Friends: Deleted Scenes - The Girls Give Chandler Some Sex-Ed (MF,F-mast,voy)
by Dudeman ([email protected])

Chandler had been telling Monica and Rachel about the sex with Kathy the
night before. It was alright, but Chandler wanted to really make her scream
in pleasure. So Monica had drawn out a diagram showing the seven basic
erogenous zones of a woman's body. "Okay, now, most guys will hit one, two,
and three and then go to seven and set up camp," Monica began.

"And that's bad?" Chandler questioned.

"Well," Rachel replied, "if you go to Disneyland, you don't spend the whole
day on the Matterhorn."

Chandler countered, "Well you might if it were anything like 'seven'."

Monica got him back on topic. "All right, uh, the important thing is to take
your time. You want to hit them all and you want to mix them up. You got to
keep them on their toes."

"Oh, TOES!!" Rachel said excitedly, raising her hands in the air. Monica and
Chandler both looked at her. "Yeah, for some people," she finished, more

Monica continued, "Okay, you could, uh, start with a little one; a two; a
one, two, three; a three; a five; a four, a three-two; a two, a
two-four-six..." She was starting to get into it. "...two-four-six; four..."

Rachel moved back from her a bit on the couch. "...a two..." Monica's eyes
were closed and she was getting visibly excited. "...two; four-seven;

Chandler couldn't believe what was happening and looked away, a bit
uncomfortable. "...six-seven; seven, seven, SEVEN, SEVEN, SEVEN-SEVEN-
SEVEN-SEVEN-" Chandler couldn't believe what he was seeing and hearing.

Eyes closed, Monica's head tilted back and she shuddered. Holding up seven
fingers, she silently mouthed the word, "seven".

After a few moments of uncomfortable silence, Monica came back to reality,
caressing her neck. "And that's one example of how it's done."

Chandler was insecurely hesitant. "Well, that might work if I could remember
all that stuff the next time we have sex."

So Rachel suggested, "You could get a little practice ahead of time."

"Oh sure, like I'm going to cheat on my girlfriend, with a total stranger,
just so I can give her good sex."

"No," Rachel explained, a bit more clearly. "What I meant was, you could
practice on me."

"What?" Chandler was shocked.

Monica offered her opinion. "That's actually not such a bad idea. You guys
wouldn't get attached, so it's not like you're cheating on her. Chandler,
it's just sex."

Chandler was still uncertain.

"Yeah, come on, Chandler," Rachel encouraged, "I haven't had any sex since
Ross and I broke up. And it's sure not like you would be cheating on HIM."

He was still self-conscious. "I'm still not sure I'd remember all that."

"Ok," Monica offered, "I'll go in there with you guys and help."

Chandler looked unimpressed. "Oh, that'll help me. I can disappoint two women
at once."

"Noooo..." Monica went on. "I'll be your 'coach'. I'll tell you what to do
and guide you through everything. You'd be ok with that, right Rach?"

"Oh sure, as long as I get me some. I'm just there for the ride," she smiled.

Chandler was finally convinced and the three of them went to Monica's

Rachel was wearing a blue bathrobe, which she took off and slung over the end
of the bed. Under her robe, she wore a black satin bra and matching french
cut satin panties. Chandler reached around her to take off her bra. Rachel
stopped him. "Whoa there, Speedy. Whatcha doin?"

"Well, shouldn't I..." He looked a little uneasy. "...undress you?"

"All in good time," Monica explained, "It's all about seducing her. Sure, you
both know you're going to have sex, but a woman likes to be seduced anyway."
Chandler understood and she continued. "So start with Zone One."

Chandler replied a bit irritated, "You don't have to use the numbers. Just
tell me what to do."

"Ok," Monica said a little disappointed, obviously wanting to be organized in
everything she did. "Kiss her on the mouth... but gently at first."

Chandler leaned in and kissed Rachel's lips. That perfect mouth responded
and he felt Rachel's body sink into his. After a few seconds, they broke the
kiss. Rachel cleared her throat and brushed her hair from her face, obviously
turned on.

"Well, Chandler Bing, you're a pretty good kisser." Then she looked to
Monica, standing at his side and mouthed the words, "REALLY good!"

"Well, I have been kissed by over three women," Chandler said, proud of

"Ok, stud, back to the lesson, um, I mean 'coaching'," Monica said, then
mouthing to Rachel, "It was THAT good?" Rachel smiled and nodded. "Now, kiss
her again, but this time, move slowly to her neck."

Chandler did so, and Rachel smiled and purred, "Mmmm... that's nice."

Monica's coaching continued. "Now start caressing her breast."

Chandler's hand slid from Rachel's back to her firm tit.

"Ok, drop her bra strap off her shoulder... Like that.. and kiss your way
across her shoulder and down to her breast. You can peel the bra cup down as
you get to her nipple."

Chandler went to his knees in front of Rachel and did as directed.

"Ooohhhh," Rachel gasped as Chandler took her nipple in his mouth and began
to gently suck. She held his head there.

Monica continued, "You can do a lot there. Try tracing the circle of her
nipple with your tongue tip. Or flick your tongue across it. You can even
gently bite it, if you're VERY careful. Just enough and it's erotic... too
hard and it's just irritating. Now slowly pull down her other strap and cup
and try those things on her other breast."

Rachel liked what he did. "Mmmm... those are all good, Chandler."

