rachel's look of fear turned to confusion, then relief.

"What's your name, bitch?" Phoebe asked, in character.

Fidgeting, she replied, "Um... my, my name is Rachel Green." She was
uncertain that she wanted to participate, but was also unwilling to be the
object of Phoebe's wrath, if she didn't.

Phoebe grabbed her chin, somewhat roughly, and planted a firm kiss on her
lips. Then she strutted over to Monica as Rachel touched her mouth, trying
to figure out what just happened.

"And what's your name, um... other bitch?"

"It's, uh, it's Monica... Monica Geller," she stammered, looking down at the
floor and trying to figure out how to get out of this.

Phoebe grabbed a handful of Monica's black hair and jerked her head back,
pausing to look in her eyes before kissing her.

Then Phoebe continued, "As of right now, you both are my bitches. I own you
in here... and you will do whatever I want. Ok, Rachel, you are my Bitch #1,
and Monica, you are my Bitch #2."

"Hey! How come she gets to be Bitch #1?" Monica protested, ever wanting to be

"Because I said so, that's why!"

Rachel stuck out her tongue at Monica, still irritated at having to give up
dating Jean-Claude. Phoebe saw this.

"Okay, the first rule is, 'Don't show it unless you want to share it.'
C'mere, Bitch One."

Phoebe took Rachel by the ear, though more gently than before, and pulled
her, crawling, across to Monica. The roommates knelt facing each other.

"All right, Bitch One, you showed her your tongue, now share your tongue.
Come on, stick it out."

Rachel hesitantly complied, and Phoebe pushed Monica's face inward.

"Take her tongue in your mouth."

Monica and Rachel looked at each other, apprehensively. Neither was wanting
to let on that she was secretly enjoying Phoebe's directions. Monica opened
her mouth slightly, and tentatively covered the tip. She went further and
kissed her roommate's mouth, then slid her lips off Rachel's tongue.

"Good, that's it. Now do it again."

Monica glanced up at Phoebe, before repeating the action, but this time with
a bit more eagerness. Rachel closed her eyes, then responded to her friend's
kisses. She and Monica soon liplocked, as their tongues passionately
intertwined, first in Monica's mouth, then in Rachel's.

"Yes, very nice," Phoebe said as she observed the girls. "You can stop now."

They obediently parted, but not before Rachel placed one more quick peck on
Monica's lips.

"Oh, I see Bitch #1 likes it," Phoebe observed as she reached down and
brushed her fingers over one of the small bumps that Rachel's nipples had
created in her shirt. "I think it's time for you to strip my Number Two

Monica wore a short grey cardigan with a black and red argyle pattern on
each panel. This was over a simple black t-shirt. The girls stared into
each other's eyes as Rachel pushed it back, off Monica's shoulders, and
helped her arm out of each sleeve. Rachel glanced up at both Monica and
Phoebe, uncertain how far she should go. Then she reached to pull Monica's
shirt out of her jeans.

"No, wait," Phoebe said with a change of mind. Rachel paused with her hands
on Monica's waist.

Phoebe went behind Monica, the woman's eyes following her. She bent over
and took Rachel's hands.

"I think you need to feel her tits, first," Phoebe said as she guided
Rachel's hands upward and held them on her roommate's breasts. She clearly
enjoyed having two living sex dolls.

"Nice, huh?" Phoebe asked Rachel, "Full... firm... just the right size to
fit in your hand..." Then she asked Monica, "Now big are they, Bitch Two?"

"Uh... they're, um... they're 34-C." On Monica's petite frame, they certainly
looked larger than that.

"Mmm, I like them," Phoebe smiled. "Do you like them, Bitch One? Yeah? You
do, huh? Okay, so, squeeze them if you like them."

Monica waited, looking into Rachel's eyes. She saw a little grin, and then
felt gentle fingertip pressure.

"Do you think she's getting into this, Bitch One? Are her nipples getting

Rachel giggled a little, feeling the hard protrusions in her palms. Monica
gave her a shy smile.

"Um... yeah, they're... ahem... pretty out there."

"Good. Let's see... what do I want my little bitches to do now," Phoebe
pondered as she paced around them. "Okay, take her shirt off." It was the
next obvious move.

Monica didn't protest at all, as Rachel pulled her t-shirt out of her jeans
and peeled it off her torso. With Monica's arms raised, her full breasts
seemed to overflow her bra. Phoebe reached down to grab a handful.

"Ooo yeah, I wanna see these tits," she commented. "Hmmm... they feel nice...
let's see how they look... Face me, Bitch Two."

Monica turned on her knees. Phoebe gazed lecherously at her.

