Friends: Deleted Scenes - Rah, Rah, Ross (MF, unif)
by Dudeman ([email protected])

"Rachel, I'm here," Ross called out as he entered the apartment that his
girlfriend and sister shared. Rachel had invited him over that Saturday. It
was a beautiful summer morning. Monica would be gone shopping all day and
Rachel had planned something special for Ross.

"I'm in my bedroom," she replied. "Come, see."

Ross smiled to himself as he crossed the room and opened her door.

The day before, Rachel had gone to her parent's house on Long Island to get
some of her old things out of storage. She had grabbed "Wham" and "Frankie
Goes To Hollywood" posters, and they now hung on the wall. And some stuffed
animals, the kind that high-school girls sometimes have, were scattered
around the room and on the bed. But, the most surprising "flash from the
past" stood right in front of him.

Rachel was wearing her cheerleader outfit from Lincoln High School. A tight
red sweater-top with sleeves just past her elbows, and a large letter "L"
across the front. A matching short pleated skirt showed much of her tanned
legs. Little anklet socks and white tennis shoes completed the ensemble. As
a final touch, her hair was up in a school-girl ponytail.

"What's this?" he asked, closing the door.

"Chandler told me that in High School you always wanted to... how did he say
it... 'pop a cheerleader's cherry'."

Ross laughed nervously. "Well, I think pretty much every guy in every High
School wanted to do that."

She went on, "Something told me that the cheerleader you wanted was me." She
smiled sweetly.

"Um, yeah... totally."

She moved in close to him. "So, do you want to pop my cherry today?"

He could only stammer, "Um, uh... well, uh, yeah!" Rachel giggled.

"Okay, so, I'm going to be 'Rachel the Virgin Cheerleader'. Are you 'Ross the
High School Science Guy', or 'Doctor Geller the Museum Sex God'?"

"Um... the second one."

Rachel ran her hands on his chest.

"Oooo, the second one. So you want to be a Museum Sex God who bangs little
virgin cheerleaders, huh? Tell me, Ross," she went on, nastily, "do you ever
see these girls on their school field-trips to the museum? Sexy little cheer
outfits? Teasing you with their tight little bodies? Making you wonder what's
under their sweaters... under their short skirts?"

Ross cleared his throat nervously. His eyes were riveted on her lips as she
was saying these words.

"Well... no... um... yeah... uh, something like that," he said, realizing
Rachel wanted to hear him admit that. Rachel kissed him, seductively.

"Well today, I'm gonna make you forget all about those other teenie-bopper

She stepped back from him and her demeanor changed completely. Rachel put her
thumbnail between her teeth, as she gave him an innocent look.

"Gee, Doctor Geller, I sure would like to see some of the bones you have at
the museum. Can you show me your very best bone?"

Ross chuckled at how silly her dialog was, but he loved where it was going.
He opened his jeans and took out his cock. It was still fairly flaccid.

"I thought bones were long and hard. That looks pretty long, but it's not
very hard," she said.

"Well, let me teach you about this bone, Rachel," he began, going along with
the role-play. "You see, it has very special properties."

He took her hand and wrapped it around his penis.

"It will get very hard, when you apply pressure with a gentle motion."

Holding her fingers around his dick, Ross used Rachel's hand to masturbate
himself. His member grew in her fist.

"Wow, Doctor Geller! I never learned that in Health class," she teased.

He let go and she continued stroking him, as he closed his eyes and enjoyed

After a couple minutes, Rachel spoke, "Can I ask you a question, Dr. Geller?
My dad says that my cheer sweater is too tight, and that it just make every
boy in school want to feel my breasts. Do you think it's too tight?"

Ross looked at the curves of her pert breasts, accentuated by the stretchy

"Not at all, Miss Green. In fact, I think there may be plenty of room
underneath your sweater. But I should probably check, just to make sure."

Ross smiled as he slid his hand under Rachel's light-weight sweater, pulling
it up a ways, and feeling her perfect breast through her thin bra. Her hard
nipple poked through the cotton. His hand traveled around back and was joined
by its mate to unclasp her bra.

His hands moved to the front where he cupped a tit in each hand, gently
rubbing them. Rachel always loved the way his hands gripped her breasts.

"Oh, Dr. Geller... that feels so good," she purred.

They enjoyed each other's bodies like this for a few moments before Rachel
spoke again.

"Should I kiss it? Because Jenny Soloman says that a guy always likes to have
a girl kiss his thing."

"Well, Jenny Soloman is a very smart girl."

Rachel bent over and gave it a quick smooch.

"Like that?"

"No, a bit more than that. Maybe you should be on your knees for this,

Rachel knelt in front of him. She rubbed the smooth skin of her chin,
forehead, and face all over his now-hard dick. Then she kissed the side,
beginning as small pecks, then working into full open-mouth kisses.

"Don't forget the head, Rachel," Ross admonished.

She laughed like a ditzy teenage girl.

"Oh, yeah... sorry."

Wet kisses were generously applied, though she made sure that she didn't put
it in her mouth... not yet. She wanted to tease him as long as she could.

"Next, Rachel, you should lick it."

