Friends: Friends And Lovers (MF,MFF,FF,F-mast,inc,voy)
by MGR

It was a typical Saturday morning, Rachel was sleeping in while Monica was
furiously cleaning. She scrubbed the basin in the bathroom, cursing her best
friend's horrible habits. She thought to herself, "Underwear on the floor
next to the hamper. Dried toothpaste striping the sink. Half-wet towels
hanging out of the tub. Hair in the drain, it never ends!"

To make matters worse, Monica was entering her fifth week of life after
Richard, the love of her life. Scrubbing and wiping, sweeping and washing,
picking up after Rachel and even picking up after her brother Ross (Rachel's
boyfriend). All that stuff was easy. Even working dead-end job after dead-end
job, even being taken for granted by her parents (while Ross could do no
wrong) was a pleasure compared to her love life.

As her self pity deepened she mindlessly toiled and soon the room was clean
as a hospital room. Her last task was to empty the waste baskets. After
dumping the trash bin from the bathroom into the bag, she noticed a stubborn
piece of refuse stuck to the inside bottom of the plastic container. Eww! It
was a used condom, and it could only be Ross' from the loud sex session her
roommate and brother performed in the wee hours of that morning.

That was the proverbial straw-that-broke-the-camel's-back. She broke into
tears, bemoaning her existence. "Why me?" she wondered, "Why is everybody
else so damn happy around here but me?" Looking down at the basket, the
cum-filled rubber was still there, mocking her. She thought of Richard and
their passionate lovemaking. She remembered how magnificently she would cum
from his skillful touch. But the his most wonderful attribute was his cock.
How great it felt when they made love. She thought of their lovemaking in
the same terms as others would speak of symphonies and French cuisine, as
truly one of the finer things in life.

Meanwhile in her bedroom, Rachel was thinking of cock too. Symphonies and
souffles were the furthest things from her mind, however. She was stretching
and groggily waking up. She felt a little tender around her pussy lips, and
her jaw felt a bit overworked. She smiled inwardly, reveling in the lusty
memory of last night. Therein lies one major difference between the
roommates. Rachel was a slut, she loved to watch XXX videos, she loved to
read Penthouse Letters and strum her clit to orgasm. She had no inhibitions
whatsoever. Whereas Monica believed that great sex could only be a byproduct
of true love. She'd been to bed with only four men (make that 2 men and 2
boys). Monica had never experienced oral sex; Rachel once sucked dry four
members of the basketball team at half-time of high school game. She even
returned to the sideline with a drop of cum on her cheer leading uniform
(which thankfully went unnoticed).

But back to the present, Monica definitely had an aching in her loins.
Something that was not exactly new for her. This time was different, she
felt a wetness welling up inside of her. She could feel how slippery her
labia were as she walked to return the basket to the bathroom. Once there
she shimmied out her stretch pants, followed by her panties she looked at
herself bottomless in the full length mirror. She looked away, never really
comfortable with nudity. She could actually she her pussy lips glistening
in the morning light from the window through her dark pubic hair. Skittishly
lowering her hand she touched her middle finger to the wet area. Shuddering
she looked up, as if she were looking at someone else. She did a double take
as she went to attend to her crotch again, her nipples pushed out her half
wet tee-shirt, the image exciting her further.

Pulling the shower curtain aside she climbed in after pulling her shirt off.
Not before she saw her trim pale body in profile fully nude. She thought to
herself that she looked darn good. As she moved under the warm s pray which
only served to heighten her arousal, she began to lather her body elevating
her lusty mood all the more. "This is nuts", she told herself. "I don't
masturbate. Maybe I should turn the cold water on all the way." Scrubbing her
face and taking a deep breath, she reached for the shampoo. "Empty! How could
that be? Rachel!" she muttered. Reaching for Rachel's shampoo, she couldn't
help but make note of the slim phallic shape of the container. "Stop thinking
about sex!" she chided herself, but that warm feeling returned between her
legs. Running a soapy hand down her flat tummy, through her matted pubic
hair, she moaned audibly has her hand reached it's destination.

