Friends: Friendly (FF)
by Bassman

"Uhhg I hate men." Rachel said as she stormed into the apartment. Phoebe and
Monica looked up from the couch.

"What happened, honey?" Monica said as Rachel sat in the recliner beside the

"Well as you know," she began. "This was my third date with Mark. I thought
for sure we were going to drive to his place upstate. Well after dinner we
start heading for Central Park. He pulls under a bridge and turns off the

Monica and Phoebe shifted as Rachel told her story. "Phoebe, will you rub my
legs?" Monica asked.

"Sure." Phoebe said as Monica stretched her legs out.

"So anyway," Rachel continued. "We start to make out. I have to admit that I
was getting pretty turned on. He started feeling my tits, then worked his way
down to my thighs."

"When he discovered you didn't have any panties on!" Monica said.

Rachel pulled her skirt up, quickly flashing her neatly trimmed pussy to the
girls. "I know. I'm such a slut. I really wanted him to fuck me."

Phoebe slid her hand under Monica's pajamas and began to rub her calf. Monica
smiled knowingly and spread her legs a little. "So then what?" Phoebe probed.

"Well, I started to fell his dick through his pants. He started getting
really hard. So I unzipped his pants and pulled it out. You guys wouldn't
believe how big it was. I could not help myself and attacked it. I was
sucking for all I was worth. Man, he felt so good in my mouth. You girls
would have been so proud I was sucking like a champ.

Monica began to lightly rub her nipples. They began to poke through her
t-shirt. Phoebe slid her hands closer to Monica's crotch. Rachel saw what
was happening and felt her pussy get wet. She uncrossed her leg giving
Monica a view.

"So there I am with a hard cock in my mouth and a finger sliding in my pussy.
I was so hot. Then the mother fucker shot his load in my mouth."

"What?" Phoebe said as she stopped rubbing Monica's thigh.

"I know right," Rachel continued. "He didn't even give me a warning. After
that the bastard started his car and drove me home."

"Poor baby." Monica said. She got up and moved over to the recliner where
Rachel sat. "Men are such pigs. Getting you all worked up then not fucking
you." Monica reached out and touched Rachel's knee.

"Monica wh-what are you doing." Rachel stammered. "I don't think this is a
good idea."

"Why?" Monica said. "Are you afraid you'll like it?" Monica pushed up
Rachel's skirt. She lowered her head and took in her friend's smell. She
blew hot air over Rachel's cunt. A small moan escaped from Rachel.

"That fells so good, I'm so hot. Please eat my pussy. I need to cum so

"That's all I needed to hear." Monica said. Reaching out she slid a finger
over Rachel's slit. Monica leaned in a licked Rachel's pussy. She pulled the
outer lips apart and tongued the pink folds of skin. Rachel's pussy was
becoming increasingly wet. Monica worked her small fingers into the love-box
in front of her.

Phoebe got off the couch and positioned herself behind Monica. She slid
Monica's pajama bottoms down, and began to rub Monica's pussy. The moans
began to get louder in the apartment. Rachel released all inhibitions and
let herself cum.

"Ohh Mon that was great. Let me do you."

Rachel stood up and stripped out of her clothes. Monica and Phoebe began to
undress each other. They were french kissing, when Rachel pressed her tits
into Monica's back.

"Lie on your back." Phoebe said to Monica. She did as she was told. Rachel
spread Monica's legs and dove into her first pussy eating experience. Monica
closed her eyes and moaned. When she opened them again, Phoebe's blonde pubic
hair was inches from her mouth. Phoebe grinned as her friend began to lick
her snatch.

Rachel licked up and down Monica's puss. She sucked her finger and slid one
in. As she finger-fucked her roommate she sucked Monica's clit. Monica had
to stop eating Phoebe as she climaxed. When the wave of pleasure passed, she
redoubled her efforts in making Phoebe cum. The blond vixen was grinding her
crotch on Monica's mouth.

"Oohhh yes, suck my pussy. Lick it bitch. Make me cum on your fucking face."

Rachel fingered her cunt as the stream of obscenities poured from Phoebe
mouth. Her words became inaudible as Monica's talented tongue brought her
off. The three girls writhed with pleasure. After a while of various
positions, and many orgasms latter, they sat back and relaxed.

"Wow that was great." Rachel said smiling. Her face was flushed, but she
looked relaxed. "That was just what I needed. Still I wish Mark's monster
cock could have fucked me.

"Rach." Monica smiled. "That was only the beginning, wait till you see my
dildo collection. With that the three friends retired to Monica's room.


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