By adding a second sequence to his vile series Friends Join the Navy, Wallace
Mason has laid himself open to an "antidote". Unfortunately, to understand
this, readers have to have some idea what happened in Friends Join the Navy,
which I do not recommend anyone to read if they like women, let alone the
Friends characters Monica and Rachel, and are upset by descriptions of their
being raped and otherwise brutalised.

To sum it up as briefly as possible, Monica and Rachel join the Navy on a
drunken bet and in six months become lieutenants in charge of two patrol
boats at a customs post on a Caribbean island. One day, Monica is out with
a boat when it encounters a smugglers' boat captained by Anaconda: the Navy
boat is overpowered and the men accept the deal that they can save their
lives if Monica's body is made available to the smugglers - though the
ratings join in abusing her without hesitation. Meanwhile, Rachel on shore
has angered a local fishing boat captain by racist remarks and finally by
shooting a seagull; she is overpowered, and again the Navy men, some of
whom have a grudge against her, join in abusing her. Both women are multiply
raped and otherwise abused. Finally they are let go, but although Monica
walks in on Rachel applying ointment to her breasts (you would prefer not
to know why) she does not ask what has happened to her, but merely suggests
that she takes the boat out tomorrow, knowing Anaconda will be out there,
while Rachel suggests that she shoot some seagulls (and these are best

In the second half, they are now in Anaconda's boat, being abused, and the
Navy men bring out two more senior female officers who have come to
investigate, presumably what has happened to Monica and Rachel. These have
already been raped, and this section concentrates on their further abuse,
though in Chapter 7 they are made to screw Rachel and Monica with strap-ons,
which they take to with considerable enthusiasm (it is mentioned at one
point that they are lesbians, and one of the officers is explicitly described
as taking it out on Monica for what has happened to them), but they are
anally raped at the same time. Finally, the most senior officer is branded
with penknives on the breasts, and blacks out.

Let's ignore all the implausibilities (some of which I have felt it necessary
to address in this text), the lack of continuity between the two halves, and
little matters like the completely out of character behaviour attributed to
Rachel and Monica and the obsessive references to the massiveness of their
breasts (which anyone who has seen the stars who play them, on the screen or
in photographs, will recognise to be ludicrous). Let's suppose it happened
more or less as described up to the end of Chapter 7 (Chapter 8 concerns a
video of further abuse of the two senior officers, sent to the White House).
Here's how I see what might have happened afterwards, in something more like

Disclaimer: To my chagrin, I have only just (December 2002) discovered that
Alexandra Paul and Carey Lowell are indeed real people, models and actresses
(CL now married to Richard Gere). No explanation is given for their being
Naval officers in Friends Join the Navy, of course. Uneasy though I am
about this, I see no point in changing the names in what follows, and my
descriptions do not fit the actual persons at all well. So I simply wish to
emphasise that the actions attributed to persons named Alexandra Paul and
Carey Lowell in the following story are not intended to reflect in any way
the attitudes and behaviour of the real persons of those names, but are
completely fictional.

The Friends characters do not belong to me, but to Bright, Kauffman and Crane
Productions and Warner Bros. Their use is not intended for profit, only for

Friends: Friends Leave The Navy (FFFF)
by Exintaris

Alexandra Paul regained consciousness with the knowledge that she was naked,
shut in a dark and extremely smelly hold, and feeling as if her breasts were
on fire. She moaned with pain, and opened her eyes. The other three women,
also naked to judge from what she could see in the few shafts of light
through the deck, were kneeling by her.

"How do you feel?" said Carey Lowell in a low voice.

"Godawful," breathed Alexandra, shedding a tear or two at the pain. At least
her breasts seem to have been washed off, lessening the chances of the cuts

"You stupid little bitches, getting us into this," Carey spat, turning on the
other two.

Rachel began to cry, but Monica glared at Carey. "Hey, you think we could
have foreseen this, ma'am?" she snapped. "that Navy men would go this bad?
I tried to fight - I winged one of the smugglers - but my men wouldn't even
try. And what was the Navy doing, sending you two alone? Didn't our message
indicate there was a serious situation here?"

"MAYDAY RAPE didn't give us much to go on," said Carey acidly.

"We had very little time, ma'am," Monica responded hotly. "We were hoping
to get to the guns, but they quickly realised that they couldn't leave things
as they were and came for us. We were lucky to send what we did. And you
think you've had it bad? We've had days of this!" She broke down, though her
expression was still one of anger, as it appeared to Alexandra Paul.

