Friends: Ross's Revenge - What Monica Did Part 2: Fallout
(ref to: MF,M+F,inc,oral,anal,ncon)
by Exintaris ([email protected])

Chandler sat gazing at the items scattered over the floor, feeling numb. He
could not make sense of some of them - ribbons, something burnt, a pair of
pliers - but what drew his attention most was Monica's dress, lying crumpled
besides the majority of Ross's clothes. What they implied was pretty clear,
though dreadful to contemplate. How could Ross have been so depraved as to
attack his own sister? Or had Monica actually invited it? That would account
for Ross's outbursts, but although Chandler knew well that she had the
capacity to be slutty, he would never have believed that she was capable of
anything like that. But then, he had seen her participating in a gangbang
openly and apparently of her own free will on the balcony. Maybe Ross was not
quite so guilty as he and Joey had at first assumed.

Phoebe had promised to come as quickly as she could. Chandler hoped it would
be soon; he craved voices, talk to stop him incessantly chasing thoughts
round and round in his head. He almost felt like screaming out of sheer rage
and despair.

Suddenly Ross said in a hoarse voice, "I'm sorry, Chandler - so sorry you had
to find out this way."

"Find out what?" said Joey fiercely before Chandler could reply.

"If you only knew how much I regret this," said Ross, sounding abject.
"But ... she's always had this, this hold over me. I'm so weak." He moaned
as he hid his face in his hands.

"What are you talking about?" Chandler said sharply. "You're saying Monica's
behind all this?"

"You don't think I'd do this to my oldest friend of my own free will?" said
Ross in a breaking voice. "I thought it was all in the past and could stay
there, but ... she tempted me, and I fell."

Chandler had not thought he could feel any worse, but this came like a blow
in the gut.

"You used to do stuff with Monica before?" said Joey in a tone of
stupefaction. "When was this?"

"Mostly when we were teenagers," Ross said. "But more recently, just now
and then - never while she was with you, Chandler, I swear." He looked at
Chandler dolefully.

"You started it when she was all fat and, and sort of ugly?" said Joey

Ross nodded, dropping his eyes. "I was so horny," he said in a low voice,
"and so was she. Tonight," he shook his head, "it's like the devil got into
her. She never did stuff like that gangbang before - but she wanted it, she
made me do it, saying she'd tell a story that I raped her if I wouldn't."

"So you're saying, after seducing you, she set up this, this gangbang and got
you to film it?" said Joey slowly, as if he was thinking it out.

"Uh huh," Ross muttered, gazing at the floor.

Joey looked across at Chandler, his face troubled. "That's ... so hard to
believe," he said quietly. Chandler felt the same, though it might make sense
of what they had seen.

Just then Rachel emerged from the bathroom and immediately went into the
spare bedroom, to assure herself that Emma, whom she had brought over in a
carrier, was still peacefully asleep. She quickly returned and came over to
Chandler with a very distressed expression.

"She still won't talk," she said in a low voice. "Just says we'll hear all
about it in time. Oh Chandler, there was men's stuff all over her - even in
her hair! And her knees were totally skinned, there was blood round her ass,
and she was all bruised and swollen there and, and in front."

Chandler could not help feeling slightly amused at Rachel's obvious
embarrassment at having to make these intimate references. After seeing
Monica in the state she'd been in on the balcony, her face and body
positively dripping with come but her attitude almost one of revelling in
her condition, he felt nothing could shock him any more.

"She's still in there?" he said.

Rachel nodded. "She said she wanted to be left alone for a little."

But then Monica came out of the bathroom, wrapped in a robe, her hair still
damp but hanging loose. In a sense she looked normal again, but when she
glanced at Ross for a moment, Chandler was struck by the depth of emotion he
saw in her expression. She looked dangerous, positively feral.

Before Chandler could say anything, Joey burst out, "Ross says you and he
have been doing stuff together for years, that all this was your idea."

Monica seemed to freeze for a moment, but contrary to Chandler's expectation
she did not go into a rage. Instead she turned a very dark glance on Joey,
then on Chandler.