"So, do you want to show me your tits? Huh? Tell me... tell me what you

Monica said softly and timidly, "I want you to see my breasts."

"Louder," Phoebe commanded.

"I want to show you my tits."

"Good... Take off her bra, Bitch One."

Monica found herself looking around the room, somewhat unsure, as Rachel
crawled behind her. She held her breath as fingertips slipped behind the
elastic, and unclasped her black satin bra. Her breath escaped with the
release of her breasts. She felt soft hands caressing her shoulders and
arms as Rachel pushed the straps down. Then those gentle hands took the
cups and slowly pulled them away.

Phoebe took in the wonderfully feminine sight of one woman undressing
another, and she could feel her pussy beginning to dampen. She planned out
what she wanted to see next. Monica knelt on the floor, topless. Rachel's
hands rested from behind on her hips.

"Yes, very nice tits," Phoebe assessed. Monica tried to hide a smile. "Well,
Bitch One, you've snuggled in awfully close to her. Beautiful bare skin right
there... waiting for your lips... you want to kiss her, don't you?" Rachel
took the obvious hint.

Monica felt velvety lips brushing on her shoulder. Gentle kisses were dotted
along her skin, moving upward. Her bobbed shoulder-length hair was brushed
aside by Rachel's cheek, as her roommate began attending to her neck. Monica
closed her eyes, savoring the touch of her friend's mouth as the nape of her
neck was kissed and licked.

"Yes, that's nice. Very erotic," Phoebe said. "Oh, but that's not enough for
you, is it, Bitch One? You're thinking about her breasts, aren't you? You
want to cop a feel, don't you?"

Eyes still closed, Monica heard a shaky reply, next to her ear. "Uh huh... I
want... I want to feel her breasts..."

Both girls' hearts were pounding as Rachel's hands left Monica's hips and
slowly glided upward. Monica's nipples almost ached to be touched. After what
seemed to be an eternity, she felt her roommate's fingers brushing along the
curve of her breasts. Then... hands cupping them, and gently caressing and
squeezing them. Warm breath exhaled onto her neck.

At all these sensations, Monica let out a quiet "mmm". Her own hands traveled
the tight denim that covered her thighs. Her pussy was getting wet. Her clit
tingled, ever so slightly.

Phoebe saw Monica's motions and decided that both women were ready for the
next step. Taking Rachel by the back of the shirt, she brought her in front
of Monica.

"Feeling her tits isn't enough, is it?" Phoebe asked.

Rachel gave her roommate a quick glance, uncertain of how to answer the

"Well, no..." she said quietly.

"I didn't think so," Phoebe replied as she pushed Rachel's head down toward
Monica's chest. She knelt on one knee and held her head there. Leaning in
close to Rachel's ear, she whispered. "Don't you want to do it? Don't you
want it in your mouth? Sure, you do... You want that pretty pink nipple in
your mouth, don't you, Rachel? You want to be sucking... licking...
tasting... feeling her smooth skin on your tongue..."

Monica was looking down at her roomie this whole time. Rachel was staring at
her breast. Her lips were so close, Monica could feel her soft breath. Both
girls were trembling.

"Please," Monica barely mouthed, not wanting to make a sound to betray her

Rachel's face slowly approached her body. Then, that moment of contact.
Rachel's lips met her breast. Monica moved Rachel's light brown hair out of
the way, and simply knelt there. Watching her beautiful, delicate roommate
sucking on her tit.

"Yes, Rach," she whispered.

"That's right, Bitch One... suck her tit," Phoebe encouraged. Rachel's lips
passionately suckled the pert nipple. "Now the other one," Phoebe said as she
took Monica's breast and presented it to Rachel's small mouth.

As Rachel sucked and licked her friend's tits, Phoebe went behind Monica and
crouched down. Reaching around her, she unbuttoned her faded blue jeans, and
opened the zipper. As Rachel lavished attention on Monica's breasts, she
looked down at the black satin covering her pubic area.

"Touch it," Phoebe directed.

Rachel's fingertips skimmed along the smooth fabric, tracing the perimeter
of the strip of hair that she felt beneath. Monica breathed in sharply,
wanting those fingers to touch skin, instead of cloth. Phoebe must have
read her mind. She stood and walked behind Rachel. Grabbing her by her hair,
she pulled her mouth off Monica's tit.

"Look in her eyes." The girls stared deeply into each other; both holding an
expression of anticipation, wonder, and a bit of uncertainty. Phoebe broke
the silence. "Now, put your hand down her panties," she firmly instructed.

Monica bit her lower lip nervously, as Rachel's fingertips slid upward, to
the skin of her fluttering abdomen. They went down behind the fabric, and
threaded through her trimmed snatch.