"Ohhhhhh," was all that Rachel heard as she approached the bathroom, her hand
inches from pushing the door open. "What?" she asked herself. "Mon? Are you
in there?" she called out. Moving her ear to the door she heard the shower,
followed by another longer moan. "Now hold on." Rachel thought. "That most
definitely sounded like Monica." Another moan, more drawn out. "Wait, whoa,
hold on." she told herself. "That was Monica, and that was the sound of an
excited woman. What's wrong with this picture?" Surely Monica couldn't be in
there with a guy, unless of course she'd been secretly dating someone for the
last few weeks." Thinking harder now the dim but wily beauty wondered if her
prissy but lovable roommate was playing with herself. "Nahh, not Monic-" her
thought cut short by another moan. Giggling to herself she eased the door
open. "I gotta see this."

By now Monica was rubbing the shampoo container thoroughly across her crotch
between her swollen lips, but not in, while making sure to hit her sensitive
button. Lost in her new found lust, she never heard the door, much less
notice the change in the room lighting. Leaning on the wet tile wall she
rapidly worked her charged clitoris. Rachel, dressed only in a kimono, was
smirking and biting her knuckle to stifle herself. Despite her amusement,
Rachel was beginning to get wet herself. Heck she was prone to getting easily
as it was, but the added spice that she was watching her shy best friend
masturbating through a shower curtain made her juices flow. Parting the lower
half of the robe she began to rub her clit, pausing to plunge her fingers
into her damp pussy as Monica moaned a few feet away.

Monica was getting closer, feeling her flushed body approaching the orgasm
she needed so badly. Rachel now had her robe off her shoulders, but held up
by her busy arms. She gently pinched her nipples with one hand, her pussy
being serviced by the other. Telling herself that she needed a shower anyway.
She dropped her robe and stepped towards the shower. Monica was lost in her
self-pleasure as she sat on the molded shower seat. It took a few seconds for
her mind to register what was happening as her naked roommate stepped into
the shower with her and knelt in front of her. "Ra-chel!! What the-" as her
friend deftly parted her cuntlips while pushing her tired hands away.

Monica's mind was awhirl, confused yet delighted as her clit fell under
assault of this talented tongue. She moaned louder than before, giving way
to the feeling sweeping over her being. "Oh Rach, Oh God..." Monica moaned,
consumed in her pending orgasm. Rachel worked feverishly wanting her friend
to cum as badly as Monica wanted to cum herself. Slumping further she grabbed
Rachel's head, her fingers tangling in the wet locks. Begging Rachel not to
stop she reached her peak and wailed loudly as she came in a series violent

Rachel softly kissed all around her belly and thighs as she looked up at her
best friends satisfied face. Breathing heavily as the water continued to pour
down on them the couldn't take their eyes away from the others. "Why did
you-" Monica began, but Rachel stopped her by telling her, "You needed it.
Badly." They began to laugh.

"Wow did I ever" Monica said, as she rose to her feet. Turning to face the
spray, she said "That was by far the most intense orgasm I ever had". Rachel
got up too, wrapping her arms around the girl she knew since childhood,
pressing her stiff nipples in to Monica's back and rubbing her warm crotch
into her ass.

"Ummm," was all Monica could manage as Rachel rubbed her nipples from behind.
Turning to smile at her friend she was greeted by Rachel's hungry mouth
seeking out hers. Their tongues played off each others as they continued to
touch and caress for a few minutes.

Their kiss was interrupted by a cheery "Hel-lo!" from the unmistakable voice
of Ross coming from outside.

"Oh shit, it's Ross!" Monica hissed under her breath. "I'll meet him
outside." Rachel said grabbing a towel and rushing out. Left alone in the
shower, Monica's mind was working overtime. As bad as her state of mind was
before the mind-blowing experience that just transpired, she was more mixed
up than ever before.

