Friends: Leprechaun's Gold (FF,BDSM,magic)
by Hamster

Patty Finnigan had had way too much to drink. But he was Irish, a leprechaun
at that, he was supposed to be able to take it. Instead he got wasted for
200 years and lost his clans pot...of gold. The coins were now scattered
throughout the world and Patty was banished from Ireland until he found
every last coin even if it took him a thousand and one years. them. He was
authorized to offer one wish to anyone who hadd a coin in exchange for its

New York City...

Monica was a bit depressed. She loved S&M and bondage but her husband
Chandler was not really in to it. He didn't mind her dressing him in women's
cloths or taking her strap-on up his ass but he drew the line at S&M and

She was straightening up her room when she found an old gold coin she had
bought from an antique shop a long time ago.

“I'll be taking that lass.” Said a little voice with an Irish accent.

Monica screamed as she turned to see a little man with bright orange hair and
pointed ears sitting on her her bed Indian-style.

“Eeeeeek who the hell are you?” She screamed.

“Patty Finnigan, at your service.” The leprechaun said, tipping his hat to
Monica. “That gold coin belongs to me clan lass and I'll be taking it if you

“I bought this coin, it is mine, now get out of my house before I call the
cops.” She said.

“Sigh. Here I had been hoping we'd do this the easy way. I am authorized to
offer you one wish in exchange for the coin.”

“Come of it, you're not a real leprechaun.” Monica said.

Patty became invisible the became visible again then summoned a neon green
winged pig.

“OK so you're a leprechaun.” Monica said as she tossed him the coin.

“So what will it be, lass?” Patty asked.

“I guess that I wish I had the perfect little sex-slave to fulfill my every
nasty little fantasies.” Monica replied.

“As ye wish.” Patty said as his hands began to glow green. Suddenly there was
a great blinding flash of green light.

Monica blinked and stared at the center of the bed room floor. The leprechaun
was gone and in his place was her best friend Rachel. Rachel was completely
naked and her cunt was shaved bare, her wrists were bound behind her.
Monica's pussy was moistening at the sight.

“I was expecting Chandler but this will do.” Monica said. “What will you do

“Anything you want Monica just please, PLEASE make my cum.” Rachel begged

“All right you horny little cunt, I may do just that very thing.” Monica
replied. “Wait just a moment."

Rachel waited anxiously for Monica. Monica returned to the room wearing a
leather corsette, black high-heels and that's it.

She placed her right hand on Rachel's head and curled Her fingers into
Rachel's hair and tugging firmly upward, bringing Rachel up to a standing
position facing her. She maintained her firm grip in Rachel's hair, leaned
in close and softly caressed Rachel's lips with her own. Monica pulled her
tighter and as their naked bodies pressed together under the warm praying
water of the shower, Monica was holding Rachel tight and twining her tongue
with Rachel's. Monica gripped Rachel's hair tighter and tugged back on her
head, pulling her back and down.

Rachel went to her knees and felt Monica pressing firmly on the back of her
head. Monica parted her legs, lifting one leg and placing it on the edge of
the bed, and pressed Rachel's head against her fevered cunt. Rachel's nose
made contact with Monica' neatly trimmed mound. She parted her lips, opening
her mouth wide as she pressed her hungry eager mouth to her nether lips.
Rachel could taste Monica's deliscious pussy juices.

Monica reached down and spread her lips with her left hand, and pressed
Rachel firmly against her peehole, and then closed Her eyes and sighed,
relaxing her inner muscles and letting her morning pee spray into Rachel's
mouth. Rachel gasped and moaned, gurgling with shock as Monica' steamy hot
urine sprayed into her mouth filling it rapidly, then she swallowed,
groaning deeply as Monica' golden rain flowed hotly down her throat. It
tasted foul but if she had to be humiliated to get Monica to make her cum
then so be it. Monica groaned deeply, feeling the dual pleasures of the
release of pressure from her overfull bladder, and the moist heat Rachel's
mouth pressed firmly to her burning cunt. Her eyes closed, she rode Rachel's
mouth, rubbing herself up and down, side to side, her fingers gripping
Rachel's hair tightly, pressing Rachel's face firmly against her steamy
mound, sighing deeper as the last of her strong urine flow streamed into
Rachel's hungry eager mouth.. Rachel's slurping sounds echoed in the room
as she sucked upon Monica's peehole. Rachel continued licking after the
last gush of steaming pee flowed into her mouth and slid down her throat
with a noisy swallow. She licked and cleaned Monica' peehole and all around
it, lapping up every droplet she could find with her tongue.