"Oh, but Mon," sobbed Rachel. "Her poor breasts – it's worse than mine,

Alexandra Paul wondered how the Navy could possibly have sent these two out
here. The dark-haired one, Geller, might make an officer, but Green, the
light-haired one, was definitely not Navy material. She sighed. What was the
Navy coming to? They had refused her and Carey support, also, claiming the
personnel could not be spared - and it was true that they were stretched
thin. But it had to be admitted: the Navy had let these young officers down.
She tried to sit up, and groaned as flashes of pain radiated from her breasts
and aches woke into life elsewhere in her body. Carey reached out to support
her. Forgetting for the moment that their love should not be revealed, she
pressed her cheek against Alexandra's, then turned and kissed her.

"Carey," said Alexandra warningly, but it was too late. Monica's eyes had
gone wide.

"You're lovers, aren't you?" she said very quietly.

"How dare you make such an insinuation?" cried Carey fiercely.

"Keep it down, you bitches, or I'll have you up again," came the voice of
Anaconda from above.

"Don't bother, Carey," said Alexandra quietly. "It's too late to hide it,
and anyway, they might have guessed from what we did to them, rather too
willingly." She turned to Monica and Rachel. "I apologise," she said, "first
on behalf of the Navy, for letting you down, and then" - she tried to look
them in the eyes without flinching - "on behalf of myself and Carey, for the
way we treated you. I feel bad about it now – but I was just so mad. I don't
think I was entirely in my right mind."

Looking somewhat abashed, Carey muttered that she was sorry too.

"It's ... understandable," said Monica. "And, God, this must be even worse
for you than for us," she went on sympathetically. "I mean, we have
experience of men, though not … like this."

"No," sobbed Rachel, who was still crying. "Never like this."

"I don't think we gain anything by discussing who has suffered most," said
Alexandra firmly, "though I am grateful for your sympathy. But we are all in
this together, and must support each other while we are together."

"Do you think they'll ... split us up, ma'am?" said Monica hesitantly.

"It has to be faced as a possibility," said Alexandra, "although while he
gets his kicks from making us do things to each other, or see things being
done to each other, it's unlikely - and the ratings and fishermen here will
want their share. One thing is certain: he's gone too far. Your disappearance
might conceivably have been covered up some way, but not ours. The Navy's
going to play hell. So try to keep your spirits up, and believe that we will
be found and rescued." She tried to smile at them and show confidence,
although she had her misgivings. All depended on the state of mind of the
vile bastard who had them in his control.

"Now," she said, "I'm sorry to have to ask this, but in case we are
separated, and one of us gets rescued before the others, it's imperative that
we all know what started this. We don't need all the details, but we do need
an outline."

"It's all my fault," sobbed Rachel. "I – I shot a seagull, and the fishermen
attacked me, and that started it all."

"That had nothing to do with what happened to me, Rach," said Monica softly,
"so it's not all your own fault."

"But if I hadn't done that, my men wouldn't have had an opportunity to join
in against me, and we could have gone after Anaconda," Rachel said, hanging
her head.

Monica looked at Alexandra. "We did offer the men a deal, ma'am," she said,
"that we would keep quiet about their part in raping us, if they'd let us
call in reinforcements to go after Anaconda. Some of them would have gone for
it, I think, but one of them, Ron, persuaded them against it. Like Anaconda,
he just seems to enjoy brutalising women, and the fisherman who led the
attack on Rachel, he's another like that."

Alexandra sighed. "Yes, likely some are worse than others," she said, "but
they're all in it, and will face very serious charges. So, Rachel, tell us
much as you can bear to – and both of you, don't bother ma'aming us any more.
I'm Alexandra and this is Carey, and you are Rachel and ...?"

"Monica," said Monica, flashing a little smile at her. Alexandra thought
irrelevantly that they were really very cute, especially the light-haired
one. "Thank you, Alexandra. Though this is hell for you, I'm glad you're with
us. We have felt so isolated."