"Oh my God"! she thought, "I'm a lesbian! Maybe that's why I've never been
able to have a lasting relationship with a man. But I do like men." Her
confusion was interrupted by the changing water temperature.

Turning of the water, she got out and dried off. She made her way to her
room, unable to shake the thought of Rachel going down on her. One thing she
was sure of, and that was that her cunt was still tingling. Slipping off her
robe she heard grunting coming through the thin wall separating her room
from Rachel's. No doubt about it, Rachel had picked up where she left off.
Pressing her head to the wall she heard her brother moaning. "Oh Rache, your
so good at that, Oh my God!" Then she heard Rachel, "Mmmmmm, I just love
sucking your big cock, honey. But I'd really, really like to feel it in my
pussy, you've made me so wet."

For the second time that morning, Monica found herself touching her wet
pussy. This time she didn't give it a second thought, falling back onto her
bed and pulling her pussy lips apart. She flicked her clit as the bed
squeaked in the next room. Monica never felt so excited. "I need a hard cock
in me, oh yes...I want to get fucked so badly." She had masturbated maybe
five times in her whole life, and now twice in one day.

In Rachel's room Ross was hammering his cock into his girlfriend's wet pussy.
"I don't know why I waited so long to fuck Rachel. What hot a little sex
fiend, his sister's best friend was." His thought's were interrupted, as a
tremendous orgasm was building in his loins. "Oh yea, fuck me Ross, mmmmm."
Ross couldn't hold back, slamming her pussy hard and shooting his load deep
into her pussy grimacing and groaning. Rachel was grinding her pussy against
his cock, loving the feeling of Ross' hot cum surging into her.

As they wound down, Ross rolled off Rachel said he was heading to the shower.
Rachel panicked seconds later and rushed to cut Ross off, thinking Monica
might still be in there. "Just a second hun.." she said as she kissed him
while turning to look into the bathroom. "Whew", she thought as she saw the
room was empty. Back in her room she laid down, savoring the feeling. Just
then she heard the now familiar sound of Monica moaning through the wall.
Snickering to herself she thought she'd drop in on Monica again. Throwing on
a tee-shirt, she went to Monica's door and eased it open. Sure enough, Monica
was naked and rubbing her pussy on her bed. Sneaking in, she laid down moving
Monica's hands aside. "What the-", Monica said as Rachel's tongue touched her
hot clit and made her forget about asking any more questions. "Mmmm" was all
she said her orgasm neared. "Don' t close...aahhh yes" Monica
mumbled and moaned lost in her quest for another climax. "OHHHHHHH" she
wailed cumming on Rachel's talented tongue.

Rachel needed to cum badly and would not be denied as she scurried up onto
the bed and on top of Monica. She situated her sticky pussy inches from
Monica's lips. "What? I can't-" Monica stammered. Rachel reached behind her
to slip a finger into Monica's dripping slit saying, "Oh, it's okay for me
to lick your pussy, but you're too good to return the favor, eh?" Monica
moaned and reached her tongue out to tentatively touch her friend's pussy
lips. Rachel told her "Just do to me what I did to you". Monica worked her
tongue between the labia worming her tongue in an attempt to find her clit.
Rachel shud dered as Monica made contact. Then she noticed an unusually
salty pungent taste as she lapped away. What she did not know at the time,
was that it was Ross' cum. Rachel moaned as she was thoroughly enjoying
herself smiling down as she made eye contact with Monica. "Ooo that is so
good, Mon." Monica was pleased that she was doing well and went back to work
licking Rachel's pussy and slurping up the cum.

Ross was lathering up, still charged from the quick bang with Rachel. He
stroked his soapy cock, which began to get hard fast. Just then the water
started getting cold. "Dammit!" Rinsing under the cold (and getting colder)
spray he washed off as fast as he could. He headed back to Rachel's room
with his stiff cock pushing his towel out. Normally he'd be pissed the hot
water ran out. He was much to content to let something like that bother him,
but not content enough to have his cock go soft. Pushing the door open he
called out, "Ready for mo-". Rachel was not there. "Did just I walk past her
in the living room?" he thought. Looking outside, he saw she wasn't there,
and she wasn't in the kitchen.