Rachel's look said, "Will you let me?"

Monica's look said, "Yes!"

Rachel's hand went lower, until the silky hair ended, and smooth skin began.
Monica gasped and shivered as her roommate's fingertip slid across her clit.

Phoebe spoke softly. "Do you ever masturbate, Bitch One?"

Still staring into Monica's eyes, Rachel replied, "Uh huh... sometimes..."

"Well... since your hand is already in her pants," Phoebe paused for the
words to sink in, "I think you should masturbate her, the way you masturbate

For some reason, hearing Phoebe say the word "masturbate" so often was quite
arousing to Monica. And it probably helped that her sexy roommate's hand was
inside her panties.

Rachel moved even closer. As she began rubbing Monica's clit, she was
entranced by the face just an inch from her own. Monica's eyes rolled back
in her head at the sensations that her friend was creating.

"Uh huh... uh huh..." she whimpered her consent.

"Ooo, she likes it," Phoebe whispered in Rachel's ear. "Now put your finger
in her."

Monica groaned as a slim digit penetrated up into her. She felt the finger
slowly wagging inside her, rubbing against the walls of her pussy. She
panted through an open mouth.

Rachel longed to taste that mouth again. She leaned forward, ever so
slightly, and kissed her, sliding her tongue past her roommate's parted
lips. Monica responded passionately as Rachel fingered her with practiced
motions. Her hands glided up under Rachel's shirt, and caressed the smooth
skin of her torso. Feeling her tits in the bra. Monica wanted an orgasm,
and she wanted Rachel to give it to her. But as her arousal grew, Phoebe
stopped them.

"That's enough for now. I don't want you to cum yet, Bitch Two."

Rachel withdrew her finger... and then her hand. Her eyes held an apology in
answer to her friend's pleading look.

"All right, enough of that. On your hands and knees, Bitch One," Phoebe said,
directing Rachel to face away from Monica. "Now, Bitch Two... pull her pants

Rachel was wearing a pair of loose-fitting tan pants. The elastic around
the waist easily gave way as Monica grabbed the fabric and tugged it down to
Rachel's knees. White cotton panties covered her ass. Phoebe straddled her,
facing Monica, and looking down at her bitch. She stooped and her hands ran
along Rachel's hips, tracing the high legs of the underwear.

"Do you like her ass, Bitch Two?"

Monica nodded.

"Yeah, I thought you did," Phoebe voiced Monica's nod, so Rachel could hear.
She grabbed the waistband of Rachel's panties and pulled it down to her
thighs, exposing her curvy buttocks.

"I want you to lick her ass, Bitch Two," Phoebe commanded.

Monica looked down at her friend's behind, and hesitated. She held Rachel's
hips, wondering if this was going too far.

"Come on... you know you want to... deep down... you want your tongue on her
sexy ass... licking... and licking... hoping she likes it as much as you

As she listened to Phoebe, Monica's face slowly lowered, almost of it's
own volition. She carefully licked one ass cheek, from thigh to the small
of Rachel's back. Then she did the other. With Phoebe's direction and
encouragement, Monica sexily slathered Rachel's ass with her tongue. The
whole time, she stole glances at the cute peach that was peeking out
between her roomie's thighs. It became wet on it's own, as Rachel found
surprising arousal in this kinky play.

"Oh, Mon," she whimpered.

"Good. That's enough," Phoebe said as she pulled up her panties. "Get up on
the table, Bitch One."

Rachel crawled up to sit on the edge of the coffee table, loose pants around
her ankles by now.

"Take her pants off," Phoebe ordered. Monica pulled them from her feet and
tossed them to the side.

Rachel looked so adorable and vulnerable sitting there, half-dressed. Phoebe
spread Rachel's knees, and pulled Monica's head down between her thighs.
Monica breathed in her roommate's scent.

"Put your mouth on her."

Monica swallowed, then opened wide, and settled her lips around Rachel's
mound. Even through the panties, she could faintly taste her. Trembling,
Rachel looked down at Monica and waited; her face expressing both
uncertainty and expectation.

"I think you know what to do, Bitch Two."

Though she never would have let on, Monica did know. She began pushing her
tongue against the crease in Rachel's panties. The brunette gasped a little
"OH!" as she felt her roommate's tongue pressing against her, and the warm
breath of each exhale whispering through the cotton.

Phoebe watched briefly, satisfied at the progress of the evening. Then she
reached down and pulled aside Rachel's french-cut panties.

"I think that's what you REALLY want," she said. Monica showed her agreement
by diving in and sucking on Rachel's clit.

