This is a fantasy not reality. Do not read if you are under 18, if you are
offended by nc stories or you do not know the difference between fantasy
and reality.

Copyright Wallace Mason 1999

Friends: Friends Join The Navy Part 6 (MF,MMF,nc,ir,unif)
by Wallace Mason

"Sit on it," Anaconda pointed to Ricky's regenerated cock, as the cabin boy
lay naked on the deck. Lt. Commander Lowell stared at the rigid prick.

"Sit on the boy's cock," the captain sighed, "I do not want to tell you

Carey lifted her white navy issue skirt and walked over to the boy. She
positioned herself above him, turning her back on him and aiming her bottom
at the quivering cock.

The other navy officers were lined up to watch Ricky bust the Lt. Commander's
buns. Rachel and Monica were topless with their hands on their heads.
Commander Paul was still kneeling.

Lt. Commander Lowell reached her hands around and opened her bum cheeks as
she slowly lowered down towards the cock. Her knees bent as she struggled
and almost jumped out of her skin when she felt the cockhead press against
the tight pink starfish. Ricky held her hips and started moving her on to
his cock, his knob prising open the officer's arsehole until the whole of
his head was inside her bum. He grinned as he watched his cock disappearing
inside the woman's arse while she gritted her teeth and winced in pain
feeling the cock meat invade her tight virgin arse.

"This is gonna hurt you more than it's gonna hurt me," chuckled the cabin boy
as the Navy Officer slipped further and further on to his cock.

He started smacking the buttocks, "Shake your booty bitch! Bounce up and

The woman placed her hands on her knees and started bouncing up and down on
the boy's cock, a cock that felt like an arm shoved inside her arse. With
the smacks she started trying to shake her bottom as she fucked his cock.
Ricky sat up and grabbed her tits through her uniform crushing them in his
palms as he started fucking her arse as best he could while she bounced up
and down. He reached down and tore her skirt off then grabbed her shoulders
so she fell back on him. The boy was far smaller than the officer and her
head hit the floor while the boy fucked her arse and started twisting her
tits in his balled up fists.

Anaconda looked at the scene. Lt. Commander Lowell's legs were open, her
pussy, which still contained some spunk open for all of them to see.

"Phillip," the captain turned to fat black guy who was staring at the
officer's cunt, "I think that pussy needs filling."

He didn't need any more encouragement, he thick black fingers pulled her
pussy lips open as he aimed his cock at her pink overused opening. He pushed
his cock in making Carey groan in agony as the two cocks tried to split her
in half.

"Can you feel me, boy?" asked Phillip.

"Fuck," the cabin boy said under the officer's body, "I can. I can feel you
fucking the bitches cunt!"

The two of them started fucking away hard at the Lt Commander's helpless

Anaconda sat on his chair, "Commander, come here."

Alexandra went to get up but was pushed back on her knees by his crew. She
understood and crawled over to the captain of smuggling ship. He pulled his
huge fat prick out of his pants and waved it in her face, "You see this," he
pressed the prick head against the badge on her navy cap, his balls rubbed
her face. "This is going on an adventure. Get up."

The Commander stood up. The tall woman looked a treat in her starched white
uniform, her face was still stern and hard but Ricky's cum was dried on her
chin and some spunk matted her dark glasses. In the background Phillip and
Ricky double fucked the lesbian Commander's lover. Another cock was being
forced between her lips the balls slapping against her dark glasses.

"Take your skirt off," Anaconda started wanking his cock.

Without taking her eyes off him she undid her skirt and let it fall to the
floor giving him his first sight of her well groomed pussy and long tanned

"They fucked your pussy?" he asked.

She nodded.

"Tits did the Commander give titty fucks?"

She nodded.

"Did they stuff a big prick up your prim and proper arse?"

"Not there," she found herself saying, "they didn't up there."

"Well," Anaconda aimed his cock at her he saw it in the reflection of her
dark glasses, "this is going up virgin territory."

Commander Paul was very reluctant to a point that two of Anaconda's crew had
to grab her and twist her aiming her arse at his cock. Pushing her back
they forced her on to the captain's huge thick prick. The three inch wide
cockhead pressing against her virgin arse.

Anaconda put his hands on her shoulders, she was poised on his prick, her
arse wobbling, his cock nestled between her buttocks but not yet inside her.

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way. You can slowly push your stuck
up tight butt on to your masters cock or I can put it there."

Commander Paul was shivering; she put her hands on the arms of his chair and
began slowly putting her full weight on the baby's arm sized prick. Her face
was a picture of concentration and pain as Anaconda felt the head of his cock
pop into her stretched anus. Tears rolled down the officer's cheeks as she
sat down on the captain's log.

Without warning he pulled her down by her shoulder making her yell,
"FUUUCCCK!" As Anaconda's huge member disappeared inside the Commander's
virgin butt.

"GET IT OUT!" she started screaming as Anaconda started rocking back and
forth stabbing his lodged dick inside her.

"No my dear, time to fuck." Anaconda gave the signal his crewmembers crowded
around grabbing Commander Paul by her arms, legs, thighs and tits. They
jerked her up almost off of the captain's prick and then slammed her back
down shoving the whole shaft up her.

Carey could hear Alexandra screaming as Virgil face fucked the Lt. Commander
while she was buffeted between Ricky and Phillip's rock hard cock. The
Commander screamed with pain and humiliation as the crew made her ass fuck
their captain, pulling and yanking her on and off his enormous hard fat

Anaconda started singing "Life on the Ocean Wave" as he watched his prick fly
in and out of the Naval Officer's expanding bleeding arsehole. The men
laughed as she sobbed gritting her teeth as she felt as if she was going to
split in half. The jeered and cheered as the officer in her white starched
uniform was ripped on and off the cock. When their captain was ready to cum
he gave a nod and they pulled her off, turned her around and pushed her head
into his lap. His cock pushed into her red open lips, over her tongue and
before she could even think a cheer rang out as her throat expanded with
Anaconda's snake lodge in her gullet.

As he started to cum he barked, "Swallow! Swallow the cream! Swallow!"

She had no choice, it was swallow or choke and Commander Paul gulped down all
of the hot spunk that spewed into her throat. He pulled her head off his
cock and threw her to the floor coughing and spluttering cum spitting from
her lips and nose.

Lt. Commander Lowell was heard to groan as the three men inside her body came
in unison filling her holes with their hot scum.

Anaconda took Alexandra's navy cap from her short brown hair and wiped his
wet sticky cock with it, "Now for some fun," he smiled, "Ron if you'd be
so kind as to get out the strap on penises. Time for a little revenge
Commander. You and your lover can fuck something now. The Lieutenants."


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