"Well what the hell is going on?" he wondered to himself. Just as he was
about to call out her name, he heard a squeal coming from Monica's room.
"Huh? No. That's not what I think it is, is it?" he pondered as he went to
Monica's partially open door. Slowly opening the door, he saw Rachel and
Monica oblivious and 69ing like mad. Jaw agape, he stared in disbelief.
"Holy shit!" was all he said his cock deflated and Rachel looked up from
Monica's wet pussy. Monica, the novice pussyeater was too far gone to hear
Ross, but did yell at Rachel keep licking her. "Oh great, first my wife
and now you Rachel. What is it with me and lesbians." Ross asked

By now Monica noticed Ross, but amazingly just laid her head back on the bed,
panting. "Oh come honey, you're not mad, and for you're information I am not
a lesbian." Rachel said.

"Excuse me, but was that or was that not your tongue on my sister's pussy. My
sister's pussy- I can't believe I said 'my sister's pussy'", Ross babbled.

Rachel countered, "It IS your sister's pussy (making little quotation marks
with her fingers), it IS my tongue, and that IS your cock trying to poke a
hole in that towel. So get over here and I'll show you how much of a lesbian
I am."

Shocked at the whole scene, Ross numbly walked over to the bed. Rachel
unceremoniously pulled the towel off and took his cock in her hand. Monica
looked on, unconsciously rubbing her clit as Rachel was now sucking Ross'
cock to full size. "Oh my, that's bigger than Richard's," Monica heard
herself saying. Ross cracked a shit-eating grin in spite of himself.

"And it probably stay's harder longer than Richard's too." Rachel said
between sucks.

"I'll be the judge of that." Monica said scooting up next to Rachel, her face
close to her brother's cock.

"Monica! I'm your brother, get away from there." Ross said after Monica's
hand caressed his balls.

"Aw come on Ross, I'm so horny." his sister whined.

Pulling her hungry mouth from his cock, Rachel said "She's already tasted
your cum from my pussy so you might as well let her try some from the

Monica now realized what that peculiar taste was in Rachel's pussy. She
also realized that while Rachel was busy talking to Ross, that his cock was
briefly unattended. Quickly moving her head to his crotch, she sucked the
throbbing head in her mouth.

"But she's my sist-" Ross's defense was halted by his sisters mouth
slobbering on his rock-hard prick.

"Jeez, that great Mon....if you really want to....I mean if your okay with
it, them I'm okay with it..."

"Shut up Ross." the girls said in unison, smiling up at him, then resuming
their oral assault on him. They took turns stroking and licking the head,
shaft and balls. Between the two of them they didn't miss a spot on him, and
soon he was on the brink. Rachel reached around and probed his butthole with
a saliva-slickened finger. That caused Ross to launch his salty seed into
Monica's greedy mouth. Eager but inexperienced, Monica couldn't handle the
copious load. She pulled away, a large shot streaking from her nose to her
chin. Rachel took the s purting head into her mouth gulping down the hot
stuff. Ross staggered and his cock pulled abruptly from Rachel's mouth as
the last shot landed on Rachel's tits.

"Wow," was all he could manage as head was spinning. Not only from the
tremendous ejaculation, but from the erotic sight of his beautiful girlfriend
and his beautiful sister kissing and licking his cum from each others face
and breasts.

Laying on his back, Ross groaned, "I cannot believe I just did that. What is
wrong with me?" his hands covering his face.

Breaking her kiss with Monica, Rachel reminded him, "You? What did you do?
Nothing! Monica and I did all the work"

Monica added, "Yea, lazy boy, why don't we get to reap the fruit of our

"Ya want fruit, I'll give ya fruit!" Ross wise cracked. "I'll show you lazy
boy!" He flipped his sister on his back, lining up his rapidly hardening cock
to her warm, wet pussy.

