Friends: Deleted Scenes - The Valentine's Day Gift (MF-mast,voy)
by Dudeman ([email protected])

Monica and Chandler had decided to exchange homemade gifts this year for
Valentine's Day. Chandler had forgotten about it, and in a panic, had found
an old mix tape of what he hoped were love songs. Monica loved it.

"Okay, you ready to open yours?" she asked.

"Yeah!" Chandler replied enthusiastically.

"Okay," Monica said as she handed him her gift. Chandler opened his present.

"It's a sock bunny," Chandler commented, knowing that Phoebe had made it.

Monica tried to cover, "Yeah - yeah, you remember how I call you bunny?"

Chandler wasn't going to let her get away with it. "Not really," he replied.

She countered, "Well, I did one time, and... and I want to start doing it
more. See that's what this is about."

Chandler decided to call her bluff, "I see. Y'know umm, Phoebe makes sock

Monica kept digging herself deeper. "No! No, she doesn't. Uh, Phoebe, what
she makes - that's uh - they're sock rabbits. They are completely different."
Then she gave in, "Okay! Okay! Okay! I didn't make it! I'm sorry! I totally
forgot about tonight and the fact that we're supposed to make the presents!"

He decided to let her off the hook. "Oh, it's okay. I don't."

But Monica interrupted him. "No - no, it's not okay! It's not! I mean you
were just. You're so incredible! You went through all this time and effort to
make this tape for me! Y'know I'm just gonna - I, I am gonna make this up to
you! I will! I..."

Then she had an idea. "I am going to cook anything you want in here," she
said as she pointed to the kitchen, "and I am going to do anything you want
in there!" Monica was pointing to the bedroom.

Chandler didn't need long to think it over. "Well, I did put a lot of thought
in the tape." They both ran to the bedroom.

Chandler closed the door behind them, and Monica moved in close to kiss him.

"So what do you want me to do?" she said seductively.

"Hmmm... anything?"

"Anything," Monica emphasized.

"Ok, I want to watch you."

She put her arms around his neck. "So you want to watch me while we have sex?
That's it?" she asked.

"No," Chandler explained slowly, "I want to watch you, while YOU have sex...
by yourself."

"Ooooh, I get it," Monica smiled, "you want a personal little porn show."

"You up for that," he asked.

She laughed as she grabbed his crotch. "The question is, are you UP for it?"

Monica strutted away, slowly removing her olive green jacket. She turned to
face him and unzipped her jeans while slowly grinding her hips in a circle.
While the front of her jeans hung open, giving him a peek at her black satin
panties, she crossed her arms and pulled her orange t-shirt over her head.
Matching underwear... that was just like Monica.

As she slid her jeans off her petite body, she said, "Why don't you take off
your pants and stay a while, big boy?" Chandler quickly complied.

Stripped down to her underwear, Monica asked, "So what comes off next?" as
she pointed alternately to her bra and her panties. Without a word, Chandler
pointed to her panties.

"Ooo... a man who knows what he wants," she encouraged.

Monica pushed her panties over her slim hips. Spreading her feet to keep her
underwear from falling past her knees, she played with her trimmed pubic

She glided her hand down across her crotch. "Mmmm... I'm getting wet," she

Letting her panties drop to the floor, Monica turned away from Chandler and
unclasped her bra. Her back was provocatively bared to match her ass. She
removed the garment and tossed it behind herself at Chandler's feet. Looking
over her shoulder, Monica moved to the bed and climbed onto it.

Kneeling on the bed, she faced her boyfriend. Long black hair fell just above
her tits. Monica cupped a breast as her fingers traced the line of her neck.
Chandler had begun jacking off, as his hot girlfriend put on a show just for

Monica rolled a nipple gently between her fingertips, watching it get hard.
Her hands caressed the soft skin of her body, slowly finding their way
between her legs. Her fingers discovered her clit. Monica bit her lower lip
as she began to masturbate for Chandler. She watched him, and made sure that
the speed of her motions matched his. Monica asked for Chandler's direction.

"What do you want me to do, baby? Should I keep rubbing? Or should I finger

"I think you can slide it in now," he told her, watching her hands.

"Thank you," she said sexily, wanting him to know that he was in control.

She reclined a bit to give him a good view as she pushed her finger past her
pussy lips.

"OOOoooh, I'm so wet," she moaned.

Monica dipped her finger in and out of her box. She licked her lips as she
watched Chandler stroke his cock.

"I wish you could feel how hot my pussy is," she said.

Chandler moved to the bed and reached down to fondle her. She grabbed his
hand with a sexy smile.

"Wait a minute, big guy. No touching the entertainment."

Chandler caught on, "Ooh, I see how you want to play this."

She replied smiling, "The only 'playing' that's going to happen is me with
myself, and you with yourself. You may be paying me, but this is not THAT
kind of establishment."

Monica leaned in, her lips close to Chandler's face, as she continued, "But
I promise I'll give you a show that you'll never forget."

Monica moved away from him and sat back into the pillows at the head of the
bed. She brought her knees up and spread her legs, forming the letter "M" and
showing Chandler everything. He loved the way Monica shaved her pussy, and
groomed a strip of black hair above her clit.

"See anything you like?"

"Yeah, everything," Chandler replied, as he caressed her body with his eyes.

Monica began rubbing her clitoris. "Do you like seeing me rub my clit? It
feels so good, touching myself... rubbing... feeling my wet clit."

Chandler's eyes were locked between his girlfriend's open legs. He stammered
something disjointed. Monica laughed.

"I guess you do. How about when I put my finger in my pussy?" Monica's
manicured fingertip disappeared in the folds of her lips.

She continued, "Hmmm? Do you like that? Seeing it slide in and out. Knowing
that I'm so fucking horny that I can't help but pleasure myself?"