* * *

Alexandra's confidence was not misplaced. Alarm bells were ringing throughout
the Navy administration, which could never be less than concerned at the
apparent disappearance of its personnel. They had of course been set in
motion by Monica's interrupted message, closely followed by a call from Ross,
worried that he had not had his regular phone call from her, and further
calls from her parents. Ron had persuaded his fellows to report that Monica
and Rachel were lesbian lovers and had deserted together, but the possibility
of this had been hotly denied by their families and friends, when contacted,
and the further claim that the investigators had never arrived brought very
swift responses. New commanders were sent for the customs boats, and search
parties spread through the islands, looking for the investigators and the
lieutenants. Wily Anaconda, perceiving the heightened level of activity,
moved right away from the customs post. The new commanders, experienced men,
were quickly aware that there were tensions among their men and that the
local population, who had been cowed by Anaconda and Virgil, were uneasy. The
discrepancies in Ron's story quickly became apparent: he had had the sense
to have the women's possessions destroyed, apart from some of the best
clothes and jewellery which he kept hidden for use in local intrigues, but he
could come with no convincing explanation for how Monica and Rachel had
managed to leave the base. Moreover, there were not lacking among the local
population those who for their own reasons were willing to state that "bad
things" had been happening at the base, or, not realising its significance,
that for a period there had been no patrols. Eventually one reported that
he had seen the boat which brought the investigators arrive. Immediately the
new commanders, suspecting the worst, had sent a message for reinforcements,
placed the original boat crews under arrest once these had arrived, and then
began to interrogate them properly. It did not take long before those who had
been feeling increasingly guilty at what they had done, and knew just how
much trouble they were in, cracked, and gave all the information he could in
return for a promise of relative leniency. Virgil and his crew were also
arrested, and increasing amounts of information were gathered and
disseminated about Anaconda and his men, for whom an intensive hunt was now
begun, involving local police forces as well.

Little of this was known to the four captives, who continued to be kept in
the boat's hold for much of the time, although they were aware that the boat
had moved away from the customs post. At first, to degrade them further,
Anaconda had not let them wash, nor given them anything in which to deposit
bodily wastes, but when his own crew began to complain the smell from the
hold and coming off the women themselves he grudgingly allowed them a bucket,
and let them wash every now and then, which they had to do on deck under the
leering eyes of his men. He did at least feed them reasonably well, for his
own purposes. But as one day passed into another, it was difficult for the
captives to keep up their hopes, despite Alexandra's indomitable spirit and
her refusal to be broken by the degradation that was heaped on her in
particular, as the most senior officer. The episodes of abuse became fewer,
as the men grew sated, apart from Anaconda himself and Ricky the cabin boy,
but they became more inventive, and began to involve videotaping, for which
Anaconda had them cleaned up and dressed in the remains of their uniforms.
Rachel sank increasingly into a depressed lethargy, and one day she had to be
forcibly brought from the hold, and was so listless when required to give
Ricky a blow-job that he lost his erection.

"Clearly it needs something new to excite this little beauty," Anaconda said,
tugging on Rachel's hair. He looked at the other women. "And I know what.
From the way you behaved that first day I know you two old ones are perverts,
but you," - he pointed at Monica - "I guess, are not. So come here and lick
her cunt, and do it well."

Monica had never performed a sexual act with one of her own sex, although she
had never found the thought totally disgusting. Indeed, she had looked with
sympathy on the comforting kisses and caresses that the older officers gave
each other, and was beginning to feel that she might well go this way, if she
had the chance. She had by now been forced so often into acts that she had
once thought pleasurable that they were becoming disgusting to her, even
when, as sometimes happened, she could not avoid feeling and showing
pleasure, to the delight of Anaconda and his men. Rachel apparently had some
idea of what was going on, for she curled up in a ball, but Anaconda had his
men spreadeagle her. Monica began to lick Rachel's poor bruised pussy very
gently. She swiftly discovered that what she was doing was exciting and
pleasurable, while Rachel began to show signs of life, sighing and gasping.

"Oo, Mon," she breathed, wriggling slightly, "that's nice!"

Monica began to feel pleasant-tasting juices on her tongue, and licked more
eagerly. But Rachel could not keep the signs of her pleasure hidden, and
Anaconda was angry. "Stop!" he bellowed, and had Rachel turned over and told
Monica to lick her ass. She did this with more reluctance, but found it less
repugnant than she had feared, and again Rachel began to respond. In fury
Anaconda ordered all the women raped up the ass. But they had only just been
forced into place for this when a crewman drew attention to the boat that had
been sent to a local smuggling contact for news and supplies, which was
rowing frantically from shore.

"Boss, we gotta get outa here!" shouted one of the rowers. "They's a big hunt
on for us."

Anaconda cursed and yelled at the men to get the women below. "Tie their
hands behind their backs," he said, "and gag them. That way, they won't be
able to have their perverted pleasures with each other."

He went and stood over them. "You are too much trouble," he said, kicking
Alexandra. "First chance I get, I'll run for somewhere I can sell you - maybe
Colombia. You young ones should fetch a good price, anyway."

Rachel was already weeping as they were put into the hold. As soon as they
were left alone, the other three huddled close to her, trying to give her
some comfort from bodily contact, which calmed her somewhat, though the tears
continued to flow. Monica noticed that Carey had begun to cry too, and looked
away, saddened to see her finally give way to despair. In doing so, she
noticed that a shaft of light through a crack between the deck planks
illumined a jagged section of the bucket rim, and this gave her an idea.
Suddenly energetic, she moved herself over and began to saw her bonds against
it. Seeing what she was doing, Alexandra joined her to keep the bucket
steady. The triumph that Monica felt when the ropes parted was immense, even
though she cut her hand on the bucket edge. Quickly she moved to untie
Alexandra, while Carey worked her own bonds on the bucket. It was a long job
to get them all free and their gags removed, but in their hurry the smugglers
had not tied the knots very well, and they were not interrupted - they
noticed that the boat was moving very fast. Then all joined in a hug.