How weird is this, Ross thought as his raging hard-on sunk all the way into
his sister. Rachel was reaching down to finger her friends clit as she got
off on the sight of her boyfriend fucking his suddenly sex crazed sister.
Ross' apprehension soon gave way to lust, enjoying this tight pussy
thoroughly. Even more exciting was watching Rachel move to straddle Monica's
lust contorted face. His sister's tongue darted out to tickle Rachel clit,
as his girlfriend moaned and leaned on his shoulders for support.

Monica no longer thought about how wrong it was to have sex with a girl, or
to get fucked by her brother. She just knew her pussy was on fire. She had
never even been close to the feeling the way she felt now. She enjoyed
licking Rachel's juicy pussy as much as she loved licking up Ross' cum.

Meanwhile Monica and Rachel's good friend Phoebe, the willowy, gorgeous,
albeit airheaded blonde was about to enter the apartment. The door was
locked, something of a rare occurrence. She had her own key, so she used it.
No one was there, but she noticed lights were on. Something Monica would
never let happen.

"Oh well", Phoebe thought, I'll just leave them a note thinking the girls
might be sleeping in. "Going out for bagels, be back in a few minutes. Luv,
Phoebes" read the note she placed on the table on her way out, unaware of
the events transpiring twenty feet away in Monica's bed.

Ross was now fucking Rachel doggie style as Monica licked his cock and balls
as he pulled out. She let her tongue ride along his tasty shaft on the way
back into Rachel's slit. She alternated between Rachel's clit and Ross' cock
thinking how great this was. Every minute brought something better, something
newer as her sexual awakening accelerated.

Pausing in the hallway, Phoebe thought to ask Joey and Chandler if they
wanted anything special from the bagel shop. After knocking she heard music
through door. Knocking again she waited, but no response. Opening the door,
she called out "Hello, good morning guys," as the Police played on the

"ROX-ANNE!" shrieked Joey from the bathroom, off-key and at the top of his
lungs. He stumbled through the lyrics, happily stroking his cock with a sudsy

Out in the living room Phoebe was wondering if the dogs and cats in the
building weren't covering their ears as Joey howled. Walking towards the open
bathroom door, she yelled "Joey!" Joey kept right on crooning obliviously.
She tried again to get his attention, nothing. Getting fed up, Phoebe jerked
the shower curtain back shouting "Shut up!" Joey turned around to face her,
shocked but still fully erect,

Phoebe gasped, then unwittingly let her gaze travel down his wet, naked body
to his crotch. "Oh my god" she muttered, "You really must like that song!"
she stammered taking in the view of the biggest cock she'd ever seen. It was
like a large cucumber, about 3" thick and at least 10 inches long. She was
suddenly very wet between her legs unable to take her eyes off that

"Uh, Phoebs?, Hello? Earth to Phoebe," Joey said waving his hand in front of
her face.

"Why Joey, I had no idea you had such a...." she trailed off, dazed and
confused by the situation.

"Good voice?" Joey finished the sentence for her, "Yea, I know other girls
have said I'm gifted when I sing in the shower."

"Okay, Joey...they were not talking about your singing. They were talking
about your...'you-know-what'" she said, gesturing towards him.

"My what?" Joey asked, confused.

"Your COCK!!" she shouted, reaching out to wrap her hand around the fat hard
shaft. "Joey, you have like the biggest cock I have ever seen."

Puzzled, he asked again. "Are you sure, because I always thought they meant
I was gifted musically. But I always thought I was more of an actor than a
singer. I was sure they meant my voi-".

She interrupted him, "Trust me on this one, Joey. They were talking about
your cock."

Still holding his wet warm rod in her little she muttered, "You are gifted,"
as she slowly bent over to lick the large cockhead, running her tongue all
over it. Joey just smiled he'd been there before, girls were always doing
this to him. Heck, this happens all the time.