He couldn't say anything. He just kept watching her and stroking his dick.

"I wish I had a cock in me right now. It's too bad that I don't," Monica
teased. "I guess I'll have to make do with my fingers. Mmmm... this feels
good. Frigging my hot... wet... pussy. Oh! Oooohhhh," she moaned.

Monica was starting to become a little incoherent with pleasure, too. She
slid a second finger in her hole and was trying to touch as much of her pussy
as she could. She was groaning now.

"Uuuhhhnn... Mmmmm... this feels so good... so... good..."

She was trying to keep her eyes open, to watch Chandler, but it was a
losing battle with ecstasy. Her other hand went to her crotch and she started
rubbing her clit at the same time she finger-fucked her cunt.

"OHHHH... MMMM.... Oh, fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck..." Monica panted, "I need my
vibrator. Please give me my vibrator."

Chandler was surprised, "Your what? Where?"

Monica faced up to the ceiling with her back arched.

"My... vibrator... in... in the top drawer... under... my panties..."

Chandler went quickly to Monica's dresser. He rummaged through the drawer of
lingerie, finding a small assortment of sex toys. He had no idea that his
girlfriend had these. He retrieved a metallic silver vibrator just as Monica
started to cum.

"No, no, not yet. Here it is! Here it is!"

Chandler ran back to the bed. Monica was lost in the intensity.

"Oohhh... oohhhh fuck.... oh fuck... uuuhhhnnn.... uuuuuuhhnnn..."

Chandler just stood there watching her climax. Her vibrator was in one hand
and his cock was in the other.

As Monica's orgasm passed, she smiled at him, "It's ok, sweetie. I can still
use that. I'll do it again for you."

Then she went back into character as Monica the Sex Entertainer.

"You know, that needs to be wet before I put it in me. Why don't you bring it
here and let me lick it."

She moistened her lips with her tongue while rubbing the insides of her

"Put it in my mouth," she whispered, and then puckered her lips slightly, as
if to kiss him.

Her blue eyes stared to capture his reaction as she allowed the toy to
penetrate her mouth and then slide in and out. Chandler couldn't believe
everything he was seeing. He didn't even realize that he had started jacking
off again. Monica took the silver bullet from him.

"It needs to be all wet, you know," she said before deep-throating her

She got up onto her knees. Moving in close to Chandler, she said, "Let me
show you how I use this."

Monica crawled back and straddled a large pillow like a horse's saddle. She
buried the end of the vibrator and held it so that it protruded upward, just
underneath her. With her other hand, she slightly spread her pussy lips and
slid onto the metal.

"This is what I do when you're not around, baby," she teased Chandler.

Holding the toy in place, she began fucking it. Monica slid up and down,
making sure that he could see it going in and out of her.

Then she turned the vibrator on. Her eyes rolled back and she groaned as
Chandler heard the soft whirr.

She turned it up to the next setting. The humming got louder.

"Oh shiiiit!" Monica moaned.

She probed her box with it, trying to feel the vibration on every part of her

One last twist and it went to it's highest setting. Monica's face formed a
silent scream of bliss as she slowly fell forward onto the bed. Her ass was
still propped up by the pillow. Chandler could see Monica's hands between
her legs and wrapped around the end of her toy, moving it around. Her head
was turned toward him but her face was mostly covered by her hair.

Monica brought her hands out and propped herself up on one forearm, tossing
the hair out of her face with her other hand. She was panting. The vibrator
kept buzzing away, as it stimulated her more and more.

She reached around and grasped the end. As she worked it in and out of
herself, she moaned, "Fuck, yes! Fuck me, come on, fuck me!"

Monica's eyes were closed as she pretended that someone was thrusting into
her. Her hips rocked back against her imaginary lover.

"Yeah, baby... do me... make me feel it... make me cum... fuck my pussy 'til
I cum."

Chandler could do nothing but stand there next to the bed and jack off. But
in fact, he wanted to do nothing but that, right now.

Monica seemed completely unaware that anyone was in the room.

"Fuck it," she panted. "Fuck my tight little pussyuuuhhhhnnnn...." she moaned
as she came. "OH! OH! OH!" She was gasping. "MMMMMMMMM... UUUHHHNNNNN!"

Chandler couldn't take it anymore, and he released his load. His throbbing
dick ejaculated onto Monica's back. Then her shoulder. Then into her hair and
onto her forehead.

He couldn't believe how erotic it was to see his white cum drizzled through
her black hair. The bead on her forehead slowly ran down to her eyebrow as
her second orgasm subsided.

Monica stepped the vibrator down to the middle setting, then the low. With
each step, she slowly pumped herself with it, making the sensations last a
little longer. Finally she turned it off.

Chandler sat down next to her on the bed, and caressed her ass, before taking
hold of the toy and gently sliding it in and out of her.

With her hand now free, Monica wiped the cum from her forehead with her
thumb, then licked it clean.

"So is that kind of what you wanted?" she asked, smiling.

"Yeah," Chandler replied, "that was incredible. AND it was homemade... all by
yourself." Monica giggled.

Monica was still in a humping position on the pillow and Chandler seemed a
little fixated on playing with the rod that was still in her.

"So where'd you get the toys?" he asked, smiling.

"Oh, here... there... a store in Times Square... Phoebe... Rachel..."

Chandler tried to hide his surprise. "You... you give each other... sex

Monica looked over her shoulder at him. "HELL, yeah," she exclaimed. "Women
just know what another woman wants in a toy."

"Do you, uh, think we could use them other times too?"

"Really? O-KAY!" she said in her cute, excited way. Then she sat up, kissed
him and went back into character, "But first, I think that we should do some
thing that this place won't LET you pay me for."


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