"OH god!" Rachel groaned, slamming her palms down on the table behind her.
"UHN! UHN! UHN!" she shouted, as Monica's delivered pulses to Rachel's clit,
holding the crotch of her panties to the side. Monica's tongue then roamed
the flesh between Rachel's legs, hungrily tasting her.

This was quite stimulating to Phoebe, but she wanted Rachel a bit more naked.
"Take your panties off," she said to her.

Monica stopped licking, much to Rachel's disappointment. She looked down at
her roommate, then up at Phoebe. Deciding that stripping was the quickest
way to get Monica's tongue back on her privates, Rachel pushed her panties
down and off. She sat there naked except for her little white "princess"
T-shirt... and one white sock. She looked up at Phoebe, expectantly, as if
to say, "I did what you said... can I have her again?"

Phoebe walked around both girls, caressing Monica's breast, and then Rachel's
thigh. Her hand slid upward to Rachel's pussy. Monica watched the blonde rub
her roommate's tender clit. Rachel's response to her touch was a quiet moan
and a pleading look. Phoebe turned Rachel's head to Monica.

"Do you want her to lick your pussy some more?"

"Yes," Rachel begged, "please... it feels SO good..."

Monica looked down at her roomie's trimmed pussy, wet from both her tongue
and Rachel's growing arousal. Without even waiting for Phoebe's direction,
she leaned in and again pleasured her roommate. Phoebe brought Rachel's
face back up, and passionately probed her mouth. Phoebe wanted her to feel
two tongues ravishing her body at once. Rachel panted and tried to return
her kisses, but soon gave up, and allowed Phoebe to have her mouth.

Ending with a seductive kiss, Phoebe looked down at Monica; her face between
Rachel's legs.

"You like that, Monica? You like lickin' cunt?" she asked, with sensual

"Uh huh," Monica was all she could manage, as her tongue hung out and she
lapped Rachel's pussy, over and over.

"Ooo yeah, you're a good cunt-licker, aren't you?"

"Uh huh," Monica willingly agreed, as she knelt on all fours, licking away.

"Well, I think you deserve a treat... since you're doing SO good at licking
that pussy..." With this, Phoebe pulled down Monica's open jeans, exposing
her small butt. "Ooo, I like an ass in a thong," Phoebe observed.

The thong, however, was quickly pushed down to the denim bundle at Monica's
knees. Phoebe caressed her tight ass. As she did this, she ensured that her
fingertip periodically grazed the fleshy folds between "her bitch's" thighs.
Monica gasped slightly the first time Phoebe touched her, but quickly resumed
with Rachel, so the blonde would give her more. Monica's clit was already
swollen and protruding between her lips. Phoebe's fingertips glided over it,
pressing ever so lightly. Monica's body shivered, and goose bumps raised on
her naked back.

"So, my bitch likes being rubbed?" Phoebe teased. "That's right, my sexy
black-haired bitch... you just keep eating her... and I'll keep rubbing you."

Monica pursed her lips around Rachel's clit and gave a good long suck.

"Ohhhh, Mon!" Rachel groaned.

Monica flicked her tongue across her friend's clit and then went back to
licking the folds of her pussy. Rachel watched, with her mouth hanging open.
Panting. Looking so delicate and innocent. Like a school-girl getting her
pussy licked for the first time. Monica reached up and grabbed Rachel's
breast. Still licking, she fondled it through her top, then grasping it,
she pushed her to lean back on the coffee table. This brought Rachel's pussy
straight on for Monica. Her tongue penetrated her roommate. Rachel moaned,
tossing her head back in ecstasy.

Phoebe rewarded Monica by pushing her finger deep into her. Monica moaned
into Rachel's pussy, "god, yes!"

"Yeah, lick that little bitch," Phoebe hissed. "Let me hear her moan and

Phoebe rapidly fingerbanged Monica, enjoying the sound of her moans,
alternating between muffled and open, as Monica tongue-fucked her roomie,
plunging into her, over and over and over.

Rachel tried to keep watching, but her eyes repeatedly rolled back in her
head from the sensations Monica was creating. Her body was shaking. Suddenly,
Phoebe grabbed Monica's hair and pulled her mouth away.

"That's enough. I don't want her to cum yet."

"NOooooo," Rachel groaned, "please!"

"Strip, Bitch Two," Phoebe said to Monica as she stepped to Rachel. As she
leaned down and kissed her, her fingers probed along her wet pussy. Rachel's
body flinched involuntarily. "All in due time, little one," Phoebe whispered
with a knowing smile.

Now naked, Monica stood by the coffee table, to Rachel's left. Phoebe went
around behind Monica and felt her body, tracing the gentle curves of her

"On your knees," Phoebe ordered her princess.

