Friends: Friends Join the Navy Part 7a - Part 2 (FF)
by Exintaris ([email protected])

That evening, the four officers finally relaxed. There had been a lot to do,
many messages to be sent and help of various kinds summoned, a place found
for the wounded Jarvis to be laid and some attention given to his wounds, and
so on. Jensen and Holmes were set to act as guards for him and the prisoners.
The local family that acted as caretakers for the customs post prepared as
good a meal as they could, frantic that they should not be suspected of
collusion with Anaconda or involved in the smuggling that, it was now
learned, many of the seamen were involved in.

Monica and Rachel cleaned themselves and changed into fresh uniforms. They
fell on the meal like starving wolves, having gone short of decent food and
drink for a considerable while..

"Replacements for you two will arrive as soon as possible," said Alexandra to
them as they finished a wine bottle. "And all of us need to get to a medic,
to check that we've not been made pregnant or picked up anything nasty." She
smiled wryly.

"Oh," said Rachel, looking a bit alarmed. "I, uh, I didn't really think of
that. I hope that, uh, licking us - "

Alexandra waved her down. "Easy, Rachel. Even if by some remote chance we
have caught something that way, Carey and I will bear you no malice. These
things are easily cured, usually, and you could say we deserved it. And I'm
forgetting - you should get your breasts looked at, though they seem to have
healed reasonably well." She looked at Monica, who was nodding in her chair.
"Now I think you two should go to bed," she said. "Reaction is going to set

They did as they were told, but despite her tiredness Monica could not sleep.
Memories of their torments kept plaguing her, which she could not drive away
solely by focusing on their very satisfying revenge. Finally she could stand
it no longer and went next door to Rachel.

"I can't sleep," she said.

Rachel sat up and held out her arms. "Neither can I. Come here."

Monica got into her bed, to be hugged very warmly by Rachel.

"You never gave up," she said softly. "You saved us. It's gonna be hard to
repay you for that."

"I don't need repaying, and I don't want it," said Monica just slightly
indignantly. "I did it first of all because I hoped to get some revenge. But
I hoped, if I was really lucky, to save my ass and yours as well, because,
well, because I love you."

"That's so nice," said Rachel, stroking Monica's arm. "You know, Mon," she
said after a moment, "I've heard that sex can be a good way to relax and get
oneself off to sleep."

"What are you saying, we should masturbate?" said Monica lightly, feeling a
sudden wild hope that Rachel had something different in mind.

"No," said Rachel, "I'm saying ... this," and suddenly she launched herself
at Monica, trying to kiss her on the lips. Since there was no light on, she
had difficulty matching up their mouths, but Monica did not resist at all,
rather aided eagerly in the endeavour, until their lips finally met at the
right angle and both sighed with happiness and relief.

At first they simply made out, stroking each other a little, until Rachel put
a hand on Monica's breast.

"I'd like this nighty to be out of the way," she said taking a bunch of the
fabric in her hands.

"Me too," said Monica with a chuckle.

They stripped off each others' tops, then, with much giggling and sly
stroking and feeling up, their panties. Monica asked if she could turn the
light on, to have a good look at Rachel, but Rachel was a bit unhappy about

"I'm scarred," she protested.

Monica ran her hands up to Rachel's breasts and stroked them very gently,
then bent and swirled her tongue round a nipple, feeling the scar tissue.
What a good thing it was that her nipples had not become infected, she

"The scars don't bother me, sweetie," she said softly. "I've gotten so used
to seeing them. And I would so like to see you in all your beauty."

"Okay," said Rachel, rather moved by this appeal, and she reached to turn
the light on. Monica gazed at her lovingly, while Rachel looked up at the
friend she had known since childhood, with equal love. Then Monica bent her
head, took hold of a nipple and suckled avidly. After a while Rachel pushed
her away gently, in order to have a chance to do the same to Monica. Their
breathing became faster and their excitement increased; they began to fondle
and rub each other in and around their crotches gently.

After a while Monica said, "Do you wanna try ... what we got on the boat?"