Monica was getting a bit aroused at what she was seeing. She licked her lips
and swallowed hard as she watched her friends' foreplay. She undid a couple
buttons on her plaid shirt and rubbed her own breast through her bra. "Now
take off her bra... gently push her back onto the bed and you can kiss and
lick her stomach down to the top of her panties."

Chandler complied and Rachel laid across the bed. She was panting, rubbing
her breasts and neck. "Right about now, she's probably wanting to rip your
clothes off you, so stand up and start taking off your tie."

Chandler did so, and Rachel immediately sat up, undoing his pants and helping
him strip.

"Oh fuck, I want you, Chandler," Rachel said, completely unprompted.

But Monica stopped him, "Not yet, you're not done with her yet," she said,
smiling seductively. He didn't even notice that somewhere along the line,
Monica had removed her blue jeans, and stood there in open plaid shirt, bra,
panties, and socks. "Lay down next to her and kiss her lips and neck. Now,
take your hand and rub between her thighs, on top of her panties. Feel how
wet she is?"

Rachel's panties were soaked. Monica had sat down on a chair across from them
and was confirming that her own panties were wet. She unclasped the front of
her bra and caressed her own nipples.

"While you kiss her mouth, neck and breasts, trace your fingertips across her
stomach and abdomen, then slide them into her panties."

As Chandler did this, Rachel's body shuddered and her firm flat stomach
heaved with each breath. Monica was mimicking him with her own hand motions.

"Brush your finger tip across her clit." Rachel let out a deep moan. "Now
gently rub her clit, up and down... but don't stop kissing her."

Rachel's eyes were closed and her mouth open, panting. "Put it in me... put
your finger in me," she whispered. Chandler looked to Monica for direction,
and was surprised to see her half-naked, pleasuring herself as she watched

"Go ahead and give the lady what she wants," she encouraged.

Chandler slid a finger into Rachel's well-lubricated pussy. She ground her
hips against his hand, and was audibly moaning. Within a few minutes, Rachel
opened her eyes to look at Chandler. She had a passionate, pleading look on
her face.

"Please fuck me," she whimpered.

Chandler moved to enter her, and Monica jumped up to stop him.

"No, turn her over and do her from behind."

From the look in her eyes, Chandler couldn't tell if that was for Rachel's
or Monica's benefit, but it didn't matter. He stood and with one motion, he
pulled Rachel toward him and flipped her over. She let out a surprised little
scream, and then giggled. Her hips lay almost over the side of the high bed,
with her toes just brushing the floor. Chandler pulled Rachel's panties down
around her knees. Monica dropped her own panties to the floor.

"Before you go in her, make sure you gently rub the head of your cock on her
clit and around her pussy lips. That'll get her thinking about how big and
hard it is."

Chandler did this, and as he penetrated his friend, they both groaned,
"oh GOD!"

Monica was clearly directing her own fantasy now, but that didn't matter to
anyone. "Now, fuck her slowly at first, going a little deeper each time, so
she gets used to having you in her."

Rachel smiled, eyes closed as she enjoyed the feeling. "Mmmm yeah, that's
good. Go a little deeper.... deeper..." Rachel closed her legs slightly to
give her pussy lips a tighter grip around Chandler's dick.

Watching this, Monica stood to the side, giving her clit some much needed
attention. "Fuck her, Chandler," she whispered, almost to herself. "Fuck
Rachel. Fuck that tight little body. Fuck her..."

As if in unison, both girls said the word, "harder" but Rachel continued.
"Harder... Harder... fuck me harder..."

Chandler was standing behind her, unable to get the leverage to comply with
her begging. So Monica moved in behind him, putting her weight behind his
thrusts. With each, she nearly threw her mostly naked body against his,
driving his cock, hard and deep into her best friend.

"Fuck... her... harder..." she directed passionately with each thrust.

"YES!!!" Rachel screamed. She had gathered part of the bed's comforter in a
bundle under her chest and was holding it with a death grip. Chandler leaned
forward, almost so he was humping Rachel's ass, and got in a position to
continue nailing her as hard as she wanted. Monica climbed up at the head of
the bed and snuggled into the pillows, masturbating her wet pussy. She had
heard Rachel through the wall many times, but she was glad to finally see her
getting fucked. She was so beautiful, Monica thought, especially with that
look of consuming passion on her face.

"Fuck me, Chandler... fuck me. I'm so close. I want to cum... I want to
cum... Please cum in me... please cum in me... I want to feel you shoot in

Chandler couldn't hold out any longer and he shot his load deep into Rachel's
pussy. This sent Rachel over the edge, and she came, screaming. Monica had
been holding out up to this point, not wanting to cum and distract them. But
this was the moment she had been waiting for. Hearing Rachel's screams again
brought her to climax, as it had done so many times before, hearing her
through the wall.

Chandler fell forward onto Rachel, kissing the back of her neck. She shivered
and giggled. He started to pull out.

"No, no, no, sweetie. Stay in me. I like it there."

So they rolled to the side, spoon style. Monica snuggled in behind Chandler
and purred in his ear. "I think you'll do just fine tonight."

Chandler thanked them both.

Rachel replied, "Hell, you do it that way and you can use me as a fuck doll
any time you want."

Monica agreed, "Yeah, if you need some more coaching tomorrow, I'd be happy
to let you practice on me, too."


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