This story is a fantasy - not reality. If you can't get that into your
head - don't read! Do not read in under 18. Do not read if you do not like
stories about nc subjects.

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Friends: Friends Join The Navy Part 7 (MFFF,nc,unif)
by Wallace Mason

Commander Paul walked up behind Lt. Rachel who was on all fours, naked
except for her navy cap. Alexandra was wearing a large plastic dildo,
strapped around her waist. She knelt down, aiming the plastic prickhead
towards Rachel's pussy. The Commander was naked from the waist down,
but she still wore her crisp white blouse, navy cap and spunk stained
dark glasses.

Lt. Monica was being forced on to her knees while Lt. Commander Lowell
struggled as Virgil and Ron attached the dildo to her waist. She was dressed
exactly the same as her superior and Monica was naked apart from her cap.

"Do it," Anaconda gestured to the Commander.

Alexandra put her hands on Rachel's naked shoulders, the head of the plastic
prick pressed against the woman's cunt lips, splitting them open, the head of
the dildo moving into Rachel's cunt who gritted her teeth feeling the fake
cock push inside her.

The Commander started fucking away at the Lt, reaching around and gripping
the WAVE's huge hanging boobs. Alexandra squeezed them hard, her fingers
digging into the jello like flesh and she fucked harder into the overused
woman's pussy.

Carey down entered Monica forcing the whole of the thick hard plastic cock
into the Lt.'s vagina. Carey grabbed the top of Monica's hat and fucked into
her like a mad woman. She was going to make this big titted bitch suffer, it
was her fault they'd been called to the island, it was her fault she been
fucked left right and centre over the last two hours.

"Look at her go!" Ron said nodding to the Lt Commander as she slapped Lt.
Monica's buttocks fucking harder.

The Commander gripped Lt Rachel's nipples and tried to pull her tits around
to her back, stretching them, making them distort around the woman's sweaty

Phillip knelt behind the Lt. Commander aiming his black cock at her asshole.

Virgil took up the same position behind the Commander and on a signal both
men pushed their erect cocks up the officer's arses and started fucking away
in rhythm with the women fucking the Lt's.

It was a three-way fuck with a difference. Like some strange three-backed
creature the black guys gripped the officer's epaulets on their navy blouses
as the fucked their arses without mercy while the two officers pounded into
the Lt's. Rachel's breasts were now nearly pulled around to her back and
Monica was being pulled back by her hair straining her neck.

The Commander let Lt Rachel's nipples go making her tits fall back slapping
together. The Lt Commander let Monica's hair go and her head shot forward
slamming face first on to the deck.

The three-way fuck went on until the two black men shot their loads inside
the officer's arses. But it didn't stop; two more men came forward and
shoved their pricks inside the women's arses to fuck them all over again.

Anaconda cursed the fact they didn't have a video camera. It would have sold
in it's thousands over an hour of the strangest double penetration he had
ever seen. When it was over the four women lay exhausted and sobbing, the
plastic dildo's firmly inside the Lt's sore pussies.

"Get the stuff," directed Anaconda.

Two of his crew went below deck while another to pulled the Commander up and
tore open her blouse dragging her towards the captain. She was forced on to
her knees in front of the fat sweaty captain who nodded and someone hand
cuffed the officer's hands behind her back.

"No more," she whispered.

"You have a fine pair of breasts," smiled Anaconda.

Virgil pulled her bra down making her firm breasts spill out, the pink flesh
there for all to see.

The two crewmembers appeared with what appeared to be miniature stocks
complete in every historical detail. They opened the stocks in front of
Commander Paul; it was just like the ones she had seen in old horror movies
but much smaller. She was confused; they'd already bound her hands. Where
would they put it?

"Noooo!" she screamed as they placed her breasts inside the shallow cuts in
the stocks, "you can't!"

They did. The stocks were closed trapping her tits inside and pinching them.
Virgil applied a small padlock to the open end and the navy officers boobs
were secured. The wooden device pressed against her chest. She looked down
through her dark glasses at her trapped tits. Her boobs were sticking
straight out, round and swollen, two hard pink spheres.

The crew crowded around watching as the Commander's tits started turning a
deep scarlet as the blood gorged them with no way to escape.

"No more," she yelled this time.

"Shut up," Anaconda slapped one of her trapped boobs.

She groaned in pain, as her tits were far more sensitive than ever. She
didn't notice Virgil, Phillip and Anaconda lift up penknives with very thin
sharp ends.

"As you are now on of the crew you have to have a few tattoos," said

The three men huddled about her blood swollen, trapped tits and went to work.

"Fuuuucccckkkk!!" screamed Alexandra.

The sharp points started stabbing into the flesh. The four sadistic men kept
poking away at the officer's boobs, laughing at her screams and jerks of
agony. The knifepoints went into the flesh so easily. The officer kept on
screaming as they punctured patterns into her bloated tits. Virgil was busy
writing "cock slut", Phillip printed with the knife "US Navy" while Anaconda
turned his attention to her overly sensitive, distended nipples.

The pain became too much and Commander Paul blacked out.


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