Rachel seemed to think for a moment. "I'd rather do that when we were fresh,"
she said. "How about this?"

She moved a leg between Monica's legs and tried to rub it against her pussy.

"Oh yeah!" said Monica, and they pressed close together, relishing the
sensuous feelings as their soft female bodies rubbed against each other.
After various changes of position they managed to bring their pussies
into full contact, with a cry of joy. They began to rub against each
other increasingly strongly, delighting in the silky smooth way their
pussy lips slid against each other, lubricated by their flowing juices.

Crying out louder and louder as their desire to reach climax grew, they
finally exploded into orgasm together, both crying "Yes! Yes!! YES!!!"
simultaneously. After some shared moments of delight they subsided,
relaxing in each other's arms, beaming at each other and exchanging
little kisses.

"Oh Mon, I'm so glad we've done that!" said Rachel in a while.

"So am I, my dear sweet Rachel," said Monica lovingly. "We've been friends
for so long, and now we've been through so much together, that I think our
friendship has turned into something more. Just think, if we hadn't gone
through all that, maybe we'd never have found each other."

"That would have been bad," Rachel agreed, hugging her closely. "This makes
up for so much."

They lay together in silent contentment. After a while, Rachel said, "Hey,
do you suppose Alexandra and Carey are in bed together, too?"

"I hope so," said Monica. "They're not bad, you know. They took it quite
well, when you got so tough with them. I was mad at them, but I wouldn't
have dared say anything like that."

"I had got to where I simply didn't give a fucking damn," said Rachel
bluntly. "I'd have given back talk to an admiral." She yawned. "I think I
could sleep now."

Monica kissed her cheek. "Sleep, my darling."

The following day, at breakfast, Alexandra took one look at them as they came
in and held her hand out to Carey. "Pay up," she said, then looked at Monica
and Rachel. "You became lovers last night, didn't you?"

"I don't know how you can tell, but yes," said Monica, as Carey passed
Alexandra a note..

"There's ways," said Alexandra, smirking. "Well, while you're in the Navy,
just be discreet. Are you going to stay in the service?"

They looked at each other doubtfully.

"Think about it," she said. "You've shown, you've got what it takes,
especially you, Monica, and you'll be very well thought of for your actions.
We'll see to that. But I'll understand if you want to leave."

* * *

Chandler, Joey and Phoebe waited in the transit area, feeling increasingly
tense with anticipation.

"Jeez, what can be keeping them?" Joey broke out. "It can't take so long to
be reunited with your parents."

"I guess they have things to tell them," said Chandler. "Maybe one of them
is pregnant, or both."

Phoebe sighed. "Yeah, the Navy people aren't letting many details slip, are
they? Oh look, there they are."

Two groups were coming towards them slowly. The Gellers were very close
together, with Judy Geller at their centre, crying. Monica and Ross were to
either side of her, each with an arm round her, while Jack was on Monica's
other side, holding her other hand. The Greens were slightly more spread.
To either side of Rachel, holding her hands, were her parents: Sandra Green
looked stunned, Leonard Green more like shattered. Her sisters followed
behind, also looking stunned. Rachel herself looked calm and remote, but
her face lit up when she saw her friends.

"Here they are, Mon!" she said, and dropped her parents' hands to run
forward, followed quickly by Monica. Both threw their arms round Phoebe first
and hugged her hard, then turned, Monica to Chandler and Rachel to Joey, and
hugged them, then changed partners. Their families hovered; Ross still had an
arm round his mother.

"Guys, it's so good to see you," said Phoebe in a very shaky voice.

Both Monica and Rachel turned to look at her, smiling. To Chandler their
smiles looked curiously like those that parents would give to beloved

"We have some important news for you," said Monica. "News our families
already know."

"Let's find somewhere better than this transit area to tell them," said
Rachel in a practical manner. To Chandler, her air of confident control
seemed a world away from the light-hearted, frivolous friend he had known.
It made him feel nervous. Monica too projected an aura of control and calm,
quite different from the energetic but rather nervous character that she
had displayed in the past.

