Friends: My Central Perk Job (MF)
by Wetsprocket

It was a blustery day in New York. I was in a pretty good mood, confident
and nervous. This day was my first to work at Central Perk, a quaint coffee
shop in the city. The atmosphere struck me as very casual and comfortable.
Several of the patrons were in college or around that age anyway. It seemed
like a cool place to work for awhile until school started up again.

There was another reason I was excited about the new job. There was a
waitress that hadn't been with Central Perk very long who was absolutely
gorgeous. Her name was Rachel Green. She was a knockout! During my job
interview, I couldn't help, but watch her serve patrons their coffees and
orders. The guy that I interviewed with, I can't remember his name,
noticed me looking and commented that Rachel did look very nice and that he
sort of had the hots for her. It didn't sound like they were anything so I
looked forward to working closer with Rachel. I entered the coffee shop that
afternoon. Rachel was serving some people sitting in the couch area. I
recognized a few of them that I had seen during my interview. They appeared
to know Rachel and acted as though they were good friends. Rachel noticed
me and waved me over. "Hey, first day, huh?" Rachel tarted. All of the
people in the area looked up at me. Sitting on one of the couch arms, Rachel
took the chance to introduce them.

"Oh...these are my good friends who come here all the time. This here is
Monica, my roomie." She tapped the short black haired chick sitting next
to her on the couch.

"Hey." Monica said, not so enthusiastically at the attention. Next to her
sat a blonde named Pheobe, who seemed alittle spaced out. She dressed like
a 60's throwback. She also replied with a "Hey." Next to Pheobe was a guy
named Chandler who came off as a smartass, but seemed pretty cool. The last
person there was Joey who was a kind of street punk dude out of "Grease" the
movie. I gathered he and Chandler were also roommates. I said "hi" to them
all and Rachel dismissed us to get back to work.

As soon as we reached behind the counter, a guy and a girl came into the
coffee shop and went over to Rachel's friends. They began talking with them.
The guy had his arm around the girl.

"Oh, look at that! Don't they just make you sick?" Rachel commented,
watching the couple out of earshot.

"Who are they?" I asked, curious at Rachel's attitude change. "That's Ross
and Julie. They just do not belong together. She's not good enough for
Ross." Rachel had a bit of hostility in her tone. I gathered from the
discussion that Rachel had something for Ross. I later heard the whole
story about how he'd liked her for so long and she had reacted too late to
start something with him. Now he had Julie and Rachel was struggling getting
over that. I consoled her the best I could and we went on with our

The more I worked with Rachel that afternoon, the more enamored I became with
her. She wore a tight black miniskirt with black hose. Her blouse was light
pink and form-fitted her tightly. She had an excellent pair of breasts that
really pushed out her blouse. When we got busy or whenever she was stressed,
you could see imprints of her hard nipples through her bra and blouse. When
you are working with someone this good looking, it is both good and bad. It
is good because they are good to look at and they make you feel all warm and
fuzzy inside. It is bad because you want to just attack them and have your
way with them. That is what I dealt with that whole afternoon.

It was getting very late in the evening. The last group of people left the
coffee shop and disappeared into the night. Rachel and I were to close the
shop this evening. We finished cleaning up and putting stuff away for the
night. Rachel removed her white apron that she'd worn all day. She gave
out a heavy sigh.

"What a day!" She exclaimed. It had been a rough early evening as she had
talked to Ross and he had told her how good things were with Julie. This set
Rachel into a depression. Not knowing her real well, I hesitated to ask her
out for a drink to wind down.

"Well, I guess I'm out of here." I told her, grabbing my coat. "See you
tomorrow." Her voice stopped me on the way to the door.

"You got any plans for the rest of the evening?" She asked, hintingly. I
turned. "No. Not really. Why?" I asked her back.

"Wanna go out for a drink or something." She propositioned. "I just don't
feel like going back to the department and being bummed. Monica's got a late
night movie date with some guy and I don't want to be by myself." I thought I
saw her bottom lip puff out alittle bit. I couldn't leave her this way.

"Yeah, let's go get a drink down the street." I suggested. Rachel grabbed
her coat. She turned off the lights and locked the door. Together we went
to the bar on the corner.

* * *

It was three in the morning when we strode into my apartment. I turned the
living room light on causing both of us to squint as our eyes adjusted.
Rachel rode piggy-back on my back, drunk off her ass.

"Whoo-hoo!" She cried out, bucking against my back. "Get going there,

I moved to the couch and sat her back where she plopped on the middle
cushion, releasing her grasp around my neck. I turned a faced her. She was
giggling from falling off me. Her legs were open enough where I could see
white panties underneath. They almost glowed from the surrounding dark skirt
which hid them from view.

"I've got to use the restroom." I told her.