"And you believe him?" she said quietly.

Chandler could not think what to reply. Joey's obvious doubt had given him
pause, but - could Ross really have concocted this lie?

"I - I don't know," was all he could find to say.

Rachel too had frozen at Joey's words. Now she collapsed onto the couch, at
the other end from Chandler.

"Oh God, this is awful," she moaned, and put her head in her hands, only to
raise it again a moment later and stare at them all wildly. "But what was
happening on the balcony?"

"Yeah, what about that?" said Chandler, his voice sounding harsh to his own
ears. "I still don't understand how that got started. You're gonna have to
go into more detail, Ross."

Ross looked rather taken aback, but before he could speak they heard feet in
the hall.

"That must be Phoebe," Joey said. "Let's wait for her."

The door burst open, and Phoebe appeared, panting. She looked around and
fixed on Monica, who was still standing but had moved to the other side of
the table, more or less opposite the chair Ross was sitting in. She gave a
shocked gasp.

"Oh my poor baby!" she cried in distress. "Your aura's terrible! Oh, what can
have happened to you?" She ran round and threw her arms round her.

Monica seemed to relax into her embrace with a sigh, her eyes closing, and
for a moment Chandler thought she would collapse, but in the end she
stiffened, pulled away, and said shakily, "Thanks, Pheebs."

"Yes, Monica," Rachel stammered, "what do you say happened? How, how did
you ..." She couldn't seem to finish.

"How did I get in the state you found me in?" said Monica evenly. "Because
I'm a total slut, that's how." She spoke without any suggestion that what she
was saying was shocking.

Phoebe and Rachel both gasped. Chandler did not react so strongly; he was
already prepared for something like this. Joey looked pained, but did not
make a sound.

"Will someone please tell me what has happened?" Phoebe yelled. She looked
around again. "Why's Ross half undressed?" She looked at him with suspicion
appearing on her face. "No," she said in a low voice, "you couldn't have ...
could you?"

Rachel suddenly went over to Monica's dress, picked it up, and looked it
over. "This is torn," she said. "Monica wouldn't tear her own dress, not a
great dress like this one. And it's, yuk, stained." She too fixed her eyes
on Ross, her face full of anger. "You did, didn't you? You attacked Monica!"
She nearly screamed this, bunched up the dress and threw it at him.

Ross ducked, now looking scared. "She led me on," he stammered, then, in a
stronger voice, "She enticed me into it, she made me drunk and seduced me. It
was all her idea, all of it."

"You fucking liar," said Monica evenly.

"He says they did stuff first when they were teenagers, and before she got
together with Chandler," said Joey, but in a very uncertain voice, as if he
did not really believe it himself.

"Bullshit," snapped Rachel, with unusual firmness. "I'd have known if
anything like that was going on, either when we were teenagers or later."

"And so would I, if this is supposed to have been when I was living here and
Rachel wasn't," said Phoebe just as firmly.

Ross was now looking rather desperate. "You don't know everything," he said.
"It's all on the tape, just you look. You'll see her begging to blow me. She
loves acting being submissive."

"Tape? What tape?" said Phoebe and Rachel together.

"When we found them, Ross was running the camcorder," said Chandler. "He was
filming Monica in the middle of this bunch of men, d-doing stuff with all of
them!" It was very hard to say, and he almost broke down at the end, unable
to look at them. Rachel moaned, and Phoebe sighed.

"I'm sorry, Chandler," he heard Monica say softly. "Look, I will admit this
much. I was so upset by the fight with you, so uncertain of my desirability,
that I did sort of come on to Ross." He heard Rachel gasp. "I let him see
more and more of my breasts," Monica went on, "I wanted him to tell me I was
hot, to react to my body. And he did: he got hard. But," she paused and drew
a breath, "when I made some comment on that, he seemed to go mad. He knocked
me down, and it all went on from there."

"What all went on?" Phoebe cried.

