Friends: Deleted Scenes - The New Year's Eve After-Party Party (MMFF,oral)
by Dudeman ([email protected])

The New Year's Eve party had ended a short while before, and already all
the guests had left, including Ross and Phoebe. Chandler and Joey sat at the
kitchen table as Monica cleaned up the apartment.

"This New Year's Eve SUCKED!" Rachel complained as she sat on the couch.
Everyone mumbled their agreement as she continued. "I was going to spend a
romanic evening with Paolo, making love to him... and the asshole didn't
even show up."

"Tell me about it," Monica agreed. "I bought this dress thinking I'd get
SOME guy at the party to sleep with me. But nothing! Am I THAT hideous in

Both Chandler and Joey disagreed vocally. Monica wore an ivory, sleeveless,
full length gown that hugged the curves of her body. Joey had been stealing
glimpses of her all evening. The simple spaghetti staps that crisscrossed
her back showed that she obviously was wearing no bra. As she flirted with
a guy, if she was particularly attracted to him, Joey could see the slight
bumps in the fabric over her nipples. Each time she walked past him, he
gazed at her sexy legs, as each was revealed in turn by the high slit in
the back of her dress.

"Well, um, here's an idea," he offered sheepishly. "How about if the four of
us... you know..."

Everyone knew what he meant, and Chandler simply looked to the girls to see
what their reaction would be. Monica was first to answer. "Maybe I've had
too much wine, but... why not? No sense letting THIS bad boy go to waste,"
gesturing at her dress.

Chandler agreed, without trying to seem too enthusiastic, "Well, um, I don't
see a reason NOT to..."

Everyone looked to Rachel. "Aw, hell, sure... I was wanting to get laid
tonight anyway. If it can't be Paolo, it might as well be one of you two."

Chandler responded, "Somewhat insulting, but still quite arousing."

"Oh, you know what I mean," Rachel replied.

"So, uh, how to we, um... begin?" Chandler asked.

Monica joined Rachel on the couch. "Well, I always like a good 'hanger' in
my mouth," she smiled and laughed. "How about you, Rach?"

"Yeah, I think I could do that," she said, provocatively.

Both girls knelt on the couch, facing the guys in the kitchen. "Bring 'em
over, boys," Monica said, showing that the wine had made her a little drunk.

The guys stood and unzipped their pants, taking our their cocks. Both were
already hard. Monica leaned forward, her face a few inches above the back of
the couch, and opened her mouth. Joey walked over and placed his hard dick
in Monica's mouth. She closed her lips around his shaft, but just knelt
there, enticing him to slowly face-fuck her.

Chandler went to Rachel, who took his rod in her hand, and stroked it up and
down. She put her mouth over the head and gently began sucking. "Ooohhh,"
Chandler moaned, not having had a blow job in months.

But within a couple minutes, Rachel stopped. "I'm sorry, Chandler, I just
can't do this."

Monica and Joey paused. Joey asked, "Is this all a little too wierd for ya,

"Oh, hell no," she answered, "It's just that my lip still hurts from when
that damn bitch tackled me to the ground at the airport tonight. I don't
think I can suck anymore. It hurts too much."

Chandler replied, "Oh... well... how about I do all this for you instead?"

Monica chimed in, "A guy wants to go down on you, instead of the other way
around... you take him up on it."

Rachel answered Chandler, smiling as best she could, "Yeah... ok, sweetie...
thank you... I DO want to do this."

"Ya know, Rach," Monica suggested, "a little more of that wine, and your lip
will probably stop hurting, too."

Chandler turned around and retrieved an open bottle of red wine and filled a
glass. Rachel walked around the couch and he handed it to her. Leaning back
against the sofa, she sipped it as Chandler went to his knees in front of
her. He lifted the hem of her dark moss-green mini-dress and saw the tops of
her black thigh-highs. Matching black lace panties veiled a nicely trimmed
bush underneath. He slid his hands up her thighs and hooked his fingers over
the sides of her panties and pulled them down to the floor. Chandler caressed
Rachel's legs, from ankle to hip, enjoying the feel of the nylon.

By this time, Joey and Monica had resumed. He continued fucking her mouth,
while holding her head. "Oh, yeah, Monica, that's incredible!" he said. The
thought of Joey getting off in her mouth excited her more and she began
sucking in earnest.

Chandler brushed a finger tip across Rachel's clit, sending a chill up her
spine. He leaned in and began licking her. She held the hem of her dress up
against her stomach, so she could watch. "Oh, Chandler, baby, that feels so

She dribbled a bit of wine at the top of her trimmed puss, and it ran down
to her lips. The tingle of the alcohol on her clit, combined with Chandler's
licking was something she'd never felt before, and she liked it... a lot.