"Ok. Where's your booze?" She replied, staggering to get to her feet. I
pointed to the over head bin above my wet bar which housed my liquor stash.
I heard her clinking glass as she made drinks.

I took a few minutes draining the vein. When I returned to the living room,
Rachel had removed her shoes and was checking out my pictures and books on my

"See something you like?" I asked her, picking up the lonely drink on the
table, assuming it was mine.

"These pictures are neat." She responded, referring to my pictures of scuba
diving trips to the Bahamas and Cozumel.

"Yeah. That was last year with some buds from college." I informed her.
She continued around my living room, pausing at certain pictures for a moment
or so, requesting more information about each. I watched as she moved. I
adjusted my cock inside my pants as it grew from admiring her perfectly round
ass and fine legs. She looked extremely sexy.

She found the stereo and the CD collection below it. She scanned for a CD.
With a sly smile at me, she chose as CD and put it into the CD player. The
sound of steel drums filled the air as I realized she had chosen a beach
instrumental CD. She turned from the stereo and danced towards me, wiggling
her hips.

"Looking at all of these beach pictures kind of made this feel appropriate."
She explained, referring to the scuba pictures. She moved to me and reached
out for my hands. "Come on and let's dance some."

"I don't dance." I told her.

"Oh, come on. Don't be such a fuddy-duddy." She grabbed my hands and pulled
me off the couch to my feet.

I half-heartedly danced some. For the most part though, I watched Rachel
gyrate in front of me. Her nipples were hard through her blouse again,
drawing my attention. She moved my hands to her hips, letting me feeling
the swift movements as she shook her booty.

The next song started which allowed her to slam her drink and resume dancing.
She turned and swayed her back to me. Her ass rubbed up against my groin as
she danced against me. I knew she felt the resistance inside my pants as she
rubbed across it. I let her continue to press against me until I was moved
back to the couch. She pushed me back until I was seated, facing her still
shaking rump. I took a deep breath.

Knowing that I was now seated, Rachel stepped up on my quaint coffee table in
front of the couch. I watched as she teasingly danced in front of me on the
table. I watched in lust as she moved her hands across and over her body.
She accentuated her hips and breasts well.

I sat uncomfortably on the couch, my cock restricted in my pants. I was
somewhat embarrassed to let her see me adjust myself. After a few moments of
watching the gorgeous woman strut in my face, I was forced to take action

Rachel saw me grabbing my fly and she gave a bigger smile. She squatted on
the table and reached forward to my waist. I let her unbuckle my belt and
open my pants. As she freed my enlarged penis, I viewed up her skirt to her
shiny white lace panties. Her panties gathered tightly around her thighs and
bunched to the sides against her legs. I saw slight damp impressions soaking
through her panties from an aroused pussy. I admit I was aroused with her
hands taking out my cock. Completely freed, I laid back on the couch, my
erection sticking almost straight up. Rachel stood back up on the table and
resumed dancing for me. It was apparent that Rachel wanted me to jack off
for her. So, as she danced, I stroked my organ. This continued for several
minutes. Rachel watched and became more aroused. I watched as she unsnapped
her bra from behind and let it fall from beneath her blouse. Her nipples
really poked out inside her blouse, jiggling further as she moved. She
rubbed and rolled up her blouse giving me my first view of her breasts. She
had a naughty look on her face as she squeezed her melons and tweaked each
nipple, making them harder. She lowered her shirt and moved closer to me, to
the edge of the table. It was there where I was beating my meat, watching
her show and drooling.

Rachel moved up her skirt and from her waist, pulled down her white panties.
Her skirt hid what she had uncovered. She kicked off her panties from her
ankles. Once again, Rachel squatted in front of me. She held her right hand
in her crotch. I couldn't see her pussy as it was blocked from view by her
hand and the middle of her short skirt. She was moving her hand inside her
crotch, rubbing her clit.

"I'm all hot and wet, ready for some really good sex." She purred out,
looking from my face down to my dick. "You've got a nice cock there. I want
to see it cum."

I was already nearing my climax. Rachel licked her lips and sat back on her
heels. This pulled her skirt up her thighs and pushed her legs further
apart. Her right hand remained rubbing her clit, but I could now see the
brown bush enclosing her swollen clit. She massaged the top of her crevice,
letting me see her cunt. It was then I shot my load into the air.

"Ohhhhhh!" I yelled out, cumming in front of her. I felt myself enter a
brief haze of ecstasy. When I returned and opened my eyes, Rachel had her
eyes closed with her legs still split open. Her hands still rubbed her pubic
mound. I sat up and brushed back her hand. I pressed my face to her clit and
split the lips with my fingers.