"Ross made me do all kinds of stuff," said Monica, her voice seeming to
gather strength. "But I got off on it, didn't I, Ross, even though I didn't
want to! I came from having to suck your cock and being fucked by you. I
even came when you used the pliers on my nipples, to stop me talking back!"
Suddenly she started moving around, pointing at various things on the carpet,
her voice getting more and more excited. "See, guys? That's where I came! I
got so excited I couldn't help it. And there are the pliers, and there are
the ribbons he burned, to make me submit!" She looked at them, her eyes
burning with emotion. "Yeah, I had such a warped sense of priorities! I
thought I'd suck his cock rather than have things messed up in the

They were dumbstruck. Phoebe was first to speak. "The, the other stuff, after
blowing him - you did it just for that reason?"

Monica tossed her head. "No, I was all dazed, in shock, and he got my hands
tied behind my back. Then he forced me. You'll find the ribbons he used to
tie me out on the balcony, because that's where he took me later. He screwed
my ass out there, and made me shout come-on stuff to people down in the
street. That's when the balcony thing started; they came up by the fire

Phoebe gave a long sigh. Rachel had her face in her hands again; she was
apparently crying quietly. Joey's face was very drawn.

"It's all lies," said Ross, but his voice was now very uneasy. "Sure, we
played games, but she wanted it all, she told me to do it."

"Shut up, Ross!" Joey growled through his teeth, and hit him twice round the

Chandler caught Monica's eye. "Was he drunk, like he says?" he asked,
thinking of the beer bottles.

"If three bottles of beer swallowed in a few minutes can make you drunk,
yes," said Monica sardonically.

"Run the tape," said Phoebe in a strong voice. "Run it, so we can judge who's
telling the truth."

She went looking for the camcorder, found it on the window seat, and removed
the tape, then looked round questioningly at Chandler. He nodded, seeing no
help for it.

"Right," said Phoebe firmly. "Guys, we're gonna see this tape, or at least
the bits that matter. We can always fast forward."

She put in the tape, turned on, and set it going. Monica went to sit on the
arm of Rachel's chair. She showed no emotion as she appeared, begging in
lurid language to be allowed to suck Ross's cock and generally abasing
herself before him.

"See," said Ross triumphantly, "it's play-acting."

Chandler was not so sure, and neither, he thought, were the others. After
the scene of Monica blowing Ross and her audible bemoaning the mess on her
carpet, he seemed to have laid the camcorder down, but had evidently left
it on - nothing was clearly visible, but they heard a cry from Monica that
seemed to be of startlement, and indistinct sounds of struggle. Chandler
was watching Ross carefully and saw his face change. Then the camcorder
panned over the sight of Monica tied up and lying on her front, and took a
closeup view of her ass, before being set down again. They heard Ross order
Monica to beg to be raped, and her plea to him not to do it, because she was
his sister.

Rachel moaned. "Oh God, turn it off, please!" she begged. "This is so awful."

"All of it's play-acting," Ross said in a blustering tone, but now Chandler
was less and less inclined to believe him. So too, evidently, was Joey, who
stood and tried to hit him in the stomach, but got his chest instead.
Nevertheless, Ross seemed winded and doubled up, wheezing.

Then there was a break, and when the film showed something, everything had
changed: there was little light and nothing was clear. But the view seemed to
be from the balcony railing: they could just make out Monica against it and
Ross behind her, evidently screwing her ass and spanking her vigorously. They
heard her pleas and cries of pain, and his orders to her to shout things to
the street below.

"Oh God, I can't bear it!" cried Rachel, looking away and putting her hands
over her ears.

"Please, just a bit longer," said Monica quite fiercely. "Something's coming

They perceived Ross doing something indistinct to Monica, then shortly
they heard her appeal desperately for them to get off the balcony, in a
terrified-sounding voice, and his response. When he heard her cry, "Oh my
God, this can't be happening," Chandler could stand no more. He went over
and hit the off button. He was convinced: Monica was telling the truth.

"You total scumbag!" he shouted at Ross. "You utter son of a bitch!"

Ross flinched. "Y-you believe her?" he mumbled, looking scared again.

