This story is a fantasy involving two of the characters from Friends. It is
not to be read by anyone under 18, anyone who doesn't like nasty nc stories
and (most of all) doesn't under the difference between fantasy and reality.

This story is copyright Wallace Mason.

This is a work in progress inspired by an old story I found in my youth
called "Caribbean Torture Cruise". It was a book and no I can't transcribe
it to any of the groups.

As always comments and suggestions welcome.

Friends Join The Navy by Wallace Mason Part 1 (M+/FF uniform nc)
by Wallace Mason

Rachel couldn't believe it. She was standing at the customs office on the
Caribbean in her WAVE officer's uniform. Joining the navy had started as a
drunken joke one night with the Monica, Phoebe and the guys. But some how
the joke had turned into reality and now six months later she was waiting
for Monica to arrive on a patrol boat, which patrolled the small island
where they were stationed.

It was another hot day so she wore her summer uniform with a short sleeveless
blouse, which hardly contained her thrusting breasts. Maybe on reflection a
wonder bra wasn't the best thing to wear under her uniform. Her light brown
hair was cut shorter back in the familiar "shag" style of a few years ago,
but now it was bunched up under her cap. She also wore dark glasses and a
white short skirt.

Rachel paced up and down the quayside looking over at the other boats in the
harbour. The island was mainly populated by West Indians who fished the
waters owned by the US Navy, they were tolerated but not liked. The small
Navy base ran two mini anti drugs boats with five man/women crews. One such
boat was in the harbour, the boat she commanded with a four-man crew. Monica
commanded the other. This was the boat she was waiting for.

On the harbour side several topless natives were busy unloading their boats
with fish, crabs, lobsters. Their dark brown bodies glistening with sweat as
they busied themselves getting the fish ready for market.

On the gun ship two of the sailors under Rachel's command watched her
strutting up and down the harbour.

"Fucking officers," Ron the shortest of the two men moaned, "they come over
here and ruin a perfectly good scam."

Peter was younger than Ron was, he was trying to get a tan and earn a pretty
packet before he went back to the states, but the arrival of the two female
officers had ruined all that, "We just have to be more careful with them

Ron watched Rachel turn, he watched her bouncing breasts, "Those jugs sure do
look fuckable."

"That's our solution is it?" Peter said sarcastically, "we fuck her tits?"

Meanwhile on the other boat Monica was having problems of her own. They'd
caught up with a suspected smugglers ship when totally unexpected the
fishermen had pulled out guns. It all happened so quickly. The smugglers
boarded her boat, screaming orders at her men who seemed half- asleep. Guns
were aimed, orders barked. Monica grabbed a revolver from her belt and fired
hitting one of the smugglers in the shoulder. From behind a rifle butt
whacked the back of her head and she feel into darkness.

When she awoke she felt a dull throbbing in the back of her head. She slowly
opened her eyes and looked straight into the face of one of her men. John was
smiling at her, speaking softly, "Monica, I mean ma'am. Are you awake?"

"Yeah," Monica went to move but found she couldn't. She was fixed to the
floor by something. Her head was free so she looked around. Her arms and
legs where secured by ropes. Her white blouse was open and the purple bra
containing her enormous breasts was revealed for all to see. Her WAVE cap
was still on her head and she looked around to see the rest of her crew
and about ten smugglers.

"What the hell is going on here!" she yelled, "Watson undo these straps!"

Seaman Watson shook his head, "No can do ma'am."

"You seem," it was John, "we made a deal with these gentlemen. They were
gonna kill us all. But we made a deal."

"Okay," Monica smiled, "this isn't funny any more guys. Guys!"

Someone spoke, "Prepare her!"

With that order her crew lunged at her helpless body. One man ripped open her
bra making her huge boobs spill out. Another cut her knickers off and pushed
her skirt up, tucking it into her waist.