The blonde crouched behind Monica and looked through her legs at Rachel.
Phoebe caressed the insides of Monica's thighs, coaxing her to spread her
feet a bit more. Phoebe extended her middle finger and pushed it up into
Monica, who moaned at the same feeling she had enjoyed a few minutes
before. Rachel knelt there, watching Phoebe's finger masturbate Monica.
She looked up at her friend's face. Then, her gaze moved slowly downward
as her eyes took in and appreciated Monica's naked body.

"Did it feel good, what she did for you?" Phoebe asked Rachel.

"Oh so good," Rachel agreed, wishing it had never ended. Monica smiled at
her, all the women knowing what would come next.

"Then I think you should do it for her too," Phoebe pronounced.

She reached through Monica's legs and took a handful of Rachel's T-shirt,
then firmly pulled her in. Off balance, Rachel grabbed Monica's legs, though
her face landed right in Monica's crotch. Rachel was a bit surprised at what
just happened, not expecting such a forceful action. She took in a deep,
shaky breath. Then, intoxicated by her beautiful roommate's scent, her tongue
came out and up. She brushed it against Monica's pussy.

Phoebe stood and purred, "Tell my bitch what you like... tell her what you
want her to do."

Monica felt Rachel's tongue tracing the skin around her cunt. But she needed

"My, my clit... lick my clit," she said hesitantly.

Rachel's tongue traveled to the fleshy button and generously lapped across

"Ohhh," Monica groaned, "yeah, like that... oohh... oh, yeah... oh yeah...
now... now suck on it... oh, Rach... oh god, Rach..."

Phoebe moved away from Monica and slid the wide straps of her long black
tank-dress off her shoulders. It fell to the floor. Then she removed her
ivory long-sleeve top, shaking out her blonde hair. As she stripped, she
listened to the moans Rachel was eliciting from her roommate. From behind,
Phoebe admired Monica's petite body and stepped back to her. The dark-haired
woman felt the fabric of a bra against her back, and panties against her ass.
Other than that, just skin on her skin.

"Remember this... if you please me, I'll let my pretty little bitch please

Monica nodded and whimpered in her bliss, though she had no idea if her
arousal was more from Rachel's clit-licking, or the thought of being Phoebe's

"Do you want her to lick your pussy, bitch?" Monica whined a yes. "Then say
it... tell my little slut what you want her to do to you."

"Lick my pussy, Rach... please... lick it all over... I want your tongue all
over... all over my pussy..."

Rachel's head tilted back and she began vigorously licking, burying her face
between Monica's thighs.

"Omigod, RACHEL," Monica moaned, and she grabbed her brunette head and held
it at the top of her legs, as if it was going to escape. Phoebe kissed and
nuzzled Monica's neck and shoulders, caressing her body and groping her

"Look at her licking you," she whispered, "look at that beautiful face in
your pussy."

The frustration of a stolen orgasm created a passion to Rachel's oral sex
that none of the women expected. She held Monica's slim thighs; fingertips
digging into the toned flesh. Her mouth was riveted to her roommate's cunt.
Her tongue explored the folds of her pussy.

Monica leaned her head back onto Phoebe's shoulder, her eyes closed, as she
uttered a series of moans and cries. Her body gently shook, and Phoebe held
her to keep her from falling. Just as Monica was close to climax, Phoebe
reached around and pushed Rachel's head away.

"Nooo," Monica whined, "no, please... let her finish.... let me finish..."

"Shhh, baby," Phoebe whispered as she stroked her cheek, "It'll be better if
you wait."

Monica stood there, slightly dazed, as Phoebe went to Rachel. She pulled up
on her little T-shirt, and removed it from her body. Then her bra came off.
Rachel looked back and forth at the other women, confused and wondering what
Phoebe had in mind next. But really, she didn't care. As long as she got to
cum, she didn't care what would happen, or with whom.

"Take my panties off, bitch," Phoebe ordered. Both girls were caught offguard
at how quickly Phoebe could change from sweet to domineering.

Rachel pulled them down and Phoebe stepped out of them. She caught the
kneeling girl looking at her trimmed crop of blonde hair.

"You want it, don't you?" she teased. "You want to touch it and lick it and
taste it." Rachel nodded shyly. Phoebe stepped to her, her pussy inches from
Rachel's face. "Ok, you can have it," she permitted, then added with a fake
sneer, "Princess."

Rachel's fingertips traced through the blonde pussy hair, then to the bald
skin underneath. As she rubbed Phoebe's puss, the blonde ordered Monica to
remove her bra. Obediently, the garment was taken off and dropped among the
piles of clothing scattered around them.