What happened next was hardly surprising. All had been starved of the full
expression of physical affection for a long time, and had felt the lack more
because they had so often been subjected to degrading versions of acts that
should be performed in love. Rachel was the one who initiated things, by
kissing one of Alexandra's breasts, then beginning to lick it gently.
Alexandra instantly felt her nipples grow hard and a tingling feeling in
her pussy. She tapped Rachel on the head and when Rachel looked up, raised
her eyebrows in a questioning way. Rachel smiled and gave a little nod.
Breathing a long sigh, Alexandra reached down and began to caress Rachel's
breasts gently. Seeing what her friend was doing gave Monica the courage to
apply her mouth to one of Carey's breasts, as she had been wanting to do
for some time. Without a word said, the two couples became more and more
active. Finally, they lay down together, side by side, and the older women
began gently to finger the younger, who quickly responded, moving against
them with increasing eagerness, gasping and moaning.

Suddenly Rachel whispered, "I think I'm going to come!"

"Well, keep quiet about it," Alexandra hissed. "Or those bastards will hear
and come to stop us."

Rachel put her arm over her mouth, but she could not keep entirely quiet. "Uh
uh uh uh UH UHH UUUHHH!!!" she went as she writhed against Alexandra's hand.
She lay quiet in Alexandra's embrace for a while, then sat up, beaming, and
put her hands on Alexandra's thighs.

"Open," she whispered, and when Alexandra did so, she immediately lowered her
head to her crotch and began to run her tongue gently over the pussy lips and
clit. Alexandra gave a great gasp. She had begun to feel that she would never
have such sensations again. Totally overwhelmed, she lay back and let the
waves of pleasure flow over her.

Monica, who had also reached a pleasant climax, watched in amazement as her
friend, so withdrawn and depressed only that morning, made love to Alexandra.
She began to feel hot and wet at the sight, and turned to see that Carey was
also watching, with her mouth slightly open. Monica put her hands on Carey's
shoulders and pushed gently. Carey smiled at her, lay back, and opened her
legs, and Monica dived between them, eager to see if Carey tasted as good as
Rachel had done. Cary moved against her, moaning, and Alexandra too was
shifting about. Both were used to keeping the signs of their pleasure nearly
silent, so when they came, as they did fairly quickly, they made no noise
loud enough to have alerted those on deck. But Alexandra got so excited that
she kept thrusting her hips up from the planking, and when she had finished
coming she reached down and pulled Rachel up into her embrace.

"You are a darling," she muttered, and kissed Rachel, who was looking
triumphant at her success.

Suddenly Monica spoke. "The boat's stopped."

They all froze, listening. First they heard shouts, then confused noise, then
a rattle of gunfire, some from directly above, mixed with shouts and screams,
finally silence. Hardly daring to hope, they lay where they were. Then booted
feet were heard on the deck above, and the hold's hatch was opened.

"Commander Paul, are you down there?" said an American voice.

"Oh, thank God!" said Alexandra, with a single sob.

Rachel embraced her. "You were right all along," she said. Alexandra looked
at her gratefully, and called, her voice now firm, "Can you get us some
clothes? We're naked down here."

"Right away, ma'am," said the voice, "but ... might you want to wash first?
Begging your pardon, ma'am, but it don't smell very good down there."

The women looked at each other. They had gotten used to their smell, but
realised that they must be pretty rank. "If we can do it without everyone
seeing," called Alexandra.

After some delay basins of water, soap and towels were passed down to them.
They washed as well as they could, and came out with the towels wrapped round
them, to be greeted with broad smiles that turned to increasingly appalled
looks, as the bruises on their upper bodies and legs became evident.

"My God, ma'am!" said the officer in command of one of the boats that had
trapped Anaconda's, a young lieutenant. "You ..." He swallowed.

"Don't worry about it, lieutenant," said Alexandra crisply. "But we'll have
to ask you to turn away while we get some clothes on." She was rapidly
regaining her Commander persona.

Quickly they donned a mixture of what remained of their own clothes and some
spare items from the boats, including the smugglers' own gear. More than one
soft intake of breath was heard, as those who could not resist trying to get
a sidelong glance caught sight of more bruising and scars. Behind the
gathered Navy personnel, grunts and groans were suddenly heard, apparently
in response to blows.