They found a coffee shop in the airport that was not too busy and settled
down at a group of tables, Monica and Rachel making their friends sit
closest. When everyone was served and sitting down, Monica looked at Rachel,
who nodded.

"Okay, you guys, here's the deal," she said. "Monica and I are together now,
and this is not just some passing fancy: we're in it for the long haul."

"You're together?" said Joey. "You mean - like lovers?"

"That's right," said Rachel coolly.

"I still don't understand it," Judy Geller wailed. "Just because you were
abused by one group of men, you don't have to reject all men."

Monica sighed. "We've been through this, mom. We're not settling for each
other because we have a horror of men, and see no alternative. We actively
want to be together." She spoke very calmly but with absolute firmness. The
nervousness she had shown in dealing with her mother was completely gone.

"It seems such a waste," said Leonard Green in a surprisingly quiet voice.
"You're lovely girls, that any man might be happy to marry ..."

"You think so, if he knew that I cannot have children?" Monica said with a
certain edge to her voice. Turning back to her horrified-looking friends,
she said, her voice still steady, "Yes. I found that out as a kind of
by-product. The others got pregnant, but not me. I was told that my womb
could not support a baby, that it was an 'inhospitable environment'."

Her voice had become a little bitter by the end. To Chandler's surprise,
Judy Geller reached out, took her hand and kissed it, tears rolling down
her cheeks again. Rachel sighed, and put her arm round Monica, giving her
a comforting hug.

"There is, of course, another thing," Rachel said, "that we are killers."

Chandler and Joey gasped; Phoebe simply nodded, her face very mournful.

"I saw it in your auras," she said. "Oh guys, I do, like, understand, but it
will take you so many lives to work off the bad karma."

"That will just have to be dealt with," said Monica gently. "If we hadn't
done what we did, when we did, we wouldn't have freed ourselves."

"And I personally got enormous satisfaction from shooting the shit out of
those bastards," said Rachel ferociously. Chandler noticed Ross wince at the
relish with which she spoke.

"Yeah," said Monica, her lips curving in a rather feral smile, "so did I."
She looked around. "You know, I get nightmares reliving what happened to me,
but always, in them, I suddenly find I'm free, with a gun in my hands, and I
blow the shitbags away." Her voice shook a little and her face seemed to
darken. Then she shook herself and said, "Sweetie, we're scaring everyone.
Let's talk about something else."

"Er ... you said you were pregnant," said Chandler to Rachel rather

She nodded. "But I'm not now. We were given abortions. Recovering from that,
getting cured of sexual infections, therapy sessions, courts of enquiries and
court martials - it's all taken time, and that's why we couldn't come home
until now." Her voice was cool and steady as before.

Joey looked rather sick - at the mention of abortion, Chandler suspected.
Rachel's family did not seem so bothered.

"Oh, and I may not have mentioned," Rachel went on. "I was assured that there
was no reason why I should not get pregnant again."

"But how are you going to do that, without a man?" said Leonard Green in an
anguished voice.

"You don't need a man to get pregnant, dad," said Rachel. "All you need
is some fertile sperm. We're gonna talk about this, aren't we, Mon?" She
squeezed her hand and beamed at her.

"Yes," said Monica. "Another thing you should all know." She looked around.
"Rachel has promised she will have children that we can both bring up. Mom,
dad, we hope you will be ready to think of them as your grandchildren, and
Ross, that you will see yourself as their uncle."

The Geller parents nodded, looking rather more cheerful, and Ross also
brightened. "I certainly will," he said heartily, "and I hope you'll pick
the guys as godparents."

"Oh yeah," said Joey exuberantly, "I call dibs on the first one!"

"Joey," said Rachel with more than a hint of steeliness in her voice, "it's
entirely our decision who we pick as godparents. It's not something you can
call dibs on, like you're at school."

"Uh, yeah," said Joey, hanging his head like a small boy who'd been told off.

