This story is a fantasy involving two of the characters from Friends. It is
not to be read by anyone under 18, anyone who doesn't like nasty nc stories
and (most of all) doesn't under the difference between fantasy and reality.

This story is copyright Wallace Mason.

This is a work in progress inspired by an old story I found in my youth
called "Caribbean Torture Cruise". It was a book and no I can't transcribe
it to any of the groups.

As always comments and suggestions welcome.

Friends: Friends Join The Navy Part 3 (M+/FF uniform nc)
by Wallace Mason

"What a pair," somewhere in the back of her brain Rachel heard Ron's voice,
"they'd look great tied and bound."

Rachel opened her eyes slowly. She was propped up against the side of the
cabin on Virgil's fishing boat. The men had opened her blouse and pulled her
huge tits out of her bra, so that they were hanging out in front of her. Ron
was rubbing and fondling them. Peter was weighing each one in turn with his

"Get the fuck off!" she screamed suddenly trying to push them away, but her
hands were secure, handcuffed behind her back, "get off of me!"

Virgil knelt down facing Rachel. Next thing she new was a sock, a stinking
smelly sock was shoved in her mouth. Her legs were still free so she kicked
out at the black man as he stood up. Two pairs of hands grabbed her legs,
holding them hard against the wet deck.

Rachel watched in horror as all the black crew started to strip. Peter was
now chewing on her left breast and Ron... Ron was rubbing had his prick out
and was rubbing his cockhead against her right nipple. Her eyes widened
as she saw the men's large jutting organs, none of them fully erect, but all
of them large and hard.

Phillip grinned, "Roll her over, so I can get to her arse."

Peter and Ron grabbed her by her tits and rolled her on to her side. Tears
formed in Rachel's eyes as Phillip managed to worm his cock up her flaccid
arsehole. She tried to resist, clenching her buttocks, but this made him
more determined as he fucked his hard thick prick into her shit-chute,
stretching her bowels.

They men laid the uniformed officer on top of Phillip's huge body, her legs
held open so that her pussy was fully exposed.

Peter wiped some sweat from his face, "She owes me some cunt," he said as he
climbed on top of his commanding officer and forced his thick erect cock
between her dry cuntlips.

Rachel's face was twisted in pain as the two men fucked away at her abused
holes; both buffeted against each other. The sock filled her mouth so she was
unable to scream. Peter head onto the top of her head, forcing her WAVE cap
down her forehead as he jack hammered her pussy as hard as he could.

Lt Rachel felt her body being torn between the two fat cocks. She could feel
the hot throbbing prick inside her anus, the huge prick heads forcing her
passages open. She wanted to tell them to stop, to scream for help, but all
she could do is endure their pounding cocks.

Virgil stood by Ron who couldn't keep his eyes off her breasts as they shook
and bounced under the onslaught.

"Go on," Virgil said, "You take her tits. I'll take the officer's throat."

On the small patrol boat Monica pressed her breasts together trapping Captain
Anaconda's cock between the soft pink pillows.

"Good," he smiled holding her between his legs, "now what do you do?"

"Tit fuck," she murmured.

"Pardon?" the captain sucked on his cigar, "you want to give me what?"

"A tit fuck."

"Go on then."

And Lt. Monica did. Rubbing her breasts up and down over the bloated
captain's prick. He delighted in the sight of WAVE Lt tit fucking him. What
made it even between was he was fucking her breasts through her uniform

"Harder! Faster!"

She jerked up and down holding her tits hard around his cock, pumping away,
she couldn't help watching the thick prick head pop out of the crisp white
cleavage. In and out it went as she fucked him with her huge hard jugs.

Lt. Monica had a determined look on her face as the cock fucked in and out of
her squashed boobs.

"Do you want me to cum?" Snake smiled at the Lt.

She looked up still tit fucking him; "You are a pig."

"Oh my dear," the captain laughed, "for that I think I am going to have to
fuck your stuck up cunt again."

Snake pulled her up by her shoulders, pulling her tits off of his prick. He
slapped both her fat breasts and spanked her arse until she was positioned
over his cock.

"I'm going to let you control your fuck," he put his hands on her shoulders,
"isn't that nice of me?"

Lt. Monica turned her head away not wanting to look him in the face. But
Snake slapped her around the face turning her back, "I want to watch how much
you enjoy my cock," he grinned, "Now get it up you Lt. I know you want it."

Monica was forced to looking into the fat bloated face as he leered at her
while she gripped the shaft and guided his thick cockhead between hr cunt
lips. She paused, breathing in, then sank slowly down.

Snake groaned.

"Do you like it officer tits? Do you like a big hard prick up you eh?"

Monica couldn't reply, she gritted her teeth as once more she endured the
long thick cock inside her.

"Move yourself," Snake spanked her buttocks, "up and down!"

Lt. Monica began to rise and fall slowly. Her feet where still on the floor
and her limbs bent and straightened with her movements as she pulled the
thick cock in and out of her stretched and invaded pussy. Up and down, up and

On shore Lt. Rachel was watching in horror as Ron grabbed her two huge mounds
of tit flesh, sinking his fingers into them. He pinched and tore at the
nipples sending waves of pain into her body. Virgil propped up Rachel's head
so she could see her tits being pushed together by Ron as he shoved his long
thick cock between her knockers. The head of the prick looked obscene
sticking out of her cleavage, pushing towards her face, poking her on her

Virgil pulled out the sock and as she gasped for air Ron's prick drove
between her lips.

Virgil laughed, "Look at this dirty cunt. She wants to suck cock!"

He obliged by turning her head to the side and before she could protest his
black cock slipped between her red inviting lips and he started feeding inch
after inch of his ten-inch monster into her unwilling mouth.

Now they all fucked away harder than before. Her arse and cunt stretched
open, Ron busy fucking her big juicy tits and Virgil face fucking her forcing
his cock black cock deeper and harder into her mouth.

Rachel's mind raced, she didn't know which way was up, she didn't know
anything. She was their fuck toy, a busty uniformed bitch being used in every
available hole. Even her tits were being used as another cunt. Virgil's cock
was now gagging her with each stroke as it punched away at the back of her
throat. Phillip came first, blasting the inside of her virgin bowels. Peter
followed filling her cunt with his hot bubbling spunk. Ron finished his tit
wank by spraying the side of her face with his thick juice. All attention
turned to Vrigil who was now fucking violently in and out of the officer's
mouth using her uniform, capped head for leverage as his prick sawed in and
out of her aching lips. He stuffed is cock all the way into her throat,
feeding it into her inch by inch and then ripped it all the way out again
watching her wide eyes as he did so.

He knew she was choking with each stroke but he didn't give a shit. Just for
fun he would now and again let his cock rest lodged in her throat as her
gullet convulsed and milked his black thick prick. After a few more of these
cock gags he started fucking her face with more violence shoving in until his
balls with slapped against her chin. In the middle of one of these plunges he
started to cum, letting his cock rest in her throat sending his salty spunk
spitting right down into her belly.

Mouthful after mouthful was fed into Lt. Rachel, which she was forced to
swallow. Virgil plucked his cock from her throat and pulled his black snake
out of her choking, gagging mouth.

Virgil stood up and looked down at the broken officer. He turned to his crew,
gave and nod and they were all upon her, cocks out, shoving in and out of her
twitching convulsing holes.

Virgil took a piss over the side of the ship and watched the seagulls pecking
at the remains of the bird the WAVE had shot. They weren't finished with the
busty officer. He smiled as he thought of the rest of his revenge plan and
wondered how much abuse her tits would take.

End of part 3


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