"Where are those vile men?" asked Alexandra, putting on her battered cap.

The Navy men parted, to reveal a group of men seated with hands on their
heads, and two lying. "Some tried to fight," said the lieutenant. "One's
dead, one hurt. We took a minor casualty."

Alexandra went over, squinting without her dark glasses, that had been broken
long ago. Anaconda lay with a bad wound in his right shoulder. His eyes
looked at her with hate, and he laughed bitterly.

"Those tapes will get all over," he hissed. "You'll never live them down."

"You would be well advised to keep your mouth shut," she said. When he opened
it to say something more, she raised her bare foot and stamped down hard
on his groin. He screamed and grabbed at himself, screaming again as the
movement hurt his wound. As he moaned in pain, clutching himself, she very
deliberately gathered what saliva she could and spat in his face.

"See you in court," she hissed. "I hope, as those years in prison drag on,
you'll think it was worth it." She looked around at the Navy men, whose
expressions showed grim satisfaction. "Better leave him alone," she warned
them. "Or at least, do nothing that will show."

"Yes, ma'am!" said the lieutenant emphatically.

Alexandra looked among the captive smugglers and identified the cabin boy
Ricky. He began trembling when her eye fell on him, but she did nothing but
give him a dark look.

"They're going to love your ass in prison, boy," she said with some relish.
"I hope you get plenty of opportunities to see what it's like on the
receiving end."

* * *

One of the Navy boats that had caught Anaconda took the four officers on
board and headed for the local headquarters for debriefing, while another
took his boat in tow. The crew of the boat which was carrying the four
women did everything they could to make them comfortable, and had the sense
to leave them to themselves as far as possible. They spent a night on board,
bunking where they could. Rachel woke in the first of many nightmares,
moaning, but Monica was near and went over to her.

"It's over, sweetie," she said, kneeling down to hug her.

Rachel sighed and relaxed. "Thanks," she muttered and went back to sleep.

When they finally reached the local headquarters late the following
afternoon, their first debriefing was very short, for the investigators
realised how traumatic it would be for the women to relive what had happened
to them. It was agreed that written statements could be used, in which there
was no need to go into exhaustive detail, and it could wait until the next
day anyway. What survived of Monica's and Rachel's effects, found in the
rooms of Ron and other ratings, had been brought back to headquarters, and
they were found an empty double bedroom in the officers' mess. Since this
was the senior officers' base, they had their own apartments and were able
to get new clothing.

At the senior officers' invitation, Monica and Rachel joined them for dinner
in the mess. The opportunity to wash thoroughly and put on clean clothing
made Monica and Rachel feel much better, along with the chance to wear
civvies, which they were allowed for the time being. Alexandra and Carey, in
crisp new uniforms but hatless, regarded them approvingly. Over dinner, they
talked of the future.

"If you wish," said Alexandra, "I'm sure you can get honourable discharges
immediately, and there's bound to be compensation. You should never have
been put in jobs like that so early in your careers – not that it would have
helped if you'd been older and more experienced, I suspect."

Monica looked at Rachel. "I think we'll want to get out, ma'am," she said.
"I ... couldn't feel safe around Navy men any more, no matter how well the
ones who rescued us behaved."

"Understandable," said Alexandra, "and please keep calling me Alexandra. We
have been too ... close to stand on rank. Well, one thing more: we are all
going to have to visit the MO's office first thing tomorrow, to see what can
be done for our scars, make sure we haven't picked up any STD's or ordinary
infections, or", she sighed, "become pregnant."

Rachel's face fell. "Oh God," she said softly.

"Don't think of it now," said Carey. "Have a drink; in fact, have several. It
might be ... helpful."

They all had rather a lot to drink, which relaxed them, though there remained
an underlying tension between them, with the memories of what they had done
in the boat's hold still fresh. Conversation eventually began to flag, and
they kept glancing at each other and then looking away. Then Alexandra
suggested that they go to her apartment for coffee. Monica and Rachel caught
each other's eye and nodded. They had agreed among themselves that they would
go along with whatever the senior officers wanted, in their desire to explore
this new world of lesbian sexuality, and now it looked as if they would get a
chance to do so. They accepted the offer of coffee readily.