He watched her trying to get her lips around it, stretching her mouth she
managed, slowly taking more in. Her tongue laved the underside as she
gradually worked more of his massive shaft into her mouth. She stroked with
two hands, slobbering on the head. Moaning and sucking she took a hand away
to frantically finger herself through her jeans and panties.

She pulled her mouth away and stood up, pushed her clothing down and bent
over. "I've got to feel that log in me Joey, Fuck me! Fuck me now!"

Joey grabbed her hips and pressed that huge thing against her pussy, feeling
for her opening as pushed forward. Suddenly he found the slit and he slid
right in, eight inches deep with that first thrust.

"OHHHHHHHHH WOW!!" Phoebe wailed as Joey pulled back, only to slam into her
again, hard and deep.

Joey might be dumb as dirt, but he knows how to use that cock of his, giving
the her the fucking of a lifetime. He pumme led her relentlessly as she came
over and over, never ever having been so well fucked. Joey began to feel the
cum churning up inside of him, getting ready to let fly. Phoebe felt his
cockhead swelling, she knew he would soon fire his load into her.

"Now.... listen.... Joey," she told him, her voice erratic as her body rocked
to and fro from the pounding she was taking. "When you cum, I want you to cum
in my mouth. Then I'll keeping sucking so you stay hard and fuck me again.
'Cause I need you to keep fucking me all day, Joey. Okay?"

"Oh, okay", he replied, getting closer, but unfazed.

So caught up in their lust were Joey and Phoebe that they never heard
Chandler and Janice coming in.

Back in Monica's room Ross was breathing heavily as he lay between his sister
and girlfriend, who were panting a bit themselves. "Mmmmm" Rachel moaned
savoring the feeling of Ross' warm cum in her pussy. "That was sooo great,
honey," she said kissing her dazed boyfriend. Monica had her head buried in
her pillow, trying to forget that she just fucked and sucked her brother and
her best friend. What she couldn't forget was the delicious feeling in her
pussy as she lay there.

"OH - MY - GAWD!" was the shrill whine that Phoebe heard.

Janice stood there, her purse on the floor, her jaw not far behind. Chandler
stared as Phoebe made eye contact with him as her body rocked to the pounding
Joey was giving her. She seemed to be looking right through him, her eyes

"CHAND-LA! Don't just sit there staring, do something!" Janice said poking
him and taking his attention from Phoebe's beautifully swaying breasts.

Snapping out of his trance he said "'re missing Baywatch.

"I got it covered, I'm taping it" Joey smiled, not missing a beat.

Janice poked him again. "What should we do?" she asked sideways, not taking
her eyes off of the lusty couple.

", I...... um.. we could always..." Chandler mumbled.

While Janice and Chandler watched, Joey pulled his cock out and spun Phoebe
around as she dropped to her knees with her mouth open. Once again Janice
exclaimed "OH MY GAWD!" this time her shock was due to the size of Joey's
cock. This time her jaw was not dropping, either. She smiled, and hungrily
ran her tongue over her lips.

Phoebe moaned as Joey grunted, his cum landing on her lips and chin. Leaning
forward, she captured the spurting head with her lips. Blast after blast of
warm cum flooded her busy mouth. Swallowing as quick as she was able, she
jerked the rock-hard shaft, craving the salty goo.

"Chandla, I had no idea you're roommate was so well endowed." Janice told him
as she touched his chest.

"Well it's not the kind of thing you advertise to prospective girlfriends-
'In addition to all those other fine traits, my roommate is hung like a
mule'" Chandler rambled sarcastically.