"Good," the voice continued as a fat sweaty man moved into view, he reminded
Monica of Orson Welles as he chewed on a stubby cigar and mopped his bloated
face with a white stained cloth, "so glad you could make it Lt Tits." He
stared at her jugs; " You have a most intelligent crew. Very intelligent. I'm
Captain Anaconda. My friends call me Snake."

"I demand you let me go captain!"

"But you must be punished my dear, so your men can go free." He mopped his
wet brow; "the best way to punish you is to be fucked. To be fucked over and
over again by a dozen cocks, until your cunt is sore and leaking with scum
and your mouth has that wonderful layer of jism coating the inside. You men,
very intelligent men, have agreed to help us with this task."

Snake spat his cigar out and reached down to his belt. Monica felt her
stomach knot in fear. He meant it, she looked at the rest of the mean
starring at her exposed breasts and her spread open legs, they meant it.

Watson spoke, "We want you to be first Snake. Go on sir, fuck this Lt. cunt."

"You fucking pig!" screamed Monica, "If you touch me, you fat shit, I'll see
to it that you're punished! That you're whole crew are punished! You fucking
fat bastard!"

The captain took his time removing his huge trousers; "Oh I am so scared."
He pulled his pants down to reveal his huge dirty dick, ten inches long and
three inches in diameter, "Now you can see why they call me Snake."

He fell on top of her and Monica thought she was going to be crushed by this
fat pig. She felt the head of his huge cock force itself into her dry cunt
and started to scream. There was nothing she could do, as he rammed his cock
deeper into her pussy, ripping it apart as he did so. His hands squashed her
huge pink boob together and his mouth sucked and chewed at her dark nipples.

And thus the orgy began.

On shore Rachel watched a seagull swoop down, grab a chunk of dead fish meat
and swoop back up, eating as it went. She shivered. She hated the dirty
birds. They ate garbage, they ate anything.

Virgil one of the sailors watched Rachel approach his boat. He noticed how
her uniform was stretched so tightly about her arse and cunt he thought (in
his dreams) he could see the outline of her crack, and the lips of her pussy.
He imagined that he could also see her light brown pubic fur and imagined she
wasn't wearing any knickers.

Her boobs were barely contained in her crisp white blouse. He could not
understand how they stayed inside her uniform as they bounced and shook when
she walked. He imagined her deep cleavage; he imagined her boobs pressing
against his face as he bit and sucked at them.

The WAVE and her mammoth jugs came closer. Virgil could now visualise her
nipples pressing hard against her uniformed shirt. Virgil's fantasy was
brought back to earth with a thud as he cut his finger with a fishing hook.

He sucked at the blood, then rose as Rachel walked passed.

"Hello," he said as he tried to keep his eyes off her boobs, "I am Virgil.
This is my boat. You must be one of the new WAVE's from the base."

"Yes," Rachel said sarcastically, "of course I am. That's what the uniform is
for. What do you want? Running any drugs lately?"

"No I'm just a fisherman."

A seagull swooped down towards them making Rachel jump, "Fucking birds!" she

"They're the garbage collectors of the sea," Virgil smiled his ivory white
teeth glinting in the sun against his chocolate brown face, "they have their
place and they serve their purpose."

"Well, I can't stand them. We'll clear this bay of those filthy birds one way
or another. Maybe my boys can use them for target practice."

"You can't do that miss. It would ruin the balance."

"The balance of what?"

"Of nature. The natural order. The birds are..."

"Yes, yes," Rachel interrupted, "you people have your funny little ways. All
that voodoo shit and everything. Haven't you got work to do?"

Rachel strutted off.

Virgil leapt back on his boat, "Fucking bitch," he said, "the fucking cunt!"

Phillip, one of his crew, a round happy black guy smiled, "What she been
saying to upset you man?"

"The birds. She wants to kill the birds. Bitch whore."

Phillip kept his smile, "Keep it down. She's not worth it."

Virgil sucked at his bloody finger and watched the WAVE walk back to the base
imaging what a couple of fish hooks and a few seagulls could do to her firm
hard tits.

End of part 1


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