They were not to be disappointed. They had barely entered the apartment when
Alexandra turned to embrace Rachel, and Carey to embrace Monica. They
responded eagerly, and before long all were engaged in undressing each other.
Against their will they had become very familiar with each others' bodies;
nevertheless, they found great pleasure in revealing them again, removing
shirts and dresses, stockings, bras and panties with as much sensuousness as
possible until they stood naked before each other. All liked what they saw:
statuesque Alexandra with fine though scarred breasts, pale-skinned where the
sun had not burned her, with dark eyes and dark curly hair; Carey, smaller
though still overtopping Monica and Rachel, also basically pale-skinned with
sunburnt areas, small, slightly drooping breasts, blue-eyed with short brown
hair and and a fine bush; Monica, with dark shortish straight hair and
brilliant blue eyes, rather small but firm and prominent breasts, and a
slender body that showed striking contrasts between the tanned parts
constantly exposed to the sun and her beautiful natural pallor; and Rachel,
also blue-eyed, with a mass of light brown hair around her head and a lusher
body than the rest, tanned an even honey colour and showing quite large and
nicely shaped breasts, broad hips, and a notably fine butt. Quickly they
moved into careful but extremely arousing and ultimately very satisfying
lovemaking, kissing, licking, caressing and fingering each other to orgasm
in a huddle on the kingsized bed, in which all gave to each other.

As they lay together afterwards in relaxation, Rachel, her head pillowed on
Alexandra's breasts, looked up at her and spoke.

"Do you know something? When you had to use the strap-ons on us the second
time, when he was videotaping, I found that I was kind of enjoying it, until
it began to hurt."

"That's not so surprising, since it was like straight sex," said Alexandra.
"But what about when he made you do us with the strap-ons, and you had to be
on top because it was too difficult for you from behind, and he made you both
be on top for symmetry, as he put it?"

[Author's note: this does not refer to anything in Friends Join the Navy.
It is my own interpretation of what further refinements would all too
probably have been developed by Anaconda]

"I didn't like that so much," said Rachel, "though it was a relief not to be
ass-fucked at the same time."

"What about you, Monica?" said Carey, tousling her head playfully.

"I ... did like that," said Monica hesitantly.

Carey chuckled. "Liked doing your superior officer, eh?"

"It wasn't that," said Monica. "I just … liked it."

"Sure, sweetheart," said Carey. "To be honest, I got pleasure from it both

They all looked at Alexandra. "So did I, though I like doing best," she said,
looking at Rachel a little apprehensively, so it seemed to Rachel.

"That's only natural," said Rachel, "if it's what you used to do. I don't
feel bad about it. What I want to know is, do you have a strap-on here?"

The other three gasped.

"Well, I certainly do," said Alexandra, glancing at Carey with a grin. "But
would you really want that, after all that's been done to you there?"

"I think I would, if you did it," said Rachel simply. "Either of you - or

They all beamed at her. Alexandra got off the bed and went to find a key,
then unlocked a drawer and took out a strap-on, rather more moderately sized
than the ones they had been made to use on the boat.

"Put it on," said Rachel. She felt herself grow wet at the thought of
Alexandra using it on her. Alexandra did so, but she still looked doubtful.
"You're really sure about this?"

Rachel got up on hands and knees on the bed and waggled her butt. "Come on,"
she said impatiently, no longer in any awe of Alexandra after all they had
done together. "I'm wet for you."

Excited by this, Alexandra got onto the bed and approached on her knees. She
stroked Rachel's fine ass and felt her pussy, discovering that she was indeed
wet. She took hold of the strap-on, gingerly inserted it between Rachel's
pussy lips, and pushed, keeping one hand on Rachel's hip for support.

"Mmm," went Rachel. "That feels fine. Go deeper."

Alexandra pushed harder, reaching forward to put her hands on Rachel's
shoulders. Rachel looked back with a mischievous smile.

"Grab my boobs, Commander," she said. "That's an order."

Alexandra laughed gaily and did so, beginning to feel very aroused. She found
that Rachel's nipples were extremely hard, and, deciding that she did indeed
want this, began to move in and out, quite gently. Rachel gasped.

"Does it hurt?" said Alexandra, stopping.

"Only a little," said Rachel. She pushed herself at Alexandra. "Keep going."

Heartened, Alexandra began to thrust at a more usual pace for her, and Rachel
responded so eagerly that Alexandra quickly built up speeedd, until she was
going almost as fast and hard as the first time. But now it was different.
There was no uniform to symbolise their degradation, no ass-fucking to
humiliate and hurt them further, no anger on Alexandra's part - just two
willing women on a bed. Rachel felt a growing elation, recognising that this
was what she had wanted most of all, that, though she could never admit it,
she had liked it even the first time, when Alexandra had been so rough. So
excited did both she and Alexandra become that before the end both were
giving rhythmic cries, ending in a triumphant shout on Rachel's part when she
began to come, setting off Alexandra. When they were done, Rachel wriggled
off, turned round, and kissed Alexandra ecstatically.

"That was so, so good," she sighed.