"Of course we'll pick you for at least one of them," said Monica kindly.

"You've already decided, you're gonna have more than one?" said Phoebe,
looking at Rachel in surprise. "I remember, when I was giving birth, I
thought you wouldn't be able to ..." She dried as Rachel looked at her
with an expression that seemed to combine affection with forbearance.

"Pheebs, after what I've been through, labour should be a breeze," she said.
"And even if it isn't, I know that it will be worth it, because I'll be doing
it not just for me, but for the person I love most in the world." She turned
to Monica, and suddenly the love she felt for her was clear in her face.
Monica too looked transfigured.

Almost everyone else looked away for a moment, embarrassed by the sight of
such strong emotion. Then Joey cleared his throat and said, "Er, would you
tell us how you escaped? It must have been as good as Die Hard."

Monica looked around. "I'm not sure our families are gonna want to hear some
of the details of that again," she said. "Maybe later."

"Where are you gonna live?" said Phoebe. "The guys have your old apartment

"We're being given rooms in the officers' mess at headquarters," said Rachel.
"We've been transferred to desk jobs here for the time being."

"Then you're gonna stay in the Navy?" said Joey, looking surprised.

Rachel smiled at him. "No, Joey," she said gently, "I don't think we could
combine being moms with a career in the Navy. This is transitional, while
we work off some time that the Navy thinks we owe. We still have to make
decisions about our future careers."

"You're welcome to share my apartment," Phoebe offered, rather yearningly.
"That way, we might see more of you."

Monica looked at her with great affection. "It's a great offer, Phoebe, but
then we'd have to haul ass a lot just to get to work every day. No, guys,
we'll come up here to see you as often as we can make it, but we're better
off staying in the mess."

"And right now, that's where we should be heading," said Rachel, getting to
her feet. "We need to get our assignments, and all that." She put on her
Navy cap unselfconsciously. "Mom, dad - " She held out her arms. Her parents
hugged her, then her sisters, who were looking very overawed.

She's grown right up, Chandler thought; she's a real adult. Looking at
Monica, who was bidding her parents a fond farewell also, he thought the
same about her. She no longer instinctively defers to her mother or father,
he thought. In a way, she's more grown up than Ross.

"We'll give you a call," said Monica, turning to him with a smile. "With any
luck, we should be able to get away this evening, and we can all go out for
a meal."

"And we'll be out of uniform, so as not to embarrass you," said Rachel,
with a slight air of an adult making allowances for the irrational
susceptibilities of teenagers. "See you again soon."

As they strode off purposefully, side by side, Joey let out a long breath.
"Man, it's like they're completely different people," he said.

"Well, Joey," said Judy Geller in a slightly hoarse voice. "If you had been
through something like what they have, it might change you too." She looked
after Monica, and Chandler was surprised but pleased to see affection clear
in her expression. "I am really proud of Monica."

"Yeah, she never gave in, and when she saw a chance she acted on it right
away," said Ross, also sounding proud. "And Rachel was right there with her.
Those two senior officers don't seem to have done much."

"Will someone please tell me what happened?" Joey begged. "I haven't heard
any of this."

Ross looked uneasily at his parents. "Well, you know they were kidnapped and,
and used and tormented for days, don't you? We won't go into that, and anyway
we don't have all that many details. But what we understand is, somehow
Monica got free and jumped onto the patrol boat that some of the mutineer
sailors had used, to bring out these two senior officers who had also been
grabbed, and she found a rifle and started letting fly. Rachel went over the
side at once and joined her, and she covered Monica while she loaded the
machine gun that was mounted on the boat, and then between them they just
about cleaned out the mutineers and smugglers. The senior officers must have
gone into the sea, like Rachel had done, and in the end they all went back
to the customs post and radioed for help."

"Wow!" said Joey. "It's so hard to think of Rachel doing something like

"I always thought there was more to her than just the cheerleader, prom queen
side," said Sandra Green. "Walking out on her marriage took courage, but she
did drift after that for quite a while."