Joey stood to her side, and slightly in front of her. "Here Joe," she
offered. He pulled out of Monica's mouth, and Rachel took his cock and dipped
it in her wine glass. Joey pulled it out, and the end of his rod was coated
in wine, dripping off the tip. Monica tried to catch it all in her mouth.
Grabbing his cock, she licked all the wine from the shaft before plunging her
mouth over the top. "Mmmm..." she commented, as best she could with her mouth

Rachel teased her, " 'Penis Merlot.' I bet that's a dish you've never had,
huh, Chef Monica?"

"No," Monica replied, "But it's one that I'm going to be eating again," she
joked as she licked all around Joey's thick cock. She grabbed a half-full
wine glass from the table behind her and handed it to Joey. She sucked his
cock, then balanced the head of his dick on her lower lip. Joey drizzled
some wine down his shaft, and into her open mouth. She quickly swallowed,
then licked the remaining wine off his rod.

Watching this, Rachel drank from her own glass. "Ya know, Rach," Joey
reminded her, "my cock has been in that wine."

"Oh, I know, baby," she replied, taking another sip while locking his eyes
in her own, "and maybe a little later your cock will be in ME." Joey chucked
and gave her one of his "how YOU doin'" looks.

Chandler, meanwhile, was continuing to lick Rachel's pussy. "Mmmm..." Rachel
moaned, "you have no idea how good that feels, Chandler." He took her clit in
his lips and gently sucked on it. The pulsing sensation ran up Rachel's body
and she tossed her head back, "Oh GOD! Yes!" She ran her fingers through her
hair as she panted and whimpered, like a kitten. "Suck it... suck my little
clit..." Chandler was holding her skirt up, and she watched her friend's face
buried in her crotch. She loved what his lips and tongue were doing to her.

Rachel downed the rest of the wine in one swallow and dropped the glass on
the floor. "I am SO ready to fuck," she announced.

Rachel grabbed the lapel of Joey's jacket. "Come on, Joey, fuck me."

That was Chandler and Monica's cue that their services were no longer
required. Rachel led Joey to the coffee table in the living room. Her body
danced as she hummed the sultry music that was playing in her head. They
kissed and Rachel quickly undressed her friend. He reciprocated, as her
sexy little dress hit the floor. She stood there only in strapless bra and
thigh-highs, and soon the bra was on the floor, too.

Monica moved down the couch to Chandler. "So you need a little 'oral
action'?" she asked teasingly, stroking his slightly limp cock.

Before he could answer, Monica moved around the couch and knelt in front of
him. The head of his dick was in her mouth and she masturbated him as she
sucked. Her blue eyes looked up at him, encouraging him to stiffen up. He
caressed her cheek and the soft skin of her bare shoulders. He ran his
fingertips through her shoulder-length black hair.

"Oh, Mon, you are so beautiful."

Soon he was rock hard, and she removed her mouth with a pop. "I'd say we're
ready to go," she assessed.

She struggled against her long tight dress to get to her feet and Chandler
helped her. "It's easy to go down in this dress, but not so easy to get up,"
she commented.

Chandler smirked, "Well, you going down in that dress made it easy for me to
get up." She gave him a smile, and led him around the couch.

On the other side of the coffee table, Joey was licking Rachel's breasts as
she stroked the rod that Monica had been sucking just a few minutes before.
The sight aroused Monica even more.

She turned to face Chandler, a look of pure desire in her eyes. Her nipples
had peaked the satin of her dress. She reached behind herself and spread the
straps of her gown, easing each over a flawless shoulder. Chandler's eyes
were riveted on her, as she lowered her dress in a slow sexy way - first,
her perfect pert breasts, then her flat toned stomach, next her ivory satin
garter belt and white silk stockings, and finally, the gown was in a crumpled
heap at her ankles. She was pantyless, and her snatch was trimmed into a
strip. She moved to Chandler and undressed him as she kissed him with all her

Rachel had turned away from Joey and had bent over with her hands on the
coffee table, to offer her pussy to him. Her 3-1/2" heels brought it to just
the right height for a stand-up fuck. He was behind her, masturbating.

She looked over her shoulder, "Say, Sailor Joe, whatcha doin' back there?
Hurry up and put that thing in me."

Joey put the head just in contact with her cunt. He moved it up and down,
gently caressing her lips. She was very wet and very ready.

"Any time now, Big Boy," she teased him.

In one motion, Joey thrust his hips forward, and rammed his cock as deep into
Rachel as it would go. His hips slapped the back of her legs.

Rachel gasped. Joey slowly rubbed her back as she caught her breath and
swallowed hard.

"Do that to me again," she begged. Joey pulled out of her and penetrated her
again, fast and hard. "FUCK! YES!" she screamed. "Nail me, Joey," Rachel
directed, her teech clenched.

Monica sat down on the end of the coffee table. Chandler knelt in front of
her and kissed her neck. Then holding one of her breasts, he licking and
sucking her nipple. Monica watched him, mouth open and panting.

"Fuck me," she whispered.

Monica laid back across the coffee table, ready to be entered. Rachel towered
over her, resting her fingertips on either side of her friend. But neither
woman seemed to notice the other.

