by Wonder Mike

Monica Gellar couldn't understand why her fiance Chandler vanished into
the night, it was time for her monthly spring cleaning, he was supposed to be

Chandler Bing had been tricked into playing the Easter Bunny for the
Central Perk, it was a dirty job put someone had to do it, he hoped Monica
wouldn't see him when he came home.

Chandler tried to sneak through the apartment wearing his bunny suit, he
heard the screeching voice ring out.

"Where have you been"

Monica had seen him, he was mortified, he couldn't think of anything
more embarrassing, he turned around, Monica was wearing an old pair of sweats
with rubber gloves covered in grease, he went over and gave her a hug.

Monica: I don't want to know.

Chandler: I can explain, there was an Easter egg hunt at the coffee shop I

Monica: I told you I didn't want to know, lets head to the bedroom.

Chandler: A Bunny?

Monica: A giant bunny.

Chandler: Well, all righty then, lets go.

Chandler lifted her up and carried her into the bedroom, he took off his
head and began to slide out of the suit.

Monica: What are you doing.

Chandler: I'm taking off the suit.

Monica: No, your not.

Monica shoved her hand down his waistband, she found his eight inch
member and rubbed it through the suit.

Monica: Fuck me my giant rabbit.

Chandler ran his paws over her breast, she pulled her shirt off over her
head. He tried to pinch her nipples, she loved that, but he didn't have any

Monica began to grind her pussy against his legs, she thrusted her hips
in and out against his knee, Chandler held her tightly against his body.

Monica dropped to her knees and pulled his cock out of the suit, she
looked up at him with her sky blue eyes, than wrapped her lips around his

Chandler began swaying back and forth as Monica worked her lips around his
cock, he began to whistle as she worked.

He began to stroke her head as she sucked, Monica stepped out of her
sweatpants, she let her ass sway from side to side.

Chandler began to pump his cock in and out of her mouth, he loved to shove
it all the way down her throat until she started to gag, then he pulled it

He was slamming his cock in and out of her throat now, he knew she loved
it hard and deep, Monica grabbed his ass through the bunny suit and pulled
him closer.

Monica spun around and began to rub her ass against his legs, Chandler
rubbed his cock along her ass cheeks. Fuck me my rabbit master she said.

Chandler aimed his cock, Monica reached between her legs and stuffed
it into her pussy, she grunted as it entered her.

He began to slowly pump his cock in and out of her, Monica swayed from
side to side, she reached between her legs and began to rub her clit.

Monica began to rock back and forth on his cock, harder and harder she
pushed back. Fuck me she finally screamed at him.

She began to shake her head wildly, her jet black hair flowed, she ordered
Chandler to pull her hair, he yanked her head back, she screamed her

Chandler pulled his cock out and threw her onto her back, Monica drew her
knees up to her chest then grabbed Chandler by the hair, she pulled him down
on top of her.

Chandler laid on top of her and shoved his cock all the way into her,
Monica screamed again and began to thrust up onto him, Chandler began to do
push ups on top of her.

Monica wrapped her legs around him, she began rolling him from side to
side, she ordered him to fuck her hard.

Chandler began to pump harder and harder into her, Monica screamed at the
top of her lungs for him to fuck her.

Chandler slowed down, the gang was right across the hall, he was sure
they had heard them, Monica didn't care, she wanted her rabbit love, she
rolled them all the way over.

Monica was on top of him now, she planted her feet and began to bounce
up and down on top of him, Chandler began to whine, Monica rode him harder.

Chandler ran his paws over her nipples Monica screamed again, she was
jumping up and down on his cock, Chandler was screaming now.

He screamed "I'm cumming" Monica screamed "I need to taste it" she jumped
off his cock and stuffed it into her mouth.

Chandler worked his cock all the way down her throat and held her head
against his chest, she began to gag on his cock, his huge load exploded in
her mouth.

The cum came flying out of her mouth, she thought she was going to drown
on his seed, but she loved it, she needed to taste as much as she could
before they decided to have a baby.

Chandler asked her if she finished, Monica told him she had a great time,
but it wasn't enough for her.

Chandler didn't know what to do, he told her he still had the fireman
costume they used last time. She told him it was great, but she didn't finish
that time either.

He told her he could get a Smokey the bear costume, Monica began to get
wet again, that was an idea, but she didn't know if that would do the trick.

They looked up and saw Joey standing in the doorway, Monica covered up,
Joey just said "How you doing"

Monica ordered him to get out, Joey told her he really didn't want to know
what was going on, and "Nice outfit Chandler" Chandler ordered him out of the

Chandler went over to Joey's apartment to yell at him, Joey told him he
couldn't help but over hear what was going on, he told Chandler he knew just
what Monica needed, Chandler hated to listen to Joey, but he always seemed to
satisfy his women.