Leonard Green nodded, looking morose.

"She put a lot of effort into her Bloomingdales job," said Ross, with some
wistfulness. "God, if I hadn't been so stupidly jealous then! None of this
need have happened."

"Don't beat yourself up about it, son," said Jack Geller. "Sometimes we do
things that there's just no going back on. And you didn't make them join the

"No, that was their decision," said Judy Geller. "Well, at least they're
promising us children. Maybe, in time, they might even think of getting
married, like Carol and Susan."

When everyone looked at her in amazement, she said, "Yes, I'd actually be
happy to see that. This has been something like a growing-up experience
for me too. I'm so happy to have my Monica back, when for a few days I
thought ..." She choked a little, stopped, and produced a handkerchief,
with which she wiped her eyes.

Sandra Green came over and put a hand on her arm. "I feel as you do, Judy,"
she said. "I am so pleased to have Rachel back. And she and Monica are rather
cute together, don't you think?"

Judy Geller nodded, though she looked a little uncertain. "It's not what I
wanted for her," she said, "but in the end, I now see, it has to be what she
wants that counts. And they're still young; they may change their minds."

Chandler noticed Phoebe open her mouth, then shake her head and shut it
again. Let Judy have her illusions, he thought. He didn't think Monica and
Rachel would change easily, now.

* * *

"Well, I'm afraid we rather scared the pants off them," said Monica to Rachel
as they trotted along.

"Yeah," said Rachel. "I'm sorry, honey. It was mostly me, I think. I just
can't seem to ... tone myself down."

"I like you just the way you are," said Monica fondly. "Now, I think there
should be transport waiting for us ..."

There was indeed a US Navy jeep waiting outside the terminal. A female petty
officer saluted them smartly.

"We got all your stuff on board, lieutenants," she said.

"Fine," said Monica easily. "Let's go."

They got into the back seat, while the petty officer sat next to the driver.
Once they were away from the airport, the petty officer turned around.
Admiration was clear in her expression.

"I hope you won't mind my asking, lieutenants," she said, "but is it true,
you took out a whole boatload of smugglers and mutineers?"

"Yup," said Rachel. "I guess Monica, that is, Lieutenant Geller, got most of
them, one way or another, but I did my share. But once she got the machine
gun going," she grinned savagely, "it was like that scene in The Wild Bunch,
except you couldn't see much of the damage she was doing."

The driver, an older woman, chuckled. "I heard somethin' else, ma'am," she
said. "That you didn't have a stitch of clothin' on you, neither of you."

"Yeah," said Rachel relaxedly. "Think it'd make a new kind of snuff movie?"

They all laughed quite a lot.

"And they say, Lieutenant Green, ma'am, even when you got back to shore, you
was struttin' around topless like it was no big deal," the driver continued.
"But the way you was handling a rifle, you sure scared the shit outa them
ratin's that got arrested."

"Yeah," Rachel drawled, relishing the memory. "That was fun. It was kinda
like being in a Western, you know?"

"For me it was more like a war movie," said Monica. "Getting to fire a
machine gun for real." Her voice too showed pleasure in the memory.

"It felt good, did it?" the petty officer asked seriously.

"Yes," said Monica emphatically. "It felt really good. There couldn't have
been a man I hit who hadn't used me hard, a whole bunch of times." She
punched her fist into her palm viciously, her body tense, her face suddenly
showing pain.

Rachel reached across, took her hand, and squeezed it. "It's over, honey, and
we got our payback - thanks to you."

Monica relaxed. "Yeah, we sure did." She smiled at Rachel lovingly.

The petty officer and driver caught each other's eye and nodded, agreeing
tacitly to ignore these signs of an attachment that was against Navy

* * *

Rachel and Monica decided in the end to leave the Navy, but at the time of
their departure Rachel was still not certain what she wanted to do, while
Monica had already found that restaurants seemed unwilling to employ someone
with her background, despite her qualifications and the fact that for a time
she and Rachel were minor, and reluctant, celebrities. Equally, Rachel was
finding that potential employers in the fashion world were wary of her; one
frankly confessed that she felt scared in her presence.