Her clit seeped sex juices as I flickered my tongue into her healthy pink
vagina. She let out some purrs as I lapped her up. She laid completely back
on the table and off. Her shoulders laid back onto the floor with her hips
still up on the coffee table. I opened her up further and nibble into her
crotch. Her brown furry bush lay flat to her belly from saliva, sweat and
sexual secretions. Her mound opened wide, completely stimulated. I burrowed
deeper inside her, only coming out to breathe. "Oh, my Gawd! I'm cumming!
Don't stop! Right there, right there!" She was wailing as I brought her to
orgasm. She pulled me down as she crunched up when she came. I fell into a
heap next to her as she completely her climax.

It was only a moment or two later, when I felt her lips softly enclose over
my slightly stiff penis. It had recovered from the previous activity well.
It quickly arose to full potential inside her hot, wet mouth. She took the
expanding shaft in her hand and moved it under her mouth as she sucked my
dick. I opened my eyes to see her round ass right by my head. I moved her
over on top of me, where she straddled my face. Once again, I tasted her as
I explored her cunt. She let out some moans of pleasure as we six-to-nined.
She continued to slurp and suck my cock bringing it to full erection. Her
tongue slathered across my cock head and shaft. She teased my penal hole
with her tongue, giggling at my reaction. I gave her clit lip alittle nip to
get even. She continued to work me over. Soon, she moved to mount cock.

Rachel faced me as she moved her clit over my cock head. I moved my hands up
her blouse and took a hold of her tits. They were ripe melons, taut and
full. She groaned out and purred as my cock entered her pussy depths for the
first time. She buried my length deep inside her. She held good rhythm
riding me on top.

She paused as sat up straight, letting my cock sit fully inside her. I
pushed up her blouse and viewed the breasts that I held with each hand. She
bent back down and allowed me to kiss and suck them. She purred like a happy
cat as I fed from her tits.

She resumed moving on my shaft. When she rose up again for air, I squeezed
her ass. She let out a small squeal of surprise and giggled some. We rolled
over to let me be on top. She helped move her legs to my front. I had her at
the optimum angle. I took advantage and took deep thrusts into her vagina. I
hit her perfect spot as she gasped out in response. I continued to nail her
well, smacking my pelvis against her ass and legs. She squinted some like I
was tearing into new ground. She began to grunt and moan some with each
powerful thrust. Her eyes were kept closed as I enjoyed her. I kissed her
left tit and sickled it to a hickey. Shortly after that she came again.

I kept pounding her through her orgasm. Her sounds of pleasure and
fulfillment quickly brought me to cum also. I jettisoned my load inside
her vagina. I know I let out a full grunt in the release of it all. I
stroked inside her, pulling it all from my penis.

I pulled out as we collapsed to the floor, exhausted. It was dawn when I
awoke. Rachel still lay next to me, alittle sticky from sex and alcohol.
Just looking across her naked body made my pecker hard again. I moved between
her legs. Her left leg was cocked up halfway. Her right one was straight. I
looked at her furry muff, attractive and accessible. Her pussy lips sprouted
out of her well-pronounced clit. I stuck my finger into her crevice and
split it open enough to insert my woody. The first three thrusts were rough
and hard. After that my length buried into her vagina, properly lubricated
and primed.

Rachel awoke with a start. I hurried my pace and she was unable to escape.
She gave in to my hard, deep thrusts to her vagina. I pounded wildly into
her, feeling each tight thrust as her cunt was still waking up. She grunted
and bit her lower lip. From above her, I squeezed her tits as I did her. I
moved my hands down behind her and held tight her ass. This pulled us
together tighter at the hips. I entered her optimum place again which caused
her to gasp out again. I moved up her left leg and fucked her pussy from an
angle. When I moved down closer to her a few minutes later, burying my face
to her breasts, I came. My load jismed inside her once again. At that
hurried rate, I was exhausted again. Rachel was getting alittle raw, I

I rolled off of Rachel and we both were breathing hard. When our breaths
slowed down some, Rachel spoke.

"Did we do it last night, too?" She asked me.

"Yes. We've made love twice now." I informed her.

She sighed and covered her eyes with her left forearm.

"Oh my gawd. I was so drunk." She said.

"You were having a lot of fun, though." I said.

"But, I barely know you. You started at work yesterday." "I know. I don't
expect a relationship from this."

"I hope not, because I'm not like that. I don't sleep around a whole lot."

"So, we had a one night stand."

"I can't face seeing you every day, knowing what I'm like naked, knowing what
I'm like in bed."

"I don't know what you're like in bed. We stayed in the living room all

"You know what I mean." She shot back at my try at humor. It was then I knew
my job at Central Perk was over. As we dressed and showered, we hardly
talked at all. It was decided that I would call in and quit that morning.
I wasn't too thrilled about it, but I knew I could get another job. As I
watched Rachel walk out my apartment door and down the stair, shaking her
fine body, I knew it was all worth it. There was only one Rachel Green.


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