Monica and Carey had watched in growing excitement. They were rubbing their
clits by the end, and spoke almost simultaneously, demanding to have the
strap-on next. Then they looked at each other and giggled.

"If you let me do you, you can do me afterwards," Carey offered.

"An offer I can't refuse," said Monica. "Same position?"

Carey nodded as she removed the strap-on from Alexandra and began to put it

A sort of madness overtook the women, but it was a healing madness. Ignoring
the increasing complaints of their abused bodies, they willingly did to each
other what they had been forced into, as if they were exorcising the
memories. Like Rachel, Monica found that being penetrated was not as painful
as she had expected, that Carey's hands on her breasts, tweaking and rolling
her nipples, were just as exciting as a man's, and that she welcomed Carey
banging away at her harder and harder. This time Carey came first, with
high-pitched grunts, while Monica did not get that far. But when in her turn
she was doing Carey, her immense enthusiasm made up for initial clumsiness,
and with some guidance from Carey and Alexandra she soon got the hang of it.
Rachel became so excited while watching that she could not resist joining
in, caressing and even licking Monica's ass from behind and beginning to
finger-fuck her. But then she was seized on with an amused chuckle by
Alexandra, who tickled her into helplessness and then began to tongue her
clit vigorously. Rachel happily allowed herself to be brought to a very vocal
climax, not long after Monica had triumphantly brought both herself and Carey
to orgasm.

"Do you always use a strap-on doggy style?" Rachel asked when she had
recovered a little.

"Oh no," said Alexandra, "you can do it in the missionary position. Want to
demonstrate with me, Carey?'

"Yes!" cried Carey joyfully. They showed off some of the finer points,
carrying on to another climax for both. Watching this made Rachel so aroused
again that when they had finished she positively demanded that Monica do her
the same way, and Monica was equally eager to try it. They quickly
established a good rhythm, moving together easily. When Monica was clearly
reaching her moment of ecstasy, thrusting away above Rachel with eyes shut
and mouth open, gasping in pleasure, Rachel suddenly felt that she was
enjoying this for more reasons than sex. She recognised in herself an intense
yearning towards Monica that she could well believe was love, love for a best
friend who had suddenly become something more, and she began to encourage her
with passionate utterances.

"Do me, Monica," she cried, digging her fingers into Monica's butt to push
her in further, while increasing waves of feeling radiated through her and
she felt her own climax approaching, "do your best friend, honey, do me
sweetheart, do me lover, oh DO!!!" She went into the best climax she had yet
achieved. When it was finished, she felt an extreme sense of satisfaction, as
if something had been accomplished that she had long wanted subconsciously.

"You should have a turn with it, Rachel," said Alexandra after they had lain
recuperating for a while. "Want to climb on me?"

"Okay," said Rachel. But she was clumsy getting in, and after only a stroke
or two she saw Alexandra wincing and stopped.

"It's hurting you," she said, pulling out as gently as she could.

Alexandra nodded, pain in her eyes. "Too much has been done to me down there.
I'm sorry."

"Don't sweat it," said Rachel. "I'm having a wonderful time, and I know what
to do." Instantly she bent her head to Alexandra's pussy. Her gentle licking
was very stimulating, and as before Alexandra began to respond, no longer
feeling any need to keep the sounds of her pleasure quiet. Emboldened, Rachel
moved her tongue inside and around. Finding a spot that seemed to give
particular pleasure, to judge from the tone of Alexandra's moans, she
concentrated here, also moving a thumb to Alexandra's clit. Alexandra began
to groan, louder and louder, and finally thrust up off the bed with a sharp
cry of ecstasy. Her juices flowed all over Rachel's tongue and mouth. As she
lay panting, Rachel moved up and kissed her tenderly.

"See how nice you taste," she said.

"Oh Rachel, you are a sweetheart," said Alexandra, hugging her and beaming.

"Isn't she?" said Monica. "Want to do me now, Rach? You've still got it on."
She gave her a wink and a wicked smile.

"If you want it, I'll try – but I am beginning to feel rather tired," Rachel

"Why don't you lie on your back and let her ride you?" said Alexandra.

"Oh yes," said Monica eagerly. "I'd like to try that."

Alexandra and Carey laughed. "Watch out for her, Rachel," said Carey. "She
obviously likes to be dominant."

"I don't mind," said Rachel, looking at Monica lovingly. Catching her gaze,
Monica smiled, and then her expression changed to something more serious.
Rachel hoped it was in recognition of her new-found love for her. Alexandra
and Carey helped to get Monica fitted on, then cuddled as they watched Monica
slide up and down on the strap-on with abandon, eyes alight, until she came
for the final time with a soft cry.

Toppling off Rachel, she said, "That's me done for tonight." She lay down
beside Rachel and kissed her, gazing into her eyes with a loving smile.
"Thank you, darling."