“You like that don't you slut?” Monica said.

Monica ground herself wildly into her Rachel's face, rubbing Her aching
swollen clit into Rachel's nose, groaning deeply, clutching Rachel tighter
than ever. Rachel's tongue lapping at Monica's pussy and pushed her ever
closer to orgasm, as Monica forcefully guided Rachel's mouth lower down,
groaning loudly as her tongue slithered into her flowing canal, penetrating
her, and sliding deep inside.

Monica leaned and spread her legs wider, guiding Rachel's eager mouth to
her rear, and firmly pressed it there, groaning even deeper as Rachel's
sweet eager tongue pressed and licked there, then circled it tenderly.
Rachel groaned as Monica moved her mouth where she wanted to be pleasured,
she licked Monica' anal opening. Monica grunted and groaned again, feeling
her impending climax rapidly approaching, she ground her hips and pressed
herself down upon Rachel's eager mouth, impaling her pussy hungrily, deeper
upon Rachel's swirling tongue. She could feel the tremors starting deep
within her, and with a last firm push, ground herself down hard against
Rachel's eager tongue.

"Oohh yess, Rachel, you filthy whore serve you mistress, yes, yes,
yesssss!!!" Monica cried as she came all over Rachel's face.

“Please Monica, please make me cum now, please.” Rachel begged.

“What? How dare you ask to cum? I'm your mistress and I'll make you cum when
I'm danm good and ready. Bend over the edge of the bed, slut. I think you
need a lesson in obedience and manners.” Monica ordered. Rachel obeyed laying
with her head on her arms on the bed and her knees on the ground so that her
ass was left high and vulnerable. “Now you dirty little slut, I'm going to
give you ten lashes with the my little riding crop that Chandler loves so
much so you should feel privileged.”

Rachel looked back at Monica in fear. Monica trailed the tip of her riding
crop across Rachel's prestine ass, she admired the smooth white curves of her
friend's arse. Monica tapped the twin hills lightly with her crop. Rachel was
dying with anticipation when Monica finally raised her hand and brought the
crop down with a loud crack.



Rachel's pale skin was soon red with the crisscrossed lines of the riding
crop that abused her ass so violently. Rachel wiggled and screamed and tears
flowed freely from her eyes as Monica cackled with with sadistic glee. Monica
whipped her new fuck toy like it was going out of style and Rachel's as was
nicely welted before she stopped.

“Now you have my permission to beg.” Monica said as she felt the swollen
welted ass.

“Please, please mistress Monica please make me cum.” Rachel begged.

“Oh what the hey.” Monica shrugged. She went to a drawer and removed two
dildo one was a strap-on the other a short stubby one. “now listen and
listen good, whore, I will make you cum but on my terms do you understand?”

“Yes mistress.” Rachel said.

“Good girl.” Monica said as she slammed the short dildo hard into her anus.

“EEEEAAARGH!!!” Rachel screamed in pain as the hard rubber device forcefully
and painfully opened up her ass hole.

“Now you clench tightly and hold that in place, or else.” Monica said.

As Rachel concentrated on clenching the dildo tightly in her anus Monica
strapped on her on sex toy. She rolled Rachel over so that she was on her
back. Monica positioned the head of the strap-on to the opening of Rachel's

“I usually use this badboy on Chandler, this is going to be it's first time
tasting pussy. Hold on tight, whore because I'm about to ride you like a
pony.” Monica said as she slammed forcefully into Rachel's cunt with her

“Unngh yes mistress, yes pound my naughty cunt please.” Rachel cried as the
dildo was driven deep inside of her.

Monica grabbed Rachel's boobs and squeezed them hard as she thrust deep into
her slave slut's sex. She pulled back on Rachel's boobs with each thrust of
her rubber man made cock. Rachel was really thrashing in her grip as Monica
slammed into her with more power and authority than any guy she had ever
fucked had. Rachel was practicaly screaming in pleasure and pain with every

As Rachel came to a mighty orgasm Monica imagined all the perverted things
she was going to do with her new slave.
_ _ _

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