"Yes!" Chandler shouted, advancing on him. "I believe her."

"So do I!" yelled Rachel, jumping up. Her hands were extended, the fingers
curled into claws, as if about to scratch his eyes out, though she only moved
a little way towards him.

"So do I," said Joey more calmly, and he struck Ross very hard in the face.
Ross yelled and brought up his hands to his nose, falling back in the chair.
Chandler paused, uncertain how best to do him damage.

"Guys, guys," said Phoebe, "cool it. Beating him up won't do any good. We
have to decide what we're gonna do."

"Well, I know what I'm gonna do," said Monica in a sombre but
satisfied-sounding tone. She went across to Ross's clothes, to pick up his
coat and remove his wallet.

"There's still stuff you don't know," she said. "He took money for access to
me." She opened the wallet, pulled out the notes, and laughed derisively.
"Not much here," she said, holding them up, "just eighty-three dollars.
You're no good even as a pimp." She threw the empty wallet at Ross's face,
hitting him a glancing blow. "I guess you got too excited shooting the video,
which was a waste of effort because there was so little light." She gave a
contemptuous laugh.

Chandler advanced again. "You ... you ... not content with everything else
you did, you pimped my wife?" he snarled, and swung at him, aiming for an
eye. He hit Ross's eyebrow and felt the pain of contact with bone, but hoped
he might have damaged Ross nevertheless.

"She got off on it," Ross gasped. "I swear, it's the truth. She's so kinky.
It was all part of the game." He was now looking very white.

"Game my ass!" said Phoebe in a voice of great anger. "I'm onto you, Ross.
You've been planning this, like, revenge scenario for a long time, haven't

Everyone else, including Monica and Ross, looked at her in surprise.

She nodded. "Oh yeah! Nobody could come up with all that stuff right off the
bat, especially if he'd had a few beers, unless he'd been, like, fantasising
about it for a long time. I guess he didn't even plan it for Monica. Maybe it
was for Emily, or for Rachel, better. I bet he's been working on it in his
mind for years. Good jack-off material, eh Ross?" Her voice was full of

Rachel gave a little cry. "What have I done, that he should want to do all
that to me?" she wailed, tears coming to her eyes.

"The big fat break up," said Phoebe instantly. "He's always seen that his
way. And the second break up, after you got together at the beach house - you
were pretty mean to him then, you know."

"You wouldn't stay married to him, after Vegas," Joey contributed.

"You were the reason Mona broke up with him," Chandler said.

"And you've often done stuff that he might see as prick teasing," Phoebe
added. "The night when Chandler and Monica got engaged, for instance."

Rachel hung her head. "Okay, I've been a bitch sometimes, but ... does that
justify rape and, and ... all the rest?"

"Of course not," said Chandler sharply. "Nothing excuses what Ross has done.
Not the drink, not Monica's coming on to him ... nothing." He looked around.
"I say we throw him out and tell him never to come near us again."

Phoebe nodded emphatically, and Joey said, "Right, and he better go fast, or
I will give him a total going over."

"Yes," said Rachel harshly. "It makes me sick to be here in this room with
him." She went close and spat in his face. "Stay away from me. If you try to
make contact, I'll get a restraining order. I guess it could be done without
this story having to be made public."

"But Emma's my daughter," Ross protested weakly. He seemed surprisingly
intimidated by Rachel.

"You've thrown away all rights in her by what you did to Monica," Rachel
yelled. "I'm sure any judge in the country would agree."

"It was a one-time thing!" Ross cried desperately. "You all know I'd never do
anything like that in my right mind! She made me drunk, and led me on!"

Rachel simply snorted and went over to Monica to put her arms round her.
"Honey, I'm so sorry," she said softly, "sorry that you got what was maybe
intended for me."

Monica sighed and closed her eyes, leaning into Rachel's embrace. "That's
okay, sweetie. I kinda brought it on myself."