"Lick it, really?" she replied with feigned surprise.

"Oh yes, you should always lick it after you kiss it. Just think of it as...
a lollypop... or a ice cream cone."

Ross was really getting into this role-play, and Rachel loved it. She knew
that she turned him, and she loved normal sex, but it was good knowing that
they could play like this, too.

She began licking the head, as instructed, like an ice cream cone. Her tongue
glided over the surface, raising tingles for Ross in the sensitive flesh.

Then, Rachel pretended she was licking a lollypop, even smacking her lips a
couple times for effect.

Soon, his cock was being fully bathed by her soft tongue. Every part of it
was glistening from Rachel's continued wet licking.

"Ohhh, yeah," Ross groaned.

"Am I doing it right?" Rachel asked, trying her best to sound like an
inexperienced teenage girl.

"Oh, Rachel, you're doing very well. But now you need to put it in your

She feigned uncertainty.

"But Dr. Geller, it's so BIG! I don't think I can fit it all in my mouth,"
she said, shaking her head demurely.

Ross smiled. He was enjoying the game.

"Just try. You never know what you can do until you try, Rachel," he said
caressing her hair.

Rachel opened her small mouth as wide as it would go. Looking up at him, she
moved it over his cock. It was fully in her mouth, but she was ensuring that
no part of it was allowed to touch.

Ross felt her warm breath on his recently moistened skin. He had a look of
expectation, desire, and a little frustration added for good measure. This
was exactly what Rachel wanted to see.

As she watched him, she slowly closed her mouth around him, enveloping his
dick in warm velvet.

"Ohhhh, Rachel!" Ross groaned again as she gently sucked. "Oh, that's good.
Oh yeah. Suck it good for me."

Like an obedient student, Rachel sucked his cock, as she ran the flat of her
tongue back and forth on the underside of his shaft.

She tried to take more of him, but the head was already at the back of her
throat, and she gagged slightly as her lips inched forward.

"That's okay, Rachel," Ross stopped her, running his fingertips down to hold
her cheek, lovingly. "Just do what you can. Why don't you try bobbing on it,

She knew exactly what he was asking for, but she raised an eyebrow,


Ross moved his hand to her ponytail, just past the crown of her head.

"Like this," he said.

Ross grasped the bundle of hair and gently pulled back, withdrawing Rachel's
mouth so her lips touched the rim of his head. Then, he gently pushed her
head towards him, filling her mouth again.

In character, Rachel gave him a confused look; mouth still full.

Ross did it a couple more times, pulling Rachel's hair then pushing her head,
as he "taught" this virgin cheerleader how to give head.

Rachel signaled her understanding with a muffled, "Ohhh!" Then she practiced
her "new-found" oral technique.

"Oh, that's good, Rachel... now a little faster..."

Rachel picked up the pace, and received a moan from Ross. She made sure that,
on the back stroke, her upper teeth gently rubbed against his sensitive head,
teasing him a bit.

With all the guys she'd dated, she'd sucked a lot of cocks. A lot of
experience. But blowing all those jerks was worth it, to be able to please
the man she loved, in this way.

"Ohhhh... faster... faster..."

Rachel was now giving head for all she was worth, ponytail bouncing on the
back of her neck.

Soon Ross stopped her. He was quite close to cumming in her mouth, but he had
other things in mind for this fantasy. He helped her up from her knees.

"Did I pass Cock-Sucking 101?" she asked.

"You got an A+, Rachel. You're an excellent little cocksucker," he smiled.

She did a little cheerleader hop, getting a laugh from Ross.

He took her to the bed and laid her back into the pillows. They kissed, still
smiling. Then Rachel went back into her naive cheerleader character.

"Are you going to put your hand in my panties? Because Jenny Soloman says..."

Ross interrupted her, "Shhh, Rachel... I'm not going to put my hand in your

"You're not?" she asked with a wide-eyed look.

"No," Ross smiled, "I'm going to take off your panties."

Rachel gave him a big smile. "I think I'd like that better."

Then she paused and said, "Oh, but Jenny says a guy likes to put his finger
in a girl. Are you going to put your finger in me? Or do you, um, do you
wanna 'do' me?"

Ross smiled as he pulled the white cotton panties from underneath her
cheerleader skirt. She raised her feet so he could remove her underwear,
then she brought them down, legs bent and knees together.

"I only want to do what you want me to do, Rachel. Can I rub you?"

He gently pushed her knees apart.

"Yes," she said softly.

Ross knelt between her legs and caressed her thighs. Her trimmed pussy was
exposed, but he pushed her skirt up to her waist anyway. He loved seeing her

Then he pushed up her sweater top, so he could look at her tits. Her shy
smile spurred him on.

Ross caressed her breasts, and then moved one hand between her legs. He
gently rubbed her swollen clit.

Rachel took a stuttered breath. From here on, she knew the only acting she'd
be doing would be trying to act like she'd never been touched before. But she
figured she'd just think back to High School, when she really did lose her

He slowly rubbed her, then gently slid his middle finger into her pussy.
Rachel gave a little moan.

Ross worked it in and out of her, as he rubbed her breasts, then her legs.