"Rub my tits," Phoebe directed.

Though she'd never touched her ex-roommate in this way before, Monica found
herself desiring her body with surprising lust.

"Put one in your mouth," Phoebe told her.

Monica stooped slightly, and brought a breast to her face as she continued
rubbing the other. Phoebe watched as Monica's lips wrapped around the nipple.

"Now suck, little girl... suck my tit... suck it good, now... yeah, that's

Then she addressed Rachel, "You may lick me too."

Rachel needed no further encouragement. Her mouth disappeared from Phoebe's
sight. She tasted the tangy difference between her two friends.

Phoebe took in a loud deep breath, through pursed lips, as Rachel dove into
her cunt. "Yeah, lick it... lick it, bitch... lick it."

Rachel dutifully obeyed. Small moans escaped from Phoebe, although she tried
to control them and stay in character.

Monica moved to straddle Rachel's back, so she could easily have both of
Phoebe's breasts. As she did so, Phoebe reached down between her spread legs
and rubbed her labia.

"Oh, yes... thank you," Monica moaned between mouthfuls of flesh.

Phoebe was reveling in how compliant Monica and Rachel were. She thought
she'd have to work more at this, but as she masturbated Monica, and felt her
pussy and tits being licked, she knew that the girls would follow her into
whatever sexual activities she led them.

She knew where she was going to take all this, but first Phoebe wanted one
more thing for herself. Trying to control her panting, she broke away from
both girls and sat on the coffee table.

"You," she pointed at Monica, then at the floor between her legs. Monica went
to her knees and resumed where Rachel left off.

"And you," Phoebe said pointing at Rachel and gesturing for her to come
over. Rachel knelt beside Phoebe, and felt her head being pulled down to her

As Rachel started sucking, Phoebe encouraged her. "That's it, just like
Monica," she instructed.

The blonde looked down and met dazzling blue eyes. "Put your finger in her."

Monica's hand traveled under Phoebe's right leg and found Rachel's thigh. It
ran back to her soft ass, then inward to her lips.

"Oh god," Rachel groaned as Monica pushed her digit in.

Her mouth never left Phoebe's breast as she looked down at Monica. After
their gazes met, Rachel closed her eyes and went back to devouring the tit.

"Mmm, fuck yes," she mumbled, enjoying the sensation of Monica's finger
sliding in and out.

For her part, Monica recalled Phoebe's promise that if she pleased her, she
could have Rachel back. She desperately wanted Rachel's mouth on her pussy
again, so she serviced Phoebe with a raging passion. For the first time,
Phoebe allowed herself to moan her pleasure.

"OH YEAH!!! Stick that tongue in me... oh shit... oh fuck... lick me...
deeper... push it deeper..."

Monica's face was pressed hard against Phoebe's pelvis. Her nose rubbed on
her clit as she tried to shove her tongue as far into Phoebe as it would go.

"FUCK YES!" Phoebe screamed. Then she grabbed Rachel by the arm. "You get
down there too."

Phoebe spread her legs wide and Monica backed away to make room for her
friend. Both girls licked voraciously, the pent-up emotion of their
almost-orgasms exploding onto their friend. Exactly what Phoebe intended.
She held both girls' heads, mussing their hair as she basked in their

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," she repeated with clenched teeth. "Lick me,
you fuckin' little sluts... yeah, lick me bitches..."

Their tongues seemed to vie for prominence on Phoebe's genitals, but
occasionally they would steal kisses with each other, displaying their
abandon. It was their own little oral-orgy, licking and sucking and
kissing, both each other and Phoebe.

"Shit, I wanna fuck you... I wanna fuck both of you ," Phoebe said nastily.

She clumsily stood up. Leaving the girls, she walked to a large bag at the
end of the couch. Phoebe reached in and pulled out two strap-ons. One was a
basic version with a medium sized dildo, shaped like a cock, and a clit-nub
on the inside. The other was more elaborate. The fake cock was larger and
thicker, and the inside panel sported a 5" mini dildo.

"What the hell are those?" Rachel asked, almost in protest.

"Yeah, and why are they here?" Monica added, now a little uncertain of the

"I have a friend in the Village that makes them," Phoebe explained in her
normal tone. "I just picked them up from her. Here... help me put them on."
She moved between the kneeling girls.

"Uh, Pheebs," Rachel began to object.

"Do it bitch!"

"Um, okay..." she said quickly, taking the smaller strap-on from Phoebe. She
helped her into it and tightened the straps around her hips. As she did this,
Rachel glanced over at Monica, who shared her hesitant, though intrigued

"Now suck on my cock," Phoebe ordered as she grabbed both the dick and
Rachel's head and pushed the two together.