Alexandra and Carey looked at each other. "I think we may be in the presence
of the real thing," said Alexandra.

"Hope so," said Carey. "You’re good kids. You deserve love, after all you've
been through."

Alexandra yawned. "This has been great,"she said with considerable emphasis,
"but I'm tired now. Time for bed. You'd better go back to your room, though
I'd love to keep you here."

Slowly Monica and Rachel got up and dressed again. They bid Alexandra and
Carey a very fond farewell and supported each other back to the mess,
giggling every now and then. When they entered their room, they looked at
each other. "I want us to sleep in the same bed," announced Rachel firmly.

"Of course," said Monica, smiling at her.

That night they slept in each other's arms, with no bad dreams.

* * *

By unspoken consent the four women did not attempt to repeat that night,
knowing that they could never match the magical experience. Instead,
Alexandra and Carey began to rediscover each other, while Monica and Rachel
began to explore the possibilities of each other's bodies further. It quickly
became evident that despite her sometimes demanding character Rachel much
preferred to be rather submissive in bed, while Monica preferred to be
dominant. Thus both were happy with the situation, and only regretted that
they could not acquire a strap-on to express this in the way that both of
them found they particularly liked.

Despite the increasing joy that they gained from their love for each other,
it was a long and often traumatic time before the two friends could feel
that they were done with all the repercussions of what had happened to them.
Indeed, in one respect they never were, for Monica proved to be pregnant.
The doctors who examined them said that the others might well have conceived
and miscarried spontaneously as a result of the abuse that they had suffered.
Since Monica had always wanted a child, she said she would keep it, take her
chance on what colour it was, and never ever blame it for what had happened
to her, and Rachel vowed to support her.

It took a long time for them to heal, mentally as well as physically - skin
grafts were used to improve the appearance of Rachel's and Alexandra's
breasts - and Rachel was never wholly free of nightmares, which Monica also
had occasionally. Having to testify at the various trials brought back some
of the horror, though the long prison sentences given to all the men involved
brought them some satisfaction, as did the news that Anaconda had been found
dead in a Caribbean prison. A report that he had been found impaled on a
stake, carved to resemble a snake, was never confirmed.

They also began to find the national outpouring of sympathy, welcome though
it was at first, oppressive. They were awarded very generous compensation,
and received many private gifts and offers of support from charitable
organisations, which helped them in the first months when they were still
readjusting to normal life and coping with their unwanted fame, and could
hardly contemplate taking a job. They made their home in their old apartment,
which Phoebe had been looking after for them, and took up the rhythms of
their old life as far as possible. But it became clear to their friends that
they had changed, not least in their sexual orientation, for they were quite
open about admitting to their friends and families, and if necessary to the
media, that they were in a loving relationship. Mostly they were shown
understanding, even by Monica's mother, although she was not altogether
happy about Monica's decision to keep the baby.

Eventually Rachel found work with a charity that helped victims of rape,
where many of her co-workers had also suffered traumatic experiences and so
were less likely to treat her as if she were made of glass, while Monica
was happy to stay home and prepare for her baby. She gave birth without
problems to a light-skinned daughter, whose DNA she had matched to that of
her violators, so that she might be able to warn her daughter of the genes
that she carried; the father proved to be one of the white Navy ratings who
had raped her on the first day. Once she had her new life organised, she
decided to establish the catering business with Phoebe that they had once
talked of, which they carried on with increasing success.

Rachel continued to shrink from the very idea of sexual relations with men
- it took a long while for both of them to rebuild their trust even in
their friends - but the sight of Monica's happiness with her daughter
aroused a desire for a child in her, and she suggested to her friends that
she should be inseminated with the seed of one of them. Ross, though
saddened that the love he felt for her could apparently never now be
fulfilled, volunteered at once. At the second try the insemination took,
and Rachel gave birth to a daughter also, two years after the events that
changed her life.

Monica and Rachel are bringing their daughters up in a loving household. The
older Gellers are delighted with their granddaughters, despite their
unorthodox parentage, and Monica's relationship with her mother has much
improved. Although Monica and Rachel have become very close friends with
Ross's divorced wife Carol and her partner Susan, and welcome occasional
visits from Alexandra and Carey, who also received compensation and were
allowed to retire from the Navy on full pension, to set up house together
near Boston, they have not become part of the lesbian "scene". It may be
that they will never again be interested in men, but in time this could
change, for they have not allowed their experiences to turn them completely
against men, but maintain a close relationship with their male friends. So
Ross, who takes a full share in the upbringing of his daughter, continues
to hope, as does Chandler, who has recognised in himself a love for Monica.


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