"Oh, yes," she whimpered with a pleading look, a true pleading look, on her

Ross's hands left her momentarily as he pushed his jeans and boxers down to
his knees.

Rachel's eyes were drawn to his still-erect cock. Ross took in his beautiful
girlfriend, spread out before him.

He leaned forward and balanced himself on one elbow, gently sucking Rachel's
nipple as he resumed rubbing her clit. Chin on her chest, she watched him

"More," she whispered.

Ross took his cock in his hand, and began rubbing the head against Rachel's

She moaned, "Yeeesss!"

Rachel was panting as she unbuttoned Ross' shirt. She ran her hands all over
his muscles, enjoying the pleasure he was giving her.

Ross moved his cockhead to her entrance.

"Are you ready, Rachel?"

She swallowed hard.

"Yes," she whispered, "I... I've just never done this before."

Ross decided to live in the moment.

"It may hurt a little at first, but then it will feel wonderful. I promise,"
he encouraged.

"O-, okay," she said. Ross was captivated by the look of complete innocence
that Rachel was giving him.

He gradually pushed into her. She was so tight. He could easily imagine that
she still was a virgin.

Partway in, Rachel gave a little grunt of pain, and sharply squeezed his

"Damn!" Ross thought, "she's good at this role-playing stuff!"

He slowly fucked her, enjoying this fantasy of doing the head cheerleader. He
raised up, stiff-armed, so he could look at her.

"Oh wow, Doctor Geller, that feels so good," Rachel moaned, looking into his

He smiled, and thought back to all the times he'd watched Rachel in this
outfit, cheering on the sidelines of the football field. How he wanted to
fuck her under the bleachers at a basketball game, or in the locker room,
or... anywhere.

And now, Ross felt that he was the luckiest man on earth.

Rachel was moaning deeply.

She brought her knees up and gripped under them, so she could hold her legs
up and get Ross to go deeper in her. As they hovered over the blankets, her
tennis shoes bounced with his thrusts.

"Yes... yes..." she whined, "do it... do it... bang me, Dr. Geller...

She looked down and watched his thick rod sliding in and out of her. She
felt the soft rubbing on her pussy lips as his cock moved back and forth. The
pressure on the walls of her cunt.

Rachel caressed her breasts and gave little squeezes to her nipples. She
licked her lips and closed her eyes as her groans became louder.

"Uuuuhhhh... UUUUhhhhhh... YEEESS... OHHHHHhhhh..."

Ross lowered his body so he could kiss her as he fucked her. She grabbed his
head and held it as she kissed him passionately, her moans never ceasing.

Ross rose back up. He wanted to watch her as she came.

He gazed at the look on her face. That look was always his desire for her.

Rachel pushed her head back into the pillow as she started to cum, though
still remembering to stay in character.

"Oh! OH! What... is... UUUUUUHHHHHHNNNNNN...."

"That's your orgasm, Rachel. Let it come. Just let it come."

Rachel's hips began to grind up into him as the climax swelled.

"That's it, Rachel... Cum, my little cheerleader... just let it come..."

She threw her head from side to side as it wracked her body.


Then she collapsed, trembling, as Ross continued banging her pussy.

"UUUUUUuuuuhhhmmm... mmmmm... mmm..."

"I'm close, Rachel," he moaned, clearing trying not to ejaculate. "Do you
want me to cum in you, or pull out?"

"NO! Don't cum on my outfit!" she panted. "I have to cheer tonight."

"O-kay!" Ross said through clenched teeth, just as he released with one final
deep plunge.

Rachel felt his jizz shooting into her.

"Oh, Dr. Geller," she gasped.

"Do you feel it?" he groaned.

"Yes, it's so hot!"

"Feel my cum, Rachel. Take it. Take my cum."

Ross groaned as he began pumping her again, and the last shots filled her

Then his body crumpled onto her, his head next to hers. Rachel stroked his
hair and gently kissed his neck.

A minute or so passed in silence.

"So how was your fantasy, 'Dr. Geller'?"

Ross panted, "It was amazing!"

Then Rachel began giggling. Ross found himself starting to laugh with her.

He raised up on his elbows and looked at her. So beautiful, and right now
with a girlish cuteness that tugged at his heart.

"What?" he asked.

"That was just SO not like us. But it was really fun," she smiled. Then she
kissed him passionately, "But maybe we can do more of this fantasy stuff. Do
ya think?"

"Totally," Ross replied. "Next time will be your turn."

Rachel kissed him. "Fine by me," she smiled. Then seconds later, "Hey, do you
want to spend the afternoon in Central Park?"

"Sure," Ross agreed. "But only if you wear that."

"I am not wearing my old cheerleading uniform out in public. People with

"Awww," Ross whined with semi-fake disappointment.

"But I'll tell ya what I will do..."

Rachel stripped off her sweater, bra, and skirt. Standing bare, she put on
a white T-shirt, and then started to pull on a pair of jeans over her naked

"If I go commando, do ya think we can have a quickie in the bushes

"You go commando, and I KNOW we can do that," Ross promised.

They left the apartment, kissing and laughing. Both knew that they would get
into some mischief, somewhere that day.


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