Rachel was startled, but opened her mouth and took the rubber toy.

"Come on, Rachel," Phoebe complained, "Suck it like it's real."

Slightly embarrassed, Rachel began displaying her oral talents.

"Well, well... experienced, I see," Phoebe assessed. "I bet all the guys like
the way you suck cock. Almost makes me wish I had a real one." Then she went
back into her domineering character. "Now you keep sucking, bitch!"

Then she addressed Monica. "Put the other one on me."

Monica started to ask how, but a steely look silenced her. She fumbled with
the straps and eventually fitted it loosely against Phoebe's naked butt.

"Now get that little one wet and shove it in my ass."

Monica hesitated, but obediently lubricated it with her mouth and slowly
inserted it between Phoebe's ass cheeks. She tightened the straps one last
time, settling it inside her friend.

Phoebe stood there, looking like some weird double-donged Hindu goddess. She
watched as Rachel continued sucking on the one in her mouth.

"Turn around. Get down," Phoebe ordered.

When Rachel was in position on hands and knees, Phoebe kneeled behind her and
slowly pushed the cock into her.

"Uhhhnnn," Rachel groaned.

Phoebe worked it back and forth in her, lubing up the rubber toy. Then she
withdrew it, until the ridge of the head was barely inside Rachel's cunt.
Phoebe looked back over her shoulder at Monica, whose eyes were wide, though
with the smallest smile showing on her lips.

"Now fuck yourself onto this one," Phoebe told her, reaching back and holding
the cock that hung off her ass.

Monica crawled around and held the dildo in place between her legs. She
positioned it at her pussy lips, and felt them stretch as she impaled herself
on the thick toy. She grunted with each incremental move backward. Soon, most
of it was filling Monica's box.

"It.. um, it won't go any further," she said softly. Monica ran her fingers
through her tousled hair, and licked her lips nervously, as she readied
herself for what was going to happen.

"Good. That'll be just right," Phoebe decided. "Now lean forward."

Monica mirrored Rachel's position, the girl's calves resting against each
other. Holding the brunette's curvy hips, Phoebe slowly began fucking her
bitches. She rocked her hips forward and back, and heard grunts and groans
alternating in front and behind.

"Oh god, Pheebs," Rachel moaned with her head hanging down.

"Yes, Phoebe, yes... do it," Monica panted, face upwards and slowly twisting
as if in a trance.

"Yeah, you like that? You want some more of that?" she taunted her women.

Phoebe began to speed up her motions, and both girls moaned their agreement
and nearly begged her to keep going. Rachel was quivering, feeling the rod
slid in and out of her pussy. The cool leather base touched her clit with
each inward thrust. Phoebe's hips bumped against her thighs and ass.

Monica heard her roommate's moans and tried to look back over her shoulder to
watch, as her own sounds craved for more.

The erotic voices around Phoebe melded together in their begging. She could
barely distinguish Rachel from Monica.

"Oh, Phoebe, yes... Mmmm, uhhhnnn... Oh god, omigod... Do it, fuck me, do
it, fuck me... Uhn, uhn, uhn... God, Phoebe, Phoebe... Omigod, this feels so
good... Yes, like that, fuck me like that... Mmmm... ohhh... Fuck me, fuck me
good... Yes, Phoebe, make me your bitch... Ohh... OHHHH.... Oh, gaaawwwddd...
Please... please... UHNNNN... Don't stop... please don't stop... UHNNNN!!"

Phoebe knew both women were growing closer to orgasm. Her arousal was
creeping higher with the rubbing on her clit, and especially with the dildo
fucking her ass. Her own grunts and moans joined the sensuous chorus. Her
thrusts became more firm and forceful. Soon she was pounding forward into
Rachel, and ramming backward into Monica.

"Harder," Rachel whined. "Harder!"

She began pushing back onto Phoebe's thrusts, stuffing the fake cock deep
inside her. Her pussy and clit fluttered with each hard prod.

Phoebe's careful rhythm was thrown off, and Monica instinctively mimicked
Rachel, lunging her pussy back onto the thick rod.

"Do it harder! Please, harder!" Monica screamed, half begging and half

The girls quickly fell into sync, pounding back onto Phoebe simultaneously.
The related sensations of the ass fuck and clit rub were more than she could

"FUCK ME, YOU LITTLE FUCKERS," she screamed.

Phoebe just knelt there, fondling her own tits and being recklessly pleasured
by her bitches, as each fucked her own body closer to orgasm. She threw her
head back, moaning and groaning with Monica and Rachel.