"You have this aura about you, like you're capable of turning yourself loose
at any moment," she said, "and I wouldn't want to be there when you do."

"But it's just as well," Rachel said when she told everyone this at an
evening meal together. "I don't think I can get really interested in a
fashion career any more. It seems so superficial. But it's the only
civilian job that I have any training for - except waitressing." She

"I know what you should do, Rach," Joey said excitedly. "You should get into
some kind of action movies. I'll bet you could put it across, and you could
make a real niche for yourself. I mean, you've seen real live action."

Rachel looked as if she was about to laugh this off as one of Joey's dumb
ideas, but then she paused, and her face changed. "You know, Joey," she said.
"That is really not a bad idea. I guess I might need to get a bit more fit
than I am, for stuff like that."

"You can be trained," said Ross. "And they'll have stunt women and the like
to do some of the hard stuff."

"The only problem I see," said Monica, "is, when do you find time to have
babies and be a mom?"

"If Lucy Lawless can do it, so can I," said Rachel determinedly. "But I need
a contact."

"Try my agent," said Joey enthusiastically.

Rachel and Monica looked sceptical. "We'll think about it," said Monica

But they did not need to. The very next morning, they got an excited phone
call from Alexandra Paul.

"I'm in LA, believe it or not," she said. "A Hollywood studio is interested
in doing a film based on our experiences, and Carey and I have been seconded
as advisers by the Navy. Why don't you two come out too? If you can handle
it, they might like some input from you on what happened before we showed
up, and the big shoot-up as well. In fact," she chuckled, "you're so hot,
they might even hire you."

Monica looked at Rachel, who was listening in. Rachel nodded, looking
delighted. "It would be great to see them again," she murmured.

"We're there," said Monica excitedly. "Tell us where we need to be."

As it turned out, the original producer was more interested in the
pornographic side of the story than the action, so they dropped that
connection fast, but, Hollywood being what it is, they were able to make
other contacts and a movie finally resulted. It was not very good, but
Rachel was employed to act in it as the character based on herself, and
managed to make her transformation by her experiences believable, in a
way that made her of interest to other producers of action movies and TV
shows. This, and her complete lack of inhibition about going naked or
part-naked as the story required, allowed her to develop a solid career
playing characters whose good looks and easy attitudes concealed their
kick-ass abilities, even though she never made the big time.

Monica had not been considered attractive enough to act in the original
movie, rather to her chagrin, but she was able to capitalise on her temporary
notoriety - for she helped to publicise the movie, with Rachel, Alexandra,
and Carey - and open a small restaurant. This rapidly became successful
enough to support them when, in time, Rachel became pregnant with the help of
a sperm bank and had to give up work for a while.

They made their home in LA, though they frequently visited New York to see
their families and friends and to bring children to see their grandparents,
first a daughter Emma, then twins Jack and Erica. They also came to attend
their friends' weddings, when Ross married Charlie Wheeler, a colleague in
the NYU palaeontology department, and Chandler married Kathy, the actress
whom he had been very serious about and become reconciled with when they
met again. Another link with their old life was established when Joey also
moved to LA to pursue his career, though they only saw each other

The arrival of Emma cheered Judy Geller. The promise of what would
effectively be grandchildren had played a major part in her acceptance of
the relationship, and she had begun to wonder when these would arrive. When
Jack and Erica came along, two years later, she decided it was time to urge
Monica and Rachel to hold some kind of marriage ceremony, and when Monica
said that she and Rachel did not have enough savings for anything like that,
her mother revealed that she and Jack had been putting some money by, in
hope. Then Monica and Rachel gladly agreed to a ceremony, and asked Phoebe
to organise this in cooperation with their mothers. She proved to be
surprisingly efficient, and though she blended elements reflecting her own
beliefs into the ceremony everyone was pleased with it, and Monica and Rachel
themselves felt it was a fitting celebration of their loving partnership.


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