Chandler took Monica's legs and hooked them over his shoulders. Her stilletto
heels were just behind his ears. He held her stocking-clad legs as he slid
into her. He fucked her slowly, even gently, as he kissed and licked her
ankles. He loved the feel of the soft silk on his tongue. Monica closed her
eyes, enjoying the feeling of a cock sliding in and out of her. She caressed
his arms... her legs... his chest... her abdomen... her breasts.

Joey was giving Rachel everything she was asking for. He pounded her pussy
with each thrust, and she just begged for more. He grabbed a handful of her
light brown locks, and jerked her head back.

"Yeah," she egged him on, "ride me rough and put me away wet, Cowboy! Come
on, fuck me hard!" With each thrust, Rachel pounded her pussy back onto
Joey's cock.

Monica was moaning deeply now, and Chandler shifted both of her legs to one
shoulder. He wrapped his arms around her knees, holding her thighs tightly
together. As he did this, he felt Monica's pussy lips tighten around his rod.

"God," she moaned, almost choking on the words, "do me, Chandler."

This was far better than the dildo she thought she'd have to use that night.
Her orgasm grew closer, and she became aware of her roomate's breasts swaying
above her head. Monica reached up and cupped them both, feeling hard nipples
in her palms. Rachel hadn't noticed her friend's position until now.

"Yes, Monica," she panted, out of breath, "grab my tits, Mon. Grab 'em.
Squeeze 'em."

Monica did as she was asked. Rachel continued directing Joey. "Fuck me, Joe,
FUCK ME... slam that dick into me... harder.... HARDER.... I'm gonna cum...
gonna cum... I'M CUMMING... I'M CUMMING," she screamed.

Chandler couldn't take any more of this. Watching Monica massaging Rachel's
tits. Feeling his cock sliding in and out of Monica's wet pussy. Seeing her
tight sexy body laying before him. He could feel an orgasm building, and he
grabbed her hips and thrust into her one last time, as deeply as he could.

He shot his load deep into her cunt, and she began to climax. She released
Rachel's breasts and grabbed the edge of the table by her head.

"Don't stop... keep going... keep going..." she whimpered.

Chandler started pumping her pussy again, and Monica's orgasm grew even more.
She moaned loudly, "OOOOOoooohhh... fuck me, baby.... fuck me..."

Chandler kept thrusting deep into her and taking her higher and higher.
Monica's eyes were closed and she could only mouth the words, "Don't stop...
fuck me... please fuck me."

Her whole body was tense as she pushed the back of her knees against
Chandler's shoulder, lifting her ass off the table. This created a whole new
angle to be fucked and brought new pleasures to the soft folds of her pussy.
She moaned loudly as she went over the top. "UUUUUuuhhhhhhnnnnnnn...."

Rachel knew that Joey was enjoying their nasty fuck, and she thought that a
little more nastiness would make him cum.

"You like FUCKIN' me, Joe? Do you like screwing me like one of your little
whore girlfriends? Huh? Come on, Joey, use me like a little fuck toy."

This spurred on his lust, and Rachel went on. "I know what YOU want. You want
to cum on my face. Is that what you do to your girlfriends? Do you cum on
their pretty faces? Do you want to cum on ME, Joey? I'll let you. I'll let
you cum on me. I want you to cum on me."

Joey's stamina was impressive, but the chance to give his sexy friend a
facial was more than he could stand. He pulled out of Rachel and she quickly
turned and knelt in front of him. He masturbated as she drove him on.

"Come on, baby, cum on my face. I want to feel your hot cum on me. I want to
taste it. Will you let me taste it? Will you, baby?"

Just then he came, and Rachel opened her mouth and tilted her head back,
hoping to catch some. Joey shot the first spurt across her forehead and into
her light brown hair. The second hit her eye and nose, and dribbled into her
mouth. The remaining shots landed in her mouth and ran across her lower lip
and down her chin.

She took her finger and guided as much of the cum into her mouth as she
could, before grabbing a tissue and wiping her face.

The four friends stayed in the living room for a while. Rachel and Joey sat
on the couch as Rachel slowly stroked his rod. Monica sat across Chandler's
lap in the chair. She maneuvered his dick so that it was underneath her,
coming up between her thighs and tight against her still wet clitoris. They
kissed lovingly as he caressed her thigh. She clenched her thighs and gave
his dick an almost imperceptable pulsing, to see how long she could keep him

"Well," Rachel offered, "This certainly was an interesting New Years Eve."

"I think this should be some sort of tradition," Joey added.

"Well, you can't argue with that," Chandler agreed.

"Except," Monica smiled, "next year, we need to finish what we start.
Chandler and Rachel need to do it... and I want to see what it's like riding
the Italian Stallion."

"Baby," Joey replied, "You wear that dress and you can ride the Stallion any
time you want."

"Hmmm, I'll remember that. Maybe I won't have to wait a year, then," she
said, seductively.


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