Chandler went back to his apartment, he told Monica that he sat Joey
straight, Monica asked him if he was ready to go again, knowing that Joey had
seen them had gotten her hot.

Chandler told her he was ready, willing and able, and he had a new game
they could play, he went to the dresser and pulled out a scarf, he tied it
around her head.

Monica was completely blind now, Chandler began to stroke her hair, Monica
purred, Chandler slapped her on the ass, she screamed (Again).

Chandler whacked her ass again, Monica began to purr again, Chandler
slapped her ass harder, Monica swayed back and forth, Chandler spanked her

Monica demanded that he fuck her, Chandler told her it wasn't time yet,
he stuffed two fingers into her pussy, Monica squealed and rocked back,
Chandler began to twist and turn his fingers.

Monica rocked back and forth Chandler pumped his fingers into her deeper,
he than slipped a third finger inside of her. Monica reached between her legs
and grabbed him by the arm.

Monica began to fuck herself with Chandler's fingers as she slammed back
onto his hand, Chandler spun his fingers all the way around, and then back,
he slipped a fourth finger into her pussy.

Monica screamed, she than rammed two of her own fingers into her box, she
pumped them in and out matching Chandler.

Chandler pumped his four fingers inside of her faster, Monica matched his
thrust, Chandler took his other hand and shoved two fingers into her asshole.

Monica fell face first on the bed as her ass was penetrated, she slowly
rose, Chandler stuffed another finger into her tight ass, Monica screamed
(Fuck) at the top of her lungs, she jammed two more fingers into her own

Her pussy was being stretched out, she was cumming already, and she needed
to be fucked now, she ordered Chandler to fuck her.

Chandler pulled his fingers out of her, he rolled over her back and stood
in front of her, he whipped out his cock and slapped her across the face with

Monica opened her mouth wide, Chandler shoved his cock all the way down
her throat, he grabbed her by the hair and began to fuck her face, Monica
screamed between strokes "Fuck me now."

Chandler pumped his cock harder and deeper down her throat, Monica then
felt her pussy being penetrated, she tried to look back over her shoulder to
see who was fucking her, but she was still blindfolded.

She tried to take off the blindfold, but everytime she moved Chandler
yanked her hair, she than heard the familiar voice say "This is the coolest."

Monica tried to scream "Joey" but Chandler shoved his cock down her throat
again, she began to gag, Joey slammed his cock all the way inside of her.

Monica screamed, Joey was big, at least ten inches, that's why he was so
lucky with the ladies that didn't know him, he began to pump his cock inside
of her.

Chandler began to fuck her face, matching Joey's strokes, Joey would have
none of that, he slammed his cock into her harder, Chandler matched his
strokes again.

Monica began to shake, she was cumming on Joey's fat cock, she began to
rock back and forth, Joey and Chandler each reached up and grabbed her by the
hair and yanked.

Joey leaned back pulling her head back, he than began to slap her on the
ass as he fucked her, Monica knew he must have found one of the video tapes
she and Chandler had made, she hoped he hadn't found the ones she had made
with Ursula.

Joey wrapped his arms around her and lifted her into the air, he rocked
back putting her on top of him, Monica planted her feet and began to bounce
up and down on his cock.

Monica was pulling her own hair as she bounced wildly up and down on
Joey's cock, Chandler stood in front of her lifting her up and down harder.

Joey grabbed her around the waist, he lifted her up and down on his cock
also, they where slamming her now, Monica was screaming with each stroke.

Joey began to thrust up powerfully into her, Monica went limp, she was
cumming again, Chandler climbed on top of her.

Chandler slid his cock into her pussy also, Monica went into convulsions,
she had never felt anything like it before, both men began to pump into her.

Monica managed to plant her feet and begin to ride both cocks slamming
her pussy, that made the two friends slammed her harder, Monica's eyes rolled
up into her head, she was going to pass out from the continuos orgasms.

Both guys yanked their cocks out of her gapping pussy they stood over her
and lifted her too her knees, Chandler shoved his cock all the way down her

Joey began to work his cock down her throat also, it only took seconds
before she had deep throated both guys.

Both men grabbed her by the hair and began to fuck her face, they both
stuffed their cock all the way down her throat.

They shot their loads at the same time, the cum quickly filled her mouth,
but he cocks had made it air tight, she began to swallow as quickly as he

There was too much cum for her to swallow at once, the two guys yanked
their cocks out of her mouth, the cum cam dribbling down her chin.

Monica swallowed all the cum that was still in her mouth and scooped up
the cum off her chin, she offered it to Chandler he took her hand and fed her
the cum.

Joey thanked the couple and excused himself, Monica thanked him for a good
time, she told Chandler how much she thought Rachel would enjoy that game.


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