Phoebe went over to join in the hug. "My poor baby," she said tenderly. "We

Ross's face was now showing increasing rage. "Oh yeah, suddenly everyone's
sorry for poor little Monica," he yelled. "Why don't you ask her how many
cocks she sucked, how many she jerked off, how many she took up her ass, and
enjoyed every minute of it?"

Joey leaned down to take a swipe at him, but this time Ross was ready and
ducked out of the way. "Go on, ask her!" he yelled, looking at Chandler. "You
think I'm so bad, but what about her?"

Phoebe turned a stony face on him. "Whatever Monica did, it doesn't make what
you did any better," she snapped. "Get him out of here, guys. I can't stand
the sight of him."

"I'll go as soon as you like, if I can get my clothes back," Ross snarled at

Phoebe bent to grab them up, but Monica said, "Wait!" She took his pants and
went through the pockets, taking all the loose change. Then she said, "Rach,
could you get my big scissors?"

Rachel hurried off while the others watched, curious to see what Monica had
in mind. Ross looked apprehensive, clutching his wallet to him as if it might
protect him.

When Rachel came back with the scissors, looking almost eager, Monica took
them, held up Ross's pants and cut a large section out of the crotch, then
took off one leg at the knee. She tossed them to him and picked up his
shorts, which she simply cut in half.

"See if these will fit," she said maliciously, throwing them at him. Then she
picked up his coat.

Ross moaned "Not my coat" in a despairing voice.

Monica looked it over. "Yeah, it's a good coat," she said. "Okay, I'm keeping
this. I could get a few bucks for it." She grinned nastily. "Gonna sell it
for what you owe me."

"Owe you?" Ross echoed, actually looking perplexed, as he began to get the
mutilated pants on over his shoes.

"Yeah, owe me!" she yelled. She started ticking off on her fingers. "A blow
job - fifty at least, maybe a hundred. A screw - two hundred easily, probably
more. My ass, well - "

"Okay, Monica, no need to go into detail," said Chandler brusquely. "We get
the point."

"And there's my dress, and the mess he made in the apartment," Monica
continued angrily. "We'll probably have to replace the carpet."

"If it's stained, it's from you coming on your own brother's cock, you
whore!" Ross yelled at her. "Come on, at least give me my coat!"

At that, Phoebe reached into her boot and produced the knife she sometimes
carried. Looking more ferocious than Chandler had ever seen her, she advanced
on Ross.

"Get the hell out of here before I cut your balls off, you vile man!" she
snarled. "When are you gonna get it into your big fat head that you have done
WRONG, you are EVIL?"

Looking completely panicked, Ross ran to the door, and was through it before
anyone else could react. Phoebe looked round at the others with a triumphant

"That showed him," she said in a satisfied tone. "That showed the sick
creep." She sheathed the knife.

"Thank you, Pheebs," said Monica in a low voice, "though I wish you'd let me
get a chance to take a swing at him first."

Phoebe patted her on the shoulder. "Sorry, sweetheart - but I was so mad."

Something occurred to Chandler. "Rachel, did you lock the door to your
apartment?" he said urgently. "Ross could have got in there."

Joey looked alarmed and started for the door, but Rachel said in an amused
tone, "Relax, Joey, the door's locked."

"What about his key to this apartment?" said Chandler.

Monica felt in the coat pockets and shook her head. "He must carry his keys
in his pants."

"That's not so good," said Chandler. "First thing tomorrow, we get Treager to
see to having the lock changed." He looked around distastefully. "Can we tidy
up in here now?"

Eagerly Monica knelt down to sweep up her dress, shoes, ribbons, and the
pliers. Feeling drained, Chandler sat down. Something was weighing heavily on
his mind, something that had been there all along and that Ross had drawn
attention to, and that had to be brought up.

"Shitbag that he is, Ross had a point," he remarked. "Monica, do you want to
explain why you seemed so happy to be doing what you were with those men?"

Monica froze, looking at him while she clutched an armful of items.

"Yeah," said Joey in a hard voice. "Ross is the real bad guy, sure, but
you've done stuff too, Monica. You owe us an explanation, especially

(To be continued)


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