"Oh yea, well you should" Janice smiled. "Have you ever seen such a huge

Phoebe was swallowing Joey's cum as Chandler and Janice argued in the
background, her pussy still throbbed and she wanted to feel it again. Looking
up at Joey she asked him, "Can we go to your room Joey? I have to feel this
thing or yours in me again, I have to!" she exclaimed through her gritted

"No wait!" Janice said having heard Phoebe's request. Overcome with lust she
fell to her knees before Joey as his cock started to come back to life. "I
have to try it, too! Please let me, Joey, Please?" Janice begged.

"There's plenty to go around, ladies..." Joey smirked, giving a thumbs up to

Now it was Chandler's jaw that dropped as his girlfriend was suddenly
kneeling at his naked roommate's feet nursing his monstrous dick to full size
while Phoebe licked Joey's balls. "Janice! What do you think you're doing!"
he shouted.

"Oh come on now Chandla just this once, I promise." Janice smiled to him as
she stroked Joey's rod before sinking it into her greedy mouth again.

Throwing his arms up in the air Chandler stormed out of the apartment. He
knocked on Monica and Rachel's door, hoping for a level head to sort things
out with. "This can't be happening", he thought to himself as he waited
outside the girls apartment, the image of Janice and the nude Phoebe on
their knees worshipping Joey's bull dick burned into his memory.

While Chandler waited in the hall Joey, Phoebe and Janice had moved into
Joey's room. The girls threw him on the bed and dove on him. Phoebe kissed
Joey as she rubbed his hairy chest. Janice was pushing her slacks and panties
down, her eyes fixed on that wonderful cock. Pulling her top off she reached
for his dick and brought her lips to it again, her bra still on as her head
began to bob over his crotch. Phoebe reached down to care ss Joey's hefty
balls as the lust-crazed Janice drooled and moaned around his thick shaft.
Phoebe moved lower on the bed, trying get her mouth around that huge rod once
again. Janice moved lower to lick Joey's swelled testicles while running her
hands all over his crotch. She moved a finger down to his asshole, teasing
his tight back door.

Joey groaned and looked down at familiar sight for him- two beautiful women
slobbering over his cock. He watched the girls lips running up and down the
lengthy shaft, their tongues tickling each other's as they playfull y fought
for possession of this prize. Janice stopped sucking saying that she had to
feel it inside of her. Nearly knocking Phoebe aside she straddled his crotch
and lifted herself high to line the wide cockhead up to h er wet pussy lips.
Phoebe helped spreading Janice's labia causing the brunette to moan warmly.

Janice was in heaven as she sank down on this magnificent piece of meat. She
came as soon as she reached bottom, wailing with pleasure. Watching Janice
reach around her back to unhook her bra, Joey noticed that Janice's whiny
voice didn't bother him all that much now. The garment fell away exposing
her firm breasts, an event that did not go unnoticed. Phoebe moved towards
Janice's chest, caressing her nipples with her fingers and tongue. This
didn't last for long as Phoebe moved again, poising her wet, blonde pussy
above Joey's face. She faced Janice so they could caress each others breasts
while kissing passionately.

As the girls continued to ride him, Janice orgasmed nearly continuously
causing her to finally fall off to the side. She was so thoroughly fucked
that she could not keep herself upright. Phoebe moved on top of her, their
pussies and tits pressed together as they continued to kiss. Joey moved
around behind them spreading their legs and placing his cock at Phoebe's
slit again. He pounded her for a few minutes, then pulled out and began
fucking Janice. As he alternately fucked them he felt his own orgasm
beginning to build, his cockhead swelling inside Phoebe. He pulled his
cock out one last time and he hustled around to bring his throbbing cock
to the girls mouths. They resumed their oral assault, both of them urging
Joey to shoot his load for them. Grunting and jerking his slick rod, Joey
began to shoot hitting Janice with two blasts across her chin, mouth and
nose. Then Phoebe started to lick it up only to get blasted in the cheek
before closing her mouth around the spurting head. Janice wanted her share
so she pulled the pulsing cock back to her mouth getting the last few shots
on her hungry tongue. Swallowing the hot stuff down they proceeded to lick
him clean kissing and sharing his load.


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