Suddenly Rachel's shaking body buckled under the weight of her climax. As
she fell forward to the floor, Phoebe followed her to resume humping her.
Rachel's body spasmed in pleasure.

In her desire to stay filled, Monica was nearly dragged backward by the
toy in her pussy and ended up straddling her friend's pulsing bodies.
But Phoebe's humping of Rachel didn't give Monica enough, and she began
plunging herself down onto the strap-on. The last couple inches
disappeared inside her.

"Fuck... me... fuck... me..." she chanted with each frenzied thrust.

The energy of her small frame was amplified for all the women. Rachel's
pussy was rammed deeper and deeper, causing her to emit constant low,
guttural groans as her orgasm was renewed. Phoebe's body shuttered each
time Monica bounced down, ramming the butt plug into her, and jolting
the nub on her clit.

"Fuck me," Phoebe groaned, "fuck my ass... beautiful bitch... make me cum...
I'm fuckin' gonna... gonna cuuuUUUMMMMMM... UHHHHNNNN... UUHHNNNNN....

Monica was hovering close to the climax she had been awaiting all evening.

"Uhhhnn... uuhnnn... oh fuck... fuck..." she panted deeply.

Then her voice grew to a fevered pitch as she felt her orgasm swell.


Her eyes were squinted shut and her face contorted in sexual fury. She
writhed on the dildo as her climax shot to every part of her body. Her mind
begged it to stay, but all too soon, she felt it slowly ebb away. She began
to feel light-headed.

"Can I... can I pull off, Phoebe?" she panted.

"Yes, my beautiful bitch," Phoebe said tenderly as she reached back and
caressed Monica's calf.

Monica staggered over and collapsed on the couch, trying to catch her
breath. As Phoebe went back to her knees and pulled out of Rachel, the
brunette crawled up next to Monica. She cuddled against her roomie's
naked body, caressing her. Monica pointed out Rachel's single white
sock, the one piece of clothing NOT scattered somewhere on the floor.
They giggled together, as they enjoyed that just-fucked feeling.

Phoebe began to remove the strap-ons that entangled her hips, as she
commented to the girls, sounding like "normal Phoebe" once again. "Well, it
looks like you're over the whole 'Jean-Claude' thing."

Rachel laughed softly as she snuggled her head into Monica's shoulder. "Yeah,
I guess we are," she agreed.

Sex toys off, Phoebe knelt at the girls' feet and laid her head on Rachel's
thigh. Hands caressed bodies and glided through hair. After a few minutes,
Phoebe stood. "Well, I better get going... all right, where are my panties?"

"They're over there," Monica said, pointing where Rachel had tossed them.

"Oh, yeah... thanks."

As she got dressed, Phoebe glanced over and saw the slightest look of
disappointment on Monica's face.

"I know what you're thinking," she said, with a smile.

"What?" Monica replied, startled out of her thoughts. "I wasn't thinking

"Yeah, you were. You were thinking that I promised you could cum with Rachel
licking you, and you didn't get that." Rachel raised her head and looked at
Monica for an answer.

Self-consciously, Monica replied, "Well... it's just that it felt really
good... I mean, REALLY GO-OD!"

"So, you still want me to do that for you, Mon?" Rachel asked seductively as
her finger traced the circle of Monica's nipple.

"Well, I wouldn't say 'no' if ya offered," she smiled.

"Okay!" Rachel shouted, jumping up from the couch, "Let's go to my room."

Monica got up to follow her excited friend.

"Wait, wait," Phoebe stopped them. "Here... this is for you two."

She handed them the strap on that she used on Rachel. The two giggled like
teenage girls, as Rachel held their new toy.

"Wow, thanks. I have a hunch that's gonna get A LOT of use," Monica laughed.

"Yeah," Rachel agreed, "and thanks for tonight, Pheebs. It was INCREDIBLE! A
little kinky... but still pretty damn incredible."

"Yeah, totally, Phoebe. It was amazing. You can make me your bitch anytime!"
Monica said, half-joking, as she kissed her blonde friend.

"Aw, you guys are great," Phoebe said, then kissed Rachel. "Now you get in
there and you lick her 'til she cums!"

"Yes ma'am!" Rachel laughed.

Phoebe watched her two naked friends run into Rachel's room and close the
door. She returned the other strap-on to her bag and let herself out, locking
the door behind her.

Inside the bedroom, Monica and Rachel stood, kissing tenderly. "Ya think we
should tell her that we've... ya know... done it before tonight?" Rachel

Monica smiled and shook her head, good-naturedly. "NAAHHH... Let her think
that she was the one who got us together," she replied